Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 10

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

Is it over yet??? Even for us Super Duper Uber Fans, the Big Brother 19 season is really getting to be excruciating, but yet, we still watch. We watch hoping that something will happen, someone will actually smarten up and realize Paul’s running the show… and do something about it.

This season started with so much promise – an all new cast with some really interesting characters. Then it turned into The Paul Show, and 10 weeks in… it’s still The Paul Show. Only question left is will he win? Will this jury reward him the money? We shall soon find out.

But First… lets see what Big Brother player earned Bacon (that was not a typo), and what playerSSSSS are getting a heaping plate of Tofu – for how they played this week.

Paul Abrahamian – 5 strips of Bacon – YES, again, 2nd time this season – only Paul is getting Bacon this week. Say whatever you want about how he did it, but it’s day 78 and Paul still has every single one of them under his thumb. He is magically moving through the house – talking end game with each one of them, covering his tracks oh so well, and even wins a Veto – but still does not show his cards & no blood on his hands.

Even before that, his plot to get everyone to throw the HoH, was a work of art. Sadly, we are already so sick of him, it’s not fun to watch. Don’t worry, there will be more about Paul in everyone else’s recaps.

Raven Walton – 1 strip of Tofu – when Matt left, we all thought Raven was going to be unbearable… and we were right. But this week, it was quite more comical, because she was forced to talk to the rest of the house. We got to hear more stories, some more dancing, and I think we figured out, she is the long lost sister of Bobby Boucher (let’s see how many of you get that joke).

The best part is the rest of the house has figured out she is lying about it all, BUT… they still tread lightly around her, just in case it’s all true! I am sure Paul sees her as a better person to take to Final 3 than Christmas, so he is coddling her. Just DONT let him hear you say Paven!

Christmas Abbott & Josh Martinez – 2 strips of Tofu each – wow, they are an old married henpecked couple! I didnt think anyone could Josh in his place more than Paul can, but then along comes Mrs. HoHitis Christmas! Josh actually had the idea that Paul is running things. Christmas seems to realize the same thing, but cannot have Josh blow up and get on Paul’s bad side yet, as she wants to take Josh to Final 2 as much as Paul does.

Josh is the ONLY person left in the house that she thinks she can beat. And it’s probably true. However, her willingness to get blood all over her by being the tie-breaker is not a resume builder, but a resume killer. If only Josh realized that exposing Paul and going with Jason & Alex is what WE would love to see. There’s still a chance, too bad it would be at Kevin’s expense, but hey…

Kevin Schlehuber – 3 strips of Tofu – speaking of Kevin – before we go into his recap, dont feel bad for him if he goes home next. As of today he has already made $36,027.00. He will probably win America’s Favorite as well, because… well, look who he is up against. Plus 2 more week’s of stipend will get him $63,027 for the summer.

But c’mon Kevin – this late in the game, you have been fighting with everyone (except Jason & Paul), and you willingly / blatantly throw the HoH? We really did think he was smarter than that, OR…. that is how brainwashed he was by Paul early on, that he just decides to go along with anything he says.

Of all the people that Paul duped this season, I think Kevin will take it the most personal. Paul did save his ass with Kevin after using the Veto on Alex where he became the renom by telling him he had to do it or everyone would think he was shady. If Kevin is still here after the first eviction, please PLEASE let it be something Kevin can win… (what can he win????)

That brings me to the CO-Tofurkey’s of the Week – and it goes to both Alex Ow & Jason Dent. Hey Jalex, remember last week when you nominated Matt & Raven – and you said the plan was to backdoor Kevin? And remember when you had the opportunity to back door Kevin, but you didn’t? Now fast forward to ONE WEEK LATER and the HoH says the plan is to put two people up and backdoor Kevin? Does that sound familiar????

Jason could not play for HoH, so can’t fault him for this part of it. Alex – why?? WHY WHY WHY did you throw the HoH??? You have to know at this point you & Jason are the strongest duo left in the game. Oh wait, I forgot, Alex thinks Paul walks on water and he would NEVER do it to her. His whole franchise is “FRIENDSHIP” right?? ALEX – can you count how many times he has voluntarily said Friendship this season????

Jason is guilty by association and was heard saying that even though he knows Paul & Alex are playing better than him, but he has “no interest” in taking them out. Of all the stupid things he has said this year (and there have been plenty) this is the stupidest!!! Well, in regards to gameplay.

