Big Brother 19 Episode 4 Recap: Cody And The Den Of Temptation Stir Up The Game

If we learned anything from Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 19 it’s that Cody might be showmancing with Jessica, but it’s Alex that he’s consumed with. Nearly every conversation he had (granted he doesn’t have many) was about her. I mean he even accidentally called Jessica Alex (oops!).

We start off the episode right after Cody named Alex as the nominee to replace Megan after she walked form the game. Cody lets us know that he really didn’t want to nominate Alex because he has a lot of respect for her (aka he has this low-key but obvious crush on her).

And even Jessica, Cody’s showmance partner, is picking up on Cody’s connection to Alex. She lets us know that she has to break up whatever it is that Cody has for her. Good to know Jessica isn’t playing emotionally. Ha.

But the good news is, the feeling is mutual for Alex. She tells Jason that if she comes into power she’s going right for Jessica and Cody. And since Cody can’t get over the Alex thing, he decides to go talk to her and still work on cutting her a deal – even though he just nominated her. Alex tells him she can’t work with his side of the house because the girls don’t like her. And she throws in a nice jab at the girls by saying “if you want a showmance, go on The Bachelor.”

It’s time to find out who has the Den of Temptation curse! The person cursed will have to stick their hand in a serpent’s mouth, and if the snake’s eyes turn blue, they’re cursed. This who thing is both cool and lame at the same time. Only Big Brother could create something like that.

We soon find out that Ramses is punished with the nomination curse. He has to place himself on the block as a third nominee by the next three weeks. That’s a pretty solid punishment.

At the veto draw, Matt, Raven and Jason are picked to join Cody, Jillian and Alex in the competition. And we waste no time getting to the veto competition. And it’s a new one! The players have to dive in some water, collect some star fish and stack them. Each person has a timer of sorts to beat and the person who stacks the most starfish wins the Power of Veto.

Raven takes a temptation instead of playing the game, which gives her a have-not pass for the entire season. Matt finishes his game with 10 starfish. Jason locks in 14 starfish so Matt is out. Cody sees that Alex is so far ahead of him he gives up. And he says it’s because he can’t beat her but he really just wants her to win. And Jessica is not happy. The time runs out and Alex wins the POV easily. Oh and Jillian also played, I think. I always forget she’s there.

Jessica’s anger continues as she tells Dominique that she knows Cody let Alex win and that she’d love to hit something (and by something, you can be sure she means Alex). And actually the rest of Cody’s alliance isn’t too happy with him either.

Meanwhile, Paul decides to attempt playing puppet master and goes to talk to Cody and plant some seeds on who to nominate when Alex uses the veto on herself. But it’s not working. Cody let’s us know that he isn’t ,and will never be, buying what Paul’s selling. In fact, Paul is the person Cody wants to go after. Little does Cody know, however, that Paul has the Pendant of Protection.

And since we’ve got some drama coming, it’s already time for the veto meeting. Of course Alex decides to use the POV on herself, and much to everyone’s surprise, Cody’s secret plan comes out that he wants to name Paul as the replacement. And Paul reveals his big secret: He can’t go up on the block now or the following two evictions.

Cody, as furious as someone that stone cold can get, tells Christmas that she “got screwed” and to take a seat. So the final nominations this week are Jillian and Christmas.

Want to know who is probably going to be evicted on Thursday? Check out the latest from the Feeds for a Blindside!


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  1. I haven’t been watching the feeds much, and don’t even know why I paid for it. Watching tonight was fun to see Cody’s face almost explode when Paul revealed his necklace. I can’t stand Paul, but I want Cody out first. The only thing I like about Cody is how he keeps things to himself and just allows people to talk while he just stares. If he was just less arrogant.

    • The feeds have been pure gold! You should look on Joker’s first and then use flashback to find the best times. So much drama… ;) Way better than watching HG sleep like last season.

