Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 12: Thursday Night Highlights

Christmas inspects Paul for even glitter and paint

The Big Brother 19 Live Feeds didn’t offer up much overnight after staying down for more than five hours after the end of last night’s eviction show, but once they did we discovered who had won the first Final HoH comp and how the F3 were starting those quick whisper conversations about F2.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, September 14, 2017:

12:25 AM BBT – Feeds returned from the Final HoH Round 1 comp. Paul won.

12:30 AM BBT – HGs excitedly discussing how the competition went. There’s so much glitter everywhere that they’re trying to pick it out of their eyes. Descriptions include unicorns farting glitter dust all over them. Josh explaining how he fell early on and missed the later parts that changed up in the competition.

12:35 AM BBT – Josh and Christmas mention the second round will be on Saturday.

12:40 AM BBT – Josh mentions how Christmas was told to land a certain way with her legs when she was done in the comp. She says she managed to avoid landing on her feet.

12:45 AM BBT – Paul was called in to the DR. Josh and Christmas speak normally without any conspiring whispers between them.

12:55 AM BBT – Christmas is in the shower and Paul is back. Paul and Josh quickly whisper talk about how Josh needs to win the next competition. Josh thinks he’ll win it because he’s a quicker thinker than Christmas. They plan to study later.

1:30 AM BBT – HGs still wandering around discussing towel shortages and a lack of hot water which Big Brother turned off for some reason.

1:59 AM BBT – Paul is camtalking about his success in getting closer to the end and how he just needs one more win. Paul says he needs Josh to win R2 because then if he (P) loses R3 then he knows Josh will pull him on to F2. (Josh would take Christmas over Paul.) Paul says he’s still working on his F2 speech but will practice it lots so we’ll hear it then.

2:05 AM BBT – Paul goes to Josh and discusses their promise to each other for F2. Josh says he doesn’t think Christmas will mind if they don’t take her.

2:45 AM BBT – Josh and Christmas are having a late night dinner and talking about the season’s HGs while looking over at the memory wall. Paul wanders around elsewhere.

3:00 AM BBT – Paul swaps out with Josh. Paul and Christmas are chatting about life back home as she discusses how she uses her “power” for good now.

3:10 AM BBT – Paul says they have less than a hundred hours left in the house.

3:30 AM BBT – HGs start heading to bed, but they leave the lights on and continue their chatter.

4:20 AM BBT – Paul and Josh are alone. Josh asks Paul if he’s “going to keep running your yapper or having a little faith in me?” Paul says he does have faith in Josh, “but…” Josh asks Paul if Christmas is asking him about taking her. Both say she isn’t asking them anything. Paul suggests Christmas “just wants to see you and me at the end.” Paul warns Josh not to listen to her if her tune changes and she tries to convince them of other plans.

4:30 AM BBT – Lights are finally out for the night and Christmas soon returns. They settle in and go to sleep.

Round 1 is done and Paul has the win there. The next round should arrive on Saturday from what I’d expect and from what the HGs appear to expect. As for the win there, Paul mistakenly believes that if Josh wins R2 then he’s a lock for F2, but we know Josh has other plans that a win there for Josh should give us some nice drama and mystery heading in to the finale.

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      • I still can’t believe how delusional she is. I can’t wait to see her face when she realizes she wasn’t AFP. It was awesome when Donny beat out frankie. Frankie thought he had it in the bag! Raven thinks she does too.

      • I had to of rewound that at least 20 times, I love that Jason called them out and then Mark did. I hate the finales because they don’t talk to the jury alot about the game and their stupid assumptions alot. I want so bad for Raven to be called out on national TV to be able to see her face.

      • Haha when Mark said “Oh, it’s not a puppet master?” About Ravens comic hahaha I wish we could just watch the jury house and forget about Paul, his goon, and his stalker.

      • And after she said she & Mathew & Paul were the real alliance & Jason said “then why are you both here?” & her “I pulled strings for Paul the whole game” & someone said “we all did.” Enter next, Kevin, who also thinks he and Paul had a final two alliance. hehehe.

      • There was nothing real about Raven’s alliance. She was considered a better competitor for F3 than Josh, Kevin and Xmas. Hence, she was condemned for eviction ahead of Kevin. Even her acclaimed sicknesses could arouse sentiments at F2 if undermined.
        Kevin’s alliance was more real but screwed because he is generally liked and could not be so hated as much as anyone else. I believe Kevin can win if on F2 with any of the houseguests. Paul avoided him further at the best possible time.
        Got good social game.

