Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 8: Saturday Daytime Highlights

There has been some scheming going on inside the Big Brother 19 house today as Mark was picked to play in the veto so Paul and Christmas started talking about who to target based on a number of Veto competition scenarios.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 19, 2017:

9:25 AM BBT – HGs getting a late start to the day and a slow one at that.

11:15 AM BBT – HGs seem to be ignoring the no sleeping between 10-10  rule. Only Matthew and Raven are up and about.

11:20 AM BBT – Jason is finally up too and starts getting ready.

11:55 AM BBT – Everyone is talking about a rat in the house. Josh is trying to say it’s real but everyone says it has to be a fake rat.

12:28 PM BBT – Feeds cut. Time to pick players for the Veto competition.

12:59 PM BBT – Feeds return. Players were picked for the veto. Sounds like Raven, Mark and Paul will  join the HOH and nominees in the competition.

1:04 PM BBT – Christmas is freaking out because Mark got picked to play in the Veto competition.

1:15 PM BBT – Alex, Paul and Christmas are trashing Kevin again. Paul says Kevin wants all the attention and Alex again says he’s playing the old man card.

1:20 PM BBT – People are freaking out that Christmas picked Raven to play in the veto. Jason is panicking and thinks something is up that she didn’t pick Alex.

1:33 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul discuss getting Jason out. They say if he has to go then Alex and Kevin will end up killing each other. They agree the plan is to sell get Mark out, but if something happens, they can look at Jason as an option.

1:38 PM BBT – Jason thinks Kevin is telling Matthew and Raven all of their secrets.

1:40 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that if they get Mark out this week then need to go for Jason or Matthew. Christmas says they need to keep Alex happy so Paul says the would have to put Kevin up next to Jason for that reason.

1:42 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex that they’re going to have to start clipping them. Alex says that’s why they have to win all the HOH comps. Jason is getting paranoid and Alex is trying to reel him in.

2:04 PM BBT – Feeds cut.

2:31 PM BBT – Feeds return. Have-nots were picked. Christmas picked Mark and Josh.

3:00 PM BBT – Jason tells Kevin he feels like something fishy is going on this week. Kevin tells him there’s no way he will vote against him this week.

3:30 PM BBT – Paul, Christmas and Raven are discussing Kevin. Paul says he’s stirring the pot too much. Christmas said if Mark wins veto and uses it, she’s not afraid to put Kevin up and tell him exactly why. Christmas says he’s giving her too much anxiety.

3:32 PM BBT – Raven leaves the room and Paul and Christmas start trashing her. Christmas says Raven is a collector. She gathers information and goes on. Paul says that worst case is Mark wins veto and saves Jason. He says then they’ll go for Kevin. But if Mark wins veto and doesn’t use it, they can vote out Jason.

4:10 PM BBT – Alex gets called to set up camp and make hotdogs, so the HGs know they won’t be playing Veto anytime too soon.

4:18 PM BBT – Mark asks Paul how he feels this time around in the game. He says he’s exhausted because he’s had to play every week.

4:20 PM BBT – Mark tells Paul he was glad he got to repay his debt to Paul by giving him the temptation “Save a Friend” Mark won. Paul thanks him and says he didn’t expect that.

4:23 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex he saw Christmas rolling her eyes at him. He’s still paranoid about being on the block and Mark playing veto.

4:30 PM BBT – Paul is going over last season with Mark and Josh. He stands by taking Nicole to the end and says he’d do it again because she played a better game than James.

4:37 PM BBT – HGs get containers to protect their food from the rat that is apparently loose in the house.

5:35 PM BBT – Alex warns Jason it could come down to a tie and go to Christmas. On the plus side, Alex says Jason’s only real competition will be Mark and Paul so that’s good for his chances.

6:00 PM BBT – Josh is downplaying his BB fandom saying he’s only watched parts of a few seasons.

6:05 PM BBT – Josh asks Mark what was his downfall in the game. Mark says he joined the wrong team and then when Elena threw the HoH comp to Alex everything went downhill.

6:08 PM BBT – Feeds cut for Veto competition to begin!

Highlights Report for overnight reveals the winner of the Veto and what happened next when the Feeds returned.

So basically Mark is the target. But if Mark wins Veto and doesn’t use it, Paul and Christmas will make the push to get Jason out this week. If Mark uses the veto on Jason, Kevin will go up and become the target.

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Gallery: Live Feeds Highlights


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  1. I’m not sure if the house is ready for a big/unexpected move, but Christmas said she was making one. Was that before Mark picked a friend in Paul or after? If it was before, she could have meant Paul. I guess we’ll never know. I’m not sure she could have pulled that off this week. But Mark isn’t really unexpected and wouldn’t surprise anyone. Not sure what she meant. If Mark doesn’t win veto, Jason will definitely be a big unexpected surprise that would make things shake, rattle, and roll. I’m ready for the fun to begin!

