Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 11: Thursday Night Highlights

Only in Big Brother 19 would the house be this calm after such a crazy double eviction. These houseguests argue and fight when they don’t need to and then lay down and die when they should be fighting. Tonight was no different.

Paul is amazed on Big Brother 19

After the feeds returned from the eviction, everything seemed just fine. And then later, when the feeds returned from the HOH competition, all the people who lost seemed as happy as could be.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, September 7, 2017:

7:10 PM BBT – Feeds are back after the DE.

7:20 PM BBT – Alex says she doesn’t want revenge, she wants to play with them against Kevin.

7:25 PM BBT – Alex questions Paul and Josh over who is to blame. Josh points the finger at Kevin. Alex says not to BD her and just tell her upfront so she doesn’t cry on live TV. Josh tells Alex that Jason told him he (Ja) didn’t have Josh’s back.

7:30 PM BBT – Paul assures Kevin that everything is still okay. Kevin promises not to say anything. Paul tells Kevin not to try and win HoH. He admits Kevin will probably go up but he’d go up with Alex. Kevin agrees.

7:32 PM BBT – Josh wants to know how Kevin knew the plan. He questions Paul and Christmas over who told Kevin. Paul pushes back and says Kevin is just smart.

7:35 PM BBT – Josh says all three of them should tell Alex together if she doesn’t win Veto. He wants it to be a group discussion this week. Josh says he wants to win this HoH.

7:38 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin they are giving this HoH to Christmas so he wants Kevin to drop. Paul says then either him or Kevin will have to win the next one. Kevin agrees.

7:40 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul he’s the only one she trusts now. Paul assures Alex that he wasn’t involved in what just happened. Alex says she considered for a moment if Paul was playing her too, but she doesn’t think so.

7:50 PM BBT – Alex says she doesn’t trust Christmas. Paul plays in to it saying he would have been evicted instead of Jason if he had gone up.

7:52 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul he is now her ride or die.

7:55 PM BBT – Feeds have cut for the post eviction interviews.

8:57 PM BBT – Feeds turn to PetCam for the HoH comp.

10:28 PM BBT – Feeds return. Josh won HOH.

10:40 PM BBT – Kevin tells the others that Raven did a cartwheel on stage. Alex says no she didn’t (she did) and shuts Kevin down.

10:43 PM BBT – Everyone trashing Raven and questioning all of her stories.

11:03 PM BBT – HGs all hanging out in the living room. Not much talk is going on.

11:09 PM BBT – Paul again tells Kevin to trust him. Kevin says they could have won that HOH easy. He says they can’t let Alex win the veto. Paul says that’s what’s important and he should focus on that.

11:14 PM BBT – Josh tells Paul that Kevin seemed nervous and didn’t seem like he was trying to throw the HOH. Paul asks Josh if he knows what he needs to do (nominate Alex and Kevin). Josh says yes. Paul says no questions asked.

11:40 PM BBT – Paul and Josh discuss best case scenarios for this week. Paul hopes Kevin wins Veto so they don’t have to not save Alex. Paul says he’s ready to win this next HoH.

11:55 PM BBT – Christmas thinks Josh could be a returning player for OTT. (No OTT this year.)

12:15 AM BBT – Christmas, Josh, and Paul discuss how they’ve been controlling the game for the past five weeks and no one has noticed. Group is trying to decide who would be the best renom if needed this week.

12:30 AM BBT – After Paul left Josh and Christmas celebrate making the F4. They’re happy to be there with Paul.

12:55 AM BBT – Alex gets her HoH basket for the DE win. The letter is from her sister.

1:25 AM BBT – Paul chats with Kevin about Jason. Kevin mentions how Jason told him he’d vote Kevin out over Alex. Kevin wants to know who Josh is going to put up, but Paul doesn’t tell him their plan.

2:15 AM BBT – Josh got his HoH room and a letter from his sister as well.

3:40 AM BBT – Kevin checks with Paul about the plan and asks if he’s up against Alex will they vote out Alex. Paul says they will.

3:45 AM BBT – All but Kevin are in the HoH room drinking the 12-pack of beers.

3:50 AM BBT- Group discusses Jessica and Cody. They suspect the couple had sex on Day 6.

4:00 AM BBT – Josh is drunk and says this is the best time he’s had in the house yet.

4:30 AM BBT – HoH crew is still up, goofing around, and eating snacks. Kevin is downstairs asleep.

5:00 AM BBT – HGs still wandering around but starting to get ready for bed.

5:15 AM BBT – Lights are finally going out. Alex has moved to the rose room and taken over Josh’s bed since he’s going upstairs to the HoH room. They’re all drunk.

Things are working out for Paul, Josh, and Christmas as their trio is in a good spot to make it through either way. If Alex loses Veto on Saturday then she’s gone, but if she wins then Kevin is gone. They’ve made F4 either way. Now Noms are coming up on Friday evening and those won’t be a surprise, but they’ll have to start explaining things to Alex sooner than later.

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      • He orchestrated the most disgusting bullying campaign in BB history. He’s an awful human being. “I’m just playing the game” is no excuse for that kind of behavior.

        The ONLY reason he’s in the house is because he’s able to use the reputation he built last season as someone who is loyal to a fault. Turns out, he’s not loyal at all. He’s a snake…which is to be expected in BB, but he wouldn’t have the benefit of the doubt he’s been given by the houseguests if not for his gameplay last season.

      • I agree. He’s an arrogant scumbag. And he was telling Tree how JALEX were cocky. LMAO. He needs to look in a mirror.

      • Because he’s a bully and the way he acted after Jason was evicted and yelling a Josh like he didn’t knew anything just saying

    • I know the tide on this site is to bash Paul, but personally i love his game and am rooting for him to win.

  1. So…
    Alex is a biotch who is mean to old people.
    Christmas is abusing Josh.
    Josh is dumb (or is he smart), naive, and immature.
    Poor, poor, poor, poor Kevin.
    And Paul is a bullying “dick”tator who is deplorably manipulating all of these minions.
    Did I miss anything?
    Good show!!! lolol

    • Why wouldn’t he manipulate his minions if he can get away with it. This is Big Brother, and the object is to win, not to be a nice guy.

      • Totally agree. Still doesn’t mean I like him though! lol He certainly is the most deserving because he’s playing all those suckers.

      • say it whenever you want. you still won’t change people’s minds.

        Paul would have never been able to even get this far if he wouldn’t have won all the free passes at the beginning. Of course we all know how BB is played. But I personally have never seen anyone incite such a mob mentality and nastiness in a season.
        Paul is not a smart player, the other players, well can’t even call them players have dropped the ball from the beginning. It has been mob mentality other than Jessica and Cody.
        Paul wouldn’t win dick if he played with the real players from past seasons.

        Maybe lots of people like Paul and the way he has played. But lots haven’t.

      • Clearly you wouldn’t understand this game if it slapped you across the face. There’s no point in debating with you. Go watch The Price Is Right. That may be more your speed. It’s simpler.

      • Clearly nobody can have an opinion except you. I guess you don’t know the definition of debate so I’ll educate you. “A discussion on a particular topic on a public forum And just FYI I’ve watched and clearly UNDERSTAND the game since season one. Oh also have the feeds. By the way don’t like Price is Right and I’ll watch what I damn well want to. You want to make it personal and not gsmeci can go there too.

      • Now let me educated YOU on something. I have many commenters that I don’t agree with and able to have a healthy debate, just not with YOU and a few others. The reason being, your comments fail to stimulate my intelligence enough to go any further because they are full of shallow, biased, bitter, personal, senseless rants with little to no validity to them. We all rant sometimes but however, myself, and many others can set aside our personal dispositions and really talk game. You don’t seem to have the ability to do that. Your antipathy for Paul is the talking points of all your conversations and it annoys me when you comment in response to me, the same damn points. Also, you’re irritating and boring, so I shut your conversation down with an equal amount of depth your comments provides , in other words, I match your shallow, bitter comments with a few of my own, right back at ya, ” tit for tat”. Let me also correct you on this; you won’t be going ” “there” or anywhere with me sweetheart, you will “go there” alone honey.

      • First of all I’m not your sweetheart or honey. And your intelligence makes me laugh. Your a hypocrite. Go back and read some of your comments to other people. Telling someone to shut up or excuse me “hush” because they don’t agree with you is real intelligent. Yep that’s a real stimulating conversation. Pot meet Kettle. Maybe you need to look in a mirror. Sorry you’re a Paul worshiper and I’m not. Guess that shows what kind of a person you are. But if you know how to read you’ll see I talk plenty of game. I’m done going back and forth with you. You’re not worth my time. Have a nice life.

