‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Paul Sets House Targets On Jason & Alex

Paul is excited for Big Brother 19

Houseguests are closing in on the end of Week 9 on Big Brother 19 and that means it’s time to start looking ahead at who should be going out the door next. Given the way this season has gone so far that really means it’s up to Paul and his grip on the game.

Paul remains in the hub position as all of the Houseguests are working through him to coordinate their game. While Alex & Jason and Christmas & Josh remain as pairs, both sets are still including Paul in their plans and neither are targeting him. Matter of fact, outside of Josh briefly questioning Paul’s game, no one seems to be too concerned with Paul.

As we’ve seen on the Feeds, Paul is making sure Kevin is the most hated HG among the other HGs as Paul makes repeated smears against him. It’s working on Alex for sure and it could be part of her undoing as Paul has her fixated on Kevin instead of bigger targets as we near the finish line. In fact, based on recent talks it still sounds like Paul would keep Kevin as part of a F4/F5 arrangement.

The next big targets for Paul and company will be Jason and Alex. Jason is the outgoing HoH so he can’t compete and Paul’s efforts with Alex have been in part to convince her to throw the HoH competition under the guise of Kevin being a target. If she does throw it then we can expect her and Jason to go up on the Block.

With Alex and Jason on the Block the target would first be on Jason. Christmas, Josh, and Paul all agreed last night that keeping Alex would be good since Kevin is against her and that leaves an opposing pair unlike Jason and Kevin would be. Then again, given Jason’s recent streak of strong performances he may be harder to get out of the game than Paul hopes to see. All the same though, if Jason comes down then Kevin or Raven could be the pawn and Alex would head off to Jury next.

Paul has positioned himself well, but I’d say Christmas and Josh are doing very well there too. I don’t see either of them being a target in this coming week unless there’s another major shift.

My expectations for next week: Paul, Christmas, and Josh should all be safe. Raven and Kevin are the most likely pawns. That leaves Alex and Jason as the two HGs in the most danger for the next round.

Who do you think will be the next to go? Will Paul’s plan work to trick Alex in to throwing the HoH? When will these HGs figure out they need to eliminate the boss man and clear their own path to the season finale for a win? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. The only remaining houseguests that are idiots for remaining loyal to Paul are Jason and Alex. The rest need him.

    • Soon they’ll realize he has been using them and they’ll wise up and he’ll get the bog ol’ boot. You’ll see.

  2. Only this season would this happen, Paul has a meeting in Jason’s HOH room to plan on how to evict Jason next week. I so wish this week was double eviction , by waiting another week, Paul,will have like 10 plans in place for every scenario since he will know it has to be DE by the dates.

    • This might be the funniest observation ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.

    • Isn’t that a hoot? LOL. Meeting in Jason’s HoH room to plan Jason’s eviction. Love it.

      • That’s hilarious. I hope they read this one quip from the fans, if nothing else. Bwahahahahaha. So funny.

      • It’s on the level of the Red Wedding (inviting someone into your home for dinner (and a wedding), only to murder their entire bloodline before dessert).

    • People complained about Derrick in BB16. Now they love him. Funny how revisionist history works.

    • I wish someone will place anjealka’s observation on a post where the houseguests can see when they are out of the house.

    • Haaha! I saw that. Jason lounging in the hot tub without a care in the world. Meanwhile Paul up in his room planning his demise.

    • I’m looking forward to Jason becoming the house target and seeing how quickly Alex turns on him.

    • I found that completely hilarious. Bet Paul says something about that in his DR session soon! hahaha

  3. When will the houseguests figure out they need to eliminate the boss and clear a path for themselves???? NEVER APPARENTLY!!

    • I think at least partially, that the HGs are content being 2nd place. We’ve heard that comment a few times from some of these HGs. It’s really, really pathetic. They’d like to win but are okay being 2nd…Ughhhhhh

      • Yep, some just wanted to make jury, others are happy with 2nd. Paul is the only one that wants to win. Just hand him the check already and end this boring, predictable season

      • I can understand Josh, Raven and Christmas (post-broken leg) to be happy with 2nd place, in fact i praise Josh and Christmas for having positioned themselves well to the best they can aspire to, 2nd place. But for people like Alex to be content with 2nd place is pathetic.

    • Paul will make it to the end and win because these house guests are idiots. I can’t even watch it. I can’t wait until they go home and watch it to see how they didn’t play the game. If they actually watched last season there is no way they leave Paul in the game. Pathetic Season!!!

  4. I think Paul is going down like Vanessa. He’s going to do all this work and not be picked for final two.

    • Agreed. he has to win Final 3 comp. There is no way even with these dummies that when a decision needs to be made that they would keep Paul over anyone else if they want a shot to win.

    • The thing is, I would give the advantage to Paul there over anyone else left. But it’s what could derail him the most. I thought Vanessa deserved to win that season, but unlike Derrick she didn’t have the person who won the third comp misted enough to take her. Her weakness in social game was her downfall.