    • I was thinking she would shake the house up based off of the veto. If Jason won and removed himself. she would put Raven up next to Matt. If Matthew won and removed himself. she would put up Alex next to Jason. I think getting Mark out is just another boring week in the BB19 house, and it wouldn’t shake the house up at all.

      • I agree, I think Christmas was just talking smack. Being the new Hoh trying to act as if she is in charge. MARK will be the next one out as plan. If she wants to make a move she can always evict someone else. This is getting very boring. Especially with everything falling in place all the time.

    • Ya Christmas is very definition of floater. The only big moves she’s capable of is her bowels.

      • And that’s a good thing if she has been taking opiates for pain because they tend to constipate a person horribly.

      • She would have gathered the votes rather easily. She already knew that Mark wanted Paul out and that he and Jason was talking about said move. 2 votes there. Alex would jump on the same voting Paul out move, three votes and that is all she needs to break the tie. Now if Paul is up next to Matt, Raven will vote to save Matt over Paul as well and we all know that Kevin wouldn’t mind voting out what the house wants because the target is off him.

        Now back to the question does Christmas have the votes to get Paul out had this save a friend not been played, the answer is YES.

  2. I couldn’t disagree more about Nicole’s game last year. Her game consisted of laying around like 3rd base with her legs wrapped around Corey. She won because the women in the jury based their votes on lady parts not game or lack thereof. Oh yeah, and because Paul was meeeeeeaaaaannnnn!

  3. I cancelled feeds and haven’t been watching the little time I have left. Is Alex still thinking Paul is on her side. Paul goes to whomever wins HOH, hasn’t she realized that yet. I really hope Mark is full of sh** about what he told Paul and wants to put him up on the block. No Paul, I know you were paid handsomely to make sure you took Nicole to the end. Just like it is happening this season to take you.

  4. I don’t know why they cut the feeds for the veto picks. It’s not like everyone won’t know when the feeds return after.

      • I could have stayed in the mountains another day. It’s kind of been dead on the threads. I’m ready for something to happen, drainage pipes flood the house, rat invasion, SWAT storms the house, skydiver jumps into the yard, weed party……ugh!

      • I know KSJB. Sorry you came back for nothing. Hopefully you can make it up another time.

      • Here my girls are and I just took my Ambien a little early about 15 mins ago because I was bored. No one would talk to me. Now if I talk much longer, I might tell you things I shouldn’t say. My husband loves to get me talking after I have taken my Ambien just to see what stupid stuff I say that he can use against me. I promised him once that I would take his truck and get the motor/engine area steam cleaned and like brand new. Why would I do that?

      • Hahahahaha, I’m dying!! That is absolutely hilarious. Better keep those lips shut round the hubby. I’m still laughing girl. I’ve taken it a couple times and ended eating everything within reach. Next morning, I’m wondering what the hell happened in the kitchen.

      • Seriously, I only take them maybe twice a week and I’ve learned to do it when he is working night shift so he can’t make fun of me in the AM. He swore he had to carry me to bed once because I was trying to go out and water my plants but I had put milk in my watering can. I think he did it just to mess with me, although I didn’t have any milk the next morning.

      • Ahahahaha !! I tried to give my grandmother cat treats cause she was hungry and attempted to feed her other cat food ?? I don’t remember . I take them and straight to bed !!!

      • Don’t EVER put that thought in his head. I’m going to check his phone when he’s asleep tomorrow. He’d better not still have that time I walked downstairs naked to the basement and started riding my grandkids ripsticks. He blackmailed me with it for awhile.

      • Oh that one, it’s been out there for awhile now. You’ll be happy to know it got thousands of likes, course that was from the guys in the nursing homes.

      • That makes me feel a wee bit better. Ok, time for me to shut her down. I was trying to tell the funniest story about Anbien, but I couldn’t get the computer to type what I told it to.So, I’m out. Enjoy your night, fair maidens. Good night, God bless and love you all.

      • You not mad at me, sis? We can be on opposite sides for a couple of weeks but we’ll come together at the end. ;)

      • If not, you can have Thanskgiving at your house this year. And I’ll have it at mine. But we’ll still meet at Burger King for Christmas, as always.

      • Well, our Thanksgiving is in October and yours in November. If I’m not invited to yours then I’m going with the little kid with glasses to Snitchy’s house

      • The little snitch with glasses has a house with his kid. You cooking for him? You’re a good cook, sis. Make him take his glasses off at the table.
        Oopsy i had to edit.

      • A few minutes ago someone said the feeds were down and thought they were playing but Jokers is still posting updates.

