Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results

The Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition results were just confirmed on the Live Feeds, so we’ve got those spoilers for you now. We also now have a better idea of exactly what’s going to go down come Thursday night. Could the majority get their target out for a third straight week?

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

The plans this week have seemingly remained the same as Christmas nominated Jason and Matthew with plans to Backdoor Mark. Christmas has mentioned making a move that no one would see coming, but as of now that doesn’t seem to be anything we can expect.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results:

  • Jason won the Power of Veto!

Mark, Raven, and Paul were drawn to play in the comp today along with Christmas, Jason, and Matthew. There was one more player: Zingbot. Yes, it was the return of the Zing tonight for the HGs. We’ll have to listen in on what was delivered and if any of them hit home.

Jason will definitely save himself and Christmas will have to name a replacement nominee. Well, so long Mark. He’s set to be renom’d and evicted this week unless we get something else big in the next few days.

Sounds like it was the Crisco greased endurance comp where HGs run/slide/fall up and down the tracks while trying to fill a bowl and retrieve a ball. That’s an endurance comp. We didn’t get to see it. Big Brother is really sticking it to us with the Feed blackouts this week for that junk Friday episode and now missing this comp.

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  1. That’s strange. That comp has always, ALWAYS been used as an HOH. Wonder why they switched it this year…?

    • Because Paul came in dead last in this comp last year? Didn’t Paul stop or quit bb18? And victor got taken out for the final time because of this comp? Vic was outgoing HOH and counted on Paul to win HOH and Paul did horrible. Long legged Corey won, and this year long legged Jason won. Was it switched to veto for Jason to win? Another possibility.

      • Nah, these comps are planned long in advance because the builders have to know what they’re doing, so I doubt it had anything to do with the HGs themselves (though, you’re right, it’s no surprise Jason won this, giving his height).

      • I am thinking they switched it weeks ago when they needed to allow CHristmas to perform in more HoH’s even though they said they would not give her any special treatment…

  2. Make that BIG move Christmas that you said you were. Oh, that’s right, Paul didn’t give you permission. Weak as hell!!!

    • Have you considered the big move could have been to BD PAUL? What else could be a big move with the people left in the house? And since the new round of temptations has begun and Mark made the bonehead decision to save Paul (after talking about getting him out), Christmas’ plan would be toast. Just a thought…

      • The “Save a Friend” Power definitely did no favors for Mark, as he has no friends in there. However, it was suggested on RHAP’s Friday night recap that Mark may have saved Paul, sensing he was safe anyway, just to leave the door as open as possible for someone — ANYONE — else to go up instead of him.

    • What kills me is that Alex says she is a fan(I think) but she acts like she doesn’t have a clue as to how Paul played last year. HE is playing the same game people.

      • yup ,but like i said once before ” these house guests are so stupid that they can,t realize that they are stupid”

      • Cody would have gotten Paul out had he stayed longer but he only had one HOH win maybe a VETO win or two. He really fizzeled after week one.

    • Christmas had no big move! She talking out of her @ss just like everyone else who gets HOH! That being said, I’m glad Jason won, I didn’t want to see him go home this week!

      • They all talk big and bad when they win HOH. It makes them feel good for a sec. And then its back tooo, whats the plan Paul.

    • She is so Fake. Had’nt got sence enough to make a move. These people make me sick. Sit on there butts and talk out of there azz.

    • Moron Mark gave Paul safety. Appears it bit him in the behind and Christmas had no choice – not that she would have put her meal ticket up.

  3. Wow if it is that comp I believe it’s the first time it’s been used for a POV. That’s always been an HOH comp.

  4. It will be an epic eviction if Matt goes instead of Mark ( if hes nomed)….whoa what a turn around..

  5. Who can be Nominated now? Mark is the front runner and I wouldn’t expect it to any different than the rest of this season. I can see Kevin coming in to a close second with Alex bringing up the rear. The one move that we will not expect is Raven up against Matt which would make more sense as they can continue to steam roll through the Showmances.

      • Depends on how this week is played out. There’s still time for Mark to campaign.

        Doesn’t mean much, though, considering everyone just goes with what Paul wants and doesn’t question if it’s really the best thing for them (even your beloved Alex and Jason).

