Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 8: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

The Big Brother 19 HGs were so bored Tuesday that they starting making plots based around a misplaced bracelet and Jason was floating ideas to keep Mark this week. Don’t expect Paul and Alex to let the latter happen, but at least some of the players are thinking for themselves a little more, even if it is because of boredom.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 22, 2017:

8:00 AM BBT – Christmas is getting up and ready for leaving the house to get her cast off and a walking boot instead.

8:20 AM BBT – Christmas is camtalking about going after HGs who have tried to get her out and how they go instead. She discusses enjoying Big Brother and liking the people she’s played against.

8:35 AM BBT – Christmas is off to her doctor appointment.

10:00 AM BBT – Few HGs are up and starting their day.

10:55 AM BBT – Paul discussing how he was called in to the DR a few times in the middle of the night so he didn’t sleep well.

11:00 AM BBT – Big Brother calls a lockdown and sends everyone inside.

11:15 AM BBT – Alex and Jason discuss making it to F6. They say they’ll have to take out Josh and Christmas at that point. Both agree they need to keep being nice to Matthew and Raven so neither sees the betrayal coming. Alex hopes if Raven or Matthew gets HoH then they’d go after Kevin instead of them.

11:25 AM BBT – Jason and Alex try to figure out if Matthew and Raven are really having sex or not. They question why he has to get up so many times in the night and remember how Paul said he walked in on them having sex.

11:40 AM BBT – Houseguests are discussing what could be going on outside the house and whether or not they’d be informed of things.

11:50 AM BBT – Christmas returns. She got the pins out of her foot and a new, lighter cast. She says she can’t put weight on it for a few more weeks, but it’ll be more comfortable and easier to bathe.

2:12 PM BBT – Raven has lost her bracelet and she thinks someone hid it. She’s freaking out while everyone is trying to help her find it. (Feeds show she had it then “poof” it was gone…)

2:15 PM BBT – Paul finds Raven’s bracelet behind the coffee maker. He promises he didn’t hide it. Raven says one of her friends who died from her disease made it for her and it means a lot.

2:16 PM BBT – Christmas thinks maybe when she was making coffee it got pushed under there by mistake.

2:20 PM BBT – Raven tells Matthew that someone hid her bracelet and it’s very shady.

2:22 PM BBT – Matthew tells Raven that he can’t imagine Alex taking a shot at her anytime soon. Raven says she doesn’t think anyone will take a shot at her next week. Talk turns to Paul. Matthew says he thinks Paul is being naive if he thinks people don’t see him (P) as a huge threat. Matthew says he just doesn’t want Paul to be blindsided if someone decides to take a shot at him. Matthew says their worst case scenario is a 4-2 vote. He isn’t worried about a vote flip against him.

2:30 PM BBT – Paul, Matthew and Christmas discuss planting seeds of doubt in Jason’s head about Kevin.

2:38 PM BBT – Paul found Raven’s bracelet under the coffee maker. She thinks someone hid it. Raven says someone had to pick up the coffee maker and sit it down on top of her bracelet. Paul asks why someone would do that and she says just to freak her out.

2:49 PM BBT – Raven says she knows someone hid her bracelet but she’s not going to say anything else because she knows that’s what they want her to do. Now Raven thinks Kevin hid it.

3:10 PM BBT – Paul asks Raven and Matthew if they should fake a fight. Matt says that would be fun and they should do it some time.

3:11 PM BBT – Mark and Jason talking about getting Mark to play. He says if one of them were to win HOH if he stays, they could put up Josh, Christmas and Raven. Mark tells Jason all he wanted to do was work with him and that he can’t be held responsible for what Cody was saying and doing.

3:12 PM BBT – Paul, Matthew and Raven are talking about Raven winning HOH and getting Jason out. They decide Raven could say Kevin is her target because she thinks he hid her bracelet. They said she could nominate Kevin and Alex, using her as a pawn, and then use the veto on Alex, put Jason up and vote him out. They decided they could let Alex know after the fact that Jason was asking around if he could really trust Alex.

