Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 5 – Update: Temptation Results Impact

Nominations are coming up later today in the Big Brother 19 house, but things are going to play out a little differently than we’re used to and there are going to be plenty of surprises for the HGs as well.

Paul Abrahamian on Big Brother 19

Paul’s plan for nominations didn’t take long to be revealed last night on the Feeds. Alex and Jason were speaking privately and assumed Paul would be going for Mark and Elena after Jessica’s announcement that she and Cody were safe with her Temptation power. Paul walked in and declared he’s calling BS on Jessica’s claim and he’s going to test it by putting Jessica and Cody on the Block.

And this concludes our Nomination Anticipation column for the week… Just kidding. It won’t be nearly that simple.

Before we even get to find out who is going up on the Block there’s the Temptation Competition twist waiting for the HGs. Starting today and for two more weeks the HGs will have the chance to compete for total safety each week before the Nomination Ceremony.

Whoever wins this new weekly challenge will be protected from nomination, but it’ll be up to each HG as to whether or not they participate since the downside is the loser will be sent to the Block as the third nominee that week.

Well obviously Cody is going to accept this challenge. “I was born for this.” “No one can beat me.” “Superior genetics.” Yada yada yada. There’s no way Cody will turn down this opportunity. And when he competes I’d say he’s got a great chance of winning. He’s a heck of a competitor so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come out on top. If he does then he can’t be nom’d and that’s going to force a surprise shift on Paul. That just might save Paul some trouble this week.

Paul wants Jessica and Cody on the Block because he thinks Jessica’s claims that she and Cody are safe for three is weeks is crap. He’s right. Mostly. She can only use the power once and it only protects both her and Cody if they’re on the Block together. This is also her second to last week to try and use it.

If Paul gets them on the Block and they stay there until Thursday night then Jessica will use it. She already promised Cody she’d use it this week even if it’s just him up there after the Veto. Forcing Jessica to use it up instead of stringing the HGs along with it isn’t the worst thing in the world for Paul or the rest of the HGs. Eliminating this power from the game wouldn’t be a wasted HoH, but I’m sure he’d be upset at no one leaving under his watch.

But, say Cody wins this Temptation battle, maybe Paul will say he’d rather have a whole couple on the Block. In that case he’ll nominate Mark and Elena. Paul has already said they are his Plan B in case Jessica’s power really prevents them from being put on the Block. Then Mark will be the target and Paul could avoid seeing no one go home on his HoH.

It’s also possible for Paul to decide a split ticket isn’t that bad after all, especially since he really wants to test Jessica’s Temptation claims. He’d probably just put up Mark against Jessica if Cody is protected by the challenge win. Then if Jessica comes down from the Veto Paul would put up Elena and target Mark.

This really does have a lot of potential for a fun week. There’s a new competition for extra spoilers later today, Paul is willing to try and challenge Jessica’s claims, and we’ve got a decent chance of her using the power by the end of the week for a shocker Thursday live show. This is good stuff and there are some good Live Feeds ahead!

Update: Temptation Comp results are in. Mark won safety, so his name is off the target list. Jason going up as 3rd nom. Paul wasn’t fooled by Cody & Jessica’s decision not to compete. Cody regrets that decision, rightfully so. Paul will nominate Jessica & Cody. His back up plan is Elena now.

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  1. So is the Temptation Competition supposed to be the curse from Jessica taking the HH temptation? I’m not real sure how it’s a curse except for the person that loses the competition but, then again, no one HAS to play in the comp. So explain to me how it’s a curse. Maybe I’m just missing something?

    • I’m not sure, really. It looks like it could be a curse or a blessing, according to the outcome. For example, if someone won the temptation battle (blessing) that was the target of the HOH, then that would kind of be a curse for the HOH, but there are other people to be evicted, so it’s not like it is an absolutely horrible thing. There might be more to it than I’m realizing.

      • Its a “temptation” in that If u think u are in danger of being nominated for eviction then u can play in the comp to try and win safety for yourself for the week I said Josh would be #1 to go for it and then maybe Mark #2…Downside loser is automatic #3 up for eviction…. I don’t know what happens if nobody decides to play the comp..