    • Who do you think he should have given it too? I wish he could have just passed and gave it to no one? There was no one willing to work with him, people are nicer to Mark then Cody, but they are just telling him have fun in jury, visit me after the show etc. they won’t budge on game talk, they are all scared of Paul.

      • Could he just have passed and give to no one? If that was the case he should give it to no one. But If he really had to, I think he should given to Raven. No one is going after her , and everyone “LIKES” her.. OLOL

  6. I am very surprised that Paul was promoting taking Jason out. If that happens, Alex will go after Paul because Jason is her ride or die.

  7. Jason is fast becoming my favorite player. When the chips are down, he is all in. Also I likes how he sticks by his word with Alex.

    • I agree. I was hoping to see them in F2. But I don’t think it will happen. I wanted Matt to go and Mark, Kevin, Jason and Alex to work together. All it would take is for it to get back to Alex somehow that Paul was planning Jasons eviction with her not too far behind.

      • I hope it does get back to her. It might, because Christmas has a big mouth, and she may accidentally (on purpose) let it slip to pit Alex against Paul.

      • It would only work as long as they don’t say anything on Twitter first, though. That’s how they ended up on lockdown the last time someone tried it (after the Jess/Paul shouter).

      • The banner is the only chance. Paul has made it clear any talk of Jason being on the target list , get that HG on the target list. No one will talk except Mark but he is out of the loop.

  8. Julie:”Congratulations Paul. What was your strategy to win BB19?”

    Paul:”I just told everyone what to do and they did it, no questions asked.”

    This has got to be the easiest win in Big Brother history.

    • If I was a juror, I wouldn’t give him the win because he really don’t deserve it.

      • Nope. Not at all. He’s been handed everything on a silver platter by these cowardly sheep. None of these people deserve the win.

    • He has been given everything by AG, he really hasn’t played the game. The other sheep are handing it to him. That doesn’t qualify for great game play.

      • I didn’t necessarily say he has great game play, but if people wanna just roll over and give you money, why stop them?

      • Paul said last night he will be pissed if any past HG question him doing well this season. He was a solo vet and has had no help. As he said this josh and Xmas agreed at how tough Paul has had it.

      • What was epic was how he told the story last night that he had no one in season 18 at all. Then victor tweeted this morning about it. guess Paul forgot about Vic.

      • I was getting so mad watching the feeds at 4am. I finally turned them off. Like I said I’m going to need therapy after this season. Lol

      • I was up till 4am(mst) on feeds. Our cable has been going out at night for repairs so I turned on the feeds. Probably should go back to YouTube , I was hooked on invisible people , a guy that interviews homeless people to tell their stories but that was getting depressing, so no the feeds get me mad, maybe it is time for a DVD of a nice 80’s sitcom.

      • I live in rural Utah, it is a dry area, got to drive out of state to get a drink! It’s crazy. My husband got a job offer in MA, I’m so tempted to move, not just for a glass of wine but to be in the real world again, not in this weird bubble I’m stuck in.

      • and I bet MA has better cable, phone and wine connections :-)
        and green grass. Mine here in southern Iowa is tan/brown baked.
        Have only had the lawn mowed 6 times this summer since April 15 and one time with just a weed eater to get the tall weeds. :-(

      • Yes I miss grass. I live in the desert. It rains only a few times a year and has been 100 or hotter for months. We don’t get grass, we get rocks in the front yard. My daughter rolled in the grass in MA. She was looking at schools, I think they must have thought , is this girl really have straight A’s! Those yards in MA have trees and grass and property taxes of $400-500 a month! Taxes, heating costs and insurance are the deal breakers right now.

        My son dreams of better internet! I pay for 2 dsl lines and broadband just to get okay service. One service is always down and I feel like I’m the only one that complains. I live in a very odd religious area of Utah, so a feisty gal like me stands out. Surpringly, there are tons of BB fans in this religion group and Evel Dick is a favorite. It is so funny, all these reality shows film the religious groups here and they don’t show the reality, like these modest people love BB!

