Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 8: Saturday Night Highlights

Big Brother Live Feeds on Saturday night returned from the Veto competition and we soon had the results to decide whether or not the House majority would pull off their plan to take out Mark this week. We discovered Zingbot arrived and delivered an endurance comp, further adding to the things we’ve missed out on this week.

Paul gets ready on BB19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 19, 2017:

9:20 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Veto comp. HGs are in good spirits despite being covered in a greasy substance.

9:23 PM BBT – Paul congratulates Jason and reminds him to definitely take himself down. Jason won the Veto.

9:25 PM BBT – HGs discuss that this was the endurance comp with the slippery, greased tracks. Oh, and Zingbot was there.

9:30 PM BBT – Matthew tells Josh not to listen to Zingbot and that he (J) has lost weight this season.

9:33 PM BBT – Paul talks with Raven and Matthew to tell them Jason needs to go next. They agree.

9:35 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that they need to get Jason out next. Josh joins the talk and suggests the same idea, it’s time to evict Jason next.

9:35 PM BBT – Paul warns Jason that Kevin is talking across lines to Matt and Christmas and may be pulling away from them. Jason says that was a mistake for Kevin.

9:50 PM BBT – Christmas warns Josh that Mark is going to try and start negotiating soon.

10:20 PM BBT – Alex tells Josh that they’ll need to get rid of Kevin soon. She thinks he’s being weird. She wants to go after Matthew and Raven as well. Josh was surprised by how well Matthew performed, but Alex notes that it still wasn’t good enough to do better than third.

10:30 PM BBT – Josh mentions Matthew’s Zing was along the lines of “you haven’t done anything in the game besides Raven.”

10:40 PM BBT – Kevin relays to Paul that Raven has announced she now has arthritis.

10:50 PM BBT – Mark is working on Christmas, making his pitch. He asks is there’s anyway she could see having him as an asset and an ally. She isn’t giving him much hope.

10:55 PM BBT – Mark promises Christmas that he did not know she was going up as the renom in Week 1. (I believe that’s correct.) He says if she could see him as an ally then he’d be there to help her and Josh. Christmas says she’ll think about it and semi-apologizes for trying to Backdoor him.

10:57 PM BBT – Mark suggests the rift between them was in part over Dominique and Mark accepts the blame for that situation.

11:00 PM BBT – Mark again offers to help Christmas and Josh if they decide to keep him as a second chance to his game.

11:05 PM BBT – Christmas tells Mark he did well in the Veto comp to not give up and quit during it. He says he had to fight through it even though he was being beat.

11:15 PM BBT – Mark tells Christmas he was never going to save Elena with his Veto instead of taking himself down.

11:40 PM BBT – Jason’s costume time is now over. Big Brother announces it was an X-Treme week for him. Jason runs around pulling off the costume.

11:55 PM BBT – Josh, Christmas, and Paul discuss whether or not Matthew and Raven are really having sex. They believe they are after what both Zingbot and Derrick said about the showmance. Christmas notes that neither of them denied the claim.

12:05 AM BBT – Christmas tells Paul that Mark made a pitch and asked her to think about it. Paul says no. Paul mentions that Alex wants to go after Matthew next week so they’re in a good position now for that if she takes power.

12:10 AM BBT – Alex’s park ranger punishment has ended.

12:20 AM BBT – Mark tells Jason that if he had to lose to someone, he’s glad it was him.

12:30 AM BBT – Lights are out and HGs are heading to bed.

1:00 AM BBT – Few HGs are back up and goofing around including Alex trying to hide and surprise them.

1:15 AM BBT – Lights are back and out HGs are off to sleep.

Sounds like Mark gave it a good shot in the competition and at least he got a chance to compete so no Backdoor for him, but he’ll still be the renom on Monday and unless he can greatly improve his campaigning he’ll be the one to go on Thursday. After that, well Matthew better hope for some serious cereal offerings in the Jury house if he’s not careful.

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  1. Christmas could really get Paul out this week. Damnit! Mark, Josh, Kevin and Raven would be the votes needed. I need Christmas miracle!

