‘Big Brother 19’ Popularity Poll – Week 8

We’ve got our latest Popularity Poll results for the Big Brother 19 season along with the next round’s voting now open and ready for your picks. Read on to see the last week’s results and your chance to support your favorite HG this week.

Big Brother 19 memory wall

You can start off with the detailed results of last week’s poll to see the full set of numbers before we run through them here.

Cody Nickson might be out of the Big Brother house now, but he went out on top of our rankings (32.8%) by unseating Paul Abrahamian who moved down to second (21.4%). Cody’s move also shifted Kevin Schlehuber down to third (12.3%) and Jessica Graf, who still managed to get fourth (8.6%) despite having been out of the game for a week.

Holding on to fifth place was Alex Ow (6.5%) who stayed ahead of Mark Jansen (6.2%) and then Jason Dent (3.7%). Christmas Abbott dropped to eighth place (3.4%), down two spots, to stay ahead of Josh Martinez in ninth (1.2%).

The last bracket of active players remained the same with Elena Davies in tenth place (1.1%) and ahead of Matthew Clines (0.63%) then Raven Walton (0.59%). That makes Raven the least popular active Houseguest in our poll again this week.

As for the evicted Big Brother 19 HGs, aside from Jessica up in fourth, we’ve got Cameron Heard who leapt up to thirteenth place (0.44%) ahead of Ramses Soto (0.3%). Megan Lowder (0.29%) managed to climb a spot as did Jillian Parker (0.24%) who came in right behind her. That leaves Dominique Cooper (0.21%) in last place at seventh this week for our readers’ votes.

Here is this week’s updated graphic for the popularity rankings based on your votes:
Popularity Poll results in Week 7 of BB19

So who is your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this week? Cast your vote each day in our poll below and check back later to see how they all stack up against each other. You can use whatever justification you want so there’s no wrong answer. Tip: If you don’t see the poll below & are on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the option to “View Non-AMP Version.”

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week. Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Yowsers!!! Cody on top. He is a hottie, but why else?
    I voted Kevin again, I’m glad to see he is top 3.

    • Leader of the anti-Paul brigade, 75+% of the viewers despise Paul and Paul being in the game.

      • Lol he’s not playing the best game ever! He’s playing the same game as Audrey from BB17 but this cast is just terrible at the game!

      • Audrey sucked though…lol Miss freakin blanket town. If anything his hands are in most the evictions I’d call that more Vanessa

      • Yes, the others are terrible and don’t want to make a move. Paul sees this and is taking full advantage, in other words, he is playing the game.

      • Awwwwww, it’s slowing coming back to me. LOL ;)


      • Really? You wrote a letter to production telling on Paul for eating a cookie? I’m telling…… What are you 3? Good grief

      • Who in their right mind actually writes a letter to CBS to tattle on a contestant in a game? It’s funny but in a scary kind of way when you think about it. yikes

      • Sorry to tell you this because you apparently don’t like Paul but if you watch the live feeds all the have nots cheat. I have seen them many times and the worst they get is fussed at by production but usually nothing happens at all to them.

      • I understand but this is the first year they didn’t get a penalty vote and if they aren’t on the block then they go up. So far in order paul jason elena and now josh. Why even have , hns . There are rules and this year there are not.Just think how it would of been different if paul would of went up any way with a penalty nom ( he would of went up even if he had the temptation). Like I sai9d no rules for the first time so why have HAVE NOTS.

      • Since you are a stickler for the “rules” – you should know it is “would HAVE” – not “would OF” – Would’ve is an abbreviation of would have. I agree with above comments – you seem immature and a “hater” – how about you just talk nice about who you like and not spend time hating :)

      • But you know that doesn’t count because Paul haters look for every little thing and overlook everyone else in the game.

      • I’d call that a biased response on teh 75% hating Paul. Don’t hate him…his social game is insane. He knows how to play this and has shown that week by week.

      • Big Brother gave him 3 weeks of safety in disguise as a fan vote. The HGs are so in love with him, they are proud to give him first place; and an honor to go to Jury. He’s a great manipulator.

      • He is playing the best game with the worst housemates. You can not blame Paul it’s all in his favor

      • You are right. People are so mad because paul is beating their favorite houseguest. Sad. Very sad. He is playing the best game. And awesome.

      • I don’t care that Paul is beating any of these people, what I do care about is how he can rally all of them to bully one person. He’s the only one playing the game right now; and it irks me off that the rest of the HGs are so darn stupid.

      • Best ever game, LMAO that is a stretch. However, he is playing the best game he can pay. I don’t care for Paul and I see the same game he played last year but you can’t fault him because all of the other HG’s are afraid of getting on his radar. NEWSFLASH: They all will now be in jury and not sent home…….HELLO McFLY.

      • Meh….Cody was first place last week and is currently in first place this week. What is happening next week to change the trend?

      • People will forget all about Cody since he is not in the game anymore. His body is still fresh in their minds. Jessica was on top and now slowly fading.

      • I suppose that’s possible, but as someone who votes for Cody, I doubt there’s anyone else I would vote for. I don’t like Paul, and Kevin, Matt, Raven, Alex, Jason, Christmas and Josh are just pawns for Paul to use. I think unless something major happens, Cody will remain in first place.

      • Agreed. If there’s just one reason to vote for Cody it’s the fact that he wasn’t under Paul’s control. I suspect that’s why so many dislike him, haha.

      • That isn’t why I despise Cody…
        He was just a bully. He was always on edge and ready to fight. He is a loner and doesn’t try to get along with others. He was also very controlling when it came to Jessica. I hope she stays clear of him in the future! He even said he had very few friends and doesn’t get along with his family . Just a total loser ! Paul is smart , can read people and he knows the game. He knows just what to say and how to act to get people to trust him. I’m definitely on team Paul.

      • What exactly did he do to make him a bully….or let me rephrase a bigger bully than the rest of the house?

