Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 8: Tuesday Night Highlights

Mark continued to work on rally votes to stick around the Big Brother 19 house at least another week. He’s got a few people considering and a few others are definitely tiring of Matthew, so if a flip were to happen, this could be the week for it. But Mark fans, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Read on for details.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 22, 2017:

4:10 PM BBT – Christmas thinks Kevin could be an undercover cop like Derrick was. She suggests that Kevin getting up several times in the night suggests he’s a cop. (What?) Matthew thinks she’s wrong. Christmas wonders if maybe he’s a music producer instead.

4:15 PM BBT – Raven tells Christmas she’s suspicious about Alex. She wonders how she had money for her cosmetic surgery, but now she’s got a broken car. Raven doesn’t believe that Alex is having money troubles.

4:15 PM BBT – Meanwhile, downstairs Alex and Jason discuss not wanting to eat Raven’s disgusting cooking.

4:20 PM BBT – Kevin questions how Raven can say she’s so ill, but seem to be perfectly healthy. The group discusses her questionable eating and how she wants beef jerky after saying she can’t eat red meat. Kevin is surprised to hear others had concerns too and thought he was alone in that view. Jason suggests others are afraid to speak against Raven’s health claims.

4:40 PM BBT – The group is still discussing Raven’s conflicting claims. They bring up how Raven said she rejected Cody, but how Cody told them he would have never gone after her when he could get Jessica. They believe Cody’s version.

4:45 PM BBT – Paul reports back to Christmas that Mark is trying to rally votes and believes he has Kevin’s and Jason’s then plans to work on Alex to get her vote. He repeats that Mark suggested he (M) wasn’t the only one worrying about Paul staying in the game and that Jason was considering it too.

4:55 PM BBT – Paul asks Kevin why Mark thinks he has Kevin’s vote to stay. Kevin says he hasn’t talked with Mark.

5:15 PM BBT – Everyone is hanging out in the Lounge and chatting.

5:40 PM BBT – Raven is screeching so much that Big Brother starts playing messages telling her to stop.

5:55 PM BBT – Houseguests are getting annoyed with Matthew and Raven’s screeching. Kevin asks if they can all agree that those two have to go next. Jason agrees.

6:00 PM BBT – Mark is working on Alex and says he’s here to play and Matthew just wanted to make Jury. Alex says she’ll consider it, but is feeling like she’s going to vote to evict him and admits a lot of it goes back to how the house feels about Cody.

7:15 PM BBT – Christmas tells Raven and Matthew there is no reason for any of them to go for any of the temptation apples if one of them wins HOH.

7:18 PM BBT – Raven talking about how Matthew can throw the HOH to her and spin it to where he wants her to get a letter from home.

7:20 PM BBT – Christmas says she thinks Kevin would like to take an apple. She said she saw him staring at them and going over the odds.

7:28 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh if he can help keep him safe until final 5 then he can get them to the end. He said he did it himself last season so with a team it should be doable. Paul says if he does get clipped he’ll tell them (Josh and Christmas) everything he knows. Josh says he thinks they’ll clip him before Paul.

7:30 PM BBT – Paul says he can’t win the HOH that goes from final 5 to final 4. He says he needs the 4 to 3 HOH. Paul says if Jason or Alex win HOH they’re going for Matthew and then they’ll have to just cut Alex the following week because she’s stronger. He adds that if Matthew or Raven win then they’re going for Jason.

7:38 PM BBT – Raven still thinks Kevin hid her bracelet.

7:51 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul agree that Raven’s bracelet was misplaced on accident and no one actually hid it.

7:58 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh he (J) needs to start winning competitions. Josh says he’s willing to win the HOH to go after Jason and Alex. He says Raven winning makes him nervous anyway.

8:05 PM BBT – Josh says he only feels good about himself or Paul winning HOH. Paul says he doesn’t want to draw the line and show his cards so Josh says he will do it.

8:08 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul say they feel great with Alex. They’re more focused on getting Jason out because then Alex or Kevin won’t have Jason.

8:10 PM BBT – Paul says Matthew and Raven are weird and have done nothing all season. Christmas says Zingbot nailed it about them.

8:12 PM BBT – Christmas tells Paul if he goes to final two he’ll go down in BB history as the greatest. Paul says but he can’t win in the final two.

8:15 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas discuss Raven lying about things that aren’t even game related. Paul says he thinks she’s compulsive and believes her own lies.

8:25 PM BBT – Paul says he honestly wouldn’t be too mad if Jason or Alex won and took a shot at Matthew or Raven. Christmas agrees. Talk turns to Raven doing the same dance routine to every song. They’re starting to catch up to Raven’s lies and exaggerations.

8:35 PM BBT -Christmas said earlier on Matthew told her he and Raven would never be a thing in the real world. Apparently before the feeds started, Jessica was hanging around Matthew more and Raven was following Cody around. Then they just sort of traded, Christmas implied.

9:35 PM BBT – Raven randomly proclaims she doesn’t like lying.

