‘Big Brother 19’ Popularity Poll – Week 12

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We’ve got our latest Popularity Poll results for the Big Brother 19 season along with our final round of the season’s popularity poll voting. You can start off with the detailed results of last week’s poll to see the full set of numbers before we run through them here.

Heading in to the finale week we’re seeing Cody Nickson take the top spot again with 43.3% of the vote which puts him way over his second place contender and that isn’t Paul for a change. Kevin Schlehuber has moved up to second place with 16.2% as he beat out Paul Abrahamian in third (15.4%).

We drop down to the single digits of the vote next with Jason Dent in fourth (7.26%) and Josh Martinez who moved up to fifth (6.2%), his highest ranking yet this season after starting off in week one as the least popular among our readers.

The next bracket gives us Alex Ow in sixth with 3.1% just ahead of seventh placed Christmas Abbott at 2.7% of this past week’s votes. Just behind them are Jessica Graf (1.9%) then Mark Jansen with ninth place (1.6%).

Now we’re dropping down to our sub-one point range with Cameron Heard in tenth (0.39%), Dominique Cooper at eleventh (0.36%), and Elena Davies earning twelfth (0.29%). The next spot shows up as a tie to the hundredths place at 0.26% of our readers’ votes, but in total vote count Ramses Soto beat out Raven Walton by just one vote so Ramses is in thirteenth and Raven gets fourteenth.

Rounding out the list you’ve got Megan Lowder in fifteenth (0.21%), Matthew Clines at sixteenth (0.12%), and Jillian Parker bringing up the rear with last place and 0.09% of the vote.

So there we go with the second to last voting results and as we close in on the AFP results I won’t be surprised to see Cody and Kevin at the top of the list. Both are likely contenders for the extra $25,000 reward by the viewers but we’ll have to wait and see if one of them gets it.

Here is this week’s updated graphic for the popularity rankings based on your votes:
Big Brothe 19 Popularity Poll results from Week 11

So who is your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this final week? Cast your vote each day in our poll below and check back later to see how they all stack up against each other. You can use whatever justification you want so there’s no wrong answer. Tip: If you don’t see the poll below & are on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the option to “View Non-AMP Version.”

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week. Share your thoughts below.


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  1. KEVIN, for the sole purpose of having the 4th place finisher walk away with more money than the runner up.

      • I have a feeling, Grodner won’t let that happen. Remember that only the vote of the subscriber of All Access are counted. There’s a lots of foaming at the mouth from many people that might not even realize that their vote doesn’t count. People who watch the live feeds, know how horrible that guy is. They’re less likely to vote for him.

      • Hi, Lisa! I really hope it doesn’t happen, but I’d have to laugh. After Dingus Nicole won, I don’t get too serious about BB.

      • It’s just what I had to do to be able to enjoy BB again after realizing the extent of production manipulation last season for bedridden Dingus Nicole. It has seemed long, but that might be because I have a lot of work to do come Thursday. Ugh!

      • Not sure that’s true. It was talked about on other sites, but Julie encourages voting during each TV broadcast, and on the CBS site that is never mentioned. I would think if that were true that would have to be broadcast in at least a 24 point font.

      • Nope. It make perfect sense. For them to control who vote, by removing people that didn’t watch the show and people who try to vote using 6 differents email address. By counting just the All Access subscribers, they have people that watch the show and more than likely the live feeds and who will only vote 1 x 20 votes everyday. They learn from their mistake, that’s how Jess won the Halting Hex. Bunch of people from LA that didn’t even watch the show give it to her.

      • I understand your point (I edited my post, above), so we’ll see what they say. I don’t have All Access and voted 20 times per day. When I tried to vote more times (one day) I got the “you’ve reached your limit for today” message. So hopefully CBS will get back to me (they said “shortly”) to further clarify. Either way, it is what it is. But they should make it clear instead of the ambiguous way it’s advertised now.

      • Many people ask CBS the same way you did and they all got the same answer which they posted on twitter.

