Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 5: Sunday Highlights

Sunday in the Big Brother 19 house consisted mostly of Paul and Jessica talking about what should go down this week concerning her Halting Hex power. One minute, Cody wants to just go home this week, and the next Jessica is definitely using it to save them. It’s going to be a long week.

Paul talks with Matthew and Raven on BB19

There were a lot of talks on both sides of the house as everyone wants to be ready no matter what Jessica decides. By the end of the day most of the Hex’s details were revealed and everyone should be more prepared for how to handle what could be coming their way on Thursday.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 30, 2017:

10:50 AM BBT – HGs getting a late start to the morning.

10:55 AM BBT – Paul talks with Kevin and Jason that he may actually take Jessica down and put Elena up in his bid to convince Jessica not to use the Hex, save it for next week, and let Cody go this week. Jason is okay with it. Paul is nervous about just how the Temptation works and if Jessica could then save Cody and someone else would go home.

11:15 AM BBT – Paul gets Jessica upstairs to talk deals and her Temptation. Paul says she’s only a target because Cody is in the house. Jessica explains exactly what her power is and how it works. Paul is pitching to Jessica that she doesn’t use the Hex and then she isn’t a target with Cody gone and she’s got a spot in the Jury.

11:20 AM BBT – Jessica saying that only Cody has her back and no one could convince her not to use the Hex. She came to play the game and she’ll do that. Jessica wants to make sure she gets to Jury with Cody. Paul says Cody isn’t protecting her, he’s making her a target.

11:30 AM BBT – Paul continues to press on Jessica to not use the Hex and earn herself a better spot in the house instead of being dragged down by him. Jessica finally says she’d consider it with a few conditions. Jessica wants 2 weeks safety and for Alex to be targeted for eviction next. Paul says he could do the the safety, but can’t control Alex going because not everyone would agree to it. Jessica continues to say she wants Alex out and if that can’t be promised then she’ll use the Hex to keep Cody and have two people to go after Alex instead of just one.

11:33 AM BBT – Jessica tells Paul she doesn’t want to “make the house happy” because the “house” has never made her happy. (Zing!)

11:35 AM BBT – Jessica reminds Paul that not all the past winners have worried about making the rest of the house happy. Paul challenges that. Jessica answers him with Evel Dick and Dr. Will. Jessica says she wants to talk with Cody about this.

11:40 AM BBT – Jessica was tipped off to talk with Matthew about something Cody said at the start of the season. Matthew doesn’t want to get in to it and says it was a long time ago. (This was about Cody telling Matthew that they could keep some HGs around to take out their showmance partners for them later in the game.)

11:41 AM BBT – Paul is frustrated that Matthew didn’t tell her. Paul thought that might be what seals the deal he pitched.

11:45 AM BBT – Kevin thinks they should just force Jessica’s hand to use the Hex and then play hard for them next week. Matthew and Paul want Cody gone this week, not next week.

11:50 AM BBT – Paul tells Jason that Jessica wants to go after Alex. Jason is upset. Paul says that deal doesn’t cover him (J), Josh, or Kevin. Paul points out they only have to lie and tell Jessica okay then they’ll get Cody out.

11:55 AM BBT – Jessica questions Cody. She wants to know if her mom will be happy to see the things he’s said and done. Cody is upset about her line of questioning. Jessica says tells Cody that Matthew wouldn’t say what Cody had said five weeks ago and suggested Cody feels differently about her now. Jessica wants Cody to explain why he wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the game at the beginning then if Cody didn’t really want to keep them to eliminate her for him. Cody is giving excuses, but gets upset that she is questioning his loyalty.

12:05 PM BBT – Cody is very upset that Jessica would question his loyalty (well, he did say that earlier this season so she’s not wrong about asking).

12:10 PM BBT – Paul warns Alex that Jessica is trying to make a deal for her head in the game. He tells her to go before they’re spotted.

12:15 PM BBT – Jessica goes back to Paul. He says he can make it happen if she still wants. She says to give her a bit to consider it.

12:20 PM BBT – Mark tells Jessica that maybe she should just use the Hex then they could gun for HoH and get the best of both worlds.

12:25 PM BBT – Jessica tries to talk with Cody, but he tells her to get away and go find someone else to distrust. Cody continues to be very upset. He says she lost him over this.

12:30 PM BBT – Cody storms out while Jessica tells him to “do whatever the f**k you want.”

1:05 PM BBT – Paul lets Christmas, Raven, and Matthew know what’s going on. He says Mark and Elena think the deal is real. He says they’ll put up Mark as a pawn next to Alex and then vote out Mark instead. Blindside again.

1:20 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason she’d rather Jessica just use the Hex. Jason agrees. Jason wonders if Paul is secretly working with the other side. Alex doesn’t think so.

1:45 PM BBT – Mark tells Paul his game (Mark’s) would be better off without Cody there. He doesn’t see why Jessica would use the Hex and keep Cody around longer.

1:50 PM BBT – Paul lies to Mark telling him that he’s got people on board to evict Alex as part of Jessica’s deal.

2:10 PM BBT – Jessica and Paul speak again. He offers to get everyone in the room so they can discuss. She agrees. After she leaves Paul excitedly dances. He believes he may have convinced Jessica to not use the Hex.

2:15 PM BBT – Jessica goes to Cody and tells him she hopes he’ll come around. Cody says he just wants to go. He tells her not to use the Hex.

2:35 PM BBT – Jessica tells Raven that Cody can’t understand someone being disloyal because he was in the military and they had to rely on and trust each other.

2:50 PM BBT – Group gathers in the HoH room with Paul, Jessica, Mark, Elena, Raven, and Matthew. Paul says he was already willing to put Alex up if the Hex had prevented Jessica and Cody. Jessica says she’ll want Alex out if she lets them vote Cody out. Everyone in the group agrees to target Alex.

