Big Brother 19 Premiere Recap: Houseguests Move In Amid Temptation

CBS kicked off Big Brother 19 tonight with a two-hour move-in event as sixteen Houseguests grabbed their bags and made a dash for their chance at a half million dollar prize. But which of them would fall victim to this season’s “Temptation” twists?

Julie Chen poses with Big Brother 19 HGs at move-in

Julie Chen greets us at the Big Brother house with a quick tour of the new look and theme featuring “money, power, greed,” and more. A fitting mindset for these new players as they take on their challenge to make it to finale night and win over the Jury’s votes.

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So far we’ve learned a few spoilers for tonight from the executive producers who revealed there’s about to be a “large cash temptation” as part of the premiere fun. Could someone already be gone? Can’t wait to see which HG is confronted with the choice and what happens next!

Time to see what all we’ve got in tonight’s Big Brother 19 season premiere so stick with us here for our live recap throughout the episode and share your thoughts below to chat with other fans all night (and all season)!

Right away in the opening Julie Chen tells us tonight will have 3 temptations with $25,000 up for grabs as one of the twists, a former fan favorite could get involved, and one Houseguest may be leaving. Well no kidding. Now it’s time to get these HGs rolling on inside.

Gallery: Houseguests Move In To BB19

First group to enter: Alex, Mark, Ramses, & Elena. They’re off to find a bed. Alex is the first HG of BB19 to enter the game. Will the curse continue this season? I bet it will!

Second set to enter: Christmas, Dominique, Kevin, & Jason.

Third set to enter: Matt, Raven, Jillian, & Cameron.

Fourth set to enter: Cody, Josh, Megan, & Jessica.

Temptation Twist: $$ Money $$

Time for the first of the Temptation Twist. Julie says the HGs will be tempted by money, safety, and power tonight. Here comes the first of the night. Julie sends them out to the backyard. HGs each sit in a “pod” of sorts. She tells them that whoever hits their buzzer first will win $25K and unleash a twist on the game. BUT she says that HG won’t have to leave.

KEVIN hits the buzzer first, wins $25K, and gets a secret punishment. He can’t win the first HoH comp and has to secretly throw it. The second consequence is for everyone: a former fan favorite is about to be back in the game. Paul, right?

Gallery: Houseguests Face Temptation

Yep! It’s Paul Abrahamian from BB18. He’s back in the game as the 17th Houseguest of the season. Very bummed that they couldn’t let us just enjoy 16 All New HGs, but at least it’s Paul.

Temptation Twist: Safety

Julie reveals to the HGs that Paul isn’t the 17th HG, he’s about to be the 16th HG because one of the Newbies is about to be evicted. Julie tells the HGs they’ll have to tempt Paul. He delivers a box from storage. Inside are 9 Friendship bracelets. Paul has to keep one and the other eight will be handed out. Those 9 HGs will be safe and the other 8 will be competing to stay in the game. Who will Paul keep safe? Up next.

HGs each took a turn working on Paul and now it’s time to see who gets some Friendship:

  • Kevin
  • Raven
  • Dominique
  • Mark
  • Jason
  • Jessica
  • Ramses
  • Elena

The other 8 will have to fight to stay in the game it looks like. They’ll be heading to the backyard next for their big competition. One of the no-Friendship HGs will be going home.

Competition: Tempted By The Fruit

8 HGs have to balance on a swing. If they fall then they have to pick an apple from actors dressed as snakes. 5 apples are “good” and 3 are “poison.” If they get a bad apple then they go up on the Block and one of those three will be evicted tonight.

Gallery: Houseguests Compete For Safety

Jillian falls first. Megan is down next. Josh decides to drop so he can get one of the apples Julie said was likely safe. Cameron is down and doesn’t remember the clues so he just grabs any which one. There goes Christmas too. We’ve still got Alex, Matthew, and Cody in the comp.