    • The problem is that Paul getting 3 week safety is too much of a BS from production, it is not something genuine. It is not that Paul deserves to be safe for 3 weeks,

      • & to continue with that, I find it unfair production didn’t let the house guests/Cody know about Paul’s safety. It was like a double win for Paul

      • Totally agree that Production always has a hand in directing whatever they want and I don’t like that either and I guess they could pretty much count on Paul’s fans to vote him to receive the safety necklace, but in the end it was “America” who gave it to him. The one thing I really liked about it was that HGs didn’t know about it – I would never want to give up seeing the look on Cody’s face when his “big surprise” flopped. His immediate retaliation was priceless. I call him “Coldy”.

    • Cody is coming out way too hard up front and acts like he has the whole BB experience in the bag. Reality is he’s a big meathead with his head up his butt. Nobody can control the house at this stage and Cody will be out the door real soon, the same as all the others before him that had their heads all swelled up like that.

      • agree! i don’t care what goes paul’s way, as he’s very amusing, & a decent human being. cody, however, is a male chauvinist weasel d:¢k, & he really needs a good comeuppance! x^b [his parents did a $h:++y job raising him.]

  2. Hopefully Christmas doesn’t break her other foot from kicking Cody’s a#$ too hard.

  3. Gotta hope Christmas stays to see the fireworks ensue. Sorry Jillian. Great start to the season CBS…keep it going.

  4. If I were explaining what the word “fury” meant to a non-English speaker, Cody’s face when Paul reveals he wasn’t able to be nominated would be the picture I would show them.

    • Not necessarily. Seems people are planning on keeping her. She may not be able to compete in the physical contests as much as she could have done without a broken foot but she’s sticking with the game and could possibly still win!

  5. When Cody said Alex’s name instead of Jessica’s, I immediately thought of the episode of Friends when Ross says “I take thee, Rachel” while getting married to Emily 😂 I’m soooo glad that his plan backfired, best Veto meeting I’ve seen in a long time!

  6. Boom! I love my DVR! I watched that veto meeting three times just to see Cody’s reaction when Paul couldn’t be nominated! The others’ reactions were pretty revealing also, but I really just don’t like stone cold cody very much so it made my day.

    • Cody is a big meathead that thinks he’s going to come out big right away. As always, any dummy who does that gets thrown out of the house real quick. Cody is just dead meat for the BB grinder.

  7. Lol that reveal was awesome. I dont know if it was sketchy editing, but the reactions were AMAZING.

  8. What Is the current vote count right now. I can’t tell who Kevin Jason and Josh is truly voting to evict because they all say what each side wants to hear.

    • Alex: Christmas
      Jessica: Christmas
      Mark: Jillian
      Jason: Christmas
      Josh: Jillian
      Paul: Jillian
      Dominique: Jillian
      Raven: Jillian
      Elena: Jillian
      Matt: Jillian
      Kevin: Christmas
      Ramses: Christmas

      • And as long as nothing changes between now and tomorrow, Jill should be gone with a vote of 7-5.

      • *fingers crossed* Dan!
        If all goes well, tonight’s episode won’t be the last time we see Cody get blindsided!!

  9. Did the houseguests talk them potentially getting the temptation or did they assume Paul would get it? Because the more I think about it, how could Cody and the other houseguests not see that coming? He should have hedged his bet that Paul did have some sort of advantage and not done that.

    But then again, the feeds/first eviction wouldn’t be as entertaining, so I’m not complaining.

    • Yeah, Cody should have thought about that. He’s definitely not as smart as he thinks he is!

      However, like you, I’m loving the feeds this drama has created. :)

    • No, the numbers aren’t certain at all to the HG’s. Next week they’ll have the count if Xmas goes home tonight.

  10. What in the heck is Josh up to? He just told Jason and Alex that he is evicting Christmas? And that he is with The Outsiders. This kid…I thought he really looked up to Christmas and appreciated her kind of taking him under her wing.

      • Idk Dan. Paul told Kevin how Josh was voting. If Kevin spilled the beans…maybe that was why Jason insisted Josh not F up the vote!
        Josh is now saying the Outsiders need to stick together, so…smh…I have NO idea how this kid is voting!