      • The same question comes to my mind whenever I hear people say Cody is a bully and I think about the rest of the house.

      • I wouldn’t call him a bully, but was arrogant from day one. The biggest reason I think he needed to leave the game, was because he didn’t play the game. He was not good at it.

      • Cody wanted to make a huge move without asking his alliance. It was too early. He had a terrible social game. Paul is very arrogant, but a great manipulator. However, you can’t be manipulated unless you want to be manipulated. They are happy to give him 1st place.

      • I agree 100%.. Cody did what he had to, to try and stop the bullying…You know you can only take so much of that bullying and the enough is enough… He even stayed out of there way by staying in his room and he was still bullied about that…Because he was not socializing.. Hell if anyone did casually talk to Cody! Alex would get paranoid and freak out! ten run to Paul and Jayson and start BS about them. Just like she did when Mark and Elena were talking to Cody and Jessica! then Alex freaked out over Kevin talking to Cody! None of the other were not to talk to Cody either. For fear Cody would get them to turn on one of them!! Tattle tails all over that BB house!

      • I am just waiting for the time that Kevin finally loses his mind and tells all of them to stop their pettiness that he is talking to them because they are human beings it doesn’t mean he is talking game. For crying out loud I miss the days in BB when even when you knew you were going home you weren’t isolated like a Lepper Tiffany last year I felt so sorry for her. This house would drive me crazy I would be a bully because I would probably give a couple a fist bump to the face lol.

      • He’s a bully? That’s like calling the kettle black with all these HG’s. LOL It wasn’t bullying when 12 people bullies 2 for days? It goes both ways. Cody was not the only bully. Paul was furious when he lost last year. He’d better hope than none of the HG’s catch on that this is a real game.

      • I would never vote Cody for fan favorite after the horrible things he said about transgender people. In fact, he didn’t even refer to them as transgender, just trannies. Disgusting bigot who has anger issues and is a control freak. Laughing my head off at people who think he and Jessica will make it. They’ll be kaput in six months. Maybe even less. Guaranteed.

      • Unfortunately you’re forgetting that BB fans have very short attention spans. The likelihood that Cody is on top the next two to three weeks is around 0-2% chance. Kevin will progress to top 2 spot as soon as Paul starts gunning for him. If Kevin reacts well and kicks into gear he will take 1 spot. After that Cody will fade into whatever oblivion the jury house has put him in.

      • Cody is not going away any were. The more these people in the house do nothing but follow Paul… The more we are reminded on how Cody was different and played the game. He tried on week 1 to get Paul out, but Paul had the 3 week free pass from the chopping block that know one knew about tell then… Or else Paul would have been put on the block and sent out of the house! The Dumber they pay this game the more we remember How Cody played! #TeamCody all the way!!!


      • They also continue to talk about Cody. They don’t stop. As long as they continue to mention him, he’ll stay prevalent.

      • Right there with you. The things the sheep herd keep personally attacking him with his daughter and military service I will never forget


      • Cody will be the star of the jury segments. Not forgotten at all. Most all AFP players were in jury too.

      • People will forget about Cody since he is not in the game anymore? You’d never know that watching the feeds. His name is brought up more than anyone in the house. These people can’t get over him and feel haunted he might somehow still ruin their game. Most likely, because he actually had independent thinking instead of these lemmings. I really find it funny how Paul groupies hate Cody, when Cody has always been very upfront that these people suck at the game just as much as they think he sucked at it. He has said if these people bring Paul to the end Paul will most likely get his vote. Cody was the best thing that ever happened to Paul and Paul has admitted that to the feeders.

      • If he was in first place last week then the author of this piece must’ve gotten it wrong…

      • Jessica’s army of voters will tire of trying to sway the polls lol – most of Paul’s lovers don’t even bother voting in the polls anyway – so, pretty easy for her to get him beefed up for a bit.

      • I agree big brother should have not brought him into this game, so sick of has beens

      • Agree.. he always looks spastic in the DR…. and his constant “your boy” is insane. This group should have taken him out ASAP.

    • it does seem odd he is in the top spot when almost all comments regarding his game play are negative…. hottie?! I guess if you like crazy eyes!

  2. Cody is the most DISGUSTING houseguest ever on Big Brother in all its 19 seasons..Jessica comes in first as most disgusting female houseguest.

    • Seriously? You must have missed Aaryn (aka Aryan) from season 15. Nothing is more disgusting IMO than an unabashed racist.

      • Same as Paul, but she was not making racist comments. These are adults and if they can allow a woman to harass them, that’s on them, just like this season. Paul is not really doing most of the harassment, just pulling the strings and they enjoys it since is many against one.

      • Paul is/was attacking people for personality and inward qualities, Amanda attacked people on skin deep qualities. Btw yes she did harass the racial minorities and gays for being minorities.

      • I really do not remember Amanda doing that. I was into the showmance and hated her, but most of the show is erased in my brain.


      • There is a very fine line what you call bullying some would call playing a game. Did you watch evel dick or dr will?

      • Paul was racist here on BB19 when Dominique was in the house! As far as harass people in the house this whole group of people harassed each other. Paul included, Not just Jessica or Cody and that’s a fact!!!

      • I guess Karma really is as big of a b*tch as Amanda…She got fired from her job due to her behavior on the show, in addition to later having McCrae publicly dump her and get back with his ex-gf, and say his biggest regret in playing BB was being with Amanda


      • There are news articles about her getting fired from her “high end realtor” job while she was in the BB house.

      • Aaryn was the first female who came to my mind as well – a close second would be a tie between Gina Marie and Vanessa.

      • Was she? Actually asking for real lol…I don’t remember being as turned off from her as I was from Jessica for her borderline psycho comments about wanting to kill and physically injure certain house guests, in addition to her personal verbal attacks on Josh.

      • At least Aryn’s blonde. Jess has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. And as said below she did apologize for her comments.Candace did forgive her.

