‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 8’s Power of Veto events.

Big Brother Veto medallion back in the box

Christmas is calling the shots this week and she’s taking those shots at Mark. He had a chance to compete for the Veto but couldn’t pull off the win. Now it’s time to make her plans official for sending him out the door.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 8

  • Jason saved himself with his Veto win
  • Christmas renom’d Mark in Jason’s place
  • Mark and Matthew are this week’s final noms

Things went to plan this week for Christmas, aside from Mark getting to play in the Veto. It didn’t end up affecting their strategy though and now Mark is on the Block against Matthew. This should be an easy choice for the house, but even if it comes to a tiebreaker, then Christmas is ready to send Mark out the door.

When Feeds returned we found Christmas and Mark talking peacefully in the Have-Not room. He’s not mad and accepts his fate. Christmas said he’s taking it so well it almost makes it harder since she does like him, but again it all goes back to his association with Cody.

Now we’re set for Thursday’s eviction and Mark knows he’s obviously the target. He’s been working to change minds over the past few days without much luck, but I don’t think he’ll give up yet. I wouldn’t expect it to work, but I’m glad to see him trying!

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      • The kids got bored during the 1st 30 minutes of nothing happening as the time schedule/process appeared to be slower than posted…I was in and out keeping watch cause it was extremely hot north of Nashville ..But we did get to see the entire eclipse… Its the last “total” eclipse I will probably see due to my age. .interesting day for sure..

      • Next one is 2024 and the path I saw online brings it through West Tn. Nashville might get close to totality, but you could always travel three or four hours West. Probably the last for me, too, gal.

      • I wasn’t able to see much of it, due to it being overcast and cloudy…then it began raining before the time ended. It’s still raining now!

      • We were lucky; blue cloudless skies. Well, one small cloud went through when the sun was about 1/3 of the way covered.

      • We will, littlefly, we will! But I’m not driving 6 hours to see it, although it was awesome, to say the least.

      • Naw…me neither.. I would drive about 3 hours which is not a big deal.. but I detest spending time in or near Memphis. .I don’t like the city cause the people are soooo frigging rude.. The hotels & restaurants simply do not appreciate tourist..Knoxville is like some 2/3 hours and we have always been made feel welcome in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg so I enjoy going there…

      • The foothills of the Smoky Mtns.; that’s East Tn. hospitality at it’s best, just ask Dolly. haha

      • Y’all, don’t say that!! I’m feel so old but I don’t want to think in 7 years I won’t be here!!

      • The older we get the more we just come to terms with some things. Can’t let them catch you off guard. lol

      • Hey KSJB, miss you and the rest of you guys. My computer was sick, but it’s fixed now. Anyway, in the meantime I have been diagnosed with ostio-arthritis and diabetes. The diabetes I can and will beat and as for the arthritis, well this is my 4th week of pain in my left thigh, but the pain will eventually go away. I still plan to try out for BB next year though, arthritis or not, I’ll keep going like that energizer bunny…lol. I’m home from work today, and the young man who was here fixing my computer had a pair of the solar eclipse glasses, and I was able to watch the eclipse right from my front porch. It was so amazingly cool to see.

      • Hey Cheryl!!! I think next year it’s going to be all-stars due to it being the 20th year and all!

      • Yeah I think so too, but there’s the year after, and the next and the next…like I said..energizer bunny…lol

      • Hey, go for it, I went to a casting call in 2015, and just seeing the bb side in the hallway where we were lined up got me all excited….lol. The people you meet just standing there in the line is exciting itself. You talk to each other and get to know each other, dam, already thought we were in the house, sizing each other up, saying who we would vote out and what not. It was a pretty great experence.

      • Sorry you’re having health issues, my friend. Neither of those diagnoses are anything to play with so take care and you will make it on the show. I very much want to see you there.
        So happy you got to watch the eclipse. It’s a once in a lifetime event for many people. Wasn’t it amazing! Thanks and keep me updated, Cheryl.

      • Most definitily. And on yesterday’s show I loved the way Jason got the news about his new baby on the way. His reaction was priceless.

  1. I’m going to make big moves!

    *Goes after the guy with no power that the whole house wants out.*

  2. A big move would be to break up Matt and Raven and send Matt out. Breaking up couples is a good move. Mark is by himself now. These people are delusional when it comes to what constitutes a “big move.”

      • that depends…The one that’s left will look for a new partner/ally.. few choices left to make a new friend..