    • Thing is that he is working on getting rid of the good competitors. He’s a pretty strong competitor, both mental and physical, and if he succeeds in getting to F5 with Josh, Christmas, Raven and Kevin, he can run circles around them in a competition.

    • Nah it will probably be more like Derrick, where if he loses the final HOH, they winner will take him to the final 2.

  5. Paul should win !! he has been the puppet master the whole season ! I hope next season it is all newbies and let them figure the game out on their own, still love the show but this season has been a little disappointing

  6. It will serve them right for being blind. Cody may not have been a great player but he tried to warn them on more than one occasion. He will vote for Paul if Paul is F2.

    • Jessica also knew what was up and would have tried to target Paul by now if she was there.

  7. Is anybody else who has feeds surprised at the bullying going on and production letting them? Before they warned the hg in the diary room that America didn’t like it, however production is not really showing America this time. Only feedsters are seeing that Paul, Christmas and even Alex have pushed Josh to do a lot of stuff. Glad he told them no more to do it their self. Alex is really mean.

    • I agree, it’s sad that production is not showing America what really goes on, a lot of it is blocked out, like Christmas and Paul in Josh’s ear

      • It’s not Productions fault. They now have to be wary of all the politically correct trigger-happy outraged emotional snowflakes out there.

    • After OTT, I knew that BB would never step in and have real consequences. I think the thing BB is doing is making nice guys like Mark or super fans not want to apply after seeing the behaviors and talk BB allows and more I want to be famous types will apply in the future.

    • Not only is she mean; she has no manners; is completely self serving; and does not knowhow to chew with her mouth closed. I watched last night and could not hear a word because someone was splashing in the hot tube also Jason crunching on Froot Loops while he played Chess with Josh wasn’t understandable and the only time production said a word was when Jason whistled. My hope hat North America writes to production and tells them they have gone too fare enough is enough. Try showing something that North Americans can be proud of and not think they can treat their neighbor the same way. Just saying. So over BB.

      • What’s sad is that America ( the ones that don’t watch the feeds) probably like her because they don’t really know how she is because production don’t really show it on the shows

      • AND – could someone tell Alex to stop plucking her eyebrows, flossing her teethe and other gross things in front of everyone!

      • I hate it when people talk to me while flossing their teeth or blowing their nose. Manners must have been the 1st evictee from the house.

      • That is a pet peeve of mine, also. Growing up, I never knew people that blew their nose at the table. How disgusting, imo. And to floss your teeth in front of others and not in the bathroom, is a nono to me. Flossing is nasty by nature. Stuff is flicked off the floss. I’d have to walk away.

      • I noticed they all chew and talk with there mouth full. I don’t even eat with my mouth open by myself. And the smacking, eww. Paul is always combing food out of his beard. I don’t know how there could be a house full of disgusting people.

      • I’m no choir boy and do my share of swearing, but Paul is out of control. If he couldn’t swear, he couldn’t talk. A little swearing here and there is ok, but when every other word is F this and S that and D this, geez, give us a break. Even that gets old fast!

    • Agree. I hope that when they watch themselves, they realize how horrible they were to each other. The way they are acting, I don’t see any of them going on to a celebrity status.

      • You mean except for Alex! 🤣🤣🤣 She thinks she’ll get some deals or attention for being in the house. 🤣🤣🤣

    • She needs to be dwarf tossed out of a second story window. Only them obscenely fake balloons could save her then. I love me some boobs but hers are gross

    • I hate the way Alex talks about — and talks to — Kevin. If she were my daughter, I would be so ashamed.

  8. I think as soon as Alex and Jason go up on the block, Alex will start throwing Jason under the bus because she only cares about herself.

    • I want to see that veto comp, will everyone compete or just let Alex and Jason battle it out.

      • 1 host + 6 players: Jason/Alex, Xmas/Josh, Paul, Kevin, Raven so all are either hosting or playing. I don’t think they want Alex or Jason to win so I am sure they will all compete BUT – if they can – try to throw it to Xmas.

    • If there’s any justice in the world, Alex will be the one to go first, and the game will change again. It will be difficult for any of the remaining HGs to maintain Alex’s level of hate.

      • I’d love for it to be Kevin to put her up & send her home. But he’s so crappy at competitions, doubtful he’d win HOH. One can dream.

  9. I’m ashamedly (well kind of) excited to see Alex go on the block. The problem is if she will fall for the “you are just a pawn” lie.

      • So true and so frustrating to have no one stand up to Paul or plot his blindside. They are so stupid. I hope when they watch this back (which by the way, I’ve always said they should do a reunion after everyone has a chance to watch the show and ask them what they think now that they know what really went on). I’d love to watch that and have them see how awful they are.

    • She might come to her senses and realize that she could be on the block unknowingly….that happens often in BB…if she’s seen the show before.

    • She voluntarily initiated the idea to Paul. As smart as she may be, she turns stupid when Paul involved.
      Paul in the game is Alex’s undoing. Alex in the game is Jason’s undoing.

