Big Brother 19 Episode 35 Recap: Paul Continues To Pull All The Strings

There’s not much to say about this episode of Big Brother 19 except absolutely no one other than Paul is in charge. What he says goes. Every single person left continues to be a puppet and Paul is pulling all the strings.

The episode picks up and shows us some of the things we didn’t see during the double eviction. Of course it’s just a bunch of Josh crying and Paul acting (very poorly) shocked to keep the blood off his hands.

Now we’ve got Alex trying to piece together who Jason and Raven went home and Kevin is still in the house. Josh cries some more and says he loves all of them. Christmas jumps in and says Jason was just too great of a competitor. And Paul remains silent, letting Josh and Christmas take all the blame.

And speaking of which, Paul has to make sure that trend continues. So he convinces Kevin to throw the competition and tells Josh he has to win it. Josh doesn’t want to win it because he doesn’t want to take the shot at Alex. But Paul forces him to accept the plan. Josh, of course always does what Paul says, so he says OK.

It’s time for the HOH competition. Alex reveals it’s BB Comics Week, so the players get to watch a stupid fake trailer for “The Revengers.” I think for a second, some of the HGs thought it was actually going to be a real movie until they saw how terrible at acting Nicole, Frankie, Da’Vonne and James are. It was nice to see someone pre-BB16, though, when Dan showed up. And Dan was actually the best actor, which isn’t surprising. Dan is the best at everything Big Brother.

For the HOH competition, they have to remember what they just watched in the trailer and answers questions in order to win the competition.

Kevin decides to try to win it and starts getting questions right, and Josh and Christmas keep missing questions, so Paul isn’t happy to say the least. Don’t worry, Paul, Kevin remembers the rules and falls in line and starts missing questions on purpose. And Josh starts getting them right. So in the end, Josh wins HOH just like the master wanted. Good work, Paul.

Josh tells us that he knows what Paul wants and Paul has been calling all the shots, but Josh is having second thoughts about everything. He thinks this could be the only chance he gets to take a shot at Paul. But come on, none of these people are going to take a shot at Paul, but keep trying to come up with a storyline in what is now a storyline-less season, production. Keep trying.

At the nomination ceremony, Josh does not take his shot at Paul and nominates Kevin and Alex. But hey, maybe next week he’ll take the shot even though he can’t win the next HOH. Sure, sure.

Josh tells Kevin,  that he is nominated “because you’ve kind of floated to the end and played it safe.” And to Alex he says “when it comes down to the game, you are a beast and a badass competitor, and in order for me to move forward these are the nominations I had to make.”

So Josh doesn’t really reveal his true target in his speech, but it’s Alex, since that’s what Paul wants. Josh still teases us via the Diary Room that he still has a lot to think about this week, but he doesn’t. This week is done. Paul already decided.

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  1. I dont want an all-stars, i want a season of just 12/13 people, a smaller cast with more competition in 75 days or less.

  2. Poor dumb Alex…She is in for such a face slapping moment along with kicking her own ass that its gonna be hard for her to recover….Paul played the house but he played Alex the worst…

  3. What the heck alex???? You know josh would not nominate chrimas. And at that time, you wouldn’t had want Paul on the block. I’m sure you would have demand to be a pawn for him. What did you expect josh to do? Choices are limited. Same also as if Christmas would had won!!!

    • Josh is (I believe) trying to get C & P to do a split vote and they think Josh will vote Alex but he has cam talked otherwise.. gonna be an interesting eviction and we won’t see it live..

      • I think they won’t take that chance Christmas knows josh is tired to be told what to do. And he expressed it a lot.

      • Yep understand that but Paul voting for Alex to stay is securing her vote…I think it was Pauls idea to begin with…

      • He already told her she was leaving. But she’s still going to vote for him and make sure jason will as well.

      • I know all that…I watched and heard it…Since when has Paul been honest with anybody..??? I am saying there is a chance of a split vote…

      • yes and no….he thinks he secures a vote if he votes Alex…Paul does not know that Josh secretly wants to vote Kevin out if the split happens…I doubt Josh will do it but he has considered it

      • Alex is too dumb… even if that happens I’m not convinced she won’t crawl back to Paul after he puts some weird spin on it.

      • I dont think alex will sway jason into voting for paul. From his exit
        Interview he sounded pissed at alex & paul.

      • He thought Alex was a part of his eviction. When Alex gets to jury he’ll hear the truth. He won’t be mad at her.

