Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Week 8?

Mark and Matthew on the Block for Big Brother 19

Tonight on Big Brother 19 six Houseguests will enter the Diary Room and cast their vote to evict either Mark Jansen or Matthew Clines. There’s no mystery in the game over who is the real target is and who will be sent out the door next.

With six votes and two nominees there is a chance of a tie and paranoia is running high enough now that even Christmas is readying herself to break the tie if it comes to that. In fact, her Josh spoke last night about wishing that might even happen so they could have an amp’d up Matthew ready for revenge. It won’t happen though.

Instead we should be looking for a unanimous vote, no hinky votes involved, with Mark leaving 6-0 over Matthew. Mark has given it a very strong effort to stay in the game and he even got Jason talking about the move with Kevin, but Alex was quick to shut that down. She thinks she’s got a good thing going with Paul and doesn’t want to risk rocking the Vet boat.

Alex, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Paul, and Raven will all be casting their votes to evict Mark. He’ll be the third Juror and will join Cody and Elena in the Jury house. I’m sure they’ll be disappointed to see he’s out, but I doubt they’ll be surprised.

Mark is a heck of a competitor though with several clutch wins so I don’t blame them for wanting to get him out. Especially when your alternative is Matthew who alternates between eating something in bowl and doing something under the sheets with Raven. There’s little comparison for the threat in the game.

While we may already know how the vote is going to go, there’s more fun coming tonight with a Big Brother 19 endurance HoH competition on the way. It’s time for the majority to turn on their own and this will help decide which side takes the numbers advantage early.

Join us back tonight at 9/8c to find out, but while we wait share your thoughts on what you expect.



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      • Most viewers love Paul and he wants Mark out. I think Paul’s fans will do as he asks.

      • Maybe. But many other viewers who think Paul has suppressed most HGs from playing their real games may want to save a player who is likely to take a shot at him, and may also want to motivate other players and see him panic.
        Eviction result wouldn’t have been so predictable.

      • I’m a Paul fan and I want Matt out. Just because people like Paul doesn’t make them morons, promise. :)

      • I’m not sure i’m still a Paul fan Em, (just not liking him this year) but I do think he deserves to win. And I know that doesn’t make me a moron. That title goes to these HG who are not playing BB to actually win the game. haha

      • I have read your posts and you for sure are not a Moron. You have your reasons for liking Paul & his game. I hate the guy and just being snarky in general. Please forgive me because I am not worthy. lol

      • I disagree most viewers love Paul. He’s a repugnant little man. Viewers might acknowledge or even admire his intimidation skills but their is very little to like about him. Big talking small fry.

      • Found the Jody fan 😜

        I’m just glad that one-note couple (and / or Cody’s tone of voice) has gone so that the Paul circus can end… er… hopefully? Please someone actually make a move.

      • You found one. You are surrounded by them. Jody were the only ones that even tried to make a move.

      • I don’t know about that. I loved Paul last season, but I’m not liking him this year as much as I did last (He def needs Vic & Pablo, I guess) but I do think he deserves to win this game and that has nothing to do with being a fan, it is simply because he is the only one of these HG (besides Mark now) who is actually playing this game to win it!

  1. Here we have on the block a guy who has alliances as well as a partner who he is fighting for, on the other hand you have someone who has no one in this game and is all by himself. Who do you keep???? GMAFB

    • I’d keep Matt, since Mark has proven to be a really good competitor (Matt sucks), Mark has no loyalty to anyone, and he has proven that he can’t be trusted. He’ll flip flop to whoever has power that week.

  2. A good way to test the strength of Paul’s true friendship with the HGs would have been to place him on the block. He doesn’t even want to risk it.

      • Well, achieving that will be a feather in his cap. He dreaded nomination though. After Mark and Kevin’s exit, he may not fear the block too much if the other HGs keep playing the way they are presently doing.

      • With 4 weeks of safety. I hope if Paul uses this in his speech that Cody calls him out, that without 3 weeks of safety , Paul would have been on the block.