      • Paul in the game as the LONE vet, was everyone’s undoing. Not his fault mind you, wasn’t his stupid decision he just took advantage, and IMNSHO, ruined the season.

    • Alex doesn’t know it yet, but she does everything Paul says. She is good at endurance comps, but not memory or anything related to using her brains.

    • I’m 50/50. Matt had to yell at her to get her to give HOH to Jason. But she does respect Paul more, so maybe she’ll throw HOH for Paul?

  10. Sadly Paul looks good to win it all if they take out either jason or alex next week. If you can accept that bullying is part of the game, Paul has played masterfully.

    • And CBS/Julie is telling the general viewing audience (the majority) that Paul IS playing masterfully – they’re just leaving out the bullying stuff. So, when he walks out the winner, the studio audience will go into an applauding uproar and be very happy with this season. Only a major/controversial incident (e.g. S15 racist comments), will bring the true colors of these HGs to the national, general viewing public’s attention.

      • The Big Brother game is design to test strangers and have them strive for survival within a confine of controversies. The organizers only protect the safety of the houseguests against physical attack on one another or accident. Production consider it boring (even to viewers) to gather the casts for a friendly vacation in a luxury house for 3 months and further reward one person.
        Hence the environment is intentionally heated up for contestants to disagree and face off socially, behavioral wise, competition, retaliation and all manners of fuss and pettiness as long as there is no physical combat.
        Civil conduct will “manage to” thrive if eviction votes are cast by the public. But in this circumstance, production have decide the houseguests take their destiny into their hands.

      • I’m not an advocate of misconduct but this is a game of a kind. I can understand not everbody like boxing or wrestling, but there are fans of such games in this forum (not weird).

    • I hate that Paul ruined this season, but at this point I want him to win. No way do I want any of these brainless zombies winning thinking they played a great game.

  11. Do these HG remember BB15 and people losing their jobs, or look at OTT, Jason was horrible, isn’t he still living in his moms basement working at the grocery? The others Morgan, Alex, Shelby who were the decent ones, all have jobs and living regular happy lives. I would rather be seen as nice like Mark and have a decent job and life then have these comments follow me everywhere.

    • If I’ve learned anything from the 2016 election, “decent” doesn’t get you elected.

      • Please don’t bring that garbage into this discussion as it has no place here. Thank you.

      • Big brother is my escape from the 24/7 politics news. I like jokers went politics free.

    • BB17 Jason isn’t really made for fame. He doesn’t have the face or voice. No disrespect to Jason, lol

    • Jason was horrible? LOL. IF that’s horrible, the group in the house now is 100 times worse than we actually think they are.

      • Jason talked almost every night about doing sick sex acts to Shelbys mom, the switched to morgans , it was graphic. Plus he called the ballshamshers every derogatory female name over and over. I call that pretty horrible.

  12. So if Alex throws HOH and Jason sits it out, I look for them both to sit on the block.

    However, no way either of them throws POV and everyone will play/host – all hands on deck.
    That should be a killer POV because everyone will be fighting for their lives (except Paul maybe).

    Josh, Xmas, Raven and Kevin to prevent a renom;
    Jason and Alex to save him/herself.
    Should be an epic POV! I’m looking forward to that!

    • I know these people have done some really dumb things, but I will be very shocked, I tell you, shocked, lol, if Alex really throws that HOH comp. I know she has agreed to, but she forgot NOT to vote for Matt during the last eviction, if you can believe that. Will she forget to lose the HOH comp? SMH

      • Yep. Either way, sparks will fly!

        If she has a brain lapse again – and wins HoH –
        Paul will not be happy that he has to readjust his pecking order… And worry about Jason competing for HoH the NEXT week!

        Tsk tsk tsk. He’ll have to work a little harder…Ha!

      • He’s up for it. I bet he is already planning for a DE. You know he has got to be very concerned about that possibility. I love it when he has to “readjust”. Let him work for it!

    • Best case ever, Kevin wins pov and saves Jason and then watch Alex walk out that door, and hope Kevin does the slipper shuffle for her one last time lol

  13. It is hard to believe that these houseguests are such idiots. They should just call this season of Big Brother the Paul show because it is all about him. He has controlled everyone and everything from day one. They all believe him when he says he can’t win and yet he is going to walk away with the win. He has instigated attacks on those he wants out. There has been so much bullying and hate in the house, it has ruined it for me. They really need to have a season with just new houseguests and no returning vets. As for America’s Favorite Player, I have a feeling that the remaining houseguests are all wrong and none of them will win it. I see Cody winning it for no reason other than he was getting wise to Paul but it was too late because Paul already had his tentacles into the houseguests and was controlling their every move. Worse season ever.

    • Should they be all sitting in a circle singing Kumbaya together? I don’t know which game you think they’re supposed to be playing but this is how you’re supposed to play Big Brother. It’s not a game for the politically correct.

      • Shouldn’t everyone be politically correct? At least with mixed company and broadcast on TV 24/7?