3:23 PM BBT – Jason pulls Kevin into the storage room and says he wants to send Matthew home. Kevin says he’d love to do it but he doubts Alex would be ok with it. Jason says they just need to get Paul and Alex on board. Kevin laughs at Jason for wanting to rock the boat. Jason says the idea is there at least, so they can work on it. Kevin says Matthew has a feeling his days are numbered anyway and if Matthew wins HOH, he’s putting Jason and Kevin up anyway. Jason agrees.

3:35 PM BBT – Jason grabs Alex to tell to her about his conversation with Mark and him asking if there’s anyway for him to stay. Jason says Mark said that Matthew and Raven are coming for him and Alex. Jason says Mark said he would put up Josh and Christmas if he stays. Alex says no. She tells Jason to just stop thinking about keeping Mark. Jason says he just can’t stand Matthew and Raven and if they send Matthew home they only have to beat Mark and Raven. Alex says “Jason …” She keeps shutting him down.

3:37 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason she will kill him if he kills their shot at final 3. Jason told her he told Mark he’d need to get Paul and Alex on board and Alex thinks that means Jason revealed their final 3 deal to Mark. She slaps Jason on the arm.

3:40 PM BBT – Jason worries that Kevin may go tell Christmas was he told him. Alex suggests Jason go tell Christmas that he was just testing Kevin by saying that to him.

Continued reading about Tuesday’s events with the Overnight Feed Highlights Report.

So don’t expect any big flip or shake-up this week, but something has to go down next week, so stay tuned to see what happens when the new line is drawn in the house.

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  1. Mark is wasting his breath but can’t blame him for trying. He tried Christmas and Josh, he tried Jason (Alex via Jason), will he try Matt or Paul before his options are exhausted? I don’t think he will go to Raven. Just think of what awaits you in the jury house, Mark, ELENA! What a boob prize. :D

      • Knowing every week who is going home is boring. How on Earth anyone could find that exciting is beyond me. This show is definitely not Survivor. It is a pathetic season for sure.

      • The 2 first week have been very exiting. Up to the DR votes we were on the edge. But it’s very predictable recently. I still like it. What turned me off was those house fight. The woof woof show was so bad. They cool down now and it’s better for my taste.

      • Definitely! Cody was an anchor around his neck like Jezebel was an anchor around Cody’s neck, like Cody needed one.

      • They all dragged each other down, but at least they stayed loyal to each other (kinda, in Mark’s case) until the very end.

      • you make a good point, one that i don’t think most people can comprehend. yes that group did stay loyal, to their won demise. but the other group has stayed loyal and gotten rid of that group. so that makes it predictable, not strategic? it makes it boring, not a job well done? i know i’m in the minority but i think you can dislike somebody but still respect their success.

    • I feel sorry for him because you can tell he really likes her. I think when he comes through the door and Elena sees he has no chance of the big prize she will dump him cold and that is going to really hurt him.

      • Not so sure about that,did not save her when he had the chance and hasn’t been dressed in black since she departed.

      • I think he will try but I wish he wouldn’t. He could do so much better than that teasing tart. She used the excuse that the BB house was not the place to start a serious relationship. I agree. But I also think she gave Mark mixed signals.

      • Elena may be surprised when Mark and Cody hang out and ignore her. Bliss for Mark cos he sure loves that robot.

      • She really treated him like sh1t from day one. In the first week I remember her putting her hand on his mount and telling him to shut up. All the time.

        He’s a big teddy bear. I gorgeous and sensitive person. He deserves and will find someone more appropriate for him.

      • I forget who said it but once the game is over Mark will be beating women off with a stick. He’d be crazy to waste his time on a woman who at best is wishy-washy about him.

      • I agree. I think he will get a lot of girls outside the house. He should get someone who is into exercising and eating healthy like he is.

    • I always prefer the HGs to try and save themselves rather than just roll over and do the Audrey thing.

  2. Jason needs to take a chill pill,he’s all over the map,so much so beginning to look erratic in Alex eyes,soon no one will trust him..truly overthinking right now!