      • Only reason I’m trusting Josh is this from Joker’s:
        “2:16 AM: Josh said he was worried about “the outsiders” because they weren’t talking game with him. Now, they are bad mouthing Jessica.Josh said we are not going after Cody and Jessica. They already have a target on their back. Josh said Dominique and Christmas are fine. Jillian said I thought you were voting with us. Josh says “I am.”
        Then we get fish.”
        ***He slipped & said Christmas was fine. Jillian caught it.

    • I know I saw that conversation between him and Jason too. I read about it on Jokers then went to flashback to view it personally… Ugh! I’m not confident about Josh’s vote anymore. Not at all.

  11. Wow, Cody’s reaction to Paul’s safety = priceless!!
    Loved it! I think that is the most emotion I’ve ever seen coming from Mr. Freeze! In fact, thought he might spontaneously combust he was so hot! hahaha!!

    He deserves everything he gets for throwing the veto comp & flipping the script on his group!

    And is Jessica for real? Ladies…help me out here, if a guy you are sleeping with calls you by another woman’s name in bed… How would you react? Whew! I know what I’d do. That man better run as fast & far as possible coz I would lose my mind!
    Is she just pathetic or is she just too stupid to realize he actually called her Alex??

      • Right, Dan? I mean that’s not just a woman thing either. If a woman you’re dating calls you by someone else’s name, aren’t you going to (at least) comment on it??


      • Ohhhhh, I’m not one to scream & yell, but being called someone else’s name by a Significant Other is a sure way to make me scream & yell! It’s disrespectful AND insulting!!
        Much as I don’t like Jessica, I’m betting that she banked that for later use. She may be blinded by lust, but I don’t think she’s stupid. She KNOWS Cody has put them in a terrible position – the way she covered her face when he nommed Christmas said it all! – and probably thinks that people will go after him first. Therefore, she’s got some ammo in her back pocket. Maybe I’m overestimating her, but that’s why I think she didn’t unload on him when he said that.

    • Honestly, there were no reaction at all from him. I know that is what u guys wanted… But he acted like he did not care at all.

      • I beg to differ. He might not have said anything, but his expression spoke volumes! His jaw was so tight, you could tell he was clenching his teeth, and his face was really flushed as well; all of these are emotional red flags. Oh he was angry all right. Maybe my psych degree helps me see those reactions a little easier, but to me, it was written all over his face. He was furious!

      • Exactly, he never says anything anyways lol but his facial expressions said it all!

      • Oh no..Production is happy. The camera captured everything they want for this episode. You don’t need dialogue with those facial expressions, (close up, etc ) and he didn’t act. lol I re-watched it. Fast forward to that was ‘Priceless’

      • I had to rewind it a few times myself bc it was just that good lol!

      • Me too. I even freeze-framed it. If looks could kill…Paul would have dropped dead on the spot! lol!

      • i didn’t know what was going on becuz
        paul didn’t move when he heard his name,
        and i forgot about his good fortune.
        wow….paul crowned him- BAM !
        touchdown!!!! hahahahaha
        the dude is a jerk ~

    • I know!!! Cody looked like he crapped his pants, right there in the BB House Living Room!

      • Hahahaha!

        Cody’s reaction was great, but did you see Mark’s? He was flabbergasted and sick to his stomach simultaneously! He looked so dumbfounded, like “What the *bleep* have you done, Cody??!” That was classic. Don’t blame any of the showmance crew for being pi$$ed. Cody jumped the shark and made that decision all on his own. It was a big move, but way-way-way too early in the game and now he’ll have to reap what he has sown.

      • Not only Mark. When Paul dropped the bomb, the camera started panning to all the HG”s, and all I see was ‘Distress. ha!

      • So right .. way-way-way too early – just shows how self-absorbed he is, couldn’t resist himself.

    • I came here to say the same thing about Jessica. Oh hell no if a guy did that to me and she didn’t even seem to notice. I honestly don’t understand it at all. All your comments are right on.

    • Does anyone know the timestamp for Cody calling Jessica Alex? I’d love to see that!!!!!!

