Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 5: Tuesday Highlights

It was a much calmer day in the Big Brother 19 house as houseguests realized or were told they might be taking things bit far yesterday. We also heard a lot less from everyone as it sunk in that this will be a non-eviction week when Jessica uses her Halting Hex power.

Kevin and Jason have a Walk and Talk on BB19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 1, 2017:

10:30 AM BBT – HGs starting their day a little late.

11:00 AM BBT – Kevin and Jason are up and walking the backyard.

11:15 AM BBT – Walking and talking continues for the two guys. Paul has come through and chats with them about Cody. Paul wonders if there might be a double eviction this week, minus the first eviction thanks to the Hex.

11:35 AM BBT – Christmas and Jessica are chatting in the bathroom area like everything is just fine and normal. Christmas is back with a new cast after getting her stitches out. She mentions she is healing well.

11:45 AM BBT – Paul is paged to his HoH room for the blogging duties.

12:30 PM BBT – Paul is back from blogging and has the Snapchat goggles again as this week’s PoV winner.

12:39 PM BBT – Sounds like Christmas is suggesting to Raven something about turning on Paul when the time is right.

12:55 PM BBT – Jason and Alex suspect that Christmas may be too drugged to remember important events and dates in the game.

1:00 PM BBT – HGs sent back inside. Ten minutes later they’re released, but told to stay out of the pool.

1:30 PM BBT – Alex and Jason discuss how much flipping around Mark does in the game.

1:40 PM BBT – Josh decides he won’t continue to heckle Cody and Jessica to avoid it going to the next level. He’s decided Mark just wants to be friendly with him rather than trying to fight.

1:45 PM BBT – Alex and Josh wish they had kept Dominique and evicted Jessica instead.

1:50 PM BBT – Alex is suspicious about Mark and Elena not admitting to the deal about going after Alex. She thinks that may suggest they were planning on voting against her when it happened.

2:30 PM BBT – Elena and Paul discussing Jessica and Cody. They’re considering going after Jessica first since Cody would be lost without her.

2:40 PM BBT – Josh wants to confront Cody, but Paul says not to bother and instead just get under his skin to rattle him in the next HoH competition.

2:50 PM BBT – Paul has a plan to get a strong player to go in to the Temptation Comp, throw it, and secure a spot in the Veto comp. Mark and Paul discuss loading up the Temptation with as many HGs as possible to go after Cody.

3:00 PM BBT – Paul gives Big Meech a shout out and tells Josh he (J) is a poor man’s Meech.

3:05 PM BBT – Matthew tells Christmas and Raven that they should go after Jessica over Cody given the choice.

3:10 PM BBT – Jessica promises Elena that she didn’t reveal to anyone that she trusts her. Elena appreciates the discretion. Elena promises her she’s making game moves just as a game, not personal.

3:30 PM BBT – Paul hopes Jessica gets bumped from a competition as the result of her Halting Hex.

4:05 PM BBT – Jason tells Paul that should Cody or Jessica win the HoH comp then they’ll see Mark and Elena flip back to them. Paul thinks those two are acting very strangely.

4:15 PM BBT – HGs have all been sent to the backyard for lockdown.

4:40 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica have been discussing the children they plan on having. He wants several boys so they can defend a daughter that comes along later.

6:15 PM BBT – Josh and Paul talk about Cody. They agree they can’t focus any more time on Cody. Josh says they need to gun for him but Paul says they need to go after Jessica first because she’s better without him but without her, Cody won’t know what to do.

6:24 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul discuss Mark and Elena. Christmas thinks they’re still playing both sides. Paul is frustrated because he says Elena knows this is bad for her game. Christmas says she thinks Elena is on their side but is also still keeping her options open with Jessica and Cody.

6:30 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas he tried his hardest to get Cody out this week. Christmas says at least they have to get rid of their power this week. Paul says if something comes up and they do get to vote this week they should vote Jessica out instead of Cody.

6:33 PM BBT – Christmas wonders how Cody passed the psych evaluation.

6:40 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas discuss Matt. She tells Paul she been pissed at Matt. Paul says Matt has been laying too low. Christmas says Matt has to get involved.

6:50 PM BBT – Raven says Jessica has to go home before Cody. Paul says she will.

6:54 PM BBT – Matt and Paul agree that Mark is an idiot. Paul adds that he’s a chicken.

6:59 PM BBT – Paul’s group discuss not winning a ton of things. Matt says he hasn’t been performing well either and says they aren’t exactly an all-star group.

7:05 PM BBT – Paul and company discuss competition strategy for the next HOH. If it’s a group competition, anyone on Jessica and Cody’s team throw it. If it’s a knockout, immediately put Cody and Jessica against each other.

7:11 PM BBT – Matt asks the others if they’re safe if Mark wins HOH, everyone agrees they are not and that Mark can’t be trusted. Talk turns to how Mark stood up for Jessica and Cody all day yesterday when everyone else was gunning for them.

7:30 PM BBT – Raven keeps talking about Jessica having something against her.

8:30 PM BBT – House is quiet. Cody is discussing his family dynamics with Jessica. He says he doesn’t talk to his mom very much.

9:00 PM BBT – Paul catches Kevin and Elena to make sure they know if they do end up voting this week, to vote out Jessica over Cody.

9:07 PM BBT – Mark tells Cody that he is 1000 percent with them and that if he’s in power he could never send them home. Cody says he’s definitely playing for safety if one of them don’t win HOH.

9:09 PM BBT – Jessica suggests they grab Alex by her hair and drown her in the hot tub.

9:14 PM BBT – Mark is with Cody while everyone else is across the yard. Cody tells Mark he bets they’re all talking about him (M). Mark says words don’t mean anything in this game.

9:15 PM BBT – The others actually were discussing Mark and Cody. Matt suggests Mark is infatuated with Cody. Elena says Mark said he can be himself around Cody.

9:34 PM BBT – Mark now tells Paul and Elena that they are his two closest allies in the game. Mark tells Paul the only person that he’d vote Paul out over is Elena.