      • He’d probably feel he owed Xmas but Paul doesn’t want a F4 with Mark;
        he wants a F3 #notfriendship

      • Matt and Raven are such a useless couple that Big Brother didn’t even show case them on that garbage Friday special, lol. Instead they showed us Matt’s relationship with cereal. I can’t blame Matt, I eat just as much cereal as him. I do go through a couple boxes a week because I eat a couple bowls each time. I’ll eat it for dinner or snack in addition to breakfast.

    • If I had Matt and Raven together on the block vs a Box of cereal – I would vote the cereal out.

  3. The opportunity and votes is what didn’t work for Christmas this week so she had no choice but to put Mark up.

    • Christmas had plenty of choices and the votes. Paul is not the only vote. Even if there was a tie, she will be the one to decide who goes.

      • That would make next week a problem for her though … you have to remember she has to try and plan ahead. She can’t compete for HOH so that leaves her in a sticky situation.

      • Even if she went against Paul, he would probably still drag her to final 3 since she’s useless in challenges.

      • Again as you said she useless in challenges there for she kind of needs to keep a lower profile, HOH or not. Putting Alex up and say Matt goes out there Christmas is the new target.

    • She could have put Raven up there with Matt and one of them would hope. It wouldn’t matter about the votes. One would be gone. This was no big move putting Mark up there.

    • She had several choices…Christmas wasted her HOH..unless the tide turns and Matt gets voted out..

  4. I can’t wait until Paul betrays alex! finally i’d get to see alex is distress instead of walking like she won 500k!

  5. I actually like Matthew too and want Mark to stay. Man. Why couldn’t Matt when Veto so it would be Mark vs Jason.. that would be more interesting..

  6. i don’t think Paul should win because they casted such idiots to play this game. Most of them haven’t even seen the show before or don’t know how to play while others have no ambition to win at all. If you had people like frankie, caleb, codyc, paulie c…they would crush him.

    • This group is so dumb I don’t know how they manage to drink water without drowning themselves. Especially Raven with her 101 illnesses.

    • lmao i was just thinking that!…imagine these dumbasses drunk? They would spill all their secrets to each other….end game.

  7. I think we should start recognizing Matt’s game. He was totally invisible this whole time. He minded his own business. He threw all the comps to not be a threat.

  8. If I were I HoH this week, I’d have told no one I’d be replacing Jason with Paul. It would have been a total shocker. Sometimes you just have to keep an idea to yourself. I would have said, “Look Paul. You’ve done nothing to me and I may get evicted next week. But I cannot beat you if I make it to the end game. I didn’t tell any other HG of my plan, because if I am fortunate to make it to the end, no one else can say they suggested it to me. I take ownership of this move, regardless of what happens next.” It would be a terrific move to keep the others, as well as the producers totally in the dark. IMO, I don’t know why that doesn’t happen more often. It seems that none of the HGs can ever truly keep anything to themselves.

  9. *Christmas goes after the guy who has won the most comps this season*
    “That’s a terrible move!”

  10. Oh, Christmas. You were so thrilled to win HOH because you were so ready for a BIG MOVE!!!
    Too bad you didn’t make one. Another hot airbag – all bark and no bite.

  11. Just sayin’. Nobody will win this season if going against Paul in the finale. Seldom does a HG ever truly make a big move. Unless it’s someone like Dan from a few years back.

    • Agree.if Paul is in the F2,he wins hands down,will not be close,hard to argue anyone that can make finale night two years running,can’t be all luck.

  12. these people make Cody look smart…..at least Cody tried to take out Paul….I do not even like Cody….but these people are useless…..BB Canada season 5 was better…and mtv challenge is better

  13. What has Jason so annoyed today? Just reading Joker’s. he seemed to be annoyed with Christmas earlier and now with Matt/Raven(always understandable). Reading leaves the impression he is a little more irritated than usual.

    • Haven’t been to Jokers but from the last I saw of Jason..Alex was getting into his head pretty hard. She has him wrapped around her tiny finger. Wouldn’t be surprised if her or Paul has been working him today. Jason is overloaded with thoughts and ideas.

      • Maybe that’s it. Jokers has been a little lax a lot of the time lately with posting info. Thanks, Alfie!

    • Itchy Snitchy seems to dislike Matt. He might be on board, but Alex and Jason would have to get two more votes besides those. Definitely not Raven, and I think Paul & Josh will do what the HOH wants. Christmas would break any tie. I don’t see it happening this week unless something unforeseen occurs that puts a larger target on Matt.

