Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 5

It was quite a messy and dramatic week in the Big Brother 19 house as fight after fight went down all leading up to a wasted HOH by way of a non-eviction. So let’s get right to the highs and lows of the week.

Cody, Paul, & Jessica argue and fight on BB19

The Best And Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 5

Eww. Cody: This week Cody became someone I can’t root for. I’ve been enjoying his hilarious demeanor that is really just him being himself and I’ve been enjoying his drive to play the game. But this past week, he really ruined any kind of progress Jessica made repairing her game. He also proved that he’s a guy she probably won’t be too compatible with outside the house. I’m not one to talk about showmances or personal relationships of HGs, but I just don’t seem them making that great a match outside the game.

Jessica Graf on Big Brother 19

Ahh. Jessica: Putting up with Cody this week wasn’t easy for Jessica. It wasn’t made an easier by everyone trying to convince her to not use her power and send the only ally she has in the game home. Luckily, Jessica is a smart girl and is playing the game hard, so she knew better than to take part in Cody’s demise this week. She keeps Cody grounded. I can only imagine how hotheaded he’d be without her in the house.

Eww. Mob Mentality: I refuse to use the word bully because these people are adults who signed up for a reality show that has a disclaimer attached to it. So no, I won’t ever use that term here. But I can use the term Mob Mentality. And that’s exactly what went down in the house this week. Everyone ganging up on Cody and Jessica like that was only to try to make Cody crack. What you didn’t see during the live show’s edits were Paul and Christmas really leading the charge to make Cody so mad this week he’d snap and Jessica would refuse to use the Hex. There was even talk of using Cody’s military service against him, as some of the HGs don’t think he’s being honest about his service. A lot of the actions this week were not OK. Drama and bickering is fun, but there are always lines a human being shouldn’t cross, even for TV.

Julie Chen hosts BB19 Week 5 live show

Ahh: Jessica and Cody Stay Strong: There were times when the mob got to Jessica and Cody and they even discussed walking, but they eventually came around and handled it all pretty well.

Jessica and Cody get dramatic on Big Brother 19

Eww. Too Much Showmance: Wednesday night’s episode was ALL showmance. There was even sappy music. Ugh. I appreciate that Cody and Jessica are fighters in this game, but they just met 40-something days ago. Save the romance for Bold & The Beautiful.

Ahh. Jessica Uses the Hex: Of course she used it! It’s good they get to fight another week and that Paul had to waste his HOH sort of like when Cody wasn’t allowed to put Paul up. It’s almost like they’re even now.

Eww. Josh Wins HOH: I know this technically starts Week 6, but it was at the end of Week 5 and we saw it live, so I’m going to talk about it anyway. I feel in order to keep the great narrative of this season going, Cody or Jessica needed to win HOH. And since someone from that HUGE side of the house won, it’s going to just be another week of trying to get Cody or Jessica out. That’s getting tiresome. I wanted a power shift and I wanted to see it not be wasted like the last time Jessica was in power. Man, she really messed that  HOH up.

What would you say the best and worst moments of the week were?



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  1. I just don’t understand why Cody even wanted to be on Big Brother; he is not playing the game at all.

    • Same here. I wonder what his motivation was? He’s clearly not a people person so what could have been his reasoning to even apply to play? Really strange.

      • Because he wants to find a woman to further his gene pool – even though he already has a child. lol

      • Can you imagine? a woman would step out of the car on the first night and he’d say ‘I don’t care for her, she’s not a babe” all with those dead eyes and that expressionless face. OTOH most of those women would ask to leave after the first evening.

      • It would be an epic kind of awful.
        I think that’s the only Bachelor I’d ever watch.
        Omg, remember when Cody didn’t get a friendship bracelet and he was like “I knew I couldn’t trust him”? Imagine a similar response if he were on Bachelorette and didn’t get a rose!

    • really, are you watching the same show I’ve been watching? They have sat through hours and hours of bullying….and the 3 minutes of competitions you saw on tv

      • Maybe but Cody’s luck went down the tubes when Production gave Paul the 3 week freedom and did it during the VETO competition which really sucked and then he placed Christmas on the block…..his 5th nomination that week…..never in the history did that happen. So although at the beginning he was a jerk, there is no excuse for Paul to STILL be pissed off over the 1st week. It shows that Paul is an adolescent child. It should come to no surprise that he still lives with his parents. I doubt he could survive on his own with responsibility and maturity lacking big time. Anyway, Paul needs to grow up and get over the fact that he was put on the block 1st week.