9:45 PM BBT – Josh and Mark discuss Dominique. Mark says he knows he hurt Dom by turning on her but he only did it for game reasons.

9:56 PM BBT – Christmas and Kevin agree they’d like for Matt to start playing Big Brother. Kevin says he’s going to keep a low profile while there are all these train wrecks around them.

10:55 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that she thinks Paul is playing a great game and if it was her playing this way Cody would like it. Cody disagrees. She points out that Paul is controlling others which is a great game move and the fault of others, not Paul.

11:15 PM BBT – Josh tells Alex that he’s going after Cody, Elena, Jessica, and Mark because it’s those four who have wronged him the most.

11:30 PM BBT – Christmas hopes Josh can get to be HoH so he can be the one to evict Cody.

11:40 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica planning what kind of car they’d let their children drive.

11:55 PM BBT – Alex is frustrated that viewers gave Jessica the Hex power, comparing her to someone you wouldn’t like from high school. Jason tells her it’s too late to worry about it now.

12:30 AM BBT – Cody and Jessica still chatting about their yet-to-be children.

1:00 AM BBT – Few HGs outside playing pool and hanging around.

2:45 AM BBT – HGs are finally quiet and off to sleep.

Well that was a calm day compared to Monday’s disaster. The majority knows they aren’t going to sway Jessica or convince Cody that he should leave. Instead we’ve got another day and a half of a waiting game for Thursday’s Hex move and the next Head of Household competition.

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  1. What’s up with this? I didn’t hear Paul and company talking about KILLING Cody or Jessica, BUT, Jessica is talking about killing Alex, that is lower tan anything Paul and Co. did

    • How Ironic that is the one line that he puts in there that she says but in yesterday’s post nothing was said about all the nasty things the other house guests say to or behind the backs of Mark, Jessica and Cody.

      • Have you ever told someone “I could kill you.”? Or something similar to that? I certainly have. On many occasions. It’s frustration. Not an actual threat.

        I’m not a Jessica fan, but I can understand where she’s coming from. It’s the whole house against her and Cody. So making those comments out of frustration is understandable.

      • Please, tell me where I can find where the other house guests say we should kill them, because I sure don’t remember that.

      • Not from what I watched, did it say how Raven was calling Jessica a slut and talking about the size of Cody’s penis? Or how Alex said that Cody was a horrible excuse for a marine?

      • Well, those are the kind of detail I would leave out too, this is a family site. We have young people that come read here too.

        But I saw enough info that gave hints of these discussions, that you go back and listen for myself.

      • Yes, I think that everyone got the gist of what was being said and done. No need to get hit over the head with it.

      • Both sides are wrong! The point people are trying to make is that Jess and Cody are not victims here. They’re just as bad.

      • Have you forgot how Jessica stated on more than one occasion of how she wants to rip Raven’s face off.

    • She HATES Alex so much, it’s bonkers! Jessica is a mean girl, but to be fair, I’ve said ‘oh I could throttle him/her’ many times so I can’t judge her too harshly!

      • Exactly, even some people on this board have said worse. All the girls are mean this year.

      • Jessica lives in total fear that Cody actually likes her deep down,just pure old green eyed jealously on display here.

      • She hates her because she thinks she’s after Cody. When in reality Cody has some strange thing for her (Alex), and she knows she can do better.

  2. “1:45 PM BBT – Alex and Josh wish they had kept Dominique and evicted Jessica instead.”

    How many times have I said this. I knew it. YES HGs. You should have voted Jess out. Now you’re paying for it.

    • But the only way they’re paying for it so far is by having to live with them longer. So far all Cody coming back in has accomplished was getting out Ramses, so they’re not REALLY paying for it (yet, at least).

      • Yes they are. No Jess, no Halting Hex. She was walking out of there with the power in her back pocket. Cody get out this week. 11 left make jury this week.

  3. “2:50 PM BBT – Paul has a plan to get a strong player to go in to the Temptation Comp, throw it, and secure a spot in the Veto comp. Mark and Paul discuss loading up the Temptation with as many HGs as possible to go after Cody.”

    Wow, now I really like that new Temptation Comp. It add another layer of strategy. Pretty good.

    • Yes but will Paul actually put himself on the line or just get the others to do it for him….

      • Yep he has the plan but will never put himself on the line and the HG’s are too stupid to question why he doesn’t do the comp himself….

      • If Cody or Jessica win HOH, Paul will try to convince the other HGs that he should be the only one playing in the temptation because they need him to go after Cody or Jessica next HOH.

      • I mean it’s a solid strategy on his part. If they listen, it’s their fault for being stupid.

      • This is house is soooo stupid! When Cody told Julie Chen, they are a house full of Paul Groupies. . . He WAS RIGHT!!!!!

      • Yeah that’s the one thing I’ll agree with Cody on. As a fan of Paul’s gameplay from last year when he was the underdog, I’d like to see him actually have a challenge

  4. “6:59 PM BBT – Paul’s group discuss not winning a ton of things. Matt says he hasn’t been performing well either and says they aren’t exactly an all-star group.”

    Kudo to Matt for self awareness.

  5. 9:09 PM BBT – Jessica suggests they grab Alex by her hair and drown her in the hot tub.

    She should have been expelled and possibly arrested.

    • You cannot be arrested for a comment that is stupid. How many times have you ever said “I could kill him” there is a difference and it doesn’t matter on whos side of the house it was said. There is talk and there is planning…

      • Yes, you can.

        If I’ve ever said that it was when I was a kid.

        “Jessica suggests they grab Alex by her hair and drown her in the hot tub” sounds like a plan.

        In any case, I said “possibly”. Take a chill pill.

      • In some states, that would be considered a viable threat and you can be arrested for it.

    • I was taken aback by that too. I went back and read it again in case my eyes deceived me. That’s not a conversational comment. That’s a direct threat. Really shocking, descriptive verbiage .

      • DETAILED Convo Jessica calling her a little twat drown her by her hair….