My question of the week is – How fast can you run a mile?? No no no – just kidding… what is your favorite Double Eviction in Big Brother history? Mine is Season 15 when Andy pulled off the Amanda / Elissa chop-chop essentially sealing the deal to win the season.

There we go – another week of the rankings – let me know what you think by posting in the comments section below.

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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  1. I’m sorry, but how does Raven not get bacon this week? You can say all you want about her stories, but in all likelihood, she’s going to final five and doesn’t have a target on her back. At least give her a strip.

  2. Adam, do you really think Paul has Snitchy bamboozled? See, I don’t. I think Snitchy is very aware, similar to Josh, that Paul is manipulating everyone and everything. And similar to Josh, he can’t say it out loud because of the repercussions. I also think he has made more than one stab at trying to get Jason to realize it. When he told Jason the other day to remember who put them up there(OTB), I think Snitchy was referencing Paul, not Christmas. He asked Jason last night, who he(J) would nominate if he won HOH. I think Snitchy was hoping Jason would say Paul. Then Snitchy would have said, “Thank God, finally!” Snitchy is afraid to say anything about Paul’s manipulation because he knows Paul has everyone else bamboozled. No one would ever say anything to Snitchy even if they knew it, because, well, he is Snitchy. I might be totally wrong about Snitchy. I really wish the guy would do some real genuine game talk. He might be afraid of what America is thinking also, and he’s definitely trying for AFP, so he might not want to show his cards, afraid to alienate some possible voters.

    • Kevin gets my AFP vote, but only b/c of the weak competition. How can Kevin allow Paul to constantly tell him not to talk or ask questions? Kevin should say “I’m a grown-ass man — I’ll say whatever the hell I want!” Instead he meekly agrees, and then mopes in a corner. Ugh.

      • I agree and it is a choice he has made. I think that all relates back to the fact that he knows Paul has everyone manipulated to the point that he has no recourse. If he balks, he’s gone. I think it has been VERY difficult for Kevin to hold his tongue, but he is doing whatever it takes to get him to the end, including his gangsta manhood being stomped on for the world to see. It’s a “sacrifice”. lol

      • Kevin has watched Paul sic his stooges on other houseguests (and on him, he just might not know it). It’s sad to see him sitting around in silence but it’s a more peaceful approach for him to get through it at this point.

      • I would be happy to see Mark win AFP- just because he was not afraid to apologize and make amends easily- he was very gracious when he left- he was a nice guy and all his crying was so entertaining- the last POV comp had me LOL!

      • I didn’t realize that tanning and walking around the backyard would be enough to win AFP. Wow, I could qualify for that win. Kevin has done nothing to deserve to be the favorite “PLAYER”. Kevin hasn’t played anyone, not even himself.

      • He’s a decent, nice person. Might not be a “player” but I won’t give my vote to any of the nasty people left in there.

    • IDK, I’ve started to realize Kevin isn’t as aware as I thought he was. I thought he had this all figured out by week 2 but the way he’s been playing or I should say hasn’t been playing, he’s all but laid down and died, gives me serious pause. He could have made some great moves with Jason and maybe have gone to the end with him. As of now, he’s dead man walking. I still hope he wins AFP after all the crap we’ve had to listen about him coming from the feral wombat.

      • I’m anxious to hear Snitchy’s take on the game in his exit interview when/if he is evicted. If not, then after the game.
        I still lol every time I read “feral wombat”. That should go down in BB history like “fruit loop dingus”.

      • Yes, I’m interested in Kevin’s thoughts as well. But true to form, I don’t think Kevin will really give his honest thoughts but sugar coat them to his benefit. It’s part of his make up.
        LOL, it fits her, it’s such a perfect fit!

      • He’s actually tried to talk to Jason, but it all comes back to him through Paul.. so obviously Kevin knows that Jason lives in Paul’s pocket as much as everyone else. Kevin is in a position to see Paul’s game clearly, but he is also in a position where he can’t do anything about it, except drop very subtle hints and hope someone anyone figures out the puzzle.

  3. I’m still with Season 10, maybe I’m just being nostalgic for a season where a person, not that dramatically different than Josh, saw the game being played, didn’t have strong feelings about the target on the block at the time, and she decided she was going to save him just to piss off, well, April. She relied on Memphis himself to figure out some allies, she was vaguely (but sort of obviously because Jesse was obnoxious) helped by America in Dan’s vote, but Dan and Memphis were already forming the Renegades at that point, and she found Renny and just played on some weakness in the fact that there were middle players who were kind of annoyed by Jesse. They didn’t really like Memphis either, because he was being kind of a jerk in the early going, but they knew Jesse was the tool of the Michelle, April/Ollie, Jerry grouping.