      • Ugh, just saw that. Hate to be negative but this cast is really disappointing. Mark uses that on Alex or Kevin to build relationships or uses it where Xmas wants it to prove to her he’d vote out Paul. Kevin loves her, Josh would do what she wants and Raven isn’t going to vote out Matt. Want to love this season but they are killing us!

      • Production most likely told Mark to give the “Save A Friend,” to Paul…They all but have the certified Check Made out to him for $500.000

      • Nobody has actually said on the feeds how it works. I just heard Alex saying to Jason these aren’t that good it’s not worth picking one. So I guess we’ll find out Sunday how this is going to work.

      • thx, I wasn’t sure if I had missed something. Another thing we haven’t seen with the feeds down

      • Besides Paul is Christmas’s ally. That would be like Alex putting up Jason. Just because you want him gone doesn’t mean she does. It is not best for her game.

      • I realize that but Christmas can’t compete in much and Josh is not much of a competitor. She needs to keep Paul to keep her safe.

    • And it would understandably be a smart move. I like Jason, although it took a while, but he grew on me. Whereas the game pertains to Paul, getting Jason out is good strategy. Truthfully, the smartest thing Christmas could do would be to BD Paul, but he is unavailable, so Alex should be next on her list, but I don’t see that talk happening. Getting Paul out would be a very smart move by/for anyone at this point. Amazing the guy is still there.

      • Not only still there, but maybe 3 people all season have even THOUGHT about putting Paul on the block. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

      • I can see why some people might think it is ridiculous, but in a way, it isn’t. These HGs have used Paul’s knowledge of and experience in the game to help further their game and that strategy has worked for them. But they are at the point in the game where it is do for themselves or die and that means Paul either goes or he will win.

      • I don’t believe he will last much longer…its getting down to the wire and he can be out numbered sooo easy..

      • This bunch has used him to further their games about as much as possible, and yes, they outnumber him so he’s got to know that it’s coming, and coming soon.

      • they outnumber him, but all together, there’s not much brain power in that group. Getting rid of Alex would be a smart move because she’s such a rat. She runs right back to Paul with any convos about him.

      • As do most of the HGs, but this is the perfect chance to get a bigger fish than Mark, Alex. For her game, Christmas should be offering Mark a deal. Maybe if she keeps him safe this week, he will not target her and one other HG of her choice for the next two weeks and will vote out who she wants him to this week, something like that. Mark would be more apt to keep his promise than any other HG would, imo. But would Christmas get the numbers to evict Alex? Snitchy hates Matt. But Christmas would have Josh, Raven, and Mark to evict Alex. That’s all she needs and she could break a tie vote. But I don’t think she would go against Paul. She could try to get him to agree, but I’m not sure that would happen. I wish Christmas would just do it! That’s a ballsy BB move.

      • But she has a big ass foot built for kicking some arse….only if she would use it…just this once. I dare her to! lol

      • That’s what people do in an alliance. If they have information they go tell the people in their alliance. Jess used to run back to Cody and tell him things. Elena used to run to Mark and tell him things.

      • He does and that’s why his game play is getting somewhat frantic. He’s now running around making a number of splinter deals that will blow up on him, I hope.

      • I agree, But Paul is in a really good position right now. He has a few solid votes, like Christmas, Matt and Raven. Probably has Josh and Kevin too. At this point unless his own alliance flips on him he is safe for a few weeks. If Jason and Alex go then Paul needs to worry.

  2. would not mind seeing Matthew go instead of Mark…that would be a game changer…As wishy washy as Christmas has been lately it could happen…that girl ain’t right..

    • Or BD Alex if she has the votes. Not saying that’s what I want to happen, but it would be great for Christmas’s game. Jason would have been better, but, imo, for Christmas’s game, in general, Alex being evicted would be better than Mark.

      • yeah that would work…It might mess up Paul and his having (almost) perfected a method to the madness…At “this” eviction anybody but Mark going would turn the house upside down..

