Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Preseason

Here we go again kids – another season of Big Brother is upon us and we can say goodbye to our friends and family – as we spend countless hours watching a group of people screwing each other over to win $500,000.

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

Since the Big Brother 19 cast reveal on Monday, I am sure plenty of you out there have been dissecting every word from the new Houseguests in every interview trying to see who we want to root for, and who we want to root against. Predictions a plenty of who will win, who will be the first out, who will get into a showmance, who will be the floaters, who will be the competition beasts… this will all play out over the next 3 months. BUT FIRST – lets get to my Bacon / Tofo Preseason Rankings.

HGs are listed in Alphabetical order for the preseason rankings:

Alex Ow – 3 strips of Tofu – People have compared Alex to Paola from BB16 – and I can see that in both her looks and potential gameplay. Alex will have a hard time keeping her mouth shut and I see several outbursts from her early on in the game. If she happens to win the first HoH, I can also see her getting way too cocky. She will be a casualty in the first couple of weeks, but leave her mark on the house.

Cameron Heard – 3 strips of Bacon – Cameron is a true Superfan – he watches feeds, listens to podcasts, reads blogs (hmmm – wonder if he knows about my rankings?) – knows the game inside and out. But he also comes off as a true gamer too. He understands the way the game is played and will probably reel in a few “recruits” in to do his bidding early on, setting himself to get far into the game. Although he does have that Ian Terry / Steve Moses thing going on – so other superfans if they dont work with him, will try to get rid of him. He should make jury – and probable final 6.

Christmas Abbott – 1 strip of Bacon – so far she seems like a player that fans are eager to root for. She has that southern charm, in great shape, and wants to stay out of the drama early. Sadly – I do not think she will be able to hid the fact that she is a threat long term – and unless she can get into a big alliance that wins a lot early, she will be a target. Christmas does have that ability to win a challenge or two if her neck is on the chopping block. So I see her getting into jury and a victim of a double eviction or a backdoor.

Cody Nickson – 2 strips of Tofu – Cody does not know what he is in for. He was a Marine, so he probably will be the first person to freak out when the house gets messy. He’s not looking for a showmance – but I think some of the girls will try and cozy up to him early – which spells doom for his game. He will probably get into a few shouting matches along the way and will end up going out pre-jury in a blaze of glory.

Dominique Cooper – 4 strips of Tofu – first thing we all noticed about her is she loves to talk… a lot… Yes, everyone that gets on Big Brother has that Type-A personality and all have big personalities – but her speed talking & emotions will get on people’s nerves. Dominique will not make it too far, and I guarantee that she will walk into a room, take over a conversation, and clear the room within 5 minutes.

Elena Davies – 1 strip of Tofu – Elena is definitely confident – but this can go good either way. She may come off as funny and win people over with her humor – OR…. she can be bitchy and turn people off. I am not sure what we will get out of her based on what I’ve seen & read so far. I need to see how she interacts with this group. She should make it to jury – but do not think she will have the killer instinct it takes to win the game.

Jason Dent – 2 strips of Bacon – ok, ok, yes, I do know Whistlenut aka Jason – but I had nothing to do with him getting on the show. I love the fact that when I met him earlier this year he had no idea Big Brother was still on, and now HE is on it. His lack of game knowledge will actually work to his advantage as people will not think of him as a threat early on – but he does have smarts & is in great physical shape. He will get to jury – and if he can win a couple challenges could make it to Final 6.

Jessica Graf – 2 strips of Bacon – I really want to give Jessica more bacon because I think she is actually a big threat to win the game – BUT…. she will have to weather the storm early. We have not seen the “hot girl” curse the last few seasons (BB11 – BB14 – the model went out 2nd each year) – she is a huge fan of the show and has all the skills to be a great player. She will probably get into a showmance and end up losing her man along the way. Probably a juror – but out before F6.

Jillian Parker – 3 strips of Tofu – zzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh hello Jillian, sorry… I uh… uh… zzzzzzzzzzz – ok, ok, I know that’s mean, but I find her a little bland and dare I say boring? I think we can all agree she will not be the puppetmaster of the season, nor will she be a comp beast – so, I guess she will just end up being a floater that will get cut sometime in the final 6 when a HoH wants to make a safe move late.

Josh Martinez – 1 strip of Tofu – Josh is another one that I just cannot get a read on early. I am a big fan of the Hawaiian shirt (if you know The Simpsons, Homer has a great quote about Hawaiian shirts) – but not a big fan of his attitude. The female version of Elena, Josh could go pretty far if he wins people over – but if they find him annoying – he could easily be out pre-jury. He better hope Elena is more annoying than he is – so he can hid in her shadow.