      • Poor Kevin, he has no pull or clout with any of the HG’s at this point. I find it sad, they are icing him out. Won’t talk to him, ignore him. He can be sitting with the group but it’s very apparent he’s not part of the group. Makes me sad. :(

      • I think he has done fairly well trying to fit in with these numbskulls. He has made some mistakes for sure, but if they are truly excluding him, that is sad. I’d rather they just evict him.

      • He’s done an amazing job of melding into the group dynamic but now that they are targeting him, he’s clearly on the outs, don’t like it one bit. Everything that he has told them about himself they are questioning, including him having 7 kids. They think he’s lying to them about it. I will always have a soft spot for Kevvy.

      • I was reading about that last night or very early this AM. I think they think someone might have a little sympathy for him if anyone believed he has 7 children. Just their way to talk each other and everyone else into not feeling bad about evicting him.

    • That would be amazing if they could do it but it’s not on anyone’s radar.

    • Jason is not a happy camper cause of the “‘Kevin” situation…Kevin is Jasons friend but Jason has been told not to talk to him or associate with him…Jason is really bothered that Paul and Alex expect him to ignor Kevin..

  14. In watching the show, we now learn that Christmas couldn’t even win the HOH on her own.She shouldn’t even still be in the house. Her ONLY move this season was given to her by the viewers. Her toughass comments in the DR about game playing, hold no weight( get it weight, fitness person) at all. And her big move is to do what any other HOH would’ve done this week? Dumbass Mark even helped her eliminate ANY thought of BD Paul, by paying off his debt. So does this mean he is under no obligation to vote Paul the 500K? It’s not like Mark had ANY chance of getting to the final 2.

    • I agree. And, I don’t believe she should have been allowed to remain in the game after she had contact with the “outside world” when she had to be hospitalized after her injury. Her injury, in and of itself, should not have disqualified her. That she had to be hospitalized should have.

  15. Mark had some moments,won some comps. but his inability to recognize the danger of his constant association with Cody sealed his faith,had a chance early on to ‘really’ pivot to the other side but for some reason kept flirting with disaster and his rather odd showmance did not help matters either.

  16. I’d give Mark a 1% chance of staying – at least better than Cody’s chances were, which I had at 0%.

  17. A change, albeit simple, would be for Julie to simply announce the evicted HG, without revealing the vote total. HGs would be more likely to vote their conscience and it would cast doubt all over the place. No twist. Just simply announcing who is evicted. Finally, I enjoyed the nomination ceremonies much better when they revealed who was safe one HG at a time.

  18. If I was sent to jury, I couldn’t give any points to Christmas. She didn’t make a game move sending mark.. That said, mark didn’t communicate that she needed to be thinking about jury votes… they BOTh missed the boat and do not deserve to win ..

    • What I have not seen is any house guest using the jury votes as a bargaining chip. Doesn’t that make more of a sense? After all if you reach the Finals, every vote counts. Rachel Reilly won Big Brother by 4-3 vote!

  19. She said this is her HOH and was going to make big moves this week, but she did what what Paul wanted. A big move was to put up Raven and Matt or Jason and Alex. This was not a big move.

  20. Christmas talking to camera about needing Matt or Raven to win HOH to take Alex or Jason out. You had your chance Christmas, now you want someone else to do the dirty work. You learned well from Paul.

    • Barf, what happened to her big move she was promising everyone? Maybe I misunderstood and assumed it was about nominations but she was talking about what she was going to eat for dinner.

      • She loves her pills. I think she is overly dependent on them at this point and I hate that she keeps saying “nerve” pills. Makes me laugh every single time, as if we don’t know what that means.

      • There are pills for nerve damage, like Sinequan and Elavil, but those have constipating side effects, too. She probably does have nerve pills and might be off of the opiates. I hope she is. She should be by now.

      • She’s still taking pain pills, I can tell. As for the nerve pills, I think she is referring to them as that when in fact she is taking anxiety meds, judging by the way they affect her. I could be wrong, just an arm chair observation.

      • With her past drug related issues (am I correct that she admitted to having a problem once), she shouldn’t still be on any scheduled drug. If she is, that’s not good.

      • Yes, she has addiction issues. It’s part of the reason she says she is on the show. She used to talk about it more in the earlier days, haven’t heard her talk about it so much as of late. She thinks she is on BB to “save people”, her words, not mine. I also believe that is part of the reason why BB has been stingy with the booze, they are pussyfooting around Christmas and her addictions. They did the same thing with 16 and Frankie.