      • Alex leaving would put a kink in things for Jason, too. Jason would have been gone long ago if it wasn’t for Alex. Jason would kind of be forced to turn to either Paul or Mark; Itchy Snitchy would be no help. I’d like to see who he would choose. The things we will never know because no one will make the big move. :(

      • Jason would certainly target Christmas if Alex got evicted during her HOH…Its part of Pauls plan He wants to pit them against each other and let them knock theirselves out.. That means his hands are clean.. ( yet we know hes probably in the shadows directing the moves) And also…How does Christmas expect to survive a final 4/3/2 when she can’t compete in strenuous /physical comps??? I don’t get why she is still in the house..She can’t be called a competitor in comps.. (injury) and her social skills are not that great.. hmmm to each his own..

      • Well that’s a good argument if somehow she made it to F2. I would ask the jury why would you vote for someone who hasn’t had to compete as much as we did, who had to rely on all of us get her this far?

      • If u were in final 3 and Christmas was one of the 2 u had to choose between .. Would u honestly vote to put her in the chair next to u?? If u did take her as ur #2 I would consider u the biggest loser/phoney/douchbag that ever graced the BB game…seriously ..using a person that couldn’t totally compete against u to win??? I would call u a sleeze and vote for her.. .just my personal views…

      • Thought of that after, my plan would work only if Xmas somehow got to choose who went into F2 with her. Not likely I know.

      • I see her being cut at 5/4…but if she does decided to nom Alex and get her evicted her # up will be sooner than later if Jason can make it happen…

      • Like Alex has said, Jason would be a mess without her keeping him in check. It kind of makes me wonder if Molly, Jason’s wife, has a similar personality as Alex. That’s going to be interesting to see…for me anyway.

      • My guess is yes, he seems comfortable with Alex telling him what to do. However Jason’s instincts are getting better and Alex should pay attention.

      • You are correct about Jason. I think he would have already been targeting Paul if not for Alex dismissing him. But Alex is an alpha female. Listening is not in her DNA.

      • I’m anxious to see who of these HGs are really lemmings and who can think for themselves. It better start soon.

      • The clock is ticking and my patience is running thin. Big moves a comin in the next 2 rounds, I hope. Of course these damn twists can throw things off again.

      • As someone pointed out(was it you) about paying attention to Julie’s semantics. She says one thing while implying another. I thought the twists were over. I was wrong.

      • Yeah that was on yesterday’s thread, she said the temptations were over. She’s a sly one that Julie Chen

      • It’ll be a strong “if” if she does since the last three have to compete in major physical comps!

      • I don’t know, littlefly. I mean look what happened to Paul last season for taking Dingus Nicole supposedly because she played a better game than James. Made no sense for a person as strategic minded as Paul, yet it happened. I honestly don’t think we’re going to be worrying about Christmas in the finals. jmo

      • That is why I say that Paul (if he makes it) will not take a floater to the final 2…Paul wants to be sitting beside a person that competed not floated.. Paul wants to be sitting beside somebody that played the game.. win or lose….That is why I believe he would take Alex or Jason at this point. .Josh is gonna follow not lead.. Mark may be out as competition …Kevin Raven and Matt might wake up mid September….

      • I think Josh would be sublime to take to F2..he competed more than Matthew or Raven and did win an HoH comp.

      • Are you sure he will do that? Yes, he is playing the same game, but too what degree. I think he really want the $500K this time around. Not second place. Taking Alex is a 50/50 chance. I think he will go for a easier target this time. Just saying…

      • Exactly Paul’s plan and it has shown signs of promise. Christmas definitely has her hands full going forward with her limitations. I’ve just been trying to look at things from her game perspective with her being HOH and what the best route would be to improve her odds, specifically. The ball is in her court, and it’s very likely she will not get another chance to make a big move.

      • She never should of came back after she broke her foot. Like you said she’s can’t compete in half the comps and all she does is insert her big mouth into anyone who’s in a fight.

      • I think she should have left as well. Her competitive side said stay(in her head) And I guess BB let her make the call. As in Survivor, if there is a will, there is a way. You get too Play!!!

      • I doubt Alex will be BD but it would be interesting to see Raven on the block instead of Mark. Yes, I know that would be a waste but at least she could go to Jury and let that Arthritis get some rest.

      • And not be in danger of being killed by whatever they talked about bringing in to kill the rat cos you know the Zap will stop her pacemaker and she’ll die!