9:47 PM BBT – Mark asks Kevin if he’d vote to keep him if he convinces Jason and Alex. Kevin says if they agree, sure he will. Kevin said he never wanted to get rid of Mark in the first place. Kevin says Matthew and Raven annoy him more than anyone else. Kevin says Mark just really has to convince Alex.

10:00 PM BBT – Mark checks with Jason about Alex changing her mind. Jason says it didn’t sound too good. Mark tells Jason that Kevin is on board.

10:20 PM BBT – Jason talks with Alex and tells her to just tell Mark that she’s voting to keep him so he’ll stop asking.

10:25 PM BBT – Alex tells Mark she’s voting him out because that’s what the house wants. Mark warns her that Christmas wouldn’t consider using Raven as the renom so he thinks that means Christmas is actually after Alex and Jason. Mark asks Alex to consider who Matthew and Raven would put up if they win HoH.

10:28 PM BBT – Mark says if they get Paul to join them then it’s 5 vs 3 in the game. Alex continues to turn down Mark’s suggestion to flip the vote.

10:30 PM BBT – Mark tells Alex and Jason if they get to the end then they’ve got his vote since they’re the only ones playing.

10:50 PM BBT – Mark understands that they’re probably not going to change their plans, so he gives them advice on his observations of the other HGs. He tells them Paul flip flops, Kevin is just Kevin, and Matthew and Raven are floaters.

11:05 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul that he told Mark that he (K) would go with whatever the others in the group decided. Paul says he’s definitely voting out Mark. Kevin says he’s doing the same then.

11:10 PM BBT – Paul and Kevin discuss how strange Raven’s behavior is with her lies and interactions with Matthew, how she’s doing it all for attention.

11:20 PM BBT – Alex and Jason tell Paul that Mark considers him (P) a flip flopper. Paul isn’t happy.

11:30 PM BBT – Group gathers in the Lounge and they’re chatting about non-game topics.

11:38 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven appear to be ghost hunting in bed. They get all four cameras on them.

11:50 PM BBT – Paul is upset over Mark’s comments that he flip flops in the game. Alex tells Paul more of what Mark said with how he thinks Matthew and Raven are coming for Alex and Jason while Christmas and Paul can’t be trusted.

12:00 AM BBT – Christmas and Mark are hanging out in the Lounge and chatting about the season.

1:15 AM BBT – HGs gathered in the kitchen laughing and joking. Meanwhile Kevin sits alone in his corner bed in the other room.

1:45 AM BBT – Now everyone has moved to the green bedroom for more late night chatting.

2:45 AM BBT – Lights are out and everyone is off to sleep.

Mark is continuing to work hard on flipping the vote, but he’s having trouble gaining traction. Paul has his hooks in the HGs and that’s going to keep Mark from finding a way to make this change happen. Won’t hurt to keep trying though and you never know.

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  1. “he suggests that Kevin getting up several times in the night suggests
    he’s a cop. (What?) Matthew thinks she’s wrong. Christmas wonders if
    maybe he’s a music producer instead.”

    Christmas has a future as a detective with her elite reasoning skills. I personally was sure Kevin was a Horse disguised as a human but was obviously correct.

    • Yep….Those drugs Christmas consumed and got addicted to years back affected her brain…She is soooo full of her own self worth its pathetic. Christmas is a 2 faced lying sneak…not snake sneak…She turns on people too quick and shes been trying make sure that Josh is her boy and not Pauls…Perfect DE Raven & Christmas back to back….

    • Wow.. what drugs did Christmas get this time when she went to the doctor?! That’s so pathetic that it’s hilarious! And Raven… OMG! No other house guests in the history of BB has ever repulsed and disgusted me like that thing! Raven says that “she hates lying.” Really????? 😡😠👿😱👺

    • Since the rest of the HG’s males are way too young to understand and the female HG’s will never know the struggle, prostate problems are a bitch. Maybe, just maybe Kevin is getting up so much due to prostate problems and he has to pee way too often.

    • Let’s say he is a cop or a music producer… so what if he is? I don’t understand Christmas or her reasoning either. So he gets up several times in the night? Again, so what? It’s a strange house, a strange bed, you miss your own home and family, you got things on your mind. Your up much later than usual, drinking more liquids than normal. Who knows, who cares, Christmas, except you?

    • Her big move seems to be a bowel movement while consuming copious amounts of opiods.

  2. All it would take is just one statement by Matthew or Raven concerning Pauls status in game to shift the tide…Anything Matthew or Raven might say that sounds shady or an affront to Paul…Something that he is told one of them said against him its game over…l…Raven did mention to Matt that Paul had never been on the block.. A statement along those lines..I do wish she would repeat that tidbit to another HG and its bye bye Matt (guilty by association)…I have seen “useless” (Victoria) contestants on BB but none compared to these 2….The next 24 hours will hopefully bring change…Somebody is gonna let something slip what with all the lies secrets and many alliances cause keeping their stories straight is getting harder all the time..

