Big Brother 19 Premiere: Night One First Impressions And Fan Reactions

Let me start by saying I haven’t been this excited for a season in a long time. When the Big Brother 19 cast was announced I was thrilled to have 16 all NEW players and see that there was some age diversity and a large number of super fans. I was never more ready for a season to start!

Bad Apples on Big Brother 19 premiere

And then the rumors started. I didn’t want to believe them so I ignored them. And the some more rumors dropped. And I started to believe them. I still held out hope that even if some of the rumors were true, we’d still be in for a great season.

And then Wednesday night happened and all hope was lost. For me, anyway.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but hear me out. I represent a large group of people who spend a lot of time on social media during the BB season. And we did not want Paul or ANYONE back this season. And a lot of us are Paul fans. We like our Big Brother to be all newbies or All Stars. We don’t like the mix. And we especially don’t like just one person returning for a couple of reasons. 1. They’re going to have a huge target on their back. 2. Production is going to try anything to keep them safe because of that, thus throwing out any real chances of an organic game.

And as the Big Brother premiere night moved on, we saw just how much that No. 2 is true. OK, so we all saw that Paul returned. Well, instead of letting him just join the others, they decided he’d replace someone. That was the first Price is Right losing horn sound I heard in my head. And to keep Paul safe they gave him the power to keep a group of others safe. So not only does he get to return to play another season, he’s given a ridiculous amount of power. Second losing horn sound.

I do like that those not getting “Friendship bracelets” got to compete to save themselves, but that really only worked for one player. The others were left up to chance. To make a long, upsetting story short, Paul returning cost a super fan his spot in the game and I find that very upsetting. I liked Cameron and saw a lot of potential in him. I was bummed to see him go, but more bummed that the excitement for this season has already started to slip away from me.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love this game. But I just want a clean slate season. We haven’t had a season without stunt casting or returning players since BB12. That’s been far too long. I can’t stand seeing players get an easy ride throughout a season just because they’ve played before and production throws in some America’s votes to ensure their rides are easy. And I’m not alone in this thinking. A lot of us agree. I’ll share some of those thoughts in a bit.

And before I get too negative (too late, I know), I’ll talk about what I did like so far for Big Brother 19. I actually like the idea of the Den of Temptation twist. It’s great on paper, that is if you were a fan of Pandora’s Box. This is basically a season-long Pandora’s Box. Well, until they decide to drop the twist after four weeks. But again, a twist like this would be better with all newbies or all vets. Not any sort of mix, even if that mix was 16-1. It’s just not a fair vote when someone has a built-in fanbase (think Nicole last season).

That being said, I don’t think Paul will garner as much support as some other returning players would have, but he’s familiar and America likes familiar.

Now let me take a look a really quick look at the players. Let’s start with the guys.  Kevin is weird. I don’t know if it’s a good weird yet, but right now he kind of makes me uncomfortable. Cody isn’t the exact same archetype as Clay and Corey as a lot of fans are thinking. Cody has something that’s going to make him far more entertaining than the usual archetype he represents. Wait and see.

Matt right now is just good to look at. Everyone seems to like him based solely on his appearance. Mark seems like a sweet guy. Jason isn’t as annoying as I had thought. Josh is more annoying than I thought. Ramses is way more annoying than I thought. And then there was Cameron. Poor guy got Jodi’d. He had such great potential. And what will we do without the person who was going to clearly be the season’s DR shouter. Wait, we’ve got Paul, never mind.

Jillian. Why couldn’t she have gone home? I am not feeling Jillian whatsoever and I never will. Megan was a pre-season favorite of mine, but I’m not liking her so much in the house. She’s too abrasive. Jessica is pretty. That’s about all I can say about her right now. Raven is OK. She’s apparently latching onto Matt so I’ll support that. Christmas is going to come off as a big threat really soon. Alex is super annoying already. Who else? Dominique. She’s sweet and stunning but kind of non-existent. I’m forgetting someone. Elena. God the girls are so forgettable this season. Elena is just kind of there for me right now.