      • That’s a good point about people playing that suspect they’re going on the block. What have they got to lose? If they lose the comp they’ll be on the block anyway. If they win the comp, their worries are over.

    • probably a curse to the HoH, or the rest of the house guests if they were targeting someone that plays and wins. Or a curse in screwing with the plans of who to nominate.

    • No one plays in the temp comp, then no third Nom on the block. , one on the block as a third nom and the other safe. more than two play, The loser on the block as a third nom, one safe and the rest could go on the block as well as one of Pauls Nom choices.

    • I totally see what you’re saying, but I guess whenever there’s a curveball thrown that makes you have to totally re-evaluate your strategy either as HOH or just a HG, that’s kind of a curse. Could be an opportunity but it will only help one and potentially hurt the HOH and the loser of the comp.

  2. I hope Paul noms Jess and Mark. If he does and Cody wins veto and removes Jess, at least Paul will be able to get somebody evicted. It wouldn’t bother me at all to see Pinko walk out the door.

  3. hmmm I believe that If Jessicas Hex causes a rewind that it wipes out all noms vetos and HOH for the week…If so then Paul will be able to play for HOH Thursday nite..

    • I don’t think the Halting Hex is a rewind that wipes out all noms, vetos and HOH. It just halts the voting so that no one is evicted. Paul’s HOH still counts so he would not be able to play for HOH Thursday.

      • I can bet you money that if she uses the hex Paul will not be able to play. That would defeat the idea of screwing someone out of their head of household for the week

      • That’s not the way BB see it. In past season, when an eviction was cancelled because of a twist, the finishing HoH was allow to play in the new comp. Because it become like the whole week didn’t happen. I remember at least twice when that was done.

      • This power is used to wipe out an eviction only. What you’re referring to on previous seasons were rewind weeks

  4. I don’t like any of the twists this summer. Cbs is trying too hard. They are over complicating things. From the looks of it, production may want Paul going head to head with Jody till the end just for excitement and it is annoying the F out of me. These twist seems to only seem to cater to the Paul vs Jody narrative.

    • I think these people are stupid to keep Paul. He was Americas favorite and a good player/lair/manipulator. I sure would love to sell all of them some ocean front property in Arizona…..Jessica missed a golden opportunity to put another one of their minions up and get at least one of them out of the house… Wasted HOH power….Cody didn’t want her to put up Alex because I think they will work together eventually if he or she does not get voted out.

    • Well if I was production that’s what I would want too. Literally no one else is even playing.

    • I love the twists. We never know what’s going to happen. They’ve been keeping us guessing. Makes it more exciting.

    • I agree. It seems they have “twisted” the soul out of the game. In the past, twists complicated things but the underlying concepts remained. It seems this year everything is designed to take power from HOH — with third nominees and blocking nominations and votes. The spirit and strategy of the game is being lost to “expect the unexpected.” I’m sure they will say “expect the unexpected” is the spirit of the game, but I disagree.

      • Very well said Pad. I couldn’t agree with you more. What is the prize in winning an hoh if you cant operate it. Im getting sick of this.

  5. Paul is stupid, he should just use the HEX as excuse to NOT put Jody on the block, and why would he get ride of them if they are both the biggest target on the house??

    • It could expose him. He is definitely the puppetmaster here and he has everyone united because they know he’s against Jody.

      Oh, Mark went back to Cody… well now Mark and Elena can be backup targets.

      So who else would he target at this point? You can put Mark and Elena up but it wouldn’t serve his game well if he had to do a re-nom with Jody off the table. We know what the Hex is, but he doesn’t. I totally see this as the smart play from his angle because Jess isn’t being 100% truthful about it and calling her bluff makes sense. He just doesn’t know that it could totally backfire if Jess and Cody are both on the block come Thursday.

      But at the same time, Paul makes no new enemies and is still everybody’s friend despite a wasted HOH.

  6. The best thing that could happen is that Josh plays the temptation battle and wins…Then Jessica and Cody get nominated… All 3 are on the block but none get evicted cause of the Hex….One of the most epic eviction nites in BB history…Jessica and Cod have to keep Josh when she uses the Hex..