      • Oh wow I didn’t think there were places like that anymore. Can’t you get it out of state and bring it home? I don’t drink that often but once in awhile I like to have a glass of wine. Or when I’m out with friends for dinner or the casino I like to have a couple drinks. I think I’d move too. Lol.

      • It is against the law to bring it over the border, NV/AZ are accessed via a 20 mile long gorge with Utah and cops sitting on the other side. I want to move, My husbands job offer is fine but the employer will only pay 50% of the insurance, and our portion is $1900 a month. It makes utah look like a bargain! Plus it’s Sunday, my husband works sundays in Utah because no one else will, and he makes more on Sunday then people make working 40 hours. So it’s boring life and financial security with bad medical care vs an exciting city with lots of stuff to do ,great medical care and being broke!

      • Wow hard decision. You need to do what makes you happy. Maybe look to moving in a couple years and just try to save like crazy and plan for the move. Sometimes it’s better to have a little less if you’re happy. As long as you can pay the bills. I retired a few years ago and it was a hard decision because I won’t be 65 until next year. But I worked for over 40yrs and saved for it. I’m living on 1/2 of what I used to make but I’m by myself (widow) my son is grown and married so I moved from my house to a senior apartment and I couldn’t be happier. No more stress of my job. I have to be careful with my money but I still do things. I go on vacation once a year instead of 2 or 3 times but like I said I’m happier retired. You’ll make the right decision. 😉

      • Oh, BS. He’s had no help? He’s had help from both production AND from every other HG in Season 19. What a crock.

      • Oooohhhh !!! Boooo Hoooo Hoooo ! ! !
        gimme a kleenex, no, a paper towel cuz I’m crying SO hard ! ! !
        Let’s see: 9 FRIENDSHIP bracelets, one to keep, 8 to hand out, making the others non-friends. In other words enemies right from the start.

        Remember paul’s face when Derrick walked in with an overnight bag?
        After using some of those paper towels to clean up the floor and paul’s pants from that surprise and almost reveal of paul’s plans, with I had a pict of p’s face.

        When last year’s WINNER of BB18 came in for first hostess of HOH, I bet paul was ready to poo his pants then, too. Then there’s the fake kissy kisses.

  9. It looks like my list of people I like in the game will dwindle to 1 after mark leaves… I guess I can say “GO Kevin” even though I know he has zero chance of winning 😑

  10. Marks a tool. I’m glad he is going! Paul is playing the game. Would love to see Paul at the end. Jason or Josh would be fun too. And as far as the feeds being blocked so much, makes me mad. Seems to me we are paying for 24/7 and yet we don’t get it. Isn’t that illegal to make a claim, charge someone for something and then not give what’s described?

    • Why, cause Paul’s such a great and noble man? Cause he’s in desperate need of the money? Cause he’s not the biggest snake in the grass this side of Season 15? SMH

    • Paul would never make it in a season of all stars. Dr Will, Mike Boogie, Janelle, Evil Dick, Danielle Donato, Rachel, Dan G and Derrick would chew him up and spit him out within 2 weeks.

      • True, but it was a very good example of how cut-throat some former BB players are.

      • Well maybe we will see. But until then, this season he is playing the game. Not looking for a hook up. 6 people went in looking for love and found it. Now time to get them out and let the others battle it out. Hate all ya want I have my opinion you have yours.

      • I agree, at least he’s playing the game and it’s not his fault the rest of the HG’s are sheep and willing to follow his direction.

      • I think Paul would be a floater in a All Star season, he would be like Victoria for example. He would be “nothing” “useless”

      • Yeah he’d have no authority at all. All of the real all-stars would see him as a joke. He could never be the leader of an alliance. He’d be exactly the opposite of what he is this year.

      • Put him up against Vanessa – he’d be running around with his tail between his legs.

      • You can never predict the outcome, with different dynamic/players/twists. Vets you mentioned wont agree with your assumption.

    • Have said many times Paul is a jerk & over the top at times…But he is a “player”.. Paul and others like him are the reason I watch BB..

      • Playing the game is fighting for your life week after week, always being worried that someone’s gonna put you on the block and send you out.

        It’s not being handed 4 weeks of safety by the other sheep you’re living with and/or America.

