Big Brother 19: Paul Makes Strategic F2 Blunder

Paul Abrahamian talks F2 plans on BB19

Last night on Big Brother 19 we watched as Paul Abrahamian secure himself a spot in the F3 and move one step closer to a return to the F2. But did he just make a big mistake in the process? In a late night camtalk session Paul revealed his expectations for the F3 to F2 transition and they don’t match up with the reality of the game right now.

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The Round 1 Final HoH comp ended just a bit ago, Paul won that endurance battle, and the Houseguests are still coming down from the competition. Paul steps in to the Lounge for a quick camtalk session where he reveals his perception of the game right now:

“I’m one competition away from potentially winning. I’ve been telling you guys my game plan the entire season… It worked! I told you my perfect Final 3. My perfect final scenario and I’m in it. I just need Josh to win this next comp because then I secure myself a spot in Final 2. In that last comp, if I for some chance lose he’s still going to pull me up.”

*Insert record scratch sound effect here.* “Hold that thought,” Paul. This does not match up with Josh’s secret, “don’t tell Paul” plan. Josh knows Paul is his biggest threat to winning Big Brother and he’s been kicking the can on dealing with it, but given the chance Josh will evict Paul.

Josh has explained that he wants to go to the F2 with Christmas, not Paul. He knows that Paul has been setting him and Christmas up, though him especially, as the fall guys for all Paul’s dirty work so if Josh ends up in F2 against Paul he expects to lose to him. Josh might be a “meatball” but I think he’s right to fear a face off against Paul before the Jury.

So where did Paul go wrong? Backing things up one round we saw Kevin out the door last night after Paul won HoH and Veto then left his nominations the same. Had Paul instead saved Kevin with the Veto and convinced him to evict Josh then Paul could be in a much more secure spot right now against two lesser challengers.

That’s not to say I don’t think Paul would have the edge over Josh in a Round 3 Q&A, but Josh knows his stuff and I think he’s still a contender if he gets to R3 on finale night. Paul thinks Josh is his own BB16 Cody, but instead Josh could end up being Paul’s own BB17 Steve instead and he’d lose the entire season in an eleventh hour milestone on Big Brother 19.

We’ll know for sure who will face off in the Round 3 competition probably on Saturday after the Round 2 HoH comp is complete and we have the results. Make sure you download our Big Brother App, join us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates to get those end of season spoilers!

What do you think of Paul’s read on the situation? Will it all work out just fine for Paul either way, or is he about to lose if Josh wins the next two competitions? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. I think Paul is good with any of XMAS, Josh, or Kevin combinations. Kevin would be an easier path, however none of those goofs won (or could have) without it being thrown to them and sorry, Josh “winning” a miniature golf plinko-type game was dumb luck not skill. For viewing sake, it is easier for me to listen to Kevin speak vs. Josh who sounds like his tongue is too big for his mouth.

    Edit: *too not to my bad

    • I agree that Paul has a good shot at winning against any of them, but since nothing is 100% for Paul to win the R3 comp, having someone who will 100% not take him to F2 is what’s the bad move for Paul.

      • And I just don’t see it. We saw a very very bitter jury last night. Perhaps more bitter than most in past years. Unless Dr. Will comes and slaps some sense into them this weekend and tells them they have to vote for Paul or he will come back every year until he wins.

      • interesting you feel that way- I did not view them as more “bitter” than usual – in fact they seemed fairly light-hearted, but mainly because raven was saying such silly things…

      • I believe Raven was there is promote her Go Fund Me accounts. She has never talked about winning just awareness for her cause. I believe she wanted as much air time as she could get for that. I think she was sold a bill of goods about how being on the show would help that along. She even had other house guest help her out by mentioning her cause in the beginning. She lost everyone when she let the characters in her head out to play. Raven and Christmas knew Paul before the show. I believe they were put in the house to go to jury and advocate, as well as vote for Paul.

      • You better believe Dr. Will is going to push hard for a Paul win if he’s in the final 2. Both last season and BBOTT had the less deserving person in the final 2 steal the win from the more deserving. It’s a bad look for this to happen over and over again.

      • I disagree that the lesser person won last year or BBOTT. In my opinion the right person walked away with the money.

      • They should not bring anyone in, let the players talk and decide, they should not bring someone in and try to tell them how to vote or influence their decisions, Let them talk it out.

      • From what I’ve read, he can’t stand Paul. He doesn’t respect Paul for having others do his dirty work. Will said the real greats do it all, physical, mental, stamina and they play the game out loud. Not hiding every selfish move behind another hg.

      • You really feel it’s 100% Josh won’t take him? I can get on board with over 50% likely Josh won’t take him, but as somebody else commented recently (can’t remember who) I can’t be totally sure about it with what we’ve seen this season. Sadly I think there’s absolutely a chance that Josh wins R3 and chooses Paul for F2, evicting Christmas. (I say “sadly” only because of that not being smart for Josh).

    • Yeh he thought that last year also, but the Jury finds out they were played (hard) and are humiliated on national TV and guess what? He loses. again.

      • Sadly, they would probably change that comp to be something more fitting to what Christmas can do. BB said they wouldn’t change comps to accommodate her but they ‘might’ for this. I would hate to see BB change the comp to something like before/after. If she can’t do the comp “oh, well” tough for her – BB shouldn’t change anything unless they want to lose all the viewers who have been saying the show is rigged since the day Paul entered the house. She can just hobble around and pray that one of the guys takes her. Josh already told her he would but Paul said he would take Josh (though he didn’t say that to her). It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

      • Could you imagine a Christmas without the injury?? She’s a trooper and “would have” been a very strong force. Just look how good she’s been injured.

      • She would have been voted out way sooner, Paul only drug her along because of her weakness. It makes me angry, it’s not fair

      • Yeah, she could get 50 or 500 grand for being dragged along due to an injury. Feels like a bit of a black eye for the show.

      • I’m sorry but that is down right not fair. She should have been made to leave and asked back next season

    • They will fix “it” so xmas can play!!;(;( utter utter BS if they do, but I except a comp where she can play EVEN thou she f herself up!!