      • Or she if somehow survived the ZAP, the fumes of whatever stuff they used, she would have said it caused her to get COPD.

      • Which would in turn exacerbate her second mystery terminal disease which only one other person in the world has and she’s hoping will be named after her.

      • Raven is the one in the game I don’t trust. I don’t know what it is about her but I don’t trust her and she needs to go.

      • By all her illnesses she says she has, she’s not fit to be there anymore…so Christmas should give her the boot over Matthew!

      • Sorry, tr8, I didn’t see your comment. I was replying from my notification page. But again, we think alike. :D

      • You are so thoughtful, WW. I guess that comes from having all of those sisters, huh? ;) Also, the HGs would feel better about using the zapper on the rat. You know that thing could make her short circuit and could kill her dead as a door nail.

    • I don’t know, but over on Jokers the talk turned to something said (by Zingbot?) about what’s going on politically. HGs worried if we’re at war or Trump gets impeached would they be told.

    • Matt zing was: “You have done nothing in this game accept for Raven”

      Josh’s zing had something to do with his weight.

    • One of the Zings was about Josh being fat, another was about Matt having sex with Raven but those probably will be edited out.

  3. First off, it’s Christmas, and she’s been stupid previously as well as hypocritical. Secondly, it was a DR session for TV and they’re prodded to play up to camera-friendly lines and sound bytes, and thus hard to take seriously. However…

    Christmas said right before this last HoH competition, when saying why she wanted to win it, that she would do something “Nobody saw coming”… I highly doubt her plan was ever Paul even before Mark handed him safety, but… maybe? She still has an unexpected move in store? Alex maybe?

    I don’t know why I’m even putting an ounce of faith in Christmas. Nevermind.

  4. At this point the perfect end to the season would be pauls end goat (josh) winning the final hoh and cutting him and josh wins the game based on that sole move. That would ultimate karma for paul for treating hg’s this whole season as if he knows it and his this game in the bag. He does have the game in the bag but he has taken mob mentality to a whole new level and i dont really respect it. You can be in control and not be a douchebag at the same time.

  5. So glad that Jason won the veto and can take himself down. Adios Mark. Would like to see Christmas, Raven, Kevin out in that order. Then let Paul,Alex, Jason fight it out and Josh will come along for the ride. Oh, forgot about Matt. Is he still there?

      • I doubt it, they’re too focused on Mark and as said in the article above, he’s not a good campaigner and with his history flip flopping who can trust him.
        BTW, mornin. Good sleep?

      • Morning my friend/sis. Yes, slept for 7 straight hours. Would have been 7 1/2 if I had shut my computer like I should have. I’ll never learn! lol

      • I’d have been here to greet you all a good morning if I hadn’t woke with a sinus headache. I took two Tylenol Sinus and laid back down. Feel a little better now, but groggy too!

      • Trust me, had no energy for that. If I did, I would claim I have a brain tumor and won’t get the operation I need til after BB is over! LOL

  6. So, feeders missed watching another endurance comp AND Zingbot coming in the house. Surprised that the slip and side was a veto..that has always been HOH…and we have usually been able to watch on the feeds. CBS needs to stop with the 24/7 live feed enticement..because that is a big fat lie!

  7. Here’s my thought, I hope after they get Mark out this week, if that’s really the plan, then they need to throw the hoh to Paul next week and let him do his own dirty work for a change, does that sound like a plan these people can pull off? I mean really, Paul telling Jason to use the veto and take himself down, , he has to tell him that,mindless

    • That would be interesting cos Paul would then have to draw a line in the sand and nom 2 people. He can argue away one of the choices as a pawn but he’d have to show his hand for the other. That could be what finally gets these guys banding together to target him the next round.

      • They would realize that he has to nom them (limited choices) but he would fall back on Alex premises “I nominated u and its out of my hands”…or I wash my hands of the results cause I cannot vote.. Using those catch phrases would be his out…not to say that he would not get a bad rap but he would be covering his ass..