      • Thanks. I work third shift so I never get to see the show when I first airs. I saw it this morning when I got home. Thanks for your response .

    • Both, pathetic and stupid. Pathetic to stick around after being called Alex and stupid for going with that arrogant DB in the first place

    • Cody just dumped her when he saved Alex, he insulted her by showing his crush during the emotional nomination speech, and exposed his crush by calling her Alex. If Jessica had the slightest self respect she’d be outta there. I feel sorry for her but we’ve had doormats before on practically every season. And there are a couple of doormat guys this season too.

  12. I know I heard Cody ask Alex why she can’t just roll over. Wth should she? Cody calling Jessica Alex in bed was priceless. What woman has nothing to say about that and just ignores it and cuddles with him? She should have more pride and tell him off. His decision to break with his alliance and do what he wanted made no sense to me at this point in the game. He couldn’t even tell Jessica the truth? Seems like he doesn’t trust anyone and he shouldn’t. It’s a game and they don’t really know each other.

    • Cody does that to everyone, it’s the strangest thing ever! How he originally got in that huge alliance at first is beyond me.

      • To not say a word is just so weird for me. Not to even grunt or nod your head or anything.

        I figured they either made the alliance cause too many of them don’t watch BB to know that it wont work, or they just want safety as long as they can get it and to feel in charge.

    • Totally awkward but highly entertaining! Actually, Paul and Coldy are pretty much alike, one with audio and one without — they both miss the implication that anyone cares.

  13. Man oh man, the flip flopping in this house is starting to make my head ache. Josh & Jason had a pretty intense conversation in the storage room (9:10 pm) about how Josh is voting.
    Jason told him not to F up the vote & vote to evict Christmas.

    It sucks, but I won’t be surprised it Josh votes to evict Xmas now. What’s worse, although I am not positive on this, but this whole turn of events could very well be the consequences of Paul opening his mouth to Kevin & telling him how Josh was voting!!

    Ugh! Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m not optimistic anymore, that’s for sure.

    • I want Xmas to stay but I must admit I am loving how the votes are so split. Usually it’s always a unanimous vote and we all already know who’s going to be evicted. This season is fun, exciting and unpredictable just the way I like it!

      • Now that is a serious silver lining you got there hon. ;)
        Okay, you’re right tho. This season is shaping up into being an all out E ticket ride! haha!

      • I’m just so sick of season after season the house always voting together bc it’s the “safe” thing to do… Screw that lol! Go in there, make big moves and do what’s best for your game, not everyone elses. That’s why I like Alex so much, she wasn’t willing to conform for the cool kids even though it would have been the easy thing to do. I’m just really loving this season and all the drama and chaos it’s bringing with it lol

      • I like the ‘unpredictability, but I prefer Christmas to stay. I like that ‘character in the house. She doesn’t take s**t from anybody..Jillian is boring.

  14. Cody has to be the biggest BB meathead ever. Nobody controls the house this early and many have tried. They are usually the first to go. Paul is a punk but he’s a smart punk. It’s going to be great watching Cody the big dummy take his licks. That meathead is going to go down hard as far as I can see.

  15. I’m all about oral hygiene, but Cody brings it to another level. Lol.
    Watching the live feeds and what’s he doing: brushing his teeth.

    • Pretty sad that I’m not the only one noticing Cody’s teeth brushing. He will leave the house and be known for his lousy facial expressions and brushing his teeth. I also find it odd that the past few days there isn’t a group of house guests hanging out in the HOH room. Don’t ever remember seeing it so empty.

  16. Jessica looked like a complete fool. I agree with Alex if she wanted romance sign up for the bachelor!

  17. I don’t know what Cody suffers from, but it’s got to involve several sets of letters…

    OCD, ptsd, wtf…?

    • I see a big meathead that couldn’t be playing a worse game than he is. He’ll get what all players get when they try to be the big tough guy up front. A nice big shoe up the butt out the door.