    • Well said. The show is going to be very, very interesting. Looking forward to seeing how Alex navigates the next few weeks. Raven and Matt are cannon fodder for her upcoming war with Paul.

  3. Alex is turning into another Helen. She is telling those that are trying to take you out everything that your ride and die has said. Is it even possible for Alex to STFU?

    • What is amazing is Alex telling Paul every bit of information she gets from Mark. You cannot be dumber than that! Why don’t you keep the information to yourself? What she should be doing is seeing what the others are up to! When Mark goes, does she think she will not be a target? You cannot fix stupid!

      • No kidding… whether you trust someone or not, you know lies are going to happen in that house. When someone gives you a piece of information or an observation, you might want to think about it for more than half an hour before blowing it off and running to tell Paul what was said about him.

  4. Whoa…Wouldn’t it be awesome if some of what Raven has been saying about Alex got “leaked ” to Alex….Talk about chaos…Alex would realize that Mark is not lying and vote for him to stay…I can hope that one of my scenarios comes to life…

    • Even if kevin, jason, alex flip to keep mark, he will still go home bc christmas is the tie breaker. As much as I want makr to stay theres no way for him to get out of this one at this point.

    • I believe in keeping hope alive. But…..Paul is the only one that could change Mark’s destiny in the game. He is the only one who Christmas would even entertain hearing an argument from regarding changing her target. If she declined, then Paul would have to go against her and vote with Alex, Jason, and Kevin. We know Raven isn’t voting Matt out and Josh will stick with Christmas. Without Paul’s vote, Mark will be leaving.

  5. Kevin is a man in his mid to late 50s. Going to the bathroom several times a night is standard stuff.

  6. Alex said to jason on live feeds yesterday “At f5 we can get josh and christmas to take shots at each other” Lol josh and christmas are locked in if not more than alex/jason. Alex is great competitor but outside of that she is not a good strategic player. She has the worst read on whats really going on right now in my opinion and i hope she realizes her mistakes when she gets evicted this coming week or the week after.

    • Agreed… Alex could be a favorite to win if she’d stop running to Paul and listen to others. I mean you can’t believe everything you hear, but at least take some time to think things over.

  7. I gotta hand it to Mark, he hasn’t just given up. He’s actually fighting to stay in the game. This house is just crazy. They get consumed by useless noise. I mean, if Paul’s alliance have another full length conversation about what Matt and Raven are doing, I might just lose my mind. What does any of that have to do with your game? Maybe if they put more focus on their own games as they do on what Zingbot said then they’ll realize they are setting themselves up to lose going to the F2 with Paul.

    It’s like a little light clicks on inside their heads sometimes when they tell Paul how great of a game he’s playing, that he’s going to go down as one of the greatest players, that anyone would have to evict him if they want to win the game. But then all that realization instantly goes away as soon as Paul pats them on the back and tells them each what they want to hear. Jason and Alex are going to feel so naive if Josh, Matt or Raven win HOH this Thursday and one of them gets evicted next week and the other following the week after that. And all Jason and Alex are going to hear in the Jury house is “I told you so” as they recall what Mark said.

    Don’t get me wrong I want Paul to win this season, but these HG need to realize that unless it’s a bitter Jury this year then they aren’t winning against Paul in F2.

    • Yes Mark is fighting to stay….that’s the way u play BB.. Thats why I want somebody (Matt/Raven) to say the wrong thing concerning Paul and he goes off…the next 24 hours will tell….

    • Although at this point Paul deserves to win, and he’s the only one that does deserve it currently, I can’t help but relish in the thought of someone getting him out just shy of the F2. We just need some doggone excitement!

    • I don’t want Paul to win, but he is certainly the most deserving at this point. By far.

      I am really glad to see Mark fighting. Nobody else has done that all season. I just wish someone would listen to him and give him some traction in these last couple of days. It’s a boring season when you see the house vote together all season and the decision is solidly made by Saturday every week.

  8. Raven, WHY would Kevin or anyone else hide you sh1t?!!! Everyone is tired of her drama so they won’t provoke it!!!

      • It could just had been misplace. It felt off her wrist and by cleaning it got under the coffee.

        But with her, nothing surprises me anymore. I guess she realized she had no airtime on Friday special episode and DR ignored her… so who knows.

    • “Raven tells Christmas she’s suspicious about Alex. She wonders how she
      had money for her cosmetic surgery, but now she’s got a broken car.
      Raven doesn’t believe that Alex is having money troubles.”

      Ravens entire thought process revolves around money. She Walked into Jareds and told them that she had lie-abetes and they gave the jewelry to her as a last wish.

      • Maybe because she HAD cosmetic surgery and accompanying bills that she HAS NO money for the car repairs.

      • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think at times, Alex is cute, but beautiful? Nope. Jessica and Elena were beautiful girls. Elena looked like the Guess girl ad. Jessica resembles Ariana Grande.

      • That meme is so misleading. You think she’s praying/thanking the lord, but she’s really just savoring the scent from her last violation…. that being said, Jessica is beautiful, invading digits and all.