        Jessica calls Alex a little twat

        i think we should all just grab Alex by her hair and drown her in the Jacuzzi and all just live happily ever after
        Cody – smiles
        Jessica- Oh did i not say that in my head
        Jessica- Whoops. It’s gonna take 3 of us though cause her fake tits are gonna hold her up over water.
        Cody: Jessica
        Jessica: i said it out loud again oh f*ck sorry
        Cody: i just dont want u to look b*tchy to everybody
        Jessica: oh baby that ship has sailed
        Mark – sitting there quiet.

      • Not condoning, it was very stupid of her and shows her level of immaturity. Do I think she would really do it probably not, these days though you never know :)

      • I don’t condone it either. But I can honestly say that out of frustration I’ve said “I’d could shoot him/her in the face with a bazooka.” (I worked as a cashier at a retail chain at one time. lol) Would I really do it? Of course not.

      • I am not a big Jessica fan but up until a couple of nights ago, I thought should at least make jury. comment the other night about her and Cody asking Paul if they could have sex (being nice here) in his HOH shower, wasn’t too bad but the comment she made afterwards makes me wonder how Proud her Daddy would be of her.The comment of what they would use to write Paul’s name on the shower door and now this one about Alex and the comments about raven makes me wonder if she doesn’t suffer from any form of mental issues.

      • In my professional opinion she has mean, entitled, pottymouth girl syndrome and I’m trying to use my nice words

      • Dare I say it. The exact word Paul called Big Meech last year. Starts a C and ends with a T

      • I never condone the use of that particular word of course, but if it was in the dictionary… Yeah, I imagine you would see Jessica’s picture or at least a complete description.

        I mean, I know we only know what we see on TV of her, but she’s as close to gutter trash as I can imagine anyone in real life being.

      • I’d just call her a spoiled brat. You can tell she’s never been told “no” before. So yeah I guess entitled hits the nail on the head

      • And her childhood was what………? Ummmm maybe something to do with why she is like that?
        Yes, grown-ass adult but she’s young & im guessing her life has been crappy until now?? Maybe?
        And childhood card can’t be played all the time but….. ?

      • Yea, it totally sucks when someone who was bullied reacts. We never hear of someone resorting to violence, depression, suicidal, or homicidal thoughts once they get bullied. Sorry, Alex chose to stand by idly while the other attacked her and Cody. If anything, a reaction could be expected/predicted so I’d say Paul and crew are getting the reaction they wanted so, in a sense, Paul and crew won :)

      • So it’s ok to talk about murder because there little feelings were hurt? You’ve got an interesting way of thinking.

      • I can see where you’re coming from. The HGs have gone a little overboard the last few days (all of them). If anything though, its kinda Production’s fault. Like they really didn’t know what was going to happen when Cody went back into that house.

        Production wanted drama. Unfortunately, now they seem to be getting more than they can handle and its going a bit overboard on both sides.

      • And then it escalates by all parties. Reactions were achieved, I believe all are in the wrong.

      • They started the bullying and yet you excuse her behavior by saying she’s being bullied. It’s that same mentality that gets bullied kids kicked out of school when all they are doing is defending themselves and nothing happens to the bullies..

      • It’s all in the context of the bullying and the people involved. It escalated on both sides and further extreme reactions ensued…that’s to be expected. If defending yourself requires group planning and participation (as in the case of trying to stop a Hex) , a response from those on the ‘defense’ then can be expected especially amongst people who are still somewhat strangers to one another. If, as is speculated, Paul wants Jody to “snap” meant to get them to do something physical to get them evicted, that’s more than defending yourself and more of being inciteful.

      • Except she was saying crap like this before Paul and friends put on that spectacle. Also I’m tired of the word “bullied” being thrown around so lightly. I don’t think either side has done any bullying. Harassed? Yes. Acted childish? Yes. But not bullying. Jessica has had it out for Alex since day one, all because she was jealous of her.

      • Why when a female is a bit aggressive they are automatically a bitch or it’s a bitchy move?
        Guys do it & ‘oh, great game play!’

        Why why why why why?


      • I don’t think it is right for either gender to suggest violence or murder. There is a difference between that and being a “bit aggressive “.

    • I don’t think she should be arrested or expelled unless she actually tries it. It’s still a messed up thing to say though, and BB should’ve given her a warning.

    • Are you kidding me? It wasn’t a direct threat & we know it was all frustration talk. I highly doubt she would follow thru on such a loose statement

  6. Jody talking about the children they’re going to have makes me want to puke. They’ve only known each other about 4 weeks!

    • Yes, but four weeks in the BB house is longer than the normal “dating” cycle. They are with each other 24/7. My parents married after dating one month and were married 62 years.

      • The BB house is not the real world. Those two haven’t got a prayer of making it outside of the house. Another Amanda and McCrea (how do you spell the pizza boy’s name lol)

      • LOL, worst couple ever. My point was that BB dating is at hyper speed and you get to know someone much faster, although I also believe Cody and Jess won’t make it outside the house.

  7. I think it would be hilarious if the all powerful blacklisting Jessica got blacklisted for her “behaviors” on national television.

    • I have said that too……how will she return to her precious “clients” after her behavior.

  8. Cody and Jessica discussing having children?..well,guess we will finally get that sequel to “Deliverance”,hope they own a banjo.

  9. I just had an idea for a show to replace BBOTT. Remember when VH1 had that charm school show. We could have BB: Reform School. Have houseguests like normal, but then have BB correct questionable behavior.
    Jessica, it is not nice to threaten another person’s life.
    Paul, you should not try to incite a riot.
    Aaryn, it is not proper to dislike someone because of their skin tone.
    Chima, it is not right to destroy other people’s property.
    How funny would that be?

  10. I just wanted to thank Branden for these recaps. My wife and I really enjoy Big Brother and watch a lot of live feeds but obviously it’s easy to miss so much. I appreciate being able to read these every day and also enjoy chatting with others and seeing other opinions on the season. Keep up the good work!

