Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 2: Monday Night Highlights

It was a quiet but tense evening in the Big Brother 19 house as Cody’s eviction and Christmas’ surgery loomed following her announcement to the HGs that she’d be leaving but soon returning.

Kevin is Joe Cool on Big Brother 19

With this week’s plan all but executed, the majority of the house set their sights on Ramses and Jessica next week. And as of now, the inner circle of the core group wants to go after Ramses before Jessica. Read on for details on that and more.

Read Monday’s daytime highlights report before moving on to the night’s news to get the whole story.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 10, 2017:

3:25 PM BBT – Mark talks with Kevin and reaffirms their long term deal. (Mark was just having a similar talk with Josh and earlier with Jason.)

3:30 PM BBT – Paul is puffing up Josh telling him how great he’s doing and how he’s improving while dissuading him from letting Jessica get to him. Josh is excited to get this close to Jury.

3:35 PM BBT – Paul is camera talking and hopes to soon lay low and coast while the other HGs battle it out. Paul is pleased with how he was able to turn everyone against Cody so quickly.

3:45 PM BBT – Jason can’t believe the other side believes Kevin voted out Jillian like Alex is telling him. Alex advises him they should put up Jessica and Ramses to get the target off their own back.

3:55 PM BBT – Josh advises Jason to talk poorly about Ramses and Jessica to curry favor with the other side.

5:10 PM BBT – Matt and Mark agree that Ramses’s chance is over in the game since no one will trust him again.

6:13 PM BBT – Christmas came back and let the other HGs know she’ll have to leave for surgery but will be back on Thursday.

6:20 PM BBT – Jessica and Christmas are having a heart to heart. They’re discussing why each of them are upset and targeting the other. Jessica feels very victimized while Christmas was upset for them coming after her.

6:35 PM BBT – After much talking they hug and agree to be nicer to each other and try to get along.

7:00 PM BBT – Christmas tells Matthew and Raven the doctor warned her this will be more painful than the break and it will be an intense procedure.

7:50 PM BBT – Christmas says her surgery is scheduled of 3:30 on Wednesday and will last 4 to 6 hours. She says she’ll be in a lot of pain at first but the pain will decrease quickly.

7:56 PM BBT – Jason tells Kevin he doesn’t care what the others think. He says they can think he’ll be the first one on the jury house but he has other plans.

8:28 PM BBT – Dominique says Jessica told her that Cody said their relationship is for the game only and won’t be a real life thing for him. Dominique wonders if he really fell for Jessica though.

8:32 PM BBT – Paul, Dominique and Christmas agree that the next nomination targets are Jessica and Ramses. Talk turns to the $25,000 from night one. Paul asks the others if they’ve concluded that Ramses got the money. Alex thinks he did and suggests he go home before Jessica. Alex says it couldn’t have been Kevin (hehe) because Kevin was too busy taking his clothes off from the heat.

8:37 PM BBT – That group decides that Ramses goes next and they can get Jessica the following week.

8:48 PM BBT – Christmas says that Jessica told her this is the lowest point of her life. Alex brings up the fact that Jessica’s father passed away and says shouldn’t that have been the lowest point in her life? Dominique says that says a lot about her. Paul agrees that his father dying would be a much lower point than time in the Big Brother house.

8:50 PM BBT – Alex and Christmas agree that Jessica is only doing the show for her 15 minutes of fame and don’t think she’ll be interested in Cody outside the house. They recall her saying he’s not even her type.

8:53 PM BBT – Production has left Big Brother swag in the storage room. The HGs go in there to take some of it for themselves.

9:00 PM BBT – HGs just hanging out, playing pool and chit-chatting. Everything is calm.

9:27 PM BBT – Talk about game twists come up. Alex thinks Jillian is in sequester waiting for a chance to return.

10:05 PM BBT – Pool tournament has been going on. HGs are discussing nothing substantial.

