Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 11

A lot happened this past week in the Big Brother 19 house, that is unless you were watching the Live Feeds, then it looked like a lot of nothing. But we had two HOH competitions, two vetoes and two evictions, giving us our Final 3. So that means we have a lot of Ewws and Ahhs to get through this week. So let’s go.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 11

Eww: The Revengers. That had to be one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen Big Brother do. And the acting was atrocious. The only person who wasn’t bad at reading lines was Dan. And it was so good to see him back on the BB screen. It’s refreshing to see someone pop up who wasn’t on BB16 and after (and isn’t Jessie).

Eww: Kevin Loses HOH. I’m not surprised Kevin didn’t win HOH. Even when he tries he’s not that great at it, but he spent too much time trusting Paul this season, so he fell in line and threw the one comp he might have had a shot at. I would have loved to see Kevin be the one to send Alex out after the horrible way she treated him all season.

Ahh: Alex Loses Veto. I’ve been ready for Alex to go after all the garbage she’s spewed this season so losing the veto was the final nail in her BB coffin.

Alex enjoys her last Coke in BB19

Ahh: Paul Tells Alex He’s Not Using Veto. It was nice of Paul to finally come clean about something this season, but the best part about it was watching Alex isolate herself, which is something she criticized others for doing.

Eww: Alex’s Edit. As I’ve been saying, Alex has said some horrible things this season and if you don’t watch the Live Feeds you’d have no idea. The TV edit made her out to be a cute little prankster who got stabbed in the back by Paul. Don’t be fooled. She’s been one of the most vile people of the season.

Ahh: Alex is Evicted. Bye, Alex. You shouldn’t have thrown everything way by doing every single thing Paul said. And how sweet it is that Kevin outlasts you in the game.

Eww: Paul’s Reaction to Winning HOH. In Big Brother 18 when Paul won the same HOH competition, he was emotional. I was emotional. Most of the fandom was emotional. This season, though, Paul’s emotions seemed fake and silly. He hasn’t had to struggle this season, so why was he so emotional? He could have lost the HOH and still made it to final 3 this week. I’ll just say it: BB18 Paul > BB19 Paul.

Eww: Kevin Loses Veto. I would have loved to see who got to stay between Josh and Christmas if Kevin had won the veto this week. And that would also mean Kevin was in the final 3. It wouldn’t be the most-deserved final 3 position, but Kevin is a good guy and it would have been fun to see.

Ahh: Jury Footage. We haven’t seen much jury footage this season because I imaged it was just Cody staring off into space and Mark and Elena’s no-mance and Matt eating cereal. But after Jason, Raven and then Alex arrived, we had a show. It was hilarious to find out that Raven thought she and Matt were actually running the show. And watching Elena and Mark laugh in her face was gold. Also, everyone finding out Paul basically had a final 3 deal with them was interesting and should make for a tight finale vote.

Eww: Kevin is Evicted. And of course we said goodbye to Kevin. The Final 3 Paul wanted, Paul got. Here’s to hoping Kevin has a shot at America’s Favorite Player for putting up with all those crazies all summer.

Ahh: Josh’s Goodbye Message. I’ve never seen a BB player play his best game via goodbye messages. Josh has again worked to sink Paul’s jury votes with Kevin’s goodbye message. I’m actually surprised players are allowed to say that kind of stuff in messages (mostly because I’ve never seen anyone do it before). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t remember anyone else doing this. Is it something they just started allowing?

What did you think of Week 11? What were the best and worst moments for you?



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  1. They usually confess their own lies in the goodbye messages to start explaining their game, but I guess since paul won’t do it somebody has to tell them how they got played.

    • I kind of wonder if Josh even realizes what he’s doing. He might just be assuming that Paul is also revealing his own game in these goodbye messages. It’s Paul’s bald-faced lies in his messages that really make Josh’s so effective.

      • I think Josh knows exactly what he is doing and that is to try and mitigate some of the shade Paul is throwing on him with these votes where Josh takes the heat

      • I think the jury is bitter this season. At this point, I am not 100% sure Paul will win. I won’t be holding any breath though, if Paul wins he wins.