        I’m sorry. I’m a horrible human. I’ll go back to my lurking corner

      • raven was talking about her own car and said she wasn’t sure she would still have it when she got home (?)
        repo man?

      • By the way, it’s no sin to be broke or not have enough money to fix your car. These BB houseguests are young. I remember when I was their age and I didn’t have it all together either.

      • Very interesting… because Miss Alex (aka Green with Envy) said one night on the Live Feeds that JESSICA had botox so that her eyebrows were raised high (no way), and that she has NO MONEY (no way), and that HER CAR was broken down and was sitting undriven because she can’t afford to get the car fixed. What a bunch of crap! She told this to her sheep: Jason, Christmas, Paul, Matt, and Raven. I don’t believe a word that Alex said. I do think that Alex is jealous of Miss Jessica. How low can you go, Alex?

  9. Kudo to Mark for figthing, He doesn’t give up, and you never know. I’m surprised he never mention going to the jury house with Elena.

    • He forgot about her that quick. Plus, he knows he doesn’t have a shot with her so might as well play for the win.

      • And I’m sure he start to realized that once out he might become a “chick magnet”. I sure do hope that for him.

      • That guy looks like he is really having to use every bit of self control he can muster to keep from taking a bite, bless his heart.

      • Hahaha, I didn’t even recognize him but there was something familiar about that! lol You have a nice day, also.

      • Is it bad that I even know what episode this is from? Its the one where he had his motorcycle. Unfortunately, as he pulled out of the garage, his wife Peg came in with the car totaling the bike and putting Al in a body cast, lol.

        Yeah, I watched way too much Married with Children!

      • My favorite all time are: Taxi, Cheers, Seinfeld and Married with Children. I like Frasier too (always had a thing for Daphney).

      • I was in love with Daphney! I’m right there with you on those shows. They were some of the best.

      • Did you watch Hot in Cleveland on TV Land ? That was a good one too, also because of Jane Leeves. Didn’t last long enough.

        One for the trivia, did you know Jane Leeves had a role in “Live and Die in LA”. Near the end of the movie, the bad guy (Wilem Dafoe) bring her as a gift to his girlfriend. 1st time you see her she in lingerie spread eagle on the sofa. She couldn’t be more than 20 at the time. They even misspell her name in the generic at the end (Jane Leaves).

      • I didn’t know that was her in Live and Die in LA. I may have to check her out, uh I meant the movie of course! Lol

        I do remember Hot in Cleveland. I watched it a good bit, but then it was gone like you said.

        I stopped to look it up online, and apparently there were 128 episodes of Hot in Cleveland. I guess I must have missed the first half of the series because I certainly don’t remember that many episodes!

      • My granddaughter was in NY a few weeks ago and got to see his show…the man her Papaw is always referring to…”I remember on Seinfeld…” She said his show was hilarious.

      • I’m sure it would be a great show. They did such a great job of making everything funny on that show. The entire cast was awesome, but Jerry Seinfeld is probably one of the funniest people alive. Who else could make “Hello… Newman” so darn funny every time?

      • It was a very extraordinary show with very unique characters. How many times can the same guy open and slide through the door and it be funny? I still lol watching reruns.

      • I agree 100%! Just some of the comments that came out of nowhere had me laughing out loud. One of my faves…

        George tells Jerry that Elaine told a couple that she had an affair with a Matador. Jerry says, “Uno momento por favor!” which still makes me laugh even though I know its coming.

        Jerry has even given great life lessons to young men everywhere…

        “Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. You don’t stare at it. It’s too risky. Ya get a sense of it and then you look away.”

        Yes, Seinfeld is just great all around, lol.

      • OMGosh, Carvin, my husband knows all of those lines, too. Years later and I am listening to lines from Seinfeld. lol

      • I remembered the cleavage quote, but I had to look it up for accuracy, lol.

        The “One moment, please” line in Spanish I will always remember. Too funny since you knew he was going to say something, but I wasn’t expecting Spanish, lol.

      • Maybe 4 years ago, three of our grandchildren were sitting at the table waiting on me to ladle out some pasta fagioli soup for them and my husband walked in the kitchen and said, in the voice of the soup nazi guy, “No soup for you!” You had to be there but I cracked up laughing, my husband cracked up laughing and my 3 grandkids were like what is going on which made us laugh all the harder. My granddaughter is almost 18 and she has a real appreciation for Seinfeld now. lol

      • LOL
        Didn’t Jerry choose the soup over a girlfriend who was in the soup line and got herself banned. He pretended to not know who she was.

      • I thought it was Jerry that got banned. I might be wrong though. I guarantee you my granddaughter could tell you. My husband has made her sit through all of his DVD’s. I feel sorry for any guy she dates. She will be quoting Seinfeld to him.

      • I wish her a happy life and hope she doesn’t break up with anyone because they talk low or date someone just for the laundry discount.

      • Oh yeah, that is one of my very favorite episodes.

        George mentioning he didn’t get bread and Jerry saying, “Just forget it. Let it go.” Then George is charged $3 for bread before being kicked out.