      • Why do you constantly tell people to hush because they have a different opinion than you? There are more people

      • First, the repeated complaint that Paul got a free pass is just not so. The houseguests knew there would be a consequence if they went for 25k but chose that. Or half of them anyways. Had they not, he wouldn’t be in game. As for Jessica and Cody they were mean from day 1. And when things didn’t go their way, sulked and hid. Worst players of them all. They are where they belong.

      • Could be. Did you respond on different thread by mistake? Jk, just different perspectives 😉.

      • Haha if he was in the house with some of the best players he wouldn’t even make it to jury. Sorry. And if nobody would of went for the 25k they would of found another way to get him in the house. Just like they knew he would win the first temptation because he was the only one with a following. That’s why they had the best one first. Production has been helping him all along.

      • Hi Lg, it would be interesting to see him compete with, whom I hear over and over again on this site, are ‘the best players’. I don’t know how he would do as those players seem so revered and put on a pedestal. However, just my observations on seeing him play two different games in two seasons back to back, is that he is quick thinking, persuasive and able to strategize under pressure. Also smart. As for production help, have heard that complained about other seasons as well and other players this season (Jessica). Bottom line to me is he was able to STAY in game. Not an easy feat. That said, could all be scripted for all I know, lol. All those tears last night from both sides sure seemed real tho!

      • You don’t think production knew one out of 16 people would take the $, ensuring Paul safety?

      • Are you actually trying to say that Jessica and Cody didn’t “bully” anyone????? LMFAO!! How soon some people forget how this season started, who was running the “bully” train. I guess it might be easy to forget the girl Jody “bullied” into quitting the game! They started the theme for the summer and Paul worked with what he was givin. If that meant “brow beating” the opponents then so be it. But do yourself a favor and stop trying to lie to yourself that Paul started ALL of it.
        And before people start saying that Megan quit because of Josh, then go ask Megan herself, as she even tweeted that the thing with Josh was nothing.

      • He would not be able to manipulate anyone if not for his reputation as being loyal that he built up last season. Every single person in the house–except Cody–believed him to be loyal and that’s ONLY because they know how he played last season.

    • Nope! You get it all. And btw, I’m so happy the way raven got out. It couldn’t be better. And I was done, done, done with her. Finally!! My entertainment wasn’t anymore. :)

      • LOL. Not that we need help!! But back to raven, it was time to let go.

        For my entertainment I’m starting a 7 days shift with 30 hours straight. So, I’ll be ok.

        I’m now rooting for Paul to win this. He deserves it. And second should be josh.

        In no scenario I want alex their. I hope that little B goes home next!! I’m again frustrated about her edit.

      • We can entertain each other for the next 2 weeks while we root for Paul (until he is evicted, if he is evicted). Yes, Alex definitely needs to go out next. Hope she doesn’t win veto. She needs to go to jury and calm Jason down, poor guy. Sounds like he behaved very poorly. He got played. He lost. It’s a game. Cowboy up and stop being a bad sport. Not a good look, imo.

      • He was pissed! I wasn’t expecting that from him. But why in the hell would he be shocked to get evicted next to Kevin, winning 0 comps. I have been ready. There’s no way I would have thought I was safe. Kevin even warned him.

      • Honestly, Jason’s behavior didn’t surprise me. That he was as shocked as he was surprised me but not his ensuing behavior.

      • I guess what bothers me the most about his exit is that he didn’t even tell Alex bye. His ride or die was shut out just like the rest was, that screams sore loser to me but I hope I am wrong. He should have paid attention to Josh in his goodbye message because he told the truth and I know Josh really felt bad. Paul should have at least owned his part of the plan to Jason but he chickened out instead.

      • From reading what Jason said in his interview, I gathered that when he left the house, he wasn’t sure whether Alex had betrayed him. He made the statement once that he didn’t give fake love. In other words, he doesn’t like the fake hugging. He definitely was po’d.

      • Haven’t read it yet…but from what I saw this morning, it seemed like he blamed Paul. I’ have to read the interview.

      • No and to be honest, I haven’t read any but Jessica’s. I liked it better when they posted the Q&A on this site.

      • Looks to me like Cody was even better behaved on his way out when compared. Who like to be blindsided? I still prefer Jason next to Kevin among the remaining HGs.

      • Better behaved, because he walked across the furniture and Jason didn’t?? That was literally the only difference in their exits. Or did you mean Cody’s 1st exit when he didn’t have enough respect for the game to walk out the door in his punishment costume like every single player before him…. oh yes very mature and gracious loser.

      • Jason’s a pendulum guy. It’s either all-in or all-out. Trust or no trust. Believe or don’t believe. No in-between … until after the fact when he’s had time to evaluate and rethink, reconsider. Will be interesting to hear his opinions of himself as a player and the season overall … after it’s over and he’s had a chance to watch it outside looking in.

      • The goodbye message from Paul, “I’m in a house with a bunch of counterfeit people”. Give me a break Paul, you planned the whole thing but won’t own it. What a jerk

      • That’s another thing I don’t like about him. He’s not only a dictator that instigates bullying but he doesn’t own what he does.

      • I know you have to work your shift, but don’t forget us here. I need someone sane, like me, to post with!! lol

      • LOL. I always have little break time. Actually we had a good laughter tonight with some of my friend when I told the the enlighting joke!! Lots of laugh.

      • I can always find something to entertain me, if not the BB house, BBN is always fun, even when some get seriously butt hurt, I have to laugh. I don’t know these HGs and there is an exit door if they want to leave. Obviously, most don’t, so…..

      • So was I. They still haven’t posted her exit interview. I’m looking forward to laughing again on how delusional she really was/is.

      • Good. Isn’t this the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen? I’ve never seen and alliance like this. I mean I’m grateful, don’t get me wrong but never seen players protect a leader this way. Its like they’re Paul’s secret service! Smh Talkin bout The Hit Man’s Bodyguard! Lol they’d have to tranquilize me to get me on that block as a pawn! Lol

      • I saw him more as a camp counselor than a dominant leader. It was summer camp for the majority of them.

      • And as soon as the Jason eviction last night, Paul with his hands on his head was running around saying he could have gone home if he was on the block. Poor acting to say the least. The show isn’t called the “make sure Paul is safe” show….yet all the HGs think it is.

      • It helps that Alex is Next-Level Stupid. He convinces her he was blindsided too, and then somehow also convinces her NOT to nominate the two people who supposedly blindsided them.

      • I really hope WHEN Alex goes, Julie asks her to explain what exactly Kevin ever did to her, to incur her wrath, to the point that she was obsessed with voting him, a total non-threat in competitions, out of the game.

      • She’s gonna go back and realize she should have worked with him and her obsession blinded her to the what was happening, leaving her looking like Danielle from BB14 stupid.

      • Tranquilize you, that was the phrase I was looking for 😺😺
        I do sincerely apologize if I have offended you .
        I love using words as tools and sometimes come off as harsh and abrupt.
        Is there love in your heart ??? 😾💗

      • Would love it but when Alex wins veto it will sadly be Kevin. But hey when she wins F4 HOH then she can get rid of Tree.

      • I felt like sending her a get well card that opens to say, Snap Out of It! He’s not that into you!

      • It’s a possibility. Did you see how good Kevin did in that DE HOH comp? He held his own. If the veto comp is the comic book one, I don’t think Kevin would win it, but Alex might. It might get dicey.

      • Truthfully, I thought he would go in there and vote to evict Kevin. He had me worried. He says he’s going to start playing HIS game. Was that HIS game? We’ll see soon.

      • Voting to evict Kevin the first time would have been dumb for his game. He would have been left with two comp beasts that he isn’t really aligned with. Plus a pissed off Christmas and Paul.

        Voting to evict Kevin the second time was dumb for his game. Because of that Raven believes that Paul voted for her to stay.

      • That’s right. Smart. So was it Josh, Raven yell at when she walked out. Someone said “sorry” or something and she said, “No you’re not!”

      • I think it was Josh that said sorry to get that response. Josh annoyed me how much he kept saying he was sorry. Sheesh! It’s a game!

      • Good thing Alex is a BEAST, or else I’d be scared sh1tless for Paul. But like you said, it’s pre veto! Smh Paul better win it!

      • I’m not. He won the right HoH this week. Otherwise he’d more than likely be evicted if Alex should win Veto.

      • Maybe. Hopefully it won’t come to that. Did you hear what Kevin said? He said “I’ll be damned if I go home before that bitch” , his words.