10:40 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex that Cody seems mad at him because when he just tried to talk to him Cody just stared at him and said nothing. Jason thinks it’s because he clapped during the the veto ceremony.

10:51 PM BBT – Jason tells Kevin that he knows Ramses got the 25K. Kevin says if Ramses gets to jury then he’ll end up making more money than the 2nd place finisher (not sure about that).

10:53 PM BBT – Alex tells Kevin that Ramses is still trying to pin the Jillian vote on him.

11:20 PM BBT – Mark and Elena wonder if Cody will be happier outside the house and interested in hanging out together.

11:40 PM BBT – Paul, Mark, and Kevin discussing some of the random things Christmas has been saying and they’re not sure if she’s making sense and if it’s connected to the pain killers she’s on.

12:03 AM BBT – Dominique’s birthday has arrived. HGs celebrating while Jessica and Cody hide elsewhere and talk about how all their allies abandoned him. They don’t think there’s anything to fight for this week. Birthday dances for Dominique in the kitchen by Jason, Raven, and Josh.

12:20 AM BBT – Dominique is keeping a close eye on how many treats Mark is eating. She tells him to slow it down.

12:40 AM BBT – Josh is giving Christmas a pep talk for her surgery on Wednesday saying she’s just as strong mentally as physically.

12:50 AM BBT – Few of the HGs are playing charades.

1:35 AM BBT – Christmas tells Kevin that Jessica’s apology wasn’t very good and she wasn’t impressed with her saying if I may have offended then I might apologize.

2:05 AM BBT – Lights are out and HGs are off to sleep.

Things are running a bit quieter at the moment than earlier on Monday with Cody now in the eviction position. HGs are feeling good that they’ve got at least a few more days before having to worry about being the next target, but they’ll fix that soon enough.

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  1. 11:20 pm is Jody in the HN room and everyone playing pool… I’m confused

  2. Ramses and Kevin are polar opposites, everyone’s first thought is to blame Ramses, and their second thought is to assure themselves it couldn’t be Kevin. It’s pretty funny actually, heh.

    • I feel bad for Ramses. He seems like a good kid. I’m voting for him to win the Halting Hex. I know it’s a longshot, but it’s all I got.

      • That and he’s just a chill dude, the younger generation respects that. he doesn’t act like their father. He lets them control conversations and just listens, they really like him, he could go a long way in this game

    • I wish Ramses would just confront Kevin and say I voted to keep Jillian, why are you lying? But everyone already believes Kevin so maybe a lost cause? Poor kid.

      • Ramses feels he didn’t need to do that…he feels his loyalty was to Cody and he did tell them he did not vote to evict Jillian, since she was his friend.

      • Ramses shouldn’t do it that way, he’s too weak in the game now. I’d find a different way besides confrontation, but I will definitely get the job done. I agree on that aspect.

  3. Josh is really starting to grow on me. Yeah hes over the top so you have to take him in doses but once jury hits I can really see him going deep if he just continues to be self-aware and listen to advise on how to improve his social position.

    • I don’t think Josh is a bad person. He’s just more misguided and needs someone to give him the right advice. In a way I feel pretty bad for the guy. He’s emotional and hot headed but deep down he’s a scared little kid who wants to do the right thing for once.

      Didn’t help that Cody and Jess constantly hammer on the kid.

    • You’re right. He just irritates me. Dont kill me but Ramses is growing on me:-0. Which is complicated because I’m cheering for Paul. I kinda want him to give Ramses another chance and do jessica and jason in asap.

  4. Watching BBAD last night – Jessica gets to ignore her toad costume curse – most of the time it’s just hanging at her waist while she is changing clothes or doing her makeup or fixing her hair or on her way to or from the pool. Rarely even see Cody. I don’t care for Jason much in the game, but at least he complies with the toad costume requirement. Don’t understand why production isn’t on Jessica about that.