    Honestly, I haven’t even watched Sunday’s episode yet and I don’t really have any plans to.

  4. I just spent almost an hour of my life researching States Running Records. In all states where such records are posted, I could not find Raven or her mother listed. I checked different age groups as well as the mile, 5 mile, and 5K, etc.
    Can someone double check for the rest of us, or has it already been done and I just missed it?
    Raven said it so it must be true! Don’tcha think?

      • Oooops, forgot that. I’ve only watched since Season 14 which hooked me from then on! I’ll go back to my corner now! hahahaha

      • Ahahahaha…thanks! I definitely could use one about now! I’ve been nightblind and BB blind as well for years! :-)

      • I don’t think you are BB blind. You are astute at seeing what’s happening in the game and you’re incredibly social. I think you’d do well in the BB house.

      • I can only hope…this season did give that at least to some of us who didn’t think they would have had a chance before then due to health restrictions! Now they’re letting in just about anyone..or anything! It’s quite promising for me than ever before! hahaha

      • I think you should give it a shot. Make them (BB production) remember not every HG has to be 20 something or 30 something to be successful . Look at Jerry on BB10. He was a great guy who was pretty good calling it like it is. Paul would never get away with the crap he is pulling in the house right now with watchdog Jerry in the house. He’d call a sit down and get it all out in the open. hehehe

      • You have missed the best seasons. You really need to start at the beginning. I suggest passing season 1, total borefest and head straight to season 2. You can find all of the seasons on Youtube. They are quick and easy to watch, goes by very quickly.

    • Seriously? Are you really comparing these duds with the cast from BB7??!!
      I think you’re forgetting players in season 7 like Danielle Reyes, James Rhine, Kaysar, Howie and Janelle…Moreover, I think Janelle might argue with you that Will “gave” it to Mike considering how she got on to Will & then evicted him! Even Will has admitted he underestimated Janelle & said he shouldn’t have gotten so cocky, of course he said this with a smirk. ;) Also, season 10 had some seriously good players too like Michelle, she was definitely not controlled by Dan. In fact, Jessie was her meat shield before he got evicted. You had Jerry on that season too & he was an old guy that had his own mind and way of doing things too. And season 14? Dan was not in control that season either…hello, Ian was playing him. I still think Dan deserved to win, but Dan was not controlling that season. There were other very good BB players that year in the house. This season does not compare to one of those seasons as far as the quality of player playing the game! And I have never said I would stop watching the show, but this season I actually have stopped watching every episode. I read updates first and then decide if I really want to watch. I have never-ever done that before & I have watched BB for years and years. This season, for die hard fans is unbearable. You may like it and that is fine…you have a right to your opinion, but many of us do not.

    • There’s been more action/drama in this season than 16, 17 and 18 combined. The last few weeks have been boring, because of Paul’s stranglehold on the house but it’s still better than the last 3 seasons. 16 was my first year of feeds and I was so disappointed. Is this really what it’s like on feeds, boring mindless sheep, just moving along while Derrick decrees what people can and cannot do, literally. I remember him telling Victoria she wasn’t allowed to drink, he would shut down anything that could be seen as having fun, THAT was boring.

      • Last season at least cause me to be more passionate than prior seasons had. Oh…that was BBOTT that did that! LOL That doesn’t count, though, does it? haha

      • Oh, I loved OTT! Had some great players. Plus, it was a season that actually had a successful ALL girl alliance. I cannot think of one in regular BB history. Can anyone else?

      • BBOTT does count!! I was hoping they would take some of the elements and bring them to the big game, alas my hopes were dashed.

      • Yeah but Em, action & drama does not necessarily mean good BB game play. I agree, this season had more exciting feeds than those three seasons, but the game play for this season is not on par with those others in my opinion, even Derrick’s season had better players b/c there were others in that house that were, at least, trying to play the game, they just didn’t realize what Derrick was doing until it was too late.

      • There has to be a good balance for me to enjoy the show. It can’t be mind numbing plotting 24/7 like Derrick in 16. I need some action to make it fun, not only to watch, but to chat about as well.