      • For 3 weeks Kevin has been saying he didn’t want to go home before this person, then the next week another person. I’m sure it will be the same thing next week if he is still there. It’s one of his lines.

      • Hey beautiful!
        Haven’t seen it for three weeks. But Alex really is awful to Kevin. I haven’t seen him the the shade that you have; but you’ve seen sooo much more than I have. I think I like his accent and just really don’t like Alex.

      • I hope Alex is evicted next. She wanted Snitchy gone so badly that she lost sight of her end game in that DE HOH. These HGs choose to go to the BB house, they choose to stay. No one makes them. If their 15 mins of fame, stipend, and chance of winning is worth staying there, I can’t muster up any sympathy for them for whatever happens. There were 18 seasons of evidence to how brutal the game can be. Kevin says his bills are $10,000 to $12,000 monthly. Maybe his stay at home dad job isn’t getting the bills paid and he thinks Paul will take him to F2. Hope not, but best of luck to Snitchy after the game.

      • It’s very expensive to live in Boston. It about killed my niece ‘s bank account. She’s not used to that kind of cost of living. She’s only known Indiana and American Samoa.

      • I worked a full time and 2 part time jobs for over 2 years to keep my family in a home and to need our needs, not wants. I don’t pretend to know his situation so I’ll leave it at that.

      • Snitchy…lol…ACHOO! $10,000-$20,000/mo? Don’t want to know.
        Still….what is her deal? What did he do to her? I know he said to her, ‘a shoe could win the game over you’, something like that. Is that why she detests him, or did he do his Snitchy McSnitcherson thing with HER?

      • I don’t know. It could have been born out of jealousy because of his closeness to Jason, her ride or die. Sometimes people’s personalities just naturally clash. I’ve never cared enough about Alex to try to figure her out. She’s a sad sack of poo. :(

    • I know your a big Paul fan and I was a big Alex supporter. At the moment, I know Paul will win and have known for a while now he would. Josh had a chance last night to play his own game but he gave it up for Paul. Alex still hasn’t gotten the message even after Jason was evicted, she put up Kevin and Raven REALLY!!!!!! Alex is next to go followed by Kevin. Josh might still have a chance to redeem himself this week but I doubt that would ever happen either. So Ms. K, I bow to your presence and accept Paul as the winner.

      • Oh, no you don’t! I have admitted numerous times to being shocked that Paul is still in the game. I have chosen not to discredit his game strategy and it’s results just because the others are so willing to do his bidding. I might not always like his tactics, but he definitely adapted them to the atmosphere of the house. He used the HGs and they used him. He still hasn’t won the game. I haven’t heard the fat lady sing! ;)

      • And, I don’t think she will. I have to say though (bear in mind I STILL think he’s brilliant) I was taken aback when, after Jason was evicted, he started in on Josh, with..”If I was ONT, would you have done that to me, Josh? Would you have done that to ME?!” Lol. Then I sat back in admiration and said, “What a gamer–and these people are sucking it down like the last drop of water, after 2 weeks in the desert.”

    • Alex is a bully too. I hate how she is treating Kevin. It isn’t right. I hope she doesn’t win POV.

      • With the exception of Kevin, they’re pretty much all horrible people…and they’re representative of who’s going to run our country in a few years.

        Truly frightening.

      • Hey, I agree. I’m older than he is. I’m not old. :(
        But obviously, Alex and Raven think he is old.

      • I’m 56 & im not old!
        My momma is 82 & she’s not old either.

        What’s old is Paul being on this show! Lmao.
        Now I KNOW i’ll hear back from you……
        hahaha! J

  2. So……Ms. Alex watches as her ride-or-die gets blindsided. Crosses herself in thanks for winning HOH. Has the opportunity to take out the people who helped with the blindside….and then puts up Raven and Kevin.

    This, folks, is the season where dreams go to die.

      • Yeah but I’m pretty sure Alex had to know she wasn’t pulling any strings in the aforementioned blindside! LOL

    • Alex was blinded by her dislike of Snitchy. She wanted to be the one to get him out. Of course, a little Paul worship also played into her decision. haha

    • But how fake was that staged fight from Paul with josh!!! I cannot believe alex didn’t saw it was all fake.

      She’s really not a smart one!!!

      • Pauls fakeness is so stale. At least Josh crying and auditioning for the AFP vote last night seemed genuine.

  3. Why is Kevin, so “subservient” to Paul? Is Paul his mommy? For a guy that comes from Boston he is acting like a real “wuss” .
    He knows he can win, doesn’t he? So why not put a Lil fight into your game? I’m truly amazed that he cowards to Paul.

  4. “Alex questions Paul and Josh over who is to blame. Josh points the finger at Kevin”

    ‘Paul assures Kevin that everything is still okay. Kevin promises not to say anything.”

    Not a fan of Pauls fake friend, weasel game play. I wish he would walk around with a shirt that says “I’m probably lying.” I could root for that guy.

    • It’s amazing that he is so good at lying–not exactly a virtue. Seems second nature for him.

      • You know something??? (well, yeah, ya do)
        I think all those cam talks, friendship chats, ruminations, exercises in vocalizations of paul’s are really him trans-scribing a book (or 2 or 3 or +++) Bet he told someone before he left to record all those comfy cozy chats of his so they can be written into books!!!
        “Words of the Weasel”
        “Friendship for All”
        “You and Me and MY Friendship Bracelets”
        “How to Screw Others and Have them Like and Enjoy It” in
        three E-Z Steps”
        “Why Everyone Gives Me Their_____” depending on the crowd or book buyer, he can insert whatever. Money, Votes, Women, Friendship, Blind Faith, Everlasting Soul.

        A Series:
        “You Got It, I’ll Take It” book 1
        “You Got It, Give It To Me” book 2
        “You Got It, Don’t Even Think of Keeping It” book 3 and so it goes for a 20-book Series Set- “You Had It”

      • May be a better lier than Dan Gheesling. Dan lied and almost burned the house down. Paul creates friendship.

      • That is your first mistake, to believe you have real friends in the BB house. That is, unless your name is Raven and you have a nice comfy impressionable Mattress to sleep on.

    • Why do yall get so butt hurt at Paul’s game play? What exactly do you want him to do. What would YOU have done differently if you were in a house where you could get everyone to do what you want?? Would you never ever lie in the game?

      Yall are too much. Paul is the only one playing the game, direct your anger at the other house-guests for being stupid.

      • No, the minions have played the game for Paul all season. He’s a racist bully that couldn’t confront people on his own so he sent others to incite the mob-mentality. BB helped get him where he’s at (3 weeks of safety, etc).

        No, I wouldn’t have done what Paul has done. There’s no way I would demean, or send others to demean individual HGs and bully them. No way. I understand you’ve got to lie to play the game but he went way too far and is a loser whether he pulls off the win or not.

    • Yes! ED was a bigger A-hole than Paul, but at least he owned it!

      Dominique had it right when she called him out as a snake. And still, nobody else has picked up on it!

      • I’m watching season 8 with EvelDick and Daniele now. I see a lot of what paul does, yelling in peoples faces, loud, rude, not backing down, in what EvelDick did. But ED was the original. LIke you said, EvelDick OWNED it, HE tells you right out what it is, what it was, what it will be.

        I just shake my head when ED gets into a rant and rave. That’s the original. ED would hit into one or two people, blow his stack, repeat repeat repeat until it eventually simmers lower. ED would explain why he was saying what it was he was spewing out. A few times he even eventually somewhat apologized or checked that the other person was okay.

        This season, is a pi$$-poor retread of that season. The language here is atrocious, uncalled for, wrong, abusive, malignant, crude, rude, I can’t even come up with enough bad words and ways to describe this season’s

    • I know! They’re going to cram so much crap in these next few weeks that we’ll probably not even get to see the jury house until the end. I hate that they don’t do the weekly check ins anymore like they used to.

  5. Josh has really grown on me. He is very immature and highly emotional but deep down i think hes a good person and his game is picking up fast. If he had the votes to evict paul he may consider targeting him but xmas/ alex/ kevin would not vote out paul even if josh threw paul utb to alex. Josh needs to take his shot at paul at f3 but im preparing for paul to steamroll and win this season as expected.

    • Josh won Americas favorite Player last night with his tears and became a star. Sissy Spacek level Oscar performance.

  6. It was very sad how jason was going out totally blindsided. Sad but for once we had a blindside. I know he said bad things but, I still think he was not thinking what he said. I really like the guy before those bad comments he did and felt sorry for the way he went out.

    I would have enjoyed so much mor alex leaving tonight instead of him!!

    • it would have been interesting. Jason could finally be free to partner up with Kevin..maybe pull Josh in. Could have challenged Paul and his minions.

