Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments of Week 9

From the hide-a-veto competition to multiple fights, Big Brother 19 was one messy week. I’m pretty sure we’ll end up with more Ewws than Ahhs this week, but I’ll try my best to find something positive. But like I said, everything this week was just a mess, so it’s going to appear that I’m being very, very negative. Just be warned. Let’s get to it.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 9

Eww. Alex Ow: I’m just going to start with what I found to be the worst part of the week for me. If you’re only watching the TV edit of the show then you’re probably scratching your heads right now. I’m basing this entry off the Big Brother Live Feeds where Alex spent the past week bashing Kevin with someone of the worst things ever said in the Big Brother house. I said SOME of, so don’t start lecturing me on BB15. She said so many awful things, this will be the first time I’ve used bullet points for an Eww. Here’s some of what she said:

  • “He (Kevin) can see the weakness. That’s what child molesters do. They see which kids arent going to tell.”
  • He (Kevin) is exactly like a predator if you watch one of those murderer shows. He is a murderer.”
  • “If Kevin wins America’s Favorite, I’m just gonna kick him in the balls and shout ‘f**k you ,old man’.”
  • “I said his (Kevin’s) skin looked leathery and he is going to get cancer. He was not happy.”
  • “If Kevin says anything about his clothes or the questions, be like ‘she thinks you have dementia.'”
  • “I told Kevin that his skin looks leathery and he looks like he has premature aging.”

So that’s just some of what she said this week. She also called everyone around and gave them all glasses of Coke to toast in front of Kevin, who is a have-not and cannot have any. She also poured out all of his slop and when he had to get more, she told him he needs to learn how to fix it himself. Oh and there was the whole thing where she laughed at the tasteless joke Jason made that ended up being covered by international news outlets (read more on that later).

I’m all for BB drama. That’s one of the best parts. But the way these HGs have treated each other have been pretty extreme. But nothing has been as bad as the things Alex has been saying and doing to Kevin. It’s despicable and it’s a shame that the producers aren’t showing who she really is to the TV viewers.

Ahh. Jason Doesn’t Back Down. For the first time this season one of Paul’s minions stood up to him and did what he wanted to do. Paul wanted Jason to use the veto on Raven and put Kevin up. The plan was still to evict Matt, but with Alex ready to actually kill Kevin, I think she would have settled for evicting him instead. So Jason knew the risk and didn’t want Kevin to go. So he stood his ground and kept his nominations the same.

Eww. Jason Joins In. Even though Kevin and Jason have been buds all week, Jason was a follower this week and joined in on the Kevin bashing, saying one of the most despicable things of the season. It was so icky that it made international headlines (including TV Guide, TMZ and the London Daily Mail). What was the actual quote? “I’ll f— your wife when I get out of here. I’m going to tie up all your daughters and make them f—ing watch.” It was said to a group of people that didn’t include Kevin and the context of the comment was thinking of the worst possible things they could say to Kevin. No matter what the context was, it’s an inexcusable thing to say, especially about one of your closest allies. What a follower thing to do.

Ahh. Matt Finally Remembers He’s Playing Big Brother: After doing nothing all season, Matt finally decided to wake up ad have a little confrontation with Jason after the veto ceremony that ended on Matt and Raven remaining on the block. It was nice to see Matt actually play the game for five minutes. But that was all out of anger and didn’t last very long.

Matthew Cline breaks the rules on Big Brother 19

Eww. Matt Disrespects the Game: As soon as Matt realized he would be going home this week, he began ignoring all the Have-Not rules. He ate and drank what he wanted, he took hot showers and he slept with Raven in a real bed. Big Brother gave him countless warnings and he ended up with a penalty vote (he should have had about 20). It was just as slap in the face to everyone ever evicted before him and everyone on the outside who would eat slop the rest of their lives just to get the chance to play Big Brother. What a waste of space.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19 eviction

Ahh. Matt Gets Evicted: After what I posted above, everyone should be happy Matt is gone from the game. He shouldn’t even have been able to go to jury for breaking all those rules, but at least he’s out of the game where he deserves to be.