      • Yes they certainly appeared bitter last night, didn’t they? And that’s good, I don’t like a jury who is all on board with one player. I am hoping for a Paul F3 eviction. Will make this whole season and the time I spent on it worth while for me. Call me a bitter BB fan, but a BB fan

      • Maybe we should have a support group for Bitter BB19 fans, coz I think there are more than a few of us. Teehee.

      • But only if the cast is going to be in the center & we can pelt them with rotten tomatoes/fruit!!


  2. Best Moment for me was Josh’s reaction to Paul’s fake crying. His eyes and calling Paul the devil. I will laugh anytime I think of it. LOL

  3. I would give an “Ahh” to Kevin’s exit too. It was so nice, and genuine. Perhaps the classiest exit the show’s had in ages.

  4. I agree on “Eww” to Paul’s reactions…. his crying after he won HOH seemed a bit forced. He just doesn’t strike me as a very emotional guy & certainly not when he would’ve been final 3 regardless if he won.

    • I think he was emotional, because he actually pulled off “no nomination” if you don’t count week 1 where he was ineligible for eviction, which is tricky because he didn’t actually escape being nominated he was saved from being evicted. But then again, Derrick can’t really claim the “never nominated” either as he was an automatic nominee when he threw part3 to Cody. Otherwise we could also add BB3 Danielle and BB3 Jason to the “never nominated” catergory as they both escaped being nominated until Lisa won final hoh automatically nominating both of them. Just my thought though on why Paul was emotional winning that comp.

  5. A lot of huge BB sites supporting Kevin for AFP.

    He was likable, which says a lot. But Paul running the show and Cody being the only opposition, I’m voting for him.

    • The fact that Cody had a sense of humor in the jury house saying he wasn’t in an alliance with Paul and laughing made me kind of chuckle. That kind of reaction in the BB house would have gotten him more support from the fans.

    • Cody’s ahead on every Twitter popularity poll, on Joker’s popularity poll, and on BBN’s popularity poll. Even several past HGs are voting for Cody. Adam, Dani Donato, Evel Dick, Janelle…

  6. I really, really hate the edit BB is giving Alex. They had no problem running a segment on Raven’s shady behavior but they steer clear of telling the truth about Alex. Watching Alex on the live feeds (the truth) vs watching Alex on CBS programming (editing manipulation) leaves you feeling like you’re watching two completely different shows!
    I have two favorites this week. First off, Josh. His priceless reaction to Paul and his evolution through the game were both amazing! But my absolute favorite had to be the JURY footage! Ahh! We had to wait so long but it was worth the wait! I just wish there had been more of it…I just kept rewatching it over and over!
    People have joked and said they’d love to see a post eviction episode featuring the jury. But no joke, I think that would be a brilliant move by CBS! The ratings would be phenomenal and it might just make up a teeny, tiny bit for making us sit through the season of Paul!

    • I agree that a post-BB19 episode featuring the fury would be fun to watch; however, once the show is over, it’s over. It’s kind of like the old adage: “You can’t go home again.”

  7. I don’t want to see kevin get afp, he already has 25k, spread the money around, I say Jason or Josh should get it.

    • Want to see Alex’s reaction when Kevin is announced AFP going by her what she said, and after campaign ing for it.

      • you and me both…. especially after saying she would kick him in the nuts and say f you old man! and to think I liked her at the beginning….nasty lil *beep* as zingbot put it.

      • The Paul Patrol is least deserving.

        Paul and Jody actually played the game.

        Matt sat around, eating cereal and “playing” with Raven.

        Raven “played” with Matt and complained about her diseases.

        Christmas is a joke.

        Alex, Jason, and Josh won comps, but did everything Paul told them – including picking fights with people.

        Dom and Mark gave it a shot, but way too late to make a difference.

        Kevin and Elena were just… there. Trusting their alliance to carry them, as they couldn’t win a goddamn thing.