  7. I wonder…if her and Cody are up on the block and Josh does something stupid and plays for the temptation and finishes last, and becomes a 3rd nominee, would Jessica still use her hex? Would she use it to not only save herself, but as a result, save one of the people she would love to see get evicted? Would she risk getting evicted and not use it just to spite Josh and not wanting to, in her mind, save him as well?

      • oh I don’t think she would stay…however, she has shown that she’s an idiot who has no clue what the other housemates really wants and in her mind, might think that they might boot Josh

      • She was spot on with what she thought was happening but was talked put of it so not really how you can say this

      • Let me rephrase it, by herself, Jessica isn’t an idiot, but pair her with Cody, then the IQ plummets, particularly in terms of strategy in the game.

      • I’d have to disagree that she’s an idiot in the sense of not knowing what the house mates want. She had a gut about the vote getting flipped. She was an idiot to listen to Cody though, for sure.

    • But if Josh is on the block against Cody and Jessica, Josh would be safe as Cody would be going home. Since Josh would be staying, she wouldn’t be saving Josh by using the Hex, she would be saving Cody.

      • oh I know Josh would be safe. What I’m saying is that Jody isn’t exactly the brightest people in the house and take things way too personal. And if he was up there with him, he would be by far the safest person there, I wonder if she would do something stupid and not use it, because in her mind, she would be helping him if she used it

      • Although some (most?) don’t like Jessica, she’s not THAT dumb. I think she really tries playing the game. It’s just Cody she’s got to stop listening to.

      • I don’t think she would make that mistake. Self preservation would kick in at some point before the vote. Jessica’s problem is Cody. I think she would be better off not using it and letting him go home in your scenario, but I just don’t see it happening.

    • 100% without a doubt she’d use the HH because no one, and I mean NO ONE, is going to evict Josh before Cody or Jessica.

  8. Halted mean temporarily stopping the eviction. I am not sure that means no one goes home, maybe just the people on the block when it is used is safe but maybe they also play a new HOH immediately and two new people are on the lock kind of like double eviction night.

  9. I thought the curse would be something juicy. I’m, telling yal, production wants Jody in that house. They’re thinking of this stuff as they go. They want it Paul vs Jody.

    • Absolutely that’s what they want, and it’s very exciting but at the same time when production forces that rivalry, it kinda makes me like it less, no lie LOL

      • Exactly! Its why I stopped watching for 7 seasons. Stopped at 8 started back at 15. It started to annoy me because I’m not easily fooled and if it’s attemped, I get disinterested.

    • You could be right, and it just made me think of this:

      What if Cody (or Cody and Jessica) suddenly decided to self-evict? What would production be willing to do to keep him (or them)?

      Even people who dislike JODY surely would admit that the show would be dramatically different if they both were gone. Suddenly there would be no one capable or willing to stand up to Paul, and no one for Josh to really annoy. What would be left of the season?

      Anybody have thoughts on this?

      (We all know there is about 0 chance of it happening. Still, I’ll bet production has considered the possibility and has a contingency plan.)

      • I can’t think of any scenario where someone as arrogant as Cody would ever give up.
        But, to stay on topic, the show would be incredibly boring. That’s why Cody is back. That’s why the games were easy for him.

      • I would be thrilled if cody left. I can barely stand to watch with him on the show. He is so annoying. Plus, if he left, someone else would stand up to Paul. Right now, there is no reason to.

  10. Halting by definition means temporality stopping something, maybe something similar to Double eviction night happens if it’s used and the two people on the block are safe but a new HOH is played and noms, veto and eviction all happen very quickly.

    • Kat, they are temporarily stopping something for one week there will no eviction. This is the explanation from the CBS website: “The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Halting Hex! Whether on the block or not, they can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night.”

  11. So Cody could win the temptation challenge and Jess could win veto which would mean she doesn’t use her Hex…
    That screws over Mark and Elena for sure though, I don’t like Mark but I’m curious about Elena

  12. Presumably the Temptation Competition require 2+ players in order to have a winner. That is, if only one person volunteers to play, does that mean there will be no Temptation Competition that week?

    • I say if there is only one player, he win by default, and his reward for volunteering to play is safety for the week.

      • That’d be my guess too. I’ve put in the question to Grodner about how the HGs get to decide if they’re competing. I figure it’s a private DR decision to avoid people getting scared & bailing when it’d just be them vs Cody, for example.

