Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 6: Monday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 19 houseguests decided to lay low Monday evening as production left them scratching their heads over mysterious noises being played over the house speakers.

Josh is overwhelmed on Big Brother 19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 7, 2017:

5:22 PM BBT – Christmas talks with Josh about Raven and the problems she’s causing. Christmas says she’s a wild card and getting more aggressive and negative. Josh says he’ll get closer to Paul so he isn’t suspicious about him (J) and Christmas. Christmas tells Josh she’s the only person she trusts without question.

5:27 PM BBT – Christmas reveals to Josh that has 1.2 million followers combined on social media. He falls over backwards.

5:30 PM BBT – Jessica hopes Kevin will vote against Raven. Cody says he (C) is definitely voting against Raven.

5:40 PM BBT – Christmas reaffirming to Josh that getting out Jessica is better for their game. Paul says he’s working on convincing Elena that no one is after her.

5:50 PM BBT – Paul notes that Mark and Elena are trying to pretend like they aren’t together, but he sees otherwise.

6:00 PM BBT – HGs are gathered in the kitchen for Kevin’s birthday. He was looking forward to announcing the group as the Dirty Dozen and giving them all a new nickname. Cody and Jessica went outside instead of joining his birthday dinner. Kevin settled for the Terrific Ten.

6:35 PM BBT – Big Brother playing a lawnmower sound now to add to the list of random sound effects. HGs are going through all the sounds from today so far.

7:05 PM BBT – It’s time for Kevin’s birthday cake. Jessica is in the Diary Room, but Cody is there. Jessica comes out and wishes Kevin a happy birthday.

7:32 PM BBT – Christmas and Josh talking about the noises they’ve been hearing. Christmas wants to win the HOH.

8:30 PM BBT –  Nothing going on in the house. Everyone is just hanging out chit-chatting.

8:54 PM BBT – Mark and Elena try to figure out who Cody will target if he wins HOH. Elena thinks Alex, Raven or Christmas but not Josh. Elena thinks someone will vote her out this week (at least one vote against her, she thinks).

9:01 PM BBT – Alex says she’ll talk to Cody after the game but not Jessica. Matthew says he thinks Jessica is fun whereas Cody isn’t.

9:08 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody are talking about engagement rings and what size he needs to get her.

9:30 PM BBT – HGs are hanging out in the hot tub, playing pool, cooking food. Nothing going on.

10:50 PM BBT – Mark holding his nightly groveling session with Elena. He tells her she likes him, but she asks him to question if that’s true.

11:30 PM BBT – Alex tells Kevin she’s concerned that Raven is trying to ramp up her game now and has started more game than she did before. Alex tells Kevin they can’t let Raven win the next HoH. Kevin wants to keep Matthew or Mark from winning either, but thinks they’d be safe with Cody winning HoH. Kevin suggests they could just let Cody knock out the competition for them.

11:45 PM BBT – Kevin checks in with Jason about his plan for working with Cody as they discussed in the morning. Jason is on board.

12:05 AM BBT – Kevin says if an ally gets the HoH win then he won’t participate in the Temptation Competition.

12:15 AM BBT – Paul suggesting to Kevin that he (P) can’t win since he’s a Vet and that he’s already too tired in the game. Kevin doubts that Mark would really target Cody like he suggests, but does believe Matthew would do it.

12:30 AM BBT – Paul advises to Kevin that they need to get to the F3 with either Christmas, Josh, or Raven for an easy comp win there. Paul thinks he’s safe with Alex, Jason, and Josh. Kevin suggests Christmas is reliable, but Paul counters that Christmas would turn on him (P).

12:35 AM BBT – Paul asks Josh about what he heard that she was trying to associate him with Elena. Josh explains Christmas suggested Paul was spending too much time with Elena and was trying to save her. Paul countered that he was trying to do damage control for them.

12:40 AM BBT – Paul wants the order of elimination to be Jessica, Cody, Elena, then Mark. Josh is annoyed with Raven because after she volunteered to go up she told Josh that he owed her one.