3:10 PM BBT – Paul asks the rest of the group to play it cool with Jessica so they can just get Cody out this week.

3:20 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody continue their soap opera. He says the damage is done and she should go on without him. Jessica questions if he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Cody says he wishes he could just walk away.

4:10 PM BBT – Cody poses to Jessica that she use the Hex then they gun for HoH. She calls him bipolar.

4:30 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica discuss being together after the show is over.

4:40 PM BBT – Jessica is waiting to hear back from DR over whether she can use her power in a different way. (Possibly trying to use it after votes are revealed, I’m not certain.)

4:50 PM BBT – Raven offers to Alex that if she (A) is HoH next week then put her (R) up next to Jessica. They discuss how the Hex would then be used (expecting it to still be there next week).

5:00 PM BBT – Jessica hopes Paul does use the Veto on her so he can see Alex go up in her place.

6:25 PM BBT – Cody warns Jessica that Kevin was asking him for details to see if she was planning to use the Hex. He says Kevin was sent out in to the backyard to eavesdrop on them.

7:05 PM BBT – Jessica and Paul again discussing the logistics of the deal and whether or not she’d use the Hex. She tells Paul she’d be more comfortable off the Block.

7:10 PM BBT – Paul promises Jessica he only wants Cody out, not her. Jessica reveals to Paul that she has to use the Hex before the votes are revealed. She can not wait until after it’s been done to announce she wants to stop the eviction. Paul promises that with no one else knowing that then they’ll definitely vote out Cody (or she’d just halt it then, but we know she’s telling the truth).

7:15 PM BBT – Jessica warns Paul that if she’s still on the Block on Thursday then she’ll be too nervous not to use the Hex. Paul asks her to trust him. They don’t need to talk again about it and she’s got six people on her side in the house.

7:30 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that he thinks the talk worked and Jessica may not use the Hex after all.

7:45 PM BBT – Jessica talks with Mark for advice. She doesn’t know what to do. Mark promises to have her back. She says if she gets HoH again she’s going for blood and making lots of enemies. Jessica says that Paul wants her boyfriend out of the game but she doesn’t want to give him that satisfaction.

7:50 PM BBT – Jessica points out that as long as Cody is in the game then he’ll be a bigger target over her and Mark. Mark agrees. Mark tells Jessica he hopes she uses the Hex. He promises her safety from him if she uses the Hex and he gets HoH.

7:55 PM BBT – Jessica tells Mark she’ll need to talk with Cody and make sure his head is in the game or she won’t keep him with the Hex. Mark says he’ll lie to Elena and tell her that he’d put up Cody and Jessica if he won HoH, but it isn’t true.

8:39 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody about the conversation she had with Paul where she told him he better not go off on Cody during the veto speech. Cody says he’s not mad at her for saying that.

9:00 PM BBT – House is calm. Everyone just hanging out, chit-chatting.

11:00 PM BBT – Kevin, Alex and Jason are talking about next week. Kevin says if Cody gets HOH he’s not coming for the three of them. Jason says he thought Cody was going home. Kevin says hypothetically, if Cody stays, he’ll nominate someone other than them.

11:02 PM BBT – Alex tells Kevin and Jason they can’t win the game without Paul (hmm). Kevin says they should put Raven up and send her home.

11:04 PM BBT – Mark is talking to Jessica and Cody about how depressed he is over Elena. He says he was ready to go to bat for her at any moment and now she won’t even talk to him. Cody says he thinks she’s following Paul’s orders.

11:30 PM BBT – Mark tells Cody he regrets abandoning Dominique in her last week. He says he did that for Elena and now she wants to distance herself from him. Mark thinks Elena is doing that to change her alliance away from him.

11:40 PM BBT – Jessica and Raven have been throwing baby powder and flour all over the bathroom at Matthew in the shower. The bathroom is a disaster zone.

11:55 PM BBT – Jessica talks with Elena about her decision on the Hex. She tells Elena she’s still trying to decide and Cody doesn’t know she’s still uncertain.

12:00 AM BBT – Jessica mentions Raven said she was uncomfortable with Cody in the house because she (R) had been abused in the past. Jessica questions then why she’s always punching and hitting Matthew if she’s worried about abuse.

12:05 AM BBT – Elena warns Jessica that if Cody is always the target, using the Hex this week will just continue to make Cody the target next week too.

12:07 AM BBT – Mark tells Paul that Cody isn’t coming after him and wants to target a lot of HGs, but Paul’s name isn’t mentioned by Cody.

12:35 AM BBT – Jessica and Elena still discussing the Hex, Jury, etc. Elena advises Jessica against using the Hex, warning her it could likely hurt her game. Elena says the Jury cutoff being part of this decision for the HGs will make it harder for them to accept Jessica back in to the group after Cody is gone if she risks everyone else’s chances for it. Jessica says it’d be a benefit to not use it if everyone goes after Alex.

12:45 AM BBT – Jessica warns Elena that there is one HG who is getting everything their way and she didn’t come here to play someone else’s game.

12:50 AM BBT – Elena warns Jessica that if she uses the Hex then HGs are going to come after her instead of Cody. Jessica says that doesn’t scare her. She says the viewers voted her to get the Hex so she’d use it.

12:55 AM BBT – Jessica says that Paul is in their way of winning and if someone took him out the entire game would change.

1:10 AM BBT – Jessica decides she’d rather use the Hex and be a central character in the next few episodes than not use it and just be a background player on the show for a few weeks. She wants screen time.