        The episode with Elaine’s Christmas card was awesome too… Jerry said “I think I see… a nipple.”

      • You are so right. For Jerry and George to describe their in show tv pilot as a show about nothing was genius since it really described the actual Seinfeld show. It allowed them to explore any story they wanted to at any given moment. The cast was top notch which just made it even better.

        To try and make a show like that today would be impossible because Seinfeld was that perfect combination.

        One of my favorite episodes to point out the “based on nothing” theme was the Parking Garage episode. Jerry gets apprehended by mall security for peeing in public and nobody knows what happened to him.

        George says, “The guy goes to pee and never comes back. Its like a Science Fiction story.”

      • Ya’ll are killing me. I’ll have to show this to my husband when he gets home because he’s going to wonder why I haven’t done much of anything and when I tell him it was because of Seinfeld, he won’t believe me. lol

      • lol I apologize. It was Georges wife..the one he killed with poisoned stamps that bubble boy said that too.

      • OMG, Alf, you are so funny. I could tell him it was “Alf” and another man from our great state of TN. entertaining me. I think I’ll stick with Seinfeld.

      • The episode where Elaine’s man is being operated on and Kramer drops a Junior Mint into the incision from the observation gallery above.

        Doctor: …Something happened during the operation that staved off that infection. Something beyond science. Something perhaps… from above.

        Cosmo Kramer: [pulls a box of Junior Mints from his jacket] Mint?

        Doctor: Those can be very refreshing.

      • Alfie, I had to go through my notification page to be able to post a comment on this thread. It completely froze up on me. Just wanted you to know I wasn’t ignoring you and enjoyed the convo immensely. It’s just that thread for some reason. IDK why.

      • Not an issue. Thank you for being such a kind person and the laughs from yourself and Carvin. A good day to anyone reading this thread. Hope it brightens a few days!

      • Thanks, Alfie. I just got a notification from lady and she said her’s froze up, too. So it wasn’t just me.

      • I’ve enjoyed the laughs from you as well, Alf! KSJB, its always a pleasure talking to you as well! I’ve got some yard work to attend to, and since the site seems to be having problems… I guess now is as good a time as any. Have a good one, everybody!

      • Some of my favorite Seinfeld moments involve Kramer, especially him and his lawyer Jackie Chiles.

        The episode where they are suing Ms. Wlkie and her tobacco company…

        Jackie: Miss Wilkie, your tobacco company has turned this beautiful specimen, into a horrible twisted freak.

        Ms. Wilkie: I disagree. In fact, I feel Mr. Kramer projects a rugged masculinity.

        Jackie: Rugged? The man’s a goblin. He’s only been exposed to smoke for four days. By the time this case gets to trial, he’ll be nothing more than a shrunken head.

      • Loved Georges Mom ” i walk in the room and and see my son treating his body like it was an amusement park!”

      • “Too bad you can’t do that for a living. You’d be very successful. You could sell out madison Square Garden!

      • I laughed every time he opened the door and entered. My husband would laugh at me laughing about that. The sauna episode was funny, too. I laughed hysterically when he told Elaine that she needed a nose job.

      • My computer froze up. I tried refreshing the page and I still couldn’t type anything or open any new comments. I had to go through my notifications to let you know that I wasn’t ignoring you all. I just can’t post on that thread for some reason.

      • Yeah, my computer is freezing too. Strange, it seems to only happen when I reply to these posts about Seinfeld. Think they are trying to make us stay on BB topic? lol

      • Yes, there were all great on the show, but the Kramer character was so special. Those were the good old days when they had great TV.

      • lol. Picturing the scenes with Elaine and David Putty or the episode where it was her in the subway packed with people and you hear her thoughts.

      • Mariulu Henner from Taxi was on CBS 60 Minutes a few years back with others who can recall every date and time in their life. Ask her a question about April 7th 1979 and she can recall everything. Amazing!

      • Everybody from Taxi became a legend.
        – Danny DeVito
        – Rhea Perlman
        – Tony Danza
        – Andy Kaufman
        – Christopher Lloyd
        – Carol Kane

      • Andy Kaufman, wasn’t he something special too? Right up there with Kramer. It would have been hilarious if these two characters ever met up on Seinfeld.

      • Its funny, I was just a little older than Christina Applegate when the show came on. The show was hilarious then, and Al was my favorite character even back then… But now I really can relate to Al Bundy. Just don’t tell my wife! LOL

      • Al wanted to win a contest but was banned. Keep filling Kelly with sports facts. She forgot how to brush her teeth and use a spoon because as info went in, info was lost. She would have won but forgot who scored 5 touchdowns in a single game.

    • How much is Elena deserving considering how she managed his affections in respect to the game and the other HGs. I’m not undermining the focus which brother them to BB house in the first place.

  10. Jason needs to cut Alex! She is playing to hand Paul that money. She didn’t even think to consider anything Mark was telling her. Nope, run to her leader and relay everything. Dummy!