  5. Hilarious how Mark gives Paul safety but it doesn’t dissuade Paul at all in targeting Mark.

    • That is not cute. I don’t like rats. I don’t scream if I see one, but I will run away. Why? I don’t know. Just seems like that’s what normal people do. Run from a tiny ugly creature that has no intention of biting you or harming you, just your home and possessions. So we run from it. Makes sense.

      • LMBO, you’re killing me KSJB!! I don’t like them either or mice. My cats used to bring them in the house all the time when I lived in the mountains, freaked me out. The worse thing one of my cats brought in….a bat!! A freaking bat and I lived in a condo that had these huge cathedral ceilings,. I thought we’d never get that thing out.

      • My cat used to do that, too. I’ve had chipmunks, rabbits, snakes, rats, sitting on my patio right at the door. Here’s you a gift, now feed me. It worked every time.

      • Omg ! A bat ? 😱 They also not very fond of ppl and more afraid of us . Hope he didn’t have the rabies

      • I know that rats can/will bite, but if they see you, they will run away from you. And then we run the other way. Does that make sense? Hell no, but we do it anyway. It’s when they crawl up under your covers at night and you are still that they will nibble on you.

      • Hahahaha ! No ! Lol ! That’s cockroaches! I’m deathly afraid of them, I stiffen up and can’t move, and then run ! Sooo scared of them ! 😨 They bad enough as is , plus they will not die !!! Who the heck decided to put wings on them !! They will see you and try and fly on you and kill you!! 💀💀💀

      • lmao…Thank God, I’ve never had to deal with cockroaches, but they’ll fly at you???? You’re being overly dramatic, please tell me. I just had a few involuntary body shudders while thinking about that. Does that Roach Motel work, you know…”Roaches check in but they don’t check out.”?I’m glad I didn’t see this specific post right before I went to bed. I would have had nightmares about roaches…guaranteed! bad bad bad

      • Lol . More afraid of us then we are them. They won’t bite or attack unless rabid and most cases they aren’t . If u can humanely catch and release , I dunno .., is always the way I go 🕊

      • Catch and release a rat? Animal rights for disease ridden rodents? What is next, no kill rodent shelters?

    • There`s a rat coming to my kitchen every night, he`s eating all the bananas and apples…trying to catch him

      • Haha . Put up a cage and put peanut butter on apple, the cages closes when he walks in and then can release him out back into the wild . I’m anti poison and traps , it just kinna cruel and have a soft spot for all animals , and rodents I guess. Just don’t like to see anything suffer .

      • I like using those ‘Rat glue trap, extra strength. They get separated (literally lol) from their family.

      • Awww , no !! Those are terrible and they try and chew their feet off trying to get off them :( horrible way to die .

      • No, no one saw it on the feeds, at least that I’m aware of but they’ve been talking about it, a lot. I saw them looking for it last night, under the sink in the kitchen. There are droppings, so there is proof of something. I doubt it’s a rat, more likely it’s a mouse.

      • Me too!! I wouldn’t rest until that thing was found and taken care of.

      • Xmas or Raven , only one of them sick , Xmas just have broken foot and it’s healing . So she may be playing that up a bit , a bit !! I know she has a very tough injury , and if using it to her advantage works , then work it . Raven , she is supposedly sick one, although couldn’t tell it by what she does or eats 🤔

  6. So basically Matt is sliding by again?? Oh well.. They will have to target Jason for Alex to wake up. Hope she catches on and doesn’t make Jason feel stupid. Bc he could be walking out the door. Then the whole Kevin thing?? Last week Christmas was rubbing all over him now she wants to send him packing. 🤔

  7. Paul is doing a good job so far playing all the couples against each other. He has Jason/Alex, Christmas/Josh, and Matt/Raven all thinking he is their 3rd for a final 3. It’s no surprise he’s targeting Mark and Kevin because then he’ll be in the prime middle spot. I think he’s also targeting Jason, Matt, and probably Christmas later on among each of the pairs. If he got to final 4 with Alex, Raven, and Josh he’d be guaranteed F2 because all 3 would be stupid enough to take him IMO. Paul has absolutely controlled the game and people completely this season similar to what Boston Rob did in the season he won. I’ll be curious to see if he can go all the way or does someone finally take that shot in the next few weeks?

  8. I think Paul, Alex, Christmas, Josh, and (sometimes Mark) are playing the game. The rest need to go so the players can battle it out. Raven is by far the biggest floater I have ever seen. She eats, sleeps, does her hair and make up, and lays around. She can do all that at home.

      • All those 2 do is eat & have food fights. The ice cream eating last night made me gag & i dont even have a mystery disease.

      • That pacemaker must be working overtime because all she does is shove food in her mouth. Yeah last night big bowl of ice cream with I think cereal in it then a few minutes later she eats 2 huge bowls of cereal. SMH she’s a fake.