      • Ya know, you keep using that word.
        I don’t think it means what you think it means.
        I don’t like the mob mentality either, but its NOT bullying

    • This season would have been very different if Paul were not around, some people love the fact he is back. I think the show took a big turn in the dumps because of him this season….

      • Sorry if it seems like I’m following you around and arguing. I just have way differing view points.
        If Paul weren’t in the house, who the heck would actually play the game?

      • Well where is the someone besides Paul? is there a 1 player can play at a time quota I don’t know about?

      • You mean like last season? We’re Paul and Victor were the only ones playing the game and Nicole floated away all the way to the end for reasons that are extremely sketchy because there was a cheating scandal with her and James involved that maybe even involve production that was extremely well-documented? Is that the kind of Big Brother we want?

      • If Paul and Cody were gone then maybe we’d see them playing the game. Alex is a player, Jess is a player (even though I can’t stand her), if Paul wasn’t there to dictate I think you’d see a different game. I’m glad Josh said this morning he’s doing what he wants not what Paul wants. People are starting to wake up. Christmas even said Paul doesn’t ask he demands.

      • Actually, I agree. I hope Josh makes his own move and not just what he’s told. I don’t know if he has the capacity to actually do it. We’ll see!!

      • Anybody…..Paul has destroyed this season and probably Big Brother forever or many. It was the dumbest decision to bring back Paul. He is not a nice person. And he is immature especially if he doesn’t get his way and have control over every moment.

    • Cody made a big move right out of the gate, if he got Paul out his Alliance would have been very happy. Because it backfired they were scared and ran from him. At least he was making moves….Strategy is just as important in this game as luck, if Paul did not get that safety he would gone and this season I truly believe would have been very different.

      • So when it didn’t work he conceded the game and turned into a hermit?
        Wow what a competitor.

      • Cody made a big STUPID NAIVE move right out of the gate. He failed to make sure he had backing/numbers.

      • Cody’s mistake in the game wasn’t that he went after Paul, it was that he blindsided his alliance. This is where the social skills part of the game comes into play and he hasn’t had that from the start.

      • Cody expected that he would come into the game and bullet right through to the end with his alliance of babes and bros. Aim at the outsiders and that guy with the beard who actually socializes with people. His ego and arrogance made him think he could do whatever he wanted and the b’s and b’s would blindly follow. When the b’s and b’s revolted and followed the little guy with the beard, he didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t supposed to happen to an alpha male.

    • What the hell are you talking about Cody has been one of the strongest competitors on this show!

      • In terms of comps? Maybe. But not the social game. His social game is insulting people and hiding out. That is not the way to go – everyone knows that.

      • I’ll agree he’s not MR personality but at least he is open and you know what your getting Paul is the evil one he sneaks around playing everyone and there all to stupid to see it

      • I agree with that. Paul is GOOD and they are fools to trust him because it’s going to end in his victory. (And I’m a Paul fan) But if someone else did to Cody what he is doing to the house, Cody would be the first to get mad. He thinks he deserves the win/money instead of actually working for it.

        That being said, my ride or die is Kevin this year. That man is a HOOT.

      • Kevin? Hmm I don’t know he’s deff under the radar but I don’t know if that will carry him through to the end. If I had to guess at this point I’d say Paul wins unless the rest them wake up

      • Completely agree. Kevin’s really ultra bad at comps, so that isn’t going to be good – even if he does get down to the finals.

      • Not.