      • I honestly don’t think that’ll change it for her. She’s now saying Paul played me but it’s good gameplay I respect it etc

  4. it’s the same as in Survivor- you always, always get the players that have a pretty good plan, have the motivation for it and would make the game better- but they never execute it! making the viewers die a slow death!

  5. The only reason that my wife and I continue to watch this farce of a season is that we want someone, anyone to look Paul in the eye and tell him to go f**k himself. And for someone to wipe that smug look Christmas always has on her face. Sorry, but this season has been the worst.

    • I read that Germany had a Big Brother show that lasted 1 year and had 56 people to start with 1 million euro purse

      • That would be excruciating painful to watch. U.S. BB used to be a lot shorter and now it seems like is never ending watching all these people all summer.

  6. Finally I am enjoying the drama now hahaha Paul cried? Lmao in 2 seasons he red just now OMG … the steel heart…..

  7. What can I say? This whole HOH scenario seems just too unreal to be real. We now know 100% that Josh is all talk, no action. Kevin continues to be a huge disappointment. Christmas, who sits on the adjoining throne to Paul, appears to be an individual of little integrity, let alone class. And then there is Paul… no integrity, lacks character, and so selfish.

    I am beginning to think that I might vote for Cody for AFP, a revenge vote.

  8. How, how did I know that Flamingo Boy would ejaculate glitter from his jazz hands? That was as predictable as Josh crying at least twice a day.
    I can’t get over how bad an actor Paul is, yet these nimrods still give him a standing ‘O’ every single damn time. Lol…it’s a thing of beauty.

  9. I am about to tune into BB primetime in a few minutes. I will see what everyone else who has been watching the feeds has been seeing, only an edited version. Should be interesting…

  10. OMG, did the announcer on BB say that “Ravens Arkansassy *ssy got sent home”?. Lol. That was funny!

      • I’m not knocking that they’re fake, I’m saying hilariously fake, aka not proportionate to the rest of her, and thus too obvious. Fake is better when you wonder for a minute if they’re real. Jessica’s are fake but they’re more proportionate to her body. Alex also has an unattractive face and nothing is saving that. Face matters, and it doesn’t look good.

      • Alex also has put on weight while being in the house. And before anybody jumps on me for shaming, Raven also put on weight and she looked better for it. Alex looked worse. Try comparing her right now to those Instagram pictures clearly taken a long time ago…

      • You can buy her Real Doll at Toys ‘R’ Us… Just ask the clerk for Ms. Potato Head and away you go!

  11. I loved the dirty look Kevin gave Paul when he said Kevin hasn’t done nothing the he hasn’t they all pushed you up hope you fall on your a$$ at the end.

  12. does anyone know why Alex hates Kevin so much? I know she said she had a cousin rapped maybe the rapist favored Kevin I don’t know just guessing

  13. “But hey, maybe next week he’ll [Josh] take the shot even though he can’t win the next HOH. Sure, sure.”

    10/10, would definitely recommend.

    • We still have a chance…When it comes to final four, HOH is really only for safety and the veto holder gets all the power. If Paul doesn’t win HOH and Josh wins veto, he has all the power to send Paul out that door, being the only vote. lol it’s our only hope…

      • But Paul won’t have a lot of competition for the hoh with Kevin and Christmas. That’s why he wanted josh to get this hoh and Christmas next one. He planned it this way already 3 weeks ago.

      • Yeah I agree with you. And the likelihood of him losing two competitions against these people is even worse…But I guess you never know…

    • Alex will be leaving , Josh can’t play .. Xmas maybe will be cleared, Kevin can’t win to save his life , and Paul may not even Win, it’s a stretch … but could happen . If Paul wins , omg ( potty mouth) he keeps bringing that up , who cares, u can cry over 500 .. just like what josh is saying now ..

    • Josh is now all happy and not blubbering , because … he can’t play next hoh and now he has to play nice . 😂😂

    • You do realize all Josh has to do next week is win the veto, as long as Paul doesn’t win HOH, right?

  14. Really with all the unfair advantages he’s been given if Paul doesn’t win he is the worst player in BB history.

    • They each had a diff temp , Jess had the most of anyone , ever !!!!! She ended up doing crap w it . So even with the safety , I still don’t think ppl were going to put him up .

      • How do you possibly think Jessica having the chance to nullify an eviction for 1 out of 4 possible weeks is better than Paul having outright safety for 4 straight weeks? (When he came into the game somebody had to be evicted to replace them, so he was safe from being first evicted, plus 3 weeks under his temptation power). He wasn’t choosing which one out of four weeks he wanted to enact being safe. Jessica had to choose a week and it was dead after she used it.