      • I hated Boogie but at least he played. Not the kind of game I would have played or the kind of game I enjoy watching but at the very least he was making moves and not laying on top of some girl the whole time he was there. Although he did kind of sleep his way through 14 and he was sent out the door because of it, he wasn’t on top of his game and he knew it.

    • Anyone notice Josh being annoying in the house now? Didn’t think so. Maybe he wasn’t the problem after all. Maybe one of the problems is now in the jury house and the other is somewhere hopefully gone and hopefully will never have children because God help us if she does.

      • He started with Megan. Remember? He did went after Mark who is still in the house and went on and on until production shut him down. He can at least realise he shouldn’t be doing the same to Kevin after he was cautioned.
        By the way, why is he the chosen one among the HGs assigned to play the annoyance?


      • That’s so relative though. Every single other player except Mark doesn’t even care so it’s not impressive at all.

      • Except the poll doesn’t ask who is playing the best game. It asks who is your favorite player.

      • Do you honestly think Kevin is playing the best game?,hardly..almost liked he checked into a hotel and not BB.

      • Socially he is the best player, Paul is also playing a great social game although different, but I can’t stand him since last season.

      • People have caught on to Kevin pretty early on,when not needed,he will be cast aside,Kevin’s not in control of his destiny.

      • Not even in a game. Paul could work extra hard, but his destiny could be getting voted out by Christmas or Alex or just not winning.

      • He said he will start playing now, so we will see if he wins anything. The Target was Matt and Raven and now Alex and Jason, so Kevin is still after them. He can try to do many things to change things.

      • I like Kevin, a lot but I do agree with your assessment of him.

      • He WAS playing a good social game until he started getting cocky and also not watching what he was saying to certain people.

        He started annoying Alex by consuming all of her HoH goodies, almost blew up his closest allies game by telling Cody to join them and who they are going after, and made one too many condescending comments to some of people in the house.

      • Yes, when he started to cross “party” lines is when he started to damage his game. Now everything that he has done and said is being questioned by the other HG’s, which never bodes well for that person.

      • I think Kevin was playing the game the same way he approaches life/ his job doing whatever it is that he does lol *wink wink*

      • That’s my point. They keep pushing his nomination and I know Kevin is liked by everyone in the house including those evicted so he may get the prize if Paul is not next to him.

      • My point is most everyone in the house is saying they can’t stand him. Alex absolutely hates him. The entire house except for Mark has been talking bad about him.

      • The house talks bad of any person on the basis of Paul’s perspective. The HGs liked Kevin except that Paul started questioning his loyalty. Even Josh who goes with Paul’ command just couldn’t obey when asked to face-off with Kevin. Alex is exceptionally committed to Paul. Matt wonders how he suddenly became house enemy (the first time) when a target is ridden off. Jason still fine with Kevin but for his immediate alliance game wise.
        In F2 with Kevin, Paul will likely loose out.

      • I agree that a persons favorite player may also be the player playing the best game. But not necessarily. Many people who don’t like Paul still think that he is playing the best game. I was merely pointing out that the poll is asking for you favorite player. Its not asking who do you think is playing the best game.

      • Paul is playing the best game. I liked him a lot last season. This season I have a hard time with the manipulating people to harass other house guests and the acting like a baby when he gets called out by someone. No one left in the house comes close to being as good a player as he is. If anyone in the house had a mind of their own and didn’t do what Paul told them to do they would easily be my favorite, but no one has. So although Paul is the best player, my favorite player vote goes to Cody – as the only player to even attempt to take Paul out.

    • I guess the popularity poll could also relate to AFP, not just to those currently in the house. In that case, looks like considering all of the polls from other sites, all current indications are Cody and/or Jess could win AFP.

    • Popularity poll… game play doesn’t have much impact on who people do or do not like.

  3. Wouldn’t vote for Cody period,no one should be rewarded for being sullen and having a hair trigger temper that could explode at any moment,his exit did not impress whatsoever me,same old Cody,just sour grapes on his part and rather childish,Mark is headed out the door this week,no doubt he is very disappointed but still able to act like a human being,unlike Cody.

    • Cody didn’t really have a hair trigger temper except when he was defending Jessica. He remained amazingly calm in the face of some pretty rough hazing.

      • You must be watching different show than me,this guy was on edge every single day and night on BB.

      • Funny you asking someone ‘you must be watching a different show than me’ while talking in your very next comment about ‘if’ and ‘would of’ scenarios that didnt happen yet using them to use against a person you dont like.

      • Exactly right. Cody had ample opportunity to swing on the cowardly bullies in the house but didn’t.

      • Money can bring out the capability of showing a little restraint in just about anybody….for a season.

      • So would BB have had him on if he hadn’t made it through the vetting process and the like? I mean, I imagine that if he’s popped everyone that’s ever dissed him he’d likely have a criminal record that wouldn’t have been satisfactory for BB.

      • In all sincerity, many, many people could make it through the vetting process that should never be there.

      • I also believe what “we” think would/should be the proper vetting process has no similarity to what CBS/BB does during their vetting process. They are obviously looking for whackos/big personalities.

      • Drama is what brings in the big bucks and ratings for these reality shows. Look at the stupid Real Housewives franchise, for instance….just like you said, whackos/big personalities.

      • K They know everything about him, How to push his button. That’s why they cast him.

      • Yes, I’m sure he served production’s purpose very well. But I’m thinking by the time he was out the door the 2nd time they might have been regretting making it almost a given that he would re-enter the house.

      • Yeah, he wasn’t really a good cast…I wanna see crazy but not boring. He’s a crazy manson type. ha! SW don’t like the manson ref. lol

      • LOL – Crazy, yes, boring crazy, no.

        For me, the only time it was a smidge enjoyable to watch him was when (a) He was getting blind-sided, or (b) got a gleeful twinkle in his eye as his face turned red and he talked in the DR about crushing the souls of the other HGs

      • I think Cody is an earnest guy with zero social game .. he admits this himself. I think he gets lift as the anti-Paul vote as Paul is annoying and polarizing too. This season, don’t have a favorite guest — used to like Jason but not anymore.