    • But the difference is they competed. One person didn’t go around and say you win this HOH, I’ll win the next HOH, everyone throw this HOH. An alliance might have controlled the game but people played. Big difference.

  5. I think my favorite DE is one that you might remember quite well. It was the “clown shoe” in season 13. Does a Fast Forward count as a DE? I don’t know… anyway I was a Jeff fan, so I didn’t like how it played out but I can’t think of a more memorable DE being played that just had me on edge the whole time.

    • Yes – FFWD is a DE! And yeah – that was insane… Dani & Jeff out int he same night – epic!

  6. Anyone know why the houseguests are not allowed to sing? On a live feed Josh started to hum & big brother said “humming is the same as singing. Josh stop.”

    • It’s just a certain amount the HGs get paid, per week, while being on the show. According to Adam’s math, the stipend appears to be $1,000 per week. So everyone in the house, and in jury, has made a stipend of $10,000 so far (they’ve been there 10 weeks, right?). Now, I don’t know if jury members make less, since they’ve been booted, or what but I assume each cast member makes the same as long as they’re still in the game. Adam can correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I gather.

  7. I’d put Josh as the tofurkey since he clearly has actively recognized several times that Paul is running the game but still pledges his unwavering support and won’t betray him.

    • In a way I wish that Josh would get blindsided because although he recognizes Paul’s plan, he’s failed to be a man and stand up and say he wants to do something about it, BUT, I’d waaaay rather see Paul get cut either prior to F3 or at F3.

  8. I’d have given Raven 1/2 bacon since she likes to eat other disgusting, unrestricted and unbalanced dietary crustaceans.

  9. If you want to enjoy every season of BBUS for the rest of eternity just watch bbuk for a season. I could not get past 10 minutes its so bad be grateful for what you get on the us one

    • I only watch the Celebrity BBUK, it’s pure schlock and meant to entertain, period. There is literally no gaming involved. Lots of drinking and fighting, it’s a fun break from normal BBUS!!

      • Well good morning Miss Em!!!! How are you? Me, I’m really trying NOT to think of this next hurricane that might hit Florida, right where my father lives. He’s evacuating on Friday to higher ground. Pray he has a home to return to.

      • Hey Joni girl! Oh boy, sorry to hear about your father Joni. I pray there is little to no damage and the storm goes off track and leaves everyone alone!

      • Oh geez, that really tells you how serious it is, right? Taking the paperwork. My thoughts and prayers out to your precious father. 🙏🙏

      • Yup…he’s heading to a hotel nearby and hunkering down there til next Tuesday! I hope he doesn’t lose power for too long. Not knowing or hearing from him will make it more difficult for us to keep in touch. He’s said that he may not have a home and that his cars might be totalled, but he’ll be alive and safe (crossing fingers the hotel isn’t destroyed where he’ll be staying). He has two homes there…one he rents out that my mother and he used to live in. Matthew destroyed the siding and took down the carport at his rental one. Okay, time to change the subject! Ha

      • Oh my Joni…I hope he is okay. My thoughts & prayers will be with you & yours hon.
        My mother is in Jacksonville, so I am really worried about her too. Luckily, my nephew is living with her right now & he promised me last night he would make her evacuate, even if she stubbornly doesn’t want to!

      • Thank you Joni. I know. It is scary. Jacksonville is near the coast too and my mother is very stubborn, so I had to make sure my nephew had a plan in place to make her leave if it hits there.

      • He needs to just keep showing her what Harvey just did..over and over and over again. A picture of an 89 yr old floating around in their own home while a looter was stealing stuff should work.

      • Oh no. That’s awful! Okay, ladies well I am off. My son just came over & we are off to watch a couple episodes of BB 6. hehe I will chat with ya later. :)

      • Good day to you! And don’t forget to just laugh along with your son! That’s what I did with my own this past weekend! :-)

      • Hey TGJ! I know it’s so hard for ppl to choose to stay or leave, especially older people. God bless you and your family, praying for their safety ♡♡

      • Well hello there my friend! How are ya this morning? I have never watched an episode of either BB Canada or BBUK, so I wouldn’t know. But I have heard BB Canada is pretty decent.

      • Grodner I heard hired one of BBCAN’s game developers…I think he was wasted on this season, though. No respect I tell ya by these playahs!

      • Hey TG, I’m good, how are you? I’ve never seen BBCA or the regular version of BBUK, just the Celebrity version. I tried doing Canada once but couldn’t get into it.