1:25 AM BBT – Elena reports back to Paul that Jessica is still trying to decide what to do. She tells Paul to take it easy for a bit while she works on Jessica.

2:00 AM BBT – It’s time for the nightly Mark and Elena soap opera. She hurt his feelings. Mark is so distraught. Rinse and repeat.

2:35 AM BBT – Paul lets Alex know what Jessica revealed to him (and he promised to keep a secret), Jessica has to use the Hex before voting. He tells Alex they should think about evicting either Jessica or Cody given the choice at that point if she doesn’t stop the vote.

3:35 AM BBT – Mark and Elena are still talking feelings. Mark asks Elena if he throws the HoH comp to her would she let him sleep up there. She says no.

3:45 AM BBT – Lights are finally out and HGs have gone off to bed.

This exchange between Paul and Jessica over the Hex is interesting, but I can’t possibly imagine she’ll be willing not to save Cody. If anything she could be stringing Paul along for a little payback, but we’ll see what she says in private over the next few days.

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  1. I hope Jessica doesn’t let Paul talk her out of using the hex. This will be the third time he has tricked one Jody to their detriment. Eventually, you have to catch on, right?

    • Why though? The idea of Jessica voting out Cody would make good TV, and Cody is just not a good person.

      • I’m no one to judge who is a good or bad person, but I do know whether I agree or disagree with his beliefs or opinions, at least he is real and thinks for himself. He does not tell you what you want to hear he tells you what he thinks and feels regardless of anyone else’s inputs…you cannot say that about ANYONE else in that house, they all need to check in with Paul before they can say what he wants them to think

  2. Cody says he is ready to “jump on a grenade” for Jess. That is one of his ways to control her. Cody starts manipulating Jeszibel when she says or does things he doesn’t like. She then placates him and talks him off the ledge, exactly what he wants her to do. She doesn’t realize it, but she is already playing the role that abused women play, making excuses, covering for a man that she very much knows has “real life” issues, feeling/accepting guilt every time he makes her feel like she did something wrong, trying to protect him because of the sensitive state he is in, because of what he has been through. I’m not saying she has been abused by Cody, but I think he is showing a propensity to be mentally/emotionaly abusive and she is proving to be prey for him and falling into that trap. I hope BB sees their mistake in allowing Cody back in the house. It’s so very obvious that he has some issues he needs to confront.
    What can I say, I woke up on the serious side of the bed for a change.

    • I think you’re right about Cody. I see an abusive nature come from him & he is VERY good at manipulation. I could see it on AD the other night when he told her that there’s nothing he can do to please her, so she just needs to let him go home. He’s just saying that to manipulate her and make her feel bad for him. When she told him she was using the hex on him, he lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s all about manipulation with him.

      • I agree. Nobody knows who he is or what he’s like out of the House. That house and those people,e would make me kind of crazy too.

      • There’s a lot of really dark stuff coming from Cody in regards to his toxic/fragile masculinity. Constantly comparing his masculinity to the other men of the house, calling them “betas” and himself “alpha”. He’s clearly got a lot of issues

      • Cody admitted that he acts like that in the real world, and he doesn’t see big brother as a game. For him it’s real life (which would explain his horrible gameplay)

      • Actually, the other men are in fact weak slaves of Paul. The girls are stronger!

    • You woke up on the serious side of the bed, should I go build me a bunker somewhere since the end of the world is near? LOL, just kidding. I think you actually might be on to something there. It is possible he could be suffering from PTSD but more than likely he is the kind of guy that things has to go his way or no way.

      • think of jody as both having passive/aggressive personalities.
        it makes for a bizarre team-up

      • I got back in bed. Rolled to the other side and started again. I’m ready to play, WW. Better head for your bunker because I’m arming my nerf gun for battle. lol

      • NO NOT the Nerf gun, that will disform my face. OK it needs help but still.

      • I’m a good aim, my grandsons can attest to that. I don’t go for the face, though. hahaha

      • Agreed. He is completely the type of person who needs things to only go his way.

    • I can see another blow up coming and the next time might result in actual blows…Pent up anger and dislike/hate between players make it hard to forget that it is a game…Playing personal is not recommended in the game of BB

      • Hope that doesn’t happen but when a player says this is real life and not a game, personal is all they know. I will say, and many might not agree, but I think Paul has allowed it to get a little personal about Cody.

      • Yep since Cody came back in house Paul has let his personal feelings get in the way of his game…Cody and Jessica have been playing personal all along…When u lose sight of a $500,000 prize just to best an enemy in the house ur game is (most times) pretty much over..

      • I think it’s combo, Cody still is a competition threat, but yea, he definitely wants him out for personal reasons too. Can you blame him? At some point, you have to get out the annoying f’ers when the entire house wants them out even if it’s just because they awful people.

    • It’s called emotional abuse…many people are victims of emotional abuse and don’t even realize it.

    • I don’t know about all that. I think even in the healthiest of relationships it’s normal to want to protect your partner (make excuses) and to feel bad when there is conflict (guilt)

  3. Jessica not using this will legit be worse than when Marcellas (?) didnt use his veto omg. Get it together.

    Paul is really good at this game. They way he convinces people to do things is amazing. Also helps that 90% of the players think they are on vacation or something.

    After Paul, I think Jessica is the next best player to be honest. She is behind him a ways but her intuition about how things are shaping up is pretty much on point.

    Alex remains a disappointment. After so much potential she has now sad she is okay with finishing second to Paul and now saying she cant win the game without him. Lame.

    • I don’t believe Alex truly wants to finish 2nd to Paul. She talks with Jason about sticking w/ them until the right time without saying the words “evict Paul.” I really do believe she’s blowing smoke at him.