1:25 AM BBT – Alex wonders about there being a tied vote. Paul says they for sure have four votes against Jessica with Alex, Jason, Kevin, and himself. Josh says he knows how to vote if it’s tied.

1:55 AM BBT – HGs calling it a night and heading to bed.

2:00 AM BBT – Upstairs Josh and Paul discuss their frustrations with Matthew and Raven.

2:05 AM BBT – Paul again using his story that it’s impossible for him to win and it’s so frustrating to play a game he knows he can’t win.

2:15 AM BBT – Paul pushing Josh on the idea that Cody needs to go next after Jessica. He’s worried about Cody making it to a Double Eviction. Josh says they’ve got to watch out for Matthew since he’s a fan of the show and could be downplaying things. Paul says they can get Matthew by pretending he’s a pawn, but Paul still wants Cody, Elena, and Mark out first.

It looks like Josh has settled in to agreement that they’ll get out Jessica this week instead of Elena. There weren’t any new talks today that shifted from that plan, but we’ve still got two and a half days for something to come up and raise concerns. It’ll have to be something major though at this point.

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  1. Christmas is definitely playing Josh. She knows he is super obsessed with loyalty so she is telling him that he is the only she trusts. I think she is playing Kevin too. Probably got wind that he is totally in to her so she is flirting with him big time. She is going to get caught talking out of both sides of her mouth eventually if she isn’t careful. She is probably going to float by since people don’t think she’s a threat then she can’t compete.

    • She is also playing Paul…I posted earlier in another feed that Christmas would be the 1st “ally” to go against Paul…..Just keep watching

      • I agree, but I think Paul is on to that. Josh has been running his mouth and Paul is catching on.

      • Agree,Josh has no clue about what Christmas is up to but Paul is not Josh,he can smell a backstabber while sleeping.

      • That and if BB18 taught me anything, is that Paul is amazing with maneuvering himself from situations that put a huge target on his back. He would have been a big target in the beginning that season with aligning himself with Jozea and Victor, but managed to find his way in the larger group and get that target off his back, mainly by doing goofy things like the whole “Friendship” thing. Then, he could have easily had a huge target on his back when Paulie went nuts, but managed to get his way out of that too.

      • Paul has the perfect attitude and mentality for the game of BB. What is worrisome this season, imo, is this “thing” with Elena. Why would he risk losing the trust of a few HGs for Elena? Paul’s brain seems to be misfiring when it comes to this tease or there is definitely something I am missing.

      • Hi Lynne hope u doing good on my laptop I am dd graves but desk PC shows me as “littlefly” been awhile since I talked with u..

      • Christmas only thinks she is doing something to evict Paul. First, she doesn’t have the votes. Secondly, she wasted her power on denying Cody the chance to compete for VETO and save Jessica. Having Cody and Jessica in the Big Brother House keeps the target on them. Removing them both, shifts the targets on the stragglers, Josh, Christmas, Mark, Elaina. How can they miss that when there is nobody left to target when Cody is evicted?
        Even after Jessica is evicted, one of them will be a nominee for eviction. If Cody escapes by winning VETO then, two of them would be on the block and one going to the jury house for sure! Josh might last longer although, I do not think Kevin will think too kindly about losing his spot for 2nd and $50,000. He will do something to make sure that does not happen!

      • Completely faulty logic.

        If Cody and Jessica are kept in the house as “targets”, that means that the players that would be evicted AFTER Cody and Jessica are simply evicted BEFORE Cody and Jessica.

        There is no advantage for a majority of the players to keep Cody and Jessica. Kevin and Jason would be the exceptions.

        Kevin wants a weapon to take out some of the “floaters” while keeping his hands clean. He’s going to use Cody as that tool. Kevin’s does not want to keep Cody because he’s a bigger target, he wants to keep him as a weapon.

    • 5:40 PM BBT – Christmas reaffirming to Josh that getting out Jessica is better for their game. Paul says he’s working on convincing Elena that no one is after her.

