Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 9: Wednesday Highlights

It was a pretty mild eviction day eve in the Big Brother 19 house as the HGs seemingly spent the day recovering from all the drama on Tuesday. Matthew continued to eat non-Have-Not food and secret plans to target Jason and Alex next week continued to come together. Read on for those details and more.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 30, 2017:

10:20 AM BBT – HGs are getting their start to the day.

10:45 AM BBT – Jason and Kevin talking upstairs. Kevin is still upset over Matthew yelling at him yesterday. Kevin is frustrated with the lies and attacks. He says they can stop because he knows he’s going next week if he doesn’t win, so what’s the point.

11:15 AM BBT – Jason warns Kevin that everything he (K) told Matthew was immediately told to Christmas who then told Alex.

11:15 AM BBT – Kevin says he’s considering voting against Raven just to mess with her.

12:25 PM BBT – Matthew asks Josh if he wants him to do any other attacks before he goes.

12:30 PM BBT – Paul getting Alex to agree to throw HoH comp this week. Paul pretends that they have to decide between getting Raven or Kevin out first. Alex wants Kevin out.

12:55 PM BBT – HGs talking about not getting any kind of rewards (concerts, etc). Jason says they must think they’re the biggest group of “douchers” ever. Alex says that’s not true and starts talking about Big Brother 15. She says Aaryn and GinaMarie got in trouble for what they said.

1:00 PM BBT – Alex said she was hoping Jessica did actually call her a panda so that everyone would think Jessica was racist and hate her.

2:52 PM BBT – Christmas and Raven talking about how arrogant Alex and Jason are. They note that Alex is talking about being here the next four weeks as if she has nothing at all to worry about. Raven says they think she wants Kevin out but she wants them out first.

2:54 PM BBT – Raven and Christmas agree that Alex wouldn’t get Elena, Matt or Kevin’s votes in the jury. Raven tells Christmas she feels 100% good with Paul.

3:05 PM BBT – Raven says Josh has been nice and she feels bad because people attack him.

4:05 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason he’s going to just avoid Matthew so he (M) doesn’t start calling him names again. Jason tells Kevin not to let Matthew corner him since he (K) has more at stake here than Matthew does.

4:15 PM BBT – Kevin says he is not going to throw the HoH competition on Thursday.

4:25 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason he feels good about his chances if he’s up against Raven. He doesn’t think Jason, Paul, Christmas, or Josh would vote him out over Raven.

4:45 PM BBT – Alex doesn’t believe Kevin has six daughters if he’d say mean things to her. She wants to tell Kevin that America hates him so he should go hide.

4:55 PM BBT – Jason and Alex try to figure out how the Jury votes might go with either of them or Paul. Jason says Jurors would vote for Alex over him (Ja).

5:05 PM BBT – Jason is frustrated with Alex for giving Raven info. Alex says now she’ll trust them more.

5:30 PM BBT – Jason lets Paul know that Kevin would vote for either of them over Alex in F2.

5:35 PM BBT – Jason confirms to Paul that Kevin revealed he had won the $25K.

6:20 PM BBT – Kevin tells Christmas he’s fine to hang out in the back by himself while they have dinner. He says he’s going to avoid Matthew or he’ll be branded as the crazy guy again.

6:35 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas have been running through scenarios. They are confident in their chance to get Jason and Alex out in the next two rounds then they can pull in Raven, Paul will pull in Kevin, they can pick them off from there, and get to F3 with Paul.

7:19 PM BBT – Matt says Alex and Jason are not good at the game and they make really stupid decisions.

7:24 PM BBT – Paul working on Alex to throw the HOH. He says he’s going to get Kevin to throw it and as soon as Kevin is out Alex can throw it.

7:30 PM BBT – Paul asks Alex, Jason Josh who should go first over Raven and Kevin. Alex says Kevin for sure. Jason says even if Raven wins HOH she’ll go after Kevin.

7:33 PM BBT – Raven, Matt and Christmas talk about Alex gaining weight. Raven says Alex has probably gained 10 pounds. They talk about how much easier the first endurance competition was for Alex versus the last one they just had.

7:37 PM BBT – Matt tells Raven to keep cooking for Alex so she gains more weight.

8:00 PM BBT – Raven and Matt think Alex will throw the HOH because she won’t want to waste her week on Kevin because he’s too easy a target to get out.

8:20 PM BBT – Paul tells Raven that Alex and Jason have talked about throwing the HOH to Raven because if they evict her next they could lose jury votes.

8:25 PM BBT – Christmas talking about how there’s nothing to do and she’s never been more inactive in her life. Paul tells her it’s only going to get worse.

9:00 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason that Raven and Matt are mad at him (K) and Jason is the one that put them on the block. Kevin asks if Raven will put him (K) up and Jason says yes.

9:11 PM BBT – Christmas says Raven brings out the worst in her. She says she’s normally a very patient person but she can’t stand Raven. Christmas says she wants to take Raven’s head off and put it in the garbage disposal.

9:38 PM BBT – Raven and Matt talking about next week. Matt says if they get out Alex or Jason next then Raven and Paul will have complete control in the house.