      • I found it so annoying and self aggrandizing. Her and Dom would get into these long drawn out convos, because Dom also thinks she is in this world to save people. I’ve never liked Christmas and convo’s like those make me dislike her all the more.

      • I hadn’t realized it, but you are most likely correct about the lack of alcohol distribution.

      • So many pills,this show is beginning to resemble the movie “Valley of the Dolls” and Christmas is playing ‘Neely’.

    • Well Paul will set her straight, lol. Seriously though, I think it may be early to get Alex or Jason out. Alex is a good competitor and won’t let go of Jason easily.

      • No, Alex definitely isn’t ready to let go of Jason and Paul isn’t ready to let go of Alex.

      • I want Jason to let Alex go, she’s not good for him imo. She will be what hinders him from having any chance at winning BB.

      • Hey there fellow fan!! I don’t see it happening either, unfortunately. :(

      • That’s one reason why I wanted Alex OTB when Jason won the veto. I think he is getting a wee bit frustrated with her at times.

      • I hope so. I think she is absolutely awful the way she talks down to him. Jason was a little slow to pick up the game and she did help him along the way but she needs to learn to show people some respect. He’s been more than patient with her. I’m glad production told her to stop hitting him, that really used to pissed me off.

    • Xmas in the last night episode was trying to act like she`s a master mind in the DR… She looked so stupid.

      • It also looked to me like she was reading from a script, what she was saying didn’t feel organic at all.

    • If Alex or Jason win HOH, she could be on the chopping block if Alex was half as smart. I have a feeling Alex and Jason will target Matthew and Raven and vice versa if they win HOH! The blind leading the blind and neither pair has a clue! No game play. Just amusement value! LOL

    • Sounds like 2 seasons ago when everybody wanted everybody else to take Vanessa out. Nobody would, so in she stayed, until the quiet kid, Steve Moses, knocked her out at F2. I know I’m not in that house, but I just don’t understand why everybody is so chicken to take on the greatest threat.

      • When you walk all over people like Vanessa did and Paul does, it screams of disrespect for everyone in the house. I enjoy good game-playing, but I can’t stand disrespectful people. Vanessa then and Paul now just make me sick.

      • I was so upset last season and felt BB disrespected the fans by all of their manipulation to help disrespectful Dingus Nicole win. At least Paul doesn’t disrespect his family by sexing it up on TV. I’m now watching with a completely different attitude.

      • I remember being shocked watching Nicole survive all the way to the end, when she spent half the game (at least) snuggled up in a corner with Corey instead of playing the game. I can understand, if BB thought her win was a mistake, letting Paul in to give it another chance. But it would have been nice if they had given him some real competition this season.

      • Well now that might have made it harder for them to manipulate things so Paul can win. ;) lol

    • I don’t think any of them think they are in an alliance, so why name something that doesn’t exist?

      • I think that’s part of the confusion this season. There’s an alliance but it’s not named so viewers keep expecting the hgs to make big moves against their own alliance.

  21. Matt is really starting to annoy me! Why does he wear that dang Texas muscle shirt 99.9% of the time? His laugh annoys me.. the sex with Raven annoys me, he sounded like a male chavinust last nite when everyone was around the hot tub..talking like he just uses women for sex..I hope he goes soon!

  22. Boring……. Christmas kept saying, “I’m going to make some big moves”. BULL HOCKEY! You wasted a HOH.

  23. Who are the 15% that think mark will be going home on Thursday? Are they brand new to BB?

  24. I thought Christmas wanted to make a big move. She likes the rest is scared of Paul. Sending mark home is not a big move.

    • Lip service. Nothing more. Way to easy to say things you are going to do than, actually doing it! She is Helen of Big Brother in past seasons! Always planning to take out Paul but, never actually doing it! LOL

    • They are saying on the feeds it was an alarm of some kind. Don’t have any more info than that.

  25. Not being a fan of Mark.. Due to mostly his association with Elena and his begging for her attention and just a tad of how dumb he was to play both sides of the house..(Cody/Paul)…But this is one time that I hope for something to keep him in the house and Matt goes or somebody else gets evicted…Just for sake of the saving the true BB game and playing it the way its meant to be played…

    • Is Matt even campaigning? I’ve not seen him too worried, so maybe not? Geesh, everyone tells who the target is and bam…nobody needs to campaign anymore when it’s not them.