      • #1 I am laughing at what ur post says # 2 I was not replying to u..#3 I don’t come here to insult other posters simply because I dont agree with their views… #4 u go ur way and I will go mine..

      • Hey, we’re all allowed to comment on each other’s post here. You don’t get to dictate that. And you can use whatever terms you like for game play, just don’t expect others to agree with it.

      • LOL, don’t try putting words in my mouth, hun. I’ve never said anyone has to agree with me. Ever. Go back and find a post that ever suggests I did that. I’ll wait (least for a few more minutes, because, hey, some of us have lives to live).

      • Agree , personal attacks on ppl here is not nice , as I just finished w one that wanted to argue about the county I actually live in and called me names and other stupid nonsense. It’s a game chat and just because we don’t all agree on who we like, doesn’t mean go after one another on here . Be civil, and respect one another . 🕊

      • Me too. Hated him last year. But this year he is leading them to slaughter. And they are following. Their faults not Paul’s. he is playing BB. Not being lead. Not sitting back he is earning it. Raven and Matt? Floaters and cannot wait to see them leave. I have waited 19 seasons to see someone earn a win and not float to the end

      • Matt will leave, Paul doesn’t want Matt around. Raven will float till the end. If Paul is at the end, we will see Raven around too.

      • I will give him that he is a player playing an almost flawless game. But I still don’t like him. Lol.

    • yes it,s called FALSE ADVERTISING and cbs has been good at it for decades,yet nobody seems to do a damn thing about it.but so has nbc and abc ,champions of false advertising.

    • Their was no reason to cut the live feed over the memory lane show with dereck. I got it for the battle back. But not this week.

  11. The spoiler I got this afternoon Mark won the veto. That changed everything with Jason having it.

  12. 1004-Paul does some stretches (or something similar) for a few minutes & then says “Dude, I am in pain”, now maybe paul knows the pain we,ve been in having to watch and listen to his BIG MOUTH all season.

    • I noticed that. I think he lost interest now that Jody is gone. He`s bored, just like we all are.

      • LOL, right?! It’s suddenly no fun when you realize that your entire game has been people bending over backwards to give you things.

      • He will get the 500K, but how many days of doing nothing basically until the finale night? Like I said he`s just bored now, just waiting for the Finale Night

      • Nah he dont feel THAT safe. He realizes there’s plenty of obstacles in front of that. He’s not dumb. They provided an explanation above. ^^^

      • He is doing triple duty. And trying to keep them straight. Also running from room to room promising everyone F2

      • Your focus is on Paul’s lies because you dont like him. It illuminates his. They lie the same, this is big brother. Paul’s are just more skilled and effective.

      • No really? Im not focused I’m joking that he’s exhausted. Get it. They made a comment why he looks so down.

      • Yes . He’s the only one that I would even consider giving it too .. it’s not pretty all the time and it’s not who has more friends, it’s all part of a scheme to see who can outwit one another , and Paul has a lot of nitwits that he has and have outskilled.

      • How is that a sleaze? That’s playing the game , and is exactly how it’s played , there are no real alliances or true plans , the goal is last one standing and you do whatever you need to and make sure ur that last one !

      • Well, he wants Alex to himself he did not appreciate she said Jason is her ride or die. So now he can’t get Jason out this week and keep Mark ennemis number 1.

      • Haha yeah it’s a confusing game this season. He wants Mark gone but if Mark won POV then he wanted Jason gone. He told Christmas we’ll get Jason next week.

      • He obviously doesn’t care WHO wins HOH then; he knows it doesn’t matter any more.

      • Aww .. so Xmas is his new confidant.. potentially easier to get her on board and get jason and Alex out

      • But Christmas and Josh are each others ride or dies and Paul knows this. How long until he tries to break them up.

      • Paul is trying to eliminate his potential threats..there’s Mark/Jason/Matt/Kevin (interchangeable)etc..Whoever is ready to go. It’s not complicated. lol

      • Paul doesn’t want Alex attached to anyone other than him. So the plan was Mark, but if Mark somehow won the Veto, then the plan was Jason or Kevin (depending on if Mark used the Veto and on whom).