      • I’m not so sure Paul would have been on the block, based on the shocked and pissed reactions of the other HGs when Cody surprise tried to BD him. His 8-person alliance could have easily decided to stick with Cody for the following 2 weeks Paul was safe, but instead turned their back on him for Paul.

        Not to mention, no one in the house formed an alliance against Paul and got a plan of how to get him out in week 4.

        AND even when Jessica was HoH when Cody came back, she (who had reason to put him up) didn’t want to risk it.

      • If Jessica would have put up Paul the person sitting next to him would have gone home they all played for jury and get famous :-( not to win

      • Agreed…I don’t remember in past seasons people saying “just want to make it to jury” – other than Austin wanting to get there with Liz). I also don’t remember the “I just want to be famous” HGs. Other than maybe Frankie Grande.

      • Like Derrick who also carried a floater right to the end. Victoria was as useless as Matt and Raven.

      • Agreed…except she was also 1/10000000% as annoying. Victoria was like a house cat compared to those two.

  3. Found out Jason’s farm/ranch/house is 21 miles from where I live. There’s his herefords and Ole there. The guy outside mowing said Jason’s wife is selling Whistle-Nut & Ole shirts for about $5, I think it should be more.

    Looked to see when Jason graduated from high school. I substituted in the junior-senior high school and elementary buildings while he was in the high school building and probably he was in some of the several classes I substituted in. His mom taught French and I subbed in her room a couple of times, also. Parley vue Fronsay?

    Didn’t know I was going to be so close to fame those several years ago!!! :-)

    • That is super cool. It is nice to live near a reality star but not have to live near where they film the reality star! I guess you will know if they do tape family segements. I’m surprised they didn’t do Jason’s family after his wife announced her pregnancy. I live in a rural landlocked city but so much reality tv is filmed here or people are from here. Bachelor, biggest loser, Christmas light fight, America ninja warrior, disney shows, and just about every polygamy show (I think I have seen 7 shows on polygamy alone). Meeting the stars has been interesting but the filming is crazy and many times reality is distorted. On Monday I was watching escaping polygamy and the show was saying everyone driving by was bad guys and they were scared, well there went my brother in law’s truck, he is a middle school teacher on his way to work! Not a bad guy! Or if they ask you to film like an extra you get trapped for hours for like a 3 minute scene.

    • That’s cool! Yeah, I live in Reseda CA…that’s about 5 miles from where Paul lives with his mom & dad in Tarzana and about 15 miles from the actual Big Brother house in Studio City area. People have asked me if I’ve ever went to the BB house being that I live so close… but I haven’t. Not interested in being one of those blowhorn people!! hahaha

    • Wow Jason’s mom was a French teacher and he plays the dumb rodeo clown to perfection. I hope he has us all fooled and finally grows a pair to get out of his non romance showmance with Alex.

    • WAIT A MINUTE !!!!
      Thursday night had a segment on Jason’s home.
      Don’t know what happened, and maybe I’m wrong, BUT, the lady they showed as Jason’s mom, Joyce Dent, WASN’T the one I subbed for !!! What did they do to her?
      Of course, I guess there could be two J. D. This Joyce Dent looks MUCH NICER than the one I subbed for !!!

  4. I vote Matt each day, although there is a bigger possibility Mark is leaving. Floaters at the end is nothing new, especially this season when the majority are just that.

    • Sadly, there will be no big move this season. It is no longer relevant who is put up after next eviction as options will be limited.

  5. How does Christmas deserve to play?..Can’t compete in most comps. Gets a free ride to the end while other HG’s are playing the game and playing comps! Not fair for the ones who are actually playing the game.

    • I wished she could left & been able to come back another season. What bothers me is when like last night Josh was telling her she is smoking the game, blowing it up at comps? I don’t get it. Paul threw her a question HOH. Paul had to answer wrong because Xmas could get a question right to win? There is nothing grand about her 1 win.