9:40 PM BBT – Matt tells Raven Christmas knows she can’t win the game (huh?) so she’s just trying to get Raven, Paul and Josh further (huh??). Matt says Raven has two people (Christmas and Paul) that will jump in front of a bus for her (huh???). And maybe Josh too, he says.

9:45 PM BBT – Raven says if Josh gets to the end he will win. Matt says no way Josh wins.

10:42 PM BBT – Matt and Raven appear to be having some goodbye fun under the covers.

10:55 PM BBT – Everyone is preparing for bed.

11:10 PM BBT – Paul advised Kevin to throw the HoH comp. He told Kevin to trust him. Kevin agreed. (Earlier Kevin said he won’t throw it.)

11:15 PM BBT – Paul lets Christmas know he’s been working on Kevin to not win HoH, but she should remind Kevin as well tomorrow to reinforce it.

12:15 AM BBT – Everyone is in bed and lights out.

12:55 AM BBT – Jason is back from DR and Alex got up for the bathroom. They start going over days and events. Jason says it’s best that they not win HoH the next two weeks so Christmas, Josh, or Paul can get it.

1:00 AM BBT – Jason thinks they should get out Christmas before Josh. Alex is pressed to get Kevin out next.

1:10 AM BBT – Everyone is back off to bed.

No changes in the eviction plan for this week which means Matthew is out the door and the showmances are over for the season as of Thursday night. We’ll also soon find out who fell for Paul’s mindgame to throw the HoH comp. They can’t all be safe, but they can all think it.

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  1. ” Raven says if Josh gets to the end he will win. Matt says no way Josh wins.” This is delusional. As annoying as josh is he has done more than you in the game. Matt threw his game away he has no reason to talk. Also i do believe josh can win but he would have to be against raven or xmas.

  2. “…showmances are over for the season as of Thursday night.”
    Maven…is over. Let it be terminal.

  3. Yes! Kevin is the threat! He’s gunning for all of you meatballs, you better get him out before he unleashes the comp beast!

  4. Kevin knows he’s in a precarious position; just the whole Tues post-Veto fiasco should keep him on high alert, YET he is now considering throwing the HOH comp thx to Paul’s suggestion, again! Geez-us! And not far behind, are Alex and Jason saying they’ll throw the next 2 comps! I want to say: What’s wrong with these people, but we’ve talked about this ad nauseum! I have no words!

    • I don’t think Kevin consider throwing the hoh. I think he just said that to get Paul off his back. But Alex is a different story. That one is not only stupid she’s very mean.

      • I ain’t sure on that…Alex was actually doing more listening last nite than talking when Paul was in the HOH doing his pitch …She didn’t seem to be in complete (facial expression) agreement with what Paul was selling….

      • I hope for her. But this week she really impresses me oh how stupid she is let see what happens tonight.

      • I thought by now that Kevin would have told Jason that Paul said that he was gonna win HOH and put up Alex & Jason…Still waiting on that to happen…

      • Don’t forget, then he will shift his target off Jalex and make sure Kevin leaves next week.

      • And I think she heard them talking about her last night because she started freeking out.

      • Didn’t see that happening on feeds but I hope the dumb ass did….Its time she shut her dam trap and opened them cat ears so she can hear whats really being said…

  5. I hope that Kevin is not considering throwing the HOH. These house guests are clueless, it is too bad they don’t have cameras following them around after the show to see their reaction to what America really thinks of them. Might as well write Paul the check.

    • I’ve always thought that watching them look back and learn about the season after it ends would make much better TV than the show itself.

    • I love Kevin but he hasn’t really been a threat to win anything….so “throwing” something might be a reach:)

  6. Alex will be very surprised after this is finish. When she realize Kevin is very well love by America and she will be the one that needs to hide.

    • It’s like BB 16 when everyone thought Donny was a fool and he ended up winning AFP. The look on their faces was priceless, especially Frankie’s.

      • Yes!! And in my opinion ales is not far away then aaryn or Gina Maria. At least she didn’t said racist thing but she is meaner then both of them. I’m so over her.

      • I totally agree with you. I was glad those two lose their jobs that season. I hope Alex loses her job too. What a awful person.

      • Donny is the oldest HG to receive the award and he also received the highest percentage of votes to win the award of any HG, receiving over 5 million votes out of 10 million, 52.7%. He finished 8th in the season, the lowest place for any AFP winner.

      • A humble man who has remained so. He and his gf got engaged but they split up not much later. I hope he finds a good woman.

      • Oh no, I didn’t know he and Christine ended. I too hope he finds a great woman. Donny stayed true to himself the entire game.

      • That was a June 2016 article that I read saying they split in Jan. 2015. I haven’t read anything about them since.

    • At first I was not going to vote for Kevin for AFP but after this last week I have changed my mind. Also, at first I wanted either Paul or Alex to win. Now I just want Paul to win because Paul is the only one playing the game. Alex is should an ugly person. I kind of feel sorry for her. That is not playing the game that shows that Alex is just a mean person. Reading what Jason said about rape and Kevin and his girls just turned me away from Jason. These two talking has nothing to do with game. That just shows you want terrible people they are to even say that stuff.

