Big Brother 19 Episode 30 Recap: Jason Doesn’t Clown Around This Week

Sounds the sirens! For the first time this season, Paul didn’t get what he wants. Jason is officially the first minion to make his own decision in the game. Of course there will be major fallout from that, but it was fun to watch. And not only did Jason make his own decisions this week, he also held all the power as HOH and the veto holder. He’s not clowning around. *Rimshot*

The episode picks up right after Jason nominated Matt and Raven for eviction. Of course they think Kevin is the target, and they’re just pawns. But Jason quickly reminds us that isn’t the case. They’re the targets and one of them will go home this week if he has anything to do with it.

But Alex has other things in mind. She’s been upset with Kevin for awhile now and she’s trying to plant seeds against Kevin with Jason. She tells him that no one likes Kevin because he’s mean to every one (OK, Alex, he’s the mean one?). Jason concludes that he’s the only one who likes Kevin and that Alex might be up to something shady by always talking smack about Kevin to him.

It’s already time to pick players for the veto competition. Joining Jason, Matt and Raven are Josh, Paul and Kevin. And Kevin being drawn was the last thing a lot of those HGs didn’t want.

And let’s get right to the veto competition. It’s the Hide a Veto competition which should really be called Trash the F-ing House. After all the HGs have hidden their veto cards, Raven is up first to start the hunt. All she does is mess up her own room so that it might be harder for hers to be found. Matt is up next and actually starts looking. But he runs out of time. Paul is up next. OK, this is going to go on forever, so I’m going to just skip to when someone actually finds a veto card.

Jason is the first person to find a card. Raven is the next person to find a veto card. And then she finds another one. That means there are only two left. Matt finally finds a veto, leaving one final veto to be found before the winning card can be announced. And Jason finds the final veto card. So let’s see whose cards were found.

At the reveal, Josh’s card was the first to be found. Matt’s card was the second. Kevin’s card was the third found. And Paul’s veto was found next. So either Jason or Raven won the Power of Veto. The last card found was Raven. So Jason wins the veto!

And of course Matt, Raven and Alex are excited because now Jason can use the veto on Raven and put Kevin up and send him home. But first Jason wants to run the pawn idea by Kevin, so he asks Kevin what he thinks about going up just to keep Matt and Raven in the dark and blindside Matt at the end of the week.

Kevin doesn’t understand that plan and is pretty sure that someone else is behind it because Jason wouldn’t think of that on his own (ding ding!). Jason decides that if Kevin isn’t comfortable then he isn’t comfortable. He says Kevin is his pal.

So Jason goes to tell Paul and Alex that he’s not going to use the veto. And they aren’t happy. And that sketches Jason out. So he knows for sure he’s not going to use the veto now. He knows Alex is up to something (bonus: on the Live Feeds, Jason was pretty sure Alex would vote Kevin out over Matt if he ended up putting him on the block).

Even tough Alex and Paul pushed really hard for Jason to use the veto on Raven, he ends up closing the veto box, leaving it unused this week. And Matt and Raven were completely blindsided. What follows will make Thursday’s episode worth the watch. We’ll see you there.


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  1. Props to Jason for that bold move. Unfortunately for him, there’s a good chance that he’ll get backdoor’d next week. Sorta like a double-edged sword between him and the viewers.

    • If he stays alert, he will try harder to win veto if picked. If he is backdoor’d and Kevin is on the block, then he could win veto and remove him off he block and then Alex will go up.

    • He is not going to be back doored.
      The plan is to put Jason and Alex on the block. They both think the backdoor target is Kevin. If this plan goes through either Alex or Jason will be blindsided not back doored.

  2. It is not worth the watch at all. Other than DR sessions. Raven and matt trash talking and Jason not giving a F*** .

    • I still think that there’ll be drama in the F6 and downward. If no one puts Paul OTB, and Paul doesn’t try his hardest to win POV, then he has a fair chance of being backdoor’d.

      • Josh? And besides, this is especially true for F4 if one of the noms wins POV, given that Paul isn’t a nominee or HOH.