      But yeah, for Jessica, I keep thinking Marcellas. If she doesn’t use the Hex and gets voted out she’ll be the modern day Marcellas for sure.

      • Spot on.
        She will be consided the modern day Marcellas if she did not use hex.
        I think she will use veto and Paul’s HOH will be a waste.
        Question is. Why does Paul have a “hard on” for Cody?? Hmm let’s see Cody all ready out smarted Paul once, and Paul let Cody back into game by not beating him in maze game!!!
        Now if it happens again, holy cow 3 times and your out!!!

      • Oh Paul is definitely threatened by Cody. He should be. Cody is probably his top competition in the game. It’d be a mistake to be targeting anyone else at this point since the rest are in his pocket too deep.

      • Both Cody and Jessica is Paul’s biggest threats in the game. Getting them two out will make his life easier this season but I wouldn’t say it will be a cake walk for him.

      • Not anymore. Cody is done, he has no ally whatsoever. Even if he stay and win HoH, he’ll never be able to get Paul out.

      • By that I mean that Paul’s minions will more than likely turn on him first chance they get.

      • That is true and that was what I was saying earlier but my bad if I didn’t clarify it sooner.

      • I want to know what Codys affection for Alex is…lol…To see Jess and Alex have a cat fight over Cody would be great for the feeds..But Alex is there to win money not a man.. This post was supposed to be for bbadboy…I don’t know how it ended up under Matthew…

      • I want to know what Codys affection for Jessica is about? Does he want to keep her to take out Alex and keep Alex’s jury vote?

      • I think she’d be smart to not use it this week and let Cody go, that way she can use it for herself next week. One of them is definitely going home next week if they don’t win HOH

      • If she doesn”t use it they should vote her out. Cody would probably self evict after that.

      • I just know that it’s not going to keep her safe forever. So what if it buys her one more week. She could have more time if she shows the house her loyalty and let’s them evict Cody. I mean if they vote nominate her next week she can just use it to save HERSELF. I wish she would stop worrying about Cody. He dug his own grave twice. Time could buy her a chance to get closer to Paul Christmas and kevin. She’s also too blatant with her hate for Alex. There isn’t one other person in the house that agrees. Even her boyfriend doesnt want her out

      • I truly was not a fan of Alex or Jason at the beginning. Alex has won me over to a degree. I’m still on the fence with Jason, but out of all of the people in that house, I think those two have the best chance of being the ones who play a pivotal role in taking Paul out, if it happens. At least they are both playing. I love the fact that Alex doesn’t kiss up to anyone and I do not think she would settle for being #2 behind anyone. She will do everything she can to win.

      • I was rooting for Alex from day one, Jason on the other hand has grown on me. Kevin is still playing a pivotal role in Paul’s game but I think the one to take Paul out is none other than Elena should she win HOH.

      • Elena is so far up Pauls butt I don’t think she’d ever take him out. He says jump and she says how high. She’s his little rat. She goes and talks and gets information and runs back to Paul. Now Alex, Jason and Kevin I think will go after a Paul. They kind of talk about it without actually coming out and saying it.

      • Yes they do but the quite and sneaky ones are the ones you have to watch out for.

      • She’s so stupid. She’s on the bottom of both of the sides of the house and she doesn’t even know it!

      • I think… well hope, that Alex is letting Paul get all the blood on his hands and get rid of the targets only to get rid of him. Her Jason josh Kevin and christmas should take him out after everyone else goes

      • I agree Alex and Jason are playing the game. I love Paul the way he plays…. he is a smart player…. but Alex is just as smart.

        Cody and Jessica play this game way to personal. They play vendictively, which forces their game to be more personal decisions…. they are not playing the game strategically.

      • And Paul getting closer to Dan status if his plan works. Makes me think back to the whole Dan G plan to get Danielle to let him evict Shane. It shouldn’t have worked but it did

      • I agree with you on Alex. I think she’s telling Paul what he wants to hear. I’ve heard her say similar things to Jason about “sticking with them for now.”

        Jessica does have a surprisingly good intuition. I think that could take her far if she listens to it more than her pet gorilla.

    • I think Alex would take out Paul. She’d be just as happy to finish with Jason or Kevin.

      I do want Jessica to use the Hex. Hard to imagine she’d sell out Cody for Alex but we’ll see. I do not want Cody or Jessica to win next HoH; I want them to go home. DE works for me.

      I’m ready for the next storyline where Paul becomes the biggest target. He’ll try to focus the house on Mark and Elena but without Cody and Jessica, I’m not sure the house will be so convinced.

      I also look for Kevin to step up his whispers and reasoning behind Paul’s back.

      • The DE will probably not happen until the week after the last Temptation Competition (immunity from nomination) is in play.

        To have a DE before the next 2 weeks, would mean that during the live show, right after the regular eviction, they would have to squeeze into the last 30-45 minutes of the live show:

        – 4 competitions – new HOH, TC, and a POV, and a new HOH
        – hold eviction nominations,
        – a POV ceremony,
        – votes for and eviction of 2nd HG,and then
        – start a new HOH competition.

        It would be too much – changing sets/setting up competitions – even if they don’t finish the new HOH competition. IIRC, the new HOH after a DE has always been an endurance “sliding/slippery” themed race.

        Also within the next 2 weeks the first member of the Jury will already be in the Jury House.

      • That’s fine. Whatever. Doesn’t matter to me. I hope they go back to back immediately.

        That just won’t be easy with Paul not HoH next week but whenever. :)

      • Yah, whatever! I guess I stated too many facts and variables for you huh snowflake?

        Sorry if it cause you to have a bit brain freeze there love!


