Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 10

Christmas Abbott has plans for Big Brother 19

Well this is going to be an interesting week of Big Brother 19 a lot sooner than I thought it’d be. Against all odds, Paul’s plan to have the latest HoH competition thrown to Christmas worked. Josh was the backup plan for having the comp thrown to him since no one expected Christmas to compete in a physical comp much less a running one, but she did and now Josh is available to play in the next HoH comp. That leaves Christmas in charge of the noms and late night talks made their plans clear.

After Paul convinced everyone they were safe, including this week’s targets, we watched the week set itself up for an open path to whatever Paul and his two closest allies, Christmas and Josh, wanted to see happen. Things are looking pretty simple for going their way through to next Thursday.

Soon after the HoH comp ended Paul and Christmas met to confirm what she would do. Flashback to 9:15 PM BBT 8/31 to listen in on their talk.

Alex and Jason are the top targets with Jason’s eviction as Plan A and Alex as the backup. Christmas told Paul she wants to be upfront with their plans here and since Alex isn’t the main priority Christmas thinks she can talk her down after the noms. As such, there won’t be a pawn involved and that’s going to make things a little more heated sooner in the week than when we had to wait for the Veto meeting last week to get the final noms. Of course the final noms could still change here.

I think this strategy is a mistake, but it probably doesn’t matter. Since there are 7 HGs, one of them wouldn’t compete for Veto. So not great odds, but still a chance that if Christmas put up Alex and Kevin as pawns then Jason might not even get a chance to play. And if he did play then he wouldn’t have the same fire under his feet if he didn’t think he was a target since he’s already expressed a willingness to throw comps to further Paul’s fake plans. Alex had even volunteered to be a pawn against Kevin. Easy peasy. Oh well. Of course the danger with Jason not on the Block is that he could be drawn to play, win Veto, save Alex, and then both of Christmas’s targets are safe. It’s a toss up.

As for Paul’s involvement, he’s already working the angles to pretend he is unaware and not in on this plan. Paul told Josh he would act like he’s paranoid that Christmas is going to put him up when talking with Alex and Jason. The theory here is that it’d shield him from blame this week just like he pulled off last week with Matthew and Raven ultimately blaming Kevin for being the targets. Go figure.

Before we can get to nominations we will need to get through the Tree of Temptation. You’ll remember last week how no one was willing to approach the tree and engage the twist. I’m fully expecting that to be the case this time around too.

Paul has everyone convinced they’re safe this week and if the Tree comes and goes before nominations and Christmas’s reveal of her plan then the targeted HGs won’t realize in time that they could benefit from the powers available to them. Sure, there are some bad apples up there, but when the alternative is eviction how bad could those punishments really be? Looks like production should have made this twist more open ended to raise its engagement rate, but I guess it’s too late for that now.


  • Christmas “won” HoH
  • Jason is the target with Alex as backup
  • Christmas plans to nominate Alex & Jason instead of using pawns
  • No one is expected to touch the Tree of Temptation
  • Results expected later tonight

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  1. “its going to be interesting” production paul is hoh no its more of the same..nothing interesting about this point there are no making big doesnt count as a big move if you have no other moves to make

    • The only thing is if veto takes a nominee off. Then the votes get wonky and Paul is a decider vote. Jason/Alex will then know he is not with them and could tumble his game the following week and their jury votes.

  2. Time to really sound like a dummy: Matt, What does “TL; DR” mean?

    Also, apologies if I’m shortening your name; I can’t spell out Matthew, too soon as Raven screeching his name in that long fake southern drawl pops up in my head every time.

    • No one sees Paul as a bully. The ego is enormous in the house and each HG thinks they are actually playing and in charge of their own game. Alex being the main egotistical one thinking she is in charge of the house.

      • I think when everybody goes to jury. They will have a wake up call when they go back and see how Paul works and he will come in second again.

      • Matt will be getting his wake up call today I imagine. Cody, Elena and Mark will enlighten him for sure about Paul and hopefully Raven

      • And they all need to apologize to Cody….obviously, one of the few who is intelligent about Paul’s danger

      • why apologize to Cody? Because he wanted to evict Paul? It’s a game. They just didn’t like Cody because of his attitude. Nothing to do with Paul. Would it have been good for their game, if Paul left. Sure it would be. But no need to apologize to Cody.