    • I am replying to myself just to say a warm hello to someone – and you know who you are :)

      • I’ll bet you know, too. Have seen no posts from our missing person, but quite a few upvotes, so that put a smile on my face. I feel like I have a guardian angel!

      • Yes, me too. She was very welcoming to me last year when I first started posting.

    • Hopefully Production will address this issue at a later time – like when it will inflict the most punishment. In the mean time, the other HGs must see this lack of respect for the rules and I would hope this would continue to rack up points against her. UNLESS – you dont think she’s going to self evict with Cody?

      • Self-serving to say it, another thing to do it. I don’t think Jessica will take her little self away from the cams.

      • Chima was a former cast member from what I hear other people say who feigned being innocent when actions proved otherwise!

      • And got booted out when she threw her microphone which was the final straw for CBS. She was bad news

      • Thanks, Joni, you always come to the rescue – I sure don’t remember that one!

      • That was BB 11 in 2009. When Chima was HoH on week 5, her nominee were replace by a Coup d’Etat (by Jeff S.), so she was pissed off for that. The next week she was put on the block and was going to be evicted anyway, so she basically threw a temper tantrum, refuse to go to DR and wear her microphone and after a few call from BB to put on her microphone, she refuse and threw it in the pool. So Grodner herself called her to DR and she never came back. That was day 42. That was the 1st season of Jeff and Jordan.

  5. I feel so sorry for Ramses. I hope he wins the halting hex!!!
    I also hope Kevin follows through with his hinky vote and it blows up in his face. Maybe the HG will start to realize Ramses isn’t the one who flipped his Jillian vote or took the 25g.
    I’m still super disappointed in Alex for turning on another alliance member. I hope she gets voted out before Ramses and Jessica.
    On that note I am off to vote.

    • However, Ramses gets a big “F” (flunk) for trying to win that veto … should have given himself a cover like telling them upfront he was going for it and would use it to ensure the house plan … or telling them upfront that he didn’t think he would be able to resist using it on himself – either one might have saved him a little respect in the game. He signed his own eviction notice when he went against that particular house majority in the way that he did.

      • Ramses may also win the HOH and their plans will be wasted for at least one week. He should put up Paul and a loved HGs like Raven.

      • That might redeem him if he can pull in some others with a real strategy .. I don’t know why, but I just can’t get the comparison of Ramses to the Andy rat out of my head – never liked how Andy played.

      • I agree with that Linda. He should have been upfront. I find it unreasonable to ask anyone, especially an outsider, to throw the Veto. I know I wouldn’t have.

      • Very True…If Ramses is the “superfan” he claims to be then he knows that there are times u gotta go with the “house” and this was one of those times.. Alex and Kevin are playing the game to win.. They are going with the “house” at this point to stay in the game…Smart game play by both…

  6. Cody’s mad that his week 1 alliance turned on him? What made him think that even if he did get Paul on the block that people would evict him over Jillian? He’s mad that people did to him what he wanted them to do to Paul. What a baby.

    • I agree. These people love Paul. Cody was the only one who wanted him out. Maybe if he would have discussed it with his alliance and gave points on why Paul must go it would have turned out better, but he chose to surprise everyone.

      • Exactly.
        I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.
        Cody can get Paul out, that’s not the problem.
        The problem is, he tried to get Paul out without talking to his allies and making a plan. This causes distrust among his allies in which they consider him selfish. Not to mention Paul himself was in that alliance….

    • True…The biggest mistake people make in this game is to try and “do unto others before they do it to u”…It don’t always work that way in BB… 90% of the time the plan backfires (as in Codys plan) And also 95% of the time a winning HOH forgets that his/her reign of power is only for a week not the entire game.. Play smart not stupid..