        The show in the game are about a lot more than just those comps. When it comes to the social game he ranks as zero

    • Edit: Put this in the wrong place first time… Cody had Paul dead to rights his very first HOH. He knew from the start these people would worship the vet. It always happens. Paul just happened to have immunity. He should have trusted his plan to Jessica so she could have told him putting Xmas up would backfire. He had to put how many people on the block that week. 4? That doesn’t help his cause and if he did tell his alliance his plan, Paul would have gotten wind of it. So his big move came back to haunt him hard. At lease he tried. Remember too, he thought he was going to send out Paul with a tie breaking vote. That vote count confirmed his fate. His game play was dead after that. There was no coming back. He knew it and pretty much checked out of the game. I really find it hard to understand how Cody is any worse than that pathetic backyard stuff. I mean why be so afraid of a person who has one ally in the house? The simple answer is, because he plays comps hard and has a drive to win what little he can control. I used to love BigBrother. I even saw past evil dick. I think social media has just made me cynical. So I guess I’m trying to defend Cody even if he can be a jerk. I think he has shown restraint too. I like Paul and Christmas, but cannot look at their actions as anything different than Cody. One last bit on Cody “Not playing this game”. He’s not the only one. Seems half the house considers jury a win. OK, rant over. I’m out.

    • Compared to Matt and others, I think Cody is playing more then they are. His behavior is not great though. Bottom feeders are Raven, Josh, Paul and Christmas when it comes to nasty behavior.

  2. This season is such a disappointment. You had arguably one of the more interesting episodes last night and than do a “crap luck” HOH comp. I would have preferred to see a comp that was more challenging and tested all the players wills to win and survive. Instead they give a 3 minute crap luck tournament. BB needs to retool this show because I’m losing interest fast.

    • A “crap luck” comp, as you call it, is one of the fairest comps possible. A little skill and strategy could help in some of them. The comps based on memory and endurance tend to give an edge in the direction of the HGs with those particular skills. I’m sure Cody’s and Jessica’s odds of winning might have improved if it was an endurance based comp, which means someone else’s odds would have been less. They all suck it up and play it as it is doled out. That’s the only time Cody plays BB…period.

      • I agree. I think BB tries to mix up the comps so that they don’t constantly favor particular house guests and I can dig that. Josh winning this one was pure LUCK so he has no right to gloat like he held on the longest or knew the most stuff, LOL.

      • Regardless of how the comp went or how he won it, he still won it and he is entitled to gloat because of that. Everyone else can gloat but to say Josh can’t is crazy.

      • Yeah how dare a guy in a competition be happy he won a competition. What a jerk. He should have said I don’t care and sulked in a room by himself like some other players do.

      • I really hate that ppl are making me defend Josh at this point but JHC.. the hypocrisy and double standards are astounding!

      • I was only making a joke because I don’t like Josh. It’s kind of like watching your ball team’s bitter rival score a TD or a make a basket. You know it was deserved but dang, you sure hate it.

      • Hey I get it, no worries :) I’m honestly not even a Josh fan, but since he won last night it’s like ppl won’t let up with the constant “bully” talk and how he doesn’t deserve to be here and poor Jody and blah blah blah blah blah lol.. heck I think everyone in the house are terrible person in their own way… with the exception of maybe Kev ;)

      • The ONLY reason ppl are complaining about this comp is bc neither Jess or Cody won… oh boo hoo, spare me! This is BB, they do these comps literally every season. Ppl only complain and say things aren’t fair/rigged when their fave is on the short end of the stick… crickets when they’re not.

      • Jess and Cody started complaining about it as soon as they realized it would be mainly luck-based. The other HGs stated strategizing. I don’t know how the order of play is decided, but both Jess and Cody had opportunity to watch a few others play before they did. The first 2 or 3 were the guinea pigs.

      • and after Josh played, the remaining HG had opportunity to replicate his move and they didn’t- went right back to the other side of the starting line.

      • The most stacked comp is always the wall comp. It favors small stocky people with strong legs in a low center of gravity. Tall people can’t possibly win that comp because it beats up the upper body way too much. When they pull the wall comp out it’s always because they want the short guy or girl to win HOH

    • The other side of the luck-based competitions are that it’s a lot harder to throw the competition. There are people who intentionally haven’t won HOH yet because they don’t want to have to pick a side. Luck competitions could force them into showing their hand. (Although I do believe Kevin intentionally aimed for the small numbers on the side)

    • Every houseguest was allowed to practice before the comp and it was a skilled comp if you wanted the 35 it was a skill shot missing that one Bumper in the very middle. It actually was not a crap luck tournament

  3. I agree with your Ewws and Aahs. I would add to the Cody Eww how stupid he looked in confronting Paul for telling Jess to lower her voice. He did it to either show off for the cameras and look like a bad a$$ or he did it to show off to Jessica, or perhaps both. I think it was dumb because I think Paul was only telling her to lower her voice so the other housemates wouldn’t hear what she was revealing about the hex. Now I’m no Paul fan, especially after the “Mob Mentality” pathetic display but I honestly didn’t think he was shushing Jess to be a dick.