      • They’ll vote for him because of his ‘failed attempt to evict Paul. that’s all I hear! ..get outta here! Oh he’s also a ‘real person. ha..get outta here!

      • Wait, wait, wait…so my votes don’t count because I don’t have All Access?! Wtf? Where in the rules does it say that? That’s wrong. And effed up. What the hell? I’m cancelling my plans for Thanksgiving dinner with Les and Julie. Screw them!

      • I agree. I’m glad it’s only All Access subscribers. Jess has been campaigning for Cody and I’ll bet 90% of those people don’t have All Access.

      • There has to be a better way. I am not an All Access subscriber but I vote fairly. My votes should count.

      • There has got to be a better way. I only use one address but cannot afford All Access. This should have been stated to the public for those of us who are voting for nothing.

      • on this seasons scale of horrible – Cody wasn’t so bad lol but really Kevin was possibly the only one there for any length of time that did not join the ugly mob, burn the witch crap.

      • Kevin went around with Paul to put Vaseline everywhere to make Cody and Jessica miserable so they would want to leave and not use the hex. When Kevin was missing his family Cody told him about his daughter, and asked him not to tell anybody because he didn’t want people to use that against him in the game. Kevin went and told everybody, but most people don’t have a problem with anything Kevin did because it only affected the villains of the show and he wasn’t part of the “woof woof”, put banging craziness that went on most of the season.

      • one the ugly scale this season – Keven scores pretty low..this is probably the nastiest cast BB has had in a long time – right up there with Cappy and friends..

      • I don’t think Kevin was steering trouble for anyone. Kevin doesn’t keep to himself and generally talks to everybody about anything he knows. Unfortunately, the house uses what they hear to injure the person concerned. Kevin was as much a victim of his own secret which he didn’t keep to himself the $25k temptation.
        As for Cody, Kevin quietly tried to reduce his (Cody) miseries, he actually started having problems when he tried to bring Cody into the alliance after Jessica’s exit. Again, don’t forget his advice to Jason that finally led to his isolation in the game.

      • They also know how horrible everyone in the cast is. I think that would leave Kevin, maybe Mark, and some of the pre-jury group.
        I am fine with that. As I found the whole cast to be despicable people for the most part. I would be happy with a Cameron win for AFP.

      • wait, I dont subscribe (pay?) for All Access….so my 10 daily votes for Cody are for nothing? If thats the case, why do they allow none subscribers to even vote?

      • Ok, Thanks. He will get the highest next to the winner if he wins AFP then. $50k for both the first temptation and AFP. He will also get stipend for jury, plus another $27 he won in one of the competitions.
        Then if Alex spite him on stage like she said she will if awarded, he will tell her again; “you see, I did better than you”.

  2. Speaking as a fan how is Cody in first place? What did he do to become AFP? Someone please explain…

    • My question EXACTLY. He’s a surly, arrogant, nasty little prick, and I honest to god don’t see what the attraction is. He’d be good-looking if it weren’t for those absolutely psychotic eyes.

      • It’s mostly to be against Paul. But I have to admit his exit over the coffee table, the interview with Julie and his edit in the jury make him likable.

      • Well, who are you talking about – Cody or Paul? Your statement seems to work perfectly for both. And that’s why they hated each other.

      • Agreed, the description does actually fit both of the little trolls—but how could EITHER win a popularity contest? This is what amazes me, that ANYONE could like the very obviously mentally unstable Cody enough to actually vote for him for AFP.

        I also don’t get all the love for Kevin. He played no game at all, he has the personality of an opossum, and he snitched out everyone who confided in him. He’s an unlikeable schlub, and again, I don’t see how anyone could vote for him.

      • I think the Cody vote, is more of an anti-Paul vote. I agree, both are horrible. Cody was an insufferable jackass early on. People only started to like him, because he was the underdog going against Paul. I never got it, because he was still the same jackass he always was. You can tell that by the way he is acting in the jury house.
        We will have to disagree on Kevin. He obviously had no game at all, but I liked him. I think the best vote would be for Cameron, so that all the Houseguests know how badly they sucked this year.