  9. My only joy left for watching this game is seeing Alex and Jason get turned out by their fearless leader Paul. They deserve it after their unquestioned loyalty to him.

      • Paul found out Jason and Mark talked about the possibility of putting up Paul in the future. Game over for Jason, how dare he speak about Paul or game without Paul.

      • There you are. I’m so pissed with them targeting Jason if Mark wins POV. Why keep that do nothing boring mattress in the house.

      • I can tell you’re having anxiety. lol Alex is safe. I’ve never heard him say ‘get rid of Alex, have you? I know Christmas/Maven wants to take him out. I hope Jason doesn’t go though….I like the guy. he’s fun, always happy.

      • I am. Lol. Last night they were talking when they were getting Alex out. Paul said F3 Him, Xmas, and Josh then F5 add Raven and either Matt or Kevin. He’s telling Xmas to stay close to Alex and make her feel comfortable in case she wins HOH. Jason is seeing red flags after Xmas picked Raven to play in veto instead of Alex. Which was stupid on Xmas’s part.

      • It was probably some combination of the two, but unless they show us what Paul is thinking in the DR this Sunday (or Paul cam talks when hes alone at some point), we won’t know for sure.

      • How did he find out ??? Man .. these guys can’t keep a secret for chit ! I do like Paul and want him to win , but they make it so easy that none of them deserve it until they can finally put a plan to get him out or just sit there and let him pick them off. Ugh . Thank u anj!

      • It came out during the DE. Jason admitted he talked to Mark but obviously he had no plans to put Paul up but Paul still wants him gone for it. Paul I think was most upset that this was probably the only conversation Paul hasn’t either been in on or known about. Paul sure has incredible energy, going from room to room talking with everyone. Late at night I can’t get my roku to load a new camera and Paul is already in the next room in conversation.

  10. It’ll be interesting to see how things would play out if Mark wins the Veto because not only would that open the door for him to potentially win HOH and or Veto next week keeping him safe and causing another one of Paul’s allies leaving the house, it would force Paul to show his hand to the other a lot sooner than he wants. If Mark wins, the easier route for Paul would be if Mark uses the Veto on Matt or Jason then Christmas puts up Kevin as the replacment nominee because voting out Kevin wouldn’t cause waves in the house between Paul and Alex. Whereas if Mark wins, but doesn’t use the Veto then Paul would have to work damage control on Alex after Jason’s evictment.

    It’s funny that this Veto has the power to control where the game goes from here because if things go to plan for Paul where Mark loses the Veto then gets evicted, everything continues as is, but if Mark wins the Veto and Jason gets evicted then Alex could very well go rogue due to the blindside and become target #1 to get out over Mark by Paul and his allies due to the immediate damage she could cause to them. Another thing that could pop depending on who wins HOH, would Mark sway towards Paul’s alliance or do a team-up with Alex to go against them.

    • I totally agree. And if the vote came to a tie then Christmas would also have to show her cards. Hopefully then Alex, Mark and Kevin team up and go after them. Alex wins HOH, next week Mark wins HOH. Next Kevin wins. Highly unlikely but I would love it. Get three of them out in a row. They’re so sure of themselves making F3.

  11. Paul is an idiot. He stands by taking nicole to the end because she played a better game lol. Thats exactly why you shouldn’t have taken her dummy. I guess 500000 isn’t much money…

    • Yep. He’s using it this year as strategy in case he doesn’t have the choice this year so the “better player” picks him as he did Nicole. Sort of reverse psychology.

    • I think paul respects gameplay more than the easy road but we ll see if he changes his mind this yr. If he gets there,that is.

      • Well his best game move would’ve won him 500000, I don’t rrspect idiocy, especially when they give u a second chance out of pity i assume

  12. Did I read this right? Mark gave Paul the save a friend temptation?? WTF is going on in that house? Big Brother is drugging their food, pumping stupid potion through the air vents or something.

  13. Again CBS you block the feeds to the comps, WTF am I paying for. I wont pay for much longer. I think my month is paid until sept 10th, then I’m done.

  14. Sorry if this was already reported:

    2nd temptation is in:
    1. Mark gave Save-A-Friend to Paul which prevents him from being a replacement nom this week
    2. Raven cannot play in the next HOH (Week 9)

    • Oh, I hadn’t heard about Raven. So she’s blocked from an HOH comp that she was never going to win, anyway.

      So far, these temptations are duds.

  15. “1:33 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul discuss getting Jason out.”

    Those (C & P) are the two clowns who days ago were blasting Mark in front of everyone for suggesting to Jason weeks earlier that Paul needs to go and calling Mark disloyal. Now Jason, the guy who can’t keep his mouth shut, and runs to tell Paul everything, is a target by these same two people.

    Also, has Christmas forgot whose vote helped save her when she was nearly evicted in Week 1? Hmm. It was, oh yeah, MARK!

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