Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 2: Monday Daytime Highlights

The Big Brother 19 Veto meeting stirred up some drama in the house today as Jessica and Cody went after Josh once again while the rest of the house tried to lay low and just quietly stick to the plan to vote out Cody at the end of the week.

Christmas and Josh on BB19

We also learned that Ramses might be moving up on the target list next week, even ahead of Jessica. Read on for all the details.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 10, 2017:

9:10 AM BBT – HGs getting up for the day.

10:10 AM BBT – Raven and Christmas discussing how much Jessica and Cody dislike Christmas.

10:26 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Veto meeting begins.

11:33 AM BBT – Veto meeting is over. Feeds return to Josh and Jessica shouting at one another. Jessica calls Josh a pawn for both sides. Josh taunts back that she’s going home before he is.

11:38 AM BBT – Christmas is calming Josh and telling him to keep his cool and not feed in to Cody.

11:41 AM BBT – Jessica and Cody laughing about Josh trying to give a big speech like past HGs have done. She plans to ask Josh if someone has changed his diaper.

11:43 AM BBT – Jason promises Cody that if there’s more than one vote for Cody (Jessica’s) then it wasn’t him who did it.

11:48 PM BBT – Paul asks Kevin to vote against Ramses this week, perhaps to cast suspicion on Jason. Paul promises Kevin that no one else knows so Kevin agrees.

12:02 PM BBT – Jason goes to talk to Paul. Jason tells Paul that he’s definitely going to win this season. Paul says, no, it’s impossible to win this game. He says even if he gets to the end, he could no way come up with an argument to win. He said he knew that as soon as he walked in and he was the only vet. He says he knows at some point they’re all going to team up and say it’s time for Paul to leave.

12:03 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason that the girls are cut-throat this season and the guys are duds. He says a girl is going to win this season.

12:04 PM BBT – Jason tells Paul he wants to make an alliance. He asks Paul for advice on how to create an alliance. Paul says he doesn’t make alliances but instead makes deals with people from week to week. Paul tells him not to throw around the word alliance or people will come for him. Paul tells Jason the only advice he has is to treat Cody and Jessica like they have the plague this week so that people don’t get sketched out by him.

12:12 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason to stop thinking Cody did him any favors by not putting him on the block. He tells Jason he used him and he doesn’t owe him anything.

12:19 PM BBT – Jason says he thinks Christmas thinks he injured her on purpose. He tells Paul that Christmas told him she got the temptation and cursed him. Jason says that he thought Christmas was over their beef, but he thinks she is still upset with him and he knows he makes her skin crawl.

12:22 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason that Christmas’ game is done. She isn’t going to make it far in the game with that injury.

12:24 PM BBT – Dominique breaks up the Jason and Paul talk. Paul tells her that Jason came asking for advice and she said she knew he would do that because he did the exact thing to Cody when he was HOH.

12:27 PM BBT – Dominique tells Paul he might have to address what Jessica said to Josh during the veto meeting about him being a pawn for both sides. Paul said he’ll talk to Josh but it was obvious he was putting Josh and Alex up as pawns. Talk turns to how upset Jessica gets just by Christmas looking at her. Paul said he told Christmas to rattle Jessica again before the next HOH competition.

12:30 PM BBT – Paul says he wants Ramses out of the game before Jessica and Dominique says she’s on board with that because she’s sketched out by Ramses. Paul says he’s sneakier than Jessica and that if Ramses is left he could cause some damage.

12:35 PM BBT – Paul tells Dominique about Jason wanting to make an alliance and she laughs. Talk turns to how people who come into the game after being coached and totally flopped. Paul tells Dominique that last season a lot of the HGs were coached by past player, winners even, and came in and hit a wall.

12:55 PM BBT – Ramses asks Christmas if she knows what’s happening with her appointment today. She says no and the only thing she knows is they said she wouldn’t miss anything.

12:58 PM BBT – Paul tells Raven she is in a really good spot in the game and that he thinks she might win. He tells her what he told Jason and that is that he knew it was impossible for him to win when he came in and was the only vet playing. He tells her he’ll help her get to the end as much as he can.

1:09 PM BBT – Dominique tells Raven she didn’t come there to win the $500,000. Raven said she’d like to win the money but she’ll be happy just creating awareness for her disorder.

