Big Brother 19 Schedule: Another Friday Mystery Episode Ahead

Big Brother appears to be stretching itself out over the CBS schedule again next week with an upcoming bonus Friday episode on the network’s schedule for August 18th at 8/7c.

Big Brother on CBS

Big Brother 19 has been cleaning up this summer in the ratings so it’s no surprise that CBS may be giving it more opportunities to shine, but as for what’s happen, we don’t know! It appears to be a mystery episode waiting for us next Friday.

You’ll remember the last time they did a Friday show this summer was the big ol’ Battle Back where Cody returned to the game just two and a half weeks ago. Since then only one HG has been evicted, Ramses, and we know he’s out in the wild. So could there be another Battle Back? Ehh, maybe, but that seems pretty quick to be happening again.

With just one evictee released in to the wild since the last special Friday episode of Big Brother 19 we’d only have at most 3 if they sequester this week’s evictee and there’s a Double Eviction next week. If this week’s evictee is released and if there’s no DE next week then we’d only have 1 Juror come the 18th.

We have not heard anything about a DE yet, but we’d usually hear about those one week in advance so we’ll have to listen out for details from Julie. We’ll probably also hear more about the August 18th show on this Thursday’s episode.

So what could it be? That same week of August last year delivered the Friday episode with the carnival events and Ziggy Marley’s backyard concert. They filmed the episode earlier in the week and then had to work around that week’s evicted HG to make it look like it happened after the eviction. I’ll never understand why Big Brother feels the need to lie to its audience like that.

That episode, featuring the return of Jessie as well, was a big ol’ clip show with some lame set up moments like the kissing booth between James and Natalie. If you’re glad they’re still together, then be sure not to Google the latest on them.

So it could just be a clip show but I’d hope for something more exciting. There won’t be very many evicted HGs available for any sort of competition events but maybe Big Brother has a new trick up its sleeve.

What do you think could be happening with a possible special episode next Friday the 18th? More competitions? Clip show? Or maybe just a fluke and it turns out to be nothing at all? Share your thoughts below and we’ll watch out for more details from CBS to share.


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  1. I feel certain it has something to do with the sound clips that are playing in the house today.

  2. They can;t have a double eviction until the den of tempations third nom is done and that is next week. They said three weeks

  3. So is this why they had a lockdown after the Veto comp? Another type of comp that offers a bonus to hgs instead of a temptation?

    • I doubt that would be the reason since it it scheduled until next week. However, I am thinking maybe a special “TAPED” eviction show before the DE but that would require for us to see the evicted person during the live eviction. Maybe it is a rodeo episode. I am totally confused as to what it could be but I bet you anything. one of these HG’s will let it slip before we get to see it.

  4. Yeah, I also don’t understand why BB likes to erase people from events. They just need to be honest and say, “Before Eviction” or whatever. I personally hope this special episode isn’t a clip show. Those clearly are an old television mechanic that we don’t need anymore.

    • You think Megan changed her mind about self-evicting? That would be unusual since she’s never been sequestered and has been tweeting posts regarding hgs! Lol

      • Please tell us what she has said about these HG’s. I would really love to hear what she had to say.

  5. yeap, I have a feeling it might be another carnival/fair event with a concert, like they did last year. But otoh could a second eviction for 2nd juror. Like a fast forward week like they have done before, instead of a double eviction in the live show. Remember they have to do 2 DE before the end of the season.

  6. They could do a DE or even a TE. The last temptation comp is Sunday. There are too many hgs left. 2 night episode?

    • Ahahahaha…I zoomed in and that dude in the photo is more Kevin’s age than Matt’s! hahahahahahaha

      • I know silly :-) you’re not supposed to zoom in LOL you’re supposed to observe it the way I did. Laying on a chair suntanning and reading stuff on here. Glancing up and seeing a guy in a similar colour sleeveless top with what looked to be salt and pepper hair from a very far distance.
        I was just being silly, not referring to him as a twin by all means. 😜
        I think everyone completely missed what I was getting at. My fault.
        What was meant to be funny clearly didn’t make sense to anyone. Sorry LOL πŸ˜‚ 😘

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        I came on here to decompress and have some fun but for some reason some person decided to start trolling & negatively commenting on a lot of my comments including this one of me “seeing Matt across the street”
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      • It’s okay, relax, take a deep breath. Tell your mom to put her legs up. Don’t put any pressure on the back of her legs. Keep cold/cool away from back of legs; if anything, warm.
        I looked at the pic, with your ‘Matt’ ‘making water’, and cracked up lmao. Didn’t care about color discrepancy, possible difference of age, known location of Matt, etc. I, also, thot it was laughable, also. Funny and I did make an out loud ga-faw!!! Thanks for your humor. :-)

      • Honestly I thought Matt’s shirt was a similar color!?! LOL I thought he wore a yellow/orange-ish shirt. I’m so confused LOL what colour shirt does he always wear?
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      • Thanks babe! Your comment made me smile! Normally somebody like that would not get under my skin, it was just a bad day. Thank you again XOXO ❀️ X0 😘

  7. Well If there is a double evict next week and they KEEP Jess in sequester- 3 battle back- 1st 2nd 3 rd place. One comes back one to jury one goes home= Why do a double? Unless they want the sweethearts in jury together. Seems more likely a clip show. I hope so Because they like a jury buy back also soooo who the hell knows

  8. James and Natalie are having issues? I thought they where destined to always be together in love like one of those couples from Rock of Love or Love Island.