        Ramses and Cameron were treated poorly, but didn’t do anything to deserve a prize (not that Cameron was given a chance).

        Jillian served to give us a fantastic blindside, and that was about it.

        And Megan… well, she was the smart one because she booked it while the getting was good. Unfortunately, she’s not eligible because she quit the game.

        To make a long story short, I’m awarding gameplay (even poor gameplay), NOT a summer vacation.

      • ok fair enough- this forum definitely seems to be divided on this topic from what I have read…
        one thing- your summation of what is deserving- even poor gameplay- wouldn’t by your own phrasing – would include Paul in Poor gameplay being deserving?
        Just am trying to see what others see in cody- and I can’t!

      • I don’t judge Paul’s game as being poor or good – just average. He was better last season, when he had to work for it. But Paul was given a lot of advantages due to game twists (gifted him by America cause of course people will vote for a vet or well know HG in Week 1) and the absolutely dumbest cast in BB history.

      • There is nothing to see in Cody. It’s funny to me how so many hated him when he was in the house and those same people are now going on about how Cody deserves AFP…why? what makes him deserving is my question. How did he become a favorite? What is the point of voting for him? He wasn’t entertaining, he wasn’t fun to watch. Basically all he did was hide out with Jess. I don’t think whining and making out is deserving of being AFP. I’m not sure who is deserving of it. I swear I thought I was watching the ‘mean girls club’ (guys included). All they did was attack who ever the target that week was. None of them were ever nice to anyone. Even Christmas was a B to Josh most of the time as well as Paul. Josh he called others bullies but thought nothing about the things he said and the way behaved towards others. The 3 in there (and Cody/Alex) are the least deserving of AFP ..IMO.

    • Jason was too quick to join the Kevin bashing nastiness and something unforgettable and NOT funny even if it truly was “just a joke” and Josh will most likely be ineligible due to being in f2……as for Kevin not wanting Kevin to win just because he already has 25k, you may as well research which hg is the poorest and vote for them, cause that’s what it sounds like you think AFP is for.

    • Why give it to anyone of the Paul Patrol – they didn’t play the game.

      Paul, Jess, and Cody played the game. Just wish they were better games, but eh, beggars can’t be choosers.

      • AFP isn’t necessarily about who played the game but who was more fun to watch. Cody didn’t really do anything either IMO. He tried to get Paul out but “America” gave him the protection pendant (not sure America really voted him for that but perhaps it was already his) . I don’t like the ole “it’s rigged for Paul” but sometimes it does make you wonder. I hope they never put vets in the game with newbies again…it ruins it IMO. Either have all newbies or have another season of vets only.

  8. I have always thought they edited it when a houseguest insisted on keeping blowing up a game, usually good bye messages are so obviously heavily edited, that it was surprising. The first time I remember letting them do it was when Ian revealed the Quack Pack to Mike, but that was pre jury. I also somewhat thought it was because Mike so counted on Ian the show didn’t want to let that stand, and also, that the Quack Pack was such a weird thing especially at that point that I remember even thinking, Ian, I don’t know if Dan thinks there is a Quack Pack anymore. I think maybe it was so one sided, they needed to lay the groundwork for some drama on finale night and Josh appeared to be the only one ready to say anything. And its also possible that the show figured only half of the jurors would actually believe anything Josh says.

    • Most important, it makes for good tv to juxtapose Paul being so insincere and Josh spilling the beans.

  9. Whatever they say in goodbye messages is fine as long as it’s coming from the house and not outside. Paul normally lie in his messages why shouldn’t another confess or say something about what he thinks is misunderstood.

  10. I think it was very mean and spiteful that Alex, Josh, Christmas, and Paul was cruel. When they waited to drink all the beer on the double eviction night until Kevin went to bed and they where all laughing about. Also the night of Kevin, I sounded like Paul and Christmas was having sex in the rose room. Even though you could not see it it sounded like it. I am wondering if Christmas is his lil burrito, based on the fact Paul knew her before the show. Yes vote for Kevin for AFP he entertained me this season. Yes he makes that face in the mirror everyone calls duck face but I think he is doing the Blue Steel face.