What did you think of this week? Did I miss any high points? I think I covered all the lows. Sigh.


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  1. CBS should have took Kevin off of being a have not after they penalized Matt. The coke thing Alex did resounds from my childhood, also Kevin going outside to avoid watching them eat dinner. The participants in drinking of it are just as bad in my opinion. In the case of Matt, CBS has now justified breaking the rules as valid game play, good luck in future seasons.

    • With the order of how they are entering jury its going to be tame. Matt was not a fan of ganging up on Cody. By the time the majority in the jury house shifts the show will be over so flare ups are going to be rare. If Raven gets in jury, Maven will be locked in their room. Josh and Paul going in would cause drama but they are in the end game numbers.

      • Cody will bash him up. Unless jury is like BB house where anything goes. Matt has broken the rules and gone scot free anyway, so Cody can as well demonstrate his military skills on any nuisance.

      • Not sure what for. Maybe he thinks Cody is going to try and sour Pauls game still but once you are in jury its all about who is better of the the two options with your personal bias. Cody is team Paul now. With Alex as his second choice. Also Matts anger lasts 5 minutes and he gets over it.

      • Honestly, I am not so sure how these people will actually vote. Although the brain in me tells me Paul will win, still I just don’t know for sure. One more DE and a taped eviction could seal Paul’s fate just as easy.

      • If so, Matt will have a rude awakening when they enlighten him about Raven and Paul. He’ll quickly shut up if that is his plan.

      • Eh, Raven says a lot of things. Girl wouldn’t recognize the truth if it walked right up to her and bit her directly in her diseased a$$.

    • I wish they will remain seperate in that paradise while the nuisance (except Kevin) are kept seperate elsewhere.

    • How could anyone have fun with Cody around. If EVER there was a Schizoid personality, he’s a prime example. Fits the profile to a T. Look out Jessica, your in for a wild ride!!

  2. I can’t believe I was rooting for Alex earlier this season. All that viciousness for no reason I can see other than Paul’s sly comments. Unless Paul is hypnotizing the other house guests while we watch fishes and kitties, this season makes no sense to me at all.

    • Paul is trying to play Derek’s game, but he doesn’t have the personality to pull it off. He just seems conniving and vicious. He roams around that house like a little Gnome. I still haven’t figured out what that black mess on his chest is. I see an Eagle’s head, some sort of a Peackock’s head, but the middle is just one big black bloody mess with no real definition. He neeeds to see a “Fix It” Tattoo Artist asap.

  3. Wow!!!
    I knew Alex was bad but this!!!! Dan what a ……. I’m really amazed how evil these people are.
    So they all realize there is filming 24 -7 yet they act like this??? Pretty sick to think they are like this in real life to.

  4. A little late I am sure but at least FINALLY someone is playing their own game ( Jason ) and Not doing what Paul or Alex or someone else has suggested. I would say that of all the season’s I have watched BB this is one that I would say is the Most Childish Group .. Kevin isn’t really a ” Game Player ” but he is what he is .. I wonder who will be turning on who next .. I guess they finally all realized that it is their chance and time to do what is best for their game and Not someone else’s….

    • No, they still haven’t realise their chances. They are still going to play Paul’s game till the end and somebody till f3.

    • Paul only suggested it to stir the pot. Either way it didn’t matter to him, Matt was going home. The person it did matter to was Alex. This is pivotal in their dynamic and for once he didn’t listen to her. Sadly if he had done the move, he would have kept Maven in his court and the blood would have been on the voters not the hoh. It betrayed his loyaties in the move if he wasn’t already the next target this would have done it. So overall it was his move but not a good move.

      • I totally agree – it might have been satifsfying for people to finally see someone defy Paul this season, but it was also the worst possible decision for Jason’s game.