      • My guess it will be the Den, they will have to talk with the serpent. Goes with the theme.

      • Probably. And I would guess that the HOH can’t play. That would be fair – they want a winner of this comp to be additional safety. If HOH won, then no additional safety since there is no way they nominate themselves.

      • Makes sense — no one knows who will be in the competition until the competition, and you can’t jump ship on your commitment to play once you see who your playing against. You just might be right, Matthew!

        (Thanks very much for this site, by the way!)

    • I think if you are not in the HOH’s alliance, you have to play. If you win, you are safe. If you lose, you are on the block, get to play for veto and can’t be backdoored. If you finish in the middle, you are no worse off than before. I wonder if the HOH can play. If the HOH wins, they block someone else from getting safety, but what if the HOH loses? Does the next loser become the third nominee?

      • What constitutes being in the HoH’s alliance? Does the HoH have to document his/her alliance and submit it to production? Thanks for your thoughts.

      • If Jessica wins HoH next week, do you think Josh would consider himself to be in her alliance? Obviously not. He’d know he’d have to play for a bonus shot at safety then if he gets 3rd nom’d he could get another auto shot at Veto. It’s not a bad deal for potential BD targets.

      • Josh is clearly not on Jessica’s side, but what about Kevin? He seems to do positive things for both sides, and thereby hurting each side. From what I have read, Elena is also trying to play both sides. This is why I asked whether the HoH needs to document who s/he counts as in her/his alliance?

      • When I say they have to play, I mean that you would be silly not to play, not that you are contractually obligated to play. Paul is the new HOH. Cody and Jessica obviously know they are not in his alliance so they should play. Mark and Elena were kept in the dark about the Ramses vote so they know they are on the outs with Paul so they should play.

  13. I don’t know if Cody will volunteer to play the Temptation comp. If he does, then Paul will have a confirmation that the Hex doesn’t save Cody from the block. If Jess and Cody say, we’re not playing because we don’t need to, then that would put a huge doubt in Paul’s mind about what that Hex can do. He might not be anymore incline to try to flush the power.

    • That’s an interesting thought. But I think that Paul would still try to flush the power. Paul had the pendant of protection and when Cody tried to put up Paul, Cody had to nominate someone else. Paul would think that if he tried to nominate them and the power wouldn’t let them be nominated, then the worst thing that happens is he has to nominate someone else and he has a plan B. So I don’t think them not playing in the temptation comp would stop Paul from nominating Cody and Jessica.

    • hmmmm ahhhh u know Paul and his wanting to get to the bottom of situations and tying up loose ends…I see it might make him more curious if they don’t play…It can go either way….

      • I think it will all depend what DR tell Paul. If Paul straight out ask if he can nominate Jess and Cody, DR can’t lie, they will have to say yes. They might not volunteer or accept to tell him anything more than that.

        But my comment was more from Cody’s perspertive. I’m pretty sure also that Paul will try to flush it out no matter what.

    • That’d be a smart strategy, but I’m not sure Cody would be willing to pass up a sure thing at safety. He could always couch it as “I’m a competitor so I always compete no matter if I need it or not.” Paul has already said he’s calling their bluff, so I’m not sure this would deter him. Worst case, in Paul’s mind, is Jessica says they can’t go up when he tries and Mark & Elena have the honor instead.

      • Cody doesn’t have to tell Paul he’s playing. So I don’t know if once they play everyone knows or if they play individually like a timed comp. I just know this morning some of them were saying dont let anyone know I’m playing.

      • jess told cody that hg’s desparate for safety may resent cody playing if he really didn’t need to win safety

    • On the feeds this morning Cody was telling Jess to tell Paul about her power so he doesn’t want to put him up then he doesn’t have to play in the comp. They were arguing about it. And I don’t think anyone knows who’s going to play.

      • jody in bed this morning was great!!she kept letting him have it and blaming him for messing with her intuition. she couldn’t even discuss game with him, he’s too stupid so she got up and left.
        his neediness is not a good look!

    • I would guess sometime today. So they can still do noms. Will be shown sunday like the roadkills were. I am expecting some of those (roadkill) comps to be reused here.