      • Yup!!! That would have been a good turns. But raven out into her sloppy ugly shirt was PRICELESS. I loved it. How bad did she look sitting beside Julie. Ohhh I enjoyed that.

  7. Just for the hell of it, I want someone to come off that nom block and see if Josh has the balls to put Paul up as the replacement.

      • Christmas jumps on the chair before Paul can if shes saving him from a grenade. Take me instead!

      • If anyone at this point takes a hit at Paul, and they survive to make it to F2, they will get some props from the jury. That is, if the jury of knuckleheads has finally clued in to Paul’s game. I think the only one so far to go after Paul is Cody.

    • Yep, he’d try that at least but, as others are saying, Christmas will jump on that grenade. If she tried, and I were Josh, I’d be like, “Nope. Paul is going up”. Of course Paul wouldn’t be voted out but at least he tried.

  8. I think BB needs to contact Josh’s family and get a safety check on them to let Josh know. When he gets out and hears what was going on there, he will flip. Contact his family, ask if they are safe, get a message from them for Josh, telling him to stay in the game. Then let Josh know.

    • I’d assume they would have done that. And unless something goes awry, it doesnt make sense to tell Josh now anyway. Wait until next week, hopefully his fam comes through okay and just call him to dr and let him know there was a hurricane but your fam is good.

    • Nothing to report yet. I’m in central east coast Florida and it’s just wait and see. Josh’s area is definitely gonna be bad, but it will also be random. Best not to tell him anything as of right now cuz there’s nothing he can do except worry. It’s such a helpless feeling. His family has likely evacuated.

      • I hope they have……I volunteered on a relief crew immediately after Andrew and people don’t understand the level of devastation these people will experience.

      • As you probably know, home construction standards/requirements have drastically changed as a result of Hurricane Andrew. Hopefully, devastation will not be a great even thought the storm is much larger (in size) than Andrew. Prayers.

      • I was living in Ft Lauderdale for Wilma. Even with the updated building requirements, it was savage. And Irma looks possibly worse at the current track straight up the state :( Very glad I moved out of FL back in 2013 right now. Hoping for the best for everyone still down there!!

  9. I’m sure Kevin is thrilled to be stuck in that house and be shunned for another week. Realistically, he has to know he isn’t going to win and would rather just be in jury house at this point. He’s been my favorite HG this season because even in that group of jackals he was a decent person.

  10. Winners and Losers!
    Winner: Paul — his plan to use veto and fake argument to keep Alex in obedience mode worked perfectly.

    Loser: Paul — WHY would he blatantly lie in his goodbye video??? He knows that Jason will find out the truth from someone, too many people knew the plan. Should’ve been straight or at least vague.

    Winner: Josh — Great play with the video msg. That seed could really blossom in the jury house, esp once Alex gets there. Could position him as a solid alternative to Paul for the jury if he makes the end.

    LOSER Alex — So she thinks she and Paul both just got betrayed by Josh and Xmas. So what’s the logic in putting up Raven & Kevin?? She is monumentally dumb. Between her hatred of Kevin and her worship of Paul, she’s 100% useless.

    Loser: Conspiracy theories — if production was rigging this season for Paul, they never would have played Josh’s torpedo message to Jason.

    • Josh’s message was a smart move. But then he screwed it up by voting to evict Kevin. Because of that, Raven believes that Paul never betrayed her.

      • Except Paul admitted to Alex that he voted Raven at the end of the ep, so she’ll tell Raven in jury. Just like Matt will find out from Jason that it was Paul’s plan to get him out. Paul’s keeping people from talking to each other has been masterful in the house, but could doom him in the jury. His best bet with all of the videos was to go the “it’s just a game, and I didn’t want to lose again, no hard feelings” route, imo. Super bitter jury is his only real vulnerability and he’s playing into it.

      • Alex worships Paul. I doubt she will sabotage him in jury.

        Also, Paul tried to get Jason to use the veto. Jason didn’t because he suspected that they would vote out Kevin.

    • I thought the same, he shouldve been honest in his message. I think Jason wouldve respected that alot more. Heck, the jury would respect that a lot more.

      • I wonder if Paul has been doing that in all of his messages. He knows these people are all dumb as rocks, but he has to know they’ll figure it all out while in jury house. This might be a rare tactical error on his part. He should be giving the “sorry, nothing personal, let’s hang out after all this” speech in his message & give them time to digest his deception & simmer down.

      • I really feel that if Paul gets evicted/loses the game it will be because of his obsession with keeping his hands clean. It’s alienating his alliance and could make for a bitter jury. He’s playing a good game, but the level that he’s taking it to could be a fatal mistake.

      • Agree! The only place that keeping his hands clean has benefitted him, is with those remaining in the game. e.g. keeping Alex calm after Jason got booted, on a double-eviction night. But carrying the charade into his goodbye messages is an odd decision. And Josh has not been happy about doing his dirty work. Pretty sure Christmas is playing for F2, so she’s been cool with it.

    • For that last part, I’ve always assumed evicted houseguests still get to see the rest of the goodbye messages off camera. Especially since every now and then things are so packed that there’s no time to show any of the messages during the episode.

    • I agree.
      Alex’s is the best one.
      Production may have change their minds about Paul because the fan base has dropped.

  11. Did anyone else laugh when Julie asked Raven why she didn’t play the game? Raven was like ” I think I had a great game…” LOL!

  12. Alex: House idiot. Functions only with a brain stem.

    Kevin: Unable to win or strategize anything. Remains only because of that fact.

    Josh: Had all testosterone removed before entering Big Brother house. Has balls the size of raisins.

    Christmas: Extreme narcissist … budding sociopath. Has deep seated issues.

    Paul: Just your average scumbag. Succeeding only because of of the mental cases brought into the house.

  13. I think Josh has that mentality that he will be true no matter what, literally! Paul could murder someone in that house and he’d stay true to him. Same with Christmas. The sad thing is he’s smart enough to know that he needs Paul out in order to make it to the end. I don’t get these people.

  14. Wonder why it’s taking so long to air Raven’s exit interview with her not that far behind Jason.

    • Actually her interview aired on the feeds before Jason’s interview. Should be on All Access pretty soon.

    • It was there last night. I don’t have feeds but it was mentioned. She is a Paul worshiper and plants to vote for him.

    • time stamp on Jason’s 7:35 pm -7:55 pm BBT
      Raven’s 7:59 pm but not as long BBT
      (I wrote 9:35-55, 9:59 pm, so check those too.)
      Last night lots and fish and dogs around both and either end. It is easy to miss.

  15. Now that we’re down to F5, things will be slowing down. Feeds will be boring for most of the time. That’s why in a sense it was a good idea for Production to keep at least 12 people in the house until the middle of the game, even if we thought the game was sluggish.

    • Kevin has a social game but doesn’t have tactical game. So he doesn’t really know what to do.

      • Right! Another smart move on Paul’s part. He knew how charming Kevin was, and he managed to put him and his comforting fatherly personality on ice, alone in a back bedroom, biting his nails.

      • Yeah and that makes it really difficult to play and have even a chance at winning. He’s not dumb so I can’t figure out why he keeps trusting Paul, he needs to open his eyes and question things like Josh did.

    • Paul hasn’t steered him wrong yet.

      His only real shot to get to F2 is hope that Paul drags him there. It seems Paul won’t do that, but who knows for sure.

      • Because he needs to have his own accomplishments to win at the end not just be dragged there. They all think just getting to that final seat is great and maybe it is if 50k is okay but if you played and have things to show for it you can win the 500k right now he only should get 500k from a bitter jury not on game play.

      • That’s a good point.! I have no idea what his end game is. He’s like an older, male version of Victoria….getting dragged by his hair with no real plan on what to do if he possibly gets there.

      • his only shot is to make Paul think he’s dragging him, but NOT to trust Paul. Use your brain, Kevin.

      • I didn’t read anything about Kevin being a “gambler.” Only hints that I’ve seen along that line are posters saying things about the mobsters and mobs and underground, etc.

      • I think Paul just wants to stay with the 3 floaters and probably choose the weakest, which is Christmas and Kevin at the moment. Kevin and Josh would have good arguments at the end, so Christmas should be the smart choice. I hope Kevin is the F2.

      • you see xmas did that physical challenge (with steps even)?
        w/wo the boot, she didn’t do well with dropping the balls in.
        poor miss badass.