      • its really unfortunate that Jason said such a shitty stupid thing about his pal- it ruined his game, credibility, likeability and he’ll have hell to pay when he gets out of this- outside of that remark he was doing pretty good considering his “teammates”

      • Jason has NO character and says bad things about many people. Read my post regarding what he said about Christmas!!!

    • There isn’t one real game player amongst them. Alex thinks she knows how to play, but her head is more consumed with her breasts & peroxide bleached hair. If she paid as much attention to playing the game as she does to them, she might stand a chance. I guess no one ever told her that you can look extremely sexy when totally covered up!! Leave something to the imagination and bare tits to the strippers.

  5. At this point, they should just get rid of Have Nots anyway. And maybe they will for BB20. It’s such a non-thing now and Matt has shown there are no real consequences to it anyway now.

    • Totally agree. It isn’t even a factor to the TV viewers at all and really doesn’t add anything to the game anymore. Just do away with it.

      • Especially after Matt has made such a mockery of it. You can bet your bottom dollar another HG will try what he did this season in a future season if changes aren’t made to the rules.

    • They just have to make it so that if one players intentionally breaks the have not rule….everyone becomes have-not’s the next week….you will see then see if anyone tries to pull a “Matt”

      • Well, I don’t think that would have kept Matt from doing it. You screwed me over so I can eat food now and you get slop next week… OK!

    • Absolutely, get rid of Have Nots & go back to food comps. It was always a fun comp, plus, it was one time during the week where all the HG were united in camaraderie in an effort to get the best food for the house.

    • They should have told him that he would be set home and not go to the jury house and therefore lose any money if he continued to break the have not rules. Problem solved.

      • I’m still shocked they didn’t! I was waiting for Julie to tell him ‘No, no, Bad bog’ and send him home with no Jury but she played it off like it was no big deal. Which every potential new houseguest in the future saw and will remember. What is a Penalty Vote if you know you;re going out anyway?

      • I was wondering if CBS was NOT contractually covered to do that – kicking him out and ending his stipend. Further, I think they have nothing on paper/contract that clearly delineates what the recourse is, if the HN just proceeds to ignore the rules. I’m hoping this kind of situation will be modified/updated in the BB20 contracts.

    • USED CONDOMS…..Really??? OMG, do these people have no personal pride. Raven has parents, who I’m sure are totally cringing at the present time. If it were me, I don’t think I could even show up for the live finale, I’d be so embarrassed. Did they not realize they were ON CAMERA 24/7??? No excuse for behavior like that I’m afraid.

  6. The biggest laugh of the night . .when Matt actually said to Julie that be believes Raven can win this game . .because he is sure all the viewers see what a wonderful girl she is and deserves to win !!! Because of her health ! Hmmmmm . . .this is a ‘ Game’ . . . .I think these people forget this ! no one ‘ deserves’ to win ! And they surely don’t get to win based on their sad stories. Clearly her disease has not stopped her from eating junk food all day and all night and in between that having sex !!!! And being rude and snotty and ignorant and a spoiled biatch!

  7. I thought of another EWW- Raven being a hypocrite and baby. I never thought she knew what the game was about or how to play; she’s made it obvious she’s clueless. But it left me shaking my head at how she’s all for blindsides and backdoors when it’s someone else. As soon as the script flipped on her, she lost what was left of her mind. Most people would have been upset but realized that’s how the game is played.

    I loved that Jason stuck to his guns and refused to be cowed by Paul and Co. I wish he’d kept his big mouth shut and not said the stupid and horrible things he did, especially about Kevin, his true friend.

  8. I’m so ready for Crybaby Josh to get out of there, so I don’t have to see him on my tv anymore.

  9. This has been by far the most disappointing season of B.B ever. I have pretty much quit watching the live feeds. I am so tired of the inappropriate behavior like bullying and the horrific things being said by Jason and Alex. Not to mention the breaking of house rules. Please bb put some true fans in the house next season that actually want to play to win…not just get to jury…geesh. And PLEASE either all vets or none!!!!