    • No way he would even be there if it wasn’t for Alex keeping him calm. I think it might be Jason’s nature to be easily overly excitable. But it might be a good thing for Alex to start actually listening to Jason sometimes instead of constantly shutting him down. It has to be frustrating him. Jason has had a few good moments of clarity in the game, especially when it comes to questioning Paul.

      • He seems to have a lot of nervous energy. He said something to the effect that his wife never cuts corners and stays at it all the time. Sounds like he might be use to a woman leading him around by the nose so Alex is right up his alley. Looks like he would want a break, doesn’t it. lol

      • Nervous, yes but he is thinking of that money and not jury house like Alex. I like Alex, she is my favorite this year but she is not wanting to listen to her ride or die and that will seal her fate.

      • It will be nice if Jason went back to Kevin and he ditches Alex at least without telling her. Stop telling everything to her.

      • I think he genuinely likes Snitchy and has been perturbed about Paul and Alex telling him he needs to back away from him. That’s what happens when you let others do your thinking for too long. When you try to think for yourself, they mow you down.Time to cowboy up, Jason!

      • Yes, I think they know a lot about what Paul is planning, at least jason does and he could always get Raven and Matt and let them know that they are the next to go.

      • I heard him say on the feeds he’s ADHD, which makes perfect sense and explains a lot of his energy.

    • He has the feeling he is in danger and rightly so. Alex is blinded by Paul’s lies. Jason needs to slap Alex and tell her to wise up already.

      • When alex gets screwed by paul, i am going to be so happy to see how defeated and stupid she feels. She shoulda played her own game.

      • I agree but the problem is I like Jason and they will take him out first. So she will ruin his game before she gets her awakening

      • True. Wish they would get rid of Alex first. Then target another before trying out Jason.

  3. Alex is scared he will ruin F3 deal, how dumb is she. I can’t wait for her dumb a** to go home. I hope this plan backfires and if she stays doesn’t believe Paul’s story about Jason. If Alex wins HOH, Paul will go back to making F3 deal with her for the week.

    • Alex has every right to be scared,one wrong move by Jason at this point could spell impending disaster for both,only a fool would not be nervous.

      • She has been the most useful ally to Paul. Give him every bit of information that turn any attempt at Paul a condemned target. But for her partnership with Jason, she would have long given Jason out instead keep shutting him up.

      • I hope Jason gets a chance to take a good shot at Alex before he leaves the house. He owes her a ton of abuse.

      • Not really. There has always been a target bigger than Jason. Elena, Cody, Jess, Dom, Jillian. Not like everyone been after Jason from the beginning and Alex kept him safe. If anything, Cody kept Alex safe. So Alex owes Cody a lot, but she let Paul brainwash her. Alex sucks

      • Very true; She is in a high risk position given that:

        1) She has a known ride-or-die
        2) There is another couple in the house that she isn’t close to
        3) Xmas and Josh are wild cards, and not particularly close to her or Jason
        4) Kevin doesn’t like her anymore
        5) She the strongest player in the house besides Paul

        She kind of needs Paul at this point.

      • I’m rooting for her…but not as much as Paul (sorry!) :)

        When the show first started, I thought she was going to be really annoying. But she has definitely become a favorite of mine, both her personality and her game play.

      • Yeah, Paul first. I’m disappointed that they’re not F2..but you’ll never know..s**t happens.

      • I was until this argument she got with Cody and the cereal gate. From that point I stop liking her. And then when she said over the dereck visit that Jason was her ride or die, I just realized she’s stupid.

        She really should had evicted Paul over her hoh. I think it was a mistake.

        I can understand many people hopes she wins. It’s better than Paul. But sadly I don’t like her anymore.

        But I’m a huge Jason’s fan. He’s so cool.

      • She had a right to be upset about the cereal. Cody should not have been an a$$ and ate it all. Branden forgot to include a important detail in his recap of the event. It was not just her favorite cereal. It was actually her cereal. It was cereal she got in her HOH basket. It did not come from the storage room.

      • I get that point. But going after if he lies about his kid or love for Jessica it where I find it way too much. Even if it was her cereal. Their not starving in that house. She just get way too nasty.