      • Very common BS in BB. For 500k they swear on the Bible, swear on wedding ring, your kids, you’re neighbor, your dog…

      • Read that Matt gave paul the safety apple this week as a ‘thank you’ for something paul did for or to Mark. Can’t remember what for, tho.

      • It was for paul giving him the friendship bracelet when he first got in the house . I would hope that paul would save Mark , since they both don’t really have a showmance or mark doesn’t now , they would team up and take one another to final 2 , and get Alex and Jason out !

      • I caught that too , when they were talking and Alex I thought said jason ride or die .. is why I think he should team up w Xmas and made her his ride or die . At least they will get mark out , or paul could try and do a flip !!

      • He plans on taking Jason out because Alex will never team up with Kevin so they will both be on their own.

      • Ok you’ve confused me even more. What does Josh have to do with it? He wants Josh out too??

  13. News flash…….Munchausen Raven just announced she has “author-itis” in her knees, legs, arms, hips, and everywhere. Bless her precious little pacemaker. She is working so diligently on her accent. She is such a trooper!

  14. The drama yal have been waiting for is burgeoning! It’s about to be a split. But i said earlier this is what’s supposed to happen. You form an alliance, develop a plan, execute it, then go after each other. This is the first time I’ve seen it done right. I’ve always hated when alliances go nuts before accomplishing anything. We’re so used to dysfunctional alliances, we don’t recognize this alliance has operated correctly. They’ve gotten out ALL FOUR of their opponents CONSECUTIVELY. NOW is when go after each other. I love this season..

    • This is exactly what Paul has told them right along…stick together, get the others out and then they will go after each other. He was always very honest and up front with all of them about that.

      • I love this! He should get credit for leading an alliance that actually stuck together! They may talk their smack behind each others backs but at the end of the day, when the hoh is won, they go after the other side still. They’re taking notes on who in the alliance to get out first once the targets are all out. I think it’s brilliant!

  15. Of course he did. If he was the target, I don’t think he knows about it. So he will continue to be up Alex’s and Paul’s behind.

  16. I think Production has realized that Raven is lying and that’s why they keep ignoring her.

      • She was also completely ignored in the Friday show. Her showmance was turn to Ramses showmance. They ignore her.

      • yep…I do it believe its cause of the controversy concerning her life outside the house….She appears to be a scam artist along with her mother..

      • Yup. We discussed it yesterday. Raven party exposed. It’s very sad. I just hope that her in the house, getting better gaining weight, not sick at all will be à eyes opener.

      • Do you think CBS will let her brother come to the finale? I would be pissed if I were whistlenut with a kid and a pregnant wife sitting next to her brother.

      • If production did proper background checks, they would have never cast violent Cody or troublemaker Josh. Almost none of these HGs would have been cast because they seem unstable.

      • Cody was never physically violent. And being antagonistic or a troublemaker is part of the game.

      • Derrick proved in BB16 that you can be a pretty laid back person and still control the house. There was never a reason for Cody to call Josh a fat a##, or for Josh/Paul to bully people.

      • Hahaha ! He bullied the whole house !!!! They were all afraid of him, and that’s how he won !! ❤️ Him !

      • True, but when you have a game with few rules, that is what you get!!!! AG wants drama and ratings. If you have a houseful of Mother Theresa’s it would be boring! Derrick was boring!!!

      • I’m not saying they have to be saints, I love when people are tough competitors and intelligent strategist, but I always hated when they made things personal.

      • It seems as though they have cast a lot of HGs who make and take things personally,especially from season 14 on. But that is the fault of casting and EP AG. Apparently, that is what she wants. I too prefer tough competitors, but you never know what you are going to get. Personally, my skin is thick enough so that if someone called me fat, I would laugh in their face. Cody calling Josh fat is no worse than what Josh did to Megan, Cody, Jessica or Mark. IMO.

      • I agree with both Cody and Josh. Cody might just be like that all the time IRL, but Josh turns it on and off and that’s sickening. He’s very able to control himself and chooses not to.

      • Josh is on TV, and Paul is the adult compared to the two so it is a way for him to impress Paul. I completely believe that Josh is a nice person outside of the house. Paul is a dork, that pretends to have many friends and is using his BB fame to gain popularity. Cody is not violent, but has little patience for immaturity.