  11. I was watching the beginning of BBAD last night before I fell asleep, and I thought of something. Even if Cody or Jessica wins the next HOH, they are still really not in good shape. Here’s why…

    Paul will compete in the Temptation challenge. The only other HG that might compete is Mark, but I think even he would probably skip it this week. If Paul is the only one who competes, he automatically gets the safety. So, lets say Cody wins HOH. Jess now has to decide if she’s going to compete.

    If Paul beats her, Jess automatically goes up as the 3rd nomination and will be the one going home under Cody’s HOH. Of course, it could easily be Cody going home under Jessica’s HOH as well. Paul is actually in a very decent situation this week even if Jody wins HOH.

    Not sure if any of the HGs have thought about this yet, but it sure sounds like Paul will definitely outlast both Cody and Jess… Unless another HG goes against him behind his back and plays in the Temptation Comp.

    • If Cody or Jess win HOH, there is no reason either would play in the temptation.

      • It could end up being automatic safety for Paul then. I guess Raven might feel vulnerable if Jess wins and try to compete. Josh might feel vulnerable and try to compete. I would feel safe saying Paul would beat either of them. Who’s going to end up going home then?

      • Yeah, that’s what I thought too and I don’t think he could be Paul in any comp I can think of. Josh would probably go home this week against any other HG, unless Jody foolishly puts Mark up against him.

      • That is why Jessica hates Alex so much. Cody really likes her and its killing her.

      • What I mean is if Jessica wins HOH she will gun after Alex. For personal reasons instead of actually playing the game

    • The problem Cody & Jess have is that they are 2 (maybe 2 & half) and against 9 (maybe 9 & half). Their odd of winning HoH are slim, unless it’s a endurance comp.

      • I fell asleep fairly early last night, but what I did hear Paul talking about is that they strongly thought the next HOH might be one where they compete individually in some sort of timed event.

        “DANGER! DANGER, Paul Abrahamian!” Conspiracy alert! I repeat, conspiracy alert!

        Watch out for Jody conveniently winning HOH in a comp that could easily be altered without the fans knowing. Okay, I’m having some fun here and kidding around, but after some of the convenient things that have happened… It will definitely make people wonder if Jody wins HOH in this type of comp… Especially if we aren’t allowed to see everyone’s entire run at the comp.

      • They expect the Hex to be use tomorrow, so there will be plenty of time to play HoH in the show. They can’t fill the show at the beginning in case she doesn’t use it (slim chance). In another comment Paul talk about a knock out type of comp. I think we’re due for one of those.

      • Yeah, I didn’t think about the show being shorter due to the use of the Hex. It would be nice to see a comp played and finished live on TV as it seems to happen less and less.

        If it does turn out to be a Knock out style mental comp (like what day so and so happened or whatever), I’m not sure that bodes well for Cody or Jess. I mean, I won’t be shedding any tears for them obviously so maybe we’ll get to see what the HGs really have in the Brains capacity.

        Although, I really gotta admit that from what I’ve seen so far… Paul definitely has the advantage in the “Smarts department,” lol.

      • And Alex also. I listen to her monday night with Jason and Kevin, she was telling them day by day what happened. She remember tons of detail. I was impressed.

      • Yeah, Alex seems to be pretty “on the ball” as the saying goes, so I’m glad to hear that. Right now, she’s the only HG that I would want to see win other than Paul.

        If Kevin can start getting some comp wins, he could be a deserving winner because he is well liked by just about everyone. He has a really good social game… Now he just needs to add a few comp wins. If he, Alex and Paul get together for a study session, I’d definitely put my money on one of them winning a comp like this.

      • At this point, I hope you are right! There is so much manipulation and scripted reality bye BB. Paul has clearly been favoured by BB production so, I hope the comp is just that! I really really really want Jessica and Cody to win, even if it’s BS!

      • Even if they did win HOH, and they got Paul on the block until Thursday, I still think Paul would stay. I don’t think his puppies would be willing to let him go just yet! I guess it depends on who is beside Paul come Thursday.
        I truly hope Jessica and Cody when the HOH! And I hope Josh and Paul go up, and then we get to say bye-bye to Josh! Finally Jessica will have her vindication! :-) I know you disagree with me 😭

      • I think Paul wins the Temptation comp to be honest. I know you realize I’m a Paul fan, but… Remember how he performs in comps when he knows his game could be on the line.

        Plus, being in the Temptation challenge is really a “No Lose” situation. If he wins, he’s safe. If he comes in dead last… He’s automatically on the block right of the bat which guarantees he’ll get a shot at the Veto. There would be no way to back door him.

        Worse case for Paul… If he doesn’t manage to win Temptation or Veto, I still think you’re right. I’m not 100% sure that even Raven would survive against Paul on the block. I’m not saying it would be a slam dunk for Paul by any means, but I think it would be a close vote in that situation (or if Alex was next to him). If its anybody else, they become the next person evicted, I’m guessing.

      • Hey Marvin to build on what you said. Jody wins HoH, Paul competes in Temptation. If he sees that he’s not going to win, throw it and lose intentionally so that he gets himself on the block right off to avoid being BD’d

      • I definitely agree. The only thing that might mess him up is if he’s the first to compete and its an individual timed challenge again. Then he just has to go all out and hope for the best.

        However, if its a comp where Paul can see he’s not going to come in first, I definitely think he might throw it to make sure he’s last and that he will be playing for Veto.

      • Right, I don’t think the votes are there yet to actually evict him though I think Jason, Kevin and Christmas are starting to speculate on when to get him out. However I think that Paul does not want to give Jody the opportunity to try to BD him again, he’d rather come right at them and being either safe or the 3rd nominee.

      • I think you’re right. I was just picking the only 2 HGs (Raven and Alex) that are well liked enough that they might have a Snowball’s chance against Paul. I still think Paul stays right now regardless, but I think it might be close if Raven or Alex was sitting their with him.