It’s still early, so I’m sure these first impressions will change. Now let’s see what some of you guys thought about the Big Brother 19 premiere!

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WTF even is this? #bb19

— Kevin (@Billsfan2000) June 29, 2017

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BB must really hate Nicole to just dedicate the next season in trying to correct that she incorrectly won.

— mel (@RenegadesMel) June 29, 2017

Big Brother continues tonight with the second part of the premiere’s two-night event on CBS at 9/8c.



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  1. Was beyond excited for a all new cast. I didn’t get my hopes up I had feeling a vet was going to enter the season. Yes it’s a vet but at least they made it Paul a person who will make the feeds very interesting. That first episode was good though wow.
    The person might come by another temptation later in the season.

    But still sucks I wanted a brand new cast!!!

    • I was most worried about the ‘fan favorite’ being frakie grande. That would have ruined my entire season of watching.

      • Paul is back and he is funny as hell. And I’m glad Frankie isn’t there. I prefer all new cast members but paul is one my favorite big brother players of all time.

  2. I am very excited for this season and I do think Paul is funny as he$%. I do however want to see Jillian gone yesterday for reasons that she is using weight loss surgery as her back story and giving out the wrong impression for many who have had it to save their lives. a 50 pound weight loss is no way a reason to have this type of surgery and to use that to save herself. She is totally the wrong person to have this platform on a show like Big Brother. If she had lost say, 150+ pounds like many others, then it would be worthy. I think her motives are way off unless there was another reason for it. I for one had Gastric Bypass for health reasons to get rid of Diabetes and 4 chronic illnesses. It was very successful and I did lose 220 pounds however I would never use that as a way to get attention unless it was to inspire others to better their lives. I just don’t see Jillian doing that considering what I saw last eve.

    • Wow! What a road you have traveled to better health!! Hats off to you, Cindy, as you continue your journey!!!

      • Thank you. It is not about her losing the weight, it is about the way she used it last night that set me off. :)

    • Congrats on your success!! The one thing that floored me about her story was Jillian went to Tijuana to get the surgery done. Seems like a very risky decision when it is your health/life you’re gambling with. Yeah it is cheaper but it would never be worth the risk for me.

    • Jillian as a big brother player will not go far unless she is with a big Alliance.

  3. Christmas is athletic and they had her up on the block to send home with NO BLOOD ON ANYBODY’S HANDS! What in the hell were they thinking not voting her out? That made zero sense. 1. Christmas didn’t take fate into her own hands and play a competition. 2. THE CAST HAD THE CHANCE TO TAKE OUT A HUGE COMPETITOR!

    • @disqus_4TSW5NOd2L:disqus i’m so against you with the two comments you’ve made so far ! Paul has to go and Christmas for the win !

      • I like her too but he’s right. If you are really playing the game to win you have to evict her first. She seems like much tougher competition than Cameron.

    • I think Cameron just came across so awkwardly. Christmas seemed like she was doing the best job in terms of campaigning, and I guess Jillian had Megan/Ramses/Alex on her side

    • Great gamble by Christmas! Very smart play on her part.

      It doesn’t matter how good of a physical player you are, if you have no social game you cannot win BB.

      She sized up her competition and correctly realized that she could stay safe with her social game, keeping her physical abilities below the surface (as much as she can).

      If I’m a female player, I definitely want Christmas to stay in the game for now. at this point, she’s a much bigger target than any other female! It’s nice to sit behind some big targets early in the game.

      • that was actually a pretty dumb move. when your game is on the line, you don’t gamble.

      • She’s gambling either way!

        We can’t just assume that it would have been a physical competition. Maybe it would have been a counting competition (and maybe Christmas isn’t good at counting comps).

        If it would have been a physical comp, and she blew away the other competitors, she gets a bigger bulls-eye on her back than she has now.

        She specifically avoided staying in the apple competition because she is trying to play down the idea that she’s a competition beast. Why would she blow that whole strategy up less than an hour later?

        We also aren’t privy to all that has transpired in the house. Perhaps Christmas has already made some solid bonds with other players that helped her feel safe in allowing the the eviction to happen with a vote.