  14. So many twists and turns, and a comp for this and a comp for that, all I know is I want Cody and Jessica GONE!

  15. If I were Paul, I’d put up Mark and Elena.
    He may not know all the details about the hex, but he can be pretty confident that Jess and likely Cody will be safe this week. I don’t think he’s gong to buy that they have multiple weeks of safety. He knows the game well enough.
    So put up Mark and Elena, and if by chance one of them win veto, put up Cody or Jessica. If Cody or Jess win veto and they take Mark or Cody off, put the other one up.
    Either way, your either not sending anyone home, or sending one of the 4 in the Jody / Marlena alliance (lol) home.

  16. I am getting so sick of “Big Brother Paul” giving everyone advice and them lapping it up like little he’s some sort of god. I wish he would just go away. (however my 9 year old is rooting for him – lol) In the very beginning I thought I would LOVE Cody….but he turned out to be psycho…..Then I was Team Alex….until she too went under Paul’s “wing”. I now am team Jessica…..I think there is more to her than just a pretty face, she seems to be quite the competitor. And as for “manbaby” Josh…..I can’t stand to listen to one more “meatball” comment from that meathead. The rest have their good/bad moments, but for now are so under the radar that they don’t get much “TV time”.

    • Yeah he’s wearing out that meatball thing like nothing I’ve ever seen before…

      • Have you forgotten “friendship”? lol But now I don’t have feeds so I really have no idea how often he is saying it. I’m not complaining.

      • Meatball is the new friendship is the new fruitloop dingus (remember that one) is the new…..

      • fruitloop dingus….Isn’t that the gal that laid up in bed ALL summer with a guy she had just met and ended up winning last season? What was her name?

      • No I think that was what Zach called Nicole at one of the Nomination ceremonies in season whatever they were in together (16? 17?). He then proceeded to use the term every chance he got.
        I’m almost embarrassed to admit I know all of that. LOL
        Oh wait, that was Nicole you described.

      • Maybe. I dunno. I do know he called Nicole it at the Nom ceremony, but he very well may have used it before that.

      • Right. That’s what I was getting at it being the old version of friendship which is the old version of meatball.

      • He used it when he was HOH and did nominations. He called Nicole a Fruit Loop Dingus.

    • Agree, don’t care for Team Paul — please let the others play the game. Problem the others just want to be followers and nothing else. As for Josh, .can’t stand him — still remember how he grabbed the golden apple and robbed his team of play. He’s a big spoiled baby — means to mature badly.

    • I cannot watch Paul, Josh, Christmas or Alex any longer. I just go to this website. These people are disgusting.

      • I am like you. But I wonder how Christmas would have been without the injury? She may not of been a Paul follower.

    • I don’t particularly like him either, but it’s not his fault he’s in a house full of people who seem to have never seen the show before. At least he plays the game.
      Raven and Matt are animated house plants.
      Mark and Elena aren’t a whole lot better. Mark seems way to much of a wuss to get anything done.
      Josh, the man baby, I am convinced is a plant there by production to rile things up.
      Christmas is just kind of there to talk about her surgery.
      Kevin is funny, but I don’t think he has a clue what is actually going on around him. He just wants to be friends.
      Jason tries I guess, but no. Likeable guy. I hope he gets better at this to be honest.
      Team Jody has Jess, who sometimes seems like she has a brain, until she listens to Cody, the arrogant a-hole who is good at comps and nothing else. If she dropped him and started doing her own thing, she’d do a LOT better. Nothing worse than someone who is dumb and has no idea they are dumb.

    • Love the “manbaby” term.

      Yes, Jessica is smart. Unfortunately, she just made some bad mistakes.

      • I’m watching last evening’s (2017-07-27) episode again. After Jessica tells Cody what Kevin just told her, about the secret plan to flip the vote and evict Ramses, Cody starts counting off whose votes they can count on. He names Kevin, Elena, himself (Cody), and then Jessica stops him and says they don’t know that they have Kevin’s vote. She was exactly right, as we saw later in the episode when Kevin actually voted to evict Ramses. I’m increasingly wondering how well Jess might have been able to do in this game without Cody around.