      • Seems like the DE is always the start of the Jury House. First eviction goes home and the second eviction they go to Jury. I may be wrong but for some reason, I am thinking that way around. Also I might add that after next week Could be a DE since the last Temptation Comp would only be for the first eviction. In other words, the first Temp comp has been played. Nest week will be the second one and the week after, the first eviction would be after the last temp comp so a DE is possible that week. All of this is regardless if Jessica uses the Hex or not. It would be better if she uses then the DE would be even better.

      • I thought next week would be a DE as well..Cause when Jess got the HEX it was good for 4 weeks/ evictions..Since it was 4 weeks I wondered if Production wanted to see if she would use it during a DE…The 4 weeks time stamp was odd so I thought…

      • Usually it is the 2nd and 3rd jurors that go out during a DE.

        If the Hex is not use this week or next we more than likely get the DE in 2 weeks from Thursday.

        If the Hex is use this week or next week, DE won’t happen until 3 weeks from Thursday. Unless they decide to do it for 1st and 2nd evictee, than in 2 weeks.

        I don’t a DE happen before that.

      • I agree. Usually the first person is in jury by themself for a week. Then two people walk in back to back a few minutes apart.

      • SO this is week three of four. Well hell I gots my weeks confused LOL. Your right, week one was Dom leaving, week two Ramses left, this is week three and next week is week four. Problem lies in the Temptation comp. This is the first week for it and next week would be the second one. Production is banking on Jessica using the Hex either this week or next week which would and possibly could put us in the DE the following week after the the third Temp Comp is played. Either way, I don’t expect a DE until the 17th of August but I have been wrong before and time will tell. Just depends on when Julie tells us the week before if a DE is coming.

      • I thought jury is already when there’s a DE. When they show the jury house you see someone there by themselves for a week then someone walks in and a few minutes later someone walks in right behind them.

      • Maybe it was just for that one season then. I can’t remember which one but I remember Julie telling the house right after the first eviction that the good news now was everyone just made jury.

      • They would just not do the TC and then pick it back up the following week. They did that before during a DE when they were doing battle of the block.

      • In a perfect world Jess doesn’t use the hex and instead of them voting Cody out they vote Jess out then the hex is done. Cody flips out because Jess won’t be in jury and he self evicts. We get two for one. Both gone.

      • Sooo perfect! Let both of them go home only to realize their “love story” ended the day they walked out of the BB house. However, the downside is that watching BB after both of them are gone would be super boring.

      • That would be ideal, but I don’t think Cody would self evict, I think he would go on a rampage and possibly take out a few folks before he gets evicted because he is a good competitor. I’d still take out Cody first, then you could pretty easily keep Jess feeling safe until you backdoor her in a couple weeks.

      • From your lips..
        I would absolutely love that.
        I’m ready for this saga to end.
        I wanna see what’s next.

        I look for Kevin to amp up his mechanization. He’s already told people theyve been getting out little fish, they need to take out a big fish. Lol.

        Kevin, Jason and Alex will team up to take out Paul, I think. It’ll be more shady but interesting, I think.

      • My top 5 players are Paul, Jessica, Cody, Alex and Kevin. Now Kevin may not have won HOH or anything else other than that $25,027.00 but he is pivotal in Paul’s ear.

      • Watching Alex, Jason and Kevin together is hilarious. I love those three together.

      • I’d take Cody out at this point and substitute Jason (which I never thought I’d say) Cody’s pattern of retreating when things don’t go his way takes him off the list for me

      • I see your point and if either Cody or Jessica leaves this week or next, I can then jump on the Jason ship LOL.

      • Lol so who is top 3 players in the house right now. Not people who you like personally eh, just top 3. Paul and then who??

      • In term of game awareness and strategic thinking, I would put Kevin and Jason way ahead of Jessica. Jess doesn’t really understand what is going on.

      • Imo, some are confusing playing the game with being a good game player. Jessica is definitely playing the game more than most in the house. But she is not that good, keeps getting fooled and will make one of the biggest bonehead moves of BB history if she doesn’t use the hex and ends up going home same week.

    • I don’t think she’s a good player at all. She won 1 comp and hasn’t made a strong enough effort to make game relationships with anyone but Cody

      • Well that speaks to the house in general I guess. Name me your top 3 players right now. Not people that you like necessarily, just who is playing the game.

        Paul and…..?

      • Paul is a dictator so if you want to call that good game okay I’ll give you that one then Alex and Kevin would be my top three

      • Game only? Paul Kevin and Christmas. I think they’re the ones actually thinking longer term. They’re trying to build relationships that can keep them safe after all these targets are gone. I think Jess could have a Real chance if she used this hex as a way to gain other hg’s trust. She’s got nothing to loose she doesn’t have enough votes and mark and Elena flip flop

  4. Paul is pitching to Jessica that she doesn’t use the Hex and then she isn’t a target with Cody gone and she’s got a spot in the Jury.

    Jessica would be dumb to take Paul up on his BS offer. All this does is enable Paul to evict Cody and also, to make his HOH count for something! One week extra safety doesn’t mean squat right now! Jessica would be at the mercy of the big alliance and be evicted at their pleasure. Jessica needs to use the Halting Hex to nullify Paul’s HOH and waste it! Next week, Paul cannot play for HOH. Win HOH next week and go after Paul and his minions. Send Paul or one of his minions out the door! Trust nobody in the Big Brother House. They claim to be Big Brother fans yet, believe all the BS spewed in front of their faces? If Jessica accepts this BS offer from Paul, she just slit her throat! Seriously, she just wants to make it jury? Either way, she will make jury and whatever stipend she earns, there is not going to be much difference. She should be trying to win $500,000 instead! She and Cody together fighting hard for HOH and VETO together will give them a better chance! It would be easier if both Mark and Elaina are on their side 100%. These two are waffling again!