      • She won HOH , she had the veto , Cody came back and then she got the halting hex , I don’t know anyone who has had that much and did absolutely nothing w it!!!! This paul and he had safety blah blah is old, it’s done and almost over, they were the reason he came back and is not his fault that he can manipulate people , I think it’s genius . He played the game , good or bad .. that’s what the game is !

  15. if josh had any sense, he would realize that the entire jury would vote for him for getting rid of paul, once they realize that paul was the one that got rid of all of them and backstabbed them the whole game

  16. I don’t understand why so much hate , Paul is playing to win, isn’t that the point of the game and who plays the best , it’s play or get played . Never mind the way he went about it , he had 13-12 ppl to take a shot at him and they didn’t . So who are the real dummies ? Cody tried and he shouldn’t have , not that soon .. if he would have played his cards different then this would have been totally different. Go look back at some other seasons , they have had their fair share of bullies and a holes . Is it the way he went about it , or it’s pretty much been flawless, I want him to win so of course I like how it’s going , but I want him to take Kevin. Xmas I want to leave !!! U think paul plays dirty .. this girl would throw her own mother under the bus . Just the few left and who do u really really think should win ?

    • Cody shouldn’t have tried to take a shot at the returning vet? I guess in retrospect yes since Paul had safety but Cody didn’t know that. I think right away was the best time to take that shot seeing how returning vets have fared well in recent seasons.

      • Now , with all that’s been seen and done , it may have been a good move , but he went rogue, wasn’t just because it was Paul it was because he lost trust w his supposed alliance . Him and Jess were good at comps they would have had other chances . Just straight out the gate, take a shot and not tell anyone. It was a mistake and it cost him.

      • It only cost him because production not telling him Paul was safe screwed him over. People jumped on Paul’s side directly and directly against Cody BECAUSE he was safe for 3 weeks and Cody wasn’t able to nominate him. Do you not see that? If he was successfully on the block do you really think his entire alliance abandons him and none of them vote out Paul? It’s crazy to think or to assume that. Maybe he stays by getting enough votes but he would have still gotten some votes and some would’ve stayed on Cody’s side.

      • Do YOU not see that IF Cody had have talked to his alliance and gotten their approval to go after Paul, that things would have gone differently for Cody after that failed attempt? Since he didn’t, he lost the trust of most of his alliance. It wasn’t because Paul was safe to begin with, it was because Cody crapped on his alliance by going rogue.

      • I agree – it’s not that he took a shot @ Paul , is that he didn’t tell his own alliance .

  17. Christmas is really on my last nerves, cannot stand her anymore. UGH!!! I pretty much feel like Josh will be next after Alex. Don’t think Christmas, and Paul want him around. Josh gets too me as well, when people tell him to leave them alone. Can you not hear me! Omg…These people have gone beyond cruelty in this game. If you want too evict someone, evict them. We don’t need all this other BS!! SMH

    • Yeah , agree w Xmas . She’s horrible to even think of saying that . If I was Kevin I would lose my chit . He’s handling it well. Maybe maybe they do have a f2 and it’s solid . No .. arg

  18. Josh ain’t going to do squat, because he is to much of a wuss to stand up to the bearded midget!

    • He can’t now , he did , but he said he would NOT turn on Xmas or paul . That’s good for him, but not here . This is not the place to be loyal.

      • Exactly. Who would vote out Paul? Alex won’t even tall game with Josh… And Paul has the Veto anyway. Nothing Josh can do now.

        I do think he will cut Paul at F4 if Josh wins the veto though.

  19. This has been one of the better seasons imo. Instead of having these goofy named “alliances” where nobody sticks to the plan. Paul will go down in bb history if pulls this win off.

    • Yes , is what I think as well . This season is very diff , they really get along and think they have too many friendships and not focused on the win . Focus !!! But yes I think he will be one of best ( if he wins) if he gets second I’m gonna throw tomatoes at tv!

    • I am glad there aren’t a bunch of silly alliances/names and the bros alliance dominating, which I’m afraid would have happened had Cody not been evicted; that seemed to be his plan initially anyway.