1:16 PM BBT – Elena and Kevin talk about why the game gets to people so much. Kevin says it’s designed to make people get aggravated with each other.

1:28 PM BBT – Kevin asks Elena to explain to him about how jury works. She tells him about the house and that it’ll be nine people and they only film them every so often.

1:35 PM BBT – According to Kevin, Ramses follows him around everywhere because he’s scared and thinks no one likes him. Kevin tells Elena that everyone should just hang out this week and chill since the vote is so obviously going to be to evict Cody.

1:36 PM BBT – Kevin slips up a bit to Elena when he tells her the vote this week will be 7-2. Elena asks who other than Jessica will vote to save Cody. Kevin says someone will probably just throw in a hinky vote to get more Diary Room time.

2:00 PM BBT – Cody tells Josh that he’s going to let everyone know that he’s a sexual predator and that he peeps on girls in the shower and exposes himself. Mark tells him not to worry about it and to let it go.

3:08 PM BBT – Josh and Mark talking game. Mark says that if Ramses or Jessica win the next HOH he could be in trouble. Mark tells Josh he has his back and Josh says the same goes for him.

As of now, everyone is planning on voting out Cody this week besides Jessica and Kevin, per Paul’s request. It sounds like Christmas will be heading to her doctor’s appointment soon, so expect some news on that a little later.

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  1. – Getting out Paul is gonna be hard considering he’s a powerful player. They couldn’t do it last season so let’s see how it plays this time.
    – Ramses is playing pretty sketch so he needs to find a way to get in people’s good graces.
    – Kevin seems to be pretty tight with Paul. I wonder if he’ll be the Steve/Jon to Paul’s Vanessa/Neda. Because Kevin is a pretty smart guy.
    – Jason is a complete toolbox- he’s working with someone who threw him under the bus as a potential backdoor. Plus you’re gonna say Christmas hurt herself on purpose? How dumb are you?
    -Cody are you serious? You’re gonna slander Josh all because he didn’t vote your way? You are such an immature little brat.
    – I feel bad for Christmas. She’s getting a raw deal with her bad foot.

    • Agree with you on getting Paul out. He’s really good at the comps and he’s managed to talk his way out of the block so my guess is the only way they can possibly get him out would be as a back door on a double eviction night.

    • I agree on all your points! Josh brings a lot of the drama from them on to him because he can’t stop engaging with them when others have told him to just stay quiet for awhile. Josh and Jessica have trouble putting their differences aside when they’re angry and tend to make Josh as their personal pin cushion because they can.

  2. Josh imo, is borderline retarded . It is wrong of cbs to cast him to the show. Ahole codyca is fully aware of his limited thinking and are taunting him intentionally.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing since night one, and the more I see/hear of him, the more I’m convinced he is legitmately slow (sorry, I don’t know what the pc term for it is today, but that’s what we would’ve called someone like him back when I was in school…)

    • When Cody and Jessica made him cry my exact words were “that’s like making a retarded person cry, that’s just wrong”

      Also my apology for the word. I use it for lack of a better word, not as derogatory.

      • Really, it is almost hard to believe Cody – and Jessica – can be so cruel and then appear not even to have a second thought about it. Scary and sad.

    • Cody should be so proud of his attacks on Josh. Pathetic, shameful behavior on Cody’s part.

  3. Good to know the cheating tactics are starting early this year, ugh. I can’t stand it when HGs start rattling each other up before comps. It happens every season, and it’s just disgusting, not to mention desperate.

    • Oh, Come On … This is Big Brother not the Special Olympics. Mind games & intrigues are a big part of the process.
      Who would want to watch a bunch of Boy/Girl Scouts?

  4. You gotta give Paul credit, he has played it smart this week. Given what went down with Cody last week, Paul has made sure to include his group on the decision re the noms. He had his initial plan but listened to his group when they had very valid objections. He assured them that he would not do anything without their buy in. Then he talked to both Alex and Josh about being pawns and got their agreement. In fact, Alex actually thanked him for giving her a heads up unlike Cody did the week prior. And, it seems that he did not go off on Cody in the Veto ceremony when he nominated him. In fact Paul and Cody were able to shake hands after. So I give him credit for playing it smart. My only problem with him this week is his treatment of Ramses. Of course R was going to play for the veto, why should he trust these people who haven’t treated him all that well? Paul would have done the same in his place. Ramses should have stood up to Paul and told him that.
    Overall, I give Paul credit for a well played week so far. And before you start, I know he’s loud and irritating but I like how he learns as he goes

    • Couldn’t agree more. It gets pretty annoying the way he treats certain people when things don’t go as planned but you have to admit so far he, Alex and Cody the creep seemed like the only ones who are even playing the game. I sometimes forget some of the house guests in the house since they aren’t as out there and relevant as those three.