    • Normally, I would totally agree, but with this bunch… I have to ask, who is actually playing the game this season? Paul, definitely. Mark, yeah, I’d say he is. Jessica and Cody for sure, but they were not too smart, nor strategic about it. Other than those four…who else is really playing BB to win it? All of them have said they wouldn’t mind losing to Paul!! (What kind of BB player even says that??) So, really, why shouldn’t Christmas be kept along with the rest of this cast? None of them are playing their own game imo.

    • I agree 100percent, it was as if she was let back in with the deal, she would play for PAUL, no way she could do the the final three comps. unless they changed them to be easy for her, , She has had such a neg impact, the comps for veto she could not compete in she took a spot from someone else who could have competed, She should have backed out gracefully, and let the season go on without her,

      • Yes, that was her worst effect in the game. Imagine! Deprived a competitor (an actual player) from playing in a veto competition, leading to the eviction of a player who is mindful of winning and targeting the major players. Yet she couldn’t couldn’t fill in the spot to play.

      • Cody should have been allowed to play in the veto. Christmas could not play, so she shouldn’t have been allowed to use her temptation

  6. I voted the Predictable choice, Mark, but I hoping the HG would shake thing up, & Evict Matt! As Zingbot said all Matt has done this Season of BB is Raven…period!

  7. I’m imagining Paul winning BB Season 19, and all the flunkies in the house right now (except Mark) congratulating him and thanking him for the honor of losing to him. Sad.

  8. Mark has a tough month ahead.

    First, probably he is going to be evicted this evening. Second, being evicted means he’ll go to the jury house, and presumably that will mean being hurt more by Elena.

    • Why being hurt by Elena again. I thought she said she liked Mark but didn’t want to explore her relationship in BB entertainment (maybe TV). Now the jury house has the privacy for them to be what they choose to be.

      • Elena indeed said that exploring a serious a sexual relationship in the confines of the Big Brother house is not emotionally and otherwise sensible. That makes sense. What does not make sense is her leading him on all these weeks when the two of them were in the house if that’s how feels about relationships in the house.

        During her post-eviction interview, Elena told Julie that she liked Mark, but she sounded less than excited about seeing him again. Saying that she will let him take her on a date in Dallas (as if it will be a privilege for him) is different from expressing enthusiasm about it. I think Elena has a pretty face, great smile, and she certainly can be charming when she wants to be, however she used that combination of traits to lead Mark on, knowing clearly that he was crazy about her long before he told her show in that last episode before her eviction. Did she ever tell him to slow down, that their feelings for each other were far from mutual? The only time I saw (on the CBS television broadcasts) her asking him to back away from her was toward the end, when she decided that being aligned with him was not good for her game. That was self-centered.

        I see one of two likely possibilities in the jury house for Mark when he is evicted (either tonight or sometime soon): (1) Elena finally tells him the truth, that she likes him, but is not seriously interested in him at this point, and it could take a long time and lots of dates before she concludes whether she wants to be in a serious, legitimate relationship with him. (2) Elena tells him that she is only mildly interested him and reiterates what she said before her eviction, that he does not intellectually stimulate her, and so there is no real hope of a real relationship between them.

        Either way, if my speculation is correct, the news will be devastating to Mark.

      • I agree quite alright that Mark will likely be in for a hard one with Elena in the jury except he has the discipline to manage her bluntly. But one month of privacy from the public in the jury house can change things as Mark seems to be a simple and patient guy.
        Like you said though in your first post, the tendency that he will be hurt by Elena in the month ahead is likely.

      • In a private setting, I imagine Mark turning up his efforts to convince Elena to reciprocate his feelings. Humans tend to make some of the poorest decisions when sexuality is involved. Thus, unhealthy relationships are ubiquitous in our society. It is always very risky to show excessively more interest in someone than s/he shows in you. It makes you look desperate, and it makes you vulnerable and subject to hurt. Mark is making is that mistake now, and I strongly suspect he has made it many times before in life…as most of us have.

  9. Mark at least had the guts to challenge Paul telling the house to bully Cody and Jessica. I hope he wins America’s player. The rest are just useless and not very good people at least in the house.

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