Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 1: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

It was a bit of a quieter day in the Big Brother 19 house as Christmas headed out to get her MRI and both sides of the house are confident the votes this week will go their way.

Jason and Kevin discuss Paul on BB19

Thursday night should be interesting as one side is going to be very let down when the votes are revealed.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 5, 2017:

9:30 AM BBT – HGs starting to wake. Kevin is up with Jason. General chatter.

10:00 AM BBT – Big Brother is giving the HGs a wake-up reminder call.

10:25 AM BBT – Jessica tells Cody they shouldn’t name names in their plans so Feedsters can’t give the Den of Temptation to their targets.

10:30 AM BBT – Christmas is leaving for her MRI to check her foot.

11:05 AM BBT – Paul talked to Kevin about his vote. Paul warns him it’ll be 9-3 or close to that. He even reveals that Josh is planning to evict Christmas. (See ya, blindside!)

11:20 AM BBT – Kevin is getting frustrated with Paul and vents to Jason that Paul won’t stop yelling. He’s also annoyed that HGs won’t get up for their battery changes.

11:30 AM BBT – Jillian says Paul was nominated so many times in his season because no one liked him. Alex thinks Paul has a secret task to split up friends because he’s been pushing so hard for Jillian to go.

11:40 AM BBT – Paul complains that HGs weren’t playing to win last season. He claims James was playing to land AFP instead of winning.

11:45 AM BBT – Jason and Kevin sitting at the table listening to Paul who won’t stop with his loud stories with lots of talk of last season. Kevin says he’s tired of Paul’s constant BB18 stories. Jason says it’s a tactic that seems to be working, but he doesn’t care for it either.

11:45 AM BBT – Paul sharing stories about how he bested his opponents last season who made foolish moves going after him. Cody is taking this as a personal insult and comments on it later to Alex.

12:00 PM BBT – Cody tells Alex he wants Christmas to come back and be okay after her MRI so he can have the satisfaction of evicting her on Thursday.

12:43 PM BBT – Raven says she and Matt have a side contest involving tomorrow’s HOH. If she beats him, he has to eat what she eats for a week. If he beats her, he gets to dress Raven every day for a week.

1:05 PM BBT – Kevin tells Cody that he was good to him so he’ll go with them this time and he’ll vote Christmas out. Kevin says Jillian deserves a chance. Kevin says his word is his bond.

1:06 PM BBT – Ramses tells Jillian he is certain that she is staying this week.

1:18 PM BBT – Jessica says that Christmas shouldn’t stay just because she hurt herself. Cody tells her what Kevin just said so they’re pretty secure that Christmas is going. They say even without Mark it’ll be 6-6 and Cody will gladly break the tie to evict her.

1:20 PM BBT – Cody says Matt was making digs at him all morning and that he sees what he’s doing. Cody tells Jessica that if Matt wins HOH next week and puts him up he will make Matt look like an idiot. Jessica says now that votes to evict Christmas are secure to go this week, they just have to be sure Matt or Paul doesn’t win HOH and they’re good next week.

1:29 PM BBT – Cody says he doesn’t know how the other side can feel so secure about the vote. Jessica calls them idiots.

1:39 PM BBT – Matt and Raven tell Dominique that based on the questions they’re getting in the DR production is going to destroy Cody. Matt starts to go into detail, but feeds switch.

1:58 PM BBT – Kevin and Jason talking about their vote this week. Kevin tells him about what he told Cody. He said they might as well make Cody think he influenced them to vote out Christmas even though they were going to anyway.

2:00 PM BBT – Matt, Mark and Raven discuss Christmas. Mark wonders if she’ll come back and be forced to leave over her injury tomorrow instead of an eviction. Raven doesn’t think so. She thinks they’ll just let her stick in the game and try to heal.

2:26 PM BBT – Mark tells his group that Christmas is staying and that some people are just telling Cody and Jessica what they want to hear.

3:17 PM BBT – Christmas comes back. Her foot is broken, but she’s not leaving the game for that reason. She said they gave her the option to return to the game and she chose to do so. She said they told her they will not be changing any of the competitions for her but the doctor will decide whether or not she can compete in particular competitions. She said they were very clear with that.

3:26 PM BBT – Mark is annoyed that Cody and Jessica didn’t even come down when Christmas returned. Paul said it wasn’t cool.

3:27 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody she wants to see if Christmas got her cast off without them knowing she’s interested. Cody said there’s no sneaky way to do it. He tells her to just go look.

3:35 PM BBT – Raven tells Elena and Mark that Cody and Jessica are showing their true colors by not coming down to check on Christmas.

3:37 PM BBT – Elena tells Mark that he didn’t come down the first day Christmas came back. He tells her not to do that and that he did eventually come down and had apologized to Christmas about that. Mark gets a bit irritated but then thanks Elena for keeping him in check.

So Christmas is staying in the game as far as her health is concerned, but will she survive the vote Thursday? It’s sounding more and more like it as Cody and Jessica continue to alienate themselves from their allies.

