Big Brother 19: Counting The Votes In Week 8 [POLL]

Big Brother 19 Houseguests are preparing for the next round of voting in two days and there are six votes up for grabs. With a return to only two nominees this week that means there’s a chance for a tiebreaker situation. So far the HGs have covered all their options and are ready for the vote.

Paul counting votes in Week 8

Final noms for this week have Mark, the target, facing off against Matthew, the pawn. Mark knows what’s going on and he made a valiant effort to avoid going up as the renom. It’s too late now for that and likely too late for swaying any minds.

There was some light discussion of whether or not to keep Mark, thanks in part to his campaigning, but nothing took root. Christmas is committed to break any possible ties against Mark so that means Mark would need to flip four votes to stay. Yikes, that’s a tall order.

Matthew isn’t completely in the safe zone though for his long game as there’s been plenty of take for him to be an upcoming target. Just last night Alex and Jason talked about making Matthew their next target. Seems plenty of HGs aren’t too happy with his lack of activity on the game front. The pressure simply isn’t enough though for them to change the plan just yet.

This week we’ll have Alex, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Paul, and Raven voting. There’s just no wiggle room in that vote lineup for Mark to get out of this situation. They’ve committed to Paul’s plan and are ready to send Mark out in what I’d expect to be a 6-0 vote.

When Mark is voted out this week he’ll become the third Juror of the season with less than a month to go until the finale. He’ll have plenty of time to think about who he wants to vote for the win.

So what do you think? Will anyone make another push to keep Mark and send Matthew off to Jury? Cast a vote below for who you think will be evicted and share your thoughts on what’s ahead.


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    • Kevin brought this up to Paul last night, I think Paul saw the logic but Paul can’t change 3 groups he is juggling votes. Once Paul makes a target, it has to stay or he runs the risk of his 3 alliances talking to each other.

    • Matt can win comps if he felt like it, he doesn’t want to. He likes being in the background and playing it safe.

      • How do you know he’s capable of winning comps? There’s been no evidence of that at all.

      • Matt can definitely win competitions…cereal eating competitions that is….Maven are useless and boring.

  1. “I hate this season this season sucks I’m done watching I’m over this season.”
    **Comments on every post about Big Brother for the rest of the summer**

      • It will always be bad with production interference. Next year script should be at least two alliances and no more vets. No more Jess and Cody, please. I think they may want to bring one of them back.

      • I just can’t recall a season with as many floaters/non-players. It might have been significantly different dynamic had they not brought Paul back but we’ll obviously never know now. Instead, when these hgs aren’t taking orders directly from Paul, they’re making pedestrian, low-risk moves. Yawn.

      • I don’t know about worst cast ever, I really didn’t care for Season 15, this one takes a close 2nd.

      • I loved season 15. Amanda and Macrae. I loved hating her. I hated Andy and Many others, but mostly him.

      • I loved hating Amanda too. She was the perfect villain. And then she and Elissa made the most incredible move ever by teaming up, and all of a sudden I was cheering for her. But stupid weasel Andy had to ruin it by turning at the exact right time.

      • I liked Judd but I thought Helen was a little too over the top. But she did play. Unlike this year’s guests

    • If you don’t want to watch BB 19, then don’t. I’m not trying to bully or hurt anyone feeling. But if any of us think we have influence over the game, then we would. be working on CBS

  2. I actually forgot Mark was still in the house until I read the above. So much focus in the house on who’s next after Mark that it feels like he is already gone.

  3. When Paul came into the house, He had a big target on his back, and look now, he tamed the whole hose like little kittens. He’s using his social, skills very intelligently, I might say. I think Cody made a big mistake, trying to make a big move out the gate. He’s been in the military. You observe, get intel, then engage……Even tho Paul is playing a good game, some one should make a big move now, or Paul is gonna win it all.

    • It wouldn’t have been a mistakeif it wasn’t for CBS save paul twist. Who else could have won americas vote, 16 unkowns or him…

      • Realize that Paul had a hidden secret of safety for the first 3 weeks? What is he a mind reader now?

      • Well he knew that America voted to give someone a temptation. So it should have been pretty easy to figure out without having to read minds.