      • Hasn’t he said that he doesn’t socialize with anyone and has no friends in the real world? There’s no one around him to actually insult him.

      • Oh he went through the vetting. They know everything about him. They have to sign a release on their psychological profile, medical records, They always cast his kind in the mix…all the time…they like eyes, how he stare.

      • Hmmm….I wouldn’t call it “ample opportunity” when there are 1000 cameras watching him, on site security, witnesses, likelihood of getting thrown into jail, and immediate dismissal from the game + forfeit of a possible $500k.

      • He was constantly on edge because Paul & his minions would not let up. They would not let it go. They just kept going. IMO

      • Cody even admitted to Jessica that he is that way in real life. None of these houseguests are in his real life

      • You are interpreting what you see the way it would suit your favorite. Period. Cody doesn’t have. Hair trigger temper. Be real. Period again

      • And if anyone had to tried to shake his hand on the way out the door,he might have shoved them to the floor,this is a very angry guy when not getting his way,got news for him..that’s life in general!

      • Which is why Cody has a dead end job, no vehicle and lives in another state than his child. Cody doesn’t know how to play life much less Big Brother.

      • He’s damn serious about protecting you, and me, and everyone else in the U.S.A. though…

      • Every military vet is not a hero once they get out. I know numerous men who are now heroin addicts with lengthy rap sheets and two in prison for murder. Just because someone served in the military doesn’t make them a hero back home. Sorry, but its true.

      • I respect how Cody played the game. He was actually calm, focused, and smart when it came to the game itself. There are very few players who act like adults when it comes to the personal stuff. And – by the sound of his interview with Julie, Cody has shared custody of his child, spending summers (and assuming breaks/holidays as is typical in this kind of split) with his child. Don’t assume that makes him a bad parent. This arrangement might be the best he could get, or it works well for both parents to share custody this way. Dads are not always treated fairly by the family court system, they have to fight pretty hard to retain custody and have quality meaningful time with their kids. Depending on the state he lives in, he might have had to fight hard to keep his time with his kid and I respect that.

      • Yeah, unless there is something seriously wrong, the mother is always awarded custody.

      • If he was smart he wouldn’t have singlehandedly tried to back door Paul the very first week. That caused his entire alliance to turn on him. That was the stupidest play a player could make during week one.

      • Put on your jockstraps, because Jenny really knows how to hit under the belt! Oh my goodness lol….

      • Cody has threatened Josh and Paul with physical violence, taunting Paul to fight him physically and telling Josh that outside of the house he is going to “destroy” him. I think that was the basis.

      • Based upon Cody’s behavior in the house, it’s seems to be a forgone conclusion. Not saying he would but I don’t think it would surprise anyone if he did.

      • Yep, and as I’ve said before, he didn’t jump on the Paul bandwagon so that earned him favor with a lot of people.

      • Are you sure that 3rd one is Cody? Something a little different about him. Oops, haha, there was a gnat on my screen that had landed between his eyes. I thought it was a unibrow. My bad. :)

      • And people here feel its wrong to state he looks Charles Mansonish. Just shave his head and put the swastika on his head and bingo…its Cody.

      • I actually have re-winded and played the scenes where Cody gets blind-sided, just to enjoy the one emotion he has (anger) pop out.

      • Given that Cody is/ was a marine, I would expect that nothing in the BB house would phase him.

  4. I think it is awesome that as of the moment I’m typing this, the poll has Cameron above Matt and Raven.

  5. Nice to see Jezebel dropping, just like dead weight anchors are suppose to. Cody had his 15 mins. He’ll be dropping soon, also.

  6. Not sure who Raven gets any votes?? I guess she barely beats the evicted HGs.

    It’s pretty telling how Cody got the top seed this week. I think that although lots of folks didn’t care for his gameplay, they appreciated his not going along with the house and nestling in Paul’s arms.

      • I don’t hate Paul (my feelings toward him are not strong enough for hate), I just find him a despicable human being. I actually voted for Mark – the person with the most humanity still left in the house.

    • Cody did not have the greatest tactics but he had motives I wish the rest of the house had. He wasn’t afraid to make risky moves to take out the strongest player. No one else has the balls to do that. Admittedly his social game needed improvement but at least he wasn’t a mindless sheep. He deserves his position at the top of this poll for what he did on the show as well as what he sacrificed for our country.

    • LMAO “psycho-eyes Cody”

      I think it’s just Paul-haters trying to strike back, making victim noises

      • Plus, he’s the anti-Paul. Again, I don’t have a fav this season, but I appreciate the fact that Cody and Jess at least tried to do their own thing (even if they did make horrible game moves).

      • I would like to see both of them play a separate season. They may end up a happy, loving couple but they where terrible for each others game.

      • As an American, I appreciate the service of all of our vets. As a BB fan, it does not affect my impression of his BB game at all. It SUXD.

      • That’s ok, I don’t think of his military service while watching him play Big Bother. His game sucks…that’s what I think.

      • He doesn’t have many fans that’s for sure! I didn’t like the way Cody treated Josh and everyone else. Willie Hantz 2.0.

      • lol The Hantz family. They’re villains. Russel of Survivor is a good villain though. Cut throat player, he’s a ‘character…Cody? idk.

      • Russell is Willie with an extra 30 points of IQ and the ability to control his emotions. A true villain. Willie is just a hothead.

      • Well, which ever one was on Big Brother, Hantz was eliminated by BB Prod by head butting another player (Joe?) four times, I think fairly early in the game

        edit: It was Willie Hantz in season 14 who was ‘expelled’ by production for physical XXX against another HG, Joe A.
        ‘Ejection’ was on Day 14 of Season 14

  7. Funny, and sad, how many people despise Cody for his behavior, even going to the extreme of saying he would’ve dropped someone on the way out, or comparing him to Manson, but they don’t want to talk about how much of a bully Paul has been this season. That scene in the backyard, where most of the HGs went after Jody was an embarrassing spectacle. The HGs acted like animals in the wild, pouncing on them. If Cody was such a mad man, what kept him from laying everyone there out?