      • I think I might give it a try, but first I am rewatching the good old glory days of BB… trying to remind myself why I love(d) this show so much, I guess.

      • LOL, that’s what I did all winter long. Rewatched past seasons. BB is now a shell of it’s former self, it will never be great like it once was. Still love BB but the golden age is over and done with, sadly. :(

      • It could be brought back so easily tho & that is what sucks b/c they simply won’t listen to what the fans want. Instead they keep churning out seasons like last year & this year & then they wonder why the ratings continue to decline…although this one is up from last year, but that is not a big deal considering BB 18 had the worst ratings ever! However, this season is not beating BB 16 in the ratings and is millions of viewers shy of the audience the show used to bring in in the past…

      • Don’t say that. This season was just a blip on the radar is all. I hope I get in next or the following season, and make it worth your while to watch again!

      • I’ve actually enjoyed this season much more than I have the last 3 combined. So all in all it’s been okay and all is not lost. But……AG is in charge, as long as she is around, they will never be able to turn the ship around and right what has been wronged. They have proven season after season they don’t care what the fans/feedsters want to see and some of their casting choices this season, PrincessButthole/SurlyConsort, Rabies/Mattress, the feral wombat, Christmas, Megan, all of them were seriously miscast and a huge mistake imo. I also didn’t want to see a vet return, I was seriously disappointed when Paul came out and I was a huge Paul fan, but I knew once he showed up, it was all about Paul. They brought him back to win.

      • I think the reason why I hate BB this season so much is because the comps are ridiculous and there isn’t much playing just a lot of harassment. I’m not in other sites, such as tweeter so I don’t know how many people are really enjoying HGs ganging up on others. If viewers like it it will be done again.

  10. Adam, as always you give a forthright view of the game. I can understand giving Paul the bacon because at this point he really is the only one playing, but is he really playing a masterful game? I don’t know. Put him a house with some decent players and then I could actually answer that question. These HG are so substandard it is hard to gauge if paul is that good or if the HG are just that bad. I mean c’mon, who throws an HOH comp this late in the season, especially when your partner is outgoing HOH and just shook up the house a bit? It makes no sense.

    One thing I am in total agreement with is your first statement… Is it over yet?? haha To that I can thankfully say soon.

    • paul is all pumped up as the puppet master but for what? the evictions were always the next logical choice anyway. if you think about it, he’s mostly bluster.

      • I know. I am telling you watching older seasons as I am right now, it is so shocking how much this game has changed. Paul’s machinations would be called out and exposed by players like Kaysar & Maggie in BB 6. There is no way he’d get away with it. I wish BB would quit looking for over the top personalities & just go back to looking for strategic thinkers and people who know how this game works.

      • I don’t think he’d get away with these tactics even if he were playing with the cast of “Born this way”. I think somebody would have realized something was up when they saw everybody throwing the comp knowing that one of them will be evicted. They would also realize they’re not pawns when the HOH tells them to their face she needs to get out a strong player when she nominates the 2 strongest competitors working together. Maybe production is encouraging them all to go along with what Paul says because nothing else makes sense.

      • I know production prods players in certain directions sometimes… too many past HG have admitted it for it not to be true. In fact, Jessica has even spoke up saying Cody was “encouraged” in a DR to go after Paul! Mind you, production knew Paul had the DoT safety. You know they did this for pure drama, uncaring that they were blowing up Cody’s game!

      • Yes I thought I saw you say this somewhere else, but couldn’t remember where. If that’s the case they obviously had a plan from the beginning to make Cody the villain, and Paul the hero by making everybody beg for his friendship. That is wrong to do that to a real veteran especially with Paul criticizing his military service. He didn’t just question if it was true, but I saw a conversation on YouTube that Paul had in the HOH room, saying how wrong it is for Cody to think everything can be solved with violence. He also said he shouldn’t be proud that he fought in a war knowing that some of his friends that served with him probably didn’t survive. I don’t care how good Paul’s game is, I don’t see how a player on American BB could have so many fans after saying that about our military that has kept him safe here. If it weren’t for those soldiers risking their lives for us, I don’t even want to think of what would happen to America. I know a lot of people don’t like Cody’s personality on the show, but he seems like a good guy and a gentleman with the people he cares about.