  2. Good point to this article, I hope it happens but there is a greater chance Paul will win round 3.

    • Paul maybe too cocky this round. I hope he is cocky or too stupid and throws the comp to Josh. Josh & Christmas in F2. Another Paul blunder. :-)

      • It’s obvious to all the fans in TV Land that Paul only started winning at the end, when it counts. No “blood on his hands” letting everyone else do the hot-seat and evictions. I hope the jury faults him for that!

      • According to the threads, people aren’t voting Paul for AFP. :-) He’s not as popular as he thinks.

    • Round 3 is a crap shoot. Doesn’t matter if you know the houseguests or not. I have feeds and see what they don’t see and every season I get half the questions wrong. They’re questions like Alex what do you regret the most during your game? A. Not winning the comic book veto or B. Trusting Paul. It’s a guess what she would say.

      • It would be not winning the comp. Come on, she trusted Paul right to the end. She was trying to get them to feel bad for her by crying and tells Paul “did I ever tell you I can cry on cue”. She wont know she shouldn’t have trusted Paul until she talks to the ones in jury. OMG the jury. I was left shaking my head when raven/matt thought they were the only ones in a real alliance with Paul, even after all of them said they had an alliance with him too. Raven was getting pissy when they were laughing at what she was saying. I can’t believe that she is the only one who doesn’t get it. Maybe after Alex gets there and tells them what happened Raven might get it but I doubt it, Raven apparently isn’t that bright. lol

      • No it would not necessarily be that answer. She even said at the end she should of never trusted Paul. She realized after he didn’t use the POV she was backstabbed by him. So you don’t know what she would say. My guess is she would say not trusting Paul. Because then she wouldn’t of thrown things to him had she not trusted him. She would of played different if she wouldn’t of trusted him. So that’s a perfect example of how I said it was a crap shoot. You think she’d say one thing and I think she’d say something else. Crap shoot.

      • Oh but she and Matt were thee Puppet Masters you know?
        *gag me with a spoon #throwbackto80svalleygirls

        The puppet masters whose puppets turned on them Chucky style muahahahhaha *Raven makes me barf sometimes

      • Bettie Boop Raven is too full of herself.
        GMAB…thinks she played so good and had complete trust in Paul…yadda, yadda…living in fairyland or a good liar.

      • Thing is, Paul can cry on command also(re with Josh) which finally woke Josh up to Pauls shenanigans. I think as long as the jury members can get Raven, Matt n Kevin to see that Paul lied to them n put them there, he wont win. I’m amazed no one brings up that Paul always talked someone else onto the hotseats, instead of himself. Dont these people talk to each other? Wow.

      • She is certifiable. I mean I seriously worry if she’s stable enough to function in the real world. That girl is a pathological liar, a hypochondriac, a total actress and a bad one at that, a psycho drama queen and she thinks everyone is dumber than her and believes her ridiculous lies. I have never disliked a HG more.

  3. I kind of been saying this the last day or two. All of the Paul fans are still saying how good of a player Paul is but Paul has made several mistakes this season. Although he in fact joined up with whom he thought was the weakest player’s. Paul did not pay attention of how well he was training them. Next week is the money week but who will win round 3 and who will they take are still unanswered questions right now. I know most of you expect Paul to win round three but expect the unexpected.

  4. It’s a toss up. Should Paul have allowed Josh to be evicted, that would have given salty, big-mouth, know all, tell all, immature, blubbering Josh a lot of time in jury to run his mouth possibly doing further jury damage to Paul assuming he makes F2. Kevin will be just the opposite; a calming force in the house using logical reasoning in discussions about the personal/game aspect. I see Josh as Paul’s thorn in the side nemesis either way.

    • I just don’t see any leadership skills in Kevin. He may vote for Paul, but I don’t believe he has the ability to persuade or even influence others to do so.

      • Good point. After watching Elena come unglued laughing at Raven’s claims last night, who knows.

      • Wouldn’t you be laughing at Raven too if she was telling you that her alliance with Paul was the only one that was real? I know I would have. Raven started to get pissy when the others tried to explain to her that she was played by Paul just like they were. I would hope Matt sees that but by the look on his face, I really don’t think he does either..LOL

      • I noticed Raven doing all the talking while Matt just sat there like a dummy and laughed. I don’t think he really even likes Raven, just taking what he can get from her. You know what I mean…

      • I don’t think Elena came unglued. She had been with this twit all week. Listening, I’m sure, to her and Matt say how they were Paul’s true Alliance. And how they were the ones pulling the strings to all the other evictions. I don’t know if I would be able to handle a week of Raven. Much less a whole summer. My response would probably have been a lot more than just laughing at her face. What she deserves!

      • I agree. Raven is outright mental and arrogant to boot! Cannot stand that weirdo and I was so hoping all season that one of them had the guts to just tell her to shut the hell up and go away. Matt is equally mental to be attracted to that!

      • I think Matt just feels sorry for her and worries what he’d look like if he dumped her. Have you ever felt last sorry for a sickly person than Raven? She really is unlikeable!

      • Convenient hearing maybe…They would probably hear what they wanted to hear and what helped them to justify their decision based on their personal feelings or game play.

    • Josh in the jury house could have been a HUGE problem for Paul. It’s probably safer for Paul to keep Josh close by where he (mistakenly, I hope) thinks he can control him.

    • Except this year the 4th jury member doesnt get to go to the jury house. Instead, Kevin will be sequestered at a hotel until finale night. Just what Kevin needs..more isolation.

      • I read this today on a very knowledgeable BB Bloggers website.
        “Unless they change things this year, Kevin won’t go to jury. He’ll stay sequestered until the other jurors are brought to the location of the jury discussion that we see on the show and he’ll meet up with them there. If anyone wants to sway Kevin’s opinion about Paul, that’s all the time they’ll have to do it.”

        I could be wrong (and hope I am) but this person’s information has been spot on all season.

      • That makes no sense at all. Kevin wont be going to the jury house, but what about the last one to be voted out?

      • Although that person wont actually be going to the jury house as they will most likely be going right to the jury on stage. But Kevin will def be going to the house

      • According to all of the BB info out there Kevin won’t go to the actual jury house.
        He’ll be sequestered in a hotel like Johnny Mac was (the dentist) who got 4th place on BB 17. He will meet up with the other houseguests to do the roundtable discussion but not in jury house.

        There is also some talk that Dr. Will won’t be doing the roundtable discussion this year.