      She is on the chopping block after Cody goes. Who is left to target? These people are just dumb! Common sense is not so common anymore! Unbelievable that she actually believes her game is getting better and not worst? Actually, if Cody is put on the block next, one of them, Josh, Christmas, Mark or Elaina would be on the chopping block. Cody wins VETO and now, two of them on the chopping block and one headed to jury for good! How can they not see that? The next week, rinse and repeat. It is not like Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matthew, Raven are going to put themselves on the block and risk eviction? You cannot fix stupid.

      • Your logic makes NO SENSE!

        If “they” keep Cody and Jessica, that makes Elena safe? If “they” keep Jessica this week, Elena is most likely the evicted player!

        Cody and Jessica staying simply means that OTHER players will be voted out SOONER. Cody and Jessica staying doesn’t protect anyone, it simply hastens the other players evictions.

        Stop and think about what you are writing.

        Common sense is indeed not so common!

      • Never said that about Elaina. Didn’t I say she was on the chopping block as well as Christmas, Josh and Mark. Read it again. It is right there! What I said is keeping Jessica and Cody in the game keeps the target on them! Between Elaina and Raven, Elaina might get evicted but, we do not know that 100%. Lots of things can happen. Sure, other players can be evicted sooner than Cody and Jessica but, if they win HOH, they will target Paul and the other minions keeping those lower on the totem pole safer! Now, if we go by the schedule of Paul, it would be Jessica, Cody, Josh, Christmas, Mark, Elaina. The order of the last 4 can change but, one of them will be on the nomination block with Cody next week if Jessica is evicted this week! How can evicting Cody and Jessica serve those at the bottom? It doesn’t and it is dishonest to suggest otherwise! If they are playing to win that $500,000, they would be trying their hardest to oppose Paul’s plans which does not serve their interests! It is not like Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matthew, Raven will put their asses on the line to save those at the bottom? Not willingly anyway!

      • Sure, you keep believing that.

        Keeping Jessica helps exactly one person, Cody. No one else.

        Cody may prove useful to Kevin to keep around, as a tool.

        At this point, it’s not about “Paul’s eviction order”. But the house’s eviction order. Everyone’s order is slightly different. But a general consensus would look something like this.




        are a little down the list, but their time is coming unless Matt can pull off an HOH and build a better base in the house.

        With five targets in front of them, what incentive is there to keep Cody and Jessica (wildcards that no one is sure what they would actually do, because they have ISOLATED THEMSELVES). Let’s remember, Cody and Jessica could win HOH. They won’t always not be in power.

        Kevin is interested in using Cody, but he can’t use Cody if Jessica is still in the house.

        Look at it from the players perspective, not what will provide you with the most entertainment.

        Jessica is going home. It’s the smartest move for everyone in the house except Cody.

      • It protects the ones higher up on the chopping block. Meaning that yes….. perhaps Jess & Cody are always going to be the first obvious choice but if they continue to stay then that’s a shield for the ones that Paul wants in the end.
        Cuz whether production realizes it or not…. IT’S PAUL’S GAME!!
        He’s the ‘puppet master’.

      • It really doesn’t protect anyone! And it has NOTHING to do with Paul.

        Look at it like this. Let’s just say this is the “preferred” eviction order.


        The longer Jessica and Cody stay the SOONER the people below them on the “eviction order” are voted out.

        Keeping Jessica and Cody would be a smart play for their TEAMMATES, but they don’t have any teammates!

        It is in no one’s best interest, other than Cody’s, to keep Jessica.

        This really isn’t hard people.

      • In your opinion. But it’s not hard to see that the longer Cody & Jess are kept the ones in the HIGHER PECKING ORDER will be safe.
        I guess there’s logic to both sides.
        But I fail to see the logic in your list.
        Just my opinion.
        That’s all

      • We are all entitled to our own opinions, we are not all entitled to our own facts.

        And YES it is hard to see that the longer Cody and Jess are kept in the game the ones in the “higher pecking order” will be safe.

        For every week that Cody and Jess are in the house, one more house guest that would be safe if they were voted out will be eliminated.

        There is no way around that logic. Sorry.