      • Yeah I agree, it just depends on who is next to Paul. And please don’t get me wrong, I do not dislike Paul. I dislike Raven and Josh with a passion but I don’t dislike Paul. And when his back is against the wall he is very competitive.
        But just like you said, it just depends if he is on the block, who he is against will be the deciding factor. For example if he is next to Kevin then Alex and Jason wouldn’t vote Kevin out, and they work with a few other people getting in their heads and the votes could totally flip Kevin’s way. As long as someone is on the block next to him that has side deals/alliances they will work the house. And it is easy to work the house because they are all starting to realize Paul is getting them to do their dirty work. I just don’t think it’s impossible not to get rid of Paul this week however, I think it would not be a slamdunk like you said :-)

      • Not at all, even if Paul is on the block Thursday next week, they won’t have the vote to get him out. I don’t care who is against him. Not yet.

        You’re right. If Jess or Cody win HoH, Josh is the likely loser that will leave.

      • Do you still think it’s impossible? I don’t completely think it will definitely happen but, I do think there is a possibility. These people just want to make it to the jury house so even if they have to throw their master under the bus to get there they will do it if they feel threatened!?
        I think it’s possible

      • I feel that she would play it personal and go after Alex if she wins HOH. No big targets this week.

      • no offence but no big targets??? Alex is not a big target???? Seriously! With all due respect of course

      • just curious how you think Alex is not a target/threat? To Jessica or just in the game in general?? She is super super close with Paul, Kevin, Jason and she has a huge chance of going far/to The end. That’s all I’m saying with my statement :-)

      • The half is Mark. He’s on one side, 5 minutes later, he’s on the other side.

    • The others would be dumb to allow only Paul to play in the temptation challenge (for safety), none of them are really safe in Cody or Jessica wins HOH. They have a case for putting most of them on the block.

      • “The others” believe they need Paul to get rid of Cody & Jess. The will help Paul until these 2 are gone.

      • Are you giving the other HGs too much credit? Really, I would think the only ones that might compete would be Josh and Raven and they can’t beat Paul most likely. The only way the temptation challenge becomes interesting is if Alex feels vulnerable and competes. Alex vs. Paul would be the best comp of the season so far.

      • Josh and Raven!? No way. If anyone is going to play it will be Jason, Alex, maybe Matt and maybe a few others but if Paul tells Josh not to compete, He’s not going to compete! Which is fine in my books because I want Josh gone. Or even!
        Raaven would likely lose, so I don’t think she would compete although she is stupid so who knows!
        The targets will be Paul, Josh, Raven and Alex! But I still don’t think people like Matt will leave it up in the air! Matt could easily go up as a pawn next to Josh or Paul, and Matt is not stupid. He knows that!
        This close to jury, people are going to be scrambling if Jessica/Cody get the HOH. I don’t think any of them will feel safe. And I think most of them know that Paul has everyone wrapped around their finger so again, anyone of them could go on the block next to Paul and they could be evicted because Paul’s puppies would not want their master gone just yet!

      • I believe their #1 target would be Josh. They both said it many times, they don’t want to see Josh on the jury.

      • I think others will play but they’ll throw it to Paul. Most of them are confident enough to know if they’re up against any part of Jody, they will be safe.

      • I believe the Puppeteer pulled his strings and demanded that the whole house must compete to make it more difficult for cody and jess to win it. If they are not HOH that is.

  12. The pic above this thread highlights one of my favorite parts of the feeds — Kevin and Jason’s daily walks. They should do a little clip on the broadcast of the funniest bits of wisdom/chatter these 2 engage in. Would rather see that than anything Jody.
    Kevin and Jason together doing their walk can be hilarious

  13. It will be interesting later today to see how the people that were disgusted by all the bullying of the past couple of days react to Jessica suggesting that they kill Alex by drowning her in the hot tub.

    Pretty sure that murder still trumps bullying, but I’m sure there will be excuses for that type of talk and behavior.

      • Hey, if Jess is going to talk to Cody about drowning people in the hot tub… They might as well go all out and throw Paul in the hot tub too. I mean, if you’re going to those extremes, Jody might as well get rid of both of the people they can’t hope to beat in the game.

        I thought the expression was, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” I guess I was wrong because clearly the expression in Jessica’s mind is…

        “If you can beat them, drown their ass in a hot tub.” LOL

      • LOL

        Yep, Jody’s victim noises are definitely drowning out everything else.

        Of course that could change with the literal victim noises of Alex going, “Glub, glub, Help! Glub, glub, Help!” or something to that effect. :)

      • How about a Tag Team main event? Cody and Jess vs. Paul and Alex

        A Marine and his gal facing off against an Amateur MMA fighter and his potential Ride or Die

        I’d definitely pay to see that.

      • They should have a comp like they have on Survivor. Kind of like two on two basketball in a mud pit.

      • Yeah, I noticed that after I posted my above comment. I was scrolling to the bottom of this page’s comments and saw how “Oh everyone has said something like that,” and similar comments.

        I bet some people here would be calling for the rest of the HGs to be pulled from the game and arrested on site if they “joked” about killing Jess or Cody.

      • Double standards.
        People ganging up on Jody?
        Uncalled for.

        Jessica threatening to drown Alex.
        Eh, its okay.

      • I am not of fan of those two, but harassment in any form should not be tolerated. Jess touching Paul or even when Michelle hit him with the apple should be reasons to throw them out as well. Paul allowed it, just like when Elena was rubbing herself on him. Even though he is male that is still harassment.

      • I agree. Also, if Jess is really “probing” people with her fingers… I’m sorry, but if she did that in real life and was reported… She’d be in jail on sexual battery charges and on the Sex Registry. That is definitely not okay behavior.

      • If it was me and Jessica continued to probe my nether region, I believe I would work up a big nasty wet butt burp as she was in there getting her speciman. That should stop that crap and then dare her to hit me, explaining to her what she was doing is wrong on many levels and how she would have me arrested if I done that to her. Actually, I wouldn’t touch her now that I have seen how nasty she really is.