      • What I still don’t understand is why someone would be so obstinate as to vote for someone they don’t like (Cody) just to spite someone they dislike even more (Paul.)

        My own vote would go to Alex. I don’t like her at all as a person, but she really did play a good game.

      • To me, alex played the worst game. She made all the bad decisions. She should had listen to Jason, he was much more smarter then her!!!

      • She did whatever Paul told her to do, that’s not playing a good game. Even after Jason was evicted she still thought she was F2.

      • Well I voted for Cody (though I found out today since I dont have ALL Access it doest count) but I actually dont hate him. I think the vote, at least in my view, is more an anti BB vote than anti Paul. This season was wack and production really messed it up with how the treated Paul

      • Giving Paul 4 weeks of safety is the biggest BS ever by Big Brother. No veteran even the likes of Mike Boogie, Janelle, Dan Gheesling got even 1 week of protection when they came back and played! Nicole Franzel who came back last year did not get 4 weeks of protection!

      • Alex was dumb as hell playing Paul’s game to the very end even when she was on the block! Who deliberately loses competitions when you are on the chopping block? Also, she was vicious towards Kevin and also, Cody. She was no angel. I liked her at the start until, her true colors and stupidity was exposed! No, she will not get my vote! She is vicious and nasty! No decent woman would act like that even if she is playing a game!

      • Exactly, but to be fair I have to speak up about Cody’s little friends. Mark.Jason (you remember , he is the one who makes real bad joke about raping Kevin wife, with the girl’s watching) then we have to think about the rest. I didn’t like Paul behavior. He is still a good player. I truly hope Paul wins.

      • The flaw on Jason’s conducts all season has been the moment of that one joke which he and the other houseguests probably do not remember. Any other?

      • B1thing all the time about Kevin to be part of the gang. That was the bad joke, but he was none stop agreeing and participating in those discussions behind Kevin’s back. And playing nice in his face.

      • To me Jason didn’t care about Kevin by the comment from above. Being ok his second closest ally Kevin is next to go while said ally had warned him repeatedly that the whole thing felt wrong. Blindly listening to Alex to the point it sent him out the door cause she as well was being naive. Then his complete lack of trust to Alex about his eviction regardless him making up with her. These are he reasons he could never be my favourite for anything.

    • It’s mostly people trying to throw a monkey wrench in the process as a vengeful way to thumbed their nose at BB.

    • I think Paul haters – of which there are many LOL – are trying in one fell swoop to let Paul know how they feel about his [Paul’s] game. Paul hated Cody, so what better way to tell Paul know how you feel than to give Cody AFP?! I really think the vote is less about Cody than it is about disliking Paul.

    • It’s kind of like DWTS. Everyone has their own ideas on why they vote for people. For me, I usually root for my favorites or the person who has improved the most. Not so much the best dancer. The playing field isn’t level. So I feel the fairest way is to see who improved the most. Some people feel it should be the best dancer no matter if that person had dancing experience and is younger and in better shape than the rest of the cast. Some people vote to keep in the worst dancer. Like when they kept Gary Busey around.

      I vote for the person I like for BB’s AMerica’s Favorite Player. I don’t care if that person didn’t win a lot of comps. I like a person who can play the game without sinking to being low and below the belt. Some people want to vote the person who the house hated unknowing that America hated them more. Like Frankie thought he would win AFP without a doubt. And it was Donny who took it. I guess it’s one of the few things the fans can control in the game. I would love to see America decide the winner one year. That would be the biggest and bestest twist yet.

      • I would agree with you about letting America decide but part of me is not so sure. If Cody wins AFP then I wouldn’t want the winner to be based on America’s vote. From the posts I have read many votes are being given to Cody based on hatred for Paul, not that he is their favorite like Donny was the season he played.