      • I bet you’re sorry…… sorry that you created the ‘preferred list’ based on Paul’s game play. Lol
        I bet that’s not anyone else’s list but Paul’s. Cuz you made him last.
        It appears to me (so that’d be my opinion)
        thAt the upper echelon think they have the numbers with Mark, Raven, Matt & Elena as expendable. Maybe Josh & Christmas make an alliance with Cody & Jess…… and now why would they want that showmances out. (Ok more likely Kevin & Cowboy align with Jody…..but you HAVE TO get my jest…….)

        It’s not rocket science….. it’s a reality show!
        What FACTS or LOGIC are you basing this on??
        Or hang on…… wait a minute…. it’s still just your opinion.

        Anything can happen & as a BB fan I know well enough to ‘EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!’

        Just to remind you…… in case ya forgot.

  2. xmas is smart to play this game, she is really weakened by her injury. at least she is clever to play a head game in the house, although i’m not sure how long she can pull it off when comps/hoh/pov becomes more critical.

    • I think her mental ability is being impaired by some of the pain medications she is on. It is really sad to see this because she could be a stronger player.

      • I don’t know whats going on, she seems to be in a lot of pain. i’m not sure she can last. she said she needed to be in the jury house and not sent home because she can’t take care of herself. she makes Jason feel bad about it and he wants her to go.

      • Doing personal stuff – not Big Brother stuff. I assume that they didn’t tell her and Jason to act like fools in the backyard.

      • I love Jason, but last nite I think I saw him giving josh a piggy back ride too. I think he was given a “time out” I don’t know for sure.

      • It did but I’d imagine they sign a LOT of paperwork stating BB is not responsible for injuries and whatnot.

      • Nope, they sign a waiver. and BB has insurance, so what the waiver says is that HG won’t sue CBS, and will accept what the insurance will be willing to pay. Christmas will get a pretty good settlement from the insurance.

      • It’s the same thing as when you’re at a racetrack or a baseball game. Behind the ticket (small print), it says exactly that. If you’re hurt, they are responsible, but they have insurance, and using your ticket you agree to take the insurance money and promise not to sue for more.

      • yeah but you didn’t sign anything and you weren’t aware. I don’t believe that would hold up in court.

      • It clearly say, by using the ticket you accept. Been challenge many times, always held up. Google it.

      • Did I read somewhere that Christmas is engaged and her wedding is planned almost immediately after BB19 ends? Does she ever talk about her boyfriend / fiancé?

    • Christmas is also getting help from Big Brother. She should not still be in that house. They pulled a major exception for her which I don’t think is fair to the others. It’s one thing where a house guest needed some medical attention, but he/she was back in a few hours. She was gone for days. We all know that the network has their favorites and have tried to slant things their way in the past, but this is just obvious favoritism.

    • She needed to opt out this season and come back next season. It is not fair to her (and especially to the other guests) that she only has to compete in some competitions.

  3. the absolute critical aspect of this weeks eviction is that you don’t go to the jury house.
    so many of these hg’s seem really broke and they need that steady paycheck in there.
    in a small way, a lot of them are breathing a sigh of relief that it’s jess.

    • Finally Raven is on the block, I only wish a miracle could happen and the votes flip on her!!!!

      • DAMN that’s a pay day. I’ve always wondered about this, does Kevin still get the stipend in addition to the 25K or do they forfeit that?

      • Kevin gets to keep the $25,000 plus the $27 plus the stipend. You still have your Uncle Sam waiting to get his cut! Not like you are going to keep each last penny!

      • Understandable but for a guy like him, he probably didn’t walk in thinking he’d last this long or make close to $40K pre tax. He’s going to get hit by CA, MA and federal taxes, but still…20K to do absolutely nothing for 3 months is solid work.

  4. “9:08 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody are talking about engagement rings and what size he needs to get her.”

    I don’t think there’s been a more successful showmance in BB19 than Jody.

  5. “2:05 AM BBT – Paul again using his story that it’s impossible for him to win and it’s so frustrating to play a game he knows he can’t win.” Eh? Oh please! Then quit!

    They should just relieve him of his frustration and evict him next. Raven this week, Paul next.

    • I don’t think he’ll go down like that. Besides, if there’s a Jury BB and Paul is really the only competitor, then he’s almost certainly coming back. I don’t think he’ll turn down 50k that easily.