      • Don’t think it would work at this point there are still enough people left that he has a choice, if you’re up then you now know you’re disposable to him. If he feels comfortable enough I can see him letting others win HoH thinking he can still control the noms

      • It’s definitely getting to the point where every nom means something just like Chritmas choosing raven to play the veto showed her hand, imo. Noms, picks, discussions, innuendos, from here on out, it gets real. Cody just thought it was real.

      • If he won HOH I think he’d nominate Jason and Matt for “strong veto player pawns” saying the goal was to BD Kevin. He could always secretly plan for Jason to be evicted if veto plays out right and he wouldn’t be the one voting. I don’t see him having any issues selling this idea to the HG’s considering they’ve been buying everything he has to offer all year.

      • If his plan really was to get Kevin out, he might as well nom him outright because Kevin will never win anything. lol

      • He really wants Jason out next. With Mark being gone I think his plan is to start splitting the duos in his favor with Kevin as a weekly backup. He wants Jason gone so he has Alex completely loyal to him, he wants Matt gone so Raven is his, and eventually Christmas gone so Josh is with him. With those people left in the game he’d be a shoo in for final 2.

      • That is definitely his plan, Fayt. Whether he will be able to bring his plan to fruition…well now, that is the $500k question.

      • Indeed. IMO if he can get rid of Jason next week in a way that doesn’t lose his trust with Alex he wins the game. Jason is the only strong player left with Mark leaving that isn’t completely in Paul’s pocket. If Jason goes it easily could be Alex taking out Matt next and so on. I think he’ll win easily against Josh or Raven in F2. I’m thinking Josh is who he wants to carry to the end though. Cody, Elena, Mark, Matt, Raven, Alex would probably be locks for him in that F2 assuming he can cut people without them feeling he is wholly responsible. It’s very similar to Boston Rob in Survivor. He will probably upset quite a few people over the next few weeks but deep down they like him and will respect his game so if he takes a weak enough player to the end he will win.

      • I can’t see him getting Jason out next week, if he is the HoH, without pi**ing off Alex. He still has too many other choices for her not to see through him

      • He would say Jason and Matt as pawns with Kevin BD. He’d secretly tell Mat/Raven/Christmas/Josh the real target is Jason and tell Jason/Alex the real target is Matt with Kevin as backup in both scenarios. If Jason is on the block at the end of the week only 3 votes needed so Christmas/Josh/Raven could vote Jason and they’d be the ones Alex goes after IMO.

      • No I don’t think Alex would buy that, she’d ask why hewouldn’t put up Matt and Raven together. Alex is already skeptical of Xmas picking Raven for the veto yesterday and she knows Xmas is working with Paul.

      • Maybe, maybe not. But who exactly is she going to work with then? Only 7 people left and everyone except Kevin would of voted Jason out. She would still follow Paul like everyone has all year.

      • I totally agree with you on that. She would be very sketched out. If Christmas would of picked Alex for veto she might of bought into it. But there’s already red flags.

      • That’s why I think he was so down yesterday! I hear all the talk about the large alliance steamrolling before turning on itself, but when there’s only one straggler it’s the time to take the shot and change the game in your favor.
        No other move except getting Jason out accomplished that, for Paul at least. He needed to make the move before Mark went out to keep a juicy target and allow him a weeks worth of damage control. Now he gets neither, and top it off he is the lone wolf in amongst the sheep after Mark goes, and the sheep are staring to see it!

      • I can’t either. I see him getting Matthew or Raven out as they’re more expendable than trying to get Jason and pissing off Alex! Then again, Paul’s always said, “I don’t care about any of these people!”

      • No he really wants Jason out next. If Mark would of won veto he wanted Jason gone, not Matt.

      • Now that Jason won veto, guess it’s Mark going instead? Or are they talking about next week getting Jason out?

      • They’re talking about getting Jason out next week. I really hope he wins HOH. It should be endurance hopefully and he’s good at that. He’s already starting to see red flags and he wants Christmas gone so hopefully he wins and does what he wants.

      • Well, if he gets to F2, which I have my doubts, let’s hope he doesn’t take raving lunatic Raven. She is the closest thing to bedridden Dingus Nicole that is left in the house and we know what happened there.