      • What site was that on its a week aesy of course he goes to jury house monreason to sequester fourth place finisher

      • Wasn’t JohnnyMac the f4 who joined the roundtable? I think that person goes to sequester at a hotel where the other jurors will be in sequester (after roundtable)and then joins them at roundtable. The third of f3 goes directly to a chair on stage at finale.

      • Andy Herren confirmed this on RHAP. Or close. The F4 evictee joins the jurors for the round table, and then everyone immediately goes to a hotel and is sequestered until finale night.

    • Kevin a ” calming” force!!!? Hahahahaha he sit there all summer and let himself get run over like a truck!!!! He is a grown man who should have been a slight bit more forcful with his actions.
      The fact they they literally ” shunned” him is so bad!!! Why didn’t Kevin have the balls to say ” ok guys, what did I do to u all!!!!!!!!” No he openly let them control him!!!! Why??????
      There is no way he could have expected to win, acting like this. So then why enter house?? For what purpose? A vacation?

      • I think his game plan was to lay low, not win any comps and find someone who would drag him along. He was trying to play Derrick’s game but instead ended up as Victoria.

    • Kevin a ‘force’? no way, no one talked to him much all season, they sure aren’t going to listen to what he has to say now. The only thing that may influence anyone to go by game alone and not make it personal is when they have whoever it is come in and talk to the jury. I am still hoping it will be Josh/Christmas in F2 just because I want to see the look on the juries faces..LOL.

      • A final Josh/Christmas jury would be wonderful. I wouldn’t cry if Christmas won at all….if Paul somehow wins, I am going to be so pissed off. I don’t think there has been another person on BB that didn’t deserve to even get their paycheck for being on the show then Paul. That guys is such a bully and nasty person.

  5. Oh man, I sure hope Paul keeps on believing this about Josh AND I sure hope Josh holds to his plan to evict Paul and take Xmas to F2. This would be excellent for a lame season.

    • Remember the audience’s reaction when Steve cut Vanessa at F3 – it was like a huge big gasp and then wild applause. I think this time’s reaction could equal or surpass that. It would be epic.

      • I sure hope Josh wins and evicts Paul. That will make this season and hopefully we will never see Paul again!!!

      • If it was anyone but Christmas, I would agree, but Christmas was his go to for the entire season and she is the one who really got him to change and get further in the gam.

      • The BEST! I actually watched that finale about 20 times in the time since then, still on the edge of my chair, so afraid Van would somehow win! lol

    • Would Josh beat Christmas? He’d have to right? Slaying Paul would have to be enough to get the jury over their dislike for Josh, right? Josh tossing Paul, then losing to Christmas would be the worst possible ending to this season for me.

      • If Josh can pull off evicting the puppet master Paul, he will surely win over 12/25! If he doesn’t, I want my money back! LOL

  6. Actually, Xmas should also be considering taking Josh to F2 since she’d have a better chance of beating Josh than Paul. I don’t think she’d beat Josh but she’d have a better chance than going up against Josh. I’ve said it before, whoever makes the play to evict Paul will likely win BB.

    • I’d be really interested to hear from Christmas in a camtalk for who she’d want to take to the end. She hasn’t really discussed it much unlike the other two F3’s so it’s a little tricky with her. I’d like to think she knows her chances are better against Josh, but that whole emotional crush she has on Paul may sway her in the wrong direction.

      • I think that Josh will take Christmas, Paul will take Josh, and Christmas will take Paul. Very interesting.

      • Just her reply to Josh when he asked her if she’d take him and she said I don’t know speaks volumes as to who she’d take.

      • The way that she hedged when Josh asked her the question made me think she was planning to take Paul. Of course, it won’t matter because there’s no way she’ll win Rd 2 (he says hopefully!).

    • I do hope that, in that situation, when the reality of the prize money PLUS her long term medical bills kick in, she’ll decide she wants that money and boots Paul.

      • I have a feeling that BB will be taking care of all her medical bills since she got hurt on the show but who knows for sure. Not sure what their contract states.

      • Every hg has to have their own insurance in order to be on the show. Suppose she could try to push for $$ but no one made her get on Jason’s back.

    • The problem is Christmas is totally into Paul … and she’s already given Josh an idea that she might not take him. I think she is stupidly planning on her and Paul as F2. And if she keeps telling Josh that … that will Josh take her to F2??

      • No doubt he will take Christmas – Josh knows he will never beat Paul and has a better chance of beating Christmas. Paul doesn’t think he will beat her probably because he knows the jury hates him but feels that the jury hates Josh even more. At least that is the way i see it.

      • Paul said in one of his fraudship talks that most of the jurors would think of Josh as more annoying and not vote for him. Alex dissing him threw him for a loop.

  7. Who would’a thunk it at the beginning of the season, but… GO JOSH! As much as I think Paul deserves to win, it would be kick ass to see Josh win and send Paul off to jury.

    • Paul wouldn’t actually go to jury.
      As I remember, maybe incorrectly, the F3 is voted out like at the beginning of the episode, is backstage somewhere, then joins the jury on stage, not having time to really talk with jury HGs. The F2 & F1 are left in the house, the jury puts their voting keys in the slots, Julie pulls them out and F1 gets the recognition, F2 just kinda floats out amongst the cheering (?) crowds and jury and prior HGs.

    • I’ve been on Team Meatball for quite some time. Josh and Mark were the only two likable hamsters out of the entire cast of characters.

  8. I do find it funny how everyone who was hating on Josh now loves him because he’s the only one left who will get rid of Paul given the chance…funny…but like I said before, Josh and Christmas in a F2 scenario, I’m almost sure Christmas wins. If I was Josh, I would take Paul, as he’s more likely to beat him with a bitter jury than he’s likely to beat Christmas

    • If Josh should pull a Steve and dump Paul, he will win, IMO. Whoever dumps Paul will win – could have been anybody. Christmas won’t do it, and I doubt the jury will reward someone with the big bucks who hopped around on one foot and did nothing else for three-quarters of the season.

      • True. Taking Paul out would have to be a huge feather in Josh’s cap and since most of the Jury realizes Paul put them there then I bet you’re right they’d weigh that heavily for someone to take him out.

      • They all seemed a bit pissed that Christmas won the race HOH. So I don’t think they would just give it to her over Josh. Plus she has been a bitch to a lot of the people in the Jury.
        If Josh cuts Paul. I think, Josh wins.