    • He’s just down playing his game…to keep himself out of the lime light….a bit of misdirection doesn’t hurt.

    • He is totally taking a role from Derrick playbook, Derrick played that card, telling everyone he could never win…Paul is a copycat of Derrick this season…only not as likable

      • That’s very true…..but Derrick came across as a “your best friend” persona….Paul has that more of an over bearing style to his game play….IMO.

      • Uhhhh, seems to be working pretty damn well from my vantage point! He is still in control of the house.

      • I meant the likability, people genuinely liked Derrick and never saw him as a threat, I think the people in this house are all scared to make the 2nd move against him….

      • Gotcha. I generally agree, but I have seen enough rumblings to believe that when they get out the common enemies (Jessica, Cody, Mark, Elena), the “get Paul out” discussions will ramp up.

    • No, it’s just another Paul mind game. He wants the other houseguests thinking, “Oh, we shouldn’t evict/blindside Paul. He says he can’t win!”

  6. “9:30 PM BBT – HGs are hanging out in the hot tub, playing pool, cooking food. Nothing going on.”

    So it seems like the pot scenes and pool fights have subsided…for now. But I don’t understand why Josh would nominate someone (Mark) that he’s trying to repair relations with. Makes me wonder if Mark would retaliate if he got HOH next week.

  7. “6:00 PM BBT – HGs are gathered in the kitchen for Kevin’s birthday. He was looking forward to announcing the group as the Dirty Dozen and giving them all a new nickname. Cody and Jessica went outside instead of joining his birthday dinner. Kevin settled for the Terrific Ten.”

    Makes me wonder if there’s a bigger sore loser in the house than Jessica.

    • Can’t blame her….she went through a lot of vicious attacks last week…between herself and defending Cody….can’t blame her bitterness.

      • Still…it’s someone’s birthday, and the HG celebrating their bday doesn’t even dislike you as much as the majority of the house. At least show up to the dinner.

      • She told him ahead of time that she wished him a Happy Birthday but that she didn’t want to be around the other houseguests. He was okay with that…..and considering that only Mark (matt half-way) took up for them while the others kept quiet – I don’t blame her. Kevin didn’t bully her but he didn’t stand up for her, either.

      • I don’t know that it’s bitterness as much as being used to things going her way and now having to deal with the alternative. She has a very nasty, vicious mentality. When someone often talks about doing violent things to people, as Jezebel does, it starts making me think she is not joking at all, but saying what she really thinks. And yes, I do blame her for most everything negative that has happened to her, and the victim mentality is not working on me.

      • Your banner cracked me up. My husband heard me laughing and saw I was on the computer and said ” What’s Cyril up to?” lolol

      • He’s a funny macho guy and even funnier (and sweeter) when he drinks. You two would have anybody within earshot rotf, no doubt!

      • the delicious irony is that she wanted to “be the life of the party” who the house couldn’t stand to be without
        she is sorely lacking in self awareness.

      • Jess and cody have been acting like they are better than everyone in the house since Cody was HoH. In fact, this whole thing with the house going after them started with Cody’s HoH. Their behavior when he was HoH was pretty bad and its been pretty bad ever since. Jess has her social moments, but overall she is pretty arrogant.

      • The one thing that you have correct is that it started after Cody’s HOH – where he had to put almost one-third of the house on the block – and one in a very short time. IF Paul didn’t get that secret ‘save”, then the whole house would have been loving Cody for putting Paul up because they are just sheep who float to the strongest player…and are petty on top of that.

      • It’s not putting Paul up or having to change his Noms that pissed everyone off. It’s the fact he didn’t tell anyone what he was doing and just went for it. They were all supposed to be his alliance and he just went for it. You don’t do that with people you just met and expect them to trust you afterwards.

  8. I have the perfect strategy for cody to possibly keep jessica in the game. He has to go to kevin and jason and say “look guys if u want me in on your alliance you need to show me loyalty. On eviction night you need to give 2 votes to Raven. In total it needs to be 3, if you say yes now and you vote the other way..when i’m hoh you guys are automatically going up. If you keep your word i’m in. Then he goes to Mark and gives him the same deal. Now that’s 4 votes for Raven making it a tie. Then go to Josh and tell him if it’s a tie vote out Raven and i”ll give u 2 weeks safety and then tell paul that i threatened your game 5 mins before eviction night and you didn’t have time to talk to him….What do you guys think? Might work?