    • At the same time, though, it does prove that this group doesn’t really believe in the “ride or die” philosophy of last year’s crew. They’re making deals all over the place, then abandon those deals the moment something happens. Cody made a stupid game move and he should’ve at least tried to seek out his alliance to explain later (though Mark and Jess knew something big was gonna go down). However, the others didn’t even bother to try talking it out. Paul and Christmas get a pass – they had every right to react the way they did – but Matt, Raven, Elena, Dom? They headed for the hills right away. They didn’t even try to work it out. They were too busy worrying about how this affected their own individual games, not how it affected their unnamed alliance (which in and of itself speaks volumes about these people – all these alliances and deals and not one alliance name?).

  7. I’m not sure if Jessica was lying about what Cody had told her. He seems to be into her and she is always all over him. The fact that Christmas doesn’t believe her apology is a good thing. Jessica is just trying to kiss their behind because she knows how alone she will feel once Cody is gone. I really hope that she is next to go. I’m hoping Ramses wins the temptation. I don’t like how everyone is against him, especially since he hasn’t done the things they are accusing him off. Cody and Jess thinks he voted for Jillian and the group thinks he got the 25K. I much rather Ramses make it further in the game than Dominique, Elena, Josh, Jess, Raven and definitely Paul.

    • Ya know i think the thing. I dont care for but there something in me tha wants him to stay. They should stick to getting Jessica out then Jason.

    • The thing is the next temptation is schedule in 2 weeks, voting is open until the 19th. So if they put Ramses on the block next week, he might be evicted before the next temptation.

      • I want him to stay but I definitely dont want him to win that. I wish Paul will give him a chance.

  8. Call me a jerk.. unfeeling.. unsympathetic or whatever.. Ramses is not a child He is 21 yrs old and he is supposed to be a “SUPERFAN” of BB…He should know the game.. Ramses has been caught playing both sides… so in that nobody trust him.. His being shunned by other HGs is an issue he brought on himself way to early in the game…Ramses needs to take a page from Alex & Kevins book.. The page that says Go with the flow and wait for a better time to go against the house”…I have no sympathy for Ramses as he created his own demise (if it happens)

    • You’re right. But I think Ramses can be fixed. Hes scared to death now. Sometimes that makes for a stronger bond of trust when you’re almost out. Jason seems more dangerous and I think he will start winning comps like Cory last year. Just a sickening feeling. I remember Ramses did tell Paul he didn’t want to throw it but Paul didn’t listen. He actually has never lied to anyone in the house, just made dumb non strategic game moves. Jason smh there’s no getting through to him.

      • They are no longer together. He went on that cruise she took her parents on, but afterwards went their separate ways. What a douche.

      • Everyone could see it was a relationship of convenience for him. I blame her. He did telk her he didn’t know. What about James and Natalie, Pauli and Z? Sorry, for the questions, lol I have no idea what those people do after the sho

      • Natalie and James ended their relationship…. and lets just say it got toxic afterwards.

        I don’t know much about Paulie and Zakiyah but they’re no longer together.

      • Yeesh last summer had the greatest number of toxic showmances of any single season I can recall! Then again, I stopped watching during the Evil Dick season and only returned to bb last summer.

      • Let’s just say Paulie, Corey and Natalie aren’t the sweetest of people. Z, Nicole and James should’ve learned that by now.

      • Indeed.
        At least this summer, the 2 nastiest players in the house found eachother and aren’t preying on the dumber and/or weaker. Yet.

      • Not surprised. Those ppl make all those sacrifices in the game to be together and look what happens. Dummies smh

      • Paulie and Z see each other occasionally. She went and got her Masters. James and Natalie are no more. Nat put a restraining order out on him.

    • Wouldn’t let Jason and Alex stay together, take him out, she’ll feel a little more desolate, Ramses will be relieved, pull em both in, use him to clip Josh, then clip him.

    • In a way I agree with you. I compared him to Andy a few times. Only thing is Andy was able to escape blame and dodge bullets. Ramses did a poor job playing both sides. Look I have no problem with people playing both sides in this game. Problem is, if you do it wrong like Ronnie or in this case Ramses did then you’d not only have a target but nobody will talk to you period.