      • nope because the house hates everybody more. jason, alex, christmas, josh, and raven are hated and not respected. maybe kevin has a chance to win but he’s hated by josh, alex and maven

      • But you have Jason Matt Cody and Elena Who hates Paul and Josh is right up there now too cuz he see how Paul is

      • Your observation is on point and very well stated… I think this latest move of Paul’s is going to expose him to the rest of the house. I do not think Jason or Alex will go out until they make sure that everyone know what’s really going on with Paul’s game!!! This could be the move to make the house want to evict Paul going forward.

      • That may not even work, since he will tell them she is just jealous or something like that. I hope it does happen though.

    • Ty this is Paul shows what Paul says goes. Theses ppl are to stupid to see. He has never been on block. Except onces but he was protected. Christmas should not even be there they should have made her quit playing people just feeling sorry for her and not putting her on the Block. Being injured comes in handy especially when you are female

      • “Being injured comes in handy especially when you are female” ??
        well- xmas is there isn’t she? wtf does being injured have to do with it??
        I don’t see or hear anyone feeling sorry for her in that house

      • How many times did she have to leave the house? Can’t even count it’s been so many. She never should of been allowed back. How many comps was she not able to compete in? Too many to count. What do you do in Big Brother? You compete.

      • why shouldn’t she have been allowed back in? Matt broke more rules then this by far- production looks the other way..clearly there are no set rules for BB – they make them up on the fly- she is there, she has been all season, why keep complaining about it

      • It’s an opinion everyone has one. Why are you complaining about Matt breaking the Rules?

      • Umm let’s see I made a comment about what happened with Tree and my opinion. I believe your reply was personal. Who’s the whiner? I talked Game you talked personal. Bye

    • If they saw him as a “bully” they would gang up and take him out. He hasn’t “bullied” anyone in the house.

    • I hate this show, this show is fixed, Paul is a bully, give Paul the check already, Christmas shouldn’t be on this show, Josh is a bully, Alex is evil, Kevin is in the mafia, oh wait, no, he is an under cover cop. REALLY!!!!

    • I agree and if he is nominated, he will try hard to play veto. Everyone wants him out because he is the best comp player left in the house.

      • I could argue that Paul is one of the best (if not the best) because he’s basically thrown the last few comps with the exception of the slime POV comp.

      • Paul studied this game as no one before, physically he is not necessarily better than Alex and Jason but mental comps I think no one is better….

      • Yes, that was a strategic move, I am not 100% he was the strongest in that but was not good for him to win anyway. The 2nd competition in f3 will be physical and he can’t through tat if he gets there. Last comp is mental and he can win that over most of the remainders.

  3. Christmas should nominate Paul and make for a better and more interesting ending to this garbage.

    • She wouldn’t have the votes to get him out. And that would just further solidify his alliance to Jalex, in their minds. Then they would DEFinitely be going after Xmas next week.

      • or she could do her sweet talking. Christmas could easily get Kevin and Josh to vote him out and possibly raven if she doesn’t put her up.

      • Yep, and Christmas could tell Jalex about how Paul was targeting them and how he’s been masterminding all the HGs. I think she’d definitely have the votes to make a Paul eviction happen. She could put up Paul and Raven, there ya go. If Paul wins veto, slap Jason or Alex up there.

      • If Xmas actually had the guts to put up the nasty gnome, I think she could rally Josh, Kevin, Jason and maybe Alex to vote him out She would just have to tell them Paul’s order of desired evictions. Josh would back her up. Jason and Kevin are already suspicious of him as well as Josh. Too bad I don’t think she has the guts

      • It’s not about having guts, it’s about playing smart. No reason – it would actually be STUPID for Xmas to take out Paul. On the other hand, Jason HAS to take out Paul for his own game.

      • She’ll never win with Paul there. She’s always talking about big moves so either make one or STFU. The only big move she would have would be Paul, otherwise she’s just his slave like the rest.

      • But it IS a pretty big move to take out Jason…He as become a surprisingly strong player, and aside from his crazy gross comment, he has a really good social game. He hasn’t pissed off anyone in the house but Matt & Raven

      • Why would she basically shoot off her other foot? Without Paul, Xmas has no shot in this game. He threw her 1st HoH win to her, and then got everyone to throw this one to her. She’s going to get rid of Paul so she can…then be taken out by Jason next week? She knows she’s his target lol.

      • Basically this. if she takes Paul out, she has less allies and she is leaving one of her enemies in. Its not the time to start picking off your Allies, not when there are still big enemies in play.