      • Every time someone goes out of the house other than themselves, every houseguest gets affirmation that Paul’s plan is working. Right now, Christmas, Josh, Alex & Kevin all think everything is going according to Paul’s perfect plan. And it is. For Paul. ;)

      • He steered him wrong many times like he has done for them all. I want Kevin to focus and win something, do it on his own, but with people like Paul telling him he is safe too often I am not sure it will happen.

  16. Josh’s best bet to win is to pull a Steve Moses and clip Paul at F3 if he gets the chance. Part 3 is usually a crapshoot so it could happen.

    I think he would do it too. Especially if Christmas is still there.

    • Josh is not a Steve. He was a smart dorky kid who did nothing in the game and was taken that far. Josh is always in front of everything, but is only aware for a brief moment until Paul puts him to sleep again. Christmas may not let him do it anyway, but we could only wish and hope.

      • Only reason Josh is still in the game is because Paul has taken him. He would have been gone pre jury if not for Paul.

      • If not for Josh, Paul would have been evicted a long time ago since he helped him get any target off of him. Josh is the one who has gotten all of Paul’s blood in his hands and yes I do agree that he has followed him to the end, but has worked hard for him and deserves the win just as much.

  17. Ugh Alex, you twit. Christmas had just voted out your ride or die and you are still so fixated on Kevin you put Kevin and Raven up? While the viewing public thanks you for getting Raven out, that was the dumbest noms ever. My dream scenario would have been Christmas/Josh, Josh wins veto and takes himself off, renom Paul – get him out! And to let Paul yell at him like that acting like he had no idea what happened?? If I was Josh I would have lost it and starting telling everyone it was all Paul’s idea. This group, so beyond frustrating to watch. Can you imagine when Jason sees the playback in jury that Alex won and put up Kevin and Raven? He might blow a gasket.

    • They planned that fight to make Alex believe that Paul didn’t betray her and Jason and so he could still control her if she won HoH.

      It worked perfectly, she did win HoH, and she put up Raven and Kevin.

      • Yes. Paul told Josh to fake a fight and he didn’t want, but eventually gave in as always. Paul knows that he was never getting backdoor’d and Josh wouldn’t have voted him out if he did. It was all a sham to keep Alex on their side.

      • I know that, I just don’t remember Josh screaming, “paul, he’s just too powerful”.

        I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

      • I know they planned it but it was idiotic. Christmas and Josh are so dumb for going along with this and that Alex didn’t put them up as revenge is mind blowing. Are they all really that blind?

      • They might be able to clip Paul at the end like Steve did to Vanessa.

        And if they didn’t go along with this plan, one of them could have went to jury (well not Josh since he won the veto, but they didn’t know he would win the veto).

      • Maybe, and while I don’t care for anyone left at this point…I really want it to be anyone but Paul.

      • Yeah, I was really wondering about that. My guess is that Alex thought Xmas might not be allowed to compete in the Veto and would be an easy backdoor target.

        Josh was a smart man not to use that Veto because I’m pretty sure that Xmas would have gone up as the replacement.

      • Christmas absolutely would have gone up as the replacement (Alex told Paul so) if the veto was used.

        But she wouldn’t have been evicted. They definitely had the votes to keep her.

      • Cool, I hadn’t seen where Alex told Paul, but it made sense, unless she’s completely whacko.

        Either way, I agree that whichever nominee was left (after using Veto) would have been the one to leave. It would have put serious doubt in Xmas and Paul’s trust of Josh though (especially since the 2 of them would have thought Josh was after Paul the way he (Josh) had been talking).

  18. Ok Ok Ok…. Did we all catch that Josh totally blew up Paul’s game last night with his goodbye message to Jason? Paul worked very hard to have Jason and Alex believing they were an alliance and he had their backs to the end. Josh completely tossed that away telling Jason that Christmas, Josh, and Paul had a secret alliance. Is Josh really smart enough to do that on purpose for his OWN benefit?

    Best move of the game for Josh.

      • I sure hope so. Let’s hope he gains some perspective once the shock of his elimination wears off.

      • I have never seen that done before, but the jurors get to talk and tell each other all they know.

      • All of Josh’s crying could actually benefit him if he’s in a F2 with Paul. Wouldn’t it be great if Paul takes 2nd two years in a row.

      • Most of the Jury has already figured out that Paul is manipulating things. However, while Cody, Mark and Elena seemed like they were going to give Paul their votes…

        If Jason tells Matt and Raven about the goodbye message… That could take away the same number of votes from Paul. Its all going to depend on who ends up being the last 3 evicted HGs.

        I’m still not 100% sure that someone won’t try to take Paul out in these last 2 evictions before F3.

      • I think Alex is going to be really pissed off. But if Paul takes Kevin to F2, then what would Alex do?

      • Alex would be one that I think would vote for Paul regardless. I think she would be more apt to reward strategy, but then who really knows?

        What would be interesting to see is how Alex and Jason would get along in Jury. If he’s not mad at her, I would expect the 2 of them to vote the same way (however that may be).

      • I actually like Paul, so it may just be my BB paranoia kicking in, lol.

        Still, as a BB fan, I would appreciate someone at least trying to take a shot at him. Its not a a lot of fun watching someone just mop the floor with the competition (even if you like the one doing the mopping, lol).

        I honestly don’t think I will be totally disappointed if somebody takes him out before F2. The only thing that will irritate me is if Paul makes it to the end, and loses again in spite of playing the better game.

      • I was on the Paul band wagon for most of season cuz, man, the dude is working his tail off. But, after last night I just can’t respect his game. He’s playing without an ounce of integrity. And that’s a deal breaker for me. 😎

      • Yeah, I like the Paul from last season better, but the man is still really trying hard. I’ve said it before… I think he’s out to make up for last season. He’s going all out, and definitely stepping on some toes and making some enemies.

        However, in a season where nobody is really honoring BB with their game play… Paul has definitely done the game proud in terms of trying his hardest. Hope he wins it honestly, so he can feel at peace with the game. That way, if he ever shows up in an All Star season, he can be the fun loving Paul from last year. The guy that still had a lot of game, but managed to have fun and stay loyal to a small few.

    • I never agreed with the goodbye messages for this reason. Why should only certain HG get a chance to have final words behind closed doors? If they show any of them I think they should show all of them

    • Jason’s goodbye message from Josh was the best move Josh could have done. However, I’m not sure it helps him that much because Jason seemed pretty pissed at all 3 of them (Xmas, Paul, Josh). Unless he calms down and can really look at how they all played the game… He might as well flip a coin if 2 of the 3 are in the finale.

      Yeah, that DE was all about HGs losing votes. Alex definitely just lost Raven’s vote (and Matt’s once Raven tells him). What started out as a jury that looked like they were going to vote for best strategy (even Cody said he was voting for Paul), looks like it might end up being as personal as BB14 when Dan lost.

      I’m actually not sure who will make final 3 (let alone F2). Josh being HOH is not a guarantee that Paul is safe. Yeah, this week is likely going to be the most interesting week out of the whole season.

      • I thought that too but i’m afraid that we are going back to picking off the next pigeon. I don’t see a big move from josh.

      • If someone does take the shot, I’d expect it to be Josh. He seems like he’s the only one who has really caught on. Unless Xmas really knows, but has intentions of leaving Josh behind for Paul. Not saying it would happen, but Paul and Xmas strike me as being a lot closer than Josh and Xmas (especially when Xmas keeps getting pissed at Josh for speaking against Paul.).

  19. Paul is definitely the only one playing this game. However, Josh letting Jason know that Paul was playing him and Alex might blow up his game once they send Alex to jury. So, that jury house that Paul stacked up so nicely might coming crashing down if they end up sending Alex.

  20. Raven is going to need therapy when she finds out how few fans she really has. If she does have any, they’re probably just as mental as she is. LOL

  21. I’m rooting for Kevin to stay after come eviction night. And I hope he win at the end. I don’t get why Alex is after Kevin who is no way a threat to her game. She should have focus on strategic move than making an enemy that will count against her. Hatred has blindsided her and the architect of it is busy robbing her blood on the hands of his remaining minions.

  22. i’m assuming paul goes in front of the jury. this will be the ultimate proof of how trifling this cast is.
    Big Paul Show.

    • The final vote will be at the same set they’ve used all season. The two nominees will sit in their respective nomination chairs at the back of the wall, STILL IN THE HOUSE, with the sofas along the side. By this time, the third nominee has already been evicted.

      The earlier non-jury members will have been introduced and seated on chairs or stools to the (right) side. They might be asked a few questions by Julie. Usually Julie is on the left side in our view, non-& jury members to the right side. The entry door is in the middle at the back like it always is.