        I’ll stick by my original point. Great strategic move by Christmas.

      • well she was bragging about being an entrepreneur, amongst other things in her bio video, so she should be able to count.
        You can stand by it all you want, but the bottom line is, she had the power to control her own fate in the game, and gave it away to 16 people she’s known for 12 hours. Just because she survived, does not make it either a smart or good move

      • She most certainly did not control her fate just by picking the competition! The competition could have been something that she was not good at. A game of chance or luck.

        There was no way to know what the comp would be.

        Would you rather take your chances with “dumb luck” or with the relationships that you hope you are building (that you will need to win the game).

        And if she did dominate the competition, the target on her back grows.

        Cameron wanted the comp because it would seem his social game was pretty bad and I suspect he knew it.

        A final thought from the big brother wiki.

        Despite being recognized as the best Big Brother player in history, Dr. Will has never won a single competition. This is cited as part of his strategy as he has stated that Big Brother is based on psychological strategy and not winning meaningless competitions.

      • If either girl had been evicted, the house would have been 9:7 guys majority. As a female, I would have evicted Cameron, too. Jillian isn’t a threat to me, Christmas can win comps. Cameron is a snake. They all are but he especially is. It was the right vote for the females.

    • I actually think that for a house of new players they made the right decision. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed, as Cam was my pre-show pick to win it, but this is probably how they looked at it: In BB’s history the nerdy guys often do very well and sometimes win (such as Ian and Steve) and Cameron was cast to play that role. Had he not worn his glasses and lied about his job he maybe could’ve prevented that stereotype. Second, Christmas is a huge physical threat and they probably saw that she will have a target on her back for most of the season. Thirdly, Jillian is by no means a threat so if the house had opted to vote her out I wouldn’t been shaking my head and losing hope in any of these people giving us a good season. At least getting rid of Cameron shows us that these newbies came her to play and came here to win.

      • Agree on the “nerdy guy” stereotype and its successes on BB may have weighed on the minds of the voters. Plus, notice that all 6 girls that could vote voted out the guy & kept the girls. So, house is still even 8-8 with Paul taking cam’s spot

    • I can see myself becoming a big fan of Christmas, and I’m glad she stayed, but I was shocked that they didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of her.

    • Cameron was the smarter choice. I can’t live with him. Christmas may be a bigger threat than Cam. But I would much rather be trapped in a house with Christmas, than Cam. I’m pretty sure I would get expelled for punching Cam in his stupid arrogant face.

      • I agree. Can’t remember exactly what he said but Cameron turned me off early on. Might have been something regarding Paul.

      • He ruined me wrong when he made that snotty comment calling Kevin, “This OLD man comes up to me….”. He said it with such disdain.

    • she deserved to go, just for choosing a vote over a comp. who cares if you don’t want people to see you as a threat, her game was in danger of being over 12 hours in, and she had the power to control her destiny in a comp against 2 weaker competitors, and chose not to. incredibly stupid move.

      • But she also proved she made the right choice by only getting 2 votes and getting extra time to work on her social game. Instead of playing the Ozzy card (by depending solely on competitions to advance) she played the Sarah card (and chose to use her social game) and I madly respect that. (Survivor fans will get that analogy). Sure, it could have backfired. But in this game you have to takes risks and her risk paid off.

      • but sarah was on the island long enough to build relationships. they were in the house 12 hours. at that point the only one you can trust is yourself. I stand by my comment, dumb move.
        But I do like your analogy, however, don’t forget sarah was going home at tribal until she played her legacy advantage immunity

      • Yeah, she had way more time to build her social game. Fair point.

        And also in fairness, she got the legacy advantage by building a relationship with someone, gaining information, and then masterfully voting them out and still get the advantage. So it was still her social game that got her that advantage.

        And I think fans are going to go both ways with how they feel about Christmas’s choice. But we won’t know if it was the right choice until we see how far she makes it.

      • If she chose a challenge and it was a physical one that could have put a target on her back if she did well.

      • You don’t know what type of competition it would have been!

        It may have been a comp that came down to dumb luck.