      • But she does :) Paul knows Xmas has enemies in jury, and that she can only say she won HoH by Paul throwing it to her/ getting people to throw it to her. And she has the blood of both Mark (and now Jason) on her hands

      • No she couldn’t lol….Kevin wouldn’t vote out Paul, since he sees himself as above the girls in the house. Paul mentioned last night that he had to tell Kevin to throw the comp to Xmas.

        Also, Kevin knows he doesn’t have any allies in the house other than Jason and Paul (he thinks). And Josh wouldn’t vote out Paul. Josh knows Paul is his only other ally.

      • Plus, Alex never really has liked Xmas all that much. I feel like she would believe Paul over Xmas 10 times out of 10.

        I agree that if Xmas attempted to turn on Paul now, it would only cause her to be evicted next. The next (DE) HOH on Thursday would have a much better chance at Paul, but depending on who it is… They still might not have a shot.

        The best shot at getting rid of Paul is to win the final HOH and then just be brave enough to tell Paul he’s evicted.

      • Actually…Xmas could put up Paul. If she’s ready to go to jury next week after Paul doesn’t leave (because he has the votes to stay – Raven won’t vote him out, even Matt told her to stick with Paul).

      • Thank you! We think alike! You can’t make a “big move” w/ out support!! Too bad others can’t figure it out!!

      • If she wanted him gone she could get rid of him easily. All she’d have to do was blow up his game in front of everyone. Simple

      • I think Christmas will have the votes. She can tell Jalex Paul’s plan. Jalex will vote Paul out. Josh is onto Paul, so he will do what Christmas wants. Kevin will probably go with the house. Raven will vote for whoever else is OTB. It would be great if the house dumped on Paul and Kevin was overly nice to him to get his jury vote. WTOMP

      • Of course lol…My favorite player (I was also #25, left-handed, and had the huge gladiator pad on my right elbow)

      • Loved him while he was in the ‘burgh!! Hopefully you didn’t follow his lead w/ the juice??!! Ha!

      • Just the creatine shakes that my dad made me drink after pumping iron in high school lol

        And I don’t care if his head did get as big as a pumpkin! You can’t juice your way to having that kind of a swing and hand-eye coordination lol :)

        PS: I know he was actually #24 on the Pirates ;)

      • For sure! I’m not condoning steroid use but yes it’s a specific skill to hit a ball. If you don’t have that ability, steroids will do nothing for you in baseball

      • Which 2 votes would go against Paul if Paul is against Alex? Jason -1, Kevin would vote out Alex (hates her and she has been disrespecting him, not to mention Kevin would have Jason to himself), Josh would not vote against Paul – even says he would volunteer to be a pawn over Paul, Raven wants to keep Paul (Matt told her to stay close to him)…so right there, 3 to 1, Alex goes home.

      • If she wanted to get rid of him she could very easily do it. All she’d have to do is blow up his game in front of everyone. Done. But she doesn’t have the balls.

      • Sure…she could suicide-bomb her own game by getting rid of Paul. Kind of a dumb move though if she wants to get any further in the game.

      • Not if she had Josh (which she does) and she informed JALEX what Paul wants to do he’d be gone. It would be a smart move. Everyone would back her. But she’s too dumb and too far up the Dictators butt to see it. She’s even said if Paul is in jeopardy she’ll take a bullet for him. Sad.

      • I’m not sure why Xmas would tell the strongest and last remaining duo in the house that there is a plan to split them up, and it’s being orchestrated by the only player strong enough to defeat them, and who is being loyal to her.

        Xmas (to Jalex): “Paul is trying to split you up”
        Jalex: “Ok assuming we believe you, we’ll put Paul up and try to get him out.”
        Jason (to Xmas): “Thanks Xmas. I’ve wanted you out this whole game, now I put you up next to Paul, try to get Paul out, if you and your broken foot get the votes to stay, you can try to beat me and Alex (2 comp beasts) for the rest of the season. And now you have one less ally, your only other ally Josh is worthless, and you probably lost a jury vote in Paul.”