      • Exactly! Just imagine inviting Cody over for Thanksgiving Dinner. Than do something he doesn’t agree with. I think that’s why he’s not even close to his family. I think he’s very hard to get along with and be around. He told jess the way he acts in the house is the same way he acts outside the house. He just was nasty and arrogant to anyone he didn’t think lived up to his standards. He lied on the psychological part of the audition test and admitted it. He’s a lone wolf and has a the attitude that its my way or the highway. Maybe I just don’t like him because he reminds me of my ex husband, a control freak who tried to control me until i had him thrown in jail.

      • That is the BS that killed DWTS for me. It started out okay the first few seasons then, fans started voting for their favorites despite, dancing like crap! Those others took the time to learn their dance routines and dance well get evicted because of the fan votes! I suggested even then, that the fan votes should be reduced to 33% with 67% being the judges votes to make it fair for everyone! Of course, the producers did not care because fans were watching it like Big Brother now. Alison Grodner as long as fans watch it, has no incentive to improve the casting! She believes that the fans do not care and want only showmances so, that is what you will get! This is the last season of Big Brother this version for me! I will probably watch the past seasons when Dan Gheesling, Dr Will and Mike Boogie played when Big Brother was its best! These past seasons has left me just irritated and frustrated at the lack of game play, most especially this season!

    • BB AFP, traditionally it goes to fun, good attitude, memorable players, like Victor ‘the comeback kid, James with his playful pranking, Donny Thompson, with his unwavering sincerity, and a fierce competitor, Britney with her witty sense of humor..the lists goes on and on. This is purely a ‘protest vote. (ok with me) but the other reasons I read?, I don’t buy it..It’s bull!

    • I think votes for AFP bothers on which player do you personally like the most in terms of games, behaviour, personlity and general attributes. Not necessarily the best player.
      For example, I consider Josh the most entertaining houseguest but he is not my favorite player.

    • Don’t tell me Paul and his minions are all litlle angels? Atleast, Cody played the game. Even if he played badly, atleast, he tried! For effort at playing the game, he should get something! He also, has a little girl to support. I do not mind him getting the $25,000. Don’t tell me Josh and Christmas deserve to get $50,000 for doing pretty much nothing but, ride Paul’s ass the entire season? Now, if Josh manages to win the 3rd HOH tonight and actually, evict Paul then, he deserves that $500,000 because he would have made the biggest move of the season which is remove the biggest threat which is Paul! Still, does anyone really believe Christmas deserves that $50,000? $50,000 is certainly, worth more than $25,000! Cody played more than any of these minions even if he played badly! Lastly, HOHs won by Josh and Christmas is questionable because Paul and the other minions deliberately threw HOH and VETO to them!

  3. I have a comment not really related to this, but I need to ask…

    In many exit interview alex claim that if she had know Paul was not her real ally, she would never had thrown the me myself and I comp… she never thrown that comp???? I even rewatch it and she obviously didn’t even New if she was correct with her last answer after about 10 times in the match against Paul!!!

    What a liar!! It’s fun how she even look like she believed it herself.

    • She’s also saying that she was trying to throw the Comic Book Veto competition. She says she walked the whole time instead of running. I didn’t see too much footage of her attempt, but what they showed she was definitely running in. She is just as delusional about her game as Raven. Alex thinks she was running everything. She could be one of the worst strategically to ever play the game.

      • You’re right. I really dislike her. She was also really bad at the game. When she was all happy and making fun of Kevin throwing the comp in the DR while she did too and was the target with jason. Ohh that she will be humiliated when she wii see that back!!!

        I pissed at the good edit she got. Especially her recycled joke of scaring people. She was just a bad copy of James. And it’s not funny anymore after 3 seasons.

  4. Cody is awesome! I think he’s funny, snarky, ha great foresight, refused to cater to his fellow contestants….admittedly, some of these reasons prevented him from doing well, but I thought he was pretty likable.

    “I hate’em all!” he told Julie after being evicted the second time. Come on…we’re mad that the season sucks, so I’m right there with you, Mr. Cody!