    Your assessment of Josh is spot-on. Here comes another week of taunting, possibly pans, and another nomination of Jess and Cody. I did read, however that his target may be Jess so that may spark some things come eviction night if they blindside her. We’d get to see how Cody acts with her gone.

  4. I have watched BB avidly for years now but this season has turned my stomach. It’s a game and yes, use tricks, cunning etc to win but the disgusting bullying that is going on right now is appalling. We have programs in school to curb it and prevent teen suicide and the”adults” in this season are showing it is encouraged. Shame on you

    • This season is nothing compared to the things I’ve seen on Big Brother. This season there has been fighting but its all been two-sided. Plus nothing bad has been said. Yes hitting pans together is annoying but its not like Josh is personally attacking people. He calls people “meatballs” which means nothing there are so many worse things he could call them.

      In the past seasons I’ve seen people on big brother say such racist stuff its disgusting. I’ve Contestants have said horrible things about peoples cultures and religions. They’ve personally attached their family members. They’ve threatened other contestants.

      The worse thing I’ve seen/heard this season was when Jessica and Cody were joking about poisoning everyone else in the house so they’d be to sick to play HOH. That is serious and cruel way worse than banging pans together.

      • Thank You!! Someone with some sense! Season 15 was far and wide way worse than this. Like I said earlier, this season is nothing more than bullies bullying other bullies… sorry, I just don’t have much sympathy. You get what you give.

      • Season 15 is a good example of what people are claiming this to be. This season reminds me more of season 6. Jessica and Cody are April the rest of the house is Howie. Jessica and Cody attack people, then they attack back, and then Jessica and Cody cry they are being attacked.

      • Unlike the people this season at least he was funny about it. Calling her busto. Insulting her fat hubby and her ugly dog (pepperoni). Saying anyone know where I can find a pepperoni pizza I want to eat some pepperoni.

      • I am reading people saying they are going to stop watching due to this week. Well you have clearly only started watching this season if you thing this is bad.

      • SO TRUE! Nothing absolutely nothing has happened that is not an integral part of the game.

      • This is the first time it is 8 people on 2 people. That is the main reason this season sucks. If it was strictly Paul going after Cody or Alex going after Jessica then ok……but it is all 8 going after 2 people. That is cruel and unusual and needs to be stopped completely. Nobody should have to live with 8 people yelling at them all day. I don’t care if Cody and Jessica said some stuff especially in private. What they endure is psychological welfare and is disgusting.

    • I am so tired of hearing about bullying poor Jess and Cody. Maybe if they would socialize and act decent they may not be isolated. She has the mean girl smirk on her face all the time and Cody is just a jerk. I will be glad when these clowns are off so tired of poor Jess and Cody!

      • So Paul being the biggest bully on the show does not bother you huh? Only difference is Cody is upfront with it and Paul goes around in the back ground like a thief in the night

      • Being upfront doesn’t help your chances of winning. Being sneaky does. Paul understands that. Cody does not.

      • Paul is playing Big Brother the way it was designed to be played. It’s not supposed to be a Snowflake Fest.

    • Bullying?
      I mean its not like what Aaryn and her cronies did.
      But mob mentality is more likely.
      Besides Jody isn’t an angel here as well.

    • As I said below Josh hasn’t done much. Yes hitting pans together is annoying but its not like Josh is personally attacking people. He calls people “meatballs” which means nothing there are so many worse things he could call them. Josh s childish but he’s not cruel he’s annoying.

      Jessica and Cody were joking about poisoning everyone else in the house so they’d be to sick to play HOH. That is serious and cruel way worse than banging pans together.

      • He bangs the pots and pans right in someone face and he is relentless, outside of this game he would be smacked down quickly….no one would let someone treat them that way forget locked up with them for days on end….

      • Outside of this game is the operative words.
        Not much that happens in the house would fly outside the game.
        That’s what makes it so fun to watch.