    • That’s an interesting idea to examine chances when up against a bitter jury. I’d agree that if they’re going to be bitter then Paul would stir up the more anger in them than Christmas probably would.

      • sympathy for what exactly? I do not see any HG voting based on a broken foot… I have never understood this common argument

      • I agree. In eviction I see why some feel they need to give a sympathy vote but for 500grand, no one should give a sympathy vote.

      • A lot of the people in the jury have been very annoyed at Christmas throughout the game. Because they think that she is completely milking this broken foot and playing on their emotions for it

      • Most of the jury said they thought Christmas should have gone home to recovery after she had surgery so, not sure she would get a sympathy vote. If any did give her a vote, it wouldn’t be for sympathy.

      • I think that’s why bringing Josh to F2 over Christmas would be a great idea on Paul’s part. Last season, he took someone less deserving, but more well-liked. The jury voted for Nicole to win. This season, he plans to take someone less deserving AND less liked.

      • How was Nic less deserving than James who did nothing but hang on Nat and try to be AFP again with his pranks? James didn’t even talk to his so called alliance. Nic was aware of what was going on outside her alliance(not saying laying around with Cory was good so drop that) but she learned a great deal from playing with Derrick in her 1st season.

      • I wasn’t talking about James. I’m saying last season Nicole was less deserving of a win than PAUL.

      • Ya, I get it. Hook up with a meatball that no one likes so you can win. Well, this season he hooked up first night with Josh. Wonder how that will work out for him.

      • That’s where you would see if Paul votes for the best player or the person he likes (aka xmas)…. Josh takes Paul out, he’s the better player, but we all know Paul has a “thing” for xmas.

      • Paul has a girlfriend, supposedly. He is just playing with Christmas so she will take him to F2 over Josh.

    • You are wording it wrong. We are now rooting for Josh because he’s the only one with half a brain that has figured out that Paul is an a$$. Doesn’t mean we “like” or “love” him, but some of us are rooting for him to kick Paul out.

    • People change their minds to who they like and dislike as the season progresses. I think Josh has grown up tremendously since week one.

    • If F2 is josh and Paul, I think the deciding vote will be Cody. He’s already said if Paul is F2 he’s giving it to him.

    • Yes, I had the same thoughts but with this bunch you never know. I think they’ll still vote for Paul. 😊

    • Its not that everyone ‘now’ loves Josh, pretty sure majority still don’t like him, they just want to see Paul get evicted and know that Josh would do it for sure because he said he would take Christmas to F2 – no one knows where Christmas stands with who she would take to F2. I know I don’t like Josh or any of them still left in the house.

    • It took me awhile to like Josh but I really like him. I thought he was nuts at the start of the season but I grew to like him. I never in my wildest dreams thought he would make it this far.

  9. This group was stupid to keep Paul around. If they were BB fans, they would see how he played everyone before and not keep him around. Playing the same way, promises to everyone until he back stabs them through the other players so he doesn’t take the blame. Cody and Jess were the only ones that saw it. Shame on these lousy players. Don’t depend on other people to bring you to the end when they’ve played before and played the same way. BB should never bring back past players unless it’s an all star season. They had their chance and lost.

    • You’ve brought up an interesting point – even back early on in the season most of the HGs were already drinking Paul’s kool-aid, and when one of the other HGs (either Cody or Jess) said something about it, they were instantly perceived as the bad guys. And it didn’t help either of them to get into a showmance with each other, because then they were perceived by the kool-aid drinkers as the bad guys that had to be removed. After they left, the game quickly spiraled downhill, and finally may have one last gasp of life if Josh removes Paul at F2. So the majority dispersed the minority, even though the minority, in this case, would have been proven right all along.

    • with alex and jason being the most stupid. jason puts raven and matt on the block and knows paul’s plan is to tell them kevin is getting backdoored. THE VERY NEXT WEEK, they throw the hoh to christmas, at paul’s behest. christmas puts up jason and alex, while everyone is telling them, THIS TIME kevin is getting backdoored. really??? how could they not see the writing on the wall? it was the exact same plan 2 weeks in a row.

    • “BB should never bring back past players unless it’s an all-star season.” ARE YOU LISTENING, PRODUCTION????!!!!

  10. I’m not a fan of Josh, but if he has the guts to put Paul up….he should win it all.
    I also think the jury would agree.

      • I agree, but even if he had put Paul up, no-one would have voted Paul home and then Josh would have signed his own death. Just like Cody.

      • definitely- many seasons the house goes with the Hoh target- but they (HG) don’t have to …. you have to have the votes to get someone out.
        Personally I hate the group vote business on BB and Survivor- I like the more unknown of free- thinkers…it happens a bit more on Australian Survivor right now- they have better casting I think

      • Earlier in the season, anybody could have destroyed Paul by putting him next to Alex. He would have been gone as obvious threat or at best, his major backbone.
        The votes to get him was always there before week 9. He knows it but his minions were just too scared to make the move because they know information gets to him.
        Josh started thinking just before second De but then, it was too late.

  11. It sort of defeats the purpose of hiding the spoilers in the Spoilers posts if you make a separate post whose title basically reveals who won HOH round 1. I mean it’s kind of my fault for clicking on the site at all to begin with, but still.

  12. Paul being evicted from F3 would make this whole miserable mess of a season SOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!! 🍭🥂🎊🎉🎁❤️🎶🤡🙉😸👏👍

      • So, you would rather see a meatball who let Paul tell him what to do all season long, and follow his(Paul) orders to a tee, even though it dramatically diminished his(Josh) chances at winning at the end – and – a girl with a broken foot who was handed all of her comp wins, because of Paul, and also followed Paul’s orders to a tee as well, make it to final 2 and actually win money for playing someone else’s game??? Talk about riding someone’s coat tails… Really!?!?!? Yeah…that’s an exiting end and a deserved winner will come from one of those two…Just as an exiting end as when Jun won…

      • I think the point is that some people don’t like Paul’s game and yes, would rather see Josh take him out.

      • Well, at least he actually played the game instead of blindly following another person’s orders all season long like the entire house…

      • No, because obnoxious wusses unwilling to do their own dirty work and who persist in encouraging personal attacks against other players are not supposed to win.

      • Josh is not a nerd or a floater, he has been in the mix of things the entire season and even winning comps. Whiner… I’ll give you that. He cries way too much. Xmas is a complete floater.