  18. I truly do not understand why Cody put Christmas on the block!? She was part of his alliance although just like most big early alliances are, they crumbled fast! But if he didn’t put up Christmas, he still would be in a good position with his alliance but that’s clearly screwed!
    I have to say though, I agree Brandon it does look as though Cody has a crush on Alex, but are the feelings mutual? I don’t think so, Alex is here to play the game of big brother, not the bachelor 😝
    But watching Jessica squirm is entertaining. I am sure she’s not use to competing for a guys attention! She is a very pretty girl!
    I just still don’t understand Cody’s reasoning or lack there of for putting up Christmas. Yes it’s clear he’s there to play and play hard right from the gate but, in my opinion, he’s clearly not making any friends with his gameplay.

    • I was thinking it was to get back at Paul, but I don’t really know if Coldy is aware that Paul and Christmas seem to get along.

      • I think Cody already sees them as teamed up. He told just as much to Jess on the feeds right after the POV meeting. In his reasoning to her, once he had made the move against Paul, the cat was out of the bag. He had splintered his alliance & putting up Christmas was not any more provocative than what he had already done

      • Yeah, The only reasons I can think of why he put Christmas up is because she is competitive but, she was in his alliance! Or the only other reason is he saw that Christmas and Paul we’re getting close!? Who knows what goes through that guys head LOL

    • The guy had other options, yes. There was a bunch of floaters he could have tossed up there. The guy has no social game and is obviously socially dysfunctional in his real life. I think this immediate couples thing is obvious. Several of the gals have glommed onto what “looks” like the dominating force. Just rub a couple choice body parts on them dummies and they fall for it. What I don’t get is how these girls ignore the hazards and how that makes them huge targets in a full house. I’ve rarely seen the social dynamics move this fast so early in the game.

      Another huge hazard is who is attracting attention? Looks at this group. There’s no wackos jumping around popping off, going bat schyte on everyone. THOSE always get tossed out first. Without those, the next most offensive target is Cody and his alliance of couples. None of them seem to see that! This going to be fun to watch!

  19. & just a side note to my already long long comment. I can’t help but kind of feel bad for Cody. Just like he said, he has already had to put up 1/3 of the house LOL that is pretty messed up for the first HOH of the season! It’s already difficult being the first HOH.
    I don’t know, I just don’t think it’s fair but who ever said BB is fair! I just don’t complain agree with it. I would like Cody to stick around at least for a few more weeks because I am intrigued by him and I want to see some emotion. Plus I want to see Jessica squirm some more hee hee
    So this comment and it up being just as long as my other comment! Sorry folks!

    • Seems to me that Coldy was happy with what he thought was “power” in being the first HOH and happy he was controlling the game and that he had the opportunity to get anyone out that he wanted. Ha! His big head and cold heart really keep him from seeing the bigger picture it seems. I wish Jessica would wake up and play, so tired of pretty leeches in this game.

      • Yeah, I agree he did get a big ego! Not telling his alliance what he was doing was a stupid move!
        & yes, he didn’t want to be the HOH so he needs to suffer the consequences and this is the season of temptation…..

      • I thought it was interesting to watch him unravel. He maintains this tough guy attitude but it’s all a facade. He has cracked so many times already up to this point.

  20. Sorry, one more thing (for now) LOL
    I find it unfair production didn’t let the house guests/Cody know about Paul’s safety. It was like a double win for Paul!
    I get for entertainment purposes why but, for a game purposes it’s not “fair” for Cody!
    I really don’t like when BB does things like this where it totally harms someone’s game.
    Paul got the reward but, it’s like Cody got the punishment for Paul’s temptation. Make sense?

    • But there are secret powers all the time that BB doesn’t announce to the HGs. Think of all the times someone has been called in to the DR to learn they got something voted to them and they can decide to either reveal it or keep it secret. This is the same sort of thing.

      • I was hoping that Paul would not tell all that the safety covered 3 evictions so as to perhaps have the opportunity to surprise them with it again …. and again. Don’t know if he was “required” to expose that fact or if he chose to?

