Big Brother 19 “Battle Back” Special Episode Confirmed

Julie Chen’s announcement last night that this season of Big Brother would feature a “Battle Back” episode next Friday night this probably came as no surprise to you. I told you a week ago that it was happening! Now it’s officially confirmed for its purpose, but there’s a twist that goes with it.

Julie Chen confirms Battle Back on BB19

We’ve now got three of the four evicted Houseguests who will face off next Friday, July 21st at 8/7c on CBS and streaming live on All Access in most markets. Cody was sent out the door to join Cameron and Jillian and you know Cody has to like his odds with that roster. The only unknown for him is who will be sent out the door this week to add another obstacle to the first three evictees’ path back to the Big Brother 19 house.

Last year we saw the evicted HGs paired up for competitions starting with the first evictee going against the second. The winner there moved on to face the 3rd and so on in a knock out tournament style. The earlier you were evicted the more challenges you faced to return. That’s probably how it’s going to happen again this time, but for Big Brother 19 there’s another twist to it.

During last night’s reveal Julie teased, “In a Big Brother first, the Houseguests will get the chance to stop their return to the game.” Hmm. What’s this little twist about?

Okay, so we know the Temptation voting for the Halting Hex, the last in the series of this season’s twist, will keep votes open until next Wednesday. That means we won’t see the winner revealed this Sunday, but instead next Sunday in the episode after the Battle Back show.

So what they could end up doing is having the Halting Hex’s “curse” side effect allow a HG back in to the game, that HG being the winner of the Battle Back. This way we will see the Battle challenges play out no matter what but then do a cliffhanger for whether or not that he or she actually returns until Sunday’s show. We don’t know for sure, but will find out eventually.

Who do you hope wins the Battle Back? Right now Alex is targeting Dominique, but with Jessica in the mix that’s always a possibility too. Think Cody would be willing to beat Jessica or could he decide to let her take the win if it comes to that? We’ll find out next Friday night at 8/7c and you can be sure that we’ll live recap the whole thing that night. Can’t wait to see what happens!


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  1. It will probably between Cody and Cameron. It will be surprising if Jessica and Jillian beat them.

      • If Cody come back, I don’t want him to have Jess there, otherwise he will just go back to how they where the last week.

      • I don’t know my friend, I think if he does come back he is coming back with a vengeance. And, I think if he does come back he will have more people on his side. People flip-flop more than my flip-flops flip-flops on my feet when I’m walking 🚶 wearing my flip-flops LMAO 😂 (I will be here all summer folks!) HA-HA
        But in all seriousness, I think Jessica will have changed her role in the house thus far and perhaps formed herself an alliance. I think if Christmas is still there, she may lean towards Cody also. I think her vote to evict Ramses was not a ‘hinky’ vote. I will leave all the time she has had outside of the BB house has given her free time to rethink a lot! And, I think Christmas (although in alot of pain,) will come in with a fresh, clean mind! (Aside from all those drugs!) LOL 😂 But, after what Cody told her about Mark and Dominique, I think it was Dom? In any event, I think that has made her rethink a lot about her game!
        So my friend, I think you might be wrong. Stranger things have happened in the BB house 🤞
        I don’t think we saw the best of Cody! So hopefully if he gets a second chance, he will appreciate it more and play smarter! Be the best he can be with or without Jessica. I truly do not think he will just walk back in, grab Jessica and hide out in a room! There’s no way! Zero!
        But, who’s to say Cody will come back! It could easily be any of them (well not easily LOL, I’m willing to bet money it won’t be Jillian but I don’t think Cameron should be written off) plus, who’s to say any of them will even be allowed back! In my opinion, it would be a dumb move for any HG (aside from Jessica) to allow another player/number reenter the house and intern, just be another person pushing them further away from the money. I don’t quite get this HG’s choice.
        There has to be more to it!
        Anyway blah blah blah! Sorry, woke up again because it’s way too hot and jumped on here. And just babbled/talk to type this long message to you, I don’t even know if it makes sense!? 🙃
        Do you sometimes wish you never met me? Because of my long messages? 😭
        Sorry! I just get going and can’t stop! I need all my thoughts shared. LOL
        I WUV YOU!! ❤️ ❤️

      • Holy crap! I did not realize just how long that message was until I sent it! It only took me a few minutes to talk to type! But it sure is long! Oops 🙊 My bad 🤗 Sorry Captain 👩‍✈️

      • I too would love to see Cody return, but his only chance on a successful return (defined as surviving the eviction that follows his return) is if he plays the game without treating it as a military operation. In this game, power is repeatedly changing hands; your opponent today could be the person you need a vote from tomorrow.

  2. I hope Cameron has a chance, just because he was out so early, I really would like for him to show what he is made off.

    As for the twist, we know they crafted them knowing full well nobody will refuse the temptation. So this one, to make any sense, it would have to be that they offer the player the Halting Hex and the curse that goes with it, is if player accept it, an evicted player return. The Halting Hex is so powerfull, no chance it is going to be turn down. That’s the only way it can works.