    • I think it is time for CBS to stop the game series. This season has been nothing but a big joke and the fact that they didn’t kick Matt out of the game completely makes me think CBS just doesn’t pay any attention to what the game is doing. Please change your decision about Matt and take him out of the jury house.

      • CBS is letting too many things happen that shouldn’t be happening. Matt breaking rules for one, and Mark throwing hot sauce in Josh’s eyes is another. Also, the verbal abuse is getting a little out of hand.

    • I imagine we’ll be stuck with all vets/All-‘Stars’ for BB 20, unless I am way off, which is possible!

    • I’m hoping that CBS tucks in their shirts and zips up their pants, and sit down for a very serious policy/house reinforcement of rules modifications that will be amended to the BB20 HGs contracts! Matt’s blatant disregard for the HN rules should not be tolerated. Hit them with penalties that will hurt -> in the stipend. Have a Plan B and C to evict HGs, like Matt, who will not go to the jury house and continue to collect a stipend, and what to do if another jury vote OR votes is/are needed! Stipulate clearly certain topics of discussion are verboten – racism, rape, the really hot buttons! Clearly outline the punishment; financial penalty 1st occurrence, 2nd is auto evict with BB security escort at that moment! Doesn’t matter who they are – if it’s an HoH, then he/she is replaced by the runner up of the comp, but that person WILL be allowed to play in the next HOH comp! And so on.

      • Exactly. Hit them where it will hurt. There should be strict punishments for rule breaking. Also, throwing hot sauce in someone’s eyes is dangerous!! That should have been automatic eviction right there. Taunting verbally should also be curtailed. Some take it to another level. Josh banging those pots was terrible this year, and I noticed that it was Paul that was egging him on all the time. When production sees this, it should be stopped. Paul is a troublemaker and is just getting everyone to do his dirty work. I’m praying he doesn’t win F2 again this year.

    • I totally agree. There are loyal fans dying to get on the show, yet we end up with a cast with what seems like a third of them haven’t watched many episodes before. Then there’s Kevin who’s NEVER seen the show before. Now I ask you, how the hell did he get on the show?????

  10. Again, Julie’s wardrobe choices this season needs an EWWWW. On the other hand some of her outfits have been one of the more entertaining aspects of this horrible season.

  11. it is interesting I guess if not ridiculous how the edit for TV came out- I mean it is suppose to be a “light” & fun show- but really does not give the average tv viewer any idea about what is really going on- and it looks as though that is the way cbs wants it

  12. Ahhh you agree with me he shouldn’t of been allowed to go to Jury. Spot on this week, I know I am going to get slammed for this, but I really didn’t expect anything less from Alex after the mob blow up at Cody and Jessica and the things she said, she is a twisted, petty, vendictive child and I hope she is shunned when she gets out of the house.

  13. This week has made me so annoyed. Partly at myself because, and this is sad, Jason and Alex still seem to be the only ones capable of taking out Paul and I wanted to root for them, but I can’t even. And there is nothing appealable about Christmas and Josh. And even if they evict Jason and Alex wins the first HOH on the DE, she will just get rid of Kevin or Raven. I mean they won’t even realize if they aren’t being betrayed then why isn’t this an easy week of putting up Kevin and Raven.

    And I am not a big Kevin fan, but it would seem that they could do the same mob mentality thing if that is all they are capable of then stick with the fact that he barely tries in comps, that he has avoided the block somehow in this season of pawn volunteering, and his jury maintenance all seem fine things to go after him with. Or hell, that he ruined Ramses game because he convinced Alex that Ramses won the 25K since Christmas feels confident she has pinned him with that one.

    • Matt was a total waste of cereal. If all he had eaten the entire season was slop he would have been a total waste of slop.