      • you keep asking why people like cody, why don’t people want paul to win. did you watch this season? paul made up lies and then unleashed a bunch of sycophants on cody. saying he didn’t think he was ever in the military or has a 5 year old daughter. paul is a terrible human being. people realize that and don’t want him to win anything. consequently, they root for the person who was most opposed to paul . . . cody. stop asking why, it isn’t hard to understand.

      • clearly you have no respect for military veterans or how they sacrifice themselves for people like you and me.

      • how would know?
        I was not watching a show about military vets and the issues associated with their service…

      • it’s evidenced by your comments. that’s how i know. you are talking out of your backside.

      • there is nothing evident in my comments- for one cody did not serve for me since I don’t live in the US- treat your vets better
        every BB contestant I am sure has a sad story- why does everyone laugh at raven and call her delusional? she clearly also has an emotional problem- where is her sympathy here? Mark lost both his parents very young, Kevin had a criminal parent and lost his house to it… come this is suppose to be a light summer entertainment show- get over yourself

      • Not sure that we can conclusively conclude that Paul is a terrible human being from his BB play… but I’m leaning in that direction! LOL

      • you are correct that we can’t conclusively conclude anything based on the game, but i bet in real-life he acts similarly or worse.

    • I would love to see Paul lose and see someone that was not one of his minion win AFP so they can finally see how truly terrible their season was :)

  13. I see Josh winning if he is in the final 2 he has actually sent most of them out the door even though it was for Paul

  14. I feel like it’s a foregone conclusion that Paul is going to win that 3rd comp, and ultimately the final HoH if Josh wins HoH comp 2. Josh is terrible at memory comps, so that third one will be a killer for him.

    • Josh is much smarter than they give him credit for (not to mention quite intuitive). How do we know he is bad at memory comps? The only one I know of that we had this season he couldn’t play because he was outgoing HOH. Kevin, Christmas and Paul played the last memory comp.

      • Good point. He is very intuitive. I hope he listens to it and that it serves him well. He so cares about making his family proud which I find endearing.

      • So true. He almost beat Paul in the last veto he jus wasn’t fast enough at hittin the button. I think that would be Paul’s downfall is thinkin Josh is not as smart as he is. Christmas is really the one he should trust and can beat.

    • The part 3 is not a memory comp. It’s random questions they ask each person of the jury. I gave an example in another post. They ask Alex what do you wish you would of done different in the game? A. Not trusted Paul or B. Won the comic book veto. It’s a crap shoot what her answer will be. Anyone can win part 3.

      • Random questions that require a really good social game as evidenced by Steve beating Van in that comp. Her social game was nonexistant and he took time to listen to hg’s.

      • Doesn’t matter the answers could be either or. What would Alex answer in the example I gave you? You have no idea. It would be a guess and that’s how the questions have always been. You don’t know what they’ll say because they’re not always obvious questions with obvious answers. That’s why whoever wins that round usually wins by only a few correct answers. Just wait and watch.

  15. I would love to see Josh win part 2 and then mist Paul by telling him he knows Paul will win and he is good with that, so to keep blood off his hands, let Josh win part 3 and send Christmas to jury.
    That would be pure mist

  16. Now we just wait for Paul’s genius plan to throw F3 to Josh so he doesn’t get Christmas’ blood on his hands…

  17. I think Paul made two mistakes: (1) sending Raven home; and then (2) yes now sending Kevin home instead of pulling him off and sending Josh home. His final 3 should have been himself + Christmas + (Raven or Kevin) to lock up final 2.

    It’s Christmas who is locked into final 2. What’s funny is she thinks she’d beat Josh and win 500K … for having comps gifted to her? Smh. But she might beat Paul if the jury votes against him out of spite, which would be a damn shame.

    • i agree that paul’s ideal f3 would have been with christmas and raven. he must have thought raven would beat him on votes, but she would only get 1 vote against any other house guest. unless it was her vs matt in final 2, then matt would campaign for her to win and be pissed when he got every vote to raven’s 0.

  18. I had to fast forward the show when they started showing Paul crying when he had to let Alex go, like Production was trying to show the “soft” side to Paul. You know, just in case he doesn’t make it to F2 and they need to give him the AFP money. I don’t think it will really matter because if he doesn’t make it to F2, they will probably hand him the AFP money regardless if he gets the most votes or not.

  19. I wish they would have given us an option to donate the $25,000 AFP money to the animal shelter they have been showing when the feeds are down. The only two people I would have voted for AFP are Mark and Josh but since I don’t think they have a chance, I’m not voting at all.

    • good option- I feel the same- Mark would get my vote but I am not even bothering with all the fan girls cody seems to have

    • I know what you mean. Every where I go, there are so many who are commenting that they are going to vote for Cody for AFP..why? Majority of them are the same ones who hated Cody when he was in the house but now for some reason Cody is their favorite? I don’t get it. then there were others saying they were going to vote for Cameron? again I ask why? He was there for a few hours. Some said they felt bad for him because he was voted out because Paul came in. It’s favorite player not who do you feel bad for. I personally don’t think any of them deserve to win AFP. None of them were entertaining IMO. I found all the HGs (except for maybe 3 or 4) to be a bunch of mean girls (yes, the guys too). They would attack whoever the target that week was. It was mostly at Pauls pushing but they all still did do it.

      • I see people posting that they are voting for Cody so they can piss off Paul. Cody suffers from anti-social personality disorder and clearly should have never been cast on the show. Julie Chen even said half of the people involved in production didn’t think Cody should have been cast on the show. So now they are going to reward someone who “hates everyone” with $25,000? GMAFB

      • I couldn’t agree more- AFP to someone who just said he wants to leave the jury house and does not want to participate… how is that a player?

      • He won’t even interact or add anything to the discussions of the group. And he is going to be voting for the winner of BB??? He should have just gone home and let, and I hate myself for saying this, Jessica go into Jury…AGHHH..I have such a bad taste in my mouth right now!!!

      • You would think after being in the Jury house for weeks, he would have recovered from the game, and have a better attitude. He was awful! Bad PR for AFP to be honest.

      • But BB/CBS/Production/AG will do everything in their power to make sure victim noises wins AFP. I hope I’m wrong on this one.