      • Gotcha!! I’m just so done with her. I’m looking forward to see the edit they will give her tonight. I’m tired of them showing her as a very nice cute girl.

  7. Jason says it’s best that they not win HoH the next two weeks so Christmas, Josh, or Paul can get it.

    Just when you think these houseguests cannot get any dumber! Does he really think he and Alex will be safe if Alex does not win HOH? The whole house would be against them and put them on the block. Hell, if Kevin won HOH, Alex would be on the block because she has pissed him off so much! Jason might survive but, that is about it! Everyone else if they are HOH will put Jason and Alex on the block. This is a double eviction week so, the two of them can be evicted one after the other!

    • They don’t need hoh in the next 2 weeks and neither after that since they will both be in jury.

    • Who besides Kevin does Jason think is the target? Raven. So Jason and Alex want to throw 2 HOH because they think everything will work perfect and Kevin and Raven go? They haven’t thought if Raven or Kevin win something, that there has to be a back up plan and they could be it? I’ll be so disappointed if they just roll over and let pauls plan work. I know Jason is the real target and it looks like another week of a boring thrown HOH and the big excitement will be veto.

  8. I’m flabbergasted matt has not been removed from the show. He disrespected production, the game and the fan. Seriously!!! I was really hopping they would send him home. The guy that the only goal was jury. That would have been perfect.

    • Matt could always point out that production allowed Jessica to get away with not properly wearing the frog suit/head piece for days and she never received a penalty. There wasn’t any hopping either by Cody or Jessica, just little skipping moves. If they don’t enforce the rules for one, it is difficult and unfair for them to enforce the rules for another, imo. Production needs to either stop having these punishments or be reactive and consistent in enforcing them…all of them and for ever HG.

      • I get your point but not wearing the hat all the time is not the same as violating all rules. And that hopping thing was ridiculous.

        I just want matt not to go to jury!! That would be perfect.

      • I truly understand not wanting Matt to get to jury. No the punishments are different, but enforcing them should be done. Jason was a champ during the entire frog suit punishment. Just shows the difference in having respect for the game. That’s why all of the punishments should be enforced down to every jot and tittle for it to be fair .

      • I think Production probably thought that the other houseguests crapping all over the two of the was punishment enough. Matt has not been bullied one bit. In fact, he has had a very easy time in the house. That is why I think production should enforce the rules and even send him home. Although funnier would be the house voting out Raven……I can dream due to the fact that these HGs are dumb and would never make that move.

      • So you’re saying Production might not have enforced the rules on the frog costume because of “the other houseguests crapping all over the two”? And with your “Matt has not been bullied” comment, you are implying that Cody and Jezebel were. SMH

      • With this logic, this week Kevin deserves restaurant meals every day plus glass of wine and a special bedroom just for him with tv.

      • I agree, the frog head piece is hot and sweaty and she could overheat and probably needed relief. Whilst Matt is just plain not following rules.

      • They were millennial frogs, they don’t hop, they skip. And she was making it a couture frog outfit…ugh! :-)

        Now Matt, he broke ALL the HN rules AND is challenging them (Production).

      • So, those were entitled frogs, huh, GS? haha
        Been meaning to say, hello on a personal level. :)

      • OK, now I understand why Jessica didn’t hop around all the time. I can give you two reasons as to why I wouldn’t have enforced that on her. As for the head piece and what Cody did would be another story. Each would have gotten a penalty vote for that. Matt, whether he should be removed from the game is not much different but Julie can address that in her interview.Make him look like a complete child on national TV in front of a full audience.

      • YES I am LOL, seriously though, as bad as she was, did we really want to see her boobs bounce up and down for a week? Normally I would say yes but since many kids watch this show I respect her for not hopping. That is the only thing I give her respect for though.

      • I’m also shocked that people allow their children to watch BB. But they most likely see worse at school these days.

      • I know what is shown on the shows that are broadcast is tame compared to real BB, though. I haven’t really paid attention to how bad the content is.

      • I’m thinking Jessica had a medical reason for not wearing the hat. Her hairs are really thin. But then poor Jason, he had the toad hat and the heavy X.

      • No HG with special medical needs, that prevent them from being given certain penalties, should be allowed in the house. This is a game and it results in unfair advantages for the other HGs. No doubt at all that the slop pass was planted for Raven.

      • Oh, I think everyone knows you were. It would upset me if i was a HG and someone walked in the door saying…just so you know, I can’t eat slop, sleep in a spiked bed, wear a costume, or breathe the same air you breathe. UGH!

      • Going to play bb, I would ask for special mattress and pillows. Have a bedroom for me. No physical comp and would send the list of bio, natural food I want. Would that work?

      • As long as I can get my padded commode seat, enough ant free sugar for my sweet tea, some ear plugs to block out the unwanted noise, and no one disturbs my sleep, 9PM to 5AM and that’s EST.

      • Agreed. And that is one of the reasons why I believe Christmas should have been asked to leave with an opportunity to return next season.