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  1. Thoughts:
    – Paul, its good that you’re a good player, but can you do what Zingbot told you to do? You know… shutting up?
    – Seems like Kevin is voting out Christmas….. why do I get the feeling Cody will keep his power and get his way?
    – Cody and Jess…. still Cody and Jess- annoying and unlikeable.
    – Even if Paul wasn’t in this game, I like Christmas on a personal level and I want her to stand up to the power couple. Odds are Jillian won’t contribute as much and will possibly align with Cody/Jess.
    – Josh really needs to start bonding with people if he wants to stay.

    • Votes against Christmas

      Votes against Jillian

      I think it will be okay.

    • Agreed! Although, Jessica and Cody are only the power couple until tonight. It sounds like everyone is turning against them. I thought Jessica and Raven were super close?! It doesn’t appear to be that way anymore.
      Stupid move by Jessica and Cody for not coming downstairs to greet Christmas! That’s just simply a stupid move!
      But the flipside is Paul being the “other side of the house ” is getting on peoples nerves. And like you said, he needs to shut up! He’s pushing people to hard and people don’t like to be told what to do. He should know better

      • Then again Paul has pulled him self out of sticky situations before. 6 time nominated and made it second place. So he needs to think of a back up plan in case nobody trusts him.

      • Two different seasons. Last season the house didn’t see Paul the way we saw him but this season, these people watched him last season. They should know how he is and that could very well be his downfall.

      • Very true! You know what’s funny is I have watched BB since day one. I wasn’t a little, I was a teenager when the first one came out but, I am terrible at remembering names of people from other seasonings, what happened on other seasons, even who won the following season! Although I know it was nicole!
        So I would call myself a super fan but ask me facts, not a chance! I clearly have a terrible memory. It blows me away how much people can remember.
        Thank God for Google LOL

    • Well atleast she can take the physical target off her back. Plus she’s well liked by everyone except for Cody and Jessica

      • I don’t know about Ramses and Alex. One of them must go. Good thing no one in the house trust Ramses so no one would likely campaign for him.

      • Well, Ramses is trying to play the rat/floater game like Andy did in BB15. However, the difference between the two of them is that people were glad to see Andy sneaking into the conversation and they wanted to hear his perspective, whereas when Ramses comes into the room, the conversation usually stops because he’s perceived as a sneaky rat who’s constantly fishing for info AND in fact, even his closest allies (Alex, Jillian, Jason(?)) don’t trust him…

      • I would like to see Alex go a little further. She is good (so far) at comps and could be a great HOH if given the chance. Then again, we all have our own opinions as to who we would like to see win or stay.

    • OK I like Christmas and all, but I’m just going to come out and say it – how does an experienced, award-winning athlete manage to break a foot by horsing around a bit in the backyard?! Is she a secret klutz?!

      • easily. Just because your athletic and physically fit doesn’t mean you can’t land the wrong way and break a bone.

      • Lol i know but it happens that way. Im a chef and work with the sharpest knives made yet i don’t cut myself cooking but always cut myself doing something silly and iresponsibly. Lol

      • I was an art student and accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil while working on a drawing assignment lol
        I still have a little grey dot on my wrist, my dad calls it my ‘one pixel tattoo’

    • Muscles don’t necessarily mean a good competitor. Sometimes it may slow them down, especially Mark. I do hope she stays so I can see what she is capable of doing. I am also watching Alex since Cody is so fascinated by her competitiveness.

      • I had a feeling xmas had at least 2 physical hoh in the box, Not because of her muscles, it was something about her.

  2. Re: 11:05 Did Josh change his mind? I thought he was voting out Jillian.

    • I believe he is just telling Cody whatever Cody wants to hear but he is voting out Jillian. Simply because Cody and Jessica have not spoken to him until now so he’s like screw you
      That’s my understanding

      • That’s what I’d probably do…crap I’d do what Josh is doing that doesn’t reflect well on me :P

  3. I can’t stand Jillian but I want to see Alex, Jason, and Kevin take the house by storm. I want Christmas to stay but getting rid of her is the better move for them.

    • If Alex, Jason and Kevin are willing to target the honeymooners. Christmas staying can get the target off of them. If Christmas leaves and Jessica wins HOH, then Alex and Jason would go up.

      • None of the couples are good for TV. This is a family show and BB should try to keep the HGs from too much inappropriate kissing. I am more interested in watching them compete.

      • I mean that at least Cody doesn’t mind blowing up his own game and Jessica is right there with him. That is entertaining at least.

    • Exactly…Girlfriend, needs to take care of her Physical Health, & Welfare at the moment with 2 Broken bones in her foot. Plus Big Brother is saying that they are not going to make any special allowances for Christmas to compete, due to the fact that she has a broken foot?!

      I like Christmas too, but take care of yourself Girl, you come 1st!!! You can always come back next season on BB.

      • I think she just wants to stay and hang out, have some fun and see what happens but also take it easy. As long as she is taking it easy, then she’s not putting her health in jeopardy.

      • If she hangs in the house, shows she’s a true competitor despite losing her physical edge and makes fans, she has an even better shot at coming back another season as a fan favorite. Sure, her chances of winning this season have been incredibly diminished, but if she wants to come back, it can be a learning experience and a chance to earn fans for a future shot both in the feed community and among production.