        From Christmas’ perspective, “if they’re going to vote me out over a nerd and whiny wall paper, I’m not going to win this game no matter what I do becuase I can’t win every competition.”

    • I’m wondering if there will be a female alliance this season. Could be a reason why she wasn’t voted out.

  4. i wasn’t particularly happy to see yet again a vet enter the house, that being said since that vet is paul i am hoping for a visit from PABLO!!!!!

  5. OMG Matt is so freaking hot!! Can’t wait to see more shirtless and hopefully nudes of this guy!! :-P

  6. I really just want Paul out as soon as possible so we can still salvage the newbie cast lol, production basically set that pendant up for Paul to receive… if we voted for Christmas, that would be our best bet since she already has a social media following maybe?
    Cameron leaving sucks but it was easy to tell how flustered he was.
    Christmas is going to be targeted very early but she has potential to be our next Janelle in terms of competition wins so I’m hoping she does well.
    A lot of the girls are going to be wildcards this season, i get Parvati vibes from Jessica, so we’ll see

  7. It’s hilarious to me that you find the girls forgettable, because I cannot keep the guys straight in my head at all. Every time a name comes up, I have to go check the cast photos again. Only Ramses has any personality, except maybe Kevin. I could do without pretty much all of the guys this season. Replace all of them, try again, thanks.

    • I agree. The guys were far more forgettable. I see the guy names in the article, but can’t put faces to them like I can the girls. Except for the guys you mentioned as well & Paul

  8. Branden, I agree, I would have much rather had Jillian go home over Cameron. Wasn’t happy a vet came back, but Paul does make for good feeds. Truthfully, I did not like Paul until he started the Sitting Ducks alliance with Victor, so I’ll be interested to see if I still like Mr. Friendship without (my fave) Vic in the mix! ;)

    • i agree, i too would rather have seen jillian go over cameron, and if they could just have been vet free this cycle i think it would be way better, but 1 episode in its already better than last season (imo) as long as no guests take to sleeping the game through…fingers crossed…

  9. I will admit I was only half watching the episode while gaming, and holy cripes this is going to be a rough season. I have found myself struggling to watch the last couple, it’s just not as interesting as it used to be. Hopefully it’s not another season of “let’s placate the house!”, otherwise I’m out. Lord knows why they would vote out the random nerdy guy vs the super buff crossfit trainer. Hmmmmm.

  10. It looks like an interesting season. Personally, I like vets in the game, but I was never that fond of Paul. BB gave him too much power and put a huge target on his back. I felt sorry for Cameron, but that’s BB. I hope the temptation twists stay all season. Just need to see how the relationships and alliances develop. As an older fan myself, I wish they would put someone more mainstream in that slot and not try to make them so weird. I have an idea this guy is just trying to get attention with his look and hair.

  11. First off, I don’t like that Paul is back. Save him for All-Stars. Second, him replacing a new player and give him the amount of power he was given was just not right. It immediately puts him at an advantage because he gets to strategize right away and get a feel for who he can or can’t work with. He is being set up to be in a good position. Thirdly, Cameron was my pick to win and that fact that he got out first because of this bogus twist on a season that SHOULD have been all newbies really aggravates me!

    Best case scenario this week is Cody wins HOH and puts up Paul and Josh. He may be the only one willing to do it because he’s the only one who has made it very clear he has zero intentions of working with Paul. Even if Paul masterminded his way out of it and Josh was send packing I wouldn’t be too disappointed. But I just hope Paul is out early enough that the newbies can play their own game.

      • Well, yeah, you are probably right. But there are a lot of people online saying they don’t want him to get it. But those are only the fans that bother to post online. So he will likely get it. At least then he’s out of the running for the Den of Temptation for the rest of the season.

    • I care for Cody and Josh the least so I would rather not have either of them winning HOH. Cody comes across in a negative way for me and Josh is just the opposite seeming so hyper. The season has just begun so perceptions of houseguests can change.