    Raven, Raven, Raven! Humph! Remember hiding those cats ears and letting someone else take the fall? No one is interested in hiding anything of hers. They need to just vote Matt out and then her.

      • I think they don’t get the split couple. They miss 2 opportunities with Mark this week and Cody last week. The game would be so much better if Cody and Mark would fight for the win with those floaters.

    • Jason has had some good observations and thoughts during the season but every time he tries to talk to her she just shuts him down. Just frustrating…

      • I understand too. Jason really is paranoid, but like the old saying goes… “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean someone’s not out to get me.”

        If Alex and Jason could merge into a single player (or at least seriously listen to each other)… That could very well be your winner of BB19. Too bad, they can’t seem to get on the same page.

      • she pegged Jason as dumb and will not evolve from that. it’s too bad for him, he will never be her equal.

      • True, and this is one of the main reasons I do not like Alex. Her calling Jason “Dumb Dumb” was irritating.

  11. Knowing who is going home every week makes for a boring game. I really wish they would use Survivor as their guide. MANY MANY times the person viewers think are going ends up not being the person going home. At least a month as been a big bore. Even DE was boring.

    • True that almost all survivor episode are a #blinside. Not at all the case with this year big brother. I still hope Mark can turn the house. But I will be desapointed !!

      • The only blindsides this year were against the HOH… They sure never surprised the viewers though. lol

      • survivor is not live so the edits are able to tell a story and make it as exciting as they want because they already know the outcome. they create the narrative.

      • Yes your right with that. But still, it’s less predictable every week. But the best is much more faster as well. A week is in fact 3 days. That also help.

    • paul flips between the 3 pairs.

      From highlights list, – 7:30 pm – paul told Josh that p doesn’t want HOH until F3. Too bad Josh doesn’t question p more about why: cause then I (p) win the first comp and blah blah blah, then I (p) can choose who to play against and who goes to jury.

    • If manipulating all sides into believing he is with them is considered flip flopping, then he absolutely does that. But I think he has one specific plan in his head and would like to stay with it. He’s just willing to change it as needed if things don’t go the way he has them scheduled to go. Always good to have 2 or 3 alternative plans.

      • He’s King of all flip floppers, doesn’t make him any less of a flip flopper.
        People just hate when Mark does it but don’t care when Paul does it. Like last season, he was one of the early targets but kept flipping to who was in power.
        TL;DR: Not saying he’s not playing the game, but why do people consider Nicole a snake and not Paul (well except for Dominique)

      • Read Carvin Marvin’s posts. As far as Kevin, he has no strategy and not enough game to be considered much of anything, imo.

      • Yeah, I have questions for Carvin Marvin post. My line of thought is well expressed in Kalypso’s response to Carvin.
        I question accepting Paul’s flip flopping while castigating Mark of similar game play which in my opinion was even more pressing giving his circumstance.

      • It would only be flip flopping if Paul was really going back and forth from one couple to another with a genuine interest in working with each one.

        Paul only has REAL interest in working with Christmas and Josh towards a Final 3 goal. Therefore, he is just stringing along the other 2 couples and using them in an attempt to take each other out. He’s not flip flopping because he has no real interest in working with Alex/Jason or Matt/Raven unless something goes totally wrong.

        That’s why Paul is NOT flip flopping.

        Mark was totally on board with Cody. Then he turned on Cody when the other HGs did. Then when Cody came back, Mark turned on the other HGs and went back to Cody. That is totally the definition of flip flopping.

    • Yeah, he’s kinda wrong. Mark went from being buds with Cody to shunning Cody and Jess all the way to being on board with getting them out. Then, Cody came back, and Mark went right back to him.

      Paul is only making everyone think he’s actually with them. He’s pretty much decided which side he’s working with (Christmas and Josh). His pretending to be working F3 deals with the other 2 couples is only strategy, not flip flopping.

      • Well, yeah it is strategy. Unless you’re in one of those other 2 couples… then it is flip flopping and you don’t want to see that.

      • Yeah, but when the 2 couples watch the season later at home, they will see it was just Paul playing the game with strategy. Paul has told the camera several times he’s really out to work with Christmas and Josh for the best chance to win.

        People watching the show later will still say that Mark was flip flopping.

        The difference is that Paul was just playing people. Whether that’s a good strategy is open for debate of course.

      • Charisma is a powerful force and Paul definitely has it.

        On its dark side Charisma is the driving force behind Charles Manson, HH Holmes, Jim Jones, and countless others being able to either kill people, make other people kill for them, or to make people take their own lives.

        On its brightest side you have people like JFK, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, and a certain very prominent religious figure that has a holiday named in part for Him (and a certain HG has that name). Not meaning to offend anyone is why I said it like this.

        I’m not saying that Paul’s charisma is high enough to be among those examples (for good or bad), but he definitely is a very charismatic individual.

      • So who will Paul vote against if Maven or Josh/Christmas wins HOH? who will he vote against or be loyal to if Jason/Alex win HOH? what about if Kevin wins? Why is he avoiding HOH at this time?
        What do you regard as flip flopping? In fairness to Paul and Mark at this stage?