    • Yes…it could work….and at this point what does he got to lose….he knows if Jess goes…he’s next….unless he’s able to save himself for the upcoming weeks.

      • I agree it could work…anything is possible in the BB house, but the only downfall is that Jason has no backbone and he will run right to Alex and Paul, which will give them time to fix it…

      • First of all, Cody is not adept enough socially to come up with a plan like that.

        Second, of course Kevin and Jason have a choice! They can chose to say NO!

        Cody is not Green Lantern! His force of will is not strong enough to bend the direction of the entire house. Cody is not trusted because he has chosen to isolate himself and his decisions from the group.

        You offered you fantasy view of what Cody could do. Here’s the reality of what he will do.

        Next week he will sulk and isolate himself as much as possible from the rest of the house. He may win HOH next week and isolate himself even more in the HOH room.

        And at the end of the week, when his target is not voted out, he will AGAIN stomp his widdle feet and pout, whining that Big Brother is just not fair!

      • just checked the feed, he’s sitting up in bed just looking out into space. that’s his game!

      • It makes sense if you understand a little about Cody. Read up on something called the Dunning–Kruger effect.

        In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein persons of low ability suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority derives from the metacognitive inability of low-ability persons to recognize their own ineptitude. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, low-ability people cannot objectively evaluate their actual competence or incompetence.

        Cody IS a good physical player, but he has no clue as to how one actually plays Big Brother.

      • I had to read this 3 times, but I get it,
        that must suck to have that disorder.
        thank you doctor

      • He’s one of the few in the house who actually tried to play the game. Paul’s lame “four weeks of safety” threw him off….along with the rest of the house’s inability to think.

      • I’ll agree, the Paul safe for 4 weeks sucked and was BS. But did himself no favors being a douche canoe to everyone ever after that. He never tried to do damage control or fix his relationships. Even if the Paul thing would have worked, a guy like him would end up in the same spot eventually.

      • Don’t allow your dislike of Paul, to cloud your perspective.

        Paul would have been safe that first week even if he didn’t have safety. Why? because he successfully built relationships.

        He made the others FEEL important.

        The one thing that I have clearly taken away from my time watching Big brother is just how true this Maya Angelou statement is:

        “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

        This game is not just about winning comps and picking people to go on the block. That was/is Cody’s problem.

        One needs to build consensus. Cody has absolutely no clue how to do this.

      • I haven’t missed a season except for OTT – the ONLY reason why Paul is doing well is because he is surrounded by people who don’t understand the game….and haven’t watched very many seasons.
        Cody has – so, he tried to backdoor him. Paul is a bully and the others are clueless and are waiting to be kicked off.

        If they think that he cares, it is because they didn’t obviously watch his season and/or are unintelligent.

        There are competition beasts who can with this show and there are people who have to rely on their “relationships”. Both have won – it depends upon how childish the jurors are…..

      • I find this interesting.

        When reading Big Brother forums over the years, often people post that the current players “just don’t understand the game” as the reason why a player that they personally don’t like is winning the game.

      • Because unlike most of the other guests, Cody has actually been watching the show for years…..but was surrounded by people who are the worst players (and people) in BB history?

      • You sure wouldn’t know it. Does he understand that talking to other people like they are people and not his subjects is also part of the game?
        Sorry if I keep commenting on all your posts, but you replied a lot with interesting posts and I like the banter.

      • He’s surrounded by petty mean bullies? And ones who act tough but would run, crying, from him if they didn’t have the safety of BB Production? And then let’s add in the ones who don’t have any ability to think for themselves and are just blindly following the biggest bully in BB history (Paul) to their doom?

      • Boo hoo hoo, poor widdle Cody. He dug his own grave, right along with his little girlfriend.

      • I just offered my’s not going to happen because cody is really bad at this game.

      • LOL!