    • Ok, you’re a jerk…unfeeling…unsympathetic, whatever. Just Kidding littlefly.
      No I get what you’re saying. However I think Ramses is socially inept and has been pegged as untrustworthy and I ‘m not so sure he can escape that label. There always has to be a scapegoat in the house for the rest to gang up on. Unfortunately for Ramses, that’s his role. I do feel some sympathy for him. He’s a superfan and this was going to be a highlight for him, if things continue as is, he won’t have good memories

  9. And can you imagine what those frog suits smell like. Yuck! I’d die in house. They are drying their hands with the same towel after the bathroom. They just throw it on the sink and leave. Smh they hire housekeeping in that house. Cbs can afford it.

    • Kevin has been washing and drying all those towels. But as for those toad suits, since they have to wear them all day long except when they shower, sleep or get in the pool or hot tub, they probably do stink! hahaha They won’t get to send them off for washing until after the live eviction….ewwwww

      • O my goodness. And they said they are hot under there too. They should allow them to wash them! What if they get a rash or something? Eeew gross

      • Smh. I will go nuts in that house. Wonder if they wash the bedding. Seems like everyone sleeps anywhere. Euk

      • I’ve seen some of the HGs washing their bedding. The HoH bedding is washed regularly by staff members. They place it on the bed for the HoH or their chosen maid to make! LOL

      • O ok. What air conditioning? They dont have it? I always here them complaining about the heat.

      • They’re supposed to…it’s in a studio for heaven’s sake. Probably needed some tweaking by maintenance.

    • By never talking game like the others do. Just doing as he’s told by Paul who he teamed up with the first week, since he knew nothing about how the game is played and Paul being a vet and did.

      • It seems so obvious they should know its Kevin. Paul is smart. He doesn’t trust him that much, he briefly said it, didn’t add much more. I think its genius.

    • He doesn’t know a lot about the game. At least that’s the role he’s playing. Consistently believable. If you watch him on ‘feeds, his social game is good. Natural actor….Not the ‘usual suspect.

    • He was smiling and a laughing yesterday more than I’d ever seen. His face almost looked unrecognizable. Some weight has lifted. He’s accepted his fate. The rage is subsiding

  10. I just notice whenever I watch a new season I find someone even more unlikeable.
    Season 12: Rachel (before I became a fan)
    Season 14: Danielle
    Season 15: All those d-bags (I’m looking at you Aaryn)
    Season 16: Frankie
    Season 17: Austwins
    Season 18: Paulie

      • I think it’s bc he gets along with everyone and they all just see him as “the harmless old guy”

      • I mean i guess i understand the esthetics of this but also I know the opposite would cross my mind too. Seems like all but Paul are completely oblivious to him.

    • He did nothing technically but they are angry with him because he didn’t throw the veto, ( he did tell Paul he didn’t want to throw it) and they think he voted for Christmas to stay out of Alex, Kevin (it was him) Jason, Josh (it was him also) and Jessica which were supposed to vote for her to leave. Kevin framed Ramses as the second flip vote. In my opinion he is being treated a little badly. Although, his strategy isn’t smart a vet..

      • Still don’t get why everyone hates him. There is not reason too. You have guys like Cody who are complete d bags. Jessica who is a loose cannon and a crybaby. Speaking of crybabies Josh. Jason is a snake and Kevin’s whole clueless dad personna is fake.

      • You are one of the few that can see that. There are much more dangerous ppl in that house. Ramses hasn’t lied to anyone as of yet so I dont it get it either… No one talks game with him or even try to gauge where he’s going in the game. They should get Cody’s allies out (jason and jessica) so if Cody returns, he wont have anyone. Ramses shouldn’t be a priority. They would consider leaving Jessica in there in there after how she’s treated them?? Thats insane!

      • You’re right! If they would engage with Ramses, whoever will be able to have another number on their side.