      • I know it is a game but I have never seen so many personal attacks on other houseguests and trying to get them to hit someone is uncalled for. There seem to have been more fights than other seasons and Matthew has just ignored the rules of being a HN yet productin does nothing. I think they even lost control of this season.

  14. Hope next season is either All Stars or all newbies. When there is only one or a few vets in the game, they change their games to stay in or let their vet status go to their heads. Even though I like Paul, he has done things that he shouldn’t have done. Bullying is not entertaining. It’s just mean. Very rarely are vets as likeable the second time.

    • Everyone always says that. But they miss the bigger picture. The casting needs to change entirely. Dont cast 12 white people, and a few ethnic stereotypes. Have a more diverse cast altogether.

      • I agree. Diverse race, age, coasts. They could really do something shocking and have 2 gay people or 1 gay man who is not flaming. They never do that with the men only the women.

      • I think the entire casting is too similar from year to year – including the white people they cast. They have to have certian “types” every season.

    • The word bullying itself is not entertaining, it’s overused, it’s become a cliche and means nothing anymore. The word has been so completely desensitized that it absolutely has no effect on the rational mind anymore.

      This isn’t an attack, it’s merely an observation. That word, it’s 15 minutes are up.

  15. I think allowing the bullying to continue is sending a bad message to our youth and young adults. It is not ok in any situation to be a bully. BB or CBS needs to make a statement that they do not endorse bullying

    • I think CBS thinks that pink screen warning before the feeds is enough. Too bad TMZ type outlets just pick up one little quote and don’t recap all the nasty stuff. Jess said she thought HG families call TMZ with leads? Do you think that is true or tmz just has some reality tv guy that writes up trending stuff.

      • I think both. I can see families of hg sending tips which then prompts TMZ to maybe have someone check the feeds from time to time.

      • We know it wasn’t Kevin’s family sending in Jason’s clip. Both families have talked about it publically and are ok. But Jess thought Josh’s family might be calling tmz. I just wish t guide would review the whole season not one clip. Seems like the right place to have a review?

      • They only need to verify the tip given. It wouldn’t make sense to review the season. TMZ did a good job with Jason, I didn’t know he made multiple rape comments until I saw the video.

    • Allowing our children to watch the show in the first place is sending a bad message to our children and young adults. Maybe it needs to start in the home, with the parents.

    • Our youth should not be watching BB. Unless it is a version made up of kids as houseguests.

    • This has been a disappointing season in many ways and the bullying and rediculous behaviors has caused some people in my bb circle not allow younger viewers watch as they would in past seasons. Production clearly has poorly allowed mistreatment just as they are allowing Matt to break rules. I do like the tempation theme this season but bringing Paul or any vet ruined it. Paul is good, he knows how to manipulate but enough already. He has got to go

  16. I’ve stopped watching the show and just lurk on forums like this now… has CBS aired any of these horrible stuff? If not, why the heck not? They aired all the racial stuff on BB15.
    Turns out not expelling Matt is not their biggest fxckup

    • They had one segement on the HG bullying Jody, the next closest thing was a bash Raven she is a liar segment. The rest is carefully edited, maybe a nasty laugh from Alex in the background, Josh hitting a pot and pan, Paul acting like the big shot leader. Certainly the feeds are very different from the show. Jason has the golden edit right now, let’s see if that changes.

      • The Jody bullying they even left out Xmas and Paul’s involvement. That’s still bullshxt editing

      • The two hand picked by CBS HG Paul and Xmas ,have the best edits vs their behaviors? Hmm…

      • From everything I read, what they’re doing to Kevin is 10 times worse then what they did to Jody, evict Alex asap

  17. “Who do you think will be the next to go? Will Paul’s plan work to trick Alex in to throwing the HoH? When will these HGs figure out they need to eliminate the boss man and clear their own path to the season finale for a win?”

    Nothing to think about whoever Paul want’s gone will go. Yes Paul’s plan will work, Alex is not that smart. The answer to your final question is NEVER!

    They will never figure that out, they will be sucking the kool aid out of Paul’s straw until sometime before Christmas removes her cast and sometime after Halloween

    • This is a turning point, is Alex throws the HOH, it means she wants to get rid of Jason. If she wins, then Paul has to change his plans, Paul will push for Kevin, but the house might push for Raven out.

  18. Frankly at this point in the game anyone who loses an HOH on purpose deserves to go to jury , but it doesn’t matter all of the remaining players are playing for second place anyway they are all way to comfortable taking Paul’s word and frankly nasty people.

  19. I gave up at the end of week 8 and started watching Paul’s play as the game which had ended in week 7 was finalized.
    I will only hope for a miracle from Josh in F3 which I don’t see coming.

  20. If you’ve read the book or watched the movie ‘Needful Things’ by Stephen King Paul is Leland Gaunt. Like for real!!
    Castle Rock, New England, is a nice place to live and grow and Sheriff Alan Pangborn moves from the big city to the town expecting a quiet life. When Leland Gaunt opens the store Needful Things, he seems to have the object of desire for each dweller. He charges small amounts to the things but requests a practical joke for each of them against another inhabitant. Soon hell breaks loose in town with deaths, violence and riot and Sheriff Pangborn discovers that Leland Gaunt is the devil himself. Further, Gaunt is manipulating the population like puppets exploring the weakness and greed of each person.