        Kevin later lied to JODY, saying that he for sure would vote to keep Ramses. (That’s twice; also lied when he said he would vote to evict Christmas.)

  17. I think the third nominee is gonna be someone from Jody/Marlena, which would put Paul in an interesting spot of maybe having to nominate from his alliance should the veto be won by any of them. For example, if he nominates Mark and Elena, and Jessica loses the temptation battle against Cody who becomes safe, then one of the three nominees could win the veto and Cody wouldn’t be an available choice for a renom. Would he just throw Josh up again?

      • They both agreed to not compete…even then, you have the same scenario if Mark or Elena (who will probably compete) win safety and Jody end up on the block as Paul’s nominees, the other not-safe part of Marlena could win veto and force Paul to renom from his alliance…even worse for him if the third nominee is from his alliance as well.

      • That would be two votes taken away from his eventual target. Not a good scenario for him to be in unless he can get Elena or Mark, if one is not OTB, to vote out his target. Elena would be wise to vote Mark out. She could rid herself of a huge problem and maybe gain a little bit of trust back.

      • At this point there are too many possible combinations, let wait and see who win safety from the temptation comp.

      • They talked about it with each other about an hour ago on the feeds…Jessica said it was too much of a gamble and Cody is reluctantly agreeing.

      • It would be. I was reading Online BB and according to what they wrote, Jason told Kevin James that “temptation competition is tonight at midnight”.

      • Maybe Jason misunderstood or Online BB was mistaken with what they wrote. Something must be going on since feeds are down.idk

      • They’re playing now I assume. Feeds have been down for over 2 hours. Just checked and they’re still down.

      • They were going back and forth right before the feeds went off so not a definite answer as to if they’re playing or not. As of 20 minutes ago the feeds were still down.

      • Right before the feeds went down Jody and Marlena were still going back and forth rather to compete or not.

      • As usual Cody (aka Pennywise) is already trying to control Jess and how and when she should use her HH.

        11:06AM- Cody and Jessica argument over telling Paul about the Hex (transcript) :

        Jessica: What do you want me to say to [Paul]?

        Pennywise: Say, “Yo, you realize that if you put either of us up it’s a waste of an HoH.” You need to tell him beforehand.

        Jessica: My fear in doing that is I don’t want him to realize that I can only use this power once.

        Pennywise: But if he’s already going to put me up and I don’t get the veto then we already need to use it.

        Jessica: I will ask him what his plans are.

        Pennywise: Just, just tell him. You’ve got nothing to lose by telling him. Just say, “Yo, if you put either of us up it’s a waste of your week.” If you wait until he nominates us then you’re already using it.

        Jessica: I didn’t want to have to go to him again. I wanted this ***** to come to me.

        Pennywise: Alright, well…

        [Extended silence]

        Pennywise: I mean, you might as well figure it out now because if that’s the case I might as well compete in this thing [ed: the Temptation Challenge].

        Jessica: I don’t think you realize what a poker face is [wry laugh].

        Pennywise: Oh my gosh.

        Jessica: You want to give everybody all the information.

        [Conversation becomes agitated]

        Pennywise: If you’re already predicting that he’s going to put me on the block then you gotta ***** use it anyway.

        Jessica: Because if he uses the veto to pull you off then I still don’t have to use the Hex.

        Pennywise: That’s predicting he’s going to get the veto and not one of the two people that are on [the block].

        Jessica: If anyone pulls themselves off the block then I’m pretty sure he’s going to put up Alex. You’re not seeing what I…

        Then we’re relying on votes. Then we’re relying on votes.

        Jessica: [Gets up and walks out of room] Oh my God, okay fine. I’m done with this conversation. You’re stressing me out.

  18. Now I could be wrong about this, but I’m sure the house decides on the competition as a whole. I don’t they individually decided to compete or not, but maybe I’m wrong. I think it’s a vote to decided whether they play or not

  19. Its not that I don’t like Paul, I do.
    But for gods sake people this guy ALMOST WON LAST SEASON!
    Are people that inept to forget that there is a vet in the house.
    It’s just like a random dog who is actually Cujo. People just see him as a dog when in reality he’s’ Cujo…

    (The moment you realize you compared Paul to Cujo…. I’m going to hell aren’t I?)