    • I agree. If you came to actually wIn, you better live to fight another day with your partner.

      • With only the two of you, I do not see why your goal should not be to win HOH and VETO each and every week! Be a Danielle Donato and not cower in fear! Jessica and Cody should use the Halting Hex then, go try and win the HOH next week for starters. If they win, go after Paul as primary target, his minions if he gets off and rinse and repeat! For maximum damage, they can try and win HOH back to back with each other! That would give them 2 weeks of power and be able to evict 2 people from Paul’s big alliance and splinter that group for good!

      • That is all based on if Paul doesn’t play in the Temp Comp and try to win or actually wins for his one week safety. Too many gremlins in play to just go for the gold the nest two weeks. Plus, Jessica would not only lose what little protection she has for next week (that is if she or Cody don’t win HOH or VETO). She uses the Hex this week, she is still cutting her own throat, it is a no win situation for Jessica so she might as well go for it and not use it.

  5. It would be a dumb move for Jessica to not use the Hex. But I thought it would be a dumb move for Jessica and Cody to sit out the Den of Temptation competition and they did that so what do I know?

    • That was a dumb move for sure. Jessica and Cody should have figured out that they would be on the block and should try and win the Den of Temptation competition for safety because if one of them won, they would be off the block and had a chance of winning VETO. It would have enabled them to extend the power of the Halting Hex by one week. Jessica decided to try and bluff Paul which was a dumb and weak move at best! She needs to use the Halting Hex now because that is her best move!

      • Was it weak or dumb? In a way, YES. But it was also a strategic move as well. It just didn’t work in her favor that is all.

  6. “1:10 AM BBT – Jessica decides she’d rather use the Hex and be a central character in the next few episodes than not use it and just be a background player on the show for a few weeks. She wants screen time.”

    There you have all in black and white. She’s not on BB to win, she want to be discovered. I sure hope peole who voted her for the Hex are now regretting it.

    • Exactly! And I hate to inform Jessica..but, once this game is over..we will probably never see or hear from her again. She is for sure going to use it. Sure hope she has those hair extensions and false eyelashes looking good come Thursday. Ugh! I really dislike Cody. Can u imagine those two in jury together? Sexual activity 24/7!

      • Right? I mean she’s hot, no denying that. But there have been hotter in the house and where are they?
        I mean Janelle is hotter (IMO, you milage may vary) and freaking won BB and what’s the latest on her? (Note: I am not saying that Janelle hasn’t done things with her life or anything dumb like that)

    • Ironically, if this is true, she still plays better than the majority of the house. Which isn’t saying much I know.

      • Really ? Take a good look at last week. Jess has no idea of what is really going on.

      • No, but neither does the majority of the house.
        Maybe better was a poor choice of words.
        Don’t get me wrong, she’s not good at this, but my God at least she plays. And she wins stuff.

      • How many has Elena won? Matt? Raven? Jason? Christmas? Kevin?
        Have any of them done anything besides look dumbfounded and lost? Kevin kind of did stuff when he outed the blindside on Ramses.
        Mark won the Temptation thing. Other than that he’s done nothing but cry about Elena.
        Again, she isn’t great by any stretch but at least she plays.

      • She won a veto too. She has some competition capability, but that’s only part of it, she is not very good at the social game, getting fooled already multiple times and general social game is horrible while Cody is still there.

      • I give her credit for trying to strategize this week, poorly for sure, but she tried. She needs to get rid of that deadweight around her ankle and then we can see how she does

    • That’s why I didn’t vote for her. I wish CBS would show the results. It just makes it look fishy.

  7. jess is playing codys military service into the mix, this could cause paul to hesitate, because he may fear ticking off the US military if he appears too aggressive. paul is too single minded about wanting cody out, i think he should want jess out more. pauls walking on eggshells toying with his loyalists and he may be in over his head on this cockamamie scheme. he was unsuccessful with the blindside.

    • Has Paul even asked why they didn’t react like they blindsided? Is he questioning went they didn’t and, if so, who tipped them off?

      This is a game. I am happy to sincerely thank Cody for his service outside the game. But in the game, I don’t go for playing the military card anymore than sometimes sick card or “for my kids” card, etc. Like Cody himself says, everyone has a story. Totally legit stories but this is a game, not a charity. Enter at your own risk.

      • And some not so legit, too. Didn’t Danielle Murphee lie about having cancer? I’m sure there are more examples. Yes, good post and wise words, “Enter at your own risk.”

      • sure, we know this game but paul was fingered for being racist with dom. she played the race card inside and tmz highlighted some mis-information
        this can be tricky.

      • Agreed. I am just as sick of hearing about Raven’s disease as I am Cody’s military service. Everyone has struggles and accomplishments, they don’t mean you deserve 500k

    • Really? The US Military? Isn’t that a bit much? First of all, its none of US military’s business, and 2nd, they probably never heard of or could care less about BB 19, never mind Cody or Paul!

      Even if by some fluke the military did in involved, all Paul would care about is the publicity, the effects on his social media accounts, and most importantly, the immensity of his “victim noises” and perceived victimhood which he would exploit for his SJW fan base sympathy and support!

      • whoa, i’m not sayin the military will bomb paul, it’s just that jess is playing his service into the game. ptsd is a very delicate subject to toy with for game and image.

      • Wow, slow your flow Ms. Thing! You’re quite the hysteric for a such delicate little snowflake, aren’t you?

        Jessica IS NOT using Cody’s PTSD as a weapon or making excuses for it.
        FACT: You low-information bottom-feeding haters ARE USING it to DEMONIZE Cody and our Military!

        So what Cody has PTSD. For your information, a lot of civilians have PTSD as well. Unfortunately, our military men and women are not getting access to the proper medical care and treatment for these conditions.