      • I personally as a veteran would love to knock some sense into paul, josh, Jason, x-mas, raven, matt. When they call a veteran a disgrace to their country that seen combat and was there protecting their sorry butts, then that is spitting on every veteran out there. I’m surprised cody kept his cool because i would of lost it beat all their butts.

      • Cody did nothing to nobody. Don’t know what you were watching, but maybe youre just listening to Paul’s version of things that he makes up to get people targeted…which is always BS.

      • Josh trouble maker is gold for them. But Cody didn’t did anything violent. And I think he was in control. But obviously this year background check where lacking. They lost Megan in less then a week.

      • Or Raven , knowing all of her sicknesses.. would they cast someone like that in a physical game , and mental ?? Doesn’t seem like they would . 🤷‍♀️

      • Violent Cody? Huh? Maybe Josh banging big metal pans in everyone’s face is a little violent. You have any idea what two big metal pans being slammed together near you sounds like? That CBS didn’t stop that immediately is mind blowing.

      • This was Josh’s second casting. He was suppose to be on BB17 and walked out of sequester to go to his graduation. They liked him enough to bring him back.

      • Hell, an IQ test would have probably kept most of these cast out! Only Paul and Kevin might have qualified! Maybe, time for Big Brother to add an IQ test. Take nobody below 150 IQ and you will have better game play!

    • Between you and I (and everyone who read this) never big brother would have a player with “terminal” disease. So 101 logic she’s not as sick as she pretend.

      • True that, unless she lied on the application. Then waited for air time to reveal her “terminal illness”. That could be why they are ignoring her.

      • I think Raven lied in the respect that she shouted her CNN clip, said she got the pacemaker and was better and dancing and wants to bring awareness. I’m sure CBS would have loved an honest Raven, dancing through the house , showing a girl that was saved by the generosity of strangers paying it forward, instead they got tall tale Raven.

      • So they knew all along, but now the whole world suspects it and they don’t want to support her anymore. They do give them medical examinations, but she just makes other stuff up as well.

      • I have wondered why no one has questioned why Raven does not need to see a doctor for over 4 months and she is dying?

      • Her mother said in an interview that Raven is so sick she could even die while in the BB house! Raven, away from her mother, is putting on weight. Other than her self harm and hypochondria she’s looking healthy. She really needs long term psychiatric therapy to counter the years of Munchausen by Proxy that she received from Mommy dearest.

  17. Paul just said one of the reasons he lost last year is because he wanted to see a girl win? Really?

    • I couldn’t even watch the friday low light show, it is the first time i chose not to watch a BB show!

  18. And another predictable week. I swear all the nominees and evictees have been so predictable this whole entire season. And guess what? All of them has benefited Paul. Paul will def make it to final 2.

    • Paul is the only one playing at this point. I can’t imagine anyone else winning. If Jason makes a move maybe him? Imagine Josh next to Raven? Neither deserve the money.

      • something I’ve noticed about josh, he seems to have grown into the game more. sure the pots and pans hurt him but if you listen a bit he can be insightful about game.

  19. zzzzzzzzz Well, theres another BIG move in the house. Yeah, get our Mark — he is alone and has nobody. He’s a real threat. Not that guy in the beard…no, he’s mr. friendship….no reason to get Paul out at all. DUMB AS ROCKS.

  20. What a great sport, how wonderful Mark is taking this, he is getting compliments from all the other HG about what a good loser he is and he and Xmas had a nice heart to heart where she effusively praised Mark for being so civilized about being backdoored and not causing any stink. Screw that, I’ll take Cody figuratively spitting in their faces as he walks out the door any day over this lame garbage.

    • We will see how sweet Xmas, and the others, are when they soon get evicted because they trust (ha ha ha) Mr. Friendship Paul. Methinks they will act like jerks.

      • Josh is at the top of his list! Other minions should be pissed! Josh will get $50,000! Ha ha ha ha! Idiots! Josh probably cannot believe his good luck! LOL

  21. So mark got zinged which he is happy about but says elena wont like it. Cant wait to hear that.

  22. Wait, has Alex already dumped Jason? On bbad her and Josh are talking and she said they have to win because Jason will soon come after Paul. Idk if im hearing this right, if someone knows, explain please?