      • She is depending on her relationship with Paul. This is why she doesn’t have those relationships with Matt, Raven and Kevin. She listened to the lies from Paul about Kevin. This is of her own making

      • Alex started trashing Kevin to Paul first. What lies are you talking about that Paul told her?

  4. Matthew will run and tell Paul if someone talks about him going on the block.
    Alex tells Jason to shut up, even though he is correct.
    OMG, what is wrong with these people! I am thinking that they are just genuine idiots.

  5. I really wished this article didn’t mention Raven so much. That is how non interesting the feeds have gotten, that the only story is about the nuisance’s bracelet.

  6. Worst. Season. Ever. And it’s not even close…

    The fact that these window licking house guests think they have to run all their idea by Paul and Alex to get their approval is embarrassing. Just end the season already.

    • Such doom and gloom,not for me..been great fun this summer,i just go with the flow of the show,learned a longtime ago in life that swimming upstream can be very tiresome and not much fun.

      • Agree, this season has been decent so far. But coming here lately is a downer. Too many haters.

      • I don’t understand why people come here if they don’t want to read opinions from all sides. Not everyone is going to agree.

        Many people aren’t liking this season, but that doesn’t make you wrong for liking it. Just scroll on by comments that make you roll your eyes. That’s what I do every time I read more whining about “Paul haters.”

        Although, I obviously, didn’t this time. Carry on! =P

      • Yeah that I don’t understand. I know Evel Dick isn’t watching anymore, just reading updates, but I still find his Twitter endlessly entertaining.
        But the average viewer? There’s really no need to let anyone know you’re no longer watching.

        I may complain a lot, I may not share the same opinions as the majority here, but there’s no way I can stop watching. It’s like a bad book to me at this point. I may not like where the plot is going, but I can’t put it down until I know how it turns out.

      • I will watch as I have watched this show since the first season.
        I may complain about some players but I still watch.
        I did stop watching BBAD as I have zero need to watch Paul cut his toenails.

      • I read what is going on but I am no longer watching. If things change in the house then I would go back to watching. I just get tired of watching such a non-playing game. They all just sit around and bat around the same lies that Paul tells them. I want strategy. I want flipping and flopping. I WANT A GAME, Dam n it.

      • True,just don’t understand all the hate that is being expressed this year,for some reason seems worse than usual..been watching BB since Season 16 and had some faves like Zach but have never hated anyone on BB,alright to dislike this and that person for whatever reasons but hate,that makes no sense whatsoever especially considering we have never met any of these people,to hate people you have never met is irrational in itself.

    • I like this season, only because Paul is playing a good game, but once he’s evicted, only then I would say it’s the worst season

      • I know. And they seem to keep forgetting they’re on national television doing a live TV show.

      • Lol! To each their own I suppose haha. I bet Paul fans are loving this season, and that’s good, I’m glad someone is ;)
        I don’t hate this season, but I think we got so much hype with all of these arguments and drama and I was geared up ready for a huge BB6 style divided house but it never came to fruition. I think I gave myself too high of expectations. I was very excited for people like Christmas, Alex (after watching the premiere) and just the whole cast in general and then this happened. This is like BB16, Paul’s playing a great game, but no one else is and because of that, for me, this season is just not as fun as I hoped which is really sad! I hope something happens soon, I’ll never quit BB ofc but dang this is going to be a really boring end game IMO

      • lol I always read your Post Jackson. You’re a ‘moderate compared to I know you’re a BB fan. If I’m not mistaken we’re on the same team last season?

      • Well thank you haha, I always read yours as well lol! And yes we were if I remember right. I was actually cheering on Natalie after she planted the seeds and turned the house on Paulie, until she nominated Paul and Victor and then I switched over to them because they won me over with their underdog spirit LOL!

  7. I bet Jason has bruises all over him because of Alex constantly hitting/slapping him..whether it be with her hand, fist or shoe. She’s mean!

      • My wife is a pinay and she wants to slap the hell out of ALEX she can,t stand her becuz in the Philippine culture you dont ever tell the man to shut up,like she did Jason,my wife asks my permission for everyting and i tell her she doesnt, need my permission ,but thats how her culture is

    • Just like he slaps her. They compare their bruises. If he’s going to give it he needs to take it.