    If player refuse the temptation, no evictee comes back. Fat chance that will happen.

    • Agreed. Imagine being Cameron. You find out you’re going to be on Big Brother. You’re excited as heck. You plan for it. You go through all the on-site preparation (CBS interviews and photography), only to last not even one night in the house, and not necessarily because you did anything wrong. I do not see Cameron having the skills to last long in the house (ie. He did lousy on the trapeze contest after not remembering Julie’s clues). Still, I would have rather had him there than Josh.

  3. Ok, so let’s see if I understand this correctly…There will be a Battle Back…There will also be a temptation (Halting Hex) offered….If the HG accepts the temptation the Battle Back winner will NOT come back in? I’m still confused and it seems this article has a typo where it starts to explain it….

    “So what they could end up doing is having the Halting Hex’s “curse” side effect all a HG back in to the game, that HG being the winner of the Battle Back.”

    I can’t understand this statement.

    • I didn’t understand that statement, either. But your assessment of the situation overall was my interpretation as well.

    • Ok, in reading closer, it seems it should say “…having the Halting Hex’s “curse” side effect ALLOW a HG back in to the game.” That makes a bit more sense.

      • That means two extra weeks. Halting Hex means the power to cancel an elimination, so one extra week. Allowing a HG back in the game, one more extra person, so another extra week.

      • Turn that into another DE. Plus even if the player choose to take Halting Hex, it might never be use, if the situation doesn’t require it. If the player holding the Hex is happy with who is going home, he doesn’t need to use the Hex.

      • Yeah, I was typing too fast and left off the “-ow” there on allow.

        And to make very clear, that’s just our speculation. We don’t know for sure if the next Temptation will be connected to the Battle Back in anyway.

      • I was thinking that if the Halting Hex is used next week that would prevent the Battle Back since there wouldn’t be a fourth player to play in it, thus stopping a player I’m returning.

  4. Let’s say either of them return.

    Cameron: Needs to align with the right people to take out Paul
    Jillian: Needs to find a way to bond with others
    Cody: Needs to clean up his act and get off this “Ice King” phase.

    • Let’s be real, if Jillian comes back they might as well add a maniquin that can vote.
      And Cody hopefully has learned from his mistakes, he was opening up at the end of the week and people seemed receptive to him.
      Still hoping Cameron comes back, that poor guy got shafted day 1

      • Cody stated in his exit interview with Julie last night, he would play the game just the same if he were to go back in the house. He won’t change, he is much too rigid and unyielding. Works for me, if he does get back in the house, he will be immediately sent right back out.

      • Lol I honestly couldn’t even pay attention for his exit interview, I lasted 3 questions and fast forwarded

      • Haha, the only reason I know he said it is because someone else remarked about it last night. The only thing I was hearing……victm noises.

  5. Why can’t big brother have a season with no veterans joining the show, no battles back in, just plain big brother. You shouldn’t get all these chances to win. Its not fair to all the newbies. If they are out then they are out. Send them home.

    • I would love to see this.
      Then again I’d also love to see another All Star season, where they throw in as many twists as possible! Haha

    • Big Brother is “expect the unexpected”. You have to roll with whatever is given to you.

    • Same as many of these hamster shows, there is so many folks that want to get on them. I’d like to see all fresh faces that get a chance. BB ratings have been tanking for years though. I’m thinking they inject fan favorites to keep from tanking ever farther. Some eps this season have the lowest rating that BB US ever got.

  6. They might do something different with the Battle Back this year. It’s the HoH competition as well with all HGs and the evictees competing. For an evictee to return to the game, he or she must win the HoH, but if one of HGs win the HoH, no evictees are able to return.
    With this, Paul and the Betas will compete hard to prevent Cody from returning back to the house.

  7. I think there may be 2 individuals coming back. The winner of the Battle Back and another. Remember Megan left early so that means they could allow one more back.

  8. Waiting for ‘Big Brother Silver’, where house guests are between 50 and 75.

    Watching old people strategizing & telling their stories would be great.

    • Big Geezer. One season had the old geezer on there trying to think he was still a tough young buck. Thought all the HGs were his kids and he had to straighten them out.

  9. Rerunning the episode, Chen says eviction, then the temptation, then the
    battle back. Plus, “In a BB first, the HGs will get a chance to stop their return to
    the game.” That’s what there is to go on. Looks like the halting hex
    will be delivered after the eviction. In the past, those trying to
    return may have had to win a comp over all the other HGs, but Chen clearly said,
    “In a BB first”. That suggests some other method. Should be some wacky fun.

  10. So if the halting hex is turned down the house guest won’t return but if it’s played then they will . Alex put up Dom and Jessica but she is hoping to back door Christmas this is what her plan is . This may back fire

  11. They will give D of The to Jessica then they will offer her money or a vacation, or pick the battle back and told the outers will be told who made the decision to not allow it, but the outers won’t be told what that person chose instead.

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