  11. Couldn’t agree with you more about the jury footage being the BEST part of the week! It didn’t feel as staged or scripted as it usually is (although I’m very gullible). Whether they were acting or not, Mark and Elena’s laughing in Raven’s face was priceless! I played it back twice, and I cannot figure out what Matt TRULY thinks about his ridiculous girlfriend … shaking my head :-)

  12. I sure wish there was a way to get most of America to see just how vile Alex and Christmas have been. A small group probably actually pays for the live feeds. A bigger group probably follows sites like this (I’m in this group) but I’d say a majority ONLY watch what CBS puts on and that’s unfortunate.

  13. I know most people on here want to see Cody win AFP, just to spite Paul, but I’d honestly root for Kevin over Cody. For three main reasons.

    1. Like Cody, Kevin’s game was pretty awful when you get right down to it.
    2. Unlike Cody, Kevin is actually a decent human being.
    3. Imagine Alex’s reaction to seeing that Kevin, the one person she truly despises for reasons unclear even to her, is the one America loves the most.

    • No, “people” on here do not want to see Cody victim noises win AFP, not this people. I would consider it a genuine travesty if he does. What did he accomplish in the game? Not a damn thing other than giving us a phrase that perfectly describes himself, screw some random girl on TV, isolate himself 90% of the time in a game that is based on social interaction. All that being said. I’m sure CBS will make sure Mr victim noises does win AFP, it’s right up their alley to pull a stunt like that.

      • You do not speak for everyone, though, Fiddle. While most of the people in the chat seem to agree with you, there’s a large, seemingly unspoken adoration of Cody. He’s been at the top of the popularity poll for quite some time now by a large number.

    • I agree with you…. but not coming to Cody’s defense… it does seem the boy needs some mental help. serious mental help.
      I would love to see Kevin win AFP just to piss Alex off. I just want to see her face if Kevin won it.

    • I was thinking the same thing. That “trailer” was INTENTIONALLY over-the-top, poorly acted, and campy! It’s Big Brother, for goodness’ sake.

    • Right? It was one of the least offensive things production brought to the viewers this season. I could have done with Frankie but whatever. Terminal tilly was much more offensive to me than The Revengers will ever be.

  14. Well…. I truly thought Kevin was going to be in the finale 2 with Paul….. highly dissappointed in that. Never been a fan of Paul… not even when “friendship” was around last year…. kinda made me gag at the thought…. just like when ever I see Frankie. *grabs bucket* Perhaps if Paul knew Josh was sinking his game play on those eviction goodbye messages… Until Josh started doing that…. I was going to say Paul deserved to win it…. but now… damn…. As much as I can’t stand the meatball… He would have my vote to win on that alone…. and damn… Raven is still clueless… clownitard. wonder if she will ever take it off….

  15. HMM…Paul won part one, I hope Josh wins part 2, then he wins part 3 and takes Christmas. Paul going out 3rd would be a huge blow to his ego. I think most of us watching would love to see it. If Josh does win part 3, I think the only way he could possibly win is against Christmas. I don’t believe the jury would vote for her especially now that they all know any comp she won was thrown to her. They made that “GO” comp way to obvious and thankfully the jury saw that. Most of the ppl in the jury have said that they thought Christmas should have gone home after she broke her foot and had bothered them that she couldn’t do most of the comps, so I really doubt they would vote for her. I think Josh only won 1 comp on his own and the others were thrown to him. And even if Paul wins part 3 he will take Josh because he thinks he will beat him due to the things Josh has said/done to the ppl in jury. Right now the jury is really bitter and if they stay that way – Paul may just lose to Josh. The round table will be interesting, can’t wait to see if the jury changes from bitter to thinking about who played the best game. I personally think they are going to stay bitter regardless of what is said. Paul would lose his mind if he comes in 2nd again – especially losing to Josh. LOL. Can’t wait for the finale.

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