      • I didn’t see this until I posted below. Rather than try to say how far below (because more posts might get added), I’ll just mention it here…

        Flip Flopping is a genuine and actual changing from one side to another whenever a situation favors you.

        Paul only has REAL interest in working with Christmas and Josh towards a Final 3 goal. Therefore, he is just stringing along the other 2 couples and using them in an attempt to take each other out. He’s not flip flopping because he has no real interest in working with Alex/Jason or Matt/Raven unless something goes totally wrong.

        That’s why Paul is not flip flopping.

        Mark was totally on board with Cody. Then he turned on Cody when the other HGs did. Then when Cody came back, Mark turned on the other HGs and went back to Cody. That is my textbook definition of flip flopping.

      • You made good argument on both scenarios. Respect! But I am sure that if Jason/Alex find a common ground with Maven, and with power on their side, decide to take out Josh/Christmas with any person who choose to align with them, Paul in this scenario will shift to the side that guarantee will him a finale, and probably strategize for the contestant he is sure he can beat at that stage.
        That is what the game is about. Win whatever the strategy as long as it is within the BB rule. Ramses could never have gone far or further keeping his hands genuinely clean however how generally he could be liked, or by sticking to a disadvantaged alliance for the good of loyalty.

      • The point I was trying to make is that the game of Big Brother requires you to lie, manipulate, flip flop, and yes, sometimes even float in order to win.
        IMHO, it doesn’t matter how you make it to f2, as long as you get there, right?
        I just wanna know why certain people are praised for the same thing that others are hated for.

      • No, I definitely get what you mean. I was just saying that Paul is really just playing the other couples. He’s completely interested in being in the F3 with Christmas and Josh. He is making the other couples think that he’s with them, but its only as a means to try and keep himself (along with Christmas and Josh off the block).

        He’s been controlling other people’s times as HOH. He hasn’t been running to them and trying to make deals or offer to work with them. They’ve been coming to him.

        But, yeah, BB is all about playing a great social game (really more so than physical), and if you have the charisma and intelligence, there’s a good chance you’re going to go really far. I like Mark do be honest, and I think everyone is being way too quick to evict him as he could be a number on another team. But, that’s Paul playing the best game in the house.

        But Paul is pretty much hated by a lot of people around here. Everything is his fault and BB is a horrible show this year because of him. But they never said anything about Dr. Will, or Derrick, etc.

        So yeah, it comes down to a personality thing, I guess.

      • To me, part of it is how you go about doing it. Do you lie and still maintain a friendly and benevolent relationship with HG’s like Derrick, or do you float and piss everybody off to the point that you’re referred to as a rat like Andy? I know… every season we see the same types. Some lie, cheat and steal and we love it and consider them legends. Others do it and we hate them. I think it just all comes down to how they execute the plan and how we perceive it.

      • “I think it just all comes down to how they execute the plan and how we perceive it.”

        Mark had a plan?

    • I just wish they would stop worrying so much of what we think out here and just call the dumb b**ch out already!!!!

      • Yesterday she hits another level with saying she had the same foot injury as Christmas. I repeat what I said… when she talk to Christmas about her boot, she insisted on Christmas to no forget not to walk on her feet in the event she removes the boot. Hilarious that she’s giving faking tips!! Like how many time did raven to fake limping after her death treating incident in the stairs?!!?!?!

  12. HAHAHA, Kevin gets up a few times a night, that makes him a detective? That makes him a guy in his ’50s who gets up to pee a few times a night.

  13. I would love to see the next hoh as some one paul can’t select the people on the block!
    alas, who would that be?

    • Great question. Alex seems to be the only one refusing his mind games. Paul wants her and Jason gone. Hopefully Paul and Alex go to war. Would be awesome television.

    • He has already made the selection choice for each HG if they become HOH. He is ahead of all of them in the game.
      What could shake Paul is if he openly confront Mark about his claims, and Mark has the balls to put his observations right before him in the present of everybody. Then question him on who he has and hasn’t made F2/3 alliance with in the house.

      • Nope won’t happen. Remember Mark had his chance when Paul went BB18 ballistic on him about his talk with Jason over chess.

  14. “”” 4:10 PM BBT – Christmas thinks Kevin could be an undercover cop like Derrick was. She suggests that Kevin getting up several times in the night suggests he’s a cop. (What?) Matthew thinks she’s wrong. Christmas wonders if maybe he’s a music producer instead.”””

    Well, since Jingle Bells got her heavy cast off, why doesn’t she follow Kevin to see where he goes? The ‘head’ or the secret underground escape hatch where he goes out secretly each and every night and rustles up bank robbers and cattle thieves.
    Ah, now a music producer? Kevin must be singing his way around the house and into the secret underground escape hatch.

    OMG !!! I must be an undercover cop, too, cause I get up a few times a night, also. Of course, mine might be cause I drink too much just before going to bed. But I do sing while I’m there !!!

  15. since this season’s version of targeting someone is shunning and destroying their good names I am happy to see Raven’s time is near….finally a week I’ll enjoy!

