Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 6

Nominations are coming tonight on Big Brother 19 and we’ll have the spoilers when they do, but again this week it won’t be as simple as Josh making his picks and preparing to move on. The Temptation Competition stands in the way, giving the house’s top targets a chance at a possible, but narrow escape this week. Oh, and Josh might be ready to rip control away from Paul with a move of his own.

Josh Martinez talks plans on BB19

It’s no mystery that once again Jessica and Cody are at the top of the list for getting themselves sent to the Block and there’s no Halting Hex around this time, but they’re not the only targets in the house for Josh as we learned this morning.

Flashback to 8:19 AM BBT 8/4 Cams 1/2 to find Josh and Christmas whispering in the Lounge.

“I want Elena out,” says Josh. Ohh, but what about Paul’s wishes? Josh doesn’t care and he knows that Paul doesn’t see the dangers in Elena that he does. Christmas agrees with Josh and supports this idea that he shouldn’t be doing what Paul wants. She doesn’t like how Paul tells, instead of asks.

Now Josh does say that he’s fine with either Jessica or Cody going this week, but should a window open come Thursday, he wants to shove Elena through it. (My words, not his.) In the meantime he’ll keep things appearing to aim at the showmance couple instead. He doesn’t want to tell Paul about this secret plan and I don’t think Christmas will betray Josh’s trust on this, at least not yet.

Josh believes that Elena is tight with Jessica and Cody as well as with Paul so by taking her out he’s weakening a row of other players. Christmas is supportive of this plan and even suggests Josh work on a deal with Jessica and Cody in exchange for safety if the opportunity presents itself.

As for the open targets, Cody and Jessica are definitely going to be playing in the Temptation Comp, but so is just about everyone else if not the entire house. The majority’s plan there is to up their chances of taking the win from Cody and Jessica. Now in the targeted pair’s ideal scenario one of them would win and if that’s happening then the other should take a hard fall here. Coming in dead last will ensure a spot in the Veto comp so no BD would be possible for at least have their pair.

An interesting twist of that move, going with the scenario of Cody winning the Temptation and Jessica making sure she comes in last, is that Josh would have to pick two other HGs to nominate since one would be protected and the other already on the Block. If that happens then watch for Josh to put Mark and Elena up since that’d play right in to Josh’s secret plan here anyway.

It’s hard to be sure what’s going on in Josh’s mind, but this Elena targeting is a little but of a surprise, but not entirely shocking. Last night Alex was stoking the embers after the HoH competition by telling Josh that Elena and Mark weren’t celebrating Josh’s HoH win. Elena then had a long talk with Josh and I thought it had smoothed things out. I guess not!

If the Temptation doesn’t get in the way then watch for Cody and Jessica to go up. If either wins safety this afternoon then Elena or Mark could end up the alternate.

Last week the Temptation Competition ran from about 3PM ET to 7PM ET and that was with just four competitors. If we get the entire house playing this week then my goodness this could go on all day and I hope production moves up the start time a little bit. Nominations were revealed just after 10PM ET so it’ll be around then or maybe even much later this week.

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  1. I have a very difficult time believing that Josh could get the backing he needs to get Elena evicted unless Jess and Cody win both the safety and veto comps. If he put Elena up next to one of “his” group, it could happen, sure, but does Baby Meatball have the kahunas to do that? Christmas could be digging herself a hole here. She is already, unknowingly, on some of the HGs radar.

    • I don’t think he can either, but I kind of hope I am wrong. It’d be great to see baby meatball (I love that BTW) actually do something useful. I’m not holding my breath.

    • Christmas can be a perfect person to flip the house. At one point Paul may need to give in if Christmas lets him know that they do everything he says and he doesn’t ask. Then next week or even this week he will wish for her to be gone as well. No one can call him out or he will make sure the house is against you.

      • Oh it’s for sure bound to happen, jello. I’m just not sure if she’s the right person and this is the right time.

      • It doesn’t have to be quickly, but slowly by taking out someone from Paul’s alliance instead of Jessica or Cody, especially if they are a third nominee. Unless she is the nominee of course. Working with them to get rid of Paul, Raven and Matt first and I’m sure Kevin and Jason will be down.