      Just to left, usually, of center, towards the camera/audience, there is a round podium-like ‘thing.’ On top is a round contraption that the jury members put in their keys to vote. Each jury member has two keys in a velvet-type tied bag, each with their (juror’s) name on it. One key has one nom name, the other key has the other nom name. Each juror will insert ONLY ONE of her/his two name keys. They vote with the key that has the name of their nom/vote.

      THIS time, the jury members vote FOR who they WANT to win, thus inserting their jury key that has their name on it and the nom name of who they are voting for also on it. The audience and Julie and other jurors can not see the name of the noms on the keys as the jury inserts their keys. (left over vote keys remain in the bag)

      The two noms continue to sit in the nomination chairs/sofa. They are called by Julie to present their case, like the noms are given before regular evictions. The noms usually stand up while they state their case. Jurors can question or remark to the noms, usually something like: Why should I vote for you rather than the other; What strategic move(s) did you make that I should vote for you; When I was on the block, why didn’t you warn me so I wasn’t blindsided like I was.

      After Q & As, Julie pulls out one key at a time, telling who the vote is for. The noms need 5 votes to win. Last year when paul got second, they had to pull all the keys to get a decision. If there is a decision with 5 keys, so be it but they will eventually show all the keys and their respective noms.

      The winner enters the set where Julie has stood and sat with evictees all season long. Confetti and or streamers an or balloons come out all over. The second place nom then comes out amid the broo ha ha.

      Julie then announces the AFP – America’s Favorite Player.
      At any time after Julie announces the winner and the winner enters the set, some/most/all of the jurors and non-jurors surround the winner and 2nd placer.
      The AFP is in there, too. The AFP is NOT the winner or second place person.
      The AFP could be juror or non-juror.

      Whew!!! Any QQQs ??? Hope I didn’t confuse you too much. :-)

      • you made it sound exciting. I am worried Julie will stray and do a jody proposal that will suck the oxygen out of night.

      • Do you think the jury members will be bringing ammunition in the form of tomatoes to throw at the final two for having been duped?

  23. Poor Jason will get no break at all from Raven. He’ll probably have to ride over to the jury house in the same car. He should get an America’s Favorite sympathy vote for that. Aside from his unfortunate, over-the-line joking, and his disgusting nose-picking, he’s probably one of the nicer peeps in the house & he played a decent game, for someone who was a bit of a fish out of water.

  24. alex is just mean as heck. Yes she done a cartwheel why question Kevin and be mean? Just because Jason left and Raven left over Kevin doesn’t mean she needs to be a pain to him. Kevin hasn’t done anything but, play a honest game.

    • they will be brutal to kev this week. idiots.
      it’s going to be hard to watch w/o Jason there to smooth it over.

      • kevin told Jason they were gunning for him but Jason thought he was lying. last night, he still couldn’t figure kevin out.
        the man is an idiot.

    • Kevin hasn’t played an honest game. He has thrown hinkey votes and lied about it. He also let Ramses take the blame for taking the $25k. In fact, this may be why Alex hates him so much, though I’m not completely sure.

      • Sorry to disagree. Throwing hinkey votes was a good game play at the start has he did. Blaming Ramses wasn’t him but Paul. And 8 others hg push the buttons. No need to do a big deal out of it.

        As for alex, her problem with Kevin is simply that she’s jealous. She wanted jason only for her. She’s obviously having feelings for him. She needs to touch him all the time and play the little teenager girl With him. She’s jealous that Kevin has a good adult relationship with Jason.

        But I respect your opinion.

      • Throwing hinkey votes can be good game play. But it isn’t honest (not that that there is anything wrong with being dishonest in Big Brother).

        And he would deny getting the $25k if asked for most of the game. Not bad gameplay, but certainly not honest.

      • Of course!! But to be honest I didn’t saw that. But in any case Kevin play big brother. He’s not dishonest. He just do what is needed to be done.

    • She needs to realize that everyone is playing her including her new ride or die. She is so blind of what just happened or STUPID

      • alex wasted her HOH. When she won HOH she stated, “That is for you Jason!” but, Didn’t put Josh or Christmas up. What a waste for Alex. She is so focused on Kevin and Kevin (Poor thing) hasn’t even done anything wrong.

    • Yeah. Her feelings/comments about or to Kevin always seem sooo extreme. No need to be so nasty and certainly hasn’t advanced her game.

  25. Get Alex out already! Cannot stand her utter stupidity! I remember some posters defending the minions and comparing them to past house guests. If you cannot see how dumb these minions are, well, you are as smart as them! If these minions had to take an IQ test to be a house guest with a 150 score to be admitted in, I think probably, only Paul would pass!

  26. the hg’s are obsessed with what America thinks of them, I love to see them squirm about it.
    also, they were obsessed when the door opened to see the applause.

      • Most definitely! I have become the very face of insanity! Keeping up with something that repulses me, complain about it, and then come back for a second helping! It’s like an addiction or something! Mostly because I spent/wasted/devoted so much time with this season, I can’t stand the thought of not seeing it through; as painful as it has become. And that is my problem. 😏 It’s like drinking a poison, knowing all too well the adverse effects, becoming sick, then sleep it off and repeat. Hold your 👃, swallow the poison, complain about how it is making you sick, then wake up and repeat. Classic definition of insanity! I’m just hoping that the poison bottle will somehow be switched with something better, like morphine maybe, and I will be surprised! Haha Until then… lol (I hope I didn’t lose you too much with my analogy. Sometimes things make sense in my head, but I do a crappy job with articulating it!)

  27. Can we please start a GoFundMe to hire a plane to fly a banner over the house that reads “F*ck You Alex America HATES You!”
    Her obsession and hatred of Kevin is disturbing and disgusting!

  28. After the events of last night, there is only one conclusion that can be reached: Alex is a complete and utter moron.

  29. For the past month, I only watch Thursdays episode… Did they show any family members of the houseguests? That sometimes can shed a little (more) light into the houseguests personality. For example, after seeing Victor’s family, loved him even more and Cody and his kissing dad. That was… was, shows the bond he has with his father, good kid, understood more why he liked “Uncle Derrick” so much.

    • No… the only family they’ve visited so far has been Jason’s wife. Seems like they rarely ever do that anymore. They aren’t even showing the jury house!

      • This group’s’ family probably don’t even want to be seen/known. Everything is so easily accessible and the way they are viewed, I am sure the families said “no thanks”. They don’t want folks looking them up and harassing them based on their family members behavior.

      • Jason will have some public fallout to deal with (the lame “jokes”). His fam should be proud, tho, that when he was Christmas’s first “showmance” target, he told her he was happily married. (And for her bitch-move on a married man, a bigger bitch showed up, Karma, in the form of a busted foot, after she jumped on Jason’s back.) Can’t say the same for Kevin, her next married target. Lots of inappropriate footage of those two.

      • Yep, so she holds responsibility in her foot breaking. Why are you jumping on a stranger’s back? A married stranger? He is not your family!

      • why is this fact never brought up. call her out too.
        she is going to get a big settlement and an invite back

      • He went straight to his room after it happened. He feared a lawsuit against him might transpire probably and wanted no part of that.

      • She didn’t cause him to fall by jumping on his back, she was already on his back and they were running around the yard as if he were a horse, and they were laughing until he turned sharply, slipped and fell.

  30. I don’t have live feeds so I didn’t get to watch Jason’s exit interview, but I read the transcript… Man, J went straight beast mode savage and drug Paul for for filth! He was so bitter and petty but he gave me my entire life! I could not stop lmao

  31. The next week is it, if Alex doesn’t win veto and the 4 person HOH or veto, Paul can’t lose. If she wins one he’s gotta work out of it, if she wins 2 of the three, he’s dependent on xmas winning rhe veto cuz I think josh will send him to jury. Lot of ifs I don’t think will happen, but I didn’t think they’d happen to Vanessa at the final 3 either. Sometimes your strongest move(Austin for Van, Jason for Paul) has unintended consequences.

  32. I missed parts of the season, why does Alex hate Kevin so much? Was she worried he was too close to Jason and that he would ditch her for Kevin?

    • Alex is just a petty mean girl – she always need someone to hate so she feels better about herself..

    • Because jason and Kevin have a good relationship. She’s jealous !!

      I know I always repeat it. But it’s the truth.

    • She was resentful of Kevin never doing anything (winning-wise), but still taking her things. And she didn’t like him talking down to her as a woman and a young person.

      • Her food, cokes, etc. I don’t think the “elder” thing should have anything to do with respect. She just called him “old man” because she knew he’s big on maintaining his youth.

        That said, she has been over the top mean to him. She could have at least given him a beer last night.