  21. Can not wait! Alex and Jason will be so blindsided. As much as Paul isn’t my favourite, I love him going this direction with the house. Take Alex and Jason OUT!

  22. I would love to see Alex gone she thinks she is so it and she will be getting offers on her fame outside the house the only thing I see her as a big bully and being a bully is not something to be proud of. So bye Alex don’t let those boobs get in the way of the door when you open it to walk out. and lets hope the audience boos loud enough so Kevin can hear lol

  23. Let’s be honest. If Alex goes up on the block, Paul will find a way to sell it. He’ll tell her that no one will vote her off. I may not like Paul, but he knows how to talk his way out of everything.

    • If Paul can convince Alex to evict her best friend or herself and still promise to vote Paul as the winner…He deserves to be called the winner. I just prefer the more straight forward villain. Dr Will and his I’m probably lying shirt over Paul. A sneaky whisperer hiding in the shadows and causing mass chaos.

      • I don’t think Alex is really loyal to Jason. That last HOH rivalry and she’s let him take the fall for stuff she did. She wouldn’t do the same for him. Alex isn’t the type to be loyal to anyone.

      • I see Alex as a user. She probably used Jason to do her dirty work. She did say that Jason was like a lot of her “guy” friends in her real life. She doesn’t strike me as a woman with girlfriends.

      • In the beginning of the season Alex kept saying she can’t stand women and only has guy friends. I’m actually surprised she has guy friends.

      • That is why Will is, and always will be, the best BB player ever. Anyone who tells you to your face “I’m lying” and you still want to believe they aren’t… well…that’s Will Kirby folks! :)

      • I agree completely. I still smile when remembering Dr. Will telling people he was lying, and they just laughed with him. One, if not the Best,

      • They recently did a poll of the best BB winners 1-19 Will was #1, Derrick was #2, Dan #3, Boogie #4 & I think it was either Rachel R @ #5 & Evel Dick @ #6 or vice versa… But Will was voted #1. :)

  24. “as Paul makes repeated smears against him”

    Going to be a very interesting final jury once all the evicted compare notes and realize Paul played them all like a Charlie Daniels fiddle.

    Fire on the Mountain, run, boys, run
    The Devil´s in the house of the rising sun
    Chicken in the bread pan a picking out dough,

    • It will be very interesting… especially once it’s the final deciding jury. I have a feeling it will go over as that’s just Paul!! and bowing at his feet because if they can’t realize it now they may never. I really hope they do. I also hope Cody is still all mad at Paul. Idk why I find it kinda funny.

      • It will also depend on which prior HG or winner or whoever they have to moderate the jury talk about who to vote for. That person can sway things one way or the opposite, depending on how production and coached the moderator. I remember Doc Will in there once as moderator but at this point in time, I have no recollection of what he said, just that he was there with the jury-mates.

    • I’m not confident these people will compare notes in jury. I can see Alex attacking everyone out of boredom and glee, Mark just wants to be liked by anyone, Cody is over BB, Matt truly never cared, and Elena is still trying to memorize Dom’s eviction speech.

  25. It really takes a moron to throw a competition at this point of the game. These house guests say they are super fans of big brother, I can only shake my head and wonder what big brother they watched in the past to be this dense. Casting this year was terrible. Its like they took all the rejected applications and somehow picked from them. I am still a fan and will watch until the end with hopes that season 20 will be better.

    • Jason made a comment once about trying to watch. Made it through half an episode and fell asleep.

      • think that was concerning that production had told him to watch seasons 16, 18 and 12. Jason probably had limited time and still had rodeos and chores to do, so watched a few episodes then fell into a snooze . . .

    • omg, I think you figured out! What if BB did get lazy and just pick from prior rejects that makes more sense. BB kind of does the show for their own entertainment in my opinion, so I can see them doing this.

  26. Paul knows that everyone loves Kevin and Alex doesn’t like him because Paul made sure of that. He is setting him up to be disliked so he can take him to the end and win the game. I truly believe Kevin could beat Paul, but only with a bitter jury.

    • People are also starting to get resentful of Kevin for winning the $25k (and pinning it on Ramses – imagine when Elena finds out).

      • Paul was the one that threw Ramses name out there. If these people weren’t so hateful and actually talked to each other, Paul’s game would unravel rather quickly

  27. I’ve watched the live feeds, Matt, and see Alex as more of the instigator against Kevin than Paul. He trash talks like the rest of them, but she has taken it to a very personal level all on her own.

    • Paul plants sees and knows what buttons to hit and others do the bad stuff. Paul knows Josh’s buttons for sure, just tell josh someone said he was fat or dumb, bam josh is off. Paul knows Alex loves the fighting and has the mean I her, just tell her go, and she loves it. Matt I think he is just showing his true colors now that he is out the door and it isn’t nice. I guess I prefer mattress Matt.