  12. You hit it in the nail! I was so excited for a new cast and then they threw in Paul! I loved Paul last season and firmly believe he should have won. It’s because of that blunder (Nicole winning) that I wanted to shake off last season and start fresh (not to mention the disappointment of Morgan winning over Jason). I feel that it’s another repeat of last year because once again Paul will receive safety for at least 3 weeks (We can’t even control the giving of the “temptations” like we could with BBOTT because we are contending with the T.V. only watchers). With the possibility of an All Stars coming up, I really feel BB did its fans and itself a disservice.

    • If they had given us 1 full week to see the newbies before throwing in the Pendant of Protection then there would be a better chance at Paul not getting it. But BB Production knows what they’re doing. Give the newbies a temptation that is HALF of the 2ND Place Prize (knowing it is an absolute guarantee someone will take it) to ensure Paul gets in the house. Then offer a Temptation of 3 weeks protection on the very first night when he’s the only one we really know. They are already trying to set this game up for Paul to win.

  13. I wasn’t feeling Cameron too much but it did break my heart when I saw his tearful DM right before he was evicted. As a super-fan myself, I would be devastated! I hope he actually didn’t care for Paul before because he certainly won’t like him now that he took his spot.

    At first I thought Kevin looked like some sort of British comedian, then I thought maybe he was alright after his at-home video, now I am just getting the heebie-jeebies from him. I thought it was kind of funny when he was loosening his tie after he took the temptation but then he took everything off!!! Red-flag right there in my opinion. Come on HGs, you all go into a comp, one person picks the temptation and you are all walking back in the house and one person is all of a sudden half naked!? “Which one of these is not like the others?” is what I would be thinking on my way back into the house. And then Paul gave him a bracelet! Ugh!

    I thought Christmas was out of her mind to not go for the comp but when wait… do these HGs know what game they are playing? I mean, come on! Worked for my girl Chris though so more power to her, and she got some useful information out of it…that everyone else in the house is not thinking with their right minds and should be easy to manipulate.

    Matt, swoon! I was just surprised that the majority of the females agreed! I have thought “Showmance!” since I saw the pics and bios for Matt and Chris and what do you know, there’s certainly potential.

    I didn’t think I would like Alex but then she told Cody to “eat dirt” (if I am remembering correctly) while he was trying to sway her. Too bad she couldn’t hold on longer, maybe she should have taken the deal.

    Lastly, I agree. Jillian should have gotten the boot.

    • Sending someone home the first day like that and bringing Paul back instead just sucked. It was lame the way they decided to do it. yuck

    • He was from Mission Hill area in Boston. Was a very dangerous area in the 70s – according to Wikipedia. Getting better now (same source). He seems like a guys from the mean streets

  14. I kind of agree with what Branden says here. I also do like Paul, but as good of a player as he was, it would be nice to see an all new cast. It is what it is though, and I’m willing to give it a chance.

  15. I am quite surprised by Cody…so far. He did seem like another Corey and Clay to me, especially when he was alone with Paul and didn’t even say anything. Obviously very aloof and didn’t seem to care, but then for him to try the mental warfare game right from the get-go during the challenge showed he has more grit and forethought than I initially gave him credit for. He also put into perspective about Jillian’s weight-loss surgery that everybody has a story, including Cameron and Christmas.

    And yes, I pegged Alex to be annoying, but I’m surprised she hung on as long as she did, so I’ll give credit where credit is due. And really, really can’t stand Josh—period. I’m positive my opinion won’t change on that one.

    And Megan? Yeah, no. I just can’t see her being a military interrogator—or winning BB. She just seems awkward to me. But I am happy to see Paul back. I always enjoy someone who brings comedic humor to the house. And I’m glad Christmas stayed. Will be rooting for her, mainly because I love it that she’s older than me and can still kick all of the girls’ and most of the guys’ butts (lol!). As for the rest, pretty forgettable. Looking forward to how the season pans out…and how my opinions will change.

    • if megan is who she says she is, it could make for some good tv. I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt and hope she makes it a couple of weeks, if she hasn’t shown anything by then, i’ll root for her to go

    • For some reason I really like Alex. She comes across very likable and I was impressed that she didn’t agree to a deal to drop.