      • You are giving Josh wayyyyyyy to much credit…also I have said this multiple times in the last few weeks. Josh does NOT have the votes to win this game he has alienated too many people with his mental health issues manifested

      • I don’t think Josh can win either. He has a chance if he’s against Xmas, but I think that’s a toss up at best. I’m just saying that Josh could be the one that sends Paul home in F4/F3 or is the deciding vote in F6 or F5

      • On the live feeds Josh told Paul that if they want to put him (Paul) on the block, he (josh) will volunteer to go up instead. Josh is kind of a geek that just wants to play with the “cool” kids

  3. “Jason decides that if Kevin isn’t comfortable then he isn’t comfortable. He says Kevin is his pal.”

    A very happy ending and to all a good night.

    • We might just see Jason pairing up with Kevin and having Alex on the side lines playing for herself along with Raven doing the same exact thing next week. You have Josh, Christmas and Paul the F3. They will get them out one at a time but, I don’t see them getting Paul out. Show starting to get good. I knew when the house decreased the minions will no longer follow. Gotta say though, Paul is playing one hell of a game.

  4. Great move for drama and good job on Jason to stick to his guns …not his word lol …ita a terrible game move for Jason thou … Jason can probably only beat Josh in F2 at this point … he just showed he can’t be trusted and he lost to jury votes hands down… putting up Kevin could have saved his game ..oh well was never really a fan of Jason he is lost with out Alex in the game

  5. Alex needs to be dwarf tossed out of a second story window. Only them obscenely fake balloons could save her then. I love me some boobs but hers are gross.

  6. Josh is going to tell Jason that ALex carried him. I haven’t been keeping count, but hasn’t Jason won more than Alex and Josh combined.

    • Good – I hated Jason when he outed Mark after Mark attempted to talk game HOWEVER he won me over when he kept Matt and Raven up.

  7. Here is a fun game I call Death By Association With or dbaw
    Cameron, Ramses, Megan and Jillian do not count as they never actually got to play
    So here goes :
    Jessica – death
    Cody dbaw Jessica
    Mark dbaw Cody
    Elena dbaw Mark
    End of phase one
    Jason dbaw Alex – it started first
    Matthew dbaw Raven and visa versa
    Josh / Christmas / Alex dbaw Paul
    Got it !
    Thank you for playing my game

  8. I’m not on the Jason train and hope he goes to jury really soon. As long as they keep Kevin in the dark, he should be out next week. If Alex follows, all the better.

    • Agee! I was a Jason fan; hoping he wins or at the very least, would get AFP. NOPE! Not after the disgusting rape statements … the only decent person I have left to vote for is Kevin. (Yes, using his toothbrush in his hair was ICK, but Butt-Hole Jessica and the all-out screaming, raging, and threatening by everyone else is morally indefensible!)

  9. Team Jason!!! Paul is too arrogant and not man enough to take a shot. He and the rest are weasels. Jason all the way!!!!

  10. Question Matt still not following HN rules. I noticed him drinking a red drink like soda or some type of koolaid

    • Nothing, I’ve seen him have cereal, ice cream, tacos, take hot showers and sleep all night in a regular bed. Big brother was calling out have not must sleep in the gave not room, or take cold showers, Matt , not only ignored big brother but Raven and Matt gave the finger to the camera. Raven yells at the camera , he is going to leave soon, leave him alone. Raven said he is her rebel.

    • Probably limited to penalty votes this season. Wouldn’t be surprised if they change it next season.

    • Production has given him just one penalty vote and several “stop that!”s, to which he basically flipped the bird. He really should be kicked out of the game, IMO.

      • If he was kicked out of the game I think he’d lose the stipend and everything. Maybe tomorrow night Julie will have words for him.

      • Kicking Matt out of the game would be a step in the right direction. At least if production says “stop it or else,” there would actually be an “or else.” If not, why have any rules at all. Right now, production is little more than a laughingstock.

      • Does the production deserve to even be consider laughingstock. I think it’s along the lines of what whales deposit

    • One good thing is that no one will ever hire him for anything, so we will never have to see him again.