  14. Looks like alex called the wrong person a predator…who says they’ll tie up your daughters and make them watch as they rape their mother??? This from a guy who also has children! I hope they call him on it on the reunion show…booo i used to like alex, now i don’t care who wins at all i don’t like any of them

  15. The Big Brother Network is especially going out of their way to find the most unflattering images of Alex. Great job!…. Continue.

  16. No actually you forgot some of the lows. Eww Paul told Alex and Jason all kinds of lies about Kevin to make them turn on him. You seem to forget how close they were. Which was the beginning of all this hateful talk. Oh another Eww all the hateful things Paul has said, and Christmas, and Josh, and Cody, and Jessica, and Elena did I forget anyone?

  17. This has been the worse talk i’v hear in all BB BROTHER HISTORY !!! I can’t belive BB allow such a thing. Holly Hell they would pay for that . I would not wait to get out of house !! Cause Damage control would already hit !! I AM SO ASHAME OF BB THIS YEAR. I belive i refuse to turn it off. Like i have many other things. If you going to allow it make it rated put it on after 9:00 at night. I can’t stand any of these people who are left. Kevin is ok. But thats it. I wish people in usa could vote these A$$ Holes out. America would vote these jerks off.

  18. This Big Bother has been cringe worthy. They are heartless and ignorant and act disgustingly. They are letting Paul win. Why is Christmas left to play on a competition with a broken leg causing her to not compete in most challenges.The way they treat Kevin makes me sick to my stomach. As soon as Cody left the game the mob mentality has grown shockingly. Its a huge disgrace and I think this is going down as the worst season.

  19. You forgot one really BAD thing Jason said. A little while after Christmas had the surgery on her foot, he told a few people he wished she’d be evicted so he wouldn’t have to look at her on that damn scooter anymore!! It was his bloody fault she has a broken foot, and now he doesn’t want to look at her!! If I were her, I’d sue his ass when the game ends. Serve his right for being such an asshole.

      • I say it’s both their responsibility, but for him to say that was WAY below the belt. He may not want to look at her to ease his conscience, but she has to live with the damage done to her foot, and to her career.

  20. Just wanted to correct a couple things in this article.

    1. Alex moved the slop into the storage room fridge – she did not throw it all out as claimed in the article above

    2. Jason said to Paul up in the HOH bathroom that Kevin was getting on his nerves and he was thinking about just throwing him up there (on the block). Paul told him not to and that it would be better to not stir things up with him. So while yes Paul at first wanted Kevin to go up, he then changed his mind and told Jason not to when Jason began thinking about doing it.

    Please, to the writer of this article, watch the feeds to see what actually happens rather than going off of hearsay. It creates BS stories that aren’t fully accurate.

  21. I would say I have never seen such sophomoric behavior. It seems CBS may need better age diversity in the future, because how they (HG’s) are acting now is just sad. These HG’s do not represent entertainment… just the opposite. I feel bad for Kevin, no one in a “game” should behave like this, as they have to him. To me Matthew should have been evicted without entry into the jury house. Alex also should have been evicted, just for her outrageous cruel behavior. Can’t imagine being a parent of one of these “adults”, I would be disappointed in my child for this behavior. Alex, just needs to take her meds” … Nasty!!! They remind me of the infamous Lemmings who just followed each other to the edge of the cliff and walked off it following the leader to their demise. Things I will never forget from this season, 1. how cruel one not so attractive girl can really be. 2. How willing the female HG’s is let you know how much boob the can show or fall out of along with the cheeks and lastly 3. Josh’s comment when he found the new and used condoms in Matthew’s dresser drawer… “I believe in safety, but not that kind” along with “Oh Matthew, give it to me, give it to me Matthew! . Do NOT want Paul to win, he might be nice, but his tenure on BB has been too long… he needs to go! My vote goes to Kevin, who appeared to try and be, at least, cordial to everyone. The dumbest cast I’ve ever seen. CBS…PLEASE FIX BB, so it is FUN again!!!!

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