      • I like her, too. At first blush, I expected to hate her but I didn’t. She competes, doesn’t take the deal with Cody. So far, I like her – much more than I thought I would.

  16. Agree with you totally, Branden.
    And I couldn’t believe that all of the rumours were so accurate. In addition to fixing the game for Nicole last season and now trying to make it up to Paul by not only bringing him back but giving him huge leg up, Production apparently can’t keep a major twist like this under wraps.
    Except for Chris and Alex, the women aren’t that compelling – Jillian, in particular, seems completely useless.
    Ramses makes me want to hit Mute or better yet change the channel. Josh is just dismal.
    Cody could be a true slayer if he avoids becoming a target – even then he’ll likely be a real Comp Beast which he’ll need to be given early indications that his social game may be lacking.
    The first episode left me seriously bummed. Don’t know if I’ll watch again tonite or just rely on updates here.

      • LOL – you must be new here – did you just fall off the TURNIP TRUCK??!!!
        Production – i.e. our beloved Groda – has been meddling the game for YEARS!!! And last season was yet another blatant example.
        Paul knew that he stood a 90-100% chance against James but less than 50/50 against Nicole, yet he chose Nicole based on some lame, insincere pretext that James didn’t ‘earn’ a spot in the Final Two. Please. Groda obviously made a deal to bring him back this summer if he threw it to Nicole.
        BTW Just because you choose not to believe in conspiracies doesn’t mean that they don’t exist in almost every facet of life. A ‘conspiracy’ is simply a dishonest/illegal strategy put together and executed by a group of unethical or outright criminal individuals. And they’ve been around since the dawn of humanity.

  17. What was Julie wearing……ugly.
    Julie has to lighten up as host. She lacks a sense of humour. Take some cues from Canada’s BB host Arissa Cox. She’s easy going, funny.

    • I didn’t like what she was wearing either. Reminded me of a cheaply made prom dress. They call Julie the Chenbot for a reason, she shows no emotion or personality. She does it on purpose, so the show isn’t about her but the HG’s.

  18. I loved the first episode. It far exceeded my expectations. Of course my expectations are low when it comes to BB but I feel like BB and Allison has listened to some of the complaints that have been made over and over for the last 4 years or so.
    I like that the cast is older, not by much, but anything is a plus and bonus for me, they didn’t kick Kevin out first!! Cody=Monte. I feel it and I think the imminent meltdown could either be “yugely” entertaining or disastrous with a lot of casualties. Matt seems okay, didn’t get a good feel for him. The one person that I’m impressed with whom I didn’t like from the start is Alex, she might have what it takes to play this game, I like her mettle.
    I’m very sad about Cameron leaving, he was my favorite.
    Paul!!!! I love Paul but I’m sad they decided to bring in a vet, it changes the game big time. Really wanted a clean slate but I’ll get over it. Here’s to a great season everyone!!

  19. “Don’t get me wrong, I do love this game. But I just want a clean slate season. We haven’t had a season without stunt casting or returning players since BB12. That’s been far too long. I can’t stand seeing players get an easy ride throughout a season just because they’ve played before and production throws in some America’s votes to ensure their rides are easy. And I’m not alone in this thinking. A lot of us agree.”

    You nailed it Branden. My excitement for this season went from a 10 to a 3 as soon as it became apparent that there was a returning houseguest. It’s totally deflating no doubt.

    The houseguests went from reacting to each other to reacting to Paul and his bracelets. So disappointed in this decision.

  20. turned the channel when paul came back…not gonna watch this stupid show any more

  21. I thought the first night was great! All the different twists is going to be exciting if they keep it up. I agree with you though about Paul coming back. I didn’t like it and if I have to hear friendship one more time I’m going to scream. They shouldn’t have let him replace someone. Wasn’t fair to Cameron. Maybe Cameron will get a chance to come back. I hope Paul gets evicted next then the rest of the new players can play the game. But him being in the house is not going to ruin the season for me. I’m too much of a fan. And next week I’ll decide who I like and don’t like after the feeds come on tonight. My opinion always changes after a week. I do know so far I don’t like Josh. I think he’s going to get on my nerves.