      • Exactly!!! No quack pack or Brogade (all though brogade was one of the better alliances). I’m glad it turned out the way it did. Idk if I could get excited about a Bb celeb but who knows

  20. Paul is the biggest handjob I have ever had the displeasure of listening to. Someone needs to punch him in his suckhole. Also, can he need afford to shop in the adult section of stores? His clothes at best are a youth large. Poor little emo guy…

  21. well folks if u have the feeds What & who u are watching now is what &who u will be watching and hearing for the next 8 days…U will only get a break when the feeds are down for the Tuesday eviction…Such a sad end to what started out as an interesting season….3 losers that no amount of money any of the three might win would ever be enough to buy the respect or class which all 3 sorely lack…

    • Awww ! Josh isn’t bad , Kevin isn’t bad .. Paul is playing . Xmas is awful .. yes . Alex has said some stupid chit, but u don’t check your morals at the door . All is fair in love and backstabbing . It was a good season . I’m the only one that wants him to win ? Wow . :/

      • All is not fair in love and backstabbing. There is no love, and all the backstabbing being done is totally unnecessary. Neither of those two options is necessary to play a fair game, sorry.

    • Watching BBAD is painful.
      Turning it off now. I imagine a lot of people are dropping the feeds about now.

      • I can see why…. And Paul is planning another senseless attack on Kevin…I DON’T GET IT…There is no point to any more attacks or bullying maligning or belittling ..Its done drop it… Paul has proven what a lowlife piece of crap & lowdown son of a bitch he is…Why keep reminding us???

      • I don’t get it either. Alex knows she is leaving. There’s no lie to keep up.

        Except to keep negative feelings between Kevin and Josh, and Kevin and Xmas, so Kevin will vote for Paul to win over either of them, or Joshmas will vote for Paul to win over Kevin.

      • I love how Paul says “Rattle Kevin so he won’t win”…because Kevin has just totally proven he could win at any given moment, right?…

        I agree it’s not necessary to do this to him, it’s too much and too far. But Josh and Christmas are the idiots who keep listening and complying.

      • Yeah , and he told Xmas to go occupy him so he wouldn’t be studying dates and times like Alex suggested . So then I think I guess he was just being nice and then all 3 in his room .. being nice . I think is just all smoke and mirrors and they being Paul and Josh will make f2. There is no way in hell Xmas should win when she hasn’t done much at all but belittle Josh and play mom. She won’t last in the last comps so comes down to Paul and Josh .. and Josh wins , he may take Xmas , who does not deserve 2nd !!!!

      • Maybe to throw ppl off that he doesn’t like him but he does and if he gets to pick , he’s taking kevin? I didn’t get the whole convo , but he told kevin Alex was going and something else and they the other 2 don’t even know . That would be a good deal if he did , but I don’t think that’s what he meant 🤦‍♀️I dunno anymore.

      • I cancelled mine when the end date was right after the finale. I would have kept the feeds if OTT was coming soon. CBS is smart to not let you quit and prorate the month.

      • I’m using my access to watch prior BB seasons. Watching BB8 now with EvelDick and daughter Daniele. And I remember thinking EvelDick’s rants and raves were bad. Whew!! Not even close to pussy paul.

  22. How do they keep involving Da’freaking’Vonne in things like this? Dan and Nicole won the game. Victor was a competition beast and got pretty far. Austin and James sucked and I wouldn’t have them here either but at least they both made it pretty far in their seasons. What the actual hell did Da’Vonne do? She played twice and she sucked twice. I’m sick of this “fan favourite” justification for former players who don’t deserve recognition. You know you’re bad when even Austin can claim something you can’t.

    • It’s true. Even Frankie who had a lot of people dislike him, at least he made it pretty far too. Da’Vonne sucks.

    • BB has really suffered during this social media age. I am sick of them bringing Da’Vonne in every promotion when she was such a terrible player, but she was giving sassy DR for the BB production and she was a fan favorite of the black viewership.

  23. Alex’s instagram doesn’t look like she is a gamer girl. Maybe eye candy for Steam or Blizcon but not an actual competitor.

    • I always said in the premiere episode when introducing her she didn’t hold the controller like somebody who knew how to play.

    • She was not good at BB, and I doubt she is an actual gamer. Most great ones have a Youtube channel. Does she have one?

      • I saw her talking about milk, but no gaming channel on youtube. Maybe her Instagram has more followers.

      • It sounded like she was more a PlayStation or Xbox gamer then steam or twitch? I know most of the popular games are on many platforms and she might play on multiple platforms (like practice on the PS or Xbox?). I think to be called a gamer, you should be making money or have some fame or accomplishments. My son enjoys gaming, I let him enter a few tournaments in the summer and he won a few hundred dollars ( I must say I was shocked, my son was on a team during the tournament and his team had a doctor, pharmacist , a stocker broker , all had good careers and gaming for fun and sometimes a little money). but he would never say he is a gamer. A gamer to him is part of a team that wins regularly or a solo player with lost of followers.