      • This is a great conversation, Susan! You put forth a decent argument here. :) Production likes to stir up the drama b/c it makes for good ratings. Earlier in the season, the ratings for BB19 were better than both BB17 & BB 18, so they’re right to an extent, but I wonder if they give a thought to the players & how their DR prompts might ruin a HG game? I doubt it. While I do not think Cody was a good BB player, mostly due to his lack of social skills and his inability to put his ego aside and play the game, I do believe he got reamed by the twists in this game. Paul having a secret safety (which I have been told has never happened-a *secret* safety) & Xmas being able to use her ring of replacement, but then not compete in that said comp is ridiculous. I think when she used that temptation, she sure as hell should have had to compete in the comp, but she didn’t & that is BS if you ask me. You bring up a terrific point when you mention the disrespect shown to Cody in regards to his military career. I agree, if this country was left to people like Paul to defend it, we’d be in deep trouble! This whole cast has no sense of what it takes to do what Cody has done, they are all far too selfish and/or narcissistic to serve their country, if you ask me.

        Anyhow, this season has been such a dud for me that I hope BB finally learns its lesson in regards to mixing vets & new players. This season has been the only season I have actually been embarrassed to be a BB fan, and that’s sad.

      • Oh she shouldn’t have been allowed back in the house after being gone so long for surgery and aftercare, this whole season just seems like a big joke. Christmas winning after all that, and not being able to compete in some comps would be the most fitting end to this ridiculous season.

      • Ha ha! Could you imagine final three comps with Josh, Christmas and Kevin lol! If Kevin survives this eviction, the next HOH comp should be Boston trivia since he can’t win anything else. Josh wins the veto, and they get rid of Paul.

    • He is NOT in a house with decent players – he is in this house with these players. I will save my “where does he rank all time” discussion for the final wrapup of the season in 2 weeks…

      • Exactly. Right now (b/c this season is so bad) I’m rewatching BB 6 & last night I watched the episode with the pressure cooker HOH comp. You remember that one Adam, where all the HG stood in that room and kept their fingers on a button for hours & hours… when Kaysar finally gave it to Jenny, like 14 hours had passed. Do you think even one of these HG (including Paul) has the determination to compete like that?

      • Paul is not a good comp player and he will throw games because it benefits him more. I don’t think he would have won those comps anyway.

    • I think if Paul wasn’t a vet and played the same way, then he would have gotten more credit. Production interfering and giving him safety keeps us from knowing if he would have gotten evicted sooner. Derrick was a newbie and played a similar game (of course since Paul is copying his game) and he was one of the greats in the BB history, but with Paul I don’t think so since Cody nominated him the first week, and he hasn’t won yet.

      • I think he’s already proven himself deserving of credit after being a 100% newbie last year (and not having professional experience as an undercover officer), then getting himself to F2 after being on the block every other week.

        Now this year never being on the block and only vet in the house.

      • He was one of three “America’s Players,” but I think that just helped him earn more money.

        Otherwise, I think he just threw every competition until the end, and wore his “Hipster” beanie and fake glasses, trying to lay low (he thought looking like a Hipster would help him blend in lol)

  11. The floaters in the house need Alex and Jason out just so they can win competitions “fairly”. So I would like to see them play Paul’s game until then. Then go after him full force. Then it might get interesting. But sadly they want to keep Paul until the end. 10 weeks in and I still don’t have a favourite. Here’s hoping.

    • LOL! People really hate Paul. Personally I want him to win, he more than deserves the prize but it does get boring at times watching sheep follow the shepard. :)

      • I just can’t imagine continuing to hate-watch a show in which I’m 99.99% I’m going to doubly HATE the outcome (that hasn’t even happened yet).

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those hate watchers. If I hated the show as much as people who keep writing those boring hate comments? I would turn it off and not comment, what’s the point? I don’t get it.

      • I watched last season to the end even though I knew the outcome. I just kept hoping that I was wrong and wanted to see the final results. I was right. I’m doing the same this season, hoping Paul gets evicted before the F2.

      • It’s a no win situation, really. I try to find at least something to enjoy so I don’t torture myself. But let’s face it, we as a fan base are hardly welcoming to “quitters.” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • Ehh…that’s true. It was torture watching season 15 play out, but I did. I would never EVER re-watch it though.

      • This is a “game show” and as a viewers I want to see at least two sides playing against each other. Is is quite boring to see all of the players giving one person the win.

  12. Based on the comments I’m seeing….So are we saying that all approximately 216-280 players in the history of BB have been FAR superior to the 15 that were on this season playing next to Paul?