    • Right..I’ve been watching him on ‘feeds, and although he is scheming behind all his talk, he hasn’t stop playing the game since day one. Some ‘feedsters say he’s becoming a dictator, but they’re willing to follow his lead. They don’t have to. They all have a choice. Just like Ramses trying to win the Veto. He’s definitely not bullying them.

    • Ramses was put in a tough spot this week. Obviously he would want to win the veto to make sure he doesn’t go this week, but that wouldn’t be best for his game. If he won the veto this week, he’d almost surely be evicted next week for ruining the entire house’s plan.

  5. For someone who dislikes “victim noises”, Cody has been spewing a lot of them this week. But as much as I dislike him, you need a villain in the game to keep things interesting. Looks like there will be some type of “Battle Back” and would not be surprised to see him return. His bed mate Jessica is far more dangerous in the game and it would be smart to get her out next.

    • There may an evicted HG return, though I’m not sure it will be with a battle back. No way Production will want Cody to have any shot at returning.

      • Yeah, I think in most scenarios they would love this, but Cody poses different risks that go beyond game play. JMO.. if you’re right, we get more entertainment :)

    • I think to qualify as a villain you need to acknowledge and accept you are. Cody seems incapable of doing so, he is just a whiner.

    • Completely agree. I think I like cheering against people I dislike more than I like cheering for those that I do like.

  6. Off topic. I get live feeds on my i phone and ipad. But don’t get the chat or flashback on the I phone even tho I use Puffin browser. Is it not available on IPhone 6?

  7. You know how there are always people from BB and Survivor who end up in jail or worse,,,,I do believe Cody will be this season’s cast member we will hear about again someday. Bye Cody Bye!

    • Naw, I think his real life is nothing like the BB house which is why he can’t handle his situation now. He’s isn’t used to not being in control of his surroundings. Hanging out with toxic Jessica just makes him worse. Once he’s out of the house he’ll realize his temptation was Jessica and he failed because he should never have jumped into a showmance.

      • I hope you are right. But he is a scary dude when he stares like that. btw, love your avi!!!

  8. I think they need to get Jessica out before Ramses. If/when they have the Battle Back if Cody wins he won’t have Jessica in the house anymore.

      • At this point, neither of them are too dangerous because they have no allies. This game will get very exciting in 2-3 weeks when all of the people who aren’t on the outside have to turn on each other because there will be no common enemies left.

  9. Why the heck is Kevin doing stupid stuff? I get he’s never watched the show but jeez, stop asking for trouble.

    • I don’t believe for a minute that Kevin hasn’t watched the show before. He’s shady, don’t believe him

      • I don’t think he is dumb…..I think he is Uninformed about the BB game though.

        As for Shady…..well, most of them are Shady and Sneaky! Lolz! ;-D

      • Yep – dumb is wrong choice of words and uninformed is exactly right. My real point is, tho, that I think Kevin is for real uninformed and not just acting like he knows little about the game as a strategy.

      • I agree. I think his act is fake. It definitely helps that Paul keeps telling him to act senile and stupid.

    • I like Kevin’s HINKY votes, but don’t know why he feels the need to share the info about them with Paul. If one person knows your secret, it’s not a secret anymore.
      And to trust Paul of all people …. Oy Vey!

  10. Just some general thoughts since this is my first post of the season

    Cody/Jessica- she is quite the b*tch, can’t wait for him to be gone so we can listen to more of her whining, and she complains about josh, pff

    Outsiders- Rams comes off very sketchy, stares at people too much. Jason is just clueless and will end up blowing up someone’s game on accident. I feel bad for josh, but I just don’t think he’s very social in real life, making him look immature. Alex is making moves and is the only I can see making it to jury out of this group

    -Core Group-
    Paul/Kev/Xmas/Dom- I’m liking Paul even more this year, and with Xmas injury I think they will stay on the same page until she has to go around early jury. Kevin is my favorite so far, he’s awesome and I hope he atleast gets to final 4. Dom worries me, seems she’s gathering info to shake up the core 8 when the time is right.