      • Very important to separate in game actions from outside game actions. As Paul mentioned earlier this season when you enter the house you play a character. Very few people are the same inside the house as they are outside of it. Inside the house anything (or pretty much anything) goes. Outside you act differently.

      • I agree for the most part but I have a sneaking suspicion that Cody is the same inside and out, unfortunately

      • Definitely. I saw Cody and thought…..eye candy… They I saw his intro video and thought…….oh hell no. lol. (However, I still think he is taking more then is necessary from those other jerks……and I am still pissed about the military bashing because Cody actually could have PTSD.)

      • The person who got the pots and pans banged in their face was the same person who threw hot sauce and pickle juice in Josh’s eyes…

      • At least he didn’t touch Mark. I seem to recall Mark throwing hot sauce in Josh’s face though. How about that?

      • It is a game. Games have rules. Rules are different for normal society. Think of it like a sex club. Once you walk in the door you better know what you signed up for. And you certainly can’t be doing that stuff out on the sidewalk now can you? 😎

      • I just spit Diet Dr Pepper all over my screen, but it was totally worth it. That made me laugh so damn hard!

      • There’s nothing you can say to the politically correct when they set their minds (or is that emotions?) to something. They live on pure emotion, not reason. If they decide that Jody is okay then Jody could do whatever they want and they’ll figure out how to justified in their own minds. But everybody else is an outrage. It’s one of the reasons I can’t stand political correctness. It’s hypocritical in the extreme.

    • Well what about Mark? He threw hot sauce in Josh’s eyes. That is actual assault. Or does that not following the bully narrative?

      • Exactly. Outside of the house mark would have been arrested for assault. He actually made contact with Josh and put him in actual danger by throwing pickle juice and hot sauce at full strength at his face. That’s perfectly fine with these people. But if Josh bangs a couple pots and pans together, oh my God what a bully what a bully oh my God get the bullhorn get him out of the house production must do something oh my God oh my God oh my God I’m outraged.

        Hypocrites, all.

    • That would be absurd. He is banging pots and pans and screaming and calling people meatballs. Nothing harmful. He is not actually attacking anyone. If anything it is more sad for him than anyone he is doing it to. As Branden stated in this post everyone has agreed to the show. Bullying, mob mentality, all part of it. Anyone who has seen the show should know this happens. Has been every season and this is not even close to the worst.

  5. I was happy to see that Matt’s comments were on the live show last night, saying that it was not “their proudest moment”. But I wanted someone with some SENSE to step in and tell them all to knock it off. They are adults and it was painful to watch them acting like mean children. It would’ve been good to see BB say something on the live show. It used to be a fun show to watch, but now it’s just painful. This is not a well thought out group.

    • It would have been terrible game play to step in to defend Jessica and Cody. From what I saw Matt, Kevin, and Jason were the only ones not involved. Those 3 have a similar strategy of stay off everyone’s radar and let other people make themselves targets. Stepping in ever so slightly would make them a target.

    • Mark tried to last time n they turned on him. Including Elena. Alex jumped on Mark for those stupid cat ears.🙀Not relevant. Talk about crudges. She mad at him for what?? The only one that stood up was Mark n now hes lost his fight. So sad

      • You can’t say that. You don’t speak for everybody. I personally would love to see more of those scenes simply because there’s a lot of people who seem to have no problem with Josh and Cody doing what they do, which is some pretty evil stuff, that have a problem with a guy bangs the pots and pans together in a tutu. I think that’s hilarious.

  6. I thought production wanted to keep Jess and Cody around to play against Paul, but they are really just having paul go to the end. Watching feeds right now, it may seem that Elena may go up rather than Jessica, so that is a good start against Paul.

    • I thought they wanted to keep Jess too when they gave her the Hex (I still don’t believe America voted for her to get it), but being saddled to Cody has ruined her game. She had all the power and it didn’t help her because of Cody.

      • I wish they would reveal how the voting is turning out when America votes. Have a site with a counter showing the number of votes each player has. It would really reduce the BB is rigged talk. That way we know how many votes each player has at any time instead of just Jessica won.

  7. I dislike Jody and their constant isolation, so Josh winning HoH was my best case scenario. It’s perfect that he’s the one in power when Jody is split up before jury.