      • Yes, she could have, yet, I found it hilarious when Snitchy went to Paul and basically said, she won’t share her beer with me, Daddy. Make her share her beer with me. lolol

      • I was reading that Kevin was waiting for Paul to come out of DR so he could tell him that they weren’t sharing their beer with him. Just reading it the way it was written made me laugh because it sounded like a kid tattling to his dad about something his siblings were doing.

      • Hahaha, that sounds about right. I can actually picture and hear Kevin doing and saying that.

      • It was her beer for winning HoH, and she shared with everyone BUT Kevin. Kevin knew she had beer, and was a little upset she wouldn’t share. I feel bad for him.

      • Even if it was her beer, at this point in the game, it would have been a nice gesture. She’s horrid.

      • I wouldn’t call her horrid lol – BUT I do think the right thing would have been to offer him a beer.

      • When you start calling someone a murderer and they “act” like a pedophile, that’s horrid.

    • Alex’s hate for Kevin is based on the superficial and what she has built up in her own mind. There is no sane explanation for why this bitch has it out for Kevin other than she is petty, just like her dumb hats says….

    • Paul’s played a great BB game. But, all due respect, No Way would he ever win Survivor. At least I don’t think so. then again… No, now way. But, maybe.

    • Really? I strongly doubt that. Paul would actually have to compete in the challenges. After a certain time, there is no voting with the “jungle”. There is no DR and Jeff has a way of making everybody think, not just cornering one person in the DR and giving hints.

      Paul can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people… and definitely not Survivor contestants. Not even Amazing Race. BB is Paul’s game.

      • Don’t forget that Paul won several comps last year. Still, it would be really hard for him to try and win Survivor just from the fact that everyone knows his ability to socialize.

        I’d still like to see Paul and Vic on Amazing Race though, lol.

      • He’d never make it in any other game on tv. He couldn’t handle it. I don’t care for Pau one bit. But he sure played these dumb azzes!!! 😅😂😁😆😄😀😎

  33. You know what would have been really awesome? If Jason won the veto and used it on Alex like he said.

    It would have been an all time terrible move.

  34. Jason will keep in contact with Paul and Kevin…. lol, not Alex? Paul to teach him a lesson because “Paul think he is such a badass”. LOL! Oh my!

    He is so bitter… hold Christmas’ head under water.

    • At that moment, I think the thought that she might have played a part in his eviction was greatly upsetting him. He did mention that he was questioning that.

      • Jason was still shocked and angry at being duped. He thinks Christmas had it out for him since her foot breaking incident. I don’t blame him for thinking that.

        If he had to do it over, humph…. play your own game, pay attention, listen (not just hear, listen)…

        Jason has a way of saying things, just talking, not thinking before he speaks.

      • he was even shocked that the house didn’t have his back and work/pull for him.
        boy, he really thought he was something in there.

      • Yes, he definitely has that “locker room” jock way of spilling garbage. With that being said, I think he was holding back in his eviction interviews, and it was very difficult for him to do so.

      • His exit “interview” was the best one of the season imo. It was raw and he didn’t have time to formulate answers, I could have listened to him all night talking about his experience in the game. He was holding nothing back.

      • I need to look and see if the show is on On Demand yet. I just read Jokers. I had the DVR set, but for some reason it didn’t tape it while I was gone to the game last night. I got home in time to see the last few minutes. But it sounds like it was very entertaining.

      • I fell asleep and missed the first 10 or so minutes of the show. I watched it ON Demand, and he was PISSED. He was between crying and puking and he said he wanted to go back into the house ‘for five minutes.’ He was one sad/mad cowpoke(er).

      • I’ve been there before, and it’s confusing to me. Do you need an account or something? Sounds stupid, I know…but it’s hard to follow.

      • joker is an ugly site, I only go there for the first section “bb updates”
        it’s word for word. I love reddit the best

      • Youtube has the actual video. Type in the search engine “Big Brother 19 Jason Exit Interview”

      • Actually, I’m going to go look her up in the Physician’s Desk Reference. There must be an article on Raven: “The Walking Miracle Woman.” Raven for AFP!!!

      • LOL, I can’t stand Jokers. I have never be able to figure that site out no matter how hard I try. I’ve tried and tried, given it my best college try but I seem to get nowhere.

      • My, my Miss Scah-lett…Ah’m glad it’s not jest lil’ ol’ me!
        Seriously, After K told me to go there and type ‘Quick look,’ or whatever it was (I can’t see; I’m writing directly from my notifications), I still couldn’t figure out what the fuh-hudge was going on. Reddit, either. I don’t understand any other site for BB except this one. I’m not on any social media, so this is all I’ve got.

      • No, don’t go to that site and type that, silly dilly! You’re as bad as my husband. We were out yesterday and I told him to go by the post office. A few minutes later, he pulled up to one of those curb postal boxes. I said, “Honey, I need to go to the post office.” He said, “Why didn’t you say so?” SHA!!
        lol…Go to your search box on Google or whatever you use and type in jokersquickview. Dear God, and I’m much dumber than you! lmbo

      • Hey…leave me alone. I’m a-stoopid. LOL. He went to a post box? That’s funny.
        OK, so I type that into Google. Hold on.
        Here’s what happened. I did that. It took me to the crazy, confusing page full of minute by minute updates. Is that what you’re talking about? Because I can’t read that on my computer without Co-Cola bottles. And it’s still confusing!! I think there’s something wrong with me. I must be ‘tetched.’

      • You’re killing me! When I am trying to tell someone how to do anything on a computer, that is not a good indication. lol Yes, it is a minute by minute update. Sometimes it is updated very often, like every minute or two. Lately, at times, it has been a little slow unless something important is going on. You see the line of numbers at the top, that’s pages. Go to page 3 and you will see Jason’s interview. Anytime you want to refresh your page, there is a refresh prompt below the numbers. Try it goofball!

      • OK. I already watched his interview on Youtube, though. But it’s FINALLY good to know how to use that stupid site!! You always talk about ‘Jokers’ and I never know how to do it. I still think I’m tetched.
        Did you know it’s already after 7 o’clock?! I haven’t eaten anything today. I should probably go do that. Thanks again for the Jokers tutorial. I can’t help it that I’m totally stupid when it comes to computers. That’s one reason I still don’t (and probably never will) have a smart phone. Mine is a flip phone from 2003. Don’t make fun of me.

      • I would be making fun of myself. No social media, and I have sent very few texts. You know how computer illiterate I am. It took me a while to figure out how to use Jokers. Makes me feel good to think I might know something you don’t know, finally!! haha You’ll be asking me tomorrow, “Did you know you could do this at Jokers?” lol….Please, go eat. :)

      • OK, Hunny-Bunny (pretend Ben, our chef, said that—it’s sexier coming from him), I’ll go make a grilled cheese. How does that sound? Then I’ll go read Jokers…once I find my Coke bottle readers. BTW, I think we’re even when it comes to computer (ill)literacy. See you tomorrow, Doll! XOXO

      • Evening, beautiful. And you know that I know how brilliant you are and I’m playing with you. I hope no one thinks I’m serious calling you a goofball. lol

      • Oh sweetie, no one would think you’re serious. Especially if you’re still posting to me after I turned into the crazy-screaming-head the other night.
        They know you love me…crazy, screaming, head and all.
        I’m really going to go eat, but before I do…. thank you again. :)

      • Don’t even get me started with Reddit, talk about a nightmare! LOL

      • I can’t figure that one out. Do you know a better site for updating BB? Jokers must be having trouble getting people to do it because it has been very stingy with info off and on this season.

      • I just use Twitter, the feeds and this site. Jokers is just that, a big joke to me. I can’t seem to figure how it works.

      • Never received a reply from Dr Will about the round table discussion. I guess we will wait and see. Most likely I misunderstood something I read. LOL

      • Thanks. I bet you are correct, though. You always give great info and never said you were absolutely sure about the Dr Will thing. Someone new might be a nice change, unless it’s Frankie Grande. I can’t handle him. Honest to God, I just shuddered mentioning his name. That’s bad. I do that every time I see a snake in my yard, on the highway, or even on TV.

      • IKR On feeds chat, no one will say his name, for fear of conjuring him up. He’s known as “the one that cannot be named”. LOL

      • aha aha..I saw someone say that the other day in a comment and I thought they were talking about Frankie. Oh my!!!

      • Hey gorgeous!!! She did have a part in his eviction, indirectly. She was the one that kept him calm and complacent, per Paul’s orders so Jason wouldn’t start to question why he was on the block to begin with. If he had been more suspicious he might have tried for the veto and taken himself off the block, which is what anyone with 1/2 a brain who is OTB should always do.