Kevin Schlehuber – 4 strips of Tofu – YAY – they cast someone over 50 for the first time in a long time (Glenn was 50 when he was on last year) – but I do not have high expectations for Kevin’s game. He will go along with “what the house wants” and not try to make waves, and he will be taken through the game as a vote. Although – since he has what 7 kids – the younger HGs may find him as a father figure and he can use them to take him to the end. But…. I think more like first out if he does not gel with the rest of them.

Mark Jansen – 4 strips of Bacon – similar to Christmas, it seems like Mark has the fans support early on – and what’s not to like about the guy. He’s huge but humble – and will be everyone’s best friend in the house early on. Before they know it – he will be taking them out one by one. I heard he has tried out a few times, so I hope he takes this opportunity and enjoys it – but he will have to get some blood on his hands along the way as well. If he has that killer instinct – then he should make final 6 – and give himself the best chance to win.

Matthew Clines – 1 strip of Bacon – I do not really have high expectations of Matthew’s game, but I think he will be the “villain” of the season. He will try to use the girls to help him get further, and it could work – but once they start comparing notes – they will all go after him. rarely do I give bacon to people I think will go out early – but I guarantee he will be the early star of the show (think Devon BB16).

Megan Lowder – 3 strips of Tofu – Megan is a guys girl – while she will probably not be in a showmance with any of them, I can see her spending most of her time hangin around the guys and bringing them intel back about the girls. She will be a loyal soldier in an alliance, but do not expect her to come up with any plans, or be the one to make a big game move. Another mid jury floater.

Ramses Soto – 4 strips of Bacon – there’s something about Ramses that really makes me think he can go far in the game. He’s a huge fanboy of Big Brother – and Dan Gheesling – but I do not think he will try to play Dan’s game. Ramses will play more of an Andy Herren game – and in my opinion Andy played an amazing game. People will tell Ramses everything and not realize how he will use that info against them. If he does not get detected early – he will make it to F6 – and could get to Final 2, where he could talk his way into a win.

Raven Walton – 1 strip of Bacon – I really like the energy Raven brings to the cast – she has a positive attitude and will need to keep that up as the house can really bring the worst out of people. She wants to try to be a manipulator – and hopefully she does not come out of the gate to strong, or too bubbly. I think Raven can keep it in check and get pretty far. Jury for sure – and possibly Final 6. She would have earned an extra strip of bacon if she did not say “Single as a Pringle & ready to Mingle.”

Ok – there you go – that’s what I think, for now, but we all know that the truth will come out once these 16 people walk into the Big Brother house and start playing the game. There will be some new twists this season that will shake up everything – so lets all sit back and watch as The Summer of Temptation is here – and no one is safe!!!

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my assessments in the comments section below. I will be back on July 5th with my week 1 Rankings,. Until then… from outside the Big Brother House, I’m Adam Poch… have a great day!

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  1. Keen assessment based on what we know so far, Adam. Have you gone back to your initial assessments from prior seasons to see how well they lined up with final results?
    ‘Single as a Pringle and ready to Mingle’??!!! Yikes. LOL.

  2. Very interesting to see. I’ve read the bios but haven’t had a chance to watch the videos, so this is very interesting. Can’t wait!

  3. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t care for Christmas. She is too slick, something just doesn’t add up for me. Cameron, he’s one of my favorites right out of the gate. I disagree with others when they compare him to Ian and Steve. Yes, he is smart, very smart, which I love. But Cameron is clearly comfortable in his own skin, doesn’t have trouble socializing, which we saw in his interview with Jeff. This element alone sets him apart from the formerly named because his game play/strategy will be very different for that fact alone imo.

  4. Just so glad to see you back for the season, Adam! I really look forward to your reviews!

  5. what’s up my Big Brother Loves, I miss you guys and am ready for some BIIIIIIGGGG BRRROOTHER!!!!. Season 19 is here.

  6. Great to see you back Adam! Your rankings are my favorite thing about Big Brother outside of the game:)

  7. Well, that was an eventful premiere, Adam – How are your rankings for this 1st week ending?
    I don’t like Cameron – Hope he stays gone. Very disappointed in Megan leaving as I had hopes!
    I like Alexa a lot more now than I thought I would. Did not expect to like her at all. Nice surprise.
    #EatChitCody #girlguns #PsychOpsThis
    Jillian is just a vote; she can go. Preferably only when OTB against another female.
    I like Ramses & Christmas. If they survive the Bro’s, I think either Ramses or Xmas could win. Cannot stand Josh (scaranoia). Don’t like Dominique. Waiting for both 2self-destruct.
    I like Elena and Raven ok so far. Was not expecting to like either, especially Elena. Good.
    I like Mark a lot and Matthew, I think, is ok, too. Cody is a stone cold killer.
    Kevin will be “interesting” to watch for awhile. Jess – meh. Waiting to see what she does.
    Jason will be disappointed that he isn’t a Lt in Cody’s Army so we’ll see how that goes. I expect Jason to be recruited as one of Paul’s apostles. Paul vs Cody – It’s on.

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