    I’m also tuning out all the “bully” talk. This is just a game on TV — a unique situation that encourages deception and manipulation to win so expect bad behavior. It isn’t a sociology experiment showing off the BB House as a microcosm of society. Jeeze.

    • Right it requires deception and manipulation. Jessica claims to be a super fan, but I don’t think she has ever actually seen the show. On last nights episode she said how Paul crossed a line by manipulating people to do what he wants. Uhhh yeah it’s called playing the game Jessica.

  8. Branden, I’m with you about the “mob mentality” term instead of bullying. You’re absolutely right when you say they sign up for that. They should expect it anyway if they’ve watch BB before. I disagree with those who think this is the worse it has ever been. I think we saw worse before, as in BB15 (Amanda) for example.

    • I’m liking what Christmas is selling and hopefully Josh will buy it. Bullying is for children.

    • I’m giving you a standing ovation for saying this. I don’t have the feeds, but I read everything here, and none of what happened seemed worthy of most of the reactions I read, eh?
      As for the military service, well, it’s Big Brother and people have lied about their jobs/lives on the show before. It didn’t seem like a huge deal to me, but that might be a cultural thing.
      BB 15 was an out and out nightmare.

  9. I agree, saying that they’re “bullying” Cody and Jess is an overstatement.
    Mob mentality is more appropriate. It’s equally as bad the fact that no one (besides Paul and Jody) thinks for themselves.

    Besides Jody aren’t angels either. Cody is complely anti social (coming from me of all people that’s pretty sad) and Jessica has petty grudges against Alex due to Cody liking her as well

    • I really don’t get the casting decision for Cody. He doesn’t seem like someone who should have been picked to play.

      • He was likely picked because he said in his interviews of all the players who have ever played BB, Paul was his least favorite. Between that and having the personality of a house plant, drama was an assurance. Seems they were right.

      • I’m starting to have my doubts about her too. The only thing she seems to want to play is with Cody’s dongle.

  10. Alex & Christmas I think I am most disappointed in. They seemed to come into this game strong and once they got under Pauls wings they folded and are now just playing Pauls game . They may reemerge after the dust settles from Cody and Jessica after they leave and I’d love to see how the rest of the house reshuffles after that.
    People keep saying how past season have been much worse and I disagree, Evil Dick was well Evil right but he was one person going after everyone, don’t you think there is a big difference in that then when the entire house is against you???

    • It is one person. Paul.
      The house are just floating along, but no one can have power without followers and that’s how they win.

      • This is how the game is played. Someone always dominates because they have followers. Paul is just much more vocal but he remind me of Derrick. He did the same thing but in an understated way (and he was more likeable).

  11. Also I think they should never allow anyone to mess with food and switch decaf for Caf coffee some people cannot drink Caffeine it could be dangerous. Maybe someone is allergic to Vaseline and now it’s all over the house. This is just simply disgusting and childish and should not be allowed.

  12. Bully is definitely not the right term and I’m glad you pointed that out. It’s upsetting they edited out Pual and Christmas talk of Codys military service. I don’t like Cody but that’s beyond game talk, but if they are going to put that in they need to put in all of the things Cody said about trans people. Looks like from a personal stand point they are all monsters. For the game however very entertaining.

  13. I would have given Matt an ahh for being the voice of reason and trying to quell the mob. He was my initial favorite player, and I’m hoping he’s just been laying low and throwing comps and will ratchet up his game play now that he’s secured a spot on jury. I just wish he hadn’t gotten into a showmance (or that He & Christmas had hooked up instead of him & Raven, as I really can’t stand her). Also, Maybe add Kevin to that ahh, too, as I don’t recall him joining in, although I could be wrong about that.

    • Christmas hates Matt and his annoying laughter now, but at the beginning I thought they had something going while Raven kept interrupting their conversations.

      • I thought Xmas and Elena were into each other at the beginning of the season… or do you think they were just playing it up for the camera?That’s kinda what I’m thinking now..

    • I think Matt is playing a really good game. There are a lot of targets in the house and more people are making themselves targets every day. Him, Kevin, and Jason seem to just be sliding along until they need to act. The best possible strategy in my opinion.

  14. I was ASHAMED, and very uncomfortable at the level of bullying that occurred against Cody and Jessica.Does nothing for the show.