      • I see what you’re saying and if they get Paul, that’s probably close to how it will happen.

      • I’m rooting for Jessica and Cody until the end. Hopefully Christmas or Josh can flip the house on Paul cuz if Jody leave all of them are next. Majority if the house is too stupid to get Paul out.

    • Christmas is on the chopping block after Josh, Mark and Elaina. Matthew and Raven are a couple as is Paul and Kevin. Alex with Jason. These fools have no chance in hell! After Cody and Jessica is evicted, they will be next! The order might change a bit but, all 4 will be sent out to jury and would not have a chance at that $500,000! After all, they all played for Paul!

      • Uh…No. Paul and Kevin are most definitely not together! Kevin is playing the smartest game this year of anyone. Paul is the one who is getting his hands dirty/is the one that they will all turn on. As for Jason/Alex Jason is only a paul drone because Alex is a paul drone…(she is not half as clever as she thinks she is) Jason would in fact take out Paul if given the chance along with Kevin.

        As for Matthew and Raven, Raven is full borg drone who thinks she is playing the smart game (not even a little) where Matt is starting to see paul pot for the dictator he is (as evidenced by his hesitation to push Cody into attacking physically Josh last week!) and will turn on Paul very soon given the chance will likely BD him. I believe he will let Raven in on his plan at the last second so as to not tempt her to run and tell the paulfather.

      • Kevin is tied to Paul. His loyalty is still to Paul unless, the balance of power changes. He is an equal opportunity back stabber lying in wait. As long as Kevin sees Paul winning, he will ride that horse as long as possible. Once, he sees a shift in power, he will move to the other side! Much like Brutus to Caesar, he lies in wait for his opportunity to strike.
        He is not going to abandon Paul as long as he has power! Raven/Matthew is not going to turn on each as will Jason/Alex so, Christmas, Mark, Elaina, Josh are the stragglers to be fed to the lions! Even Elaina is ready to throw Mark under the bus if that pleases Paul.

      • Raven is just in there trying to get an acting job!! she’s always playing it up in front of the cameras. She needs to go real soon. If Matt was smart he would drop her like a hot potato!!

    • Christmas is a sociable player though and she seems like she could lead an alliance (even though she’s really temperamental when she’s drugged up) opposite to Paul. I don’t think any other player can lead an opposition successfully.
      Christmas actually needs Mark/Elena, Josh and maybe even Jess and Cody too?

      • Christmas has become koo-koo due to her meds. She flies off the handle easily and the HGs are sick and tired of it. She barks and bites and may are NOT happy that she got to stay in the house after her injury.

  2. Josh sort of owes Paul for the Ramses blindside, so I see Paul convincing Josh to put up Jody, and Elena would be a Plan B.

  3. I’m still not a Josh fan but if winning this HOH gets him thinking on his own some maybe this week won’t be as bad as I thought. LOL I like that he’s at least starting to realize that doing what Paul wants all the time isn’t the best way to play the game. It’d be great if Josh could do something other than what Paul wants.

    • Yea good luck on Josh doing anything on his own but we shall see. Whats so funny to me is that lets say worst case scenario, Cody and jessica are out in 2 weeks from now….THEN just MAYBE these mental midgets will wake up and play a better game and know Paul will win at this pace. 2 weeks from now, there wont be anymore ganging up on Cody and Jessica…Probably just go to Mark then. Smh.

    • It would be my dream come true to see Josh take control of his HOH and do something no one is expecting! I was excited to see Paul come back in the house because he was fun to watch last season. This season, not so much. He is only trying to strong arm everyone in the house and using his “vet knowledge” to do it. I personally really don’t care for the game he is playing. Flip everything and vote Paul out?!? Wouldn’t that be a twist??

    • That would be a slim to none chance of that happening! Paul has him under his control and he will do as told! Ironically, Josh is in the chopping block not too far off. Maybe, Mark or Elena gets evicted ahead of him but, it really does not matter! Chances are pretty good the three of them will follow Cody and Jessica out of the Big Brother House! The only way Josh extends his life in the Big Brother House is if he puts on the block two of his co-alliance members. That is his only chance to go further!