      • The Matt I meant was the writer of the highlights here. He said, as you mentioned, that Paul planted the seed. I disagree in this case. Alex has been non stop on her attack on him and I don’t believe it was Paul’s intention to have her respond that way; just to not trust him and vote him out.

      • Sorry, it has been sure different to see BB Matt show emotion! I don’t think Paul knows how angry Alex is, it is like unleashing a Pitt bull. He says once, turn up the heat in Kevin and Alex takes it to a whole new level. Xmas knows how to smooth over a few bad words. Alex just seems to have a lot of anger bubbling to come out. Scary! Paul just meets with Alex for chats but hasn’t spent enough time to see how bad she had gotten until now.

  28. Paul will prefer Kevin to Josh at F4. He will definitely not take Josh to F3. Kevin, Xmas and Raven will not be as close to make an alliance to take out Paul.

    • I don’t think so…Paul solidified his final 3 with Xmas and Josh, not to mention Kevin would have more votes than Josh if he gets to F2. NO one would vote for Josh (except maybe Xmas) over Paul if Paul took him to F2.

      • I tend to agree. If it’s a bitter jury, I’d cut ol’ Kev loose before then. Just in case! :)

      • Kevin is slick! At least, in 1-on-1 conversations…I start to believe him every time he talks, then remember that I saw him in action, doing the opposite 15 minutes earlier

        He’s also really likable, especially with his little Boston accent. I love when he said “It’s gonna be JOOO-see” (when he was dressed up like a grape)

  29. Kevin really has a hard time accepting constructive criticism/ reality lol…Anytime Jason gently brings up an actual fact about how Kevin may have rubbed people the wrong way, or how he blew up his own game, Kevin immediately deflects and talks himself up.

    • “Kevin immediately deflects and talks himself up”

      Great lesson for his kids. Have confidence and always believe in yourself even if you’re a violinist on the Titantic.

    • Agree, wish he would stop being defensive and tell Alex to shove it while he is at it! Or maybe she is out of line in his best dad voice, hehe.

      • I’d hope he’d be more mature than to tell a girl half his age to shove it, especially with his daughters watching. At the very least, he should try to salvage the remaining sliver of game he has left lol

      • I do too Jolima, was an exaggeration of my wanting him to stand up for himself without deflecting as you said. Just use his dad powers to get her in line, you know, ‘the look’ or whatever it is good dad’s do to make you realize behavior is not okay, lol. Or tone of voice. But he is spending too much time feeding into it.

      • Sorry, people are getting really aggressive on this site -maybe the BB house energy is rubbing off a little bit lol – it is hard to tell who is being sarcastic! Agree with what you said. I’m kind of going back and forth between feeling annoyed and feeling bad for Kevin. He doesn’t deserve the treatment by Alex – while at the same time, he needs to take the over-explaining down a notch. If he lied, he lied. Just stop talking Kevin, you’re making it worse lol.

        I really like your picture BTW…what is it from??

      • Someone made a comment about Kevin being a grown man groveling. They had a point. He is giving Alex too much power by reacting to her treatment of him. I agree with you, annoying yet Alex has gone over the line. And she was a favorite of mine in beginning and until recently. I really thought she was diplomatic and played it smart as HOH and, wow, what a change! As for Kevin, he should have just owned up to what they are asking and be confident.
        Re pic, just a stock photo.

      • While I do not disagree with you, I also think that Alex is really 28 going on 50. She doesn’t present herself as a twenty-something, she’s kind of tough and well, hard. This young woman (not a girl) does not strike me as naive or ignorant about the ways of the world. I think she has seen and done a lot of different things for her age. Sometimes when you deal with someone like that you approach them differently than their chronological age.

      • Yeah…I debated about using the word “girl” (as a female myself). I feel like Alex’s actions the past week have made me see her in a much more immature light. Maybe it’s also the cat ears.

        Maybe it’s also because Kevin, aside from being so much older than her, also seems really wise. It actually isn’t so much about his age as the fact that he has daughters her age, he tells stories that make it sound like he has been through a lot in life, he seems really mentally tough, and dresses like a gentleman every Thursday. It just doesn’t seem in his character to get into a petty argument (started by Alex).

        That being said, everyone has a breaking point. I appreciate your perspective.

      • Kevin couldn’t have known though…Alex did a full 180. In hindsight, maybe if he had just stayed close to Jason, was courteous to Alex, and tried to ride-or-die with Paul.

        If he had done that, I think there’s a chance Alex would have wanted to get rid of Paul to then get rid of Kevin…I don’t know!! So many “If” possibilities…

        Or maybe if Kevin had won an HoH, and not depended on Jalex so much. I think that’s where her resentment came from. Now she’s like a little Gizmo who was exposed to water.

  30. These hg’s are bored and asking production to give them something to do. Surprised they haven’t gotten creative like season 17 (?) cast did. Used plates to create a game flicking headbands or something at them for points. Kept them focused on something else than tearing each other apart for long periods of time!