      • I hope you are wrong, too, Miss Fiddle. Honestly, if Paul goes out, as long as it is Josh and not Christmas, I’d rather see that than to see Cody(Jezebel) win AFP.

      • I want Kevin to win but anyone other than victim noises, Princess butthole and terminal tilly, I can accept.

      • Your names have been priceless and spot on this season. HOlena, Mattress, feral wombat…see, I pay attention! lol

      • Teehee, it’s been a fertile playground this season for nicknames. Probably the best one yet! And Cody, lol, her brought his own nickname, that’s the best one of all!

      • He’s not going to suck up or fake anything for AFP votes just like he didn’t fake anything while in the game. So I’m not sure what you’re even talking about if you’re expecting any different. Cody was great when they showed the jury. So sick of people constantly asking for players to be happy go lucky, bounce off the wall types when most of the time that’s playing up for the camera and it’s fake. I’ve been at show tapings, I know what they ask the audience to do, even if it’s not genuine. I can imagine what producers of this show asked their 17 contestants to do at times, even if faking it.

      • She would have participated, but each individual is voting however they please. Cody will vote and he doesn’t find a need to discuss it with anyone.

      • Who the hell cares if he didn’t want to add anything to those discussions? Seriously. Is that a contract requirement? Nope. He doesn’t like those people and doesn’t like talking with them, so why fake it? I’m sure at the finale when Derrick (rumoured to be doing Dr. Will’s roundtable job this year) is talking, Cody will have a comment. He’s also going to talk when all 9 jurors have to ask the F2 a question. Is that enough participation for you? Jesus.

      • Geeze…calm down!! Why so hostile??? I don’t comment to be accosted verbally like this. Take a deep breath for God’s sake. Sorry if I offended one of the coveted Cody fans!!! Sorry, but I am obviously not a fan of Cody as you clearly are, for whatever reason I can’t understand. I guess that explains you previous post…Have a great day and chill the heck out!!!

      • I find Cody’s behavior quite amusing. If Paul was allowed to act like an a** and instigate hate, then Cody should have the right to act like a brat and pout like a little bit**.

      • Absolutely. Plus, at least Cody tried to play the game for himself, however poorly he did. He didn’t just blindly follow the rest of the sheep around.

      • Exactly. What is there for him to say besides I told you so? They didn’t listen to him in the house so why would they now.

      • he may have said 5 words during the last jury segment, but i laughed out loud both times he spoke. his timing combined with his cynicism is comedy gold on reality tv.

      • He can act the way he wants, as he always does. Be a dick on problem. Just saying if I’m his handler, I would advise him to act better on TV..maybe he doesn’t care about the votes..

      • No way Cody should win AFP. He doesn’t care about the show and is not participating in the jury house. He is only staying because he is contractually obligated. He could care less. He does have an Aanti-social personality. He is still so butt-hurt that he didn’t get his way and that he got played that he can’t see straight. He may not cry all the time but he is truly the biggest baby of them all and I cannot understand how someone who seems as intelligent as Jessica wants to be with this sociopath. I’d rather give the AFP to Trejo than Cody.

      • Engaging in conversation with Matt would’ve been forced and fake. I wouldn’t have done it either, so I guess you can go ahead and assume I also don’t have respect for the show. He’s participating as much as he has to, staying there and will give a vote at the finale. I see no need for him to feign enthusiasm in doing anything else. He still sat there while the jury deliberated, even if quietly, and he threw in a line or two (entertaining comments at that).

      • Cody suffers from severe PTSD from being in war. I know several with it. One of the main things that bothers them is people acting like sheep, which the by did and Paul was no-peep.

      • Mr victim noises doesn’t believe in PTSD, he stated so on the feeds. He may have it, he may not, but one thing is clear, he doesn’t believe he has it.

      • Oh he has it. Having seen it I can tell you he has a classic case. They all start out saying they don’t have it. A big majority of the homeless are vets who can’t function with others. Could be him 5 or 10 years down the road.

      • I think you are missing the point. He doesn’t believe there is such a thing as PTSD, not that he doesn’t suffer from it. 2 very different things.

      • No I’m not, sorry if it came off that way. I just get tired of everyone talking so bad about him when he really can’t help it. The Marines brainwash them then dump them when they show symptoms. You have a great afternoon.

      • I think that’s actually a symptom of his condition – burying himself so deep in denial that he’s actually convinced himself that it doesn’t exist.

      • it’s easy to sit back and diagnose cody as having anti-social personality disorder. but remember he is a combat veteran. if you’ve never seen live combat or lived with someone who has, you don’t understand how hard it is for “trained killers” to re-adjust to civilian life. i agree cody should not have been cast on the show, but don’t disrespect someone who fought for his country by saying he has anti-social personality disorder. is that even a real thing??

  20. I liked Paul but I dislike his lying straight to your face type playing this season. I really hope he doesn’t win.

  21. I really do hope that it ends up being Josh and Paul in part3. Then I hope Josh wins (never thought I would say and evicts Paul. Paul talked about how he is ‘tired of letting ppl down” because he didn’t win last time, wonder what they will think if he is out 3rd and gets no real money?? lol. The only way I think Josh even has a chance to win is to go to F2 with Christmas. Everyone knows she did nothing, the couple of wins she had were obvious it was thrown to her and the jury got to see that. I don’t think any in the jury really like either of these 2 but at least Josh didn’t have all his wins thrown to him. With Christmas not being able to participate in most of the comps should play a part in the juries decision. I really do hope Josh beats Paul, mainly because I want to see that smug look wiped off Pauls face and that everyone will stop with ‘the show is rigged’. Though at times I felt it was rigged too. Paul is just to cocky and arrogant, he’s sure that he is going to F2. He thinks both Josh/christmas will take him..only one that might is Christmas but I would hope she knows she would never beat Paul. I think it would be funny to have J/C in F2 only because you know the jury would not be happy having to give one of them 500grand.,lol. I can’t wait for Finale night, might be the only time I actually watch the show while its on and not record it..LOL.

    • Learn How to Badger and Scream at People Effectively in 30 Days … Plus Murder Families !

      – by Xmas Abbott

      • The reviews on Amazon for her books are priceless!!!

        “Save your money! Don’t bother with this trash. There are a million selfhelp/motiviational books out there and any one of them will do you more good then this one. Her definition of ‘badass’ is equvilant to being a selfish bully. Respect yourself and look elsewhere for motivation and advice, you will be better person for it!