  4. Matt may have been listening too much to Jessica talking to Cody this week , ‘shove Elena through the open window’ LOL

    • Poisoning, drowning, strangling…desiring to inflict pain …I can’t decide which Jessica is more fixated on, that or buttholes, Cody being one of those.

      • slamming the door on someones head…she has issues and I a surprised production hasn’t said or fined her for any of this.

      • If she says this stuff out loud, I can’t imagine what she is really thinking. Cody might should get a clue before he takes her out to live off the grid in a camper. Ever seen “Snapped”?

      • Jessica would not last 24 hours living off the grid in anything,much less a camper.

  5. Josh is a big baby and when he’s in power or has support…he’s the bully. Calling Mark a bully – what??…he needs to look in the mirror! I really hope his picks take themselves off and make Josh go crazy.

    • *circus music*

      *slamming together pots and pans*


      Yes, I too hope that Josh’s picks pull themselves off.

  6. It really doesn’t matter that Christmas is trying to detach Josh away from Paul. This was Paul’s plan last week. If one of them comes down, then Mark or Elena will go up. It will still be Paul’s HOH.

  7. Josh is so mindless and weak that he is totally capable of doing something crazy and unpredictable. One moment he is on a mountain and the next he is crying in one of the rooms. I initially thought it would be a Paul HOH weak (which it could be) but it could also be Josh going rogue and doing something completely off the wall.

  8. Josh is really stupid if he thinks taking out Cody and Jessica is his best move. I am talking about his game. Doesn’t Josh see that he is next in line for eviction after Cody and Jessica are evicted? If not, then, he is really stupid. You have Mark and Elena also, on the chopping block.
    Elaina still supporting Paul inspite of being kept out of the loop? Hasn’t she figured out that she is expendable? Mark waffling and going back and forth both Cody and Paul? Josh should be striking a deal with Cody and Jessica giving longevity to his game. With Cody and Jessica in the game, they are still the big targets for Paul. He also, manages to evict say Raven or Matthew or Alex or Jason who are pretty safe more than Josh. Just waiting for Cody and Jessica to be evicted but, will not bother watching the slow pace of evictions after. I already know who is going to be evicted next! This only gets mildly exciting when down to 4 house guests where they really have to go after each other! Between the Jessica and Cody evictions, it will be super boring as hell! I am going to pass on that!

    • Won’t happen. BTW have you noticed how Jody has treated Josh all this time)?

      • People have treated others badly in this game and even Survivor. It is part of the gameplay. So, you would rather take it personal even if you have an opportunity to earn more in terms of stipend or even that prize of $500,000? Smart players move on and form new alliances. Even in Survivor, alliances are formed on the spot depending on what is happening in the game. And if you want revenge later on, you still can vote out Cody and Jessica. You have to still be in the Big Brother House to win it! Once, you are evicted, you are done unless, there is another Battle Back but, you getting back in the game is not guaranteed! Also, it is not like Josh did not get his licks in against Jessica and Cody?

  9. Christmas and Josh must be sharing the same meatball if they think Paul won’t see right through them.

    • You got that right. People dont know when to rock the boat. I’m not saying no one should ever challenge Paul but you must be positioned very well. Christmas definitely isnt.

  10. I think by getting out Elena, Josh will have no blood on his hands.
    After all Jody and himself are still targets.
    So nobody will go after HIM but rather Jody..

    Then again Paul has Josh under his spell

    • On the contrary, if he does not go after Jess and Cody he will make an enemy out of Paul, who protected him. And Paul will use that disloyalty to rally Matt and Raven against him. Cody and Jess are not going to suddenly like Josh because he tries to evict Elena.

      • Huh I never thought of that.
        Plus Jess and Elena are besties (I think)
        So getting Elena out will fuel Jess’s fire.
        Plus Paul won’t trust him anymore because Jody is still in the house.

      • If that happens, Christmas, Kevin, Jason, Jess, Cody and Josh will rally against those 3.

      • That will not happen. You will never see Josh. Kevin, or Jason going against Alex or Paul.

      • I agree, especially about Kevin because he would be the last one to make a bold move. Everything he does is sneaky. As long as he knows the house isn’t targeting him he’ll do what the house wants.