  31. I was for Kevin and Jason but after Jason saying he would hold any houseguest and let them rape her then he said he would rape Kevin’s wife and tie up his daughters to watch . that comment made me sick. I saw it on TMZ

  32. If Alex wins, she will nominate Josh and Christmas or Kevin and Christmas. If she loses the comp and pretends she threw it, then she will go up with Jason. Raven is unfortunately safe next week, but I hope she goes right after Alex.

  33. How different would the house be if they were allowed to play with the puppies and kittens that are available for adoption?? LOL

    • You know, when they kept/keep showing the puppies and kittens, I wondered the same thing. Animals and pets seems to calm people down, unconditional love. <3
      I know if I was in that house, I'd LOVE to have an animal to pet and hold. I guess I'd really rather have my OWN pets there, tho. But afraid something would happen to them. (by the likes of what Alex could become)

      • Good point! It would be a cool reward too…I know I would be going 100% in the competitions if I had a chance to cuddle with them lol.

  34. Anyone else feeling a little down right now? This is the last night we get to hear the beautiful screeches from America’s sweethearts…My finger won’t be getting the same workout from repeatedly turning down the volume when those beauties grace the screen. *SAD*

    No more cereal crunching, no more gigantic holed orange T-shirt, no more MAAAAAATHEEWWWWWs….I need a hug

  35. No vets next year. This season makes me think of an ecosystem that’s had its natural order disrupted by introducing a foreign (not a newbie) organism into it. Which is more or less the same as the snake in the Garden of Eden/the season’s theme. It hasn’t been entertaining, it’s been disappointing watching everyone either float or wallow in delusion that they’re Paul’s 1st mate. Everyone’s been sent out in the exact way it was conspired; Paul being at the center of each.

    We keep screaming at the TV for these people to snap out of it, but they’re intimidated by the game. They feel secure following the alpha vet. Too bad the vet is practically (literally?) Lucifer.

    • That was a really cool observation (about the eco-system disruption), and well-written

      Although I am enjoying this season because I like Paul :)

  36. I like Jason, he’s a good guy. He plays hard, wins challenges, and deserves to win. He didn’t throw a friend under the bus…should of blind sided the weasel, Paul. Hope this move doesn’t screw him.

  37. In my opinion, this is the worst group of houseguests since season 3. They are all idiots. Nobody seems to realize that Paul is manipulating everyone. No one seems to know how to play the game. Jessica did, but they got rid of her.
    The only move that will make this whole season worthwhile is if Paul gets to the final two once again and comes in second again.

  38. The abuse against Kevin is unconscionable. It’s bullying-plain and simple.

    This year’s players are disgusting human beings.

    • I can’t wait to see their response after they get out of the house.

      I’m just shocked that the BB producers have allowed the bullying to continue. Obliviously it’s for ratings and drama. but enough is enough, it’s going to far.

      • I hope the producers show the bullying. The viewers need to see just how horrible these people are.

        Sadly, I fear people would still like Paul, even though he’s obviously pulling the strings behind the curtain.

  39. Alex needs to be evicted next. I hope Jason wins VETO and saves himself. All Alex has done is kiss Paul’s butt and she deserves the jury house for her stupidity!

  40. The biggest misconception of this entire show is that it’s a game. Reading these comments, I can sense anger. I can only enjoy the show because that’s all it is. I’m not suggesting anyone else to do the same but I’m not as angry over a reality show.

    If that makes any sense.

    • It’s not the misconception between being a game or being simply a show. The anger stems from a craven and crass cast of houseguests dehumanizing their targets in the misguided notion that they are somehow furthering their own game.

      No one on this sinking ship of fools has a game except for Paul. Kevin has somewhat of a game, I never cared for the tattle, tattle, let me tell you all strategy but at least Kevin had a legitimate strategy. He also had one of the best social games I’ve seen in forever.

      What did it get him? For his reasonable, steady nature that never started shiite just for the sake of starting it Kevin got…

      – Alex throwing his food in the garbage
      – Alex comparing him to a murderer and a pedophile
      – Alex suggesting he suffers from age related senility and dementia
      – Jason wishing to rape Kevin’s wife while his captured and bound daughters are forced to watch
      – A houseguest being actively encouraged to take a dump in the middle of Kevin’s bed

      I read today that Kevin wanted to self evict a la Megan last night. Production talked him out of it. They should have let him go. He is clearly far too good for these bottom feeders.

    • A lot of sense. People constantly whining that they will no longer watch if someone goes or someone stays etc. I say just don’t watch. The viewing this summer is way up so obviously someone is watching! Then we have the select few who compare reality TV to politics. Give it a break…the people who swear they are no longer watching are the ones who have the most bs to write on these sites.

  41. I hope they get Jason out next week. Don’t play the “moral” card when you’re in Power but don’t speak up when you’re not Hoh?

  42. I think we need to wait and see what happens. Anything can happen. My biggest wish would be for Kevin to win HOH. I wish the show would say enough is enough. Maybe next year they could cast some civilized adults.