  8. It’s funny that when someone gets even a simple thought of Paul being on the block, their instant reaction is to do everything in their power to protect Paul’s game and not their own. If Paul was ever on the block, these HGs would be tripping over themselves to save him.
    Like him or hate him, you gotta admit it’s amazing how he convinced these people that losing to him is a privilege.

    • He` s not playing any amazing game, These people are all just so so dumb and stupid that is making Paul look good.

    • I can’t remember another season when more than one HG told another HG losing to them would be an “honor.” That’s just so weird.

    • You cannot fix stupid! These minions probably have very low IQs. Their brains are totally fried taking too many drugs and booze or both? Common sense will tell you that Paul is a big threat and you do not even need anyone to tell you that! All they can talk about it targeting each other which only helps Paul!

  9. It would entertain me immensely watching everyone plotz themselves if Kevin were to win next HOH. Even if for nothing else, it will do him a world of good to hear from home.

  10. Omg Alex needs to put a muzzle on Jason! He keeps letting information slip to people…At least he laughingly calls himself a “tool,” it’s endearing.

    I can’t stay mad at him when Alex scolds him for doing something stupid, he gets a guilty little boy face when he realizes she’s right, and then is “Oh…sorry.” It’s cute lol

    • Bless his heart. He tries to play & ends up putting his foot in his mouth. Alex is trying to pull him along. If he wins (unlikely) he owes alex half!

      • I know!! Lol he clearly doesn’t mean to screw up, and he is always so sweetly sorry afterwards.

        And hahaha @ “bless his heart”…My grandmother used to always say it and it wasn’t until later that I found out it was a kind of a fancy insult in the south/ mid-west.

      • Here in the south.. bless their heart & praise the Lord is alive & well. very much an insult lol

      • And the funniest part is that you would probably never know that if you’re from the West coast like I am.

        I used to feel warm and fuzzy when my grandma would say that to me, usually after I broke a glass on accident or used to much dish soap (I loved washing dishes as a kid – I’m weird).

        And HA! Praise the Lord is the other one she would say! Aww good memories :)

      • Yes Bless your Heart and Praise the Lord mean exactly that here on the West Coast. It is not a bad thing. I remember being on the job flagging for a construction company in my late 40’s and a truck driver was from the South. He told me this horrible story about his health and I told him, “Bless your heart” The look he gave me could have put me in the grave. He told me that was an insult in the South and that I just insulted him!!!! LOL I told him is does not work that way here on the West Coast! i had no idea it was an insult because it is never used as an insult here!!! You learn new things no matter how old you are!!! :)

      • HAHA!! I used to say it all the time to people, not realizing it was an insult either. Why didn’t my grandma tell me earlier lol!!!

      • His nomination speech was painful to listen to. He absolutely does not know when to shut his mouth.

  11. Noticing how close to Paul Christmas is sitting, when she was always all over Kevin. I think Kevin may have told her to stay away from him because he is a happily married man.

  12. “Raven says one of her friends who died from her disease made it for her and it means a lot.”

    She truly has no shame.

    • It has been bad for a number of seasons now casting wise! Big Brother fans have been hoping for a change in the casting but, disappointed year after year! For this reason, this is my last season. I watch Big Brother and Survivor for the game play and there has been not enough game play left in Big Brother. The only thing keeping me is to answer the question this season, will anyone from the minions have the cojones to actual put Paul in the block and evict him? Or will the minions all fold and just let him win it without even trying to get him out? There is a good chance that nobody will put up Paul on the block if he gets Christmas and Josh in Final 3.

    • There are many reason to like BB 16,Derrick was masterful and no one could take their eyes off Zach but more than that..Cody,Caleb,Nicole and the gang had lots of fun doing the show,BB 16 the worst?,simply not the case.

  13. Somehow I find it more upsetting who died this week on GoT than who could be walking out the door here Thursday night

    • I wish someone with medical knowledge was in the house so they could call out all her bs

      • It would be entertaining to watch her squirm. I look at pretty much everything she says and say, nope you are wrong.