  11. What is this fascination with elana?? That is so dumb. Elana is a waste of an hoh! She is genuinely on their side. If Josh does that, it will be the third dumbest move of the summer. First Cody, then Jessica then it will be Josh.

  12. “Oh, and Josh might be ready to rip control away from Paul with a move of his own.” Oh, Matthew Boyer … from your keyboard … please! Come on, Josh, use your meatballs!

  13. “But should a window open come Thursday, he wants to shove Elena through it.”

    This made me laugh harder than it should have.

  14. So let me guess, production got in Josh’s head and planted the idea of sending Elena packing instead of Jess or Cody. Its a replay of Vanessa all over again. Remember when they had Vanessa just about out the door, until James and Meg decided Shelli was the bigger target? One of the all time dumb moves in BB history from two of the all time dumb players in BB history.

    Perhaps Josh is just another dumb BB player, he certainly looks the part. But Jessica has shown she can win comps with a phenomenal ability to focus on the task at hand. The same goes for Cody. Jessica and Cody are both real threats to win comps, although I cannot imagine Cody winning the jury vote at the end if he makes it to the final two. Jess could though.

    Why Elena first? Taking out Elena does not weaken Jess and Cody. Taking out Jess or Cody weakens Elena! I guess we find out just how dumb Josh is this week.

    • Elena is a weak nomination as well as Mark. They are already on the dog house as far as Paul is concerned! The very obvious targets after Cody and Jessica is evicted is Josh, Mark, Elaina, Christmas. The other 6 are pretty solid, Paul, Kevin, Raven, Matthew, Alex, Jason. So, who should Josh nominate? If he was smart, he will put up Jason and Raven or Alex and Matthew. Why? To break up the core of the alliance. You are already in the fringes about to be evicted if Josh uses his head. Keeping Cody and Jessica in the game, focuses the target on them. Also, breaking up that big alliance brings Josh, Mark, Elaina, Christmas higher on the totem pole. Paul is still going to needs their votes but, they put themselves in a better footing in the game!

  15. Christmas is not playing in the safety comp. Anyone can go up as third nominee. Raven please, let is be Raven.

    • I wouldn’t be mad at that!
      Speaking of Christmas though, how long is the group going to carry her for? What’s the purpose of keeping her so long when she’s not able to compete in a majority of the comps?

      • She’s a number at the moment and the fact she can’t compete in all comps makes her less of a threat. However, I predict if she does somehow get power she will orchestrate a big move.

      • I see your point about her being a number for them. And ita with you, I think if she does happen to get HOH she will make a big move.

  16. I think he should nominate Cody and Mark then have everyone sit down during the veto comp and tell those 2 guys who ever vetoes them self is putting there girl on the block. That would be golden.

    • As long as Elena nor Jess were chosen to play in the veto comp, that would be epic! Of course, if they were chosen and played, if Jess won and used it on Cody, Elena would go up and if Elena won, I’m not sure she would use it because then Jess would go up. That might be a dilemma for her.

    • Despite who’s side I’m on in this game, to remain unbiased, I have to admit that would be entertaining. I don’t think Josh is smart enough to think of this though.

  17. This is gonna sound contradictory but I like Paul and Xmas…. and even I think they’re OTT

  18. “Josh doesn’t care and he knows that Paul doesn’t see the dangers in Elena that he does. Christmas agrees with Josh and supports this idea that he shouldn’t be doing what Paul wants. She doesn’t like how Paul tells, instead of asks.”

    Don’t toy with me… please… I would love it if Elena leaves this week and Josh actually does what he wants instead of what Paul wants… dare I say Christmas has won back a little of my respect if she said this about Paul (telling instead of asking).

    Could they all have finally begun to wake up… if Paul gets to the end he’ll easily be able to argue he played a part in what happened just about every week and he’d win heavily based on that.

    I’m still super skeptical that Josh will stick to his own guns and not let Paul get in his ear/head. Let’s see I guess.

    • And Christmas will be the first person to run to Paul with this information I’d everything does south.

      • Sadly true… that’s partly why I’m reserved when talking about Christmas winning my respect back. She’s lost almost all of it along the way.