      • She’s not likely to get him out and even if she does, it would not be in her favor. If she does that her ally list goes down Josh and possibly Raven. Kevin would stick with Jason and Jason would stick with Alex. So 3 to 3, at best. But Christmas can’t play in HOH, so she is depending on Josh and Raven to keep her safe from Jason and Alex (who are good competitors) and Kevin. The likely end result is next week, she is on the block with either Raven or Josh. And if the veto comp is physical, she is SOL. Not a good move.
        Honestly, long term Paul may be the biggest threat, but Jason and Alex are closely behind. If by some miracle she gets to final 3 with Jason and Alex, she likely ends up being the final jury member. But if it is Paul, her and someone else, she has a great chance of making it to the finals. And a decent case against Paul.

    • I’m sure Xmas thinks that she have to ask Paul’s permission before putting him up on the block. Lol, but seriously…

      This season was a mismatch from the start. You have a good game player and charismatic veteran player on one side, and a house full of followers (with the exception of a couple) on the other side. Still, while I’m a little surprised to see Paul dominate to this extent… I’ll be rooting for him to take the whole thing because he is the only one remotely deserving of it.

      • I think Paul deserves to win this season and I thought he deserved it last season, but I can’t stand him so not rooting for him at all. Last season I was upset that Nicole was going to win by doing nothing and getting comps thrown to her, but this season Paul is working hard and it can be stressful so he is more deserving than any other vet who production gave the win to.

      • I know you’re not a Paul fan, but I respect that you can give him the credit for playing the game. I had gone into last season liking Nicole, but as it went along, I found myself not liking her and I really started rooting for Paul and Victor. I think some of the Jury definitely let their personal issues enter into the voting (definitely not the 1st time that’s happened though).

        It seems like you’re right though. Lately, Production seems to only bring back the HGs who made viewers mad when they didn’t win. However, tampering with future seasons to try and give wins to past HG favorites… Well, it doesn’t seem like the best strategy for CBS.

        Still, for someone who will continue to remain off everyone’s radar… Paul is definitely putting in the work to try and secure the win this year.

    • This would be Christmas demise in the game. Say she convinces the whole house to get out Paul, outs his whole master plan. Thats on her resume. She is now a huge target to get rid of. Easy to get her out she cant compete as well. Alex and Jason then run all compititions to the end. Her best move is win veto at final 4 and take him out there if she can. Leaves her with Josh and Raven in final 3.

  4. it could be that Jason and Alex finally figure out the situation therefore take an apple from the tree of temptation… maybe?!

    • Paul, or anyone else is stupid not to take Raven to F2, IMO. No one, besides Matthew, likes Raven. She’d be an easy win for him, or anyone else sitting next to her. Kevin might possibly be ringer for another person’s win too, except that several people like him and might applaud his social game. So he’d be a toss up. But I think Paul would win out over him.

      Josh might be a good one to take to F2 as well. He was hated by a lot of the house but a couple people didn’t make jury that otherwise probably wouldn’t have given him a vote.

      Christmas is a hard one to figure out. She doesn’t deserve to win even 2nd place since both her HoH’s were handed to her on a platter. But, it depends on who she’s up there against.

      I see Paul striving to take Raven to F2.

      • Kevin is the one that comes to my mind. That sounds a bit outrageous because he hasn’t won anything but some may consider it a feat in itself that he has gotten this far using a pretty good social game AND flying under the radar for so long. His social game has been pretty stellar. He didn’t freak out on anyone when his name was brought up as a pawn, although he made it clear he wasn’t cool with it. He only blew up when provoked.

      • She could actually make an argument over Josh, that she won 2 HoHs (granted they were thrown to her)…and she hasn’t pissed people quite as much as Josh has

        This is fun to debate!

      • Josh or Paul would argue just that. People thew the comps to her and let her win. If she was F2 with either of them. :-)

      • Yep, probably so. Josh hasn’t won anything but one HoH, IIRC, and he ticked off A LOT of ppl throughout the weeks. No way he’d get Cody’s vote and probably not Elena’s either.

      • Well, you can’t really argue that Paul isn’t the best strategist this season.

        Why? Because there is nobody else that apparently understands what strategy is. Cody had a grasp, but found out real quick that its pretty much impossible to make a move that big right off the bat.

        But Raven? You mean the gal whose Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) upon graduation was dance? WTH?! Yeah, I will LOL with you on that one!

      • Me too. But if everyone comes together on jury and realizes how Paul used them they might vote for Raven if it came down to Paul and her

    • I predict Paul Raven final 2. Paul is making sure now only weak comp threats are left, so he can win final 2, 3 and final 4 power decisions. The following is who I think would win over others. Paul, Alex, Jason, Christmas, Kevin, Josh, Raven. So Paul would win over all in final 2, Alex next but not over Paul and so on. If the final 2 was Raven and Josh this would be the closest the votes would ever split.