      • Matt seems to be wearing his “Pawn-ship” as a badge of honor …. he KNOWS he’s safe, so their is no risk of being voted out- now on other seasons, not true. I thought I’d choke when he told Xmas he would go up, don’t even consider Raven. (Big protector! Ha!) And he was delightfully telling us in the DR about his pawn survivals – gee, aren’t you something, Matt? Now that he’s lulled into a false sense of security, he could volunteer again for the next HOH; Paul would convince him to throw the Veto, and Voila, now Matt will actually be booted out!

      • Yep..he has tried to talk to Christmas & Josh a couple of times…I don’t think any of the others tho…

      • Mark had a few words with Paul, but Paul was like the deal is sealed enjoy your week in the house? Mark could have pushed more but Paul left the kitchen , like deal with it you are done.

      • Once you are nominating talking to people who can actiually vote is the best chance. Talking to HOH won’t help much since she already nominated you. Mark did this instead of going to Paul because he knew he’ll get backdoor’d

    • I think the game is being played properly and people are just frustrated because it’s not all big moves all the time. Right now an alliance is running the house and they’ve picked off the other side. Now they have to eat their own. I’m very interested in seeing how all this plays out. One, I don’t think Paul has it in the bag yet. Two, the end game is near and you can already see the hgs gearing up.

      • Agree there are still 8 players left in the game and they have been aligned for some time so I don’t find the recent evictions surprising or bad game play. Now things will get interesting and Paul definitely doesn’t have this game in the bag. I didn’t like that they brought Paul back but he is playing a good game. There is no rule book on how to play BB and every season is different so I’m not sure why people are so incensed this season, not the worst by far in my book.

  26. I’ll be glad when this season is over. Hope we don’t even get another one. Let’s all follow and do what Paul wants. They don’t even remember last year he was one that wanted the ones that returned from the previous season. They had their chance was what he said. And why Christmas was even allowed to continue puzzles me as well. She can play at times then can’t because of medical reasons. Then she shouldn’t even be allowed to participate in anything. Whoops, Big Brother has to scheme so she can win something and not be dead weight like Mattie, Raven and Kevin.

    • I think Paul is playing a good game,exactly what he supposed to do on BB and correct me if I’m wrong,haven’t seen Paul or anyone else for that matter holding a gun to any house guests head,so whatever decisions or lack of are being made by each person and to Paul’s great credit has exploited any weakness in his favor and most of all has the best social game in the BB house,yes he can be loud and pushy at times but still a good player,just not the quiet family guy type like Derrick,

      • I’m not disagreeing with you. Just hand Paul the money now. Those other clowns would have to check with him if they took a crap and would need to know how to clean afterward. I can’t wait until the stab in the back comes to his followers. Maybe then, like the eclipse, they will come out of the darkness and see the light.

      • Think you are selling some of these people short,Paul is not in the F2 just yet,a very tricky road ahead for this vet, and he knows that best of all.

      • He said he has no idea why they haven’t come after him yet. I think or I should say hope they will soon.

  27. Christmas is calling the shots …? Nope. Paul is calling the shots. The only way we’ll believe someone other than Paul is calling the shots is when one of the HGs nominates him for eviction and he is truly the target. Otherwise, no one calls the shots but Paul. (Nice try though, Matt.)

    • I’m just curious,noticed by your numerous posts that you are part of the hate Paul crowd,so who are you guys planning to nominate for your newly created “villain” if he goes?,got to have someone to hate,if not,, this group will be totally lost.

      • Oh,thank god..did not want anyone lost at sea without someone to dump on each week,close call!

      • If you are a Paul fan then good for you, but Anyone who is falling for his lies should be targeted. The whole house, starting with Paul. Anyone questioning him, such as Kevin, maybe Jason if they do something is who I root for.

      • I do not consider myself part of the Paul fandom but can appreciate and respect his game skills and even funny sometimes.

      • I think if he is playing without assistance, then he is doing a great job, but I can’t stand his behavior.

      • We don’t have to have someone to hate, what we need is someone to root for who deserves to win. That would be someone who wins competitions (not having wins thrown to them) and who has a good social game. When I vote I would rather vote FOR someone I want to win than against someone I don’t want to see win.

      • There is no such thing as a perfect BB,each season has good points and flaws and each summer brings brings a whole different mix of house guests together,some work out and some don’t but BB being very imperfect is what makes this show tick..