  15. I can’t believe that Elena and Mark are stupid enough to believe they are part of the “gang”! Who do they think is going home immediately after Jessica and Cody?? I just loved how everyone gave a huge cheer when Josh won HoH last night. KNOWING he’s next on the chopping block, right after Mark and Elena! Geeez…I’m sorry Jessica or Cody didn’t get HoH this week and put Paul up next to Raven, lol. Oh well :(

    • I’m disappointed Jody didn’t win this week only for the very reason Matt Boyer stated: we would get to see a change in drama and the HUGE part of the house would be under attack.

  16. Oh ma gosh, all these people saying this is the cruelest they seen on bb! How many times do I have to say season 15, season 15, SEASON 15! Where were all these “bully” advocates for Candice, Howard, and Helen??

  17. Jessica should drop Cody as soon as they get out of the house. Cody is a control freak, but he is a hot head. She is too good to be wasting on a hot head. Cody never will change. Never did like like at the beginning of the show by the way he treated Paul.

    • It still makes me laugh that Cody was upset that Paul didn’t give him a friendship bracelet, but, when they met, Cody said NOTHING and just stared at him.

    • Unless she ends up pregnant, and then she will be stuck with him in her life. She mentioned that in the live feed.

  18. I like that choice of words Branden. I was saying all those people ganging up crosses the line towards bullying but Mob Mentality is a better description for what happened.

  19. 😔I’m bored… Josh’s HOH will be so up n down on his noms. It will change will 1,000 times. But I’m pretty sure he will do what Paul wants. Bc Paul will make him feel important. Somebody just write the check to Paul n get it overwith…😕

  20. Josh has to be the biggest idiot on this show. He cries like a little girl he took the gold apple in one of the first comps to save himself and didn’t care about anyone else. He lost in a pool game and claimed he didn’t and he has no brain to think on his own just follows Paul who is the biggest Ahole around. I sincerely hope the tides change other wise this is not only a predictable ending its a boring one as well.

  21. Okay, what am I missing? Why do people hate Cody bit think Jessica is smart and deserves to go on? She is a WHORE and it is a good thing that her father is dead because if he were alive he would be embarrassed.

  22. I don’t know why they thought they would have to trick Jessica into thinking losing Cody is best for her game. Losing Cody is best for her game. After Cody left the first time she started to repair her place in the game. I think at this point the damage is probably done.

    • Absolutely true. I like to think that Jess is smart – she started to be when Cody left the first time – but I’m losing faith in her. But I think they’re smart to send Cody this week and then Jess next. I wouldn’t want to be in jury with Cody.

  23. Thoughts:
    – I can’t tell if Paul is Boston Rob (for having sheep), Jason (for his douchey nature), or Vanessa (for playing a cold and calculating game). Either way I like him for being a good player, I dislike him for being a jackass (then again he was the same in Season 18).
    – Josh is sooo dumb. No matter what he does he’ll always make a stupid mistake. Plus he was a HUGE casting mistake. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but still.
    – I wanna like Alex and Christmas and Kevin and Matt….. if they weren’t freaking bystanders and started playing the game.
    – I wonder how Raven will react to her backlash…. probably pull the Aaryn card
    – Mark, do yourself a favor and start distancing yourself from Jody and Elena. They’re not good for your game.
    – I feel like Cody rolled over and died…. he’s not cut out for this game. Pity because I like Jess more than him (though I still think she’s a mean girl). If Cody and Jess were separated it would help her game. She can run with Elena and probably get out Paul.
    – I feel as though while Paul and Raven’s actions were horrendous and made themselves look bad, it was not considered “bullying” but rather a mob mentality. Not saying mob mentality is better, but Paul is doing his part for game. Stupid reason I know, but honestly he’s pretty much this puppet dictator in this game. And frankly now that I look at it, I still say Season 15 is worse because Aaryn’s gang made more PERSONAL comments. As opposed to Paul’s gang who’s intention was to annoy Jody (which was still messed up). Is it fair to say Paul is Aaryn or Amanda?

  24. Great article! Except I do think it’s bullying. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or on a TV show. Lines were crossed. I agree with everything else 100%

  25. I loved seeing Jessica stand up to Paul, as she did multiple times in Wednesday’s and Thursday’s episodes. I appreciate her efforts to patch things up with people over the last few weeks, but how did that work out for her? As Jess is finding, showing kindness and goodwill toward people who irrationally hate you rarely results in anything good.