    I mean….Cody has 43.3% of the vote. That’s insane. Even with campaigning and people voting multiple times on multiple platforms, almost HALF of the people who come to this page like Cody more than the other houseguests.

      • People are soooo delusional about Mr Victim Noises! Since when was he funny, snarky or had great foresight? Such great foresight, too bad he couldn’t foretell his own run in the game and make some much needed changes! Hence the reason his grimy girlfriend was evicted and he’s sitting in jury, they both sucked, big time!

      • Ok I understand all the reasons that people don’t like Cody, but his comment about victim noises was because Josh was running all over the house making victim noises. Cody cried when it was just him and Jessica, and I guess he thought they were breaking up. He is human even though he acts like a robot sometimes, but everybody in the comments talks about josh’s victim noises too and calls him a crybaby. The things that Cody says to their faces aren’t any worse than the comments made here behind screen names. That’s why he’s my favorite. The honest players usually do crash and burn in a game that does require some lying, but we can still vote for them for AFP.

    • It’s unfortunate Cody was in the house for such a short time. To judge him – pro or con – on what we saw of him, really isn’t fair. The HGs, particularly people like Josh, changed over the three months. Maybe Cody wasn’t all good or all bad – no humans are.

      • Right on GW, and I would like to add that Cody is the only houseguest who attempted to put up Paul on the block. The only one!

      • And that blew up in his face and he blew his alliance because he didn’t discussed it with them. Is that worth $25K ? I don’t think so.

      • Not like any of them went to talk to him or confront him about the move, though. They all bailed first chance they got. Any other season, that kind of move would have lead to a giant house meeting and all night arguments, with Cody defending his position, reminding them that the heat is on him now and they all have plausible deniability, while the others telling him why they felt betrayed by the move. Instead, it’s “oh, he hurt my feelings, I don’t like him anymore, waa, waa, waa.”

      • Unfortunately for me, he was in too long. Had his number the first night and he proved me right over and over and over

    • Its not that a lot of people like Cody. They are voting for him because they hate Paul. If you really like cody and think hes a great guy than by all means vote for him. If your voting Cody just to spite Paul than your taking a vote away from a more deserving player.

    • Preach it, Nagazino! I’m right there with you. It’s nice to see a real person star on a reality show for once.

  5. can anyone enlighten me as why Cody is favorite houseguest??? he is a bully just as bad as Paul or Josh were ? no social game or any social skills for that matter. Ruined Jessica’s game totally ..Why cuz he hates Paul ? Cuz he walked on the table on his way out. I just dont get it ??? Maybe I missed something . Please help me see why ??

  6. Voted for Megan who’s now at 0.12%…leaving sweet, kind hearted Jillian at 0%. Someone please vote for her. Thank you.

    • Oh Alf, I can only imagine who you might have voted for for President. Was there a 6th party candidate? LOL

      • Ha-ha-ha! You kill me! Actually, I DID vote for him once…so i hope you’re not being too sarcastic. ;)

      • Hello, Sweetheart. I mean that. You have a sweet heart! And you are kind and loving to your friends. :)
        Good, I’m glad you weren’t kidding about Mr. Nader. I have mad respect for him, too.
        Is it OK that I called you Sweetheart?

      • OK…good! I don’t just give them to blow smoke up people’s azz. I could tell right off, that you were a special person. And when I like someone, I like to let them know.

  7. I haven’t been on in a few days but what is this that Christmas worked for Pauls mom? Anyone else hear this?

    • I read something on that, but couldn’t any other source verifying it. Does anyone have any information on whether this is true or not? I would think if it was true, it would be a huge story by now.

  8. It will be most disappointing if Cody wins AFP. This is only encouragement for Grodner and CBS to have him return for another season and that stinks. I for one do not want to see his sulking, sullen face again.

  9. Any chance that production will be kind to us and just tell us who won the rest of the HOH comp rather than show us so that we can take more time watching the jury make fun of Raven????