    What a lucky break for Paul, just an average nobody off the street to get these kinds of perks from BB. Especially since he is clearly not a strategic thinker, and it’s not like he was on the block almost EVERY week last year but managed to compete and strategize his way out of it EVERY single time…And these people must be complete failures at life…how do they manage to not put their shirts on backwards in the morning??

    • I think Paul is a good BB player, I know I’m in the minority with that opinion. I enjoyed him much more last year, but I still like him. He has a very different role this time around, coming in as a vet, the only vet on the cast of what seems to be a cast of people who are easily led around. I think Paul got in their minds quickly and early and that’s why they are loyal to him and don’t want to break the bond they’ve made with him. It’s a testament to his superior game play having people this late in the game who won’t turn on you, regardless of their place in the game.

      • Hey boo! How’s your day going so far?!
        I agree, anyone in Paul’s position would be a fool not to take full advantage of these morons in the house. He’s working with what he was given.. a bunch of sheep that are willing to give away 500k to a complete stranger. He’s by far played the best game this season and more than deserves to win.. it just gets soooo boring (imo) bc every thing is now predictable!

      • Hey there chica!! I’m good, how about you, you guys working today on the FIL’s house?
        Yep, completely agree about it being boring, but there has been some good drama this season, I’ll take what I can get. At this point we all know how things are going to play out. The most we can hope for is infighting between the players. I’m still waiting for the feral wombat to go off on Rabies for hiding her cat ears and Coke. I guess the decree has come down from Paul that he wants Rabies to feel comfortable, hence no drama. :(

      • Girl, I thought I was just a little hungover yesterday, nope! I’ve been hacking coughing and sneezing all over the place.. I’m not getting out this bed today lol!
        If Alex and Gypsy get into a full on knock down drag out weave flying fight, I swear I won’t say another bad thing about this season lol.. it would make it all worth it!

      • Oh no, what’s going on?!?! That’s not good girl. Yes, good idea, stay in bed, no getting out until you are fully recuperated, Dr’s orders, LOL. I’m sending in some orange juice.
        OMG, would that be the best, those 2 going at it like alley cats? I’m with ya, if that happened, I’m good as gold, smooth sailing from here on out! hahahaha
        What did you think of BD last night?

      • Aww, you’re so sweet :)
        BD… oh lawd, could they have found a more unqualified crew?! Lol geez!

      • Pretty bad, right? I don’t even know what to say, at least Rocky isn’t there? LOL

      • I agree. And I think they dig his travel lore and, being newbs, really want to “be close” to him to hang with his highness after the show. Their eyes are so big. Lol.

      • I also think he is a celebrity to them and want to keep him safe.
        I really hate Paul and not rooting for him at all, but I do think he is a good player. The best one this season or the only player this season.

    • It does not hurt that Paul got 4 weeks of safety right off the bat! Since, when has that happened on Big Brother? I do not recall one instant except, this one! Of course, Paul fans just as die hard as the minons in the Big Brother House ignore that fact! The cast for the past 3 seasons atleast, has been pretty bad. Very little game play at all and the only strategy they know is form a huge alliance and float all the way to the jury house! Hell, nobody is even playing for that $50,000 2nd place? Please, Paul is nowhere near the other Big Brother greats if he were to play in an All Star version. Do you really believe he can pull the wool over the eyes of Dan Gheesling, Mike Boogie, Janelle or Dr Will for instance? He looks a master only because he is surrounded by imbeciles! Seriously, if these minions were any smart, they would have figured out that Paul was a big threat and taken him out a long time ago!

      • It’s also the 1st and only time that only 1 vet was brought back. The 3 weeks of safety gave him a shot…but it also was on the others to vote him out for the past 7 weeks that he hasn’t been “safe” (not counting the week Mark gave him the apple temptation week of safety, knowing Xmas wasn’t putting Paul up anyways).

        And 80% of the house was enraged that Paul was going to be BD’d…he was already laying the groundwork for his social game in week 1, as seen by the fact that the 9 person alliance turned on Cody for putting up Paul.

  13. My favorite double eviction will be Paul leaving this Thursday after Jason since I don’t remember past seasons. I agree with the rankings, but, I think that Jason may not have thrown that veto if allowed to play and Kevin wasn’t going to win anyway.