    Couples- Maven, really like these 2, I think they might Align with Paul/Kev when the numbers drop. I like Elena but not sure bout Mark, think theycould be the cracks to form in the core 8 with doms help

    I kinda feel like Alex/Core8 will be final 9, it think that would make some great mid summer drama, can’t wait

    • Sorry didn’t mean for the post to be so long…

      Anyone know what time the weed convo happened this afternoon?

      • Haha I can’t answer your question, but please share any info on this you have!

      • I just know Xmas, Alex, and Paul were comparing notes on where the best stuff comes from… And Paul said he was gonna send some good stuff to Xmas, who claimed to be very particular with how she keeps her stash… I didn’t see any of it, just read updates on jokers

  11. So I’m curious, if Raven wants to just spread awareness of her disorder… Why have I never heard of any sort of disorder before now?? Did she say something in the opening episode and I just wasn’t paying attention??
    Sometimes these houseguests leave me so befuddled.

    • Maybe she’s mentioned it in DR’s that haven’t been shown? I don’t recall anything on CBS/BBAD.. And I’ve only been on the feeds for a couple days

      • It was on big brother after dark. Dominique interviewed and asked her all about it. It’s very sad. She won’t live long once her current pacemaker fails.

    • Raven has talked about it a lot and showed everyone her pace maker and some other internal stuff. They haven’t aired any of it on TV. I’ve heard her on the live feeds. I switch camera’s when she starts talking about it.

  12. The way they treat Josh is awful but for Cody to consider making up a sex offender lie is despicable and imo should not be allowed. That sort of thing sticks with you. Mostly though some of these people just annoy me. They read situations wrong and any person who is slightly awkward they go after.

    • I agree 1000000%. For someone who claims to play the game without emotions he is certainly playing dirty.

    • It has something to do with the fact that Josh has done and said some Creepy things to the girls. He does get “Hot and Bothered” and he tries to “Sneak a Peek” and it’s Not casual either. Lmao!

      Cody still doesn’t need to say anything. Most of us saw how Creepy Josh was being. Especially during “Nipple-Gate”!!

      • Yikes, now you’re scaring me! Didn’t know any of that. Yes, Cody is still despicable. I might also think BB or someone is also despicable for allowing Josh to be in this game at all. Don’t know what Josh’s story really is and/or if the exposure here is good or bad for him … just perplexing at this point.

  13. I didn’t know about ravens disorder. And I don’t know much about it! I will have to Google it but I do know if someone has this condition they have a strict diet. I wonder what this means for her when she has to eat slop?

    UPDATE: I forgot that Raven took the Golden Apple? Or whatever it was!!
    So now she does not have to eat slop the entire season! That seems pretty fishy to me. Don’t get me wrong, I feel super bad that she has this, I couldn’t imagine! & I am happy she got the free pass! But, of all the people in the house, she gets it!?
    It’s not a big deal, it simply is just another observation/red flag of “less organic” game & that sadly big brother is not as “real” as it used to be. make sense?
    just like Paul’s coded message from his mom. They didn’t even show the whole letter on Sunday. Yes I know, they don’t show the HOH Reading the entire letter, and I am know sometimes they do not show that HOH even read the letter at all… ….(I noticed that a lot last season and also on big brother Canada last season we didn’t see letters from home being read on the episodes as much)
    but I still strongly believe Paul’s letter from his “mom” was inscripted/coded…… even Paul had trouble reading it/seemed confused. Anyway blah blah.
    I really like Raven this far so hopefully she doesn’t change!!

    The End

  14. Listening to Cody and Jessica’s comments is really upsetting. I’m a fan of BB villains, but they’re just being nasty. Josh might be a flip flopper, and has a temper, but they are awful to him.
    Also, can someone clear some things up for me? Did Jason and Ramses do things that warranted mistrust and dislikes? I know they think Ramses was behind the odd vote last week, but is that all that he supposedly did? I feel like I missed a couple somethings! Haha

  15. I’m really confused as to why Cody and Jessica only go after Josh? I mean so many other people have problems with them so why only target the emotional guy! It’s sad and disgusting to watch!

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