      • At least she didn’t have any restrictions about penalties. That would have really been too much.

      • That discriminates against those with special medical/ physical needs!
        You do see that: don’t you ?

      • BB is a game, Tink. It is utterly ridiculous to think it is other than unfair for the others, to have a HG with special privileges, like not having to eat slop.

      • Special privledges are total opposite as someone who has special “needs!”

        Why couldn’t a hearing impaired person play BB? What about a vision impaired? What if someone was picked that had a prosthetic arm or leg? Even someone that was wheelchair bound (paraplegic perhaps) could play just as easily as Christmas has been playing. Cuz she’s had to sit out cuz of SAFETY. Which I would hope the BB Show would provide. But stating that ppl from the above areas of life shouldn’t play BB cuz it’s a game?? Christmas is getting needs met….. she can’t play due to safety sometimes & other times she can play. How’s that being privledged? I don’t see it.

        … I see that you just don’t get advancement in humananity tho! Wow! Is Donald Trump any relation?

      • Oh, you ARE related to the finest of the American people!
        A Trump “frump!”
        So you’re just as mature as the guests in the BB house…….your parents couldn’t be prouder!
        I’m totally offended that you are so discriminating against diversity!
        Get your head back to the present….. you’ve been watching too much reality!

    • I’m sure they will adjust the rules at the end of the season. Another poster said that the penalties for breaking Have Not rules are penalty vote, penalty nomination, sit out next HOH competition. Matt has received a penalty vote. He is already nominated. He won’t be in the house to play in the next HOH competition. Production probably never considered that someone would consistently ignore the Have Not rules so they don’t have rules in place to address the situation. I think he comes off looking childish for not playing by the rules when things didn’t go his way. But on the other hand, he is getting voted out this week. Since he has already received the penalty, what is his incentive to take cold showers, eat slop, and sleep in the Have Not room? So they will adjust the rules starting next season to address someone ignoring the Have Not rules.

      • I have such a strong opinion about this. For me they are paid to play a game by the rules. You don’t respect the rule, your fired. As simple as that.

        I know it’s not everyone that thinks like me. So I have to accept other opinion and respect them.

        But I just strongly want him out!!!


      • It depends on how the rules of the game are written. If he has received the maximum penalty the rules allow for his behavior, then there isn’t anything that production can do. I would think that there would be some ‘integrity of the game’ clause that they could invoke to increase the penalty, but maybe not. I’ve never actually read the rules.

      • Production chose the 1 vote penalty….#1 penalty vote…#2 instantly nominated for eviction #3 Cannot play in the next HOH comp…

      • Ok. So he received #1. He is already nominated so #2 doesn’t apply. He is being voted out this week so #3 won’t apply. Are there any penalties in the rules beyond those 3 for breaking the Have Not rules? If there are, I’d be curious as to why they haven’t been applied.

      • Production couldn’t assume since Monday he was going to be voted out. I know it’s obvious but they can’t assume. He got a free ride. It is what it is but it’s really sad.

      • True. Production should have applied #2 and #3 for next week. Knowing that Matt was penalized next week could affect how people vote this week. An interesting thought. Thanks.

      • It makes me sick….thousands of people want to play this game….and they chose these fools.

      • In fact production cannot assume he will be voted out. Anything can happen. So he should had been told he couldn’t participated in next veto. The same way he was told for the penalty vote. And maybe also told he was automatically on the block next week.

        That doesn’t make sens he just got a penalty vote.

      • That would have been fun. They call another meeting to announce that Matt would be ineligible to play in the next HOH competition and be receiving a penalty nomination next week. Do you think that would change the way people voted this week? Since Matt can’t play and will be on the block, they evict Raven?

      • at the very least, bb should have said in the house “matt, stop that” with every infraction. at least rub it in and remind everyone that he is out of compliance.

      • If that is written into the rules, then sure. But if it’s not, they can’t. I’m sure both the player and production have to sign a contract saying that these are the rules and these are the penalties for not following the rules. Production can’t now decide to make the punishment harsher because someone decided that they would accept the agreed on penalty for breaking the rules. The only thing they can do is make the punishments more severe in future cast members contracts. Matt broke the rules, he received the penalty. I’m sure if production had the contractual ability to give Matt more punishment, they would.

    • I totally agree! He is blatantly disrespectful towards the game & production. He has such an attitude when they call him out . I have such distaste for these two being such scummy dirt bags. That is all I get from them is grimy vibe!
      Watch Matt eat and you will lose ton of weight cuz you will never want to eat again! It’s gross licking bowls,forks,spoons,fingers… I yell @ tv like It’s gone Matt! There is no more!

      • Read on the boards that Matthew and Raven were the least hygienic HouseGuest’s they have ever had on the game. Also love the anagram SmotPoker, enjoy your day

      • I can’t wait to see the audience reaction to Matt leaving the house. True bb fans are disgusted by his disregard to the rules!!!

