Big Brother 19 ‘Den Of Temptation’: Pendant Of Protection Vote [POLL]

Big Brother 19 introduced its first “Den Of Temptation” twist at the end of tonight’s season premiere and it’s a big one. Viewers will be voting for the “Pendant of Protection” so pay attention to the details.

Den of Temptation twist on Big Brother 19

This season’s twist for the “Den Of Temptation” is going to work a lot like America’s Care Package votes. Fans can now vote for one of the remaining Houseguests to receive a special opportunity, but once they’re voted for this they can’t receive another chance. On top of that, just because they get voted in to the weekly Den of Temptation, it doesn’t mean they’ll accept it, but come one, they probably all will, right?

The first Temptation is the “Pendant of Protection” and gives its recipient the power to remain safe for the next three evictions. Wow, well that’s a strong power. But as Julie notes, “every temptation comes with a consequence.”

You can vote right now at but you need to have an account set up to do so. Seems like the perfect time to get your Live Feeds on All Access, be ready to watch on Thursday night, and start voting! And make sure you start voting soon too because the official poll closes at 9AM PT (12PM ET) on Thursday. That’s a quick window.

So who do you want it to be? Cast your official vote now at and your unofficial vote here with us in our poll below. After you vote be sure to tell us ‘why’ in the comments section below.



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  1. I’m not sure who I’d like to paint a target on – I mean, give protection to for the next couple weeks.

  2. Ekkk… still overly excited that the season has finally started!!.. now, live feeds please!!

  3. I cast all my votes for Paul. He is the only HG we know is in danger and I’m sure he’ll be entertaining these next 3 weeks. This allows him a fighting chance to integrate into the house socially and also takes away any chances for him later on. There are other HG’s I like quite a lot this season, but for now we have no way of knowing if they’d be in danger and if they don’t need it I don’t want to burn their only shot at the power. I really enjoyed the premiere and like the theme for this season. I hope CBS can maintain the twist longer than they usually seem to.

  4. Jello everyone.
    I just finished watching the first episode which I had recorded.
    I really want Paul voted out soon although he is humorous.
    So far, I like Christmas, Cody, Matt, Meagan, Raven and Ramses. I’m sure it will change, but for now the rest can go.

  5. Why does Julie keep saying Paul was a fan favorite? No he wasn’t. He didn’t even crack the top 3.

    • Aren’t finalists ineligible for the “Fan Favorite” prize? Surely he was the actual fan favorite from last season.

  6. I think it is horrible for someone to give up everything then be evicted the first night. Add to that a veteran being brought back. And of all people….Paul ugh

  7. I know she won’t win but I voted Jillian. I don’t want to waste the first one on my favorite since it is one win per season. It also seems like she is in an interesting alliance of the off beat types ( at least better than some all guys alliance I’m sure is formed or forming).

  8. Paul fans, if you’re voting for Paul to have the first temptation, you realize you’re working against him? Right? You CAN NOT call yourself a Paul fan and strap him with the first temptation. Just 3 weeks of safety and some unknown consequence? That doesn’t even get him to jury, and it shows a TOTAL lack of confidence he can survive the first 3 weeks.

    You want to save a temptation for Paul when he NEEDS it. Get it? He might NEED it week 6 because the house turned against him and he’s the #1 target. We have no indication he is the number one target yet, even given the fact he’s a vet.

    Also, what if Paul wins HoH and that week we HAVE to give somebody a temptation, we are forced to give it to the opposite side of the house that opposes him because you used up the temptations on people that like Paul? You have to be smarter about this.

    Just ask Natalie fans (why were there so many, and why were they so stupid?) if giving her the first care package was smart? It wasn’t. It was a stupid care package, and it made her ineligible for the care packages she NEEDED!

    Don’t be dumb “Paul fans” (if you can indeed call yourselves that) and f his game early. Save it for when he needs it.

    • He would probably get evicted next. He already has the biggest target on his back. Who in their right mind would keep a former runner-up in the BB house? Whether these HG’s are in their right mind, or even intelligent is debatable though.

      • I know. They had Christmas in their sites and let her go. Hell, didn’t even get the 2nd most votes. However, let Paul work some of his magic. Production already gave Paul a gift in the fact he handed people bracelets that made them feel safe. He will have some people willing to work with him based on that, because they’ll assume some bond. Giving Paul the first temptation only seems smart, and it would be smart once those live feeds turn on and all we here in back rooms is “Target Paul”… But we don’t even have the HOH yet, and we don’t know the vibe of the cast. We are only assuming they want the vet gone asap.

        These ways for fans to interact with the game can be used in a smart way, and not in just a knee-jerk reaction way. If you’re a fan of Paul, it should ONLY be used when he needs it. It would be wasted otherwise, and could kill his game later on if he’s #1 target then.

      • puh-lease. Production aint letting him leave anytime soon. You really are screwing him over giving him this temptation first, cuz production is gonna be working over time making sure he stays around anyway

      • The vets managed to stick around a while last year, so I wouldn’t count Paul out just yet.

  9. Paul will probably get this one, although I’m not sure if it’s a good thing this early in the game.

    • I hope so, I think it’s a very good thing this early in the game, he shouldn’t be there in the first place.

      • I don’t understand why having one returning player is such a big deal. Last season with all of the vets was alot worse.

      • Because it changes the dynamics of the game. The returning player often becomes the main focus and we lost the element of an all stranger cast getting to know each other a little because some will band together quicker in order to get the vet out; where that might not have happened organically without a vet in the mix. At least that’s my opinion on the matter.

        Fact is, there has not been an all new cast for the last six or seven years and many of us were hoping they would just go with one this year. That’s all.

      • I didn’t even watch last night I think I just may be done with BB period. I am so sick of return players.

      • Hope not. Yeah, it’s frustrating, but I think the season can still be salvaged. Hang in there, hon! :)

      • Idk, after hearing some of the things coming out of Jessica’s mouth, Paul seems almost tame! Apparently, Jessica said something like “we (meaning the group) should take turns raping the next HG who takes a temptation!” :O Can you believe that? I am trying to track down the time this was said so I can view it in feeds for myself! But if that is true…she is a nasty piece of work!!

      • Yes, I just read something about that and you are so right, she is a nasty piece of work. Her family at home must be so proud YUK!

  10. I love to watch Paul. He is really good at this game, but I voted for him to get the Pendant of Protection so that he would not be able to be saved by something else later in the game. He can win this but he is going to have to do it without our help this season!

  11. Paul are you serious I thought I was really going to enjoy this season till they bought Paul back now i’m not so sure and Cody really needs to go

  12. I hate the way Megan has been treated. I’ve never seen this so early on BB before. Josh should be ostersized. He cast a bad light on her for no reason other than his childish paranoia. Cody, during elemination, he was cruel, egotistical, and just plain mean.

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