      • I wonder why Matt went with Renovation sales and not financial analyst ? He did the finanacial job for years and the sales job for a few months waiting to hear if he made it in BB. He is on leave from the financial job and will go back. I guess sales soon less needy then analyst? I remember Jason that bachelor, first season he was gold pro, second second he was account executive, during both seasons he was living in his brothers basement selling life insurance.

  24. cant watch paul talk, he is such a lying actor, I would not vote for him just because he is a backstabber

  25. Wow ! Alex was talking to the camera and now GOT it !!! Paul was playing everyone , controlled most hoh , with that … she said he still gets my vote and she will make sure jason gets his vote as well .

    • I hope Jason tells her to stfu. His vote is his vote. Listening to her got him evicted. He doesn’t have to listen to her anymore. When he was evicted he didn’t even mention her name when asked who he would hang out with in the real world. I don’t think he’s all that happy with her.

    • She mad , said was not friendship just being played . Look … this is not BIG you are my brother , it’s not who has more friends ,it’s not Big buds. A game !!! You can’t trust anyone , they look straight at ur face and lie. It’s the game . She also said she played and won comps and Xmas had them thrown, josh got lucky w a few and kevin hasn’t done chit, and it’s all true just lil too late :/ She lost her eye on the prize because of her hatred for Kevin and how no one voted him out. Clearly she would be the most realistic one to take . Have to respect his play hate him or not , he pulled off the craziest strategy and all went his way . 👏 👏

      • I agree that she only has herself to blame. She was cocky and thought she had it in the bag.
        Just like in Survivor, when they think they are safe, they get cut.

      • She had a lot of blind trust and said he was counterfeit and all of them are €>^%|? And €|>~^! But still going to vote for paul.

  26. Oh, poor Paul. Now he’s lamenting his BB Comic persona of Potty Mouth and thinks that millions of BB followers (America) “hate” him and think he’s a complete ass because of how he’s “had” to play the game this season even though he’s most likely going to win the game and $500K. You’ll pardon me if I feel no pity for him.

    • All of 5 min . I will have to disagree w that , every other word out of Josh is f u and m’fer and all have said the most cursed words I’ve ever heard on bb !! 😬

  27. These “puppets” will be going home soon. How can they survive without someone telling them exactly what to do and when to do it? I can’t begin to fathom the backlash from their friends and families. They’ve been a total embarrassment all season long. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when each of these “players” sit and watch this season play out – just like Paul wanted it to. Sad day!!!

  28. Kevin is the best person who I think should genuinely take out Alex for obvious reasons which Alex knows. I don’t get why Paul has him throw the HoH to a doubtful and unwilling Josh.

    • He can’t have Kevin win and get out a big target like Alex because that might lessen his chances of winning against him if he takes him to final 2

    • I feel a lil something something on the side with them . He talks to Kevin here and there and then tonigh they were taking as he said Alex knows she is gone or something like that and then talked more and heard Paul say the other 2 don’t even know.. commercial .. know what ???? Is he planning on taking kevin if he wins and visa versa .. or just making him feel better. Anyone catch any of that ?

  29. I hated Paul last season but would have and thought he deserved the 500k but this season, I know he controlled the house but his style of gameplay was a complete turnoff. I would have trouble giving it to him.

  30. Anybody notice how paranoid Paul got when Christmas and Josh wrestled with him and his hat came off and you could see his bald head shining through that comb back? He must have an agreement he is never shown without the toupe, hat or dew rag

  31. I just want to say I LOVE Branden’s write ups! You can feel his disgust at this sham of a season and I for one appreciate this. I can relate.

  32. Comic Book Hero’s, well at least BB is making an effort to entertain us .
    Special effects, campy, artsy better than I could slap together
    Bet Meechs tears cost the most, that was pretty cool
    Giant wiener really ???
    Liked the Beer Garden Girl outfit in The Producers, with the pretzels lol

  33. Paul deserves to win this season hands down.. he’s controlled all aspects of the game from almost day 1.. gotten everyone to do everything he wanted them to do.. zero blood on his hands, and even when some begin to question, they still does what he says… everyone followed blindly along… .hate him or not.. the guy deserves to win this season..

    • Amen !!!! And !!!! Alex promised to vote for him ever tho she is super salty ( her words) and would get jason too as well. I guess she thinks that she can’t control who he votes for also. 🤔

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