Matthew decides to bail leaving Alex and Cody. One of them goes to the Block, the other gets an apple. Alex isn’t taking Cody’s bait to drop. Finally Alex falls and Cody wins so he’s safe.

Apple time. Alex is safe & so is Matthew. Christmas gets a “poisoned” apple and so does Cameron. Josh’s apple is safe. One good apple left. It goes to Megan. Jillian is not safe.

On the Block: Jillian, Christmas, & Cameron

Temptation Twist: Power

Julie tells the 3 noms that they can either opt for a third competition to decide who goes home or let the other HGs vote to decide. Jillian goes for a HG vote. Cameron wants a comp. Christmas wants a comp, but decides it’s better to do a vote. Cameron is shocked by Christmas’s choice. It is surprising.

Gallery: Houseguests Face Eviction


Either Jillian, Cameron, or Christmas will be evicted. Paul will only vote in the case of a tie. We don’t get to see the actual votes, just a montage of HGs entering the DR. That’s weird (and annoying).

Vote Results: Cameron was evicted, 8-3-2, over Jillian then Christmas.

Now we get the voting results during the credits roll. Here’s how that went.

Cameron VTE: Alex, Dominique, Elena, Jessica, Kevin, Megan, Ramses, & Raven
Jillian VTE: Cody, Mark, & Matt
Christmas VTE: Jason & Josh

Gallery: Latest Evicted Houseguest

Den Of Temptation Vote:

Julie Chen reveals the first viewer vote has opened and it’s for 3 rounds/evictions of safety for one HG if he or she accepts it. But once a HG has been voted to go to the Den of Temptation, then he or she is off the list whether or not the “prize” is accepted.

More details on the Pendant of Protection. Vote NOW in the official voting and in our poll too.

Tomorrow night we’ve got the second episode of the season starting at 9/8c and then right after that the Big Brother Feeds launch at 10PM PT. Grab your Free Trial now and be ready to watch!

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  1. Has anyone else seen the promo for episode 6 on xfinity?? Mine says, “the two new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate two guests for elimination; competition commences.” Is this news worthy?? I hadn’t seen any spoilers yet implying we were having multiple HoHs like BB16

    • It could be the result of a temptation like Co-HOH etc. I’m pretty sure I heard battle of the block would not be a part of this season so I don’t think we’d have 2 HOH’s every week.

  2. 30 minutes to go. Matt you’ve been busy today posting tons of articles. Keep up the good work! I think this season has a lot of potential for exciting feeds. Can’t wait!

    • Seems like a very interesting crew. I honestly don’t think any of us will be bored this summer!

      • Hey, say what you want about 16, but it was fun to watch Derrick work the room. Plus, not the season’s fault they got rid Devon during Week 3. We ALL wanted him gone.

  3. So any of the men wanna talk about Jessica’s video? You guys all know what I’m talking about…

  4. I don’t like girls who brag about not having female friends. That’s not something to be proud of.

  5. Hey guys where you guys watching this on. My live stream website just died. Help me out!

  6. Yeah, but some of these guys are in trouble. Their brains have already moved from their heads.

  7. Lol so most of the girls are digging Matt and most of the guys are digging Jessica…I smell love triangles everywhere

  8. Too funny how energetic and enthusiastic they all are the first night , then fast forward a month and they re all lying around in bed doing nothing

  9. Alex seemed very nervous, especially when they were all introducing themselves. Bless her.

  10. Ramses seems too over the top. He’s going to get obnoxious quick!
    Well…him and Josh.

      • Yeah… my live stream crashed WAY before that to even be able to understand what you just said

    • The first temptation has been unleashed…the houseguests had to choose whether they wanted to choose 25k and unleash something into the house or not and Kevin( the older guy) chose to take the money but no one knows who it was…and now someone or something will be unleash into the house potentially a former house guest

  11. Was hoping for Victor but I can deal with Paul…pretty cool to see the newbs squirm

    • I was hoping for all newbies. Never liked Paul at all. Hope he’s gone quick. I’ll scream if I hear friendship out of his mouth again.