        FACT: Another example of you haters using PTSD to DEMONIZE Cody and our Military.

        Jessica is not “toying with it!”

        FACT: If anyone is “toying with it” its you haters. You’re not just toying it with you are, as usual, WEAPONIZING IT to use against Cody and our Military!

        And finally, who said anything about bombing Paul? Now may be as good a time as any for you to put down the crack pipe and join reality!

      • lol, you call someone snowflake, then proceed to blow a gasket on the same forum because darn it someone doesn’t agree with you! waaaaah!, HOLY CAPITALIZED WORDS FOR DRAMATIC SNOWFLAKE WHINEY EFFECT, BATMAN!!11!@#*$(! You can’t possibly get more obvious what your angle is here, so take your obvious political agenda elsewhere.

      • Typical LibTARD retort! Criticize the syntax because you’re too intellectually retarded and dishonest to argue the facts!

      • I didn’t criticize the syntax, Einstein, I criticized your dramatic Faux News Trumpanzee approach where you think shooting it or yelling at it is the only way to solve a problem. LOL

      • Well you obviously didn’t read! All those words and facts might make your little bird freeze! And, as far as I know my keyboard doesn’t stutters either!

        Thanks for playing! Get some treatment for that severe retardation!

      • Ok. I’m just going to assume your like 12 and move on.
        Just, wow…..

      • Honey my brain will put yours to shame. We come here to have fun and debate. Not everyone agrees but we have fun with it. Maybe you can find another thread or forum where you can scream hate at everyone. Bye Felicia.

      • Yes you did!, You just went and edited it out of your original comment you FN liar!

  8. 12:55 AM BBT – Jessica says that Paul is in their way of winning and if someone took him out the entire game would change.

    Finally, a brain cell is working! Jessica would be the talk if she does not use the Halting Hex. She would be the talk of making the dumbest move this season!

  9. I feel like Jessica is onto Paul’s game, but is conflicted in saving Cody at the detriment of her own game. This folks is why you shouldn’t get into a showmance!!!

    Poor Mark, I actually feel kind of bad for him. Elena is cut throat. He needs to stop following her around like a lost puppy. It’s sad & this here is another reason to not get into a showmance!! It never works out. Like Paul said on AD, like 2 have worked out in 19 seasons. Very rare. It’s not worth the headache.

    • No way Paul leaves a desperate, traumatized, bitter, Cody-missing Mark, Elena and Jessica in the house together for long.

  10. Seems to me, that every showmance this season, consists of a dumb guy and a bright girl.

    Interesting dynamic.

    • Raven is bright? Matt is dumb? I think Matt is yawn-inducing, but is he dumb? And Raven just complains about her ailments. I agree with the other two…although Marlena probably isn’t really a showmance any more.

      • raven is odd and cray-cray, yet when she talks game she is much smarted than matt. she has to explain and repeat everything to him real slow.

  11. Why is jess gunning for Alex? I expected so much from Alex but relying on Paul to win is a disappointment. And I don’t see anything wrong with Jessica wanting airtime, she’s on tv might as well take advantage of it, Raven by now thinks she’s famous but she doesn’t even get a lot of airtime and her comment about being abused, jess is right she keeps hitting Matt, double standard she really plays her victim/sickness card.

    • Jess is gunning for Alex because Cody seems to be in to Alex. He even said her name instead of Jess’ when they were in bed, lol.

  12. Unbelievable! She’s really trusting Paul and his minions, again! Oh well, it’s over for these two anyway, the alliance will soon turn on one another, my last hope for these players is their eviction of Paul, if not, then this season really was the worst gameplay in BB history.

  13. Paul seems to continue to be the HG whisperer. Jessica does see it, why don’t the others remove their blinds? Paul should see Cody is not the real problem and get over his being butt hurt and try to get the true other player out of the house, which is Jessica. Let’s not forget to mention the Alex deal might be pretty good, all he has to do is agree to target her, doesn’t mean he has to? Hell, take Jessica down and put Alex up now and speak ill of her openly, again just because you say it or appear to be acting on it doesn’t make it so, look at the Ramses evict. IDK who besides Paul thinks for these people but they seem brain dead. Kevin’s sneaky behind is a problem too, he is NOT to be trusted it seems with the exception of Jason & what if Jason knew of Kevin’s dealings with Jody? What if Jason knew of the janky voting early on?

    Poor Mark, just devoted because he is…no other reason. He is very much like most others in the house, no thought process past jury or the next meal.

    We, as I see it have three true players, Jessica, Alex & Paul. Remove anyone else and what does it matter to the game besides a vote? Paul or Alex would do well to cut a side deal with Jessica…she’s IMO not going anywhere soon and who at the end would vote to keep her?

    • thank you, that was great,
      so this offer that paul is making w/jess, is it really just all one big lie?

      • If it were me and I was pulling the strings, yes. Why not? The other HG would follow right along just as they did to evict Ramses and never questioning the true reason why Paul wanted this.

      • well, if it’s all a lie, it’s an incredibly huge lie. does he really have all that much power?

      • Paul hasn’t thought aloud or maybe voiced this to others but I see it. Look at other players past who accomplished this? Paul himself had this happen to him last year? It would be hard to pull off but not impossible.
        They hate Cody and that’s a sure bet but remove Cody and who would vote against Alex sans Mark and Cody?

      • I’d sell that like I’d sell Ice Cream to the Lactose Intolerant on a hot day.