    • Matt was shown stopping and eating some cereal from a bowl during the Veto comp … and they popped up the cereal counter at 725! That was hysterical, but what the general viewing audience doesn’t know is he’s a HN. The HNs haven’t really been focused on during the broadcasts. So, Matt doing this during Veto was a huge 🖕at Production (yet they aired it). Julie has to say something to Matt about being a HN; the penalty vote has to be explained to the audience on Thursday nite, so she might address his blatant disregard for the rules to continue to eat whatever he wanted too. Again, that brings a lot of crap to light for the general audience; I suspect Production is working on someway to say this succinctly and with savvy, and just move on.

    • I think they should send Matthew home, NOT to jury, AND they should give America his vote!

  11. I think raven should be voted out n Matthew thrown out for behavior n it solves the problem of double eviction n the remains guests is the number they needed n I hope it s Jason n kevin all the way Jason to win !

  12. Yeah…..Kevin is his pal when he is not busy making Rape jokes about Kevin’s wife….Nice attempt at dressing up another drab week.

  13. So girls hold onto your boyfriends
    Love notes
    From K to A
    There is one thing old people will always know
    That young people will never know
    What is it you ask ?
    If they are going to get old
    Freebie from the Blue Gin

  14. Ok, I haven’t been able to watch this evenings show due to the 24/7 local flood coverage.. can someone please tell me if they’ve shown the house being mean to Kev and Matt not following the rules?!

    • Hey YG! Matt has been a total douche about the HN rules and poor Kevin…Alex has been a vile, nasty beeyatch! You haven’t missed anything nice, hon.

      Oh a personal note…I know you’re in the Hurricane Harvey area and I hope you & your family are alright. My thoughts & prayers are with you & yours, sweetie… *hugs*

      • Thank you for the kind words TGJ, this past week has been rough on everyone down here. Thankfully the only real damage our house sustained was a broken AC unit.. Unfortunately my father in law who only lives about 3 mins from us had waist deep water in the house.. everything including his vehicles is ruin. Clean up has been tough but we’re all in high spirits and grateful it was only stuff we lost and not a member of our family. Again, thank you for the kind words and hugs right back at you ♡♡♡

      • You’re going to be busy, I know, and we might not be blessed with your presence as much, but our sincere thoughts are coming your way for brighter days.

      • We’re suppose to get a few inches of rain with a possibility of tornadoes from the remainder of Harvey here in Tn. today and tomorrow. I’m just happy it is on the move from you all. Stay safe and dry.

      • Thank you! Yall be safe up there too, I’ll be praying yall don’t see any tornadoes, that’s got to be so scary! Sending love and positive thoughts yalls way :)

    • Paul’s been lying to Alex about Kevin being mean so she passes that on to everyone else who feels justified to being hateful to Kevin. I kind of feel sorry for him but kind of don’t. Now its your turn Kev to be bullied just like everyone before you when you stood by and did nothing. I like Kev but he had it coming to trust this pack of brats and liars.

  15. On Raven, that looked real to me when she was blindsided, sorry but she is not a good enough actress ( yet … kindness first ) to react like that. If she is then you have to give her kudos but that looked like surprise to me . What do I have to support that she is not an actress, well she is sleeping with a badger so maybe she can act like a badger but that is it . just joking no hard feelings Raven fans, if there are any

  16. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! I’m 7 mins in tonight’s episode,…..someone PLEASE tell me I didn’t see what I think saw. There was two toothbrushes right?

    • No, just one toothbrush. I had heard talk of the toothbrush in the hair but I always thought it was a separate toothbrush.

    • That was something shocking, considering what a “clean freak” Kevin came across at first. But I can top that, BB After Dark showed Miss Raven in the shower and she was “digging for gold*.” It was so gross and I had to turn away from the television. By the way, Matt was also in the bathroom at the time. Ugh. Do they not have tissue in the BB house?
      *picking her nose

  17. Production really needs to take control. Just dropped in on the feeds and here sits Matt in the wave room going I’m going to have cereal and then ice cream. If they don’t eject him from the game then they should throw HN right out the door. Its not right for this defiance of rules to go on. Take his jury money and send him packing. It’s so WRONG

    • Especially with Kevin knowing everyone (but Jason and he thinks Paul, maybe Xmas) are against him, and he’s talking like he knows he’s going home next week but is still strictly following the rules as the only “practicing” HN.