      • Yeah, I could not agree with you more. Its funny that when the show first started, Jessica was pretty attractive. Now that a few weeks have passed, she is really looking downright unattractive (I started to say ugly, but that might be considered too harsh).

        Its true that the more I see of her personality and behavior, the less attractive she gets. If I were her age and met her on the street, I wouldn’t give her the time of day after how she’s acted. She is pretty trashy.

      • What I don’t get, guys, is Cody has stated to Jess how he doesn’t understand why women feel they have to show so much of their body, and that he wants to buy a travel trailer to live in, and his future plan is to have a good Christian family for his brother, sister, and mother(something like that). Then he ironically says that he doesn’t speak to his Mom much or have a lot to do with family, and about living out of a trash bag in Jess’s LA apartment, then definitely doesn’t portray, jmo, Christianity in any aspect of his behavior. AND… did he miss that little nugget of info about Jess inserting her finger in Paul’s butt or did he simply think it was a joke and Jess never did it? And shouldn’t this all be leaving some negative vibes with a worldly, narcissistic, independent, obnoxious, female like Jess? Is his tallywhacker THAT impressive?

      • Snicker… tallywhacker… Snicker

        Seriously though… If her personality on the show is the same in real life, Cody could be one of the first guys to give her the time of day for more than a week or 2.

      • Valid point.
        When my grandsons were little, that word “tallywhacker” made them laugh. Now, at 12 and 13, they aren’t as fond of it, especially when I ask them in front of their friends at the ball field if their tallywhackers are protected. They still laugh at me, though, and give me huge hugs.

      • Yeah, that is the one term for that body part that still can make me laugh a bit, especially if it catches me off guard.

        I imagine most kids that age probably don’t care for the word especially when used by family members in front of their friends, LOL

        Sounds like something my grandfather would have done when my cousins and I were that age.

      • I wished my Tallywhacker was impressive but alas, it doesn’t have what it takes to be on BB LOL.

      • I’m sure Jess would be happy to give her opinion and throw in a free prostate exam in the process.

      • You see, you said something I can agree with. Although you didn’t say this out right but the implication is there. It is only harassment if the person receiving it considers it harassment. I have seen it happen to both sexes and two wrongs don;t make it right.

    • How dare somebody have a reaction to someone who bullied them and/or chose to stand-by and watch.

      • Yea, we never hear of someone who’s bullied react in a violent or suicidal way. If anything, major props to Paul and Crew for getting a reaction they were hoping for.

        Sympathy…no, but an expected reaction.

      • ” I know it would be a fun thing to do, but please…

        No mooning the Jody sympathy train as it pulls out of the station.”

      • How dare houseguests rally against 2 people who have consistently berated and belittled everyone else in the house.
        See how that works?

      • Meh, fair enough. I don’t really have a side either per se. I just find it hilarious that people act shocked (not saying you did BTW) when Big Brother contestants act horribly to one another as if one side is superior. LOL
        They both did the same crap. In any other setting, this would be unacceptable. In the BB house, business as usual.

      • Consistently berated and belittled everyone else in the house?? That’s not true at all. Stop drinking the Paul cool-aid.

      • LOL Paul coolaide. I don’t like Paul either. Which makes it more interesting.
        So you think they’ve (Jody) just been widdle angels up there huh? I’m the one drinking coolaide….LOL

      • I agree. Cody and Jessica while holding HOH power were not necessarily socializing and being nice to the others, but following someone around and being obnoxious is a form of harassment. It is one thing to say something against what they have been doing, but I am glad they were stopped from following them around.

    • You think Jessica is actually plotting to murder Alex by drowning? Well I must be a budding serial killer but I’ve said plenty of times I wish I could run over someone during my commute. Hell I’d like to strangle Alex and Jessica both for being such disappointing players, but I don’t really intend to kill anyone. Jeez

      • No, I obviously don’t think Jess is really plotting to kill Alex. At the same time, I’m not sure annoying the hell out of Jess and Cody really constitutes bullying either. I’d agree with a poster from the other day in that I’m sure Cody wouldn’t say he had been bullied when this was all over.

  14. Jessica’s comments about killing Alex are a little much, but it’s just her deep rooted jealousy issues against her coming out. That’s all, nothing more nothing less. She probably thinks Cody still has a thing for her or something.

  15. Anybody know what’s up w/ the pool being out all the time? Wonder if they’re peeing in it too much?? LOL J/K.. kinda :|

    • Could be actually… Or they could just be dirty HGs who never bother to shower before getting in, which leads to pretty nasty water after a while.

      • I would think that a wealthy network can afford to clean up the set of their show. The House needs to be changed or renovated not just redecorated.

      • I think the house has water and sewer problems, what was that smell yesterday? I think the sewers are backing up, affecting the pool too

  16. It’s been mentioned several times from houseguests about a double eviction, surely they won’t do that until the temptation comp has played out? How would they have time to fit in an eviction, an hoh comp, a temptation comp, a veto comp and another eviction, plus at least the start of another hoh comp all in one night???

    • I know that HOH and nominations have been done in one night before. On Thursday they could get right to playing HOH comp and immediate nominations.

      • According to the 3 week twist, I don’t see how they could do nominations the same night, because it would mean they’d have to do both the HOH and the Temptation comp in the same night, and then they’d have to do the nominations. I can’t see them having enough time to do all that.

      • That’s true. I forgot about that stupid twist unless Paul loses of course. They could do those things without airing it the same night.

      • I thought the Temptation challenge was a decent curse for the Halting Hex. It kinda counters it nicely in a way. Still, I’m not sure the Temptations have been all that game changing.

        I don’t think Paul would have been evicted that first week even if he had been successfully nominated. Cody pretty much made enemies out of everyone there. In the first 3 weeks, there would not have been enough support to get rid of Paul even without the protection.

        Really, the only effect the temptations have had is keeping Cody and Jess safe for 1 more week. CBS thought they were doing something cool, but it was more of a “Yeah, well that’s kinda neat… I guess” reaction from fans.