      • Matt could only laugh when Raven was defending herself. I think he sees the light at the end of the Raven tunnel.

  1. It will be perfect if Paul throws the game to Josh since I don’t have faith that he will win the last part without help. Paul may throw it so he can keep his hands clean evicting Christmas. Paul seems to trust Josh, but have to wait for DR to know for sure. Hoping Josh wins it. He’ll win next to Christmas.

    • For all of his hard work, this would be a huge oversight on his part. The only guarantee is to win so you are calling the shots. I don’t think Christmas will be bitter and I think he would be wise on gambling her one vote over Josh picking him to go to the end. Josh has been way more wishy-washy with him this season (more so than Paul has even seen but he has questioned him enough times to be wary).

      • Good point.
        Paul should no that Josh is “wishy washey” and think real hard before deciding.
        It would be epic if he does make a boo boo.,,

    • I don’t think he will this far into the game. He had now turned into a comp beast. He knows what’s on the line having lost it once before.

      • lol. Comp beast is hilarious. He kept the followers who are horrible in comps in order to be able to beat them.

      • Comp Beast beating an injured woman who sucks at mental comps and a big idiot who sucks at life… don’t forget he also beat Kevin a lot haha what a beast

      • You would think that Josh would be a better competitor considering his size and young age. I’m anxious to see what happen s between Josh and. Christmas. I really don’t think Paul is as bad of a competitor as people want to believe. I forget how many times he was OTB in season 18 but he made it to F 2 and that was with an entirely different cast.

      • He has no competitor left. He has long done that homework.
        I would have agreed with “now a competition beast” if he was beating the likes of Alex, Cody, Jason and Mark. Even Ramses scared him at some point.
        He deserves compliment for his earlier game play though.

      • Yeah, all he does is voice concerns and then go right along with Paul… it’s lasted the whole game so it is hard to have much faith that he’s going to be any smarter now.

      • He has been used to thinking without taking decisions. Not taking Paul can cause the jury to vote for him. I think Jason will respect that. Alex might be left confused. Not sure if Cody will get over the pots and pans and other of his crazies from the get go. Mark can forgive the mischief brat. For Elena, Matt, Raven and Kevin, fingers crossed.

  2. Paul getting booted to 3rd place would be a great FU to production and CBS for screwing up what could have been a great season sans Paul.

  3. I want so bad for Paul to get cut from final two. I think that even with the Jury being bitter as seen last night that he would still win, he would have Raven, Alex, Matt, Kevin and Christmas would be the swing against Josh. If Christmas took Paul then Josh would be the swing and I am not sure what he would do.

    • Right now, I would say for certain that Paul had both Matt and Raven’s vote. As for the rest, well it would depend on who sits next to Paul on Finale Night but only if Paul is there (I doubt seriously doubt Paul will not be in F2).

      • I’d say Paul will definitely have votes from Kevin, Matt, Raven, Alex, and Jason. That’s already enough to win. I also don’t think Cody, Elena, or Mark would vote for Josh to win. So if it’s Josh & Paul, I think it’s a sweep.

      • If Paul gets to F2 w/either Josh or Christmas, I think he wins by a landslide. I think even Cody will come around & give him his vote. Christmas was pulled along & the jury all watched that ridiculous HOH comp that was thrown to her & will have that fresh in their minds. Josh was a messy player & just not on Paul’s level at all. My guess is if Paul makes F2, the only votes he MIGHT not get, are Elena’s, and if Elena doesn’t want to give him her vote, Mark might not, either.

      • I haven’t seen anything from Cody to indicate he will vote for Paul. He will likely vote for Santa just to make a statement that a one legged woman can beat the other two. He’s acted like a spoiled pouty child all season and has insulted the game. Why woulhd he behave differently with his vote?

      • If it is between him and Josh, Paul would pick up Christmas and Kevin’s vote. Kevin already told Paul he would vote for Christmas as as as as as if she was in F2 on Finale night.

      • Cody is a special case. He will sadly vote whoever he has to. He doesn’t like any of the remaining, even in terms of game play.

      • You are 100% right, but a girl can dream. Remember Steve from BB17 they cut Vanessa who really played the best game.

    • If Paul gets to final 2 he will win unanimously. Maybe Cody is too bitter to vote for him, but everyone else will vote for Paul. Juries lose their bitterness once they are out of the house.