      • Linda, I have a feeling that Production told him that when he revealed the Pendant, he HAD to tell everyone the parameters. By doing that, they took away any further element of surprise for the other HGs and that will force them to use some strategy with their nominations & targets for the next 2 weeks.

      • I believe I heard “the voice” give that detail. He could reveal that himself, that he had this special immunity OR if he could wait until he was put on the bock, where that info would thus be revealed to the house. I’m not 100% but pretty sure I heard it. My dogs kept barking and I must have rewound this episode two dozen times in various parts 😂

      • Aaaaah, thanks, missed it … I miss a lot sometimes! People here are so helpful, tho. I have cats – very quiet!

      • Aaaaah, thanks, missed it … I miss a lot sometimes! People here are so helpful, tho. I have cats – very quiet!

    • Good morning Tinalee. How are you doing. Totally agree with you about Cody. I think he is all military and reminds me of Caleb bb16. First HOH gets a lot of flack from public opinion. I totally can not stand Paul and it seems production wants him to stick around. Loving Christmas. I also think her and Mark make a super cute couple.

      • Paul is a punk all right. Seems like his attitude and punky mouth has made him a fan favorite. Fans voted for him to get the twist. Production didn’t give it to him. I’m no big Paul fan. Hearing him running his mouth all the time gets tiresome.

      • Hey hon, long time no talk! I’m awesome, yourself?
        Caleb – YUM 👅 I was sad to see him go early on both seasons he played of survivor.

      • New family? Someone just commented to me and told me he was going to be on that new show candy crush!?

      • Just saw promo for candy crush. They showed there is going to be BB vs Survivor episode. Caleb is going to be on. Along with Paul and Frankie double ugh

      • Yuck! Frankie! No… I just saw the commercial last night but it was brief and did not show much of anything, and it didn’t show any people. I don’t even know what candy crush is. Well I know what it is but I have only heard of it, never seen it or played it

      • It’s going to be on CBS as a summertime game show. The commercial goes very fast. But if you slow mo on your dvr, you can see Paul, Caleb, and ugly Frankie sitting on a sofa.

      • I will look for them on the “couch” next time I see the commercial while I drink my “pop” not soda hee hee 😜 Just joking around with you :-)

    • Whether Paul needed to say the twist was for three weeks, we’ll never know. Cody won’t last long with or without Paul’s twist. He has been a meathead that has tried to control the house from the start. Nobody has done that and they usually are quick to get tossed out. There’s too many people in the house for that kind of big tough guy move. Cody is a big dummy and has messed up his own game big time.

      • I agree with you. I don’t necessarily think he’s a dummy though. What he’s doing is stupid both him and Jessica hiding out in the HOH room. But, initially putting up Paul was a smart move. But yeah, I don’t think he’ll be there very long.

      • I say he’s a dummy because the shallow game he’s playing is way off when the dynamics of a full house is considered. That hard axe scowl on his face all the time will go over like a fart in church. His social game stinks. I’m no big fan of Paul and I’m just a surprised as he is that he’s not a bigger target with all the housemates. HE even said that himself, which is pretty funny. :oD

      • Yeah, I thought I was going to Lake Cody from his introduction video and talking to his little girl but, he is a strange one! Very very secretive which is good to a point, but you can’t be that secretive to your own alliance. And then his whole crush on Alex? If that’s what it is!?
        It’s going to be entertaining watching Jessica squirm every time Cody talks to Alex. I’m ready for a catfight. .Makes me want Cody to stay for a while! Alex versus Jessica! See how that plays out

      • I’m not buying the Alex crush thing or the Jessica showmance. There’s nothing but scowls and machinations coming from this Cody guy. He’s nowhere near as smart as HE thinks he is IMO. Why the flip on Alex, no telling, but I don’t think he has any real grasp on the dynamics of this game. His game is just way too rookie flavored.