    • I agree. I was not happy to see Paul return. He has his “phony friendship” line got old fast.

    • I loved the first episode, too! I love a new cast with so many fans! And the older players is getting there. We have some gamers in the house. Cody trying to psych out the others and not falling for Jillians story.

      Want crazy about bringing in a vet but if they were, at least Paul can be entertaining sands will be cutthroat.

      Can’t stand Josh. He acts like a time bomb/bully. He did help one of the lady’s up I the platform but he’s just too much to be trapped in a house with, most of the time.

      I’m glad Cameron is gone. Wish it was Josh but maybe next time. Too early to give the guys the run of the house. As a female, I’d have voted out Cameron, too, to keep the sexes balanced. Christmas can compete and help if you’re on her alliance. Jillian won’t win comps so much, I don’t think, but she’s a vote. Cameron could win comps but is a snake. They all are if they’re gaming but he’s an especially sneaky snake. Good riddance.

      I’m really excited about this season!

      • I’m excited too. We missed you tonight. Maybe we’ll see you Sunday night. It’s hard to watch and chat but I record it and rewatch it. Lol.

      • Yes, it’s fixing to come on here in the next few minutes. I’m avoiding spoilers for now but will catch up shortly. :). I missed keeping up with you guys in real time.

  22. I sort of get the point if they are going to introduce any returnees that Paul makes sense, if you separate his personality quirks, he probably is one of the quicker learners that the game has dealt with. I mean, I remember several times last season thinking that if he had only started playing like he did in the stretch like three weeks earlier, he would have been able to take it. And there is sense among a lot of these houseguests that they might be quick learners. Oh, Cody, I have hope that you don’t fall into the not lying and not making friends, I will have immense respect for you if you just totally respected Alex from the comp and approached her for a deal, you will find that one of her first friends and you have things in common that you might not suspect with her blue tinged hair.

    But, I hope the show works on sticking with the idea of temptations than just weird choices where there is no option laid out for the choices.

  23. While we are all discussing the returning Paul, lets not forget how he got there. Had someone not taken the temptation, there would be no Paul and (like we all wanted) an all new cast. Realistically, a single vet can be managed by a forward thinking alliance. A house full of vets returning generates a totally different dynamic to the game that would be hard for Newbies to get past. I think this Paul appearance is mostly to keep the feeds from becoming completely boring, as he was the most entertaining guy on the feeds at night, unless you count the showmance shenanigans.

    • It was a given that at least one of the HGs would take the $25K (six attempted). Production fully expected this and thus, Paul’s entry into the house was guaranteed.

      It’s also a given that Paul will win that power pendant (America’s vote or not) to go along with his fancy bracelets giving him a total of four weeks of safety.

      • Perhaps, but had no one actually taken the money, there would be no Paul at this point. I don’t disagree that this was a virtual lock, but that there was the chance that it wouldn’t happen on night one. I also don’t doubt that had it not happened, that Paul’s entry would be the consequence for taking the pendant opportunity upcoming.

      • Who would you have picked? I think Paul was a good choice as opposed to a Frankie Grande.

  24. Here’s my take… I want Paul to go early so the newbies can play, but we all know that won’t happen. For the most part, I like the guys… Can’t get a good read on Cody, ready for Josh and Ramses to go, but I think it is a good group. The girls… yeah, the show would have been better had Jillian left first. Something tells me she’s going to be a worthless player that floats all the way to the end. I kind of like Raven… her energy and enthusiasm could be fun or annoying depending on how she plays it. Megan and Elena are just kind of there to me. Dominique has potential but I think she needs to let her guard down a bit and act a little more natural. Not a fan of Alex. Christmas is probably my early favorite, I hope to see her do well. Jessica is kind of a non factor at this point. I hope she stays around just because she certainly adds to the scenery, but I don’t have a good feeling about her being a big player at this point.

  25. Was a good first nite. I’m just checking in for the season so maybe someone has already brought this up.

    All the girls who could vote voted out Cameron (along with 2 guys, Ramses included – more on that in a second).

