Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 12: Sunday Highlights

It was another quiet day in the Big Brother 19 house as the only thing left for the Final 3 to do is wait for finale night. Most of the day was spent reminiscing on the season followed by really random questions presented to them for some Big Brother After Dark footage.

Josh and Paul chat on Big Brother 19

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 17, 2017:

12:15 PM BBT – Josh is the first one up and wanders the house while Paul and Christmas are still curled up in bed. He discovers the backyard is open again.

12:22 PM BBT – Josh comes over to the camera and says Hi to his family. He’s excited that there are just three more days before he gets out of the house.

12:45 PM BBT – Everyone is awake now and they’re gathered in the kitchen making some breakfast.

1:05 PM BBT – F3 have moved out to the backyard to enjoy the start of their day.

1:20 PM BBT – HGs discussing the other players this season and how their games fell apart while they’re all three still here.

2:00 PM BBT – F3 continues to lounge in the backyard on the couches with general chatter.

2:10 PM BBT – Paul says he’d be willing to go straight in to playing BBOTT2 right after this season if they asked him. He figures he’s already been mentally broken, so why not.

2:45 PM BBT – Big Brother calls the HGs to the storage room. They discover fidget spinners, but there are only two. Josh and Paul take them while Christmas says she doesn’t care. (Mental warfare anyone?)

3:45 PM BBT – Josh is getting teased by Christmas and Paul.

4:25 PM BBT – F3 have moved over to the hot tub and discussing where they’d want to go travel together after Big Brother is over.

5:05 PM BBT – Hammock time. It’s like they’re doing a memory lane episode of all the hangout places in the backyard today and they shift from spot to spot through the afternoon.

5:45 PM BBT – HGs discussing the season’s fights, arguing, and their plotting to get themselves to the end together.

7:37 PM BBT – Paul is alone in the hammock practicing his Final 2 speech.

8:00 PM BBT – Josh, Christmas and Paul eating dinner together.

9:00 PM BBT – Paul incorrectly informing Josh that tonight was the last show before the finale.

9:05 PM BBT – Paul talking about how hard last season and this season has been on him.

9:32 PM BBT – BBAD has questions for the Final 3. Christmas calls Josh and Paul into the living room to answer the questions.

9:40 PM BBT – Questions for the HGs have included: easier to lose or gain weight, who do they want to call first, what food do they miss.

10:00 PM BBT – Q&A still going. They discuss what it was like living with so many people and sharing a bathroom, getting their phones back, favorite foods, and who gets to take Orwell home.

10:40 PM BBT – Questions from BBAD wraps up. HGs head back outside to relax on the hammock and chat.

11:15 PM BBT – Christmas was called to DR leaving Paul and Josh to talk away, but it’s still mostly general chatter and complaining about past HGs.

11:45 PM BBT – Paul and Josh complain about Cody and how they butted heads with him.

12:05 AM BBT – Paul is sure Christmas will get AFP. Josh hopes Kevin doesn’t get it. Paul suggests the $25K at the start of the season will probably keep Kevin from getting another $25K.

12:35 AM BBT – Christmas is back from DR and alone in the hammock camtalking. She says she’s having a pity party for herself and her foot still hurts. Christmas thinks she’ll tell the guys to take each other to the end and she’ll take 3rd. She isn’t sure if she was kept in the game with her broken foot and if she played really well and survived in the game despite that. She’s nervous about getting out and the unknown ahead.

1:30 AM BBT – HGs still up and hanging out in the hammock.

2:35 AM BBT – Lights are finally out for the HGs.

Things are slowing down for the HGs but we’ve still got three more days to go, or maybe a little less with the Feeds. We don’t know when they’ll cut for the season but we’ll keep watching until they do.

Christmas says she doesn’t plan to campaign to be dragged any farther in the game, but I think both guys have already made up their minds on what they’d do anyway. We’ll see if they start having some more camtalks to clue us in though.

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  1. “Christmas thinks she’ll tell the guys to take each other to the end and she’ll take 3rd. ” sounds like besides her ugly behavior, comments like this may sink her business once she gets out. Not someone you want to take advice from.

  2. Xmas is right, she was dragged along to the end. Wonder if she’s worried that with her not being able to compete in a number of the comps and then having two comps obviously thrown to her, that she will not be able to get many votes so she doesn’t want to be embarrassed if she were in the final?