      • Zingbot didn’t even mention it. I don’t think production has actual medical knowledge of the HGs. They probably just do a drug and STD test.

      • They definitely do a blood test. It was BB who first realized that something was off with Evel Dick back at the beginning of BB13, and it turned out he was HIV Positive.

      • Just for insurance purpose, she’s not as sick as she claim. The show wouldn’t be able to take that responsibility.

      • While I absolutely agree with you, I’d like to point out that they’re putting up with Christmas.

      • Me too. I can’t stand her and her medical woes which are so much a part of her crazy imagination. I wish someone would call her out. You don’t need a medical background to know she’s full of sh@t. She really must be since she told them she has already had her colon removed. When they asked her about her colostomy bag she said she doesn’t need one since it comes out of her rectum. I’ve never heard of anything like this in my life. I’m surprised she didn’t injure herself today because Christmas was getting some attention.

      • If she has no colon she WOULD DEFINATELY need a colostomy bag,that much i do know ,my son was married to a girl that only had half of her colon and she needed a colostomy bag,so i can sat that Raven is full of bs and a con artist.

      • Well at birth they can bring down the intestines which will eventually act as a colon though it takes years. Still an ostomy bag probably would have been in place before that surgery. Went through it with my son. Thankfully they didnt have to remove the colon & were able to fix his intestines & take away the bag. Her scars would be so different if she had gone through all of that.

      • I have had a few people comment to me that have this disease and they all say Raven is full of it!

      • It was on one of the BBAD episodes. She said both her and her Mom both had them removed. Paul asked her why doesn’t she have a colostomy bag and she said something about she doesn’t need one because there is something with her rectum.

      • She must not realize that the colon is basicaly the rectum,i just had a colonscopy 2 months ago,and trust me to get to the colon they go thru the rectum,this is my 2nd colonscopy as i,m 65 and am supposed to get 1 every 4yrs so if she has no colon she woud definately need a colostomy bag,Raven is a con artist and a spoiled brat attention whore,without the attention she would probably commit suicide.

      • I just think it would help if someone could say you are wrong and here’s why with 100% certainty. That’s all. She said that? Where does she even come up with this sh!t?

      • Out of her rectum!!!! lol. Thanks god she didn’t said that after her colon was removed she doesn’t poop anymore.

      • I agree. She has an answer for everything! So to have someone there with a medical background like Dr. Will, that would be awesome

      • I was watching one of Jessica’s Instagram live feeds and she was saying the house thinks Raven is America’s sweetheart so they are all afraid to say anything to her and look like assh*les.

      • Dr. Will would’ve been the best person to be in this season. Against Raven and Paul! He would knock them both on their asses where they belong

    • I can’t take her anymore. Used to be everyday she had another illness. Now it’s every hour.

      • I like how the both look at her. Just no reaction. Christmas to say “I shattered my growth plate” meaning are you confuse.

        But more funny, raven advice her how to be a good fake. “Don’t forge not to walk on it”. It’s nothing you forget when you have the pain!!!!

      • PLEASE
        OR someone please call her out on all her BS! Ask her where her scars are! Easy LOL
        Just smile and nod

    • A “shattered” growth plate would more than likely need some sort of surgical intervention like pins. This girl is so full of shi@ that she’s wasting good air every time she speaks.

      • If raven shattered her growth plate, wouldn’t that leg be shorter than the other?????

  14. I think raven must’ve thought Paul was speaking Arabic. She came up with some words trying to show off. She was ignored of course.

  15. i just wish Alex would keep her big fat mouth shut,jason should have told her that too but her nose is so far up Pauls ass that its messing with her brain causing brain death

    • They wouldn’t have the votes to save Mark anyway. And why would she want to when he was campaigning to Santa to backdoor Alex

      • We need a banner or bull horn. Or production. Lol. I wish she could see what we see. I actually thought Paul was serious with his alliance with her. He’s such a dirt bag. Thing is she believes him and why wouldn’t she when she thinks they’re working together. She needs to over hear someone.