    Yeah, Cody might’ve been robot-like and had a temper but it was nothing compare to how Paul has acted. Or, rather, had his minions act.

      • Still have to see him every week when they show off the jury house segment. He’s not done or gone.

      • That’s going to be fun though….he’ll either be completely relaxed and finally feel like he can let his guard down and de-stress…Or he’s going to be completely stir-crazy, stuck around a bunch of betas, making victim noises

      • He should be at home with his child and Jess should be in the jury house. I’ll try to be happy that only one of them made it, though.

      • Other than the stipend, it does suck for Cody to be missing out on time with his kid just to decide on which which “beta” he hates less at final 2.

      • While right now my guess is he’s hiding from Elena and her constant need for attention.

      • Unlike Jessica, Elena is probably keeping her fingers to herself if you know what I mean and I think you do. No more free midnight prostate exams for Cody!

      • I think the world knows what you mean. I’m not sure that bothers Jezebel, as long as the world knows her for something.

    • Be careful, there are people who think Paul and his actions and intentions are pure as the driven snow. I am not one of them. I agree with you.

      • Oh yeah, I’ve seen them on here, defending his actions because, after all, it was only Jess and Cody, or “Oh, it wasn’t bullying what Paul did”. Smh…

  8. I have 3 favorites, all for differing reasons. Paul, Kevin and Jason. The perfect trifecta imo.

  9. Wow. A veteran player has actually been bumped from the top of a BBN popularity chart. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that because I seriously doubt that will ever happen again.

    • If this poll stays steady…almost a guarantee we see Cody back for another season. Maybe he will be the new Frank and change his strategy a bit.

      • He said he will never do BB again.

        I’m actually picturing him in the jury house, plotting ways to break free

      • I agree, I don’t see him doing another season. I think Cody was interested in how reality tv worked, he watched a lot of reality tv(that surprised me) and was happy to make some money this summer. He was really frustrated being in the house with this group &how reality tv worked, so I don’t think he will be back. I could understand codys frustration , there is a lot if reality tv filmed where I live. I will never be an extra or audience member again. I’ll watch them film outside but never be involved, the contracts are long, they give you no time to read and you get stuck for hours for a short clip with some of the dumbest people looking for 15 minutes. My breaking point was a scene that was 6 minutes on tv but took 9 hours to film in the rain with no food , breaks, and security to keep from leaving. I can’t imagine being in the BB house this year. Megan might be the smartest one, getting out quick.

  10. I hope they all go back and watch the whole season and see how dumb and ridiculous they were game wise, I think they might lose some sleep after that and question their IQ lmao. I think this season was clear intention was can one person play them all and win? I feel like Paul won’t win because might not be un f2 though I might be wrong.

  11. I dislike Paul because I dont like it when they bring in returning players. It totally takes away seeing who can play BB as a new player. I admired Cody for going after Paul just not the way he did it. I know Paul is playing a great game but he is getting a lot of help from the sheep who are not playing a good game. Ive lost a lot of respect for most of the players and their bullying tactics this season. Josh should have been knock out several times and would have if I was in there. there again he was just following Paul’s orders!

  12. Isn’t it kind of amazing to think…Cody basically set up Paul’s game this season…
    1) Cody creates an alliance with 1/2 the house, complete with 3 showmances
    2) Cody lets Paul kind of force himself into the group and lets them all think that Paul is their Ally
    3) Cody blindsides Paul, thereby blindsiding his alliance, creating immediate dis-trust and putting a huge target on himself and Jessica
    4) Cody’s spot in the alliance has been replaced by Paul…and now the whole house including “The Outsiders” are uniting with Paul to take out Jody.

    Paul owes Cody a drink!

    • Cody, America – who gave Paul 3 weeks of safety in order which caused Cody’s nomination plan to backfire, and Mark – who gave Paul an additional week of safety (though does this one count, as he was safe anyway?).

      • I’m looking at it moreso from a psychological/ house guest relationship standpoint. Even if Paul had the 3 weeks of safety, if Cody had not blind-sided his alliance, they probably wouldn’t have jumped ship over to Paul. And if Cody’s strategic/ social game was better, he would have shifted his alliance’s focus on Paul as a target to take out in the first few weeks. Basically, get their support and have his back.

        Also, I’m not sure Paul would have been voted out that first week, even if he didn’t have the safety. His social game was already too good (i.e. infiltrating the Cody alliance and getting everyone to want to be on his side vs. Cody).

    • If Paul would have been eligible for nomination, he would have gone home. The only reason people rebelled was because Paul played his weeks-long get out of jail card and they realized he had a whole month to get back at them. They scattered like scared rabbits. .

      • I actually don’t think he would have gone home…I got to that conclusion after seeing:

        1)The fact that he was successfully infiltrating the “popular kids” alliance that Cody built, despite Cody hating Paul from the time before he even entered the house
        2) How shocked and angry mostly all of the HGs were when Cody tried to BD Paul
        3) The fact that he was also getting in good standing with “The Outsiders.” Granted, Alex and a few of the others would have wanted to keep Xmas, but the majority of the popular kids alliance and some randoms like Josh, probably Kevin would have voted to keep Paul

      • Also, if people really wanted him out…he’s ONE person. They could have been plotting within their side alliances to take him out in week 4. Instead, they all rallied behind him, and based on the live feeds where they talk without him around, they genuinely were trusting him and wanting to keep him in the game.

  13. Not a fan of Cody or Jess but having said that,both would have done so much better if not for their ill fated showmance,truly crippled their judgement and chances to recover from Cody’s big early blunder,from that moment on they saw everything as a couple instead of what is best for “me” from now on BB,that was the path forward,alone or being on different seasons might have turned out so much better for each person.