      • Hi Lady Fiddle! I hadn’t quite thought about it that way but you are so right. Jason was nuts to let her lead him around by the nose. He might as well have had a bullring in his nostril with a rope tied to it. Then do the same from her to Paul.

      • I’ve said for some time that Alex would be Jason’s downfall.

  35. You know between the interaction of Jason and Josh in the hot tub (where Josh was breaking down) and Josh’s send off message maybe just maybe Jason will have the ephinany needed to influence jury against Paul.

    • Influence the Jury to do what? To be bitter, so they can base their decision on emotion, not game play?..As a BB fan, I don’t want a Jury like that.

      • There’s a difference between just an all out bitter jury and poor social game/jury mismanagement. I feel like Jason is the only one in the jury house who isn’t as likely to vote for Paul based solely on Paul’s goodbye message. I think there’s a level of respect that Paul could have earned had he come clean and told Jason it was his plan and he did it because he wanted to win.

        As for the rest of them, Cody, etc… they might not like Paul, but I think they’ve seen the game he’s played and would vote for him.

      • The vote is subjective. So, I can see an outcome based on game play where Paul doesn’t win. If the vote was based on who worked the hardest, hands down Paul would win.

        I guess we would just cancel each other out if fans were able to vote.

      • Well, That’s where we differ. I go by facts and evidence. There are previous BB winners that I hate, but have no problem giving them my vote. Now if the F2 players have the same score, I might go with the nicer one, the likable one. lol (that’s my bias)

      • Sure. Not trying to be argumentative especially since our positions are circular. …but can’t your “facts and evidenced” be subjective/biased? For me, as a fan, I place a lot of value on how the game is played and not solely on results. Even though Paul is getting results (although games still in play), I simply don’t respect his approach, and, therefore would never vote for him.

  36. if josh thinks he can continue to drag our emotions until the finals without actually making a big move is delusional. he needs to dry his eyes or get off the pot.

    • Thank you! I was practically yelling at the TV last night telling him to quit crying about it and grow a pair and do something!

    • Whose emotions? We all should have been over his crocodile tears long ago. It doesn’t even seem real or sincere anymore.

      • :-) Initially, I felt “poor guy, he misses his mom”. Then his attack on Megan, he cried about it. After all his yelling matches and shenanigans, he cries. CUT it out! and you won’t have anything to cry about. Then he cries because of what others may think about him, then talks about being good, nice, smart, cries more. I truly hopes he grows from this experience.

      • I didn’t see the Megan thing; but, I have seen him cry an awful lot. And yell. He does like yelling.

  37. What kills me about reading all this is ,,Paul would be gone if alot of you people didn,t vote for him to be stay for 3 weeks ….. wow 3 weeks is a long time to be stay in b b….it sucks that b b keeps bring back former house guest and they win… they have the experience of all the backstabbing and pressure of all the comps and all the game played… it sucks for all the new players…. not fair

    • It’s not like everyone knew the house was going to be filled with a bunch of mindless sheep that had no motivation what so ever to actually play the game.. I blame them for this boring season.

  38. You wimps got drunk on 3 beers each ? WTF….i hope you all get carded for the rest of your lives……these idiots would get drunk on non-alcoholic dish water.

  39. How does one come to the conclusion that Kevin was at fault for sending Jason out the door? Alex is a bona fide, brain dead, moronic, bitchy, harpy asshole. I’m so happy Rabies was the one sent out the door and not Kevin. It’s now time for Kevin to pull out all stops, draw on whatever strength and reserves he has and get in the game and send the feral wombat out the door!

  40. Paul. Love him or hate him. I have to say he is the only deserving houseguest to win. Play clean, dirty or disgusting, he’s gotten some pass in the beginning. The dude still made it to final 5. He’s using the rest of them. He’s strategizing and manipulating and bullying. It’s working. This is a game, not life. If his life strategy is his gameplay, sure, id consider him a p.o.s. but what would you do to win a half a million? I’m guessing most of us have never been in this type of situation or have had such an opportunity (gambling and lottery doesn’t count) for such an amount of money. Everyone has said their strategy and many haven’t been able to stick with it. This is a mental and emotional screw up game, not many people haven’t cracked somehow. Ok, he’s a vet…. but that’s not that big of an advantage, really because other players should know how to place him on the block and vote his butt out. Make big moves…. They don’t see what we see! They’re afraid. We would be too and what we think is big, might not be on their radar for personal or gameplay or stupidity. So, these people don’t deserve to win. Paul does. He’s the only one doing anything to advance. The others fall for his crap, that’s on them. If they can’t see through him, why is he the problem? It’s their fault. Disgusting bullying has worked. Id be a bully too if it meant i got that kind of money. Being a nice and honest pushover hasn’t gotten anyone that kind of money, especially in that house. Hasn’t gotten me anywhere in life. So go for it, so whatever you have to in a game with few rules to change your life. Because in the end, everything we do, is just everything we’ve done.

  41. Are the houseguests getting paid to trust Paul so much? I can’t imagine being in that house and just agreeing to whatever Paul says… and alex really you nominate the two people who had nothing to do with getting Jason out – makes no sense to me and now he is her ride or die…. til next week when she is gone. are they getting paid to trust him soo much like a bunch of fools why shouldn’t kevin win and hoh and get rid of alex himself…. she is horrible to him what did he to do her? and why would kevin get out his only friend. They are that brainwashed star struck over Paul? they are that dumb/stupid or it was in the contract and they get more money…

  42. So Alex truly believes that Josh and Christmas are smarter then her, and did this all on their own? Is she also denying that she hasn’t done what Paul wanted, i.e throwing comps? I like Alex, but unless she wins veto, she’s outa there. As for wah wah Josh, at least Raven called him out on her way out, when he was crying and saying he had no choice, he could’ve saved her with the Veto, and they could’ve voted out Kevin. Not much difference between Kevin and Raven to manipulate.

  43. Ha! They were all drunk! That’s why Christmas was talking about liking Paul…… Too funny! So she’s probably walking up today thinking OMG, what did I say to the live feeders?!
    You told us you like Paul! Was it the alcohol talking and because you haven’t seen a real man in months?! She’s probably feeling pretty stupid at the moment. Love it!
    I didn’t know they were drinking. Three beers each, I wouldn’t say Paul was drunk, maybe a buzz but Christmas, Josh and Alex were drunk I’m sure. I think Christmas and Josh were saying they were “light weights in the drinking department” the other day?

  44. Alex questions Josh and Paul, they point the finger at Kevin!?WTF! How on earth could she be that stupid to believe that LMAO Kevin says “Raven did a cart wheel on stage,” Alex says “no she didn’t!” What a biatch! Seriously this girl needs to open her eyes wider! She needs to stop attacking Kevin, what’s the point? Initially I thought? she was doing it to rattle his game? Why does she need to continue this bad behavior? Does she honestly think we the viewers are impressed with her picking on a nice guy!? Does she not realize the backlash she is going to receive because of this?
    Alex is an intelligent person, we saw it at the beginning of this game! She seemed to be a seemingly intelligent person at the time!? How did she become dumb? Seriously! All of them!
    They were either dumb (Josh) and got smarter or they were smart (Alex & Xmas) and became dumb! Too funny! 😁

  45. I thought they discussed throwing the HOH to Christmas, why did Josh win? Did Kevin throw it??
    Alex says she “doesn’t want revenge” (for Jason & her blindside) she wants to go against Kevin! 🤔 Well honey, you don’t have much choice now do you!? Josh is the HOH! What a TWIT!
    Christmas, Josh & Paul discussing how “they have controlled the house for 5 weeks without the hgs knowing!” SERIOUSLY!?!?!?
    No, PAUL has controlled the house including YOU-Christmas & YOU-Josh for over 2 months without ANY of YOU knowing it! What a bunch of morons! UNREAL 🙄

  46. AND lastly…………………
    Does anyone know if the “BB house” make hgs “dumber by the day?”(Alex & Xmas) 🤔
    & if once they leave the house, do they gain back their “intelligence?” or is it gone FOREVER? LMAO 😆

    I guess there are also some “unique circumstances” where “unintelligent people” (Josh) become “intelligent (SLIGHTLY) by the day!”
    Once they leave the house, do they gain back their “unintelligence” 🤔 Or is it gone FOREVER? & they will remain “slightly intelligent?”LMAO 😆

    AND then there is Raven….!! 🤥

  47. These Sociopaths have Stockholm Syndrome! The Social Engineering ‘experiment’, that is BB, is indicative of Society as a whole. Truly pathetic!

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