    Could this be the season that a girls alliance rules along with its minions – in this case at least Ramses. I say this since the only real strategizing that was shown last nite was the 3 girls (Alex, Megan & Jillian) + Ramses. Jessica is the pretty face and will latch on (like what’s her name last year) and Raven would probably join too. Christmas would be all too happy to lead this.

    Still lots of potential. I’m looking forward to it. The den idea & the temptations could make for good TV.

  26. Thoughts:
    – I’ll say this again, I adore Paul. I wanted him to win when Bridgette left and Paulie soured on me. That being said there are a lot of problems with his return- he’s a returning player, he’s a runner up, he’s TOO good at the game compared to these newbies. He’s pretty much Boston Rob in this case. I guess too many people got PISSED at his loss so they brought him back. I mean I get it, I wanted Paul to win Season 18. But couldn’t they make Season 19 an All Star Season? Just saying. I just hope Paul doesn’t end up annoying and cruel as Jason.

    – Cody doesn’t seem like the clone of Clay or Corey, so hopefully he can improve expectations

    – Matt and Mark I like so far.

    – Christmas gives me a Vanessa or Janelle vibe ( you be the judge.)

    – Everyone else to me is just either annoying or meh

    So so far the people that I like is: Paul (no duh), Cody, Matt, Mark and Chris.

  27. “Friendship bracelets?” REALLY. HEY CBS AND BB PROD. PEOPLE: Take this show to Nickelodeon where it belongs.

  28. Cody is playing the game pretty smooth. He made all of the right observations about last night. We’ll see if this keeps up, but for now he seems to have his head on pretty straight. The only mistake I think he’s making is not being too friendly to Paul. I mean, you don’t have to go all friendship with Paul, but he should be a bit more diplomatic about it other than asking about his age lol

    • Agree! Cody needs to chill and be more open, friendly. Last night he really came across as a jerk.

  29. So far not bad, the twist are going to be great, Some do not like the fact they brought back a vet , but that makes it more twisty, since one major target put in place, and having him safe the first night was a good move, And with the friendship bracelets , what a great start, or a great end to Paul. He should have used it to form an alliance, Four for an alliance and four for the heck of it.
    At least this year it did not start out boring, IT was actually enjoyable, They have some good players this year, These twist are good, great temptations followed by an even better consequence when taken, The first twist 25 grand, lets see ,first night , chance to win 25 grand, nobody will know who took it, Common sense rules here , someone took it, smart move, Why wait and hope you make it to the end, you still have a shot but will have 25 grand to boot, That was a great twist and one heck of a temptation, good move on production,
    First night was good the twist have to do with the guest, not production, They pick their fate and the fate of the others, they are not giving out crappy things either, really good rewards for the taking the temptations, The next one, three weeks with no chance of being evicted, WOW,
    Having america choose the guest who gets the temptation is more of a popularity contest, IT saves time since it would take too long for the guest to compete for the chance , The nerd would have made the house more fun, But you never know he may come back,
    Tonight is going to be interesting, First HOH comp. love em,

  30. Cant believe that time of summer has finally arrived!!! Matthew Mark Cody and Jason all together remind me of The 4 Horseman Alliance so I will NOT be rooting for ANY of them. Sorry Matt. I am HOPING for some NEW type of alliance working out. Please BB Gods is that too much to ask for!!

  31. I agree for the most part. I really dislike bringing people back and I never liked Paul so this could be a long summer for me. Josh was so irritating to me and Kevin is weird and has terrible posture. I was impressed with Alex and how she held on. Sorry but Cameron and Christmas deserved to be nominated for dropping out on purpose.I felt bad for Cameron though, he looked heartbroken. I just don’t think he would have gone far. He didn’t seem to have a lot of a social presence but he did deserve to stay longer than that.

  32. I kind of like that Paul is there. He is entertaining and gets everybody pumped up to play. Which is why I assume he is there. They can always vote home out when they don’t need him anymore but he can be a useful ally as a person who has played before.

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