      • You are very obviously Related to Paul!!!:)
        His 3 weeks safety was BS!!! CBS new he would win that.
        PS he also got 8 friendship bracelets to. If Paul was so good, how come “CBS” gave him those bracelets?????? That is a huge!!! Advantage. Then the 3 weeks free pass, with his social skills, bingo a recipe for Paul to go far.
        It doesn’t help that the players are to stoopid to realize Paul is playing them.
        Also I will disagree if Paul didn’t have safety he was gone. I’ve read every where he was “Dust” with out CBS help!!

      • The bracelets are also a huge disadvantage. He had to NOT give a bracelet to half of the house. Boom. 8 enemies on the first day.

      • Paul had the biggest target on his back, yes he had 3 weeks safety….. but Jessica also had three weeks safety, she just played it stupid…. Paul did not!

      • Wait?
        Please explain how jess had 3 weeks safety? Are u drinking?????
        PAUL got 3 weeks safety right away!!! Where did jess get 3 weeks free and clear safety?
        If your talking about her temptation once she used it, it was over!!
        Where PAUL got 3 weeks safety at the moment he used his award.

      • So you are assuming it is three weeks of safety? When have they done that before. I am not saying coming out guns blazing was a good move, but by the time he got to final nominations he had nominated a third of the house. That doesn’t make him a bully.

      • No, I’m saying that he should have been able to figure that Paul most likely had the temptation. Even without knowing what it was, he should have realized it was a bad move nominating the temptation’s holder. Why get on the bad side of someone with a secret power? I also never said he was a bully, so I’m not sure where that came from.

      • I think because he was a vet with fans and supposedly American viewers were voting. The rest of the HGs, could have suspected he may have gotten the first one, but no one was really thinking about that at the beginning of the game, I don’t think even Paul.

      • SJ you are correct! Remember how shocked Paul was when he found out what his temptation was?

      • paul: “Big Brother, what are you doing to me?”
        says this several times during first day when paul hear’s about only 8 “freindship bracelets.” That’s why/where/how paul names stuff ‘”riendship” seaon or whatever.
        p says this when he finds out someone has to leave (Cameron, who seemed to be a “REAL” BB superfan)

      • You said it yourself in your previous post. “Who else could have won americas vote, 16 unknowns or him…” You knew this, I knew this, Cody should have known this.

        Cody knew a temptation had been given. As a fan of the show, he should have known two things. 1) The veteran who already has a Big Brother fan base is going to win the first fan-voted temptation. And 2) You don’t want to be on the wrong side of a twist in Big Brother. Nominating the person who most likely has that twist isn’t a good start.

      • Giving him safety for the first 3 weeks paved his way, and destroyed others game.

      • Paul wouldn’t have been voted out week one even if he didn’t have that power.

        Cody made a stupid, aggressive move, which is fitting as he was a stupid and overly aggressive player.

      • No, it was a good move that cbs ruined because they didn’t want to lose their star returning houseguest that early

      • Totally disagree.
        Everything I read from former players to sirs lime this said that he was gone.
        If u go back even Alex was suggested that PAUL can’t be here long. Then boom!!!
        None of know when he came in house. Was it 1st night they all came in house or a week later? Makes a big difference.

      • paul came in first day when a competition, no, a TEMPTATION was pressing buzzer for $25,000, which Kevin did. The curse for pressing that buzzer (even tho 6 others did, too) was the entry of paul.

        When paul came in, Jason noticed only16 places set at table. So, someone had to go. There was a comp of the 8 that didn’t get paul’s ‘friendship bracelets,’ of standing on the swings. Apples were chosen as they fell, three apples were ‘poison.’
        Three poison apples were chosen by: Cameron, Jingle Bells & Jillian. BB let those three vote as to “how’ the one left: girls voted to let other HGs vote; Cameron voted for a competition.
        Cameron was voted out. On his way out, Cameron said he was only in BB House, a dream of his, for 12 hours.

        So paul entered first day.