    • Sorry 😐 I just finished off my reply & it is stupidly long, of course! LOL My bad 🤗

      We have been waiting all season, every week to see “what happens” and nothing “happens” aside from what Paul wants to happen. SMH & I don’t see anything “changing with Paul” and all his “F3 deals.”
      But you are right, the ONLY person to win HOH on Thursday would be Kevin.
      Otherwise it is just another typical week in the boring BB 19 House!
      Do you think Kevin would put up Paul?
      The best thing about Kevin winning HOH on Thursday would be at least Jason will be protected for another week and I want Jason to win this season! & Kevin would be safe, I like him!
      IF Kevin wins HOH he will likely target Alex and Raven, I don’t know if Kevin would actually put Paul up!? But if he did, Jason might be able to talk Kevin into NOT putting up Alex! Hopefully if Kevin is HOH he will give Jason some respect and keep his ride or die. (Alex)

      It would be an entertaining week if Paul was on the block and he did not win Veto!! It would be entertaining to watch Paul scramble and squirm….. Lightbulbs might go off in SOME of the hgs heads but unfortunately I think Paul has everyone wrapped way to tightly around his little finger! But there always is that chance that people might start talking and finding out they ALL have F3 deals with Paul.
      IF that was to happen, it might put Paul’s game in jeopardy and people may turn on him! There is always that possibility!! But Paul is good at manipulating people so he could just talk his way out of it. Unless they had a house meeting and all questioned Paul! LOL That would be SUPER entertaining!

      The ONLY way to evict Paul next HOH with Kevin in power would be is IF Raven and Paul were on the block After Veto!! (IF either of them won Veto, the plan would never work!)
      Soo my theory is…………
      IF Kevin wins HOH & can somehow convinces Jason to vote out Paul & Jason convince Alex to vote out Paul, and Josh/Christmas vote for Raven and then there is a tie and Kevin votes Paul.
      I just can NOT see Alex at all turning her back on Paul, she is fully shoved right up Paul’s a$$ (as far as it can go!) and I just can’t see her doing a F3 deal with Kevin (&leith Jason) Because she “hates Kevin” but also because she knows Kevin would not take her to the end, and she knows Jason would likely take Kevin to the end.
      Do you think Kevin/Jason could convince Alex to vote for Paul?
      Do you think the HGs will EVER figure Paul out before it’s too late?
      I mean of course it’s possible but I just don’t see it…………… there are way too many “BIF IFS) plus, Paul and Raven would both “have to” stay on the block & NEITHER WIN Veto and also Alex would have to come together & work with Kevin and I just don’t see that happening.
      Again, way too many “IFS”
      but it sure would be fun to watch Paul squirm next week!
      But I’m not gonna hold my breath. I’ve done that too many times this season! Nothing changes and I end up just passing out ha ha

      • I really just want to see what he would do since I have no idea. The rest are predictable. But more than that, I want Kevin to have the nice HOH room all to himself especially after how they have been treating him.

        I want something to happen, anything really. But I am losing hope it will. Paul will just keep on manipulating and they will keep on believing it is what they want.

  43. I never watch this season because of Paul. He is nothing other than a big bully who lies and cheats everyone. He wants you to feel sorry for him because he did not win last year. To bad grow up Paul

  44. If Alex or anyone else for that matter throws the HOH this late in the game, I truly truly hope that person goes home that week! Why would anyone at all throw an HOH this late in the game!! I really really hope Alex and Kevin do not throw it. I don’t think Kevin will throw it but, I just don’t know if Kevin can win it. If Jason ends up being the casualty of Alex throwing the HOH, I will be heartbroken! I will want to punch the biatch in the face!
    I really want to see Jason win! Although it would be gut wrenching for Paul because of how easy this season has been for him and, the guy has to think he will be in the F2!! Even he can’t believe how easy this all is for him! He doesn’t understand it and we don’t understand it! So he’s not alone LOL
    Paul is in the best situation I have seen a HG in, in a very long time! I have to give credit where credit is due, (aside from these HGs being mindless morons & way too easy to control and manipulate) some of them are actually out to play the game now but they still see Paul as their F3!!!
    Unreal! Good for him! I know Josh touched on it for a brief second but aside from that, no one has put 2 & 2 together! How is that possible?!
    Oh that’s right, I forgot for a brief second (b/c Jason did something without Paul’s approval so I got myself confused, sorry!) the entire house is still running with a bunch of mindless morons!
    I mean come on…… Josh even asked Paul if he should take a nap LMFAO!
    What a bunch of morons!

  45. Like him or not as a person, if you were at all the fan of big brother and the way that it’s supposed to be played, one must admit that Paul is playing a masterful game.

  46. If there was ever a good time for Kevin to step up and start winning some stuff, now would be a good time. Alex is a completely vile human being for what she’s been saying about him.

    Kevin is going to go the way of Donnie and Chicken George, the nice, goofy and ultimately irrelevant to the actual game going on. C’mon man!

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