    • Cody was the only one who realized this, but was too dumb to get it done right. Instead of rallying his troops, he pissed them all off. Great move big guy!!
      Paul’s production gift (America’s vote….right) sure didn’t help either.

      • Nobody’s power has been nearly as good as Paul’s, and they gave such a good one so early in the game. I’m not saying I personally buy into these conspiracy theories, but I am saying I see why some people are suspicious.

      • Simple, eye candy and drama.
        If Christmas and Jess left the house, the female eye candy ratio would be way off. And Jess brings a lot of drama.
        Elena is good looking and Raven isn’t bad but not enough to fill the quota.
        Hehe that’s my take. Agree, disagree, that’s ok. It’s fun to watch.

  20. I am not a fan of Paul- but CBS sure is making it obvious that he is going to win BB19- The house guests are so lame!

  21. At 11:07am Jody discussing how to keep Paul from nominating them because it will be a waste of Paul’s hoh. Why would they care about that?

  22. Paul calling bs to Jess having 3 weeks safety with Cody. He said BB would never do that. Did he forget he had 3 weeks of safety? Or does he think he is the only one that gets favs from BB. Never liked Paul never will. Go Jess and Cody.

  23. Please some how put the ding ding on the block!!! I have said this from the beginning!!! I don’t know who cleared him , but you missed something!!!

  24. I watched a little bit today and it seems that either kev doesn’t want to talk game or they don’t want to talk game with him. he’s always butting in to game talk saying some goofy stuff/story. what happened? I thought his snitch stepped up his game. will he compete today or is he chicken?

    • I’ve noticed for a while, that Kevin James leaves the room at times when they are talking game talk. It’s like he doesn’t want to be involved in a group setting, afraid of the guilt by association theory. He’s a sly fox. I’ve had red flags around him for a while now.

      • whats that about? is he in over his head?
        i’ll tell you, i’m getting real sick of him yammering on and on. he’s like a spoiled child standing in the middle of the room acting goofy for attention.

      • His “yammering”, as you call it, that’s his shtick, his shield, cover, whatever you want to call it. He uses it to get in when he wants in and out when he wants out. He does not like to be seen in a group discussing game. He feels safe enough to stay out of it as much as possible, speak one on one as much as possible, and relay info back and forth. Sly one, that Kevin James.

      • he’s becoming an unwelcome distraction to the groups who are strategizing about the game. that’s how i see it, it ain’t cute anymore.

      • I’ve been leery of him since the beginning. I wouldn’t trust him further than I could throw him. That’s not far. I’m 61 and weigh 128 lbs. lol

      • I think what they did to Rameses got to him! Kevin’s does have a big heart and cares for other people.

      • Sounds like Rams will be at Kev’s for Turkey day in November. It was said earlier and as Rams walked out.

  25. i really enjoyed watching josh get up/shower/coffee, dance and camera talk, i usually avoid him but it was pretty nice.

    • I waiting for Baby Huey to do his Sally Field’s Oscar speech, “You like me! You really like me!”

      • he did tell his mommy this morning that he stayed loyal so they stayed loyal.
        he’s such a mamma’s boy, it’s kind of growing on me.

  26. LOL moment, when jess asked cody if he’s familiar with a poker face..

    crazy eyes not working for jess anymore. i give them til Monday to breakup.

  27. so lets see if I got this right-jess can halt eviction-paul cant play in next HOH- any hg can play r not play in comp to make themselves safe r third one on block-if only two people play then one is safe and the other third person on block RIGHT????

  28. If Paul gets wind of the Jessica’s ability to halt the eviction he may choose not to put up Jess/Cody. if either Elaine or Mark win the temptation comp, the other needs to win the veto. We will have 2 or 3 of Paul’s minions on the block. Now that will be some good tv.

  29. I am a Paul fan sorry but, he is playing the game. I do not have any feel for Marlena or Jody! I cannot wait until Jessica has to use her HEX and Paul realizes its only good for one eviction!!!

    • i like the way paul thinks, although, i was surprised he didn’t try to find the snitch (kev) he just bought the explanation that jess “overheard” it.