      • U have a good take on the show/game…..I try to keep an open mind and consider all house guest when discussing /commenting…But I am most definitely for the person(s) that are actually playing the game and not sliding by…

    • You are so right the big “P” is calling all the shots. And Big Brother helped back in the beginning. Remember, Cody wanted that clown on the Block, but BB gave him the Pendant of Protection to stop it, and said fans voted for him. Yeah ok. BB knew the people would have wanted a return player not to get that second chance. So let’s scheme and protect him.

      • I definitely voted for Paul to get the Pendant, and I know a lot of other people that did. Paul’s pretty darn popular in case you’ve missed every week of the popularity poll.

        If you really want to investigate potential rigging of the game… Check out Jess suddenly getting a temptation when America didn’t like her or Cody. Check out the former sniper getting what was basically a sniper challenge in the Battle Back.

        Also, there is one other problem with Cody wanting Paul out week 1. Well 2 problems really… One, he blindsided his entire alliance and two, nobody would have evicted him because they all liked Paul just like they still do.

  28. “Things went to plan this week for Christmas…”

    If her plan for the week was to hand stronger players the game, then yes, things went according to plan. Why do these people not see that Paul and the other power couples are a far bigger threat than Mark???

    These houseguests are truly baffling. When Paul wins the whole thing I hope Cody and Mark throw it back in their faces.

  29. Enough with the whining about Mark aligning himself with Cody! That was Week 1, over 6 weeks ago! These petty people (Alex, Christmas, Josh, Jason, Paul, Raven, and Matt) are worse than a bunch of spoiled brats.

    • That was the first instance. Then he jumped right back in with Cody after Cody won the battle back. That is what turned the hgs against him.

      • No, he was already a target after Dominic in week 2. His pool betting fall out with Josh was hijacked by the HGs with Paul capitalizing on Josh as a useful tool. The battle back return of Cody temporarily shifted attention back to Cody and by extension Jessica as targets, with Mark penciled to go thenafter. Hence, the house blindsided him on Ramses eviction when he thought they were together. At that point, he knew he could trust Jody (who needed/wanted him) better than the rest of the house though he still tried to work with the majority to be in better position.
        What he got in return was constant torment (pots and pans) from Josh orchestrated by the housemaster.
        He was constantly been used as a number against the true clique he ought to belong as he was surplus to requirement in the big alliance who needed targets to reduce their number.

  30. It’s really too bad bringing Derrick back wasn’t a twist. That’s the only time I’ve seen Paul squirm all season. My only hope is for Zingbot to light a fire under these houseguests asses! Wake the f up!!!

  31. Did Derrick really say that? I doubt he will be allowed to speak to them outside of the script.

  32. So this is what Xmas called her big move plan ?? It’s a boring, follow Paul move. Just end this season & write Paul the check already so we can be put out of our misery. Xmas has joined the BB bullying club for yelling at Mark for talking with Cody. Seriously ??? Where did these HG’s come from, a funny farm ?? Not impressed with her at all, talks of how strong she is but cries & complains about her injury constantly. She shouldn’t have been allowed to stay in the house. These competitions this year are pathetic. If Paul wouldn’t have thrown that last comp she never would have won this HOH

  33. Christmas a disgrace to the game, and a liar. She said she would make a big move. She eliminated the biggest target. Her HOH is as big of as an epic fail as Jessica’s. She’ll never make final three, and I can’t wait to laugh my ass off when she meets Julie.

  34. Most boring cast ever, not too bright, quit watching because the bullying was the worst I ever saw

  35. BB should just write a check out to Paul as the winner. No one is playing the game, they’re all followers and going nowhere. Boring, worst season ever.

  36. These people this year have NO backbone. They do whatever Paul says they might as well just give him the check now. I don’t know why I expected Christmas to make a big move this week. Paul needs to go soon or he WILL win.

  37. What a letdown. She promised a big move, nope not a chance. Paul deserves to win, idiots.

  38. This has to be the worse big brother ever! You don’t even have to watch it to know what is going to happen. Make then Kevin, matt, raven,… Boring!!!

  39. This show is very lucky to be on in the summertime when theres no competition.This cast is full of spoiled -i still live with my parents-brats that i stopped watching. My husband gave up on it 2 episodes ago. Predictable, obnoxious, cant think for myself behavior. I would like to see them on Survivor!

  40. Poor Mark….

    Kevin has got to win something QUICK! He’s the last sane person in the game now!

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