    • If anything, they need to take a huge chunk out of his stipend for each offense. That would teach him to flip the cameras off when BB calls him out. It’s worse than a child doing something that they know they aren’t supposed to do, and then rubs it in when there’s no repercussions. Except for he is supposed to be an adult. Much worse!

  9. Jason says they must think they’re the biggest group of “douchers” ever

    Correct is right.

      • BB15 had 2 bad apples in their bunch. This group had 16 bad apples in the bunch (or whatever number they started with). Actually the first 4 or 5 evicted HGs were the best of the best of a horrible group.

  10. Matt says Alex and Jason are not good at the game and they make really stupid decisions.

    Sir, you have no right to speak. None whatsoever

    • Matt tells Raven Christmas knows she can’t win the game (huh?) so she’s just trying to get Raven, Paul and Josh further (huh??). Matt says Raven has two people (Christmas and Paul) that will jump in front of a bus for her (huh???). And maybe Josh too, he says

      You see what I mean. Praying that CBS doesnt send him to jury for deliberately and repeatedly breaking the rules and just being all around stupid.

      • Yes… he’s willing to sacrifice his game for “America’s sweetheart” so everybody else will obviously be just as willing to do the same.

        You can’t fix stupid.

      • Oh yes, Raven is definitely America’s Sweetheart! We love her digging in her nose like a terrier after a rat in a hole!

      • America sweetheart will hsvr fun watching all those video about her pathetic lies. And I would like to see her face once she checks her GFM account.

      • He needs some type of punishment and not rewarded for breaking the rules. If they let it go, they are setting a bad precedence.

      • He has received the punishment for breaking the rules. He received a penalty vote. I doubt production ever considered someone completely disregarding the HN rules and so don’t have any further punishments in place. I’m sure they will adjust the rules after this season so no one in future seasons can do what Matt is doing.

  11. “Jason says they must think they’re the biggest group of “douchers” ever.”

    Truly reality TV.

  12. I don’t understand this group! Matt, he really hasn’t been paying attention this entire summer, at. ALL!

    Why would anyone throw a competition this point in the game?

    • They are trying to keep from making jury enemies, and I understand that concept. But they should also be thinking about pumping up their resume with wins and making big moves.

      • I understand that also but do they realize where they are in the game? They don’t have much time and like you said, time to make big moves. They should be gunning for Paul and Josh. Anyone that takes out Paul would get my vote. Heck, they may even get Pau’s vote.

        Paul needs the entire BB experience (go to Jury House), so he can be a true expert.

      • paul is so afraid of failing and being embarrassed at comps that he wants them thrown to his side. he hasn’t won in weeks.

      • I don’t think that is why. 2 reasons- 1. If he wins now he can’t compete next week. He has a plan for “this week” that makes him mostly safe. If that plan starts to go south, he can save himself the next week. 2. If he is HOH he shows his cards. Everyone on the show thinks they have a deal with him. Whoever he puts up will know he is on to them. And if they win the veto, he is screwed. Same with veto. He did not need to win. This week it would have been a disaster. The plan was to make Jason the bad guy- either with Matt/Raven for not taking one of them down and Kevin for putting him up in their place. And the choice he made ticked everyone else off. So there is that.

      • No K. He knows how it feels to be at the end and almost win. He needs the Jury House. He can (can’t believe I am saying this) return for All Stars and talk about his day 5 in Jury House.

      • lol…I’m being sincere when I say I am shocked he has made it this far. I have never thought he will win, but after last season, I have rooted for him just because. I know you understand what I mean.

  13. I don’t watch much of the live feed (though the times I jumped on there, I got to see the more memorable fights) but when Jason told Paul about Kevin and the $25,000, did he think Paul would legitimately be mad about it? Like Paul would be mad about that. The person getting the $25,000 is the person responsible for Paul being in the game. Kevin getting the $25,000 is more than likely what is leading Paul to get $500,000.

    • Kevin told Paul weeks ago that he won the $25,000….Paul is the one that started the lie that Ramses won it….No surprise to Paul on that bit of info..

  14. Could Production remind these idiots during a DR session (Kevin Jason and sadly Alex) that as of tonite there will be 7 remaining HGs…2 regular evictions and one double….They need reminding that only 2 people get to sit down and face the jury…”2 people”
    not 3/4 /5 /6….While the entire season of BB 19 is already down the toilet I don’t wish to see Christmas and Josh sitting in the winners chairs…If the plan to evict Jason or Alex happens the remaining partner of the duo will be a force and Paul better get ready for a fight cause they will know he played a part in it…Pauls duplicity will come to lite …Just watch..its gonna happen..

  15. if paul was such a bb fan and purist he would have called out matt for disobeying hn regs.

  16. It amazes me that nobody in all of their scheming has said 1 word about Paul, if any of them have ever watched this show, why, why, why would they take the guy that finished 2nd last year to final 5,4,3? Are they all just really dumb?

  17. odd, maven let paul so all their negotiations to save them and back door kev, yet when it failed never once did they question PAUL!

  18. Alex is so busy being just plain awful she is not playing the game. You must always love yourself (keep your eyes on the goal) more than you hate someone/thing else. Her ridiculous dislike (for no real apparent reason) of Kevin is costing her the game. Her mean spirit is costing her the game.