      • I’ve read tons of comments and have never posted on social media in my life but BB is my forte’ I guess…lol! Btw, I have watched EVERY SEASON since the saga began. First and foremost, if you guys that call yourselves “superfans” can’t see that Paul is running πŸƒ the house and has been since he walked through the door. He may even be a plant. (Expect the unexpected) In fact, if you have had the opportunity to watch after dark, he is blatantly bouncing between all the pairs and playing with fire! If anyone, like Alex, catches on…HE IS SOOO SCREWED!!! Knowing BB, bc of Paul’s re occurring role, he is probably fortunate enough to get paid more the further he makes it this time! It’s so ironic how he decides who HE wants out next and starts feeding rumors about them all over the house. For example, Kevin! What’s crazy is…the ONLY 1 that has caught a glimpse of Paul’s antics is Mark. Needless to say, Mark is a “dead man πŸ‘¨ walking.” Is anyone else else capable, intelligent enough, or even street smart enough to bust Paul’s ass? If not, he deserves the win!!! One other mention…Matt’s laugh is driving me INSANE, he sounds like a SCHOOL GIRL πŸ‘§ GIGGLING!!! The worst laugh ever on BB! Lots of love to all my BB fans w/that watch faithfully just like me…lol πŸ˜„ πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    • Totally agree,never entered Cody’s one track mind that Paul might have won the first temptation,his fatal mistake and then preceded to compound his mistake by then putting up Christmas who was on his side and this was followed by the biggest social game meltdown in BB history,he and Jess retreated to their bed and totally disengaged themselves from doing any damage control.

      • It would have been a much better season if Cody had talked some sense into his old alliance members. Jason and Mark were still on his side after it all happened and it seems Matt as well, but he is hard headed.

    • Paul came in with 8 alliance maker bracelets and a month of invulnerability…

      I can assure you no matter how large the target on his back, he had the game slanted very far in his favour by production….

      the mob mentality that followed was partially Paul being manipulative and partially a combination of mob mentality/low self esteem/ mental health issues/people being star struck by a vet and overall bad casting(people who are not familiar with BB at all)…

      So yes Paul is a manipulative player but he is not having to work very hard to rule these people

  4. The game is over for Mark, Christmas, Alex, and Jason. It is just beginning for Raven and Josh and who knows if Paul decides to keep Kevin around longer than Alex and Jason.

  5. Matt is my favorite. Seriously. He’s one of the few HGs who didn’t bully anyone. He is funny and relatable; he’s one of the few guys who I would want to grab a beer with.

    If he wasn’t terrible at Big Brother and/or did something (anything), I think he’d be more popular.

  6. CBS just end it and give it to Paul- for that is where it is going and I cannot stand Paul and his irritating voice- He needs to go on Survivor for he would not last the first tribal meeting

    • I turned on BBAD Sunday night at 9 p.m., and Paul was yammering. When I turned it off at 11:45 he was still yammering. I never heard him come up for air the entire night. Surely the BB cameras can find somebody else to focus on once in a while.

      • I had to turn it off last night. I tuned in and it was Paul clipping his toenails and actually complaining about another house guest talking too much.
        I don’t think I lasted five minutes.

    • Agreed that his voice is irritating. He is always yelling in the DR sessions. His voice grates on my nerves.
      As far as him going on Survivor I would have to scream NO! I don’t want him to ruin another show I love. :)

  7. I like the twists and turns, but giving 3 weeks of safety is not a fair game. One week would have been fine, but BB wanted Paul to stay and be fun and entertaining as last season. He is not.

    • No way he could be as entertaining without Pablo and Victor, but still got to give him the award for most entertaining DRs, although I usually do have to lower my volume. lol

  8. Christmas said she wanted to make big moves, going after Mark is the easy target. A big move would be Paul or Alex or another couple. So dumb

    • THE definitive “big move” is to nominate or backdoor Paul. Nothing else this season comes anywhere close. Anyone who declares they are making a big move that doesn’t involve evicting Paul is just embarrassing themselves.