  5. Just looking at scenerios. With noms staying the same, Paul is off scott free. Paul worse case is Kevin winning veto and taking Jason off. Then his vote is obvious against Jason and Alex, they will be pissed. He has to do work if a nominee wins veto with Kevin being the replacement. This could blow up in his face. He will have to do some smooth talking on whoever stays and their jury votes.

    • Ooo…you’re right. Josh would probably go up as a pawn in order for Xmas to keep up the ruse that she’s not super close to him, and for Raven to feel comfortable.

      And before everyone is like “omG, put Paul up!!” Xmas is not going to do that, and Josh swore up and down last night that if anyone tries to put Paul up as a pawn, Josh will volunteer in his place.

      ETA: Paul could get everyone to agree to make it a tie (2 votes for Alex, him and Jason), and 2 for Josh (Kevin and Raven), and then Xmas breaks the tie and votes out Alex (if we’re talking about jury management).

      • That would be too tempting…Kevin would probably vote out Raven over Alex. And then Raven would tell Matt that Xmas put her up. AND Raven staying in the game is good because she would be a target for Jason next week.

      • I think Kev hates them both equally. I think Kev may vote the way his puppeteer instructs him to. Alex.

      • Jason has more pull on Kevin then Paul. So it 2 for raven. Josh and Paul will either decide to go for Alex or try again next week. Going for Alex ruins his game on Jason Alex and Kevin.

  6. Kevin should take an apple from the Apple Tree and let them deal with it! He may need protection the coming weeks so, it maybe, the right time to risk it!

    • Knowing the way this is playing out he’d probably pick the 5,000 bounty on his head.

  7. On the TOT, I hope the 2 vetoes or eliminate 2 votes would b in the picked apple. :-) It would ruin Paul’s plans and hopefully send him out. I hope Jason goes against Paul, again, and does the TOT.

  8. There’s a video on youtube of Christmas in the HOH room talking to Raven. She’s ranting about someone in the house but through all her f-bombs & Raven’s mumbling, can’t tell who they’re talking about. Also, Christmas is sure full of herself all of a sudden, given that the HOH comp was thrown to her.

    • I think she is starting to feel good again, her foot is healing and she is no longer taking her medication. When she came into the house initially, she was badass, but her foot injury changed everything. She is a competitor and crafty. She might win this…

  9. Can someone please logically explain how Paul could be evicted if Christmas made a “big move”?! Keep in mind it takes NUMBERS!! With the pulse of the house, who would actually VTE Paul?!

  10. In my opinion, I think someone should try for the ToT. There’s only a small chance that someone will get a bounty on their head, and the other ones are pretty useful or won’t have severe consequences. This is mainly because POV > HOH starting DE night until POV is gone, so getting can’t play next HOH wouldn’t have dire consequences. Any other power besides the two I mentioned would be a benefit. The odds are against getting something bad, so why would it be wise to squander this opportunity?

    • If anyone felt they were the target yes take the risk. The actual target won’t know until after veto ceremony. So taking it before makes you more at risk with little gain. Also lose favour with other house guests.

      • Don’t you have to get an apple before noms? And Jason doesn’t know he is going up and Alex thinks she is a safe pawn.

      • Yes, they need to pick the apple b4 noms. :-) Hopefully they do this for their chance at safety. I can c Jason doing this and going against Alex & Paul. He did in the last veto.

      • I thought Xmas said she’s going to tell them they’re not going to be pawns?

        If she is straight up with them, I can’t imagine they won’t go Apple picking.

      • The last 2 weeks, they closed the tree of temptation option before noms and the HGs didn’t have an option after being nom’d, if I’m remembering correctly.

  11. Wait wait wait.. I was here a couple weeks ago saying Alex should have back doored Paul when she had the chance. People said Alex and Paul are allies have have a final two deal. Hahah.. DOH what now?

    • Paul still wants Alex to stay. His target is Jason and if Jason pulls himself off, he’ll convince the others to get rid of Raven. He tells Christmas what she wants to hear. I hope Alex goes.

      • LOL! Paul doesn’t give two sh*ts about anyone but himself. You have got to be kidding. If Alex was in the final two with Paul she would lose miserably.