    Why would she want people to think Jessica is a racist, my word!

    Matt will be punished enough when this is all over, they all will be. They seem to forget they are on television and public opinion stings.

  19. We “feeders” know the real Alex, but I do sometimes wonder if the people who only watch the CBS broadcasts may see her differently and actually like her?

    • That applies to all of the HGs. And production can use edited footage to skew the public perception of any HG they so desire to.

      • True. I don’t care how good of a person you are or how truly evil you are, with cameras on 24/7, they can find enough good or bad over the course of the week to put whatever spin on it they’d like.

      • Is Jason the only HG that has had family footage shown? I’m guessing it was because he was HOH and that will happen for all future HOH winners this season. If not, I’m going to be wondering why not.

      • Yeah, so far he’s the only one. I think they’re just cramming so many twists in and when you combine that with all the fights, there hasn’t been a lot of time for those family pieces. Although I’d have preferred to visit with a few families rather than walk down memory lane with Derrick on that special episode.

    • The casual viewers I know think Jason and Alex are the underdogs to root for. Jason has the best edit as the hard working new dad and Alex is just his fiesty strong side kick.

    • That’s what bothers me the most! People who only watch the episodes see the HGs portrayed how production wants them to appear. In all honesty, if the majority knew just how vile these people really are, the show would be over; but I feel like they should show EVERY detail and show the true characters, because people should see the ENTIRE picture, then come to their conclusions of that person. Then the people who only watch the weekly episodes think that we are just HORRIBLE for how we feel about these HGs… That’s the part that I have issue with.

      • They owe it to the viewers to show the real, trifling people that they are! So let’s hope so!

  20. Question for people who watch the feeds is this true? “Alex informs her ride-or-die that Kevin is mean to her, Paul, and Josh, and that nobody particularly enjoys his company” Is Kevin mean to them or is she just making $hit up to have a reason to hate on him?

      • wait until Jason has time to review this season, he will feel so betrayed by them and find out kev was right.

      • He won’t only feel betrayed..he has some major damage control to do over that despicable comment he made the other day about Kevin’s wife and daughters. Horrible. His family has already apologized on twitter.

      • You and me both. Despised Paul, but now if he wins I’m fine with that because Alex is such a horrible person, and she does not deserve to be taken to the end.

  21. These people… SMH Never, in the 19 years of BB history, have I absolutely DESPISED this many people at the same time! Seriously, at this point, production just needs to shut it down. It is sickening to watch, and I’m starting to question my own sanity for reading this nonsense! At this point, none of them can redeem themselves. Even if they would shut up, they are still hated! Instead, they just keep digging a deeper hole! Alex wants Kevin to know that America hates him?!?!? Seriously?? Disgusting little wench! Kevin is the only one that I can root for, and that’s by default, because I loathe the rest of them! And Matt & Raven… 😰👿 Matt tells the 💩 queen that Paul and Christmas will sacrifice their game for her?!?!? And Raven has ZERO room to even mention that Alex is gaining weight!! I just can’t. I want to punch EVERY one of them in the face for ruining my favorite game!!!!!

    • I noticed yesterday how raven really gain weight. Must be good for her to be away from he munchensson mommy. She never got sick and absorb the food very well. I think she’s cured from her terminal disease.

      • I have noticed that also! It’s fine to put a little weight on, but don’t point at someone else’s belly without acknowledging your own growing 🐴!!

      • Hahaha I am so over these people! She puts the “dog” on when they film the veto ceremony and the other scenes that she knows will be on the regular episodes, but the other 23 hours she looks like a scarecrow.. it’s like she has convinced herself that the cameras and mics are only on at certain times! You’d think a pathological liar would be a little more cautious than that?! (Referring to her many, many, multiple lies that she tells.) Has she forgotten that everyone is able to hear her and keep up with what she says?

      • They don’t seem to understand that they are film 24/7. After the veto matt was yelling at jason and pissed he stayed in the storage for a long time. Jason said I ask you I the end of the ceremony if you had questions and you said you where good. Matt then reply that he didn’t wanted to tell jason was a b1tch on tv!!! Uhh?

      • I know! That was so petty and Matt sounded so retarded and like goofy during his rebuttals to Jason!

      • I had a thot about the pacemaker.
        Have you seen the commercial with a guy in hospital bed, supposedly wife standing beside him and the doctor/nurse telling the man that they will get the phone out of his front soon, as phone then lights up and rings. It is a phone commercial. ha ha ha

  22. It boggles my mind that Matt and Raven are so mad at Kevin for Jason not putting him up…can someone please explain that logic to me????

      • But Paul tried hard to talk to Jason, tried hard for the veto, and was the first person confirming raven. He looks like he fought for them. He is still their hard working hero. Last night Matt and Raven agreed that Raven should take Paul to final 2 because of all he has done for them, and they also agreed she would lose.

  23. I caught a few minutes of feed and it seems like the cameras were doing a “tragic love story” and a long good bye to the maven show, I was disgusted!