      • Wondering if that is part of Paul’s game. Not sure, but if he has the house following him then that GREAT game play. I am very glad he is playing a lot better this year. He should have won last year and it came down to one vote. This year he will get it def.

  30. Paul will not lose a HOH if no ones goes home. He would have gained by, getting Jessica to use her one time HEX.

      • You think? If that happens then that def would work in his favor and not so much in Jody’s favor.

      • Exactly! I don’t think it’s true. I have never heard that. Julie never said the HOH would remain in power. If that were the case, the HOH/Paul would essentially also get a reward of staying the HOH thus giving him an extra week of power.
        It just halts the eviction, that’s it and then they move on,,,

      • If that is true, then that’s BS!
        I never heard Julie or anyone else say that the HOH will remain the HOH when the HH is played. I am pretty sure that the HH just holds the eviction. But I could be wrong!
        But I never ever heard of the HOH would remain in power for another week! That would just be a reward for that HOH!

    • Very true, but getting a number out of the house is better than the HH. All the HH is doing is guaranteed for Jessica or Cody makes it to jury. If she doesn’t have to use it this week then they both make it to Jury

  31. after rams was rammed out, jody asked paul why they are never included in anything!!

    can you believe it!

    • You have to remember, they don’t know what we know. They kissed and made up with Paul, they had a truce so, there’s nothing wrong with that question in my opinion. They don’t realize that they are the only ones that Paul is not controlling. I mean after the vote, they should’ve realized that because Alex, Jason, Kevin… Voted to keep Josh so, things should be more clear now. I’m sure last night they were just in shock but as the days go by, they will start putting the pieces together.

  32. I think Kevin realized that he had been hoodwinked by Jessica as to her Hex and its power(s)…He maybe afraid that she will out him as the snitch…Kevin will lay low this week and hope Jessica and Cody keep his secret…

    • what a sissy when he went back in and asked them to not say anything. not his finest hour.
      he acts all manly-man.

    • I don’t think she’ll say anything. She really likes Kevin. One of the first things she said to Cody when he came back in the house was that Kevin was really really nice to her that week. I think that means a lot to her! So unless he does something to totally screw her or Cody, she will keep a secret safe

  33. I am certainly enjoying watcing the tensions in both the Jody and Marlena relationships since last night’s broadcast. Definitely out of the honeymoon phase.

    • sad for elena when she realized she hooked up with a guy who blew up her game and was it Jason who told her?
      jess had find out the hard way that cody will ruin her

      • I don’t understand how Mark is the bad guy for hanging out with Cody and Elena isn’t? She was there just as much hanging out with them both! She doesn’t have Mark to blame, she has her self! If she doesn’t like Mark, then she should just say it! Grow up already!!

  34. i said it early and i’ll say it again, aside from paul, it really is a womans game. let paul do the heavy lifting and then the women will really show how smart they are.
    i predict a woman will win this season.

  35. I don’t care if Cody wins the challenge. It will be best to put only one of them on the block anyway. I was hoping Cody so Jessica could use the hex on him, but she’ll do. I am just annoyed that they will go to jury together. I was hoping the couples didn’t make it that far. If he nominates Mark and Elena, then hopefully she’ll go home. I don’t think Paul will nom Elena because she could be useful to him.

    • Cody and Jessica didn’t play in it, so they could make Paul more paranoid thinking they are truly safe

      • I figured so :-) know you know what you’re talking about 😚 I didn’t realize who I was responding to you until after I typed it. Then I saw your name and what time you posted that ad.

    • I agree, it’s tough watching it
      & paul’s arrogance when he said there’s no way Jessica’s Temptation is better than the one he got! Wow

    • I don’t see why. He’s the only one playing the game. The rest are just playing through their emotions or not playing at all. He’s the only one that uses strategy to play the game & he’s the most entertaining.

  36. It’ll be curious to see how the HGs deal with the last twist to the game via the Curse of the Halting Hex.

  37. OK, why are people saying that if Jessica uses the HH this week that Paul will remain the HOH for another week. No way! Julie never said that. If that were the case, then Paul would be receiving a reward as well. Being HOH for two straight weeks. I call BS on that one!

  38. Well Matthew looks like you got blindsided, friend. None of us saw it coming that Cody would not compete in the Temptation competition.

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