    • Well at least she was honest about being “dragged” to the end…Hopefully at some point she owns up to “receiving” 2 HOH comps because they were “given” to her…She did not compete and earn them or win them…

      • What she actually said when alone with camera was would she be perceived as an exceptional player because she played whole season with a broken foot or would she be thought of as dragged along in game. Sadly, if she thinks the former is a possibility she will be disappointed when she learns it’s the latter.

      • Poor Xmas is delusional like most of the other hgs! Do they come in like that (poor casting) or does the house do it to them? I’m pretty sure they come in like that!! Just sayin…

    • Yes, and she will lose to either of the two, unless they are both hated so much that the jury will give it to the wench.

    • Good points. Christmas should be worried and so should the viewers if it’s Her and Paul as the final two. Very anti climatic. Would could the jury even ask her? “is he going to buy you a ring with the 500,000?

  3. Kevin will get AFP and Christmas won’t. (Maybe Cody) She is already playing the victim so they can keep her.
    Paul is so pathetic that he wants to spend his whole life hanging out in the BB house instead of living in the real world. I thought he had a great life with his own business and all. I do understand the fear since they have been away from reality for so long.

    • I’d guess that if any of the jury members won AFP that it would be Kevin with Jason running a close 2nd..Just guessing…Cody might pull out a win u never know…

      • The thing Jason said, about Kevin’s wife and daughters, was all over the news so I cannot imagine him getting AFP.

      • I have several friends who watch BB, and they hadnt heard a thing about what Jason said until a couple days ago when I told them. I’m sure most people don’t know. That said, I doubt Jason is popular enough anyway to win AFP.

    • For some reason I just don’t think Kevin is going to get AFP. I think it could be Jason, maybe Cody. Guess we’ll see.

    • They could at least let him practice guitar, BB house is like a prison but with more mind games and less activities . I do not think I could go for that long without working, painting OR making music .
      I just do one of those three things until I am exhausted and it saves on therapy 😸

    • That Kevin was a sly old fox! When they went back down memory lane and they showed him lying about the 25k to Matt’s face. 😄he straight denied it to the hg and didn’t blink an eye. I see why they were annoyed with him now. I must’ve missed that segment. He played the”poor old guy very well”!

      • YES, he did. I never even saw that because I don’t have feeds, and don’t remember reading about the incident on Jokers, not like it really went down anyway. But I had a feeling about Kevin all season that there was more to him than we were seeing. My intuition from the get go was that Kevin is one shady dude. I think he’s a charmer and his game has basically been playing for AFP. I do appreciate the way he went out.

      • He told him. He knew what he was doing. He’s a smooth operator. He fooled even you! It’s still working. He doesn’t have seven kids for nothing. 😀😉

      • He didn’t fool me my gut says he told him on purpose knowing Matt would tattle but honestly I could not be 100% sure of that…

      • I think he started out working his shtick for jury vote as he has done to every person going out the door. Part of his MO in case he made it to the end. I think that one back fired on him a wee bit.

      • Yes! My same thoughts. I was checking out the way he walked in and dressed to impress on eviction night. He’s an OG from back in the day. 😀

      • I’ve had some blowback for my opinion of Kevin, but it’s all good. I wish no bad for him at all, he’s just not my fav. The charm didn’t work on me.

      • Hi beautiful! I’m glad they showed that scene during the show Friday. I had not seen that side of Kevin, so I FINALLY got what you’d been talking about all this time. Yeah, boy! Shady McShaderson. But Matt was a total butthole for going right over to those people and playing the narc. Still, Kevin went out like a gentleman. I’m wondering what else Kevin did that I missed…

      • Hey, Sha! What he did that day really made no difference in how I viewed him. I think he just got caught and showed he could do a little acting. I think he said he has been in a soap before if I remember correctly. It’s just a feeling I had about him from the beginning. Most people like him which I can see why. I wish he had played the game more and not the fans so much. JMO

      • Well, your first impressions have usually been right when it comes to these HG’s. I also FINALLY understood all the ‘mobster’ references after seeing that show. Opened my eyes up to a lot of things. I should have watched some ‘On Demand’ shows to catch up…but you can’t FF through the ads, and you can’t trust the edits they give people.

      • I really hope we get some older people on BB, someone who is still athletic and knows about the game. Kevin didn’t know much about the show at all. Donny was a very likable person, but he didn’t have any game strategy. I don’t get why they choose people like that to represent that age category.

      • Because they want eye-candy. You notice that the older people the’ve cast (in the last few years) have been men? Aging men are OK. Aging women aren’t accepted. Not on BB. Survivor—yes. I mean, look at (shudder) Debbie. HA!