  24. Every season everyone says, “this is the stupidest group”, “the lamest group”, but this group takes the cake! They are in the house to make sure Paul gets to the 500k!
    These past few years all anyone who gets cast is just there to get followers, to get an acting role, etc etc.

    • Nah… I’ve never said that about a group until now! There are usually at least a few players I like! lol

    • question, about past players. do they get paid by cbs to show up, go to parties, travel, hotels. who pays for that big event in fla going on now?

      • The HGs can charge for their autographs and appearances….To my knowledge and understanding……..I think some do charity events for free I believe…. There are certain events that they have to be available to attend for at least a year….I got all this info some time back when I was researching BB…I also learned that several of the BB 15 cast members were excluded from events or not invited…I read that it was due to their treatment of Elissa and she will not associate with several of the cast members…Just what I read not what I know

      • Fans set up events and invite the HGs so the cost would be on them….I would think that if CBS sponsored an event that they pay…

  25. It says something about this season when the son of a convicted drug trafficker is by far the most loved cast member of everyone, myself included. Not that Kevin is to blame for his father’s sins, but it’s very telling.

      • I guess what I am trying to say is that in a different season I think people would be bringing that up a lot to disparage him. But there are plenty of bigger fish this season.

  26. to punish matt and this vile, smug group, pop the double eviction on them tonight!
    come on bb, please.

  27. Christmas can’t win, because isn’t there usually an endurance type of game in the final 3? What are the chances she gets cleared for that?

    • I heard that she said, she won’t be off her crutch’s til weeks after the game ends.

    • Yes but it just mean she’s not participating in the 3rd competition. But she still can be choses by it’s winner.

      The problem is that it will be boating for us since we won’t have that competition.

      The sometimes do those wall puzzle that they hang on a wall. She could do that one.

    • That is exactly why Paul wants to take her further. He knows that he will beat her in an endurance comp. Paul throws comps, but if he didn’t he probably wouldn’t have won most if not all of them anyway.

  28. I am hoping production surprises everyone tonight and says there will now be an eviction vote because Matt is being ejected from the game on live TV for continually violating the rules. DO NOT go to jury, DO NOT get paid stipend.
    A girl can wish!

    • Matt is a such looser, I hope production does that, and ask him to loose from the DR, he should not even walk out by the front door

    • I do expect Julie to announce the eviction vote when the final VTE tally is in; and I do expect her to explain it to the TV audience, then turn and announce the verdict to the HGs.

  29. if xmas doesn’t win, even though she got this far, she will blame her foot and demand another season.

  30. the boobage is so over the top, that it’s only a matter of time til they just go with pasties.

    • And the shorts that Alex wears are so tight and deep up in areas they shouldn’t be. There’s no amount of washing machine detergent to sanitize those shorts. Just burn them out doors.

  31. After reading all the feeds I did not watch last night. Watching Paul “weaponize” Josh over the last few weeks,and sic him on Pauls” target of the week has been an example of mob rule at its worst and while I know its a “game” I am appalled by the relentless bullying of who ever that weeks “victim” is. Alex should be ashamed of herself for her dreadful behavior as for Raven? Why she would think for one second that her “condition” exempts her from judgement is beyond me. Unless one of the remaining HG’s has an epiphany Paul will win. Sad

    • the cognitive dissonance is incredible. every once in a while a little light bulb will go on over their heads and they consider what they must look like. but alas, they reject such a notion to be self aware. they truly know that it would be too painful.

  32. I can’t stand Alex. I think she is a very mean person. I don’t understand why she doesn’t like Kevin. Where all this hatred comes from. I hope he doesn’t decide to throw the comp. That would be bad. These people are stupid for listening to Paul. I don’t know why they can’t see him for who he is. He deserves to win if they are too stupid to see him for what he is…

  33. The pure fact that Paul can convince people to throw (not win) HOH comps tells us how dumb these how guests are this year. I have no respect for them.

    • for one thing, paul is in love with xmas and wants to hand her the big bedroom on a silver platter.

      • They are like the God Narciss who fell in love with his own reflection, hence narcissist, they love themselves, now about loving anyone else, ehhhh. Josh has been calling Christmas ‘ my girl ‘ but I think that is in his head not his pants, now Alex and Jason, not so sure about that, two months alone and she is walking around in panties, all men are dogs in case you did not know, yes all, every single last one, argue if you like I will not budge on this

  34. On finale night I hope someone from Kevin’s family tells him the “joke” Jason told before the cameras stop rolling.

  35. Any way we could get #ExpelMatt to trend a lot before the show tonight. CBS could give us all a treat after making us endure this season by expelling Matt and forcing another nomination tonight on the spot. ….. A girl can dream….

  36. a thought, they are going to offer the tree of temptation before tonite. is matt eligible? it could be fixed because don’t you have to go to the dr to reveal? that way bb can fashion who gets what,

    • Last week it was only in play once and that was before noms. Of course, Mark chose to pick one. Unless it makes a difference that no one chose one this week before noms, I would think that it will not be back in play until next week. JMO

      • whats matt have to lose?
        last week it was on but paul told them all to leave it alone.
        matt should take it, maybe force jay to renom another

      • He doesn’t have that option any longer. BB announced it was in play before noms Friday and then not long thereafter announced it was no longer in play.