        That said, you’re right. She has to be smart about it. Don’t push things and take care of herself, but based on what she does for a living outside the house, i think she knows how to do that.

    • Their behaviour really shows just how short-sighted and naive they really are – acting imperious and high-handed will only earn a player the contempt of the house, especially this early in the game.
      I hope Matt or Raven wins HoH next and puts them both up.

      • Agreed. All they had to do was stay with their group and put up Jason. They would be smooth sailing for weeks. Hyper-active gameplay took them from the penthouse to the outhouse

      • Exactly… you don’t make big moves and set the tone this early. It’s the first HOH, the house has it’s “weak” players that nobody has a problem voting out. Pick one of them off, keep your hands clean and call it a day. You still get to add that HOH to your total of wins on the season when you face the jury at the end.

      • I agree! This early in the game to be just assuming you have the numbers and hanging out in the HOH room together alone is a stupid move! Sure Cody/ Jessica you are safe, until tonight! But then you’re invisible crowns are take it away from you.

  4. well let me start by saying so far I have no favorite player maybe it’s to early …. no I just do not have one. but lol the look on Cody’s face at the veto priceless this season looks like a very big dysfunctual family at best Good luck

  5. As much as i want Jillian to stay, i feel like keeping Christmas would put a bigger target on the person who nominated her and thus be good for the outsiders if Christmas was to win HOH.

    • I agree. I want as many people to want Cody out to stay in the game, but unfortunately these same people like obnoxious and sometimes funny Paul. Jillian looks like a floater and Christmas may actually try hard to play even with a broken foot.

  6. So production is going to destroy Cody. Again, there they are interfering in the game. I don’t like Cody, but hopefully they will allow him to play and others to vote him out if they choose to without messing things up for him.

    • Cody doesn’t need any help destroying his game. He’s doing an amazing job all by himself. I don’t think I’ve ever described a BB player as a “complete piece of crap” but that sums up Cody. Can’t wait til he finds himself heading out the door. I bet the only goodbye message he gets is from Jessica… If she’s not already gone of course.

    • You’re 100% correct! I read on Jokers Cody, or Jess said that it was the DR that put it in his head to put Paul up. And the DR also put Xmas as a threat to Cody’s game also! It never fails with every season BB interfering with the game, via the House Guest.

    • Cody needs to go. He will be ridiculous leader. It would ruin my whole season. I really would stop watching if he stayed. It would be torture for me.

    • For some odd reason I like Cody. I think it’s because he’s direct and I’m also a direct person. Production is mad because Cody cussed them out in the DR about Paul being protected and they probably did nudge him to put up Paul for the drama. Production has screwed Cody most of the game at this point. Making him put up 1/3 house was going to leave him in a bad spot regardless.
      Now Paul is telling his side to give him HOH because he has a plan that he’s not telling them?? Gee that sounds familiar. These people are mad at Cody for not telling them his plan but have no problem with Paul. Why do they even want Paul to stay.

      • I like the way Cody reacts to things and how he doesn’t fall for the HGs BS, but he is full of himself which makes him look bad.

  7. Jessica and Cody are too comfortable! They are just hanging out with each other in the HOH room with their invisible crowns which will be gone ASAP!
    I don’t understand how after so many seasons of big brother people still do not understand that sure you can be on top one week but the very next week you could be right on the bottom!
    They need to start building/rebuilding relationships! They are the only ones ruining their own games! I expected way more of Cody at the beginning of this game, & I truly thought Jessica would lay a lot lower and just float. I was very wrong about both of them!

    • Cody’s arrogance and ego have him playing way too far ahead in the game. He thinks he can control now who is going to be in Jury. Dude it’s only the 2nd week, chill. Focus one week at a time keeping in mind positioning yourself for the next week.

      • When I saw Cody trying to make that deal with Jason to keep 7 of his people safe next week if Jason were to win HOH, I knew he didn’t have a single clue how this game works.

      • Exactly! I expected more of Cody. I’m even surprised how Jessica is playing!

    • They are totally delusional. Smh i hope the blindside happens. I cant wait to see the look one the other side of the house faces. Especially JeCody

      • Definitely! For entertainment purposes, fingers crossed it happens! They just hide up in their room/HOH room thinking they have it in the bag! Pretending to be upset.
        I expected way more of Jessica, I thought she would have played smarter! Watching with her dad for all those years. But she instantly jumped into a showmanses & with the worst person ever! He wouldn’t even tell her what he was doing! She should’ve been like “See Ya”

    • You make a good point… you go straight from the top to the bottom. And somehow, when they should be on the bottom, something crazy will happen and they’ll end up in the good graces of the HOH and be safe and we’re stuck with the players we hate for another week. That’s just how BB goes… lol

  8. Raven has attached herself to Matt and he seems tired of her. Dominique is interested and I’d like to see where that goes! And the house definitely needs to get rid of Jessica, she is the most disliked right now.

  9. I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVED that look on Cody’s face when Paul told him he couldn’t be touched for 3 weeks !! … Ramses still hasn’t come forward and told the house that he is the third nominee yet .. wonder what will happen when he does ??

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