        “Great habits such as gang bullying, elder abuse, attacking veterans military service and children, not to mention screaming and whining like a 5 yr old!

      • Yes, those are 2 reviews for her book, taken from Amazon, The Badass LIfe.

      • It’s not even a review about the book. It’s from a crazy BB fan that’s talking about her as a player of BB…

      • That’s why I go directly to their own web site when I buy my ‘Hustler magazine. I don’t trust Amazon…learned my lesson

      • That’s why if you’re reading a book review on Amazon you check to see if it says Verified Purchase. That indicates that the reviewer actually bought the book from Amazon and didn’t just go on the site to ‘review’ the book. They had to start that after Megan Kelly’s book came out and the Trump supporters unloaded many false reviews on Amazon

  22. How in the world getting this far & a inch away from going to F2 with Josh is a Big Mistake ! This pick that could be the difference between going to F2 or losing the whole game Why can he not see this
    is beyond me knowing what happened last season losing to Nicole ? I am Speechless ? This light bulb about his pick is flickering like it might go out ? Is he blinded by Joshs Tears since he cry’s constantly unless Christmas & Josh really have been planning this F2 All along? Wow this could go bad big time
    really quickly!!😣

    • Josh has been in the deepest inside Paul’s a**hole so he believes 100% that Josh will be hated since his hands have all of the evicted HGs blood. Paul believes Josh will choose him over Christmas, but I think he may not trusting enough to throw the HOH comp to him. I hope he does.

  23. I’ve changed my mind on AFP. Initially I was for Cody because of his disdain for all the losers kowtowing to Paul but I’ve decided that OUR MAN (not BOY) Kevin should get it. He is America’s Favorite Player but absolutely NOT America’s Best Competitor. CLASS ACT!!

  24. Vote Kevin he has everything the others don’t or could never have Love, Honesty, Faith, and Class

  25. It really has given an interesting twist to the end of a boring predictable season. This is the only significant strategic mistake I can think of Paul making all summer, where he just totally misjudges a player/situation. And it could be the one that costs him the game. Getting eliminated despite making it to finale night without getting nominated once! That would be epic.

    • Yup .. I don’t see that happening tho , all season he has been vetted to win, if he goes alllll this way for 2nd again it will be awful !! Josh cried after every eviction almost and for those that he wasn’t that close with , would he really cut paul without crying a river and drowning them all ! 🤔

    • I think they will , he has Raven , Matt, Kevin, ( Xmas or josh) Alex ( maybe jason) Elena and maybe Cody . I don’t see them being bitter when it actually comes down to it , especially if he takes Xmas .. josh I’m not sure, but he wouldn’t get as many votes and paul . I wouldn’t think . I dunno . He just better win after all this maniacal puppeteering !!!! He should have clipped Josh’s strings over Kevin 😣

    • paul wins if he makes the f2. closest would be 5 – 4 in favor of paul. is this the show where the jury agrees on 3 questions to ask the f2? if so, i hope 1 of the questions they ask is, paul, would you say that matt and raven were the puppet masters of your alliance?

  26. I would have saved Kevin and cut Josh but we have the benefit of knowing Josh’s real feelings.

    The reality is Paul needs to win the final HoH to be certain of going F2. That would be true no matter who was final 3.

    That last comp has an element of luck to it so it could be tense on finale night. Then again are we certain Josh will beat Christmas?

    • Yup , I agree .. I would have taken kevin .. not based on I know I could beat him , but he seemed to truly trust paul and would have been a better f2 than Xmas .. I just don’t want her to win !!!!! Anything !!! Is fine if josh chooses her , it’s a huge mistake by paul for keeping josh and we know he would evict him in a hot second . I just can’t see someone winning anything that didn’t have to compete much , was thrown a comp and was a condescending biatch .. even as much as ppl may hate Paul do you not think he deserves to go over her ? Smh . He should have evicted Josh . 😣

  27. Please, please, PLEASE let this happen!!!!! Paul being evicted this close to the finale would ALMOST make this season worth bearing!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

  28. He(Paul) should have kept Kevin and I’m sure Xmas would have been fine w that since they both potentially could have beat Kevin. Since Josh is wanting paul out and paul sincerely wants to take him is bittersweet . I guess Paul has more loyalty to him then josh does or Josh is afraid of taking him . Those 2 I think should be the f2, they played the game physically and mentally and both faired pretty well . Xmas was just dragged along, if it’s a mental comp and she wins , she will take Paul . ? I would think ? He got them there , Josh should have been gone a long time ago and he shouldn’t have flipped the vote , but he got an ally by doing so and if josh turns on him now, I would be soooo disappointed 😔 Xmas does NOT deserve to be f2 ! Arg ! If that’s the outcome then I hope she wins .

    • Why? Christmas is the perfect goat to drag to the end since Raven is in the jury. The only two comps she won were blatantly thrown to her. She made no big moves. Evicting Kevin, who never won anything, is not a big move.

      • If Josh takes her I hope she wins , if paul takes her I hope she loses if paul takes josh he should win if josh takes paul he should lose if Xmas takes paul she should lose if Xmas takes josh he should lose … to sum it all up , I want paul to win !!!! Fck j and Xmas 😝

  29. The ONLY thing to redeem this dumpster fire of a season would be the gnome getting the boot by Josh. The gnome is such an arrogant douche.

  30. If I were Paul right now, I’d be looking to win every competition I could for my own safety and to make all the calls from here on out. As much as I would want to trust my f3 alliance, I wouldn’t trust them to lose for me to win…he definitely shouldn’t either.

  31. Cody, AFP, Kevin with $25,000, Elena with $5,000, AND Josh the big winner. Oh My! Paul would be PISSSSSSed! Alex, PISSSed!

    That would sum up the season of revenge and redemption!

  32. Paul should have taken Raven to F2 because she is the most disliked person in that house (over Paul). You could even see in the jury house what the other’s think of her. I do think that jury would choose Kevin and Christmas over Paul, just to piss Paul off. They may even do the same with Josh but Paul is right to think Josh is his best bet now. Too bad he didn’t consider Raven. Probably because he couldn’t stand her either!