  10. Start of season from least favourite to most.
    Paul, Josh, Kevin, Jason, Jillian, Ramses, Raven, Dominique, Jessica, Matt, Cameron, Mark, Cody, Elena, Christmas, Alex, Meagan.

    End of season from least favourite(used loosely) to most.
    Josh, Alex, Paul, Matt, Christmas, Raven, Jason, Jillian, Ramses, Meagan, Dominique, Cameron, Kevin, Cody, Elena, Jessica, Mark. This ranking was hard cause overall didn’t get 100 percent on board with any of them.

    • I disliked Josh at the beginning sooooo much, but then he grew on me and now I just like him. He is still annoying. Jillian, Cameron, and Dominique were the most boring HGs at the beginning and then Raven and Matt took that spot. I loved Cody at the beginning, and now I like him a little because he makes me laugh. I hate Paul since his face first appeared on TV last season, but I did think he was hilarious his first time. Didn’t like Mark and Elena and now he is OK. I really liked Megan and still confused about what happened with her and the HGs. Jessica, Raven and Elena are skanks and I will never be a fan. Hate Alex now, but loved her at the beginning and thought she would be the winner. She is pathetic. Ramses is a sweetheart, but I don’t miss him.

      • Jessica was a skanky bit**, Elena was a skanky idiot and Raven was a delusional skank. They share the skank part.

      • Pretty fair. Like you, I absolutely hated Josh and it wasn’t until he said no to Paul when he told Josh to attack Kevin and also when Josh started to realize he was being played. So it’s really too bad for him because, he could’ve been a well like the hg had he not been Paul’s lap dog.
        I don’t have an opinion on Cameron, although I thought he would be fun to watch because he is a super fan, smart and athletic.
        I don’t think Jessica or Elena are skank’s. Jessica just fell head over heels for Cody, it happens. I flirted with my now husband but he was clueless, so I finally had to grab him and kiss him one night and he hasn’t left my side since! LOL (he didn’t think I would be interested in him) so, things happened and when you’re instantly living with somebody, things/relationships bond quicker. And Elena didn’t do anything more than kiss Mark. Ravens just psychotic and a terrible person on every single level. I didn’t like her since day one. I like Cody, Kevin, Ramses, Dominique etc. are all good in my books.
        Matt was a huge letdown! I really really thought I was going to like him and enjoy watching him all season! He’s awful! Jillian I was NOT A fan of since day one. And I was excited to watch Megan because of her background. Paul and Christmas are terrible people! I wasn’t happy to see Paul although last season he was funny.

      • Elena and Mark went all the way. All 3 did while millions were watching. Soft por n. Disgusting. I think Josh and paul worked a s a team, except one was in charge while the other did all of the work. I don’t think Josh would have made it this far if he had not followed Paul. He could have gone a long time ago, but Paul needed him.

      • Oh really, I did not know they all did the dirty deed! I heard Cody and Jessica did but I never actually saw any video and I know Matt and Raven did because I briefly saw the video but I had no idea Mark & Elena did! well, I would definitely say Elena is skanky because she really wasn’t into Mark!?!
        Yeah, I completely agree that Josh would not of made it this far without Paul however, Josh could’ve remained aligned with Paul but not do his dirty work. You know what I mean?

    • Yes. Too bad Raven will get the award. I really hope this is real and he gives it to her personally. Since she is such a delusional idiot she may find it to be the most exciting thing in her entire life. It is possible that Matt can beat her in this one.

      • Dr. Will Posted that he wants the viewers to choose their least favorite players. You can go to his Instagram, but if it was deleted, then BB may have told him he can’t do that.

      • No way that’s too funny! So what are we giving this least favourite HG? We all get to slap this person (Raven) in the face? Spit on her? Or at the very least laugh at her? How will this reward be presented? LMAO yeah, I assume BB may shut that down. I don’t know how long they have a hold on HGs with their contracts!?
        I would assume Dr. Will is free to do as he pleases by now!?