  12. If I was Paul, the smartest thing to do was to organize some kind of game of some sorts to even the odds out for everyone, so he can’t be accused of playing favorites

      • He seems a bit boring but who knows it’s still too early to tell, hopefully he doesn’t let Jessica get too much into his head

    • It would be for me, too. Paul has never been my favorite HG. Not my least favorite (there are several who are tied for that honor), but definitely not anywhere near my favorites.

      • Jason, Frankie and the one who thought he was the Messiah. Forgot his name are my least fav of all time.

      • Jason and Josea, I agree completely. Frankie – well, okay, he could get annoying, but my favorite moment of BB16 is still one of his. The night they were in the backyard, Frankie was singing a song about a glittering pink unicorn that he totally made up, BB yelled at him to stop, and he called them out on the fact that it’s not a copyrighted song. God, that made me laugh so hard!

  13. Puke. Paul? He is getting on my last nerve already.
    Why give him power? This is bull!

    • It sucks that they gave him a choice of who goes.
      I was hoping for all new people, not this annoying #%@$!

  14. Haha Kevin made sure he was remembered…at least the oldest houseguest wasn’t evicted first this season

  15. I love how Cody acts like Paul not picking him showed Paul isn’t loyal…like you did NOTHING at all to persuade him to keep you

      • You don’t have to mean it. You don’t even have to try hard with Paul. That Elana girl was saved because of cheese. CHEESE. Cody just not even trying to save himself really shows he’s just stubborn and doesn’t really care that much

      • Not like it matters. I don’t see Cody going anywhere for a long, long time. Military always make it far in this game.

  16. This could put potential targets on all those who Paul picked, too. Could be a real problem going forward into this game. Gotta say, this twist is shaking up the game, but not necessarily in a good way.

  17. I’m sure the other 16 will grow on me, but for right now… I’m picking up where I left off last season.

    Paul for the win!!!!

    • I like Kevin and Cameron so far, but yea, Paul is really the only loud personality who stands out so far…but he is Paul

      • Am I going to have problems with you again this year over Paul? Lol… Just kidding!

      • It’ll be interesting to see how most of Paul’s fans are this year, actually. Because we all know that there are fans who just really hate the idea of veteran players.

      • Yeah, I know he’s got to have the target firmly attached to his back. I was thinking when he was handing out the friendship bracelets that he’s not making 8 allies, but he is definitely making enemies out of the other 7 remaining.

    • Haha definitely rooting for a couple of the newbs but Paul is still one of my favs so I’ll wait for the season to progress

  18. Um I like Paul and all but couldn’t they wait till an All Star game?
    He already had a shot.
    Not to mention he already has a target on his back being an ex runner up.

    This is gonna feel like Boston Rob or Russell BS

    • I still stand by my belief they promised him the chance to come back so Nicole could win last season

      • And JUST Paul coming back a season later is a coincidence? There is clearly a reason behind why they only chose him to be a returnee. They could have easily picked anybody else or they could have just done all newbies. Instead they chose the guy who made it all the way to Final 2 last year? Sounds kind of fishy to me

      • They chose Paul because even Julie hinted at the fact that the jury got it wrong last year. I know a lot of people had strong opinions about Paul last year. Heck, the people that were on BB Network last season know that I became a Paul fan over time.

        By the time the season was wrapping up, about half the fans thought Paul or Victor deserved to win.

      • Same I hated him the first couple weeks but he slowly grew on me and so did Victor. Fought til he couldn’t fight anymore

      • I liked both of them, but I just thought Paul played a slightly better all around game. However, it will be very interesting to see what Paul can do having to start at square one without Victor.

      • He’s a ‘character. He’s annoying, definitely not boring, or stupid…and I’m sure he has ‘built in’ fans…It’s all business.