      • She is not overhearing Jason when he is right on her face. She thinks she is too smart and knows the game a lot better to listen to him.

      • Exactly!!! She needs to start listening to Jason instead of dictating everything to Jason! Poor guy is going to get voted out next week because of her!

      • I thought he was serious too but now…. i think hes afraid of her & jason. They can win comps while maven & christmas & josh cant.

      • I thought he was as well but clearly he’s not going to make the same mistake as he did last year with nicole. Alex needs to listen to Jason more!

    • Exactly! Alex is ruining Jason’s game because Jason does make some smart suggestions to Alex but she just brushed him off all of the time. He needs to kick her to the curb and go with Kevin.

  16. someone soon is going to catch on to pauls deals with F3 with 3 groups, just waiting to see who will catch on

    • When they find that out they will “love” and “root” for him even more, they will all be so amazed of how genius he is.

  17. Josh- I dont feel good about anyone winning HoH but me or you. Paul- But if I draw that line, I show my cards. Josh- I’ll do it #BB19

    From BB updates Twitter feeds. How does this not raise major red flags?!? This cast sucks

      • Paul is going to be throwing HOH competition for the next couple of hide himself from pulling open his antics.

  18. Quick comment before I continue reading today’s live feeds……..

    Christmas ONCE AGAIN leaves the house & defeats the whole purpose of being in this game! LOCKED away from the rest of the world, in seclusion, completely locked down for 3 months! Zero outside contact at all! They didn’t even tell the HGs about 9-11 during that season! Something that huge, life-changing, (Something that changed not only America) but this entire world forever, BB made the decision not to tell them because it would defeat the entire purpose of the game! But Christmas breaks her foot and that’s OK?!?!? She gets to leave several times throughout this game!?!!

    How do they 100% guarantee she is NOT given even just ONE WORD from an outsider???

    I posted this same question waaaay back at the beginning of this game & some of you replied that “doctors do not watch Big Brother” LMAO……sure!
    One of my friends is a doctors & a close friend of mine dates a doctor…..both watch BB! Religiously! (YOU’D be VERY surprised what doctors do! But that’s a whole other conversation!!!) & nurses!?
    All they have to do is whisper one word or one quick sentence to Christmas and Christmas will switch up her game! (& attitude)

    Anyway, the whole point of this post is just to say let’s pay good attention to Christmas, see if she makes any changes over the next day or so! Or has an attitude adjustment! LOL
    Aside from the what if’s, IT JUST really bothers me (CLEARLY) that she continues to leave the house and gets to relax and think away from this game! I thought it was BS when she first broke her foot and I think it’s BS now!
    AND she should not get a second chance (come back next season) because she chose to take this one!
    Just Sayin !!!

    • You are correct, my ex is a surgeon, I was with him through med school , residency and BB is very popular at the hospital. It seemed especially popular with emergency staff that had 24hr shifts, something to watch and talk about. i know plenty of hospital staff that would have leaked few words. My ex would not, it he would be the type that would not want to deal with reality tv show signing stuff and rules , he was all about work. I can’t imagine no one has said anything to her especially during her 2 days at the hospital? How many people came in her room, I bet no less then 20.

      I would worry if I were Xmas more about the quality of care. Her foot is essential for her career. I would want the best doctor, the best PT, and the same group following me for my entire recovery. I assume she will be going home after BB and have another whole team of doctors and PT/OT to finish her recovery.

      I guess we will find out if she got information she hasn’t done anything with it. Maybe is she makes it to finally f4 or f3 and is able to win HOH and cuts Paul will be a possible indicator? I still think the best she does is second, 50k sure isn’t worth risking not getting the best possible medical care.

      • I would think so also but, she is a pretty expensive house guest if that’s the fact. And they can’t possibly be with her every second.

      • Exactly! That is another thing that never made sense to me. If her body is her life/her career then why not leave the game and receive the best possible treatment. But, we already know these people are dumb so I guess that’s why Lol

    • Agree – I find it weird that people seem to forget that doctors are a) people and b) watch television! Of course some doctors will watch BB & chat about it in their breaks.

    • There was something said earlier about letting Jingle Bells play the next season.