    • her big move was taken cody out of comp ,she is done ,that head of household was giving to her

    • I agree. It was hilarious how BB producers kept showing her diary about her playing hard and making a big move. Stupid waste of the HOH handed to her. It still irks me badly that they let her stay in the game but continue to excuse her from physical competitions. Something just seems so wrong about that. They should have invited her back for another season. I know some will argue that she is playing a good social game so that is why she hasn’t been evicted yet, but none of that cliques has. It just doesn’t seem fair.

      • There was something said earlier about letting Jingle Bells play the next season.

        The was something said earlier about next season being an ‘All-Star’ game.

        Why didn’t wait for paul to join in ‘that’ season since he was 2nd???

  9. Even though I know Mark is leaving I really wish it was DoorMatt/Captain Cereal that was leaving.

    • I wish he was leaving also. Matt serves absolutely no purpose in this game and said he wants to win the money for Raven for her illnesses and is trying to gt money for her?
      He won’t even try to save himself. I don’t care if the whole house turns against you..unless you are HOH with the POV, you always save yourself. Matt annoys me just being there. He is in for such a rude awakening when he comes up as the target, not pawn in the next couple of evictions. I know folks complain about Kevin and call him stupid, but what I do like about him is he isn’t mean. There are enough mean people on this year. Glad Josh is finally standing up to Paul and telling him he is not going to sic him like a dog on Kevin because Josh respects Kevin, Paul should start doing some of his own dirty work, and I hope Josh wakes up enough to be insulted that Paul continues to ask him to go off on people. These folks only have themselves to blame if Paul walks away with the$500,000 since most of them only wanted to make it to jury. smh This game was doomed from the moment they gave Paul 3 weeks safety and it gave him enough time to build relationships. 3 weeks?

  10. Christmas has proven she is just one of Paul’s minions. She has annonunced she is happy to go to final 3’with Paul-and Josh, and to let Paul and Josh duke it out to see which one takes her to final 2. Proves after all she has no grit for this game.

  11. I have a question for all the Big brother fans here.
    I’m using a spoiler so so sorry.
    The last veto competition was the slippery sliding one. Key word was ” VETO”!!!!! How come they made that a ” veto” this year???? Hmmmmmm maybe because Xmas couldn’t play?????? The HOH with Derek was BS that could have been, should have been, the ” veto” comp but wasn’t, why?????
    Now I know Xmas is hurt but give me a break!!!!
    Explain that away boys and girls!!! Oh you can’t!! It’s pure CBS bullshite.

  12. Wow Christmas! That was a HUGE move! The biggest all season by far! We did NOT see that coming!!
    Good grief, what is wrong with these people!?! What a bunch of morons

  13. This season has been pretty interesting. I look forward to it every time it’s on. I like Paul better this time. Need more people who are smart and know how to play. Need at least two vets every year. Not Cody and Jessica or Amanda and her type.

  14. I think Kevin should make a big move and let Josh know that Christmas voted for him the first week, to break them up and team up with Josh, Alex, Jason, Matt,and Raven. That’s five. Get Paul, Christmas out first. than take out the showmance couples.

  15. I’m sorry, but where is the Big Move Christmas was going to make? Her HOH was a dud, too.
    Paul’s got this. I would love to see Mark stay but that’s not going to happen. I along with the others = I’m so over this season. :-(

  16. Can they just crown Paul the winner already so this boring, predictable season can be over? Ugh! What is this big move that Christmas said she was ready to make when she became HOH? She did what every other one of Paul’s lemmings did….whatever he said to do. He has a great case for why he should win, he made all the decisions.

  17. Just read this some where!!!
    Thought it was great in realtionship to PAUL and how his strategy might be backfiring!!!!! Yes yes yes
    While they were grease-skating for veto on the air show, Paul got Mark all riled up again about his game, his season, Josh, and Cody. It was all the same dead horse beating and I suspect Paul did it to get Mark’s vote at finals against Josh, but it turned into another lengthy anti-Cody rant by Paul, and something that could backfire on him, especially when Mark and Cody meet up and talk at the jury house this weekend. I wonder if Paul’s even realized he’s now stacked the jury with three possible/probable votes against him, and they’ll be there together for nearly four weeks, no matter which of Paul’s minions follow.
    Thank you ” other” side for great rant!!
    Can I say the bane? Not sure!

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