  37. Matt has got to be the lamest, waste of skin ever to be in the BB house. I’m speechless…

  38. Amazing…it’s like Jason is channeling Paul’s thoughts: “Jason says it’s better that [Jalex] not win the next 2 HoHs so Xmas, Josh or Paul can win” ???? Thank you Jason!!

  39. I can’t wait to see Alex’s face when she is on the block. What a horrible person. All she does is talk trash, throw anybody she can under the bus..

    That being said with the exception of Paul (who I can;t stand) they are all dopes. Is it really that hard for the HG’s not to see Paul playing them? I have never seen such useless and mean HG’s. You can bet when they get out of the house they are going to be very shocked by the disdain people have for them.

    • They all know they are being played, that makes them even dumber than if they didn’t. They are all there for the ride on Paul’s coattails.

      • Yes, you’re right! Paul’s just going to applaud them when they hand him that check. 🙄😒

  40. I would understand if Kevin had done something to Alex, but for her to be so disrespectful to a man old enough to be her father shows what type of trash she really is. BB needs to go to the city for casting next time. Some of the HGs behave like they have never seen people before.

    • Something I’ve always loved about Asian cultures, is their love and respect for their families, and especially caring for their parents – this holds true for Amerasian families today! (I lived in Japan for 2 years and traveled extensively there and to SE Asia, by some circumstance my first boyfriend was Chinese American, and I studied SE Asian culture/history in college). Anyway, my point is, Alex’s family is certainly shamed by her words and actions (causing loss of face within their community). She’ll be answering to them, in some fashion. Truly, my heart hurts for her family. 😢

      • Many young people these days couldn’t care less about being respectful and adhering to the customs of their culture these days. It would do her good to be a bit humiliated and maybe humbled in the process, if she was somewhat shamed.

  41. Matt is a loser of life, Raven is a lies about her existence, Paul is a turd………….the list goes on

    • Raven is so full of herself. As she’s talking to Matt in the kitchen she says she bets they made a montage of her cooking and dancing around. Lmfao! She really feels like she’s all that. Also Christmas, Paul and possibly Josh would throw themselves in front of a bus for her. No….they would push her in front of the bus just to shut her up.

  42. Kevin needs to step it up and win now, otherwise he’s going to be another Chicken George or Donnie.

  43. Alex will not get her wish if she throws the comp.
    Matt are Raven met on a TV show set and found their soulmates. He is as delusional as she is.

  44. This group has attacked everyone of their targets in one way or another; Dominique, Cody, Jessica, Mark, Elena and now Kevin…I do not agree with their tactics at all but I am not understanding why they are not doing anything to Matt or Raven when they all clearly hate both of them

  45. If I were playing, at this point coming to finals, I wouldn’t be talking about “throwing Comps”.
    For Thurs PM eviction I hope the house puts Raven out and keeps Matt.

  46. In regard to Matthew’s bad behavior: I think they should send him home, NOT to jury, AND they should give America his vote!

  47. The Battle line is about to be drawn. Regardless of who goes next week, be it Kevin or be it Raven, Paul’s pendulum will have to swing. If Raven stays, Paul will have to decide between siding with Josh and Christmas (his desired F3) and go up against Alex, Jason, and Raven (Christmas wants Raven’s head on a platter) in a 3 on 3 F6 showdown – or – joining with A, J, and R for a 4 on 2 and a tougher Alex and Jason F3. If Kevin stays it’s the same situation, except Alex will be the one wanting Kevin’s head on a platter and Paul would have a more attractive 4 on 2 with his best chance at the F3 he desires in Josh and Christmas. Look for Paul to be pushing hard for Raven to be gone next. If Paul has Alex throwing the HOH his way, he may want to throw it Josh’s way, and let him get his hands dirty with Raven. That would leave Paul eligible for the next one. Which way will Paul’s Pendulum swing?

  48. BB should’ve taken away/not provided any more cereal this week!
    We ALL know Matt NEEDS his cereal!
    Sure, eat whatever you want LOSER!!!! but we are taking away your cereal!

    “NO more cereal for you!” 😉

  49. Are these people for real!!! This season becomes more and more unbelievable by the day! Seriously reading these fees is making me insane! Seriously! I don’t get it!
    ALL these HGs are just awful people! They have nothing nice to say about anything!
    And they all are delusional! It’s……………making me speechless LMAO
    these people are mean and stupid!
    And Matt just woke up to play the game which was a terrible thing because he just became as bad as the rest of them!
    I can’t……… I just can’t!
    PLEASE just write Paul a check and get it over with! I honestly want the season to be over and done with! Yes I know, I don’t have to watch it but it’s like a car accident, I can’t look away!
    And for now, Jason is still there and I want to make sure he is OK! But that’s it, that’s where I draw the line on liking these people!
    I honestly wish I could just walk away but I can’t…… Unfortunately!

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