      • Christmas is the worst possible person for Josh to listen to,she changes with the wind,haven’t really cared for her from the beginning.

  19. How did that bowling Temptation Competition take 4 hours when there were 4 competitors and Jason took the longest with 3 minutes or whatever? Am I missing something? More importantly, it would be amazing if Josh did not do what Paul wants and actually put up Mark and Elena. No one trusts Mark and Elena anymore anyways, hence why they weren’t privy to the blindside keeping Josh in the house over Ramses. Everyone would still be targeting Cody and Jess, and Josh could make a deal moving forward keeping them off the block. Josh and the rest of the house guests may not realize this beside Jody, but Paul has to go if any of them are going to win. Can’t just be letting Paul rule the roost forever. Time for a house flip. The objective of the game is not to listen to one person forever until he decides it’s your time to go, the purpose is to win. Would love to see a shake up.

    • But you want to strike when a comp beast like Paul is vulnerable and not when they are free to play in the next hoh.

      • Very true! Would be epic if everyone got together and decided to backdoor Paul this week but that’d never happen. But man that’d be crazy, he’d never see that coming.

      • yes a dream come trough but I bet they guaranteed him (production) in order to come back this season jury but if this people had balls then yes it would be the best move

      • I like Paul but I’m not bias in my game talk. That would be epic! But I doubt if they could pull it off as a total blindside..

      • The ones that can really off Paul’s head on a platter would be kevin and Jason hands down. They can do the most damage.

      • It would be dumb for his group to take him out before Cody/Jess are gone. With Paul gone Cody and Jess will win rhe comps and clean them all out.

        First take out Cody/ Jess then flip on Paul.

      • But would there be enough votes to evict Paul without Jess and Cody? There could be, I just highly doubt it.

    • I was wondering the same thing too about how long the comp took. He could make a secret deal with Cody and Jessica, and say Alex was right about Elena not being happy that he won as reason to target her. After his HOH he could pretend to annoy Jessica and Cody with all the noise whenever Paul wants him to. Jessica laughs when he does it anyways.

  20. I figured meathead Josh…and he IS a meathead…would put up Mark…josh and paul have to go before I start actually watching this stupid show

  21. Don’t like comps that are determined mostly by luck.
    Read, Josh’s Big Win ! Jono

  22. Josh is all over the map, and will ultimately run any plans after Veto through Paul. He likes Paul, wants Paul’s approval, and is incapable if keeping his pie hole shut.

    • not entirely true. that whole time he was nominated he never messed up by saying it’d be ramses instead

      • True, but he wasn’t HOH and trying to call the shots. He had one job and was just doing as he was told. We’ll see though.

  23. Last nights comp was another BB attempt to make sure Paul (hipster douche) stays safe. A crap luck HOH so it’s an even playing field and 9-2 odds I’m Paul’s favor. Very disappointed BB didn’t have a comp that was a test of strengths, brains, wills and determination. BB had to make sure their golden boy was free from danger

    • Funny people said that about Nicole, James, Frankie, Frank, Jeff and Jordan.
      If nothing changed from that moment what makes anything change now.?

    • I would agree, but they normally play a crapshoot type HOH around this time. Like Bridgette and Vanessa won their season around week 4.

  24. I think I would like to see Mark and Cody go up on the block or Matt and Raven. What has Matt and Raven done? The showmances need to be split up!

  25. This is the worst season of Big Brother ever. The producers have allowed open bullying to go on and done nothing to stop it. Our public school have come to recognize bullying as wrong and have programs in place to stop it but the example this program sets is pathetic. Josh and Paul should be escorted out the door immediately to try and overcome the bad example this show has set for young people. Paul has done nothing but drag the show down. I have been a fan for years but I think I will skip the rest of this season.

    • As long as you hate a houseguest on this show, you’ll continue to watch for the satisfaction of their eviction.

      • I say what happened was as bad as anything on BB15, just in a different way. BB15 featured racism and 1 v 1 action with Amanda and Elissa (with Elissa actually having to lock herself in the HOH room to get away from Amanda). BB19 has mob mentality and HGs actively trying to incite violence.

    • The word bullying is overused and every year some fans call someone on BB a bully. You don’t like Paul. Okay, but he is not a bully and neither is Josh.