      • He said yesterday he took Nicole’s to f2 instead of James because she deserved it as the better player. He would need to change that thinking first.

      • Agreed, but I think he’s also being really vocal about that fact to make people think he’ll take them to the end. Also he has some respect for people like Josh whereas he had none for James last year. Different dynamic this year.

      • I think that’s his ideal F4. Paul, Alex, Raven, and Josh. All three of them would want to take him to the end over the others based in my opinion.

      • I’m not sure Alex would do that. I’m hoping that I am not giving Alex too much credit here, but I’m thinking she really has no intention of going to F2 with Paul if she has a choice in the matter. She might have me fooled into thinking she has a brain that works sans Paul. That will soon be determined.

      • But if Jason is not an option Paul is next in line for her loyalty. We are talking about the girl who said she wanted to lose this year and come back to win a future season. She is blindly loyal and likes taking strong people. IMO she would take Paul.

      • She did say she wanted to compete with strong people once they weeded out the dead weight so if Jason is not there, she would want to take take Paul, unless she feels blindsided by him and gets ticked off like she did Elena. But then she never had any alliance or bond with Elena.

      • She could make a pretty good case against Paul. She has the comp wins, she has built loyalty with Jason and Kevin, she can argue that she’s a newbie while Paul was the vet and had the advantage, she could say that she played along with Paul and knew what he was doing. By the final, Paul will have betrayed some of his group so with the right arguments, she could win but it would be a tight vote.

      • I always thought Alex would have better advantage than Paul if the 2 of them. Elena went sour on him on her way out. Cody had respect for Alex. So there are potentially two more votes for her.

      • Cody has said he would vote for Paul, but that could change based on convos in the jury house and the jury discussion.

      • Paul better hope he doesn’t get to communicate with Jessica since he has continued to trash him since he left. Cody indicated he had read some updates when he was out of house last time.

      • I don’t believe production would allow Cody to read any type of social media. They shouldn’t have anyway.

      • That’s why I’m waiting to see if I’m giving Alex too much credit and that she isn’t as much of a lemming as many posters seem to think she is.

  8. notice the time summary above, it’s always “paul said”, “paul tells”….
    does anyone have a thought of their own or they are THAT subservient?

  9. I still don’t quite get why they want Kevin out. He still has yet to win HOH, POV, or TC. I can understand why they want Jason out because numbers are dwindling and he’s proving to be a strong competitor. I would definitely consider taking Kevin to F5 at the very least in this point in the game.

    Still hoping for Jason to win it all (which is looking bleak) and that Matt, Paul, Alex, and Xmas all somehow make it to F5 together.

  10. Well, so much for Christmas’ big move to shake up the house. I do like that she makes her HOH bed everyday. Points for that.

  11. “12:05 AM BBT – Christmas tells Paul that Mark made a pitch and asked her to think about it. Paul says no.”
    Yet another game decision that daddy has to make. Whenever anyone says they’ll “think about” a suggestion, that really means, “I’ll run it past Paul.” Sickening – and it’s worse since Jess and Cody left. These remaining HGs don’t have a complete brain between them.

      • Sooner or later (hopefully – but maybe not) these HGs will realize Paul is always ready to stab them in the back. When/if they ever realize it, it will be far too late for them to retaliate, because in most cases they’ll be telling their tale to Julie.

  12. why isn’t anyone ready to blow this s#!t up?
    i’d like to think that i’d make the move to evict the weasel right now!
    i’d take myself with it!
    right the bloody hell now!

    • Because everyone thinks they have a F2 with Paul. And the ones that don’t he’s getting evicted. Perfect example after Mark he wants Jason gone now because Jason said Alex is his ride or die. They need to start talking and comparing notes. Please someone fly a banner over saying “Paul has a F2 with everyone”.

  13. I saw Jason with a picture frame, was it the wife or Ollie the bull? did he get something from home? was he weepy yesterday? what was that about?

      • He already knew she was pregnant when he entered BB. Probably didn’t know the sex yet, though. She probably sent the sonogram pic of the baby to him.

      • he was going on about getting right back on the rodeo circuit, is he worried about money do you think?

      • A week and one day. I think Production forgot to tell him he could remove it on Friday when Alex was able to take hers off.