  17. They need to vote paul out so I can see a real big brother show. I am glad big brother finally said something about that all house attack. It’s was disgusting and Paul was the Ring leader of that full on bully attack. Paul is a person that must have been bullied when he was younger and now using his big brother platform to overcome that previous struggle and in turn made him into one. His gameplay is not America’s Favorite this year. Bring back Zach Rance he is a character.

    • Either that or he is trying to win $500k.
      I’d say he’s doing a good job at making that happen, albeit not by the nicest of means.

  18. I used to like this site because I can get summary of house events. However it seems that this site is So Bias against Jody. I dunno, but the summary always highlights what were nasty things said by Jody, yes its not nice and I dont condone it as well as the mob mentaluty, ganging up, bullying. I just want THE DECENCY TO BE NeUtraL on the recaps. Ive seen the Livefeeds there are also harsh things said by others, Kevin, Paul, Raven,Xmas, Alex, etc. That were not covered here.
    I guess I have to find other source that is neutral. 😞 😑

    • How many more times do you want to share this exact same comment? Twice here, and at least once lower in the page.

      While I’m on the topic though… Have you considered that maybe Cody and Jess are running their mouths more than the other HGs. I am pretty sure I read all about the bullying right here on this site. So its only fair that America’s least favorite showmance gets called out here too..

      • of course, more attention to them because they are KEY players with the hex and paul is hoh, the fact that jody toyed with “will I or won’t I use it” was bound to agitate the house. jody did this.
        all of jody’s big moves have been bust’s so truthfully,they aren’t all that.

      • Yeah, and Jess by her own admission (and words) was trying to “strong arm” (you can take this as bully) Paul into not nominating them. That’s why she told him more non-specific details about the Hex. She hoped she’d get 2 weeks out of it instead of 1.

        It definitely backfired in her face.

      • Are you sure they are the americas least favorite showmance? Haha. MAVEN will surely won that title by a wide margin.

      • Yes i already found other sources i already teplied it here, but i guess my reply was not approved by the admin, suggesting other sources lol.

  19. I used to like this site because I can get summary of house events. However it seems that this site is So Bias against Jody. I dunno, but the summary always highlights what were nasty things said by Jody, yes its not nice and I dont condone it as well as the mob mentaluty, ganging up, bullying. I just want THE DECENCY TO BE NeUtraL on the recaps. Ive seen the Livefeeds there are also harsh things said by others, Kevin, Paul, Raven,Xmas, Alex, etc. That were not covered here.
    I guess I have to find other source that is neutral. 😞 😑

    • I feel they’re neutral. I wish they went after them (Jody) more. They are azzholes. Just listen to their private conversations, they think they are so superior to everyone. I cant stand them.

      • They already went after them dont you see how they all ganging.up. WISHING A player to crack to.DOR is nasty and not a good gameplay. how about Paul being a dictator commanding his puppies/minions. I cant stand them all.

      • If it upsets you this much… Try watching NBC or ABC while Big Brother is on then. Gosh knows they could probably use the extra viewer.

      • Im not upset im just pointing out what i observed. And yes its normal to be upset at times when you watch people being nasty but as a viewer you cant do nothing. But just hope that it gets better and the recapping will be better also.

      • @disqus_vBewt8H2lm:disqus dont blame the site for what JODY puts out there. Its the sites job to write about whats going on.

      • I bet you dont know about Christmas bitchy talks all day yesterday, the Eggshellgate, Paul messes up Codys cofdee, Paul putting Vaseline on the coffee, Kevin tellin gn Jason that he seems fallin with Xmas, Alex Raven Jess kitchen confrontation, Matts toweljizz issue, Raven fakecrying because Paul told her to do so, Elena volunteeringas Pawn next week when talking to Paul, Elena happy she does not win HoH, so that Paul can use her as a.Pawn, Jason said something on his veto speech that attacks codys character because Paull told him so, and i bet.many more you dont know.

      • Actually, I know about many of the things you said. I try and follow the live feeds as much as possible between my full time job, and full time mommy job once im home… but I see you didnt mention the part where Cody leaves empty egg shells in the carton, and places it back in the fridge. That alone can cause SERIOUS damage to a person, and in some cases can be life threatening. This is an actual fact. Messing with coffee (wether its decaf or not), vaseline on coffee (anyone would be a fool not to notice a big glob of vaseline in there coffee), and everything you mentioned above are part of this game. Confrontations, fake crying, someone who controls the house, speeches that are harsh, all of it (with the exception of Matts handy rag issue, thats just plain nasty) can be expected in this game. Everyone has had there fair share of talking crap, and bickering. I think its time we all move passed it and accept it. There is nothing we can do but watch and hope for a worthy player to make it and win.

      • I did mention yhe Eggshellgate. Yeah i get your point nasty things happened there, my Point is that the recapper of the site only selects what was put here not all highlights like you mention. Why? As i said my observation the way they recap is incomplete. Have you found those some you mention here in the recaps? Not all, thats my point. It seems the recapper is cherrypicking on what to broadcast in here. Thats my point.

    • Highly doubtful

      I don’t see Jess being brave enough to say something like that out loud to anyone other than Cody, let alone Alex herself.

      • Jessica is a scared little twat that only saying these things because she can hide behind Cody she is doing the same thing that Paul is accused of doing with his group the only difference is Paul has more of them to hide behind. This is a game people do stupid crap when money is involved.

    • I think Jeszibel is a powerful wicked Wiccan vixen. She’ll cast a spell on you, like she has Cody and production, and she’ll also blacklist you from the entire city of LA, maybe the whole state of CA….maybe worse. Her coven is currently working their magic. She sent out an SOS to them when she asked the person who “works in her office that has millions of followers” to make sure to vote for her. It was some kind of coded message. I’m incognito because of fear for my life for giving you all the heads up. You can’t see me, can you?