    • IDK. I think Paul would win in Jury against Santa. Her likability rating took a real nose dive. She may not be as divisive as Paul but I think she is more disliked and not respected by HGs. Whereas, Josh could win in jury especially if he is responsible for Paul’s demise.

  33. GMAB–other site says it may come down to KEVIN winning the people’s choice $25,000.
    Really….he was nothing but a floater, unable to win Comps and only “drug-along” because of that. Alex, Mark, Josh, Jason….any of these deserving…made the show interesting IMO.

  34. Here we go with more Josh is going to get Paul Hype,
    IF Josh can at least get to final two he could win against Paul
    DID you notice the good bye messages, Paul had to say Xmas went rogue,
    Xmas did good, Josh did outstanding, he was respectful and told the truth we had a final three, that is what happened, Totally made Paul look like the coward he is, Josh said what a true BB player would do and say,. He owned up to it truthfully To clear the air , so it showed the vote was not personal. Xmas also gave a good one,
    I do not think it sunk into kevin , even Julie was like what do you think of, what you just heard,, He did not get the drift.
    He is in La La land. she was trying to see if he caught Pauls lie,
    Paul is in no danger at all , he will be good at the final HOH, make no mistake about it, the only way he will not make it is if he makes a major blunder,
    IF paul would have taken KEvin it would have been a cake walk, HE could have said just give me the check,
    the only problem Paul will have is Jury , and is Josh smart enough to come up with a good strategy,
    If Xmas swings it , I do not count her out being the one to kick Paul to the curb, She is holding back allot. is she waiting to see if she wins the next comp. If she does not win she can always tell paul everything Josh came to her with, that would mess Pauls head up.
    But It sounds like they already know who is in the final comp.

  35. If Josh evicts Paul he wins easily! That would be so awesome!!!!!! If Paul doesn’t win period-that will be awesome. He wants it so much. I would love to see him not win again.

  36. Paul has a good shot at winning…and if he doesn’t, production will make sure he wins. For the most part, this season is over. I just hope the jury house has a nasty surprise for Paul.

  37. Paul should have kept Kevin and taken him to the final 2. Paul might not be able to win against Christmas or Josh. But he might be able to win against Kevin, because Kevin was such a “floater”. What do you all think?

  38. Wait Keven won 25k for letting Paul in the house and him and my vote Jason are most likely going to win America vote but if he win he got that 25k so it like coming in 2nd

  39. Josh sending Paul to jury would be the best move of the game and probably secure Josh’s win which will put the mess of a season in a better standing. Josh winning is so much better then Paul or Christmas. Who would have thought that kid who took the golden apple, played pots and pans and taunted Cody and Jessica during the VETO would be winning this game. That would be most excellent….I couldn’t stand him until second half of the game.

  40. Doesn’t anyone but me think it’s absurd that the three bullies who violated BB rules in their treatment of Cody/Jessica, are the final 3? I guess nasty pieces of work do WIN. Yuck.

  41. Heck, all 3 (Paul, Josh, Xmas) should have been kicked out of the game for their rule violations, not just “talked to” by BB …rules are rules folks …real bad when we pick and choose

  42. I didnt like how Christmas wasnt cleared by the dr. to play in challenges, but yet she was able to play certain ones. I feel like she shouldnt have been allowed to play in any of the comps, even though the ones she did win were all handed to her.

  43. To start off, Christmas and Raven knowing Paul prior to coming to the house and not disclosing it seems like a recipe for a Paul win and taints his win no matter what. Second throwing the game to Paul explains why so many house guest were talking about how they were going to spend their time in the jury house even from the start. Third if we’re going to pretend everyone was there to play the game this season, keeping Josh by his side is a smart move for Paul. Josh would blab to the entire jury Paul’s true friendship to himself. Everyone is convinced theirs is the true alliance except Cody and Malena. Alex thinks it was Christmas and Josh who betrayed her and not Paul. Paul lied in his goodbye message saying as much. Let’s not even approach Raven, the pupper master’s logic. We don’t have time. The only person to potentially clear things up would be Josh. Christmas would say nothing, she wants Paul to win.

  44. Production picked the season’s HG “followers”, some of whom were admitted Paul fans, like Alex, or Raven, who went to Paul’s concert and even had her picture made with him. Giving him three weeks protection to establish his game, one he has an advantage of having played before, are all part of the set up. And the HGs had a house conversation that they knew they all couldn’t win $500k, so they were there for the social media publicity they would get for their various business ventures. They agreed going against Paul would cause his huge social media following to go against them.
    Xmas or Josh will take Paul to final 2–count on it. Paul continues to be a protected person from every angle.

    • What you wrote certainly makes sense. Whether it’s accurate, I don’t know. I DO know that this season has been the worst ever… imho!

      • Ima, (love the name!). I think someone could shoot my facts down pretty easily if it wasn’t true. And I certainly agree it’s the worst season ever!

  45. I’m ready to see Paul get blindsided and see Josh and Xmas go to the F2. Karma is the only thing that will salvage such a crappy season. I also hope Cody wins AFH, that would be icing on the cake.

  46. I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul lets Josh win the final round, he has been doing all season, passing the blood to someone else. He doesn’t want to evict Bitchmas, but in the end it will be his downfall

  47. Kevin turned out to be such a disappointment. He just sat around all summer long and never did a thing. Acted like he didn’t even care when he got evicted.

  48. The issue simply is this: Go back a few weeks where Josh began smelling a rat in Paul. He went to Christmas numerous times to voice concerns, and Christmas took Paul’s side. This makes it look like they have been tight for a while now.

    If josh has any shot, He must win the last two competitions. If he does not, then chances are pretty good he is looking at third place. Knowing the house has ears, I am betting Paul knows on the doubts on Josh. So, as I said, Josh has to win the final HOH to have a shot at the money.

    Christmas has been a good ride or die for Paul since the beginning. I do not see her breaking her leash. I see them going into the money unless Josh wins the final HOH.

    Now we add in the other issue: Paul has had final 2 deals with pretty much everyone in the jury. Every single one of them trusted him until he sent them to jury except Cody, who smelled a rat early on and tried to tell the house and no one listened.

    No matter what the “doctor” says, the jury will be extremely bitter, especially with each one coming to jury with the same story on how Paul promised them the world and look what happened.

    So where does that leave Paul? Second to Christmas, and second to Josh. I do not see him winning it all on the game play.

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