      • Perhaps but they also gain perspective. So, who knows? This season has been anything but UNpredictable so it would be a saving grace to see a shake up.

  4. Here is my run down of this year’ group of HG’s.
    Cameron. Never had a chance and if any one comes back would it be him.
    Ramses. A cosplayer who got played.
    Meagan. She should have stayed and got evicted so her self evicting was a disappointment.
    Dom and Jillian. Seems like these two really served no purpose. They would have floated a little further if they stayed.
    Cody and Jessica. These two were strong players but they lacked a set of certain skills to convince the house who really ran the house. Their self isolation and bed time games ended their game before it ever started.
    Matt and Raven. Floated as far as they could. Matt has to be a saint for dealing with Raven, I doubt I could stand her talk all the time and as for Raven, she is what P.T. Barnum would call a sucker.
    Alex and Jason. Arguably the two best competitors this season. Their only flaw was listening to Paul all season. They should have played their own game and if it got them out earlier then it would have been what it would have been.
    Mark and Elena. Mark was a target for so long, Elena was not too far behind him. Their game was the best but better than other’s. This couple was still worth watching if only they could have won more comps.
    Josh and Christmas. She kept him calm and he was her best support during the season. I for one am glad they got as far as they did. I just wished Christmas hadn’t broke her foot so we could see what she could have done this season and maybe my outlook on these two would be more different. Josh played out of fear and emotion this season. When his back was against the wall his allies came to his rescue and saved him. He is a meatball but a very lovable meatball.
    Kevin. A older gentleman. He lost his cool one time so I will still call him a gentleman. Problem is Kevin, was too nice and it cost him a lot. I liked Kevin out of all of them the best even though in the beginning I was cheering for Alex. Her hatred towards Kevin ruined what I thought of her.
    Paul. The true puppet master of the season. By winning the first round of the final HOH has secured him yet one more shot at the title BB WINNER. Some will argue that Paul played the best game. I will agree that Paul played the game to win but to constantly get the other HG’st o throw away their game by instigating chaos in the house and sitting back laughing was not the best game. Convincing everyone they are in his final 3 alliance was good game play. Who will win the final HOH I don’t know. What last night showed me in jury is what I thought, the jury house is bitter except for Raven. Will they vote to give Paul the win? We will find out next week. The have time to cool down and think between now and then. Truthfully as much as I dislike Paul, he is the one that made moves the most but will that bite him? He didn’t really count on Jury votes until Alex was on the block and that might just be his one big mistake this whole season. Good Luck Paul on Finale Night. You just may get that win you threw away last year.

    • Very well said. I think what Paul may gain in money this year he lost in fans and image. I actually liked Paul last year, he (for the most part) kept things upbeat. This year he was a real turd.

    • Great points about all of them. I think we think very similarly about things. I was a big Christmas fan, although I’ve kind of soured on her in recent weeks. I’d have loved to have seen her play the whole season at 100% and without drugs. Paul did a nice job putting himself in the position he envisioned but his jury management was horrible. I know that Josh has voiced concerns for the last several weeks, but failed to make any big moves. His goodbye messages pointing out the truth right next to Paul’s lies show signs of life from him, but will he be smart enough to cut Paul should he win HOH, or will it be the status quo as it tends to be with Josh despite all his talk in the DR? I feel like that is where the game will be decided.

      • I believe Josh knows he has the best shot against Christmas and Viceversa. If Josh wins the final HOH, I wouldn’t be shocked if he took Paul but I am hoping he takes Christmas.

    • Well said, but Dominique was the first to identify Paul for who he is, identify other HGs for who they are (minions) and call Paul out. Unfortunately, the HGs didn’t learn until they (especially Alex) was backstabbed.

    • I have to respectfully disagree with you regarding Megan. I normally loathe those who self-evict (on either BB OR Survivor) since it’s typically a cowardly/quitter’s move. BUT…In this case, I’m willing to give a bit of leeway. Megan has PTSD and that can be debilitating. I’m happy that, for her OWN sake, she recognized what was happening to her and took herself out of a situation that was clearly exacerbating her condition. I consider her taking care of her own mental health & *speaking publicly about it* to be a courageous thing! The only way we will EVER erase the stigma around mental health “disorders” is to talk about them. No one should be ashamed to admit that they’ve had troubles and sought help. Also, would you rather Megan had stayed in the house, reached her breaking point, and gone beserk on her housemates? Possibly injured herself or someone else and needed to be medically evacuated? Because that was definitely something that could have happened had BB “strongly encouraged” Megan to stay

      And before anyone comes at me with the, “She should have thought about that before entering the BB house,” argument, I’ll remind you that MANY former HGs have said after the game that it is MUCH harder to actually be in there than they ever thought it would be. Sometimes, we simply overestimate our own capacity for dealing with things. That doesn’t make us cowardly, it makes us human.