      • Not final 2. He plans on Kevin to be his F2, but Alex may go further than Christmas or Josh if he wanted to.

      • Do you watch feeds? Paul is getting the HGs to hate Kevin since he is the most likable one in the house. He may be trying to get him to F2, but make sure they don’t like him. If Paul wanted Kevin gone, he would have done so a long time ago.

      • I think Kevin and the getting him hated, is one of Paul’s 5 f2 plans. He can see himself with everyone left besides Jason and winning.

      • She definitely would lose now…But Paul has confirmed that after they clip Kevin in the final 5, he’s gunning to take Xmas or Josh (whichever is left) with him

      • Of course he cares about himself. This is a game for half a million dollars. He’s not a dumb azz like Jessica and Matt who gave up the chance to win for a short term showmance.

      • People seem to forget its a game and take everything the house guests do personally as if they’re playing themselves.

      • LOL.. I can assure you I take none of this personally. Why should Paul care about anyone but himself. The point is other people posting here seem to think an alliance actually means something when it doesn’t. You play to win not make alliances and friendship.

      • Agree…I think or would like to think I would play like Paul. I would never believe that he had my back 100% all the time. I hate that the house guests made this game so boring. At this point I do want Paul to win because I believe he is the only one deserving of the money. Raven is a waste and for her to feel her game almost matched Paul shows how delusional she really is. Josh would have gone home instead of Ramses if it weren’t for Paul. Christmas got both HOH wins on Paul’s throwing the game. I think Alex or Jason are next to go.

      • Jessica actually was a good little player, at times, she just got distracted, heh, heh. Matt, on the other hand, never cared, or at least it appeared that way.

      • I believe that Cody coming back got in her way. Who knows what would have happened and it is what it is now!

      • I think Alex has a really got shot at being evicted in the 2nd half of the double eviction. It all depends on who gets that HOH, but I would say Alex and Christmas both should worry.

        If Alex wins HOH on Thursday, I’m pretty sure Christmas and Kevin would be on the block and whichever one was still there after Veto would be the one going home.

      • If Christmas nominates Jason and Alex, they are both fighting to win veto and whomever is left will do the same for the next HOH. Alex and Jason are the best comp players left. Paul could beat them at a mental comp, but he is not that great.

      • I agree or possibly Josh and Kevin . josh hasn’t done anything in the game either except for winning once by chance.

      • I think Paul wants Raven in the Final 2 with him. In this case he would want to get ride of Kevin and not Raven

    • I think that’s the question all of the HGs are asking…how is it a temptation tree, when there are more things to lose?!

      • They should add a new good apple if a good apple is chosen or add a bad apple if a bad apple is chosen.

      • Interesting…I think one of the apples could have been “get a house puppy or kitten from the shelter”

      • I’m not sure if they can since Mark picked an apple. But….they really can do whatever they want.

  12. I think this is the last week of safety for Paul. Once Christmas puts up Jason and Alex they will know exactly what’s going on. Paul’s lying and manipulating will only make it more clear to them. Paul is the one who convinced them to throw the HoH comp. Alex and Jason are not stupid like Matt and Raven. He can only get one of them out. The other will be able to compete in the next HoH. Paul overplayed his game the last two weeks and I think its going to cost him.

    Think of this. If Jason or Alex goes this week and then there is retaliation against Paul next week. That means Raven, Christmas, Josh and Kevin will be left in the final 5 with Jason or Alex. If they get Jason or Alex out the week they cannot compete in the HoH then the final 4 will be Josh, Christmas, Kevin and Raven!!!!! One of these losers will be the winner of BB 19!!!

    Then we can blame Paul for this outcome.

    • They won’t have the votes to get Paul out. Jason goes, Alex is alone in the game. Kevin hates her, and all of the other HGs have never been in a real “alliance” with her other than Paul.

      I do blame him for this glorious outcome of masterfully getting himself, the person who came in 2nd place by 1 vote last year, and never having a ride-or-die, to this spot of people willfully admitting they would be happy to lose to him this year.

      • Pretty simple concept – the big move to VTE Paul does not exist at the moment! I do think at some point he will be exposed and cut at F3

    • It is a DE week so both Jason and Alex could be gone this week. It keeps coming up aces for Paul.

  13. Paul, Christmas, and josh should have been kicked out long ago, as for Alex, she needs to watch herself playing on the show and see just what a b she is. It would have been a more enjoyable show with Cody, Mark, and Jessica in there, Elena still couldn’t get that Paul was playing her. Now she see’s it and so will Matthew maybe he might get it.