      • I agree but her strategy was to hook up with a strong make player. He didn’t mean to actually for her but he did. I feel like on separate seasons he would have played despite his mistakes maybe. I’m not so site about her since she was going to hook up anyway. But she did better when she was alone.

      • I feel like Cody would make the same mistakes every time. His last week though he really did open up more and it showed how bad Jess was for him. I also think it goes vice versa, Jess had potential to be a legit player, and if Cody hadn’t come back, I think we could’ve seen a different type of Jessica.

      • I agree with you,Cody had a rigid sense about any and everything,very uncompromising but on the other han Jess admitted if she was at home she would be rooting for Paul,his inability to see another answer besides his own iwas a huge stumbling block for him on this show.

      • I think their biggest mistake was, even though they knew they were the biggest targets in the house they tried to lay low and not nominate a big target. If they wanted Josh out they should of nominated Paul, because they knew nobody would of voted against him. How do you eliminate your target, put him up against the one person in the house everyone is loyal too. Then they went down hill from there. Announcing they had the hex and not trying to compete for safety the next week was stupid. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan and I will vote for one of them as fan favorite, but they need to go back watch the films and rethink their strategic game. They knew Paul was running the house why not try to weaken his game play by going after a strong ally.

  14. I’m sorry, I know I’m a horrible person, but I feel like Raven thinks she has the entire country snowed by her southern belle, “I am fighting for my life (while I speak Arabic and train for the Olympics and work to raise awareness for my gastroparesis, and oh look what a trooper I am, I name my little pacemaker buddy)!!” persona. So I’m kind of reallyyyy looking forward to her coming out and finding out she was less popular in the polls than poor Cameron, who was evicted in 6 hrs.

      • I wish that the audience were real fans of the show and not stupid staff. I’ll say definitely Raven. I liked Chrystine, I just didn’t think she was attractive enough for Cody. I don’t recall that she did anything other than flirting.

      • Depends on who’s in the audience, fans or the CBS staff members. If they think she’s going to get booed, production may fill the audience with their people.

        Or maybe they’ll let her get booed, kind of like they’re not giving her the air time she wanted.

      • We start a movement to talk about how much we love Raven, Production sees it and lets us attend, then we Boo the sh*t out of her!

      • I know BB doesn’t like fans booing HGs because it can influence the other HGs who watch the evicted one walk out the door or something like that

    • You are not a horrible person. Raven is because of her constant lies and her bilking citizens via her GFM page.

  15. Actually believe dead people would poll better than Raven,maybe she passed away,just doesn’t know it yet..god knows she has enough illness to re-sink the “Titanic”

  16. If I was Alex (who I think is the smartest player other than Paul), and I wanted to win the game/ weakens Paul’s game, the next time Paul asked me: “no one knows we’re working together, right?”

    I’d say: “I’m pretty sure Matt and Raven know.” If he asks why I think this, I would make up a half-truth: “Elena found out from Cody that you were working with us, and she must have told them before she left.” Of course Maven will deny it, but people deny things all the time in BB, and Paul can rationalize that Maven wouldn’t want him to know they are onto him.

    There’s the chance that he will get paranoid and make a mistake/ see them as a target earlier than he was planning to, AND it could actually tip off Maven if he’s asking them whether they think he’s working with me.

    If they have 1/2 a brain cell combined, they should pull the heads out of each others a*ses and think “hmm…Paul is talking to us about final 3. He’s proven to be a smart player, and wouldn’t put all of his eggs in our basket, especially since we haven’t done or won ANYTHING in this game….”

  17. I really wish Julie had longer interview segments after the finale. It will be nice to see them watch clips of their stupidity and Julie calling them out on it. Such as Christmas saying she was going to make a big move and then backdoor’s Mark just like Paul wanted.

    • Alex did the same. Cam talking to us. Telling us how huge move she did. To get Dominique out. Lol.

    • Or when Paul, Christmas or Josh DON’T get America’s favorite like they said they would. I would love to see the look on their face if Cody got it. But I guess that is why they have back yard interviews.

  18. Voted for Jason this week! Only because he is gonna be a 2nd time Dad! Reading his letter was da bomb!

    • Voted for him a few times, but when he wouldn’t stop snitching on Kevin I stopped. He snitched on Mark and got him in trouble.

      • I know! I really want to like Jason! I really really do but he makes it very difficult when he runs to Paul and snitches ALL of the time! It’s fine if he shares things with Alex because they are a duo/F2/ride or die
        But running to Paul every chance he gets drives me crazy! If not for that I would vote for him.
        Jessica gets my vote because I have been following her live feeds and she is entertaining, not a dummy and realizes her mistakes!! she is still a better player and she’s not even in the house LOL

      • Poor Jason, he has diarrhea of the mouth, I know how he feels lol, that is why I could never play this game I couldn’t keep a secret to save my life.

      • I would be terrible at the game also! I am a people pleaser. So I would be screwed for sure! Figuratively not literally ha ha
        My husband would be so good at this game!
        He is impossible to read, he is quiet but witty and very very observant! He is not the type to start drama or partake in any stupid gossiping. He can be deceitful…….great at comps, sneaky, get into your head, he would be able to sneak into your soul without anyone seeing it coming & put thoughts into your head without you having any clue whatsoever! And then he would have no problem stopping all over anyone’s soul but stomping on it discreetly!He would be able to destroy anyone without them even realizing he is! & he’s a great guy LMAO 😂 NO ONE would see it coming! Plus he looks very young and can also use having our 3 daughters and happily married as an advantage LOL
        He has all the best qualities to play this game !
        He would play the part perfectly!
        I have told him over and over again to apply for BBC but he doesn’t wanna leave us all summer for only $100,000! Awwww
        They need to up the anti for BBC!! Then maybe I can convince him. He has no interest in 15 minutes of fame! He would be the perfect BB HG!!!