      • I knew about the vote framing but for me it just seems like a bunch of selfish, mean people to treat him badly for these reasons. I think he is just awkward.

      • Very well put but I wouldn’t say “mean”, that’s Jessica, Cody and Kevin, the others, a little selfish I’d agree with.

    • They haven’t like him since week 1. They said he would go from room to room gathering info from people and never giving any info. And he just always pops up whenever people are talking about anything. They think he’s a rat like Andy.

  11. I LOVE that Ramses get framed for everything! It cracks me up. He gives off a sketchy vibe somehow so it’s easy to see why they don’t trust him. Maybe because he seems so young and his voice sounds completely fake. Not to mention the Steve Ercle hair cut.

    • You’re bad! Lol I couldn’t stand him at first, wait prob still cant. The thing is, I dont its urgent to expose of him next. I think Jason is more dangerous. I said earlier i think he will start winning comps like Cory did last year just at the point you don’t want him to. I don’t think Ramses is dangerous but he is sketch and that can be fixed.

      • I agree, Ramses probably doesn’t need to go next. Paul may want to get rid of him quickly so he won’t become a number against him later on if these house guest suddenly wake up and play the game right.

      • After last night’s episode, I don’t blame Paul. Rameses almost castrated him. Uh uh smh off with your head Ramses! Imagine if Cody was in this competition tonight?
        He couldn’t take Paul out this week but still could have done some serious damage, and gave himself a lot of leverage.

    • I,m still waiting for Ramses to say “did i do that” because i thot from day 1 that he looked like URKEL minus the suspenders.

  12. LMAO – they don’t think it was Kevin that won the $25,000 because he was “too busy taking his clothes off.” It’s funny how people’s minds think differently. I would think the opposite, I would think he won the money because immediately following it he started taking his clothing off, that would be suspicious to me. You know?

  13. Did Cody actually tell Jessica that outside the game they would not be in a relationship?? And if so, did he give her a reason why? If that were me I would be pissed! I would tell the guy to beat it. He ruined her game essentially.
    Sure, she decided to get into a showmance & stay loyal to him even after he screwed the entire house including her putting up Paul/ Christmas. (but did she know his feelings during that time?) or did he tell her this after no one like them anymore?
    If they recently had this conversation, I would be like up yours buddy! You screwed my game and for what, nothing in return! If this is true then my respect for her has dropped even more than it already had!!!
    For the first few days plus plus I thought she was going to go far! She really seem to be good with quite a few of the girls, Raven mostly (Who everyone loves so that’s a bonus) and of course all the guys would have kept her around as eye candy. Even Paul gave her the “friendship bracelet” based on her looks! She didn’t have much to offer Paul aside from that. Elena gave him Brie and that wasn’t good enough LOL 😂

    • Oh my. I thought he told her he loved her the other day. I didn’t see it but i heard.

  14. Clearly I am a little behind here on the feeds… Everyone has moved on and discussions are elsewhere but I just have to say one more thing about this play-by-play. Poor Ramses he is being accused of everything even though he truly didn’t do what he’s being accused of. Example winning the $25,000.
    Poor guy!
    That’s big brother though

    • Oh i didn’t know they thought he won that. Smh. They are going to kick themselves later because the real snakes are still in the game ( kevin and jason). I REALLY dislike Kevin. I know it’s big brother but I don’t admire dirty players. Oh well, they will pay for it. Why would they leave Jessica, Jason in that house knowing Cody can be brought back possibly, but you go after a loner in the game. Smh It’s just not smart. Kevin, jessica, jason, and alex will take a swing at them soon, ESPECIALLY if Cody returns.

    • WAIT tinalee! Omg Im about 25 mins into bbad an Alex is on to Kevin! Yess! she’s telling Jason now! Well not now but last. Lol

  15. She was a hot mess. I don’t think Jessica measures up to being like Chima…not even close, but she is letting her inner recalcitrant self shine through! LOLOL

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