    • Agree. The penalty for having to be told “stop that” twice or more should be losing a day of pay. Same goes for violating a rule to try to get a penalty vote.

  18. I do not know but did Alex knock Jason’s, let us say, hip out of its socket ? I am trying to explain the hypnotism, or voodoo or hex or spell our whatever was used to turn J against K or was he always like this and just on his best behaviour

  19. Matt just mentioned not being able to talk tomorrow. I couldn’t tell if he was joking about production or what.

  20. 7. Houseguests that break the Have Not Punishment can receive 1of 3 different types of punishments…..#1 Penalty Vote: Receive an extra vote when nominated. #2 Penalty Nom: Instantly become nominated for eviction . #3 Penalty Bench Forced to sit out next HOH comp

    • So that sounds like since Matt’s already on his way out the door, he can basically flip the bird at production and not come out any the worse for wear. That doesn’t seem fair.

    • I think they Big Brother should deduct Money from their Stipend Pay! For every Penalty Nom, deduct $200.00 from their Stipend Pay! That would teach them not to break the rules!

      • Another commenter made the same suggestion a couple days ago. (Great minds think alike!😊). I totally agree on the $ penalty because Matt has now set a precedent for future HGs … this needs to be nipped in the bud. “Silly” Productions thinking (mature) adults would follow the rules! Ha … not in this case.

  21. fromJokers –
    7:05 PMJosh tells Paul if they ever want to put Paul up, he (Josh) will offer himself up as a pawn instead.
    That’s all right,I never thought he was too bright anyway.

  22. Awww….poor Kevin. I legit feel bad seeing him by himself in the HN room. I can’t imagine his daughters having to see their dad isolated like that. I hope someone goes in and says “hi” or something just to check on him.

    I think at this point it would be better for him to go to Jury. No more BB stress, he can have a glass of wine with a good Italian dinner, no more Have Nots, watch endless Netflix, and everyone there likes him.

    • The rest of the brats in the house don’t care. That’s what you get when you put a mature adult in a house with people of a completely different (and more self-centered) generation. They have no respect for their elders at all.

      • I think they should go with an older group of people not the young 20s but matt is older & 1 of the most immature of the bunch! Whats with the wrestling & food fights? Just gross!

      • If I had to pick for Most Immature, Most Gross, and Most Obnoxious, I’d have a hard time choosing between Matt and Josh. On the show tonight Josh went into the DR and blathered something unintelligible. I just thought, what???

      • Most Gross? Mr. “I wipe my CUM on the KITCHEN TOWEL at NIGHT…”
        (picture that to the tune of the I wear my sunglasses at night 80s song)

      • I’ve been trying to forget that I heard dishes were dried with it, and maybe even Paul wiped his beard with it the next morning.

      • Just because of gross, met win by far. Even if you took 10 shower a day, wearing back the same dirty clothes doesn’t help. Look at his socks. And the condom stash. His repulsive.

  23. Matt is SOOOO delusional lol…He thinks that he has an army of Raven-worshippers whose sole mission is to get sweet little Raven to the end, even at their own expense lol

    Matt (to Raven): “You have at least 2 people left in the game willing to lay down their life and take a bullet for you…maybe even Josh.”
    LOLOLOL Matt, you think Paul is going to F*ck his game and all of the work he has done this season to lay down for the chick who literally has just been laying down all season?? Or F*ck his game for anyone??

    • No, but Paul could very easily take Raven to F2 because he thinks no one in their right mind would vote for her. (Emphasis on “in their right mind” … Heh.)

      • Heavy emphasis on “in their right mind”

        Seriously though, I think Paul would only take Raven if Xmas and Josh are out of the game. He has NO respect for her, and he knows for SURE there would be 1 vote against him if he did that (Matt). Xmas and Josh have NO ONE else that would vote for them. Cody, Mark, Elena, …on and on have all gotten into fights with both of those two.

      • I can see a scenario where Paul could lose to whoever he takes to F2, and that is if everyone in the jury house starts comparing notes and they all wind up furious at the way they all were played (by Paul). That would be the way I’d handle it. But that’s my background – I don’t usually take things at face value. I’m more the “what’s in it for **them**?” type of person.