  19. Priceless…

    Raven (about Alex): “Don’t give us a sob story and then contradict yourself!”

  20. Don’t get how people think Paul is playing a brilliant game. You have to have smart hg to be considered brilliant. Paul is the only one playing the game since Cody is out. It’s crazy, we had 17 hg and 2 that played. I didn’t like Paul last season so I voted for Cody. Like I said, the only 2 playing. Jessica did try some but her hormones got in the way.

    • I see it differently. Cody’s game ended when he nominated Paul. After he was HOH he did nothing to try and turn around that blunder and so was voted out. Then when given a second chance with the Battle Back he didn’t try to change up his game he simply went back to being his surly, anti-social self, playing house with Jessica and whining about how he hated everyone. Some game play. Other than winning a few comps he did nothing.

      • Bravo!,for stating the real facts that some people watching the show choose to ignore over and over,oh those pesky facts just keep getting in the way of those who are trying to paper over the truth.

      • Correct however, even though Cody did not do much, he still did way way more than 99% of the house excluding Paul!

      • And Jessica had 100% of the power and she choose to have josh and Ramses up. This was a mistake.

      • Cody’s game ended when he wasn’t allowed to nominate Paul. Production flat out screwed him and he was perpetually pissed after that.

      • i agree. Cody & Jess’s game was over when Cody nominated Paul. And I think by him doing that it put Mark & Elaine a target. So I think Mark is the next one to leave :( Someone Has To Make the Move to Get Paul & Josh out of the house, Someone just has to..


    • I hope his support continues until the end even though he wont’ be a big part of the show anymore. I’d like to see him win AFP also just to see the dumb looks on the faces of the other HGs.

  22. I really hope Raven, and her mom wake up and realize how pathetic, she is. Big problems..in the personality of that one. Ughhhh

    • She will have a brutal wake up call once out. I’m even surprised she’s not last in the poll. I guess her family where active voting.

  23. i don’t understand the love for Cody. he had a clean slate starting this show and he blew it. He was one big eyeball stare with zero emotions and now everyone loves him.

    • He got manipulated by production in the first couple weeks. He wouldn’t play nice with the namby-pamby pukes, and refused to become one of them. He’s a rallying point for those who are sick of the pathetic follow the leader “gameplay” this season.

      • That is fine in real life but he is playing a game, a social game that requires socializing to move forward. I think he F’ked it up

  24. That is priceless! Jessica and Cody are not even in the house and they are still ranking above half of the house! I love it!
    They rank even higher on the jokers site

      • Cody exiting via coffee table was priceless! He’s lucky it was able to withhold his body weight though LOL that could’ve been super embarrassing for him!

  25. Gonna have to call BS on these results, as the poll was never even listed last week. Or at least not easy to find.

    • Well so far this week it looks like it is replicating. The first Poll didn’t work and then they posted another one.

  26. Jason owes himself a hummer as he said he’d service himself if Cody was really from Iowa.

  27. Everybody is mad that Paul is “controlling” the house, but what they should be mad about is that the rest of the house, (well…most of them) have given up on winning because Paul was their favorite player from last year and they are star struck. He’s playing the game, and playing it well. The only other person that wanted to actually play big brother was Cody, and he got bit by America’s vote. CBS is not handing this to Paul, but he’s got a good shot at winning if the other house guests don’t wake up!

    • lol I totally agree with you. I just can’t stand the sound of his voice or his arrogant attitude, other players make moves and let the house guests think they made the move, Paul makes them do what he wants and later says see what did I tell you to do. I think that paranoia makes them talk and make assumptions like Cody’s daughter, Kevin is a cop, Cody was never in the military and etc. That is the part that drives me crazy watching them and listening to them, it is ridiculous, but we don’t know what it is like on the inside to know how that would affect us.

  28. I will never vote for Paul or Josh. Paul is a user & Josh is a cry baby. I really wish the HQ would just wake up & see what Paul is up to. If CBS has anything to do with the outcome, I am never watching this program again & I have watched since the very beginning. I DO NOT WANT PAUL OR JOSH TO WIN!!!!