      The was something said earlier about next season being an ‘All-Star’ game.

      Why didn’t BB wait for paul to join in ‘that’ season since he was 2nd???

      Jingle Bells wouldn’t be able to play in an All-Star game.

      I agree with you bout Jingle Bells. She shouldn’t be there after her break.

      “If you can’t compete – you must delete”

    • I agree with you tinalee! I might be the only one, but I think when Christmas broke her leg, she should have went home. Then Christmas could have been scheduled to come onto another Season of BB in the future.

      The Whole Object of BB is to be shut Off from the Outside World…As many times as Christmas has been out of the BB House, she had to be exposed to current events, or someone at the Hospital Clinic telling her what’s going on in the House.

      • Exactly! Plus on top of that she’s just getting a break from the game that no one else ever has. Some time to reflect

    • I work in the ER and many of us watch BB including many of the physicians. If I was treating Christmas I would of certainly gave her a clue to get out Paul. May have written a clue on her new boot someplace.
      As a side note it is rare a woman as young as Christmas suffered such severe fractures from a fall like she did. You would assume this in an older woman with osteoporosis. My first impression was she may have taken Steroids for body building which many do. This causes the bones to become demineralized and the risk of fractures increases. Either way such a shame for her as I was so excited to see her compete physically in this game.

      • Exactly! People saying doctors or nurses wouldn’t say anything is silly. Of course they would if given the opportunity

    • Actually, they did tell the HGs about 9/11. I believe one of them had a cousin who worked in one of the towers. You can You Tube it.

      • oh really. Man I have a bad memory! I swore they didn’t have them. Guess I was wrong. Shocking LOL
        I remember one of them had an uncle that passed away either in the towers or on a plane 😭
        But I thought they chose not to tell them.
        I believe you :-)

  19. I think if Paul, wasn’t there this may have been an ok to good season. I really wish Jason wasn’t so controlled by Alex. He comes up with the best ideas and she shuts him down many times. She talks about playing the game but yet can’t see that showmances aren’t the only duos. Also, it’s crazy that They confuse “breaking up a showmances” with sending the whole showmance out so that they can gang up in jury. The only joy I can see is when they go home and be told they were idiots having a showmance orgy with Paul. Lol! Those playing for second games and other CBS reality show should never be called back simply because they made CBS waste time casting them in the first place. Not interested in seeing them again because they haven’t proved to be game players.

  20. I am SO FRUSTRATED with Alex. I wish she’d listen to Jason – he has a better sense of what’s going on than he does.

  21. OMG!!! Alex is destroying Jason’s game! She is so full of herself and thinks they are untouchable! She drives me crazy! She never listens to Jason and Jason always has a lot of valid points! Too bad Alex is shoved so far up Paul’s butt it must hurt!

    The hgs discussing whether Matt and Raven have had sex!?! Where have they been??? Christmas was in the room when they were doing it, how did she not know!?
    And then they say I wonder if they really are, Paul walked in on them when they were having sex! Are these people stupid? OK dumb question, yes of course they are! But Paul told you he busted them having sex but you are still wondering!? Zingbot even told them! LOL he doesn’t lie! Ha ha

    Why are these people so sure of themselves!? How can they all possibly not talk to each other during all the downtime in this game and not put the pieces of the puzzle together!?!

    they are all driving me crazy! And Jason is going to pay the price and be evicted if Alex continues to listen to Paul’s every move!


    These mindless morons get stupider by the day! I thought for sure by now they would be thinking more about themselves! I don’t know why I keep thinking this! What is wrong with me? LOL I should know better!

  22. It’s going to be great watching xmas and Paul vs Jason and Alex. The problem for Jason and Alex is Matt and Raven are in Xmas’s and Paul’s back pockets. ” Say hello to my little friends!” This is why you should always aim for a stellar social game above anything else. Get close to them even though you don’t like them, Christmas and Paul have the best SG in there.

  23. Worse season ever! Christmas going to make a big move, she is so stupid she does not even know what a big move is! A big move would of put up people like Paul and Alex you idiot. I can’t wait for this season to be over!

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