    • Was this just on BBAD or the feeds. I don’t get BBAD, and I know people have complained BBAD has different cameras on then feeds sometimes. I would like to know. All I saw of Alex was her punishment ending, celebrating, and her general evening chit chat with the guys.

  23. Christmas said she was going to make a big move this week. If Mark is BDed, that’s not that big of a move more than expected. The big move would be to BD Paul. So I guess we’ll see how big that move really is after the Veto Ceremony!

  24. “Big Brother is really sticking it to us with the Feed blackouts this week for that junk Friday episode and now missing this comp.”

    …and people wonder why many of us won’t pay for the feeds. Given how we can get recaps here and all the griping about how much and how frequently the feeds are either cut or blacked-out, it just seems the idea that the feeds are sold on, i.e. Non-stop, 24/7 unfiltered access to what’s going on the house, is really false advertising…

    • I considered signing up but, with these horrible bunch doing nothing, week after week other than saying they will make moves. Lip service is not a game move! Duh! Dummies all! Big Brother has numerous opportunities to get better cast members but, they cast the same bunch of wanna be celebrities who look at it as a paid vacation and nothing else! These guys would be fired from their jobs if they did the same exact thing which was nothing!

  25. i’m having a hard time getting over the rat (not paul).
    josh called it the size of a “baby cat” lol.

    • I heard paul say bbcan was cancelled so they are super fans of bbUS, he also corrected Jason an the pronunciation of regina. paul said it’s
      regg-in ah. he’s pseudo intellectual-smug!
      i watch bbcan on youtube, I love it more

  26. After mark goes, dummy Jason announced last week that Alex was his ride or die….I’m sure paul will want him out next

    • he also announced that he spoke to mark over chess about getting paul out.
      can this get any worse?

      • I think she would strike. Alex said if Jason & Paul were OTB, she would save Jason.
        I think she would be PO’d enough to vote out Paul.

      • I don’t think alex is doing enough, without Jason winning the pov, she was prepared to let him get evicted.

  27. think about it, what has paul done in weeks beside be the ear wax of the hoh, damn, he’s nothing more than a cling on.

  28. This is the weakest season of BB players I have ever watched and that makes for the most boring season. As Julie stated in an interview this season is for Paul to win or or give it away. I don’t care for Paul this season and did not like him last season. At least Cody and Jessica made this season exciting when they were on. In tired of watching the Paul show. I really wanted others to step up and challenge Paul and not just hand him the money……..very boring and disappoint summer of BB due to the weak cast!

  29. Christmas has talked about getting Paul out to get the veterans advantage out of the game.

  30. Everyone on here is talking about Alex Jason Paul mark Mathew what about Josh when are are they going to go after Josh?

  31. Mark is gone now! So, minions will target those at the bottom of minion totem pole. That looks to be Matthew, Raven, Kevin, Jason, Alex. Christmas and Josh seem to be Paul’s choices to take to Final 3 right now. Have no sympathies for these dumb asses who were HOH how many times and never took a shot to remove Paul! At some point, you have too. Now, they are on the chopping block. Evicting Mark does not help any of their games except, Paul!

    • I agree except I think the order is a bit different, Jason , Matt, kevin (depending if Alex wins an HOH or Paul controls all 3), then Alex. Can you imagine, Paul vs Raven, josh, Xmas? Xmas will go next and Paul will choose Raven vs josh for f2.

  32. Even if Christmas BD Paul? Matt will go home, because Jason Alex Kevin are to scared to vote him out

  33. Paul will not win. Kevin & Christmas, & jason are sneaky as hell. They just don’t feel it’s time yet to take out paul. He has more enemies than he thinks. Plus alex loves big brother and knows this game. Her & pauls plans are to take josh to the final two with them they’re not taking each other that’s why they want him in the final 3 because they know everyone hates him and will not vote for him for the win.

  34. What is this, Week 2 million in a row of Paul winning HoH, and now he also wins the PoV for the week?

    Must be Season 19 of BB.