      • True…although with this season, unlike ANY other season I’ve seen, I have never heard 1 person let alone every single person still in the house who has mentioned being in final 2 that they would be fine with losing to the obvious biggest target and best player.

        Even Raven – RAVEN, the GoFundMe, I will do anything for money chick – last night told Matt that she knows she would lose to Paul in F2, but would take him anyways. And Matt said, “yeah you would, and that would be acceptable.”

      • I know, and I agree. This season is unlike any before it for exactly that reason. A whole house full of idiots who are happy to finish second. It’s very obvious none of them have ever won anything, because none of them have inside them what it takes to win.

      • I enjoy Big Brother – the concept of the game itself. But these HGs are so unlikeable, it’s tougher to enjoy this season. On the other hand, it’s important to remember these HGs are not typical of the usual casts(and I hope they’re not the new normal).

      • You are describing a bitter jury, and I agree with you. They will compare notes, and because they are a bunch of idiot, losers, their recourse will be : “You hurt our whittle feelings and lied to us” … sniff, sniff, waaaah-waaah 👶 … so we’ll vote for Raven (or whoever).

  24. Production needs to stick it to Raven and place her as an automatic eviction for helping Matt. Heck Matt is sticking it to her now in bed. Production is quite about him in a bed other than a HN bed
    Come on PRODUCTION!!!!!

    • LOL. Oh, come on now. Have some empathy for poor Maven. Don’t you think it would be uncomfortable doing it on an HN bed?

    • Did you hear yesterday? Alex, Jason, Paul and Josh were in the HoH, Paul was talking strategy, and releasing his Paul-version of Dan’s mist…

      Alex (to Paul – everyone could hear): “Josh looks at you with LOVE eyes!”


  25. Was over at a friend’s house watching tonight’s episode, so I’m giving my thoughts on the episode now while rewatching the episode.

    The rest of the remaining HGs have bugged me for a while now, but Alex is a whole new level of nasty. I’m hoping they show more of her true colors tomorrow night.

    The unfortunate side effect of Raven being on the block is that she’s finally getting airtime. However, it did give me time to notice that she’s gained weight. Yeah. Even the girl who’s supposedly DYING 3 times over has suffered from the BB Weight Gain.

    The cereal counter – LOL! Also, what the hell, Matt?

    Kevin’s natural reaction of seeing a devastated house – it’s a nice change of pace. Too bad it distracted him from the comp.

    Matt being in such a rush to get into the house that he NEARLY DESTROYED THE SET OUTSIDE!!! Ugh.

    Josh, hate to break it to you, but BB doesn’t clean up the house from this comp. YOU do. Oh, and thanks for throwing the only form of “protection” these HGs have all over the floor. Ew.

    These are probably the most destructive people we’ve had play this comp, and yet NO ONE thought to check inside the couch cushion???

    Also, Matt, “It’s up to Raven?” Um… that means you didn’t trust Jason to go through with his plan. Either this was recorded AFTER Monday’s Veto Ceremony or you just made one hell of a Freudian slip there.

    Paul in the DR. “I don’t control what everyone does” (mouthing YES I DO!). Ha, don’t tell us, tell that to some of your fans who still think these HGs are making their own decisions (though, admittedly, you may not have many fans left, and certainly not many who believe you’re not in total control of this game).

    Jason: “Everyone’s been on the block except Kevin.” Yeah, Kevin… and Paul.

    Alex, no one cares about who’s angering you, and no one cares that you think you’re in control of the house because we all know you’re not. Get out of the DR and off our screens.

    Jason, way to grow a backbone. Too bad you’re just as scummy as your BFF Alex.

    Matt, there’s a reason you don’t volunteer to be a pawn in this game. Because, every once in a while, PAWNS. GO. HOME. Oh, and no one cares about the “wrath of Raven.” She’s just as pathetic as Alex.

    Speaking of Alex… SKIP!

    Jason, calling the mob mentality what it is! NICE! FINALLY someone calls it what it is in this stupid house!

    Alex is in the DR again – SKIP!

    Hehehehehe… all those PO’d faces… and Raven’s fake cry… Does loving all that make me a bad person? ;)

    Oh, look who’s in the DR… SKIP!