    • Yeah, because Cody was just a barrel of joy to watch and him and Jessica in bed was even more enjoyable. Maybe if cameron won the battle back instead of Cody it would have been better. We will never know how things could have played out because all three were evicted and only one made it to jury.

  14. I would like to see someone get to the final 3 with Paul and have the surprising opportunity to do what Steve did to Vanessa. I think he was shocked to be in that position but he knew what he had to do to guarantee the win. Would any of this season’s players have the smarts and courage to evict Paul to win the game? I doubt it.

  15. What a highly waste of a season. As soon as Paul walked in the door the season was a joke. And then he gets the first gift of not being nominated. CBS and Big Brother has lost a lot of fans this year. And other than Cody and Jessica, nobody came to play. PATHETIC!!!! They should just cancel the last few weeks!!!

  16. If the plan is to nominate Jason and Alex, who does Paul want or expect to win veto? Himself? Or Raven, Kevin, josh or Xmas? Seems like Jason and Alex have odds in their favor to win.

    • If Jason get the veto, Alex goes home. Alex gets veto, Jason goes home. Its a win, win either way.

      • Ok so the others are throwing it to them? Because if Kevin won, and took Jason down , who would go up? If Paul wins he has to show a bit of his cards. Could Xmas win? RavenI guess is good choice ,revenge for Matt, takes Alex down.

      • Idk, Barbara. I was surprised. Maybe that’s her “big move”?

        Of course, wouldn’t be surprised if Paul thought that was good for her. It will put a target on her for the DE for whichever one survives.

      • Do they know they are both going to be nominated? If they don’t get told before nom ceremony, they won’t try. But I want to see Alex get blindsided so I hope they don’t know.

      • To my knowledge, they were told they are going up as “pawns”. They think the real target is Kevin. They need to wise up and pick an apple.

      • If it was a different cast I’d ask if they learned anything from last week, but this cast sucks.

  17. I decided the smartest Hg this season was the blue haired lady “Meghan I think was her name” that got away from them psychos the first week!

  18. i hate paul but the game he is playing is the most dominant I’ve ever seen. however this is the lamest dumbest cast of guest ever. they are going to feel very stupid when the show is over and they see the truth.

  19. No, this really isn’t that interesting. It’s Paul still running the show and no one has a clue. I still think we should give Paul a check now. At this point, he should win. I think I would actually root for him to do so as well. Thus far, I have been rooting for other house guests to realize that he needs to go. However, that isn’t going to happen so at this point, go Paul! Every one else is going to kick themselves after watching the episodes back.

  20. Raven, talking to Paul about whether it matters (if she gets to F2) and has never won an HoH.
    Raven: “Will Kirby never won an HoH!”

    *head spinning around*

    RAVEN, you are NOT DR. WILL! omg lol

  21. even if she decides to put up Alex and Jason as NOMS, do you all think her plan or perhaps the House’s plan is to backdoor Kevin at the POV and send Kevin home? do you all think that is how it will turn out??

    • No one has talked about that; the plan has always been to send Jason home with Alex as the back up

      • This is not true. They want Kevin in F5…when I say they I mean Paul, xmas and josh. It will include Raven. They are easy to beat. Alex and Jason was always out unless they win something. Alex is an idiot as she had not just Jason but Kevin before showing her true colors. She threw her influence and power over being petty. I hope she is not on another reality show!

    • No, if Jason doesn’t get POV he’s gone. If he gets POV either Kevin or Raven up and Alex is gone. Strictly my opinion.

  22. Since this case loves to throw comps to people, they should throw the veto to Kevin, as long as he knows not to use it. Let Alex try to back pedal on her nastiness of the past couple of weeks. That would be awesome!

  23. The tree of temptation was a bust. Now the boxes in the HOH room I think are going to play into the game. Guess they’ll wait until Paul is in jeopardy to bring them into the game.

  24. I can see a possible issue in f2 with Paul’s puppet master game that everyone is blinded of. Because they can’t see how he runs everything they will not see his real game from juror perspective either…..he will need to explain everything to the jury to gain them over.
    For us is easy to see what’s going on but if you don’t see what we see on feeds you go by the facts ….

    • They won`t vote for Paul to win because of his game play, they will automatic vote for him simply because they love,adore and worship him

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