  14. Someone please explain to me why int he heck Matthew is even in the house? He is Paul’s lapdog..I enjoy watching Paul play..I am one of the few who think he is good at this game..although I think this week all of his planning won’t pay off because Jess will use the Hex…Why would Matt not want to tell Jess about the deal Cody made very very early in the game about other people getting rid of their showmances..I guess the reason is because now they all (besides mark and elena) must be in true love! We have seen the sexual activity from Jess and Cody and Matt and Raven. Guess he is afraid Raven finding out! Matt to Paul: whatever you want me to do, I am a team player and I will do it!!

    • Oh and one more thing about Matt..I am tired of looking at that torn up tacky Texas muscle shirt every single day!!

    • Agree. I can’t even watch Raven and Matthew’s ridiculous antics. If they think throwing powder, etc. all over each other and the destroying the bathroom makes for good TV, they’re wrong. BBAD was super boring last night (with the exception of Jody talking to Mark on the hammock), simply because Paul was asleep for the first 2.5 hours. No matter what you think of Paul, he is hilarious and knows how to play the game.

    • What Cody said at the beginning of the show are not his true feelings now, so there is no need to mess things up. Jessica will watch the show.

  15. I don’t think Jessica is dumb enough to not use the Hex this week, even with Paul’s deal. She can’t believe that he’d actually honor it. If it were me, I would tell Paul that I wouldn’t even consider it unless he pulled me off the block. There’s no way I’d stay on the block and then NOT use it, especially for the second time. The first time made sense because it was basically a lock that Dominique would go home….but this time, I think it’d be too much of a temptation for the other’s to evict Jessica over Cody. I would never trust them to save me a second time.
    And I hope that everyone saying that Alex is just using Paul for now to get further in the game are correct. Right now I’m just not sure. She seems to be drinking his Kool-Aid and following a long like a good minion. I really hope that she sees what he’s doing and flips the script on him soon. I’m definitely tired of the Paul Show.

    • alex has blind hatred for Jessica so as long as paul is fighting a battle against jess alex is all in!

    • If Jessica doesn’t use the hex, the smart thing to do would be to vote her out so the hex is gone. Get Cody out next time.

  16. I’m hoping she doesn’t use the Hex. After the comments that she wants air time and be the main character. They should evict her and keep Cody. Wouldn’t that be a twist in Big Brother. Expect the Unexpected.

    • She is not the only one…there is Raven with the agenda of getting money from BB and everyone else, Christmas, Elena, Paul, they all have agendas beyond playing the game…and it happens every year on here

      • Raven is a lost cause. Everything that she is doing is for attention. Last night’s mess was just her trying to get more air or screen time. I love that Kevin wants her out.

      • I hate to sound childish, but damn I cannot wait for Raven to be evicted, I only wish she was evicted before Jury!!! I would also love to see someone call her out on all her BS

    • So you like Paul as the main character having all the air time? I would like for everyone but Paul (and Raven) to have more air time. I’d like to know more about them or maybe I just want much less of Paul (and Raven).

  17. Honestly, these 3 couples show less maturity than my 15 year old niece and her BF. Grow up all of you.

  18. I don’t understand why this show has become such a soap opera full of wannabe stars. Jessica wants more screen time, Mark is pathetically moping like a child, Cody is mad at his girlfriend, but then he is not. Jessica is deciding to not use the hex because the villain of the house has been trying to brainwash her, but her obsession with boytoy is confusing her. I had to read because I could’t stand listening to Paul’s voice last night.

    • BB house full of do-nothings … they’re just following Paul around like puppies and doing whatever he tells them.

  19. At this moment, I would like to see :
    Cody win HOH
    Nominate Paul and Alex
    If Veto used on Alex, put up Raven as a replacement
    If veto used on Paul, put up Matt as a replacement
    and let everything fall where it must…I would be happy with any of these people leaving

    • Cody hate Josh. If Cody stay and win HoH, for sure Josh is one of the nominee.

      • true, I can’t stand him either, but at this moment Paul, Alex, Raven and Matt irritate me more…lol

      • agreed, and that would be a bad move, because these people need to get Paul out soon, and unfortunately it looks like the only one willing to do that is Cody

  20. Honestly the newbies are SO dumb you can replace Paul with a piece of toast and the piece of toast would still be smarter.

  21. I think Cody is just done with Big Brother. The first week he said he would be happy to make enough money to fix his truck. Last week he said he now has enough to fix it. The house has made him an enemy just because he correctly tried to back door Paul the first week. Had Megan(?) not quit none of that would have happened.

  22. Jess needs to stop Paul no matter what. Then Cody needs to win HOH and put up Paul and Josh. It would be spectacular if Cody or Jess then won power of veto…?big if !!!!

    • That would be the best! And not a big if.. both Jessica and Cody have already won HOH and other comps. Plus if Mark wins it, that will be just as good. Fingers crossed

  23. What a bunch of spindles jellyfish Paul’s minions are , they are afraid they cant play the game without him………lol

  24. Ugh 😑
    When are Paul’s mindless morons finally going to start playing he game!? This is getting ridiculous! He is the Messiah and everyone must bow to him and get his approval on everything! It truly is pathetic and this is why I want Cody and Jessica to win the HOH!

    Can you imagine if Paul convinced Jessica to not use the HH and she is still on the block and goes home! That would be crazy!

    • Right about these people looking upon Paul as if he were the embodiment of the second coming! In yesterday’s (Sunday’s) episode, Raven2 (otherwise known as “Matt”) twice says he’ll do whatever Paul wants. (Oh, and he’s still wearing that same GD orange tank top!!!)

      I almost have a headache after reading the live feed highlights from Sunday. Jessica should not be trusting Paul after all he keeps doing to show how dishonest he is.

  25. If I was Paul I’d use the veto on jess and put Alex up. Jess would be tempted not to use the hex cus Alex is up then the house can just vote out Cody.

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