      • I wasn’t questioning whether Paul had to say he was safe that week or the next three weeks. I can’t remember now, did he say he was safe for the next three weeks? Or did he just say he was safe?
        I just felt it was unfair regardless of who wins HOH. It made Cody essentially get a punishment and it also kind of gave Paul two rewards. One that he is safe for the next three weeks and the other, that he got to throw that in Cody’s face. I don’t know, I just find things like that a little unfair/production manipulated. Especially considering Megan self evicted and Cody already had to put up a replacement. That’s all and again, to me it didn’t matter who wins HOH, it was just the whole fact of the matter. Especially this early on in the game.
        It was a bad week to be the HOH

      • He stood up and said could not be nominated for the next three evictions. He was told he would have to reveal the twist if he was nominated. “I” think he should have just said he could not be nominated and not mention the time frame of it.

        Maybe I missed something, but I didn’t understand why that Megan got attacked so badly. It all looked pretty rotten to me. They seemed to go after her like a pack of jackals. I hope they inject a replacement.

        The first HOH is the worst one, yes. No real social structure is in place and the eviction choices are harder. It’s real easy to make some nasty enemies right off the bat and it’s best to lay as low as possible. Cody seemed to think it was his chance to control the house for the duration of the game! Yikes! Not.

        As far as fairness, do consider that the public gave that twist to Paul. They could had given it to Cody also, or any other member of the household. I think Paul got it because folks wanted to see him work his punk-axe attitude in the house and prevent anyone he aggravated from throwing him out. :oD You know, make some “good TV” like letting a junkyard dog loose.

        Overall, it appears this season has some twists that are somewhat abusive and put some folks in the hot seat. Nobody is actually HURT by them, but yeah, they could get their BB hopes dashed real quick! Ouch.

    • You really have to stop feeling sorry for Cody. Whatever is being done to him he has only brought on himself.

  21. I gotta say… I’m enjoying having stone cold Cody in the house to counter Paul. Otherwise, Paul would run roughshod over the others. There’s no “Get out the veteran!” Mentality. They eat from his hand. The Tin Man is the only one who isn’t dazzled by Paul. I love it. It’s a good match!

    • It a good way to look at it. I doubt that it will be easy for Paul to evict Cody, so we should be in for an epic battle.

      • idk .. that silent treatment from Coldy seems completely destructive in this game … being clever at the right times to not reveal things is genius (Derrick), but silent, staring, cold eyes – I think that might get you evicted sooner than later and they could sure use Paul to do it – after that, most want Paul out anyway.

    • Paul is a punk, but he’s a smart punk. Cody is just a meathead. Cody won’t be around long IMO. He’s just a big dummy and has tried to come out being the big man. Nobody gets away with that when the house is full at the beginning. Bye dumb axe!

      • First of all, love your handle!

        Second, I’m going to enjoy those two tearing at each other while they’re both there. ;)

      • I don’t really know what monkey muffins taste like. Not sure I want to know.

        I’m no big fan of Paul, but I just don’t see the meathead as being any match. Meathead is playing a very shallow game. He doesn’t understand the hazards and dynamics, and certainly not how they apply to a full house. Timing in this game is ignored at the player’s peril.

  22. Jessica is not as cute now that I see how weak she is. Amazing how personalities play a part in how we see people.

  23. I cannot stand Cody. What an arrogant creep. Not a Paul fan, but loved the look on Cody’s face when the twist was revealed. I am surprised that Dominique has joined the hookup gang. She keeps professing her faith but the couples sure don’t fit that image. I haven’t really found a favorite yet, but I was very sad to see Megan go. I don’t really get the entire house turning on her.

    • Cody won’t last long IMO. His head is all swelled up he thinks he will control the house right from the start. That never happens and any dummy that tries it is usually tossed out real quick. Being an ahole on top of it just seals his fate. Like always, the couples are fake. Those girls play them dumb guys for chumps. That DOES make them a target though. They don’t seem to see that.

  24. I think the one HG I am truly beginning not to like is Jason! He is turning out to be a bully (He cornered Josh in the storage room last night and told him not to F up the vote!) and a person who likes to drop the f*g bomb so casually, it’s obvious he uses it a lot! Ugh!

    I will admit, he seems to be a good liar and in BB that is a valuable tool, especially for a *tool* like Jason!

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