      • Why was it deleted? Someone told me it had something to do with voting for the least liked player? Raven of course LOL
        I would assume DR.Will is not under contract with CBS anymore, there’s no way. And I’m sure the contracts back then were not as ironclad as they are now.
        I wonder why he deleted it.
        PS. Hi Captain! I feel like I haven’t spoken to you in forever. I haven’t been on Facebook much either! How’s it going?

  11. I think there should be an all male or all female cast. Imagine all of the cat fights or testosterone!!!

    Oh yeah…all new HGs too…

    • That is a great idea,but I think after two weeks I would stop watching an all female cast. I’m female and find women to be the most obnoxious creatures on earth.

    • That’s funny, of all the future BB seasons, that is one I never thought of. That would be a good one! Although I don’t see it happening, CBS likes the showmanses

      • I would looove to see it. I can’t remember the last BB season that didn’t have a showmance. Those drive me nuts!!!

  12. How is Paul still up there and Cody with such a high percentage. This is one of the reasons why foreigners think most Americans are so dumb. Rooting for such horrible individuals. I won’t get a stroke if Cody wins, but I think he doesn’t deserve to be liked with his behavior. Kevin is still in the running, but I think Cody may get it.

    • Paul played a good game, not excellent because he was playing against a group of morons just looking for 15 minutes of fame and thinking they will get an extra 15 minutes of fame by listening to Paul. Yes Paul got the house to do all of his dirty work but he did it like a coward. If the house was not full of a bunch of sheep, Paul would’ve been crushed!

      • Absolutely! Along with most of the other HG’s! This season was all about their 15 minutes of fame! Little do they all know that this is the worst season, ever! And most of them are not liked at all!!! Jessica was lucky to get out when she did! She’s cashing in already. Smart girl!
        Reaven is the most delusional person I have ever seen in my life! I wonder if she is going to go on social media and defend herself or if she’s going to go hide under a rock! My guess is she’s going to go on social media and maintain her psychotic, delusional, insane self!
        And then there’s somewhat normal people like Christmas. And even Paul! They already had a big social media following and they have done damage to their reputation this season, I wonder what they will think about that! I am 99% sure Christmas is going to blame it on the drugs!

  13. Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody…lets start a Go Fund Me and raise as much as we can he did not compromise his ethics or character for the prize money. We could reward him for being who he is. Come on Cody fans put your money where your mouth is. Talk is cheap let’s make history and raise more than the winner gets.

  14. So voting cody for afp is really voting against paul ie all of the following comments. Not the favorite at all! Kevin for afp!!!!!

  15. If anybody is still wondering why Cody is so popular, check out busyblu’s YouTube videos part 1 and 2 for reasons Cody is America’s favorite houseguest.

  16. What the heck did Jason say to Kevin about his wife & kids? I missed it!! :(

    Kevin is high on the Popular chart….heck he already won $25K so I think someone else should get it.

    • What he said wasn’t actually said to Kevin. He said it to Alex in the HoH room. I hate even repeating it but basically he said he would do something despicable to Kevin’s wife while making his (Kevin’s) daughters watch. I hope you can fill in the blanks because that’s all I feel comfortable saying.

  17. I think most people voted for Cody because it was a vote against Paul which is kinda hard for me to understand. Maybe this should send a message to production to stop bringing back old house guests. Kevin pushed the button and released Paul back into the game. I think we as fans see the show and think we know how the game can be played but if a vet is in the game and is a strong player why wouldn’t you want to align with him? Paul just knew how to manipulate everyone too but it’s not his fault right? Cody just doesn’t seem like he should hold that same title as Jeff in my opinion. Americas favorite doesn’t have to be a competitor but Cody made a lot of bad decisions in the game. Voting is over and I’m sure Cody has it, I just wish people would at least praise Paul for playing a good game and not vote against him because he was an asshole. He still deserves to win.

  18. I voted for Cody because he is the only one who played his own game and was not playing Paul’s game for him like everyone else.

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