    • Agreed I would’ve enjoyed Paul in like an All star season that way I’d have someone I’d be rooting for

  19. And in the midst of the comp, my aunt’s cat just tried to kill mine, lol.

    • I feel exactly the same way. Also, Cody just strikes me as a genuinely nice, down to earth kinda guy.

  20. Mad respect for Alex. She’s gonna be one hell of a competitor this season.

  21. Chicago tv is on weather bc of tornadoes.
    Can anyone tell me who’s left?
    I keep refreshing page but comments are faster

  22. I don’t think Jillian will make it through the night. Although is it a comp that will determine who goes home or something else, like a house vote? Because that could change everything

  23. I’m actually a fan of this temptation thing so far. Really adds a lot of stress on the houseguests

    • Yep. Someone took a money prize (anonymously – and it was Kevin the old guy of the season), so Paul is now the 17th Houseguest. HOWEVER, someone is now getting evicted because of it.

      • Yeah, but he has a bigger target than usual on his back now. Because when they were trying to figure out who would go and who would be safe, it was Paul’s job to select 8 HGs who would automatically be safe.

  24. Okay, so the whole not telling us who each HG voted for is new and annoying.

  25. The only thing he can take away from this is that it probably wasn’t personal. They haven’t known each other long enough to get on each other’s nerves.

    • I’m picking Cristmas. I don’t want her to go, but there a consequence, so I don’t want her to get it easy.

  26. Wow. That’s quite some power. This is gonna take some serious consideration.

    Can we have a list of what each temptation is? Like with the Care Packages? Seriously, it was awesome trying to strategize and pick which HGs should get what power what week.

    • Yes this is like the care packages meet Pandora’s box since it unleashes something else on the houseguests

    • I wouldn’t try and think too much about this one. Paul will get the first one because of his following and how much of a favorite he is. It’s the next ones after that we should worry about

      • Perhaps, but do his fans really want to put him at risk? With every temptation, there’s a consequence.

      • Fans don’t really think about that, especially casual ones at the beginning of the season. You have to remember this is the same audience that accidentally voted to put Elisa on the block back in season 15

  27. I am getting tired of the manipulating with all the twists and powers.
    Just let the people play…

  28. I wanted the gender numbers to stay even, so I’m glad Cameron went, but it still sucks. Hope he gets another chance to play.

  29. I quickly went to the den of temptation bb site and Cameron’s picture was not there. Did they remove it before the show or immediately after? Because if they removed it before, then we would’ve already known who went home.

      • Of course. I know this. I’m asking if they removed his picture after the episode? Otherwise, it would’ve been a spoiler…to not have his picture on the site with all the other house guests’ photos.

      • Yeah, that’s what I’m figuring. It makes the most sense. So perhaps they didn’t even have to have his picture on there.

  30. Hate watching vets mixed with newbies. Need ALL newbies. Don’t need semi-pro game players. Either all new or all vets.

    • Not trying to defend their choice, but to be fair to Big Brother, they did do 3 full seasons of just newbies recently (15,16,17)

  31. Well I thought that was a fun episode. I would of preferred all new cast, but can certainly think of worse people to come back than Paul. Sadly for Cameron the lighting of the swimsuit photo’s and obvious photo shop of him in the group photo ended up being legit spoilers. He didn’t have an exit interview of any kind so many they plan to bring someone back. Loving the temptation theme so far this year. Maybe they will actually pull of a twist this year and not be like BB Takeover all summer that ends up only being 4 weeks lol.

  32. Went back and it looks like at least 7 HG s pushed the button for the $25k. Kevin of course got the $$ and stayed, Cameron didn t push the button and got evicted.

    • Get rid of Paul next. Why Why WHY do they have to bring back former players. I hate it with a passion gurrrrr

  33. Definitely the most complicated debut ever. This could be really good or really bad. We will have to see. Would like to vote for Paul to get the safety, but would like to know the consequence. I like Paul, Matt, Christmas, Raven and Ramses most so far. Thought I would really dislike Alex, but she gained respect. I loved her comment to Cody while in the comp, lol. Really dislike Cody. I don’t like Josh, but hope he stays a bit for some troublemaking.