      • I can see you only cos we’re sisters. No one else from that Jess’ Bizarro Land office can penetrate that invisibility shield. And don’t make me regret using the word penetrate, lol

      • Wow… Jess and penetrate used in the same post. Coincidence? I’ll let others decide. LOL

      • Sorry, but I had to. I knew you were worried about her using the word penetrate against you… I figured you’d never see it coming from me. Mwahaha! LOL

      • It’s much easier to talk your way out of things when you get my age. That old saying, “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission”, goes into affect at age 60. That’s my excuse.

      • Gives me something to look forward to then! Seems like that number was so far away back when I was 20, and now its a lot less than 20 years away, lol.

      • Take it for what it’s worth, but the years go much quicker the older you get. That is very, very true.

      • I’m finding that out. It seems like I was only 35 a few years ago, and now I’m only a couple of years away from 50. Oh well… I mean, its not like I act my age or anything, lol.

      • I hope to never act my age. But I’m happy to say I always did until I got older, just stayed young at heart. That’s a good thing.

      • I think that’s probably true of me too. I think I always acted my age until I hit my mid 30’s. I still act mature, don’t get me wrong but its like I have stayed in touch with that version of myself. I get older now, but I still can joke around and have fun with just about anyone.

        So, I guess you can say that from a responsibility standpoint, I act my age. But from a humor and having fun standpoint… I’ll always be young at heart, lol. I guess that’s one of the secrets to a happy life.

      • You sound very wise. It’s all in the outlook and making the best we can out of every situation. Happiness is on the inside. That’s a very valuable lesson that I am trying my best to drill into my grandchildren. Like yourself!

      • Yeah, it took a while to get the wisdom, lol. I definitely screwed up along the way, but its making the best of everything that happens (good or bad) and learning from it. I’ve finally reached that place where I am actually happy with myself, and more than happy with my family of course!

        Sounds like you are very wise yourself, and you are definitely passing along an extremely valuable lesson. Like so many people before me… I sometimes wonder what I would have done if I’d known all this way back when.

      • As long as the end results in happiness, you did great! Mistakes are a normal part of life. I’ve had my share, ohhhh yes. :D

      • I gave up on being good long ago cos no one gives me rewards or treats for it anymore. Just as I write that K’s post pops up below and I say ‘that too’

      • LMAO. I read somewhere that this is a family site and young children read it. I’m going to have to make some adjustments. Do you think butthole or assh*le is best when we discuss penetration? :D

      • I don’t understand all of that. I’ve meant to google it but I’m afraid of what will start popping up on my screen.

      • Well I’m on my way out to have a mani/pedi, I wonder if I should inquire if they do that?
        Probably best if I don’t turn my back on them

      • LOL

        I just had some people show up claiming to be the TBI asking about your posts. Strangely enough, they had California plates on their cars. Run! They’re after you!

      • How close are they? You know I’m in East TN. Thanks for the heads up my fellow Tennessean. lol

      • Oh yeah, Jess called Alex a twat to Cody, and that they should just drag her by the hair and drown her in the hot tub. Then she said it would be hard work because her fake boobs would make her keep floating up to the top.

        Naturally, she didn’t have the courage to tell this to Alex herself, lol.

  20. Paul should put a shirt on to cover up that glob of ink on his chest and stomach. It looks like he was desperate too get tattoo an let the first Joe that came along and started tattooing. The result is horrifying I hope he didn’t pay for it. But he will pay for it the rest of his life😑

  21. aside from the game. my observation of Marlena.
    they make a very handsome couple. her frame and body type makes an attractive pairing.
    she’s substantial enough for him and I bet he has trouble finding someone that works for his big frame.
    please don’t comments with insults.
    just sayin’

    • Yeah, they make a good couple. I think Elena showed in that Endurance comp that she is pretty physical in her own right. I definitely think they are probably the most well matched showmance this season by far.

  22. 9:09 PM BBT – Jessica suggests they grab Alex by her hair and drown her in the hot tub.

    Super glad for all those that stood up for Jess and Cody the last couple days. Alex, as far as I’m aware, wasn’t even part of the mass hazing.

  23. i wish big brother would stimulate the hg’s with little contests and games and prizes. it could keep the juices flowing for us and them. make them do something!

    • Heck, I thought it was bad enough that they gave the Marine what amounted to a shooting challenge in the Battle Back. Now, we see that they went even further! LOL

  24. All I kept reading is about how Paul was a bully and how Jody were saints. I had to keep reminding everyone on the comments yesterday how they were not angels at all and reasons to why. Then I read this and OMG, Jessica is still hating on Alex. To the point of pulling her hair and drowning her!!! Are you serious. All this started because of how Cody liked Alex in the beginning. She is getting more personal than playing the game. Now I can go back to the last article I read and re-type everything I was saying about how they were bullies too.

  25. “4:40 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica have been discussing the children they plan on having. He wants several boys so they can defend a daughter that comes along later.”

    Ugh what a chauvinist! Women don’t need men to defend them. Just look at Jess, she held her own just fine without Cody.

    Cody is a poor man’s Paulie.

  26. The rest of the week is going to be super boring now. I hate this hex, it basically make the whole week pointless and a waste of an HOH week.

  27. Christmas and Kevin saying Matt isn’t playing? Where’s their game play been? They’re only keeping Christmas for her vote and the fact that she has little to no chance of winning anything.
    Kevin has been just sneaking around throwing crappy eviction votes and doing what ever Paul tells him to. Easy to do when you have your $25,000 and 7 odd dollars, with the jury stipend only 2 weeks away.

  28. Cody, Jess & Mark are the only decent ones on the show. Kill Paul & Josh (Pure Evil) + Christmas, Alex & Raven. All Total Scum. Kevin, Jason & Elena goes up & down, depends on the day.

  29. CBS has wasted 3 weeks continually saving an awful houseguest in the name of Cody!!!! Boring!!!!

    It’s unfair to the viewers and the other houseguest!! Please get rid of Jessica & Cody and get back to BB19, or there won’t be a BB20!!!!!!

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