  29. What the hell has happened to #BB19
    ??? I’m beginning to conclude that… Starting out when Paul 1st came
    into the house. The crazy CBS #BB19 executives! Who decided to have this
    Summer of Temptation that would allow a season player like Paul get
    into #BB19. Then CBS also gave Paul #8SpecialSigntureBracelets
    to give to 8 House Guest. Making them seem so special to Paul.This gave
    all 8 of them safety that week. A huge boost for Paul. Wouldn’t you
    say? Then 1st week when Cody wins HOH.. Cody trying to execute a
    strategic move on his HOH. By trying to put Paul on the block. In Paul’s
    1st week in the game. Wouldn’t you know Paul wins a Pendant of
    Protection for 3 freaking weeks… REALLY THREE, THREE, THREE, FREAKING
    WEEKS! Hell this is just the first week into the game. Why couldn’t CBS
    used one of the other many prizes here? Instead of that one on week one?
    So the newbie houseguest could get to know each other a little bit. CBS
    knew exactly what they were doing. Now Paul is safe form not going up
    on the block for 3 weeks. That was insane…This is why Cody’s plan
    failed! Which none of the other house guest knew about or knew Paul had 3
    safe weeks off the block. Tell Cody tried to put Paul on the block…
    This is why it failed and the rest of the house that was on Cody’s side.
    All freaked out and turned on Cody. They were all so frighten and
    scared of the power and control that PAUL now had now for 3 weeks.
    Anyone of them would have bow down and kiss PAUL’S feet if he would have
    ask them! AKA turning all the house guest into Paul’s Sheep Puppets.The
    newbie house guest never recover from this “kiss ass state” Know one
    should have ever been giving that much power in BB house starting out
    week one. Seems like The CBS wants to give Paul the win for 5K. Paul was
    very upset when he did not win #BB18
    . Paul let CBS know it…By raised hell about it for awhile. This is
    why the game sucks so bad this year! The newbie players CBS chose to
    play in this #BB19 were picked from their profiles! Which probably
    showed they were followers and Paul fans from show #BB18. That’s also I
    think why! CBS gave Paul those #8SpecialBracelets
    before he when into the game! To help Paul out on the 1st day of the
    game. Paul is a season player who did not need that kind of help from
    CBS. It does not make sense and is very confusing on why did CBS
    Executives did that. It for sure helped Paul “Big Time” on the show.
    This gave Paul a huge boost, advantage and ore power!! This #BB19season,
    just seem really off and like somethings just not right…Just smells
    real fishy!!! Seems like The CBS wants to make some kind of Amends to
    Paul for his loss last year on #BB18. They want to make sure Paul wins
    the 5K. Paul was so very upset when he did not win #BB18 and let them
    know it. I feel this is why this seasons game suck so bad this year!
    GAME MOVES. The ones that had moves and game were all evicted. I’m trying to make sense of all this craziness! I
    still think Cody played a better game. Than all the rest and without
    help form CBS special treatment 8 special bracelets. I’m voting #CodyAFP for the #25K
    At least Cody tried to play a real game. And wanted strategic players
    with their hearts in the game with some kind of moves to play against.
    Instead he ended up playing with was a bunch of Paul’s Hypnotized Sheep
    Puppets and Josh The bully and Crazy Screaming Pot Banging Fool. Then
    the whole house would all stand around laughing and going along with
    Josh’s bullying. That’s makes them bullies like Josh. Making them all
    just as bad as Josh! Worst #BB19 season ever! Josh bullied poor Megan.
    Who really did nothing wrong on the show. So bad for several days on
    something he made up that she never did or said. The rest of the house
    when right along with Josh. They stood right in front of Megan laughing
    at her. Except Cody!. Megan Lowder left the show that week because the
    bullying was so bad and it brought on #PTSD!!!!
    CBS should have never been allowed to happen! Sure Cody lost it when
    they started bullying him and then started on Jessica. This is why Cody
    did not want to be around those people in the house. Also why Cody
    didn’t want them to know he had a little girl. There comes a time when
    you just have to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough! NOW
    here we have paranoid Alex that freaks out when ever she saw people on
    her Alliance just chatting with Cody or anyone not in her alliance. Then
    goes after them. Like no one was suppose to ever talk to Cody or any of
    those she apposes. Alex also expressed several times how she doesn’t
    care to win the 1st place for the 5K, that she is happy to win 2nd
    place. Alex thinks that this is going help her to be asked on #BB20…
    go figure??? I record this show and then watch it later in the day. I
    fast forward threw all the BS and just stop to see if anyone player grew
    any guts or balls that week to play a real game. But not so far. I
    watch Big Brother ever year and always liked it..Not this year…It is #TheWorstBB game season ever. OK I’m threw with my rant…


  31. I voted for Cody because I want the remaining house guests to eat crow. I do like Kevin, but it would make Paul’s eyes twitch if Cody won the AFP. This group is so bad, they are giving it all to Paul without even a fight.

    • Lol I agree 100% we are not voting for our favorite but Paul’s least favorite. too bad they don’t have a most heated Raven and Paul could wrestle for it.

  32. the other players are following PAUL around like a puppy dog, Paul will win becausethey are to star struck to vote him out

  33. Didn’t like Paul last season. Like him less this season. Can’t figure out why they bought him back. Definitely ruined season #19. 😠

  34. I don’t like Paul either, but he is playing one heck of a game. If one of the pairs would talk to the other it would be all over for him. I can’t believe each is taking him to the final three.
    He is going to win this game especially if he takes Christmas and Josh to the final three

  35. I’m voting for #TeamCody to win the #AFP..#25K
    …. This is why! Cody could win Comps in the game. Including the
    Battle Back . Beating Paul… (after Cody had to beat all the other
    evicted houseguest first! ! Cody made his own moves, instead of being one of #PaulsPuppets. Cody won the 1st HOH. Cody tried that week to get Paul on the block. But couldn’t! because Paul was given the #SafetyPendent
    .That know one knew about. Cody felt he could not trust to tell anyone
    in his alliance. This 1sy week, on what he was doing. Cause Cody did
    not want anyone of them who had gotten Paul’s #SpecialFriendshipBraclets
    that week to run and tell Paul of his plans.Cody ended up nominated
    more single players in that single week. Than any other player in #BB
    history! Cody stayed chilled while being verbally attacked by almost
    every houseguest every week. Along with Josh’s constant bullying, insane
    screaming, and pots and pan banging, while the whole house stood there
    just laughing and going along with this bullying! Hell I would have went
    hog wild crazy on them… So Cody decided to stay in his room with
    Jessica. To avoid as much craziness as he could. When ever Cody did go
    out of the room. If anyone even tried to chat with Cody or Jessica. Alex
    or one of #PaulPuppets.
    Would run and Tattle-tell on that person. Just like Alex did about
    Kevin. Then they would started talking about putting him or them on the
    block!. They were not allowed to talk to Cody or Jessica! Making it even
    harder for Cody to try and play a social game…Cody made it all the
    way to the #JuryHouse.
    Even though Cody was the target of every player in the game, Except
    single player Jessica! Like Cody or not! Cody always was true to who he
    was. The only one who tried to play the game! And the only one that
    tried to get Pail out of the Game! Arguably Cody made the #BestMove
    in #BB history on the show! When Paul and some of the other tried to
    block Cody from walking passed them on eviction day. When he was voted
    out of them game. Loved how Cody took the high road and walked on top of
    the coffee-table past all the A-Holes and out the door… Deserving
    pissing Paul off by doing this! I have not and can not see anyone of
    these players still in the house. Come close to doing what all Cody had
    to do and put up with in the game! #TeamCody all the way By the way Paul
    is going to win #BB19

  36. Kevin is the only decent human being on the show… he has been nice to everyone all the time

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