    Christmas is still sulking after falsely accusing Jessica at her (C) eviction event. This week, she even tried to act as if she was there for Jessica, meanwhile talking in the Diary Room about how she was trying to fool Jessica into not using the Halting Hex. Elena keeps saying she “loves” Jessica and Cody, all the while she will work will work with Paul to evict one or both of them if it suits her. Raven is not charming, not cute, and needs to give up the prepubescent little girl-sounding voice in the Diary Room. Hopefully she’s not fooling anyone on the outside with that fake bubbly act. She always has something disparaging to say about Jessica or Elena in the DR, while acting friendly in their faces.

    Raven2 (AKA “Matt”) actually sounded sincerely disturbed by the psychological warfare that Paul encouraged…only not outraged enough to stand up to Paul. I can’t keep up with where Mark is. One minute he talks about hating that Cody might come back, then he’s so glad Cody is back because Cody is the only person he can be himself around, then he’s ready to turn on Cody again, then he’s talking to Cody after Cody and Jessica argued, then…

    Kevin works both sides–no character there. JALEX (Jason + Alex) won’t stand for anything except worshiping Paul. (I know they’re not in a showmance, but I couldn’t resist.) Paul is absent veracity and has a spoiled mentality. This is the same person who acted morally outraged over being blindsided by Cody in Week 1, he accused everyone in the alliancce back then of being dishonest with him, and he accused Cody of being emotional and immature. Yet, Paul has blindsided Cody, and is planning to do it again this week; he is dishonest with everyone all the time; and HE kept the argument with Cody going on Wednesday’s show despite claiming to be an adult and so much better than Cody.

    Josh should never have been on the show as Jessica correctly pointed out when she nominated him for eviction. He is way too infantile and emotionally unbalanced.

  26. Jessica is smart? in what world is that true…. she is hard to root for or even watch at times.
    The fact she chose to be with Cody and then stay with him after she has the time to really see him in action- yuck! so sick of their romance on the show and how they exclude themselves from everyone and everything. I am glad Josh won and hope they take her out next…

  27. Cody had Paul dead to rights his very first HOH. He knew from the start these people would worship the vet. It always happens. Paul just happened to have immunity. He should have trusted his plan to Jessica so she could have told him putting Xmas up would backfire. He had to put how many people on the block that week. 4? That doesn’t help his cause and if he did tell his alliance his plan, Paul would have gotten wind of it. So his big move came back to haunt him hard. At lease he tried. Remember too, he thought he was going to send out Paul with a tie breaking vote. That vote count confirmed his fate. His game play was dead after that. There was no coming back. He knew it and pretty much checked out of the game. I really find it hard to understand how Cody is any worse than that pathetic backyard stuff. I mean why be so afraid of a person who has one ally in the house? The simple answer is, because he plays comps hard and has a drive to win what little he can control. I used to love BigBrother. I even saw past evil dick. I think social media has just made me cynical. So I guess I’m trying to defend Cody even if he can be a jerk. I think he has shown restraint too. I like Paul and Christmas, but cannot look at their actions as anything different than Cody. One last bit on Cody “Not playing this game”. He’s not the only one. Seems half the house considers jury a win. OK, rant over. I’m out.

  28. Jessica is about as nice as Cody. Not at all. I have to say the group should have acted more like adults but then Jessica and Cody were no better. Anyone who is willing to give up their game for a showmance deserves to go home eventually. Cody could do nothing to make her game better and the rest of the house would have kept her around because she had the hex.

  29. Hey, Branden, great article. I respect your choice to use “mob mentality” rather than “bullying.” Honestly, though, it’s pretty much the same thing. However, I totally get your decision to not use that term. And, yes, Jess and Cody did an amazing job of sticking it out. Nothing gets under someone’s skin more than knowing that their scheme failed.

  30. Have not one ounce of sympathy for Cody or Jessica,they were in the driver seat early on but both behaved like Thelma and Louise and look at them now,they killed their own chances but blame everyone but themselves,being haughty and just rolling around in the bed 24/7 will not win you respect or votes,

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