        You’re right Cody is really bad at this game!

        The fact is, it’s in everybody’s best interest (except Cody’s) to VTE Jessica.

        In fact, in order for Kevin to actually want to work with Cody, Jessica MUST be evicted. Kevin wants to be in Cody’s ear and as long as Jessica is there, that can’t happen.

    • Won’t work. Kevin and Jason want to work with Cody and Paul. Cody has no leverage, he’s alone against 9. Can’t make any demand.

      • Odds are not in his favor. Plus why would you want another week of feeds with 2 cameras on Cody&Jess all the time.

      • I think if they make it another week..mark and elena will go back to them because they don’t fit anywhere

      • That’s would be the worse possible outcome for everybody, HGs and feedsters. Jess need to go before jury. After that who goes when doesn’t matter.

      • they don’t need a camera, you can hear her screaming all over the house. she’s never really far away.

      • You have to remember this is a numbers game. He has the loneliest of numbers…..There is always a chance he could win HOH, but that will be true every week.

      • yeah but you have to remember he has checked out of this numbers game weeks ago! he knows he isn’t going to win so he’s just going to take out as many ppl as possible. That’s his objective right now.

    • What Cody and Jessica can offer is their jury votes! That counts more and has more of a leverage for anyone to say, get 2 votes from the jury right from the bat! Make it, whoever of them make the Finals will get their 2 votes! That is big of itself. Of course, keep it hush hush. The trade off is they have to vote out Raven who is on the block! Kevin and Jason might like that, even Alex! Mark can be persuaded to vote out Raven too!

      • Princess Butthole and her Creepy Consort aren’t jury votes that can be won or worked for. They will vote based on personal feelings, not based on the game. It’s why they need to get Jess out before jury.

      • People in the house are complaining of name calling & then here you are doing the same thing. It’s Jessica & Cody – just in case you forgot….. be nice. It does nothing to the conversations if you’re just mean.

      • Correction, it’s Princess Butthole and her Surly Consort. Don’t like it, don’t read it. These fools put themselves on TV/feeds, not me. I will call them whatever I like.

      • Plus if Jess would stay another week, they would spend it again, separate from everybody. Who would want to work with Cody that way.

      • Just get them out. Those two doesn’t know how to play Big Brother…terrible players!

    • I don’t know about you, but threats are not going to work on me. I doubt Kevin or Jason will take kindly to threats from Cody either.

      “Look son, Jessica is getting voted out on Thursday. The die is cast. We’re offering you, in good faith, an opportunity to play the game to our mutual benefit. If you don’t like that, sorry kid, but you don’t get to dictate terms.”

      Cody got into this mess because he’s a bully. The best strategy when you’re in a hole?


      • Cody will reply “i stopped playing the game long time ago i’ve just been playing jessicas game..if she goes then you go right after her. I have nothing to loose. I know i’m not going to win. You have by sunset to give me an answer”

      • Do you really think threats are going to work?

        The only reason Kevin wants to work with Cody is to use him as a tool. If your tool doesn’t work for you, it gets thrown away.

        If Cody made a threat like that to me, I’d dress him down in front of the entire house.

      • of course threats work…kevin has 7 kids. None of these people have been able to make a move because of big bad paul. Cody is done with the game. He wanted to self evict. When you know your days are numbered it doesnt matter if you get the shorter end of the stick. In his head he already won..a relationship.

      • cody has a young child and is in arears with child support. he seems
        this close to homelessness…he needs the money more that kevin whose kids are grown

      • The only way I would give Cody any money is if he could get a personality transplant….make that get a personality

      • Kevin was mad, he just didn’t let on in the moment. Later on in the night, he was retelling the story to Paul and he couldn’t believe what an idiot Cody was/is. He was literally dumbfound and at a lose of words.

      • You’re talking about a guy that has zero leverage to even talk like that. Unless he wins the next HoH, he should start begging now, he’s next.

      • exact reasons why people fear him..which gives him somewhat of a leverage. Cody would be an asset to an alliance whether he is likable or not.

      • Cody would ONLY be an asset if he were a team player. To this point in the season he has proven himself to be the opposite of a team player.