  35. If Mark goes home …I am so done with big brother. This year has been so set up for Paul to win. Paul and his idiot jury proud minions!!!

  36. Paul has always reminded me of someone and I’ve figured it out. Remember Alf the tv show. Yep Paul reminds me of Alf

  37. All the players I rooted for are out, Mark is the only one left. The rest of them are morons and follow each other like little terds. Christmas and Raven are the biggest floaters in history.

  38. well, all that’s left is the Paul butt kissers, bye bye big brother, I’m done watching the Paul show

  39. It is so sad that everyone in that house is letting Paul run every single move. BB should have never let someone from last season back in the house. I cant watch anylonger because everyone in there is stupid behind Paul. Clearly everyone in there should know what he is doing. I cant see how BB picked all weak people this season, except Cody and Jessica, They seen straiggt through paul. My dad told me not to watch anymore because its starting to effect my life because I be so into the show. They always only have 2 black people that always go home first. They never have enough black people because they would have seen through Paul from the beginning. Paul would have been out. Domonic seen straight through Paul, but not enough people on her side to see what he is doing. How can so many people be so naive? Every week is predictable. ITS WHATEVER PAUL SAYS. I wish it was someway to let Mark stay and he get Paul out. Then the show will be good again. Those people would be lost without Paul. Raven and her boyfriend is disgusting running behind paul. We all know Mark is leaving this week because its What Paul wants. I get sick looking at him. This is why i dont care who wins this season, I refuse to watch.

  40. These houseguests are completely oblivious and stupid it should be in history books. I’m hoping Christmas actually has some common sense to go after someone else other than the person who is ALONE in the game (Mark) and can be used as a target later on, but she doesn’t. Why can’t they cast houseguests like they do with Big Brother Canada. On BBCan, those people are hardcore players and strategists who are independent and don’t listen to what one person in the house has to say. This season had so much promise, but it’s disappointing. If anyone takes out Paul, then they deserve to win. I wish it could’ve been Mark, but it seems he’s going this week, unless Christmas actually has a brain and puts up a much bigger threat (Alex), but I doubt it. This isn’t shaking up the house, Christmas, this is going with the house, once again. BORING…

  41. so when is big brother going to start…worst one ever… stopped watching until Paul gets out and if he doesn’t than definitely will be last time I ever watch the show, definitely rename to Paul show and certainly not reality.

  42. all I hear is Paul this Paul did that Paul is the strongest player it’s not his fault that these grown ass men/women are listening to him they choose to he should of won against Nicole anyway her dippy ass 🤔😶 but again these adults choose to listen I want him or Christmas or raven to win .#bbtonight

  43. Well Christmas can’t take out Jason and since Mark saved Paul that’s out. So the only big move left for Christmas to make would be Alex. It would split up Alex and Jason and Jason and Paul probably don’t trust each other. You figure if it’s Matt vs. Alex, Jason and Paul would vote out Matt and Raven would vote out Alex. Kevin likes Jason but doesn’t get along with Alex so he might be able to be swung around to vote for Alex. Christmas probably won’t put up Alex if she doesn’t think Josh will vote for her. I’m not sure about Mark but if Christmas can convince both Kevin and Josh to vote out Alex over Matt, Mark’s vote is irrelevant. Then Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Matt, Raven, and Mark can form an alliance and make Paul and Jason the next two out. But the danger for Christmas is if Alex does go home and either Paul or Jason become the next HOH she might as well pack her bags (then again, there is always the tree).

  44. I am so sick of Paul’s arrogance when he was scolding Mark for having the conversation with Jason about it being time to take Paul out. How dare Paul attack someone for playing the game. Paul acts as if he owns BB and is allowing these peasants to play his game. He needs to be BDd. Dumb move by Mark to give the save a friend to Paul. And the issue of Kevin knowing Derrick so they must both be cops is hysterical. Time to really shake this house up.

  45. Raven has got to go. I cannot stand listening to her anymore. Put Paul and Raven on the block and tell each of them they are the pawn.

  46. I really don’t understand why these idiots continue to listen to Paul. I hope & pray that someone will get him out. He’s a control freak.. Get Him Out!!!

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