      • To be fair, she allegedly used money he asked fans raise for her family in Venezuela to start a business for herself. A lot of he said-she said went on, but it appears that Natalie is exactly who we thought she was.

      • Yup…she sure is. I didn’t want to believe it, but sadly I saw something like this possibly occurring once BB was over.

      • Guess I’m cynical – I took her for a user from day 1. James was her 3rd choice (after Victor & Corey turned her down!), so I wasn’t buying her butter-wouldn’t-melt persona.

      • I feel ya! I basically said the same thing and got shot down for it by other viewers. But I still stand by my predictions then and was glad to know I was right after all!

      • Yeah, her fans gave me a ton of ish for dragging her, too, but we had her pegged. Sorry they were gullible, but she’s a nasty piece of work.

      • Agreed. James may be fame-hungry, but I believe he has a good heart & means well. I hope, moving forward, he makes better choices about who he allows into his life – and Bayley’s! :)

      • Not that I wish evil things on anyone, but I am really glad it turned ugly. Insecurities makes a person do stupid things, but when you are an adult one should know better. Natalie was using him in the game and wanted to get famous. she thought because he had fans that he was actually famous. LMAO!! I did like them on the show because it was entertainment only, but not outside.
        Nicole and Cory are also not together. I wonder why.

      • Corey and Nicole aren’t together anymore because 1) the distance factor and 2) he really wants to be more than buddies with Paulie. Ahahaha on the latter. I still swear Corey is still in the closet. But I could be wrong. Time will tell if it hasn’t already! :-)

      • You believe Paulie is gay? I just thought he was a hot head who didn’t treat women or anyone else very well that he disliked.

      • In a recent interview I read that Nicole said the 2 past BB cast members she speaks with the most are Paul and Hayden.

      • There is a 28 minute youtube video from James talking about what went wrong. If you watch that you’ll get the general idea of how it went down, from his side anyway.

  9. Maybe it’s a surprise eviction episode. They’ll do everything live in that hour right there? That would take care of one of the many house-guests they have to evict within the next month and a half or so.

  10. I skipped the Ziggy Marley episode. I dispose clip shows, so if they do it again count me out!

    • yah, but Raven was a-hugging on Paul at end of Sunday’s issue of “The Edge of Dull,” “Search for Excitement,” “As the Stomach Churns,” “Days of our Dull,” “Young and the Witless,” “The Guiding PuppetMaster/Vet/Weiner Dog/Douche Bag/Boss Man.” (take your pick our insert one of your own). Please excuse references to prior, historical soap operas, but isn’t that pretty much just about what we’re watching? Plus more sex via sounds than some of those WAY-BACK historical time capsules of “The Soap Operas.”

  11. Saw this on my guide. Yay 3 episodes back to back. Hope it’s not like the carnival one last season. Wonder what it could be? Production trying to keep Jody together for jury?

  12. Looked at my tv listings for Friday and it has MLB Baseball during that time slot, starting at 7:00 p.m. ET.

  13. God! I am so sick of this horrible show dragging on. I hope is not another one of those non episodes waste of the time shows.
    I would love a double or even triple eviction this upcoming week and for the show to end earlier like it used to be.

  14. Well it’s not a buyback because Ramses already is back on Twitter, and it can’t be a Jury buyback because jury doesnt start until next week. So yes, it’s a recap episode more than likely

  15. I’m hoping it’s a special eviction. With all the hexes and the buyback, combined with everyone constantly at each others’ throats, this season has, somehow, managed to feel like both too much AND not enough has been happening.

    • She got rid of that last week when her and Cody were on the block. HGs said they’d vote for (Cody?) but she was afraid she’d get all the votes so she used it. By using it, she stopped the eviction voting before it was done. BB showed a few more bits and pieces of the couple days. She had to have told production b/c they didn’t go to the eviction set-up til :30-:35 after. They then started the HOH comp and had to prompt and push the HG to hurry up their ‘putting’ set-ups cause time running out. That’s when Josh won HOH by luck.

  16. Doubt there’s a battle back…we’re nearly 50 days in (over halfway there) and there are still 12 people in the house…production will be more rushed in the 2nd half of the season.

  17. Time for an actual game! To predictable, boring. I understand that the psychological part of the game. They have gone overboard with it. We don’t know what Cody has been through. He still is not my favorite, but hell, juice up the game. Stop some of the bullying!

  18. I’ve been reading and they say ratings are up this season of BB. Fans seem to be just as divided as the house… Either team Jody or team Paul. I’m thinking it’s got to be a twist. If not for Jody. Then at least for some other HG to strategize againist Paul. Or atleast talk…Just my thoughtsπŸ€”

  19. So if Jess is evicted and she wins a battle back I will start to think this show is really rigged.

  20. Probably just an episode of their half way party which was filmed last night while feeds were down over 90 minutes. It won’t be another battle back because there won’t be enough people in jury.

  21. Come on production bring back Jessica like seriously this season is nothing without her because her and cody were the only once making game moves

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