      • But, that’s all he has, nothing else. Playing BB isn’t all about winning comps.

    • NO. Princess Butthole needs to be ejected, preferably over the wall, out of a cannon and then they can work on Raven and the rest of them.

    • Cewl! Let’s hope so to even the playing field & make everyone stop playing Paul’s game.

  9. Would’nt it be amazing if they woke up and BD’d Raven? that would really shake things up in an otherwise kind of blah season!

  10. Paul is planting the seeds in people’s heads for the finale already. Sure, he isn’t as nice as Derrick was, but he is a decent player who is playing from the same playbook. I would love to see him and Kevin go far in this game!

  11. I keep reading all of this “Cody can’t play Big Brother”. Cody was actually pulling a strong, smart move in targeting Paul (when he had to nominate about 1/3 of the house); however, Paul had that lame safety of four weeks. Sooooo…..Cody was playing BB the way that it needed to be played. Josh should have backdoored Paul this week.

    • Cody proved he has no idea how to play the game when he went rogue on his team. One of the dumbest moves in BB history ever. He’s been paying, deservedly, for that HUGE ignorant move every since.

      • Yup, he was definitely not built to play big brother that’s for sure.
        But I still do think if he was able to back door Paul week one, his alliance (the showmanses etc.) would have ended up agreeing with Cody’s decision, understanding why he didn’t tell any of them and they would have voted out Paul.
        I don’t think anyone had any real allegiance to Paul at the time!? And they all felt Paul needed to go sooner than later.
        Cody’s biggest mistake was then nominating Christmas. It clearly was the demise of his game.
        If they got Paul out week one, I still don’t think Cody would’ve done well because he has zero social skills, but it would’ve at least been a better game instead of watching Paul easily control and train puppy dogs! They are very obedient LOL 🐶 roof roof

    • Well there is more to the game then just making a bold move. The house guests have all just met each other and don’t really know each other yet.
      Cody decides to not tell the people whom he is allying with that he is going to make a huge move. You don’t think maybe that could cause some trust issues with him? Then to make it worse, instead of trying to repair relationships and do some damage control, he instead decides to seclude himself and act like an arrogant jerk off. And for no real reason other than people didn’t vote his way.
      That’s not good game play dude.

      • Exactly,Cody took a careless shot at the king and missed,very foolish and has been going downhill ever since,he expects the other guests to bow down to his demands,doesn’t work that way on BB.

    • His mistake was that he played the game like a lone wolf, even on week one. The people who were in his alliance then lost trust in him. To make this season interesting, Paul and Cody should let by gones be by gones and ally with each other. Do it secretly and pick off the floaters week by week. The final 2 get money anyway so neither of them go home empty handed. Get Ms. Munchausen out first than make a decision week by week.

      • Why should Paul let bygones be bygones with Grody? He’s shown no interest in anything other than Princess Butthole, hell, Princess Butthole isn’t even campaigning to stay in the house, which tells me it’s time for her to leave, way past time for this entitled twat, who loves to stick her fingers up peoples butthole’s. Cody has proved over and over again, he wants nothing to do with anyone other than Jessica, which is more than fine, but how can anyone expect any of the HG’s to want to team up with this asshole, especially Paul.

      • I personally don’t like Cody but it would make this season interesting. As the season goes on I like the house guests less and less. Paul is the only real player and please, its not because he’s a vet or bully. I want him to win.

    • I agree!
      Cody targeting Paul early was a good move! It backfired but it was a good move if Paul didn’t have that stupid safety

  12. oh boy, just checked the feeds and jody has their perch on the hammock already.
    fun day.

  13. Okay, I know I am little late getting caught up on last night. But…Jessica and Cody did not participate in Kevin’s birthday party?! I am so sick of these two jackasses. I hope Jessica walks out that door tomorrow, but I know Production won’t let that happen. Damn, this young woman is a real piss ant.

  14. Awwww is poor Paul tired…… It’s tough calling the shots I guess!
    It must be exhausting constantly trying to be in 10 different places at one time because you have to be in charge! No one is allowed to talk unless Paul is present!! Gag

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