    Can’t wait to see Maven broken up tomorrow! And please let them show how much of a sore loser Matt and Raven are. Seriously, Matt may be just as bad as Paulie at this point. Then again, Paulie eventually did what he was told. Matt has yet to.

    • LMAO! Perfect. Jason is seriously taking the heat for his comments. It’s been mentioned in TV Guide, NY Daily News, TMZ and the Daily Mail in the UK just to name a few… He has really skrewd himself with those comments, that’s for sure!

      • I agree…The Bullying Mentality on the show is not helping Alex, Josh, Christmas, Raven, Matt & especially Paul who encourages the Bullying…Paul was Sooo very well liked last season, but he is going to get a rude awakening when he leaves the House this time.

      • This year’s Big Brother has showed some of the problems of America’s schools, let’s not get all get all the facts lets just go after someone just because someone “cool” says so. just pure bullying. Let’s tell our kids not to do it as they go back to school, but then have them watch adults do it on TV to win $500,000

    • Stellar recap! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 👍 The cereal counter was hysterical!

  26. Kevin and his toothbrush… eww

    Josh touching the secret condom stash…ewww

    Alex comes across like a chihuahua, always with the yip yip yip arr arr arr, she might bite you on the ankle but really all you want to do is say shut the heck up and ignore them or put them in the back yard.

    Matt and Raven are mad Jason didn’t tell them the truth and in fact lied. They know they are on BB right?

    I respected Jason’s play tonight but in the back of my mind I could not forget the things he said that I read about. While I like that he thought for himself I can’t root for him.

    Why was Jason limping so much, what did he do?

  27. I really liked Jason’s Veto speech saying why he wasn’t going to use the Veto on Maven, although he promised Raven he would. I also liked that he said he would take any questions from them, then and there during the ceremony! I’ve never seen/heard anything like that before. But my God, the reaction from everyone; the air was so tense, it made me feel uncomfortable! Little does the general viewing audience know what the House’s reactive responses will be (especially Raven’s), but the voice-over for Thurs seemed to indicate that some of their reactions will be shown. (BTW: I’m no longer a Jason fan due to his rape comments; just entertaining a thought here about last night’s show, only.)

    • We’re on for a lot of beep over the Thursday show. The language the was use is not intended for “general audience “

  28. Honestly i’m really surprised that Matt even cares at all. The guy was all smiles and most relaxed in the house and now he learned how to talk. Who is this guy? Even seeing him express any other emotion than happy is shocking to me. This was the same cereal boy all this time? Why does he hate shirts with sleeves? He said this was the only one he brought. But why? Nothing makes sense about Matt.

    • He just didn’t knew what to answer to Julie. BB should have take his shirt away. He’s gross and disgusting. The guy takes 5 shower a day but wears dirty cloths. Just loking at his socks make me puke.

  29. I think Jason might just pair up with Kevin and leave Alex over to Paul, Christmas and Josh. Raven will end up on Paul’s side seeing Jason is the reason her man left (Tonight’s episode). Now this show is starting to get good. I figured everyone will follow Paul around but, near the end they might just split up. Believe me, that does not mean Paul is going home anytime soon. He is in the middle being the ring leader and playing the game.

  30. you know, about Matt and the whole Have Not thing, I wonder how they’re going to portray it on the broadcast episodes. I watch the live feeds really sporadically and my wife doesn’t at all (which means that I have to keep quiet on certain things to keep from spoiling her) , but my wife asked me last week “Do they even have ‘Have Nots’ anymore? I haven’t seen anyone be one in weeks” So if they all of a sudden show that on the broadcast episodes it might confuse some people because they haven’t shown anything regarding have nots in at least a month.

  31. tonight I would love to see matt finally punished for the hn disrespect on live tv.
    he’s looking forward to going out destroying kev.
    please bb, knock him off his high horse live, on big brother!

  32. Speaking of Christmas. Oh, we’re not? Is she still in the house? What has she done beside her “big move” getting Mark out?

  33. In regard to Matthew’s bad behavior: I think they should send him home, NOT to jury, AND they should give America his vote!

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