      • I want to see the others go thru something just as harsh as alex/Jason. paul and xmas got off easy! too easy.
        even if raven can’t eat slop make her do the rest, bed, cold showers….

      • For real!!! 48hrs is nothing! Jackie got stuck with someone (I think Van) for a whole week being her protector I think? Was in armor the whole week.

      • paul-they both were, mugging for the camera the whole time thinking “look how cute we are”

      • Alex took hers off after he did. They played POV last Saturday and didn’t get in their costumes until that night so it actually was one week. Now just put Paul in something ridiculous.

      • You know I’ve slept since then. This has been the longest week since the season began…at least to me it has! LOL

      • Hahaha one day just turns into another. I had to stop and think yesterday when Jason got to get out of his and Alex was saying when can I get out of mine when they actually got them. Then I remembered it was that night and Jason was first and Alex second.

      • They are getting $1000 a week to be on the show. Even people in the jury house gets $1000 a week.

      • I thought he just found out from the letter at least that’s the impression I got when they were talking on the feeds. Paul said Jason is going to be a mess now that he knows his wife is pregnant.

      • I read somewhere that he had one and one on the way. Maybe he didn’t know that yet when he went into BB house. Maybe he suspected, but it wasn’t confirmed?

      • Yes he’s talked about his son. But I never heard him talk about his wife being pregnant. But I don’t watch the feeds 24/7. I could of missed it. But I did hear Paul say now that Jason found out his wife is pregnant his head won’t be in the game. So I’m assuming it was from the letter. Hopefully they’ll show him reading his letter.

      • I woke up with a sinus headache, went back to bed, hoping we’d see the fallout from the slip and slide veto comp after Jason won! :-)

      • xmas played, yeah right.
        besides, my bangs are too long and bothering the hell out of me. I better not try to cut them now in the mood i’m in.
        hope you’re feeling better. ragweed allergy?

      • hmmmm, I live in an urban area, not much grass here, I wish there was. I love that smell and no allergy’s.

      • I live in a fairly large home on a one acre wooded lot off the beaten path, but in a subdivision too! Our homes aren’t butt-up against each other…a godsend since I grew up in a 3 bedroom ranch house with seven people right smack next to our neighbors. Too close for comfort on so many levels. LOL

      • oh boy, I live in a co op building surrounded by other co ops. apts and condos. sadly, no grass, just glass.

      • well, it is what it is, 2 bedroom/2 bath. I do have the world right outside my front door.
        sidewalks, not grassy knolls.

  14. I didn’t know that they got $1000 a week for being on the show. Even in the jury house they get $1000 a week. Paul gets double though.

    • Paul gets double? Where did you hear that? I’m not surprised at all though. He does have an agent! Stupid

      • I read an article. He is getting double because they say he attracted a lot of people to the show. I tried to post a link to the article, but it’s still in pending

  15. I know people will or may give me a hard time. But, I just don’t trust that Raven is as sick as she says she is. With her now claiming she has arthritis. Since Christmas said some time ago that she will develop arthritis due to her injury, which I do believe. I just buy all of the stuff Raven is saying. Raven reminds me of my sister. If someone has something, she has it twice as bad. I have no doubt that she has the disease she says she has, but so much doesn’t add up. Maybe it is just me. I have to mute her when she starts going on and on and on. Egads. I wish she was going, just because she annoys me and I think she is taking people for a ride outside of Big Brother and in the real world.

    • I don’t think you will get hard time for this comment. Most poeple agree with you. So many things don’t add up.

    • no hard time at all. Most of us on here have been saying for weeks and weeks and weeks now that she is full of it! And there is tons of factual info online stating Raven is a huge liar!
      Raven and her family (Mom & Brother) are a bunch of con artists!
      Check out on Twitter and YouTube #Ravenexposedparty

  16. Alex, stop trying to be James! You are a no match.

    Kevin tells Paul that Raven now says she has arthritis! Clearly the house is catching on to her lies! Funny

  17. If Raven is as sick as she claims to be, I don’t see how the veto comp was a safe one for her and how she would be cleared by BB docs to play in it!

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