      • She deserves whatever comes her way! The people who gave her their hard earned money deserves to know the truth! She has no one to blame but herself!

      • I wonder if she will lose student at the dansing school. I, for sure would not let my kids being teach by a pathological liar. It’s a bad influence even if, maybe she had talent (but from YouTube video I saw she doesn’t.)

      • her dancing sure is bizarre, if she was a dance instructor she would show us her tap, rumba, salsa, waltz……

      • That’s actually a really good point. But there is no music that can be played outloud? So perhaps that is why she hasn’t started a BB Dance class.

      • I wouldn’t blame the parents if they took their kids out of her studio!! She’s certainly not a role model, like you said!

      • I do think Miss Raven is in for a BIG SURPRISE once she steps out into the real world. TV Land all along has known something is not quite right and now even her BB houseguests are questioning her behavior, etc.

      • Yeah, she will be surprised because she is still under the impression that she’s America’s favorite!

  16. “8:12 PM BBT – Christmas tells Paul if he goes to final two he’ll go down in BB history as the greatest.” No… no… just no…

  17. raven + matt = ratt, needs to be split up right now.
    btw, why does matt always get let off the hook in “just” raven antics?
    he’s a goof.

  18. I bet xmas has been meeting with an attorney and the show producers along with her doctor visits.

    • Nah… Matthew and Mark are on the block. If she had met with producers her “big move” would have been an actual big move.

      • sorry, I meant meeting about her broken foot (legally) also include Jason because she could go after him too.

      • No, she can’t. CBS are not stupid, they have lawyer too. Every HG sign a waiver. In that waiver they agree not to sue anybody affiliated with the show and take whatever the insurance will give her. Amount for each possible incident/accident are stipulated in the contract. But don’t worry for Christmas, she will be compensated nicely by the insurance. Plus all the medical bills will be paid.

      • she’ll claim that staying in the game ruined her foot and can’t heal properly now. she’s sittin pretty

      • No way. I’m sure the insurance had her sign a second waiver just for that. You not dealing with newbie there, these insurance have seen a thing or two.

      • They made it clear that SHE chose to stay in the game, AND her foot was broken because she was fooling around. It is NOT the show’s fault at all.

      • Fooling around doesn’t matter. It’s their studio on their property, they put these people in that situation, so they are indeed responsible. But like any good company they have insurance to cover them when accident happen. And they have good lawyers that crafted a good waiver for the HGs to sign. Insurance will pay Christmas, don’t worry about that.

  19. Paul keeps saying he can’t get into the final two. I’m assuming to seem less threatening and he’s not paired up. But what if he’s a temptation? When they reach the end game he will reveal something. He is the only vet in the house and there is something up with him saying that all the time. I’m probably looking too much into it.

    • That would be awesome if he was an actual twist or temptation of some sort. I think that would blow the minds of most of the BB viewers to be honest.

      That being said, yeah its probably Paul just trying to make himself look like less of a threat. I think he’s honestly surprised that he hasn’t at least been on the block yet.

    • Wow! That is a GREAT theory! In fact it is so good that I doubt CBS would have thought of it. If it were true, though, it would be the most brilliant BB twist ever.

      • One of the Apple temptations is Bounty on the head. Its assumed that its a punishment and that whomever picks it will have a $5K bounty on their head. The assumption being that the current HOH will receive $5K if that person is evicted under their reign as HOH.

      • No, nobody else has picked a temptation yet (just Mark and the safety for a friend). Seems like a lot of the other HGs aren’t interested in picking an apple since there are several punishments up there (and you don’t know what an apple holds til you open it). Kevin has been overheard trying to figure out the odds of getting an advantage vs a punishment though, so he may be the next one to pick an apple.

    • She met him at one of his performances, as a fan. That’s all there is to this picture.

      • You cant say that is all to the picture when a) Hashtag FRIENDSHIP b) why did she act like she didnt know him when he entered the house? c) I dont trust her lol

      • A.) Anyone who watched him on BB18 knows that FRIENDSHIP, “Your Boy,” and PISSED were Paul’s catchphrases.
        B.) The only person I remember who acted like they didn’t know him was Kevin.
        C.) On THAT, I agree 100%

      • I imagine people should know who he is. But they have yet to talk about there meet up. Unless I missed that. I wonder if Raven will get booed.

  20. Is Raven the most hated/annoying of this season’s cast? I notice fans criticize her often, and do not come to her defense like they do for other casts when criticised within and outside the house. OR she probably has no fans out there?
    Just got me thinking.

  21. Alex is still pouting over Cody? First, what did Cody do to harm Alex? If anything, he was a big fan of hers. He threw the PoV competition that she won. He offered her the same advice on the candy crush game that he gave Jessica. (Albeit, the advice was not good, his motive was.) Second, what did Cody do to garner this endless level of contempt from anyone? One would think he had tried to set the house on fire or stolen someone’s valuables. Third, Alex recently described herself as “the Queen of Petty”, a title she continues to live up to.

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