  26. Just a thought.
    Let say if Paul goes….. nothing will change.
    Jody, Josh and Marlena are still targets.
    Somebody my statement for me if you can

    • It would break up that big alliance into smaller groups and everyone would have a chance to play their game if they choose to do so! Paul getting evicted is the best for Big Brother. Him being able to steamroll the others and evict them one by one each week is utter BS and nonsense! You might as well give him that $500,000 check now!

      • Not disagreeing with you.
        But I just wanna point out a what if scenario.
        Just a thought

    • True, but without the brain that connects them, will the Minions be able to function in that house? That’s what I want to see.

      • Exactly what Ive been waiting for Saturn! This game will finally start(hopefully?) when Paul GOES. No more mind control and no more dictatorship!

  27. I wonder if the HGs will feel really stupid when they leave n see all the stuff they have believed?? Like blaming Rames for the $25k. He got the curse from Paul n still played cool. Hate he had to go. I think he mite have played a better game if Paul wasn’t there. But wouldn’t they all??

  28. THANK YOU Dan Gheesling!! Several of us have been saying this about these minions attached to Paul:

    “Never seen anything like this on Big Brother before these people aren’t bullies they’re just weak…nothing to do with gameplay at all” #BB19

  29. What’s up with this “everything is rigged” crap? When people don’t like the outcome of something it’s “rigged”. It’s a show! They can rig what ever they want.

    It’s funny too that people complain about floaters. People complain about leaders.

  30. What’s up with this “everything is rigged” crap? When people don’t like the outcome of something it’s “rigged”. It’s a show! They can rig what ever they want.

  31. Josh telling Paul about his plan to go after Elena and Mark… Does this mean either Jess or Cody won???

  32. Even if Mark and Elena are Josh’s nominations… It still sounds like Jessica’s in deep trouble right now.

      • Oh yeah, it all depends on the Veto. Cody or her has to win or its game over for her though… Unless something weird happens this week, which is always a possibility, lol.

      • Don’t know if I’d count on Cody being able to play in the Veto now, though. Christmas still has that Temptation power.

        Hey, actually, do we know if she’s allowed to replace a nominee in the comp? I’d imagine not, as she didn’t use it last week.

      • Good point talking about Christmas’ temptation. They have said she cannot replace an actual nominee. She can only replace a player that was drawn to play in the Veto.

        But if its not too much of a physical comp… She could definitely take Cody’s place if he’s drawn to play.

      • Why would she use her temptation? To try to save Elena, support Paul, all while crossing Josh? It doesn’t make sense.

  33. When you write “It’s hard to be sure what’s going on in Josh’s mind, but…” shouldn’t you write “It’s hard to be sure what’s going on in Josh’s ‘alleged’ mind, but …”? He is giving special needs people everywhere a bad name.

  34. Josh is hell bent on getting Elena out instead of Jessica. This only proves he has a few screws loose. He wouldn’t even have the votes to get her out if nominations stay the same.

  35. paul is a creep the house are all sheep i want to see Cody lay waste to everyone of those cowardly immature Paul drones I can’t believe jody didn’t put up creep Paul with one of the more liked sheep to start the divide and cracks in the alliance when they had the chance!!! putting up ramses and josh trying to not rock the boat was stupid x 10 the whole house literally ganged up and dumped on them in the hoh comp that they won, it should have been painfully clear at that point they needed to go after Paul puppet master and start a divide amoungst the sheep then.jessica considered sending her only ally home after he epically battled back into the house to save her ass for promises that only a complete idiot could trust even considering that hex deal for a minute is air head
    Jody now needs some lucky breaks and competition wins they can easily get mark elena and kevin in there camp plus matt because matt was disgusted with the sheep drones taunting treatment of Jody as was everyone watching which exposed their weak character for all to see

  36. Thank God Josh has a brain I never thought he’d make a decent move. Can’t people see that Paul is crushing on Jessica, not only that he’s playing everyone’s game for them who does he think he is that everyone’s going to listen to him. the show this year is messed up these people should be playing there own game and not listening to Paul he’s obviously very jealous of Cody! Paul is starting to make it a nauseating to watch

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