    • Who is going to nominate him, and who is going to vote him out? :)

      Alex? Alex is alone now and loyal to Paul

      Kevin? Kevin doesn’t have Jason and is alone now, needs Paul

      Xmas? No chance, do you see how pissed she gets at Josh questioning their alliance with Paul?

      Raven? Nope, she only has Paul & Xmas as a kind of ally

      Josh? Maybe…but doubt it. Never mind him having no other allies, and Xmas getting angry for questioning Paul, he can’t win anything except in his own mind

  14. I’m looking forward to Cody’s face when Jason joins them in the jury house.
    That look of disdain and knowing that he is going to think his Alex girl is screwed now that Jason is gone. He’s seen the tapes enough to know that Jason has been killing it in comps and working thisclosely with Alex.

    Hope when Jason walks in lamenting that “Alex only has Paul now”, that Cody doesn’t accidentally knock himself out when he facepalms. He’s a strong boy, that one! :)

      • Looking forward to the Victim Noises he’s going to be making in jury, as he watches the other HGs roll in lol

      • Wonder if they have convinced Matt that Raven in danger, girl? Lol.
        As long as she doesn’t walk in, I think Matt will still “believe” Paul loves Raven best.

      • What a nut…Matt acts like he gave birth to Raven, and expects everyone to worship the ground she walks on. I don’t get how he was with her 24/7, but never caught on to any of her lies…

        Can’t wait to see Raven’s face when she gets the boot. I really hope she’s not in F2

      • Totally mindboggling! It makes no sense, those two together. Maybe he was trying to be nice to justify using her for sex, who knows? He appeared to spend the most time with her, unfortunately we never really saw them together that much to figure out what kind of conversations they had — and maybe that’s it — they didn’t — they were just having mostly sex. **cough**

      • I hope we get to see the Jury House tonight… I know there won’t be time tomorrow. I really want to see what Matt has to say to Cody.

      • But supposedly he’s going to confront Cody. I want to see
        1. If that even happens or if it is another Raven lie
        2. If he does, how bad does it blow up in his face.

      • Ha! I don’t see that there’s any way he confronts Cody. Maybe I’ll eat my words but I don’t see it happening. At all.

      • It does. He’s anything but a follower and I do believe it pains him that so many people drank the Paul kool-aid.

      • Even Jessica said she would vote for paul unless it was Cody sitting w him . He has played a good mental, social , mastermind game .. and for not ONE to expose him is amazing . Josh knowing all of this and STILL would not put him up . If he wins hoh I dunno ? He may, but then again he may not have the votes.

    • lmbo!! I hope they let us watch the jury house long enough to see that because you painted a perfect picture.

    • LMAO… I loved the facepalm comment! I can totally see that though. Cody has a better idea of what is happening than anybody in the house and he’s been gone for what, 3 weeks now?

  15. I am 1000000% voting Kevin for AFP, I hope Adam is right and everyone else does too. Not only is Kevin an OG it would be hysterical to watch Alex’s face when he wins it.

      • Although I would prefer never looking at Jezebel again, I wish that was possible because it would be well worth it.

    • He has ppl interested in him for movies , producers I guess like the way he talks and walks and think he would be a good actor . Walking out w 63k isn’t too shabby

  16. I would like to see that too, or perhaps Jason. Cody probably wouldn’t win because he’s been out for a while now. But if he won, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings!

    • Cody IS at the top of pretty much every popularity poll, followed by Jess, Kevin, and Mark. So I think it’s a race between Kevin and Cody at this point.

  17. On point all year. Sad that Cody screwed up his group that first week. Afterward he tried on more than one occasion to tell people what was happening but it was too late that had already drank the koolaid.

  18. I am enjoying watching Paul run the show and watching Josh try to convince Christmas what’s going on. These people are so brainwashed it is funny ( yet a bit sad). To watch Paul get the whole house to throw the HoH was masterful my god have these people ever watched big brother. how great would it be if Josh actually won HoH and put Paul up😂 Yes I know it would never happen but it would be good to watch

    • I don’t think convincing these houseguests to do anything is masterful. All of them are just willingly throwing their game away.

    • He can go up otb , but who would vote him out besides the person who put him up and they cannot vote ( cept tie) and he would spin the most beautiful web against whoever was next to him.

  19. “Our boy” Paul is going to win this thing. How stupid will everyone feel when they watch it back…then again, maybe not.

  20. Eh, I think you’re giving Christmas a little too much credit, but otherwise, another great assessment of the HGs.

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