      • That is why we are here. That part of Megan slipped past my thought process and you helped bring it full circle. Yes I can be sarcastic at time and also, well, at times be a complete D#$%. This is not either of those times. Your disagreement about her is spot on and I agree with your opinion.

      • Oh, I speak fluent sarcasm, so I feel you on that one! Haha I also tend to judge HGs pretty harshly at times. I appreciate your willingness to look at Megan’s situation from another angle! That’s all I ever ask anyone to do. =)

  5. How can Paul think Josh is more dependable than Christmas? Its a big miscalculation on Paul’s part. If Josh manages to win the last comp, which is mental, then Paul’s entire season of strategy, manipulation, back stabbing and deceit will have been for nothing.

    He’s managed to get away with these mistakes before but now is not the time to make a mistake like this.

  6. Don’t we usually get to watch the final HOH on the feeds? I know they were shown on past seasons. CBS lies when they say ‘get 24/7 access.’

  7. Nice to see Paul’s math is as good as his knowledge of early/double evictions. Less than 100 hours? Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, is 120 hours, plus part of Wednesday. It’s sad, if true, that Derrick will moderate the jury discussion. I was looking forward to Dr Will ripping the jury. I’m guessing just another BB production manipulation,so as not hurt the jury’s feelings, all under the guise of “just changing up the show”.

  8. I loved the glimpse into the jury house last night. Wish they had shown more of that in recent weeks and less of the “Paul Show”! lol

    • I could have watched them call out terminal tilly ALL NIGHT LONG.

  9. Paul and Christmas are chatting about life back home as she discusses how she uses her “power” for good now.

    12/25 bugs the ever living shyte out of me. Her “power”, give me a damn break. Was it her power over bearing personality she used when she would degrade and speak down to Josh like she was his mother? That power?? Or the power she used when speaking about “raping Kevin’s soul with her words”. Good riddance 12/25, you should have been gone long ago, the minute you broke your foot, but BB needed you in the house for a reason and that reason was to help get Paul to the end, job completed, kindly ph*ck off.

  10. Funniest moment of the season . .Raven actually thinking that SHE was a Puppet Master with Paul !!!! Oh my dear girl . .I am almost afraid for your mental health when you get home and see the show and the feeds and the blogs. You are going to be shocked to your core to find out that Paul did not like you, that Paul used you and lied to you and couldn’t even stand to be around you because of your lies, and you were NOT his Puppet Master and in fact he had thought very little of you for doing nothing almost the entire game but having sex with Matt. And from what the viewers saw and what the fans read on blogs and watched on live feeds . .well let’s say their view is much along the lines as Paul. You came across as a screeching, maniac, lying, scam artist who just always looked dirty. No one thought you were a Master at anything, no one believed all your stories and no one surely thought you were America’s Sweetheart !

  11. Paul will win cuz it was determined the minute he lost last year. Put in a bunch of Yahoos & it’ll be a great show! The fans will eat it up….. blah blah blah blah Blah!
    I don’t know paul personally but I didn’t like him last year & I have to say this year I lothe him or his behaviour. I don’t know the dude so I can’t say I like or dislike him. I hate his ‘game!’
    Raven is a loonatick tho & good luck to her when she’s back in public cuz I’m pretty sure Matt will forget who she is when the show is over.
    Cody, Mark Elena I wish them all well.
    I’m proud of Elena not giving into the showmances thing but I think Mark was kind of degraded by her. But it looks like she is all cuddly with him now! Good god them or not good for them. If it works I’m not sure I care but do wish them well
    As far as watching BB again. I will try but if there’s a hint of the BS that happened this year I’m done…… it’s prob run its course anyway. Esp after the year of the BB bomb. 2017!! Yah!
    Survivor starts soon & can hardly wait to rant & wave all over that show…. heh heh!

  12. I wonder if Matt realise he might have a psycho on his hands. They are out of the BB house and don’t really need to be playing the game and each other or putting on an act (or so many claim)…and yet Raven is exactly…herself. It was not even an act….hmmmmm heh heh heh.

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