  34. First thoughts and impressions…not a fan of the Rodeo Clown, Josh, Kevin or Cody. I like Megan, Mark and Matt. I just wonder what Plan B would have been had no one accepted the 25K…that was alot of show to fill..I hope they can stick with the tempations for awhile..should be alot of fun to watch. Looking forward to feeds tomorrow night!

    • Really don’t like the background for the wall this year. Hopefully it looks better on the feeds/tv than it does in the promo photos.

      • Oh please. That amount of ink is not only super unsightly, it looks really un-hygienic. No ‘stereotype’ – whatever it is you mean by that – just calling it.
        Hope he stays covered up this summer!

      • Tons of people have a lot of ink… oh please, having a lot of ink means you’re un-hygienic? Ummm… I believe hygiene has more to do with how often one showers and brushes their teeth rather than having tattoos. Get over yourself and realize that if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. But openly bashing someone for having a lot of ink and insulting others in the process certainly isn’t the answer. Simply ridiculous!

      • What is your basic f@cking problem??!! His tatts look disgusting. I commented on it.
        You’re the one who needs to get over themself and find better things to do with your time than pick fights with strangers on comment boards.
        BTW those tatts really do look un-hygienic as well as unpleasant to behold.

  35. I’m here now…just got back from the Steve Miller/Peter Frampton concert! EC time 12:19 a.m.

  36. Ok, I’m glad that Christmas is safe, also glad that my other two winner picks (Jessica and Elena) are safe too, not a fan of Cameron, but not a fan of early evictions and also not glad at all with Paul’s return (I don’t hate him, but I was expecting an all newbies season).

  37. Interesting start to say the least,was struck how angry Cody seem to appear on the first night,almost like he had a chip on his shoulder or something and how one of the other guys came across like a unfriendly Ricky Ricardo and lord this season is a bit top heavy with muscle and don’t expect Paul(if the others are smart)will last long,too much of a target but as we know with BB expect the unexpected.

  38. Cameron should have not revealed his real job,being perceived as smart can be a big ticket out of BB,could not even remember the early clue Julie gave everyone,not how you play the game on BB,have to start paying attention from the moment you step into the BB house,failure to do so can prove fatal to your game..glad the game took a serious turn quickly,helped tone down some of the early silliness that threaten to engulf the first night.

  39. Damn that was probably the best season premiere episode I’ve seen yet. Looks like a good season in the making, hope it can top BBC5 cuz that rocked.

  40. I just binge-watched six seasons of Baby Daddy (that’s 100 episodes!) and the four persons who entered the house first really reminded me of the stars of the show!
    Alex eerily looks like and behaves like Riley! Mark, oh sweet Mark is like Derek Thaler, oops I mean Danny. Ramses is of course Tucker!!! And blonde Elena is of course blonde Bonnie and by the episode’s end, yep I dislike her the most like I dislike Mrs Wheeler the most in the show!
    No one looks and behaves like Ben tho, the Baby Daddy.
    Feel sorry for Cam, I actually like him. If he stayed long enough, he might become JMac 2.0.
    Oh well.
    Glad Christmas is safe tho. She seems so cool, nice and can kick ass any minute!
    Rooting for the oddball alliance! Big talking Asian, rainbow hair and gay … yay! And the fat girl (well, used to)!
    Paul looks nice with trimmed beard. Hopefully he’s not as obnoxious as last year. I kinda get it what Cody feels about Paul, but boy, this guy Cody needs to chill, man! I am afraid he’s going to be the first to lose it …. not Josh.
    Granted I just started watching since BB17, but this is the best premiere episode ever! Keep it up and super excited for this season!

  41. Cameron got a raw deal. The two women split up the vote which was totally unfair to him. Producers and writers on that show are ignorant and stupid. He didn’t get enterviewed after he was gone, I WONDER WHY?

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