      • Yes, the lovely, know it all, do it all, Debbie. Ha! I couldn’t imagine her lasting long in the BB house. She’s a version of Raven. Raven has many diseases, Debbie has many skills. They both have many issues.

  4. “Paul and Josh complain about Cody and how they butted heads with him”.

    I suppose that’s natural since he’s the only one who butted heads with them.

    Even Mark turned into a giant wimp … bowing and scrapping as he cried.

    • I see a lot of butting heads in foolish Cody’s future. For his mental welfare, maybe he should start wearing as helmet.

      • I’m sorry you’re too dense to get a joke. It was Raven who constantly told us of her “terminal” illnesses. It was everyone here who joked about them including you I’m sure.

        You might want to climb down off your high pony before you get hurt … and get that helmet for yourself.

      • lol

        You seriously can’t be that stupid … well, maybe you can.

        Look up “climb on your high horse”.

        I suppose I’ll have to explain I substituted pony for horse.

      • Lol. You needn’t explain any idioms to me.

        “You might want to climb down off your high pony before you get hurt…”

        That sounds like a threat.

      • Fine.

        Email the moderators then and tell them you feel threatened by a well known saying used countless times everyday to imply that thinking too highly of oneself and their opinions may result in a painful downfall.

      • Believe me, Darwin, I don’t feel threatened by you; but, when someone says, “You might want to climb off your high pony before you get hurt…” to ANYONE, it can sound threatening. So, I’d be careful with what you say.
        Btw, I don’t need to email the moderator. These comments are monitored daily. You’ve been warned. That was a threat.

      • Look dude, or dudette … this is a microcosm of Big Brother itself.

        Now we have for all to see exactly what happened in the house. A little clique all sitting on their high horses ganging up on someone they don’t like.

        Personal attacks, making up stuff, insinuating threats … same thing.

        You people are no better than the house guests you savage everyday.

      • Not ganging up on you, Darwin…I don’t even know you.
        Sorry I lashed out. But I’ve seen you take a dig at people that have been on these threads for years. I’m not better than you or anyone else.

      • I feel for you.I hope you find some joy in this day. If Sharona can show more class. So will I. Really hope for good things in your life.

      • I had to lmao picturing that one, Alfie. I would have never thought of it. Hope it’s not from personal experience. lol ;)

      • You have made me cry laugh twice already this AM, and I haven’t read all of the comments yet. I always buy cookies, but I don’t like any of them. Don’t hate!

      • Me too. Ugh. Lots to do today. *sigh* Sorry I dragged you into my hissy fit. Bad morning. Thank you though, for your support. See you soon, sweetie pie. :)

      • Right? Isn’t he? That is THE perfect gif. Exactly how I feel! I wish I had emoticons…but I don’t. That picture says it all.

      • Oh! Well, thank you Sweetie! I thought you were agreeing with the way I felt about Alf. I wasn’t the most adorable person today. Thank you again. That made my day! I’m sending you a BIG hug. :)

      • Come on, you are always so fun and friendly, how could that not be adorable and it’s what makes you a beautiful person Sharona. Believe it!

      • Yes I am, BUT, ya never know what’s going to happen, hell, look at me and (my best friend Bob) we are now friends! So ya just never know…PAUL FOR THE WIN!!!

      • See, good things come to those who wait. haha
        I’m hoping Paul doesn’t get the shaft if he makes it to F2. Watching how Alex, Jason, and Cody went out of the house, as entertaining as it was, I was thinking maybe they were acting some, but, nope, just bad sports/sore losers who got played. I don’t believe Paul would have acted that way had he been evicted. But for sure, they seem to be salty. So, we’ll see.

      • If Paul makes it to F2, he’s got it in the bag. No question. He wins—period.
        It’s a game changer though, if Josh wins the last comp and decides to take Xmas. He knows that everybody in that jury house—despite some hard feelings—will come around and vote for Paul because they know he deserves the win. But Josh v. Xmas? Josh—no doubt about it. He wins.

      • I don’t know about this one, Sha. Remember Natalie voted for Dingus Nicole because she wanted a girl to win. This jury has me concerned. If they are salty enough to not vote for Paul if he is F2, I also wonder if they would vote for Josh. Christmas could win by default. It wouldn’t surprise me at this point. But I hope you are right.

      • Holy crap. If they award that one-legged stick of meanness 500K, I’ll be so pissed, I’ll tell Les and Julie not to count on me for Thanksgiving dinner this year.
        She shouldn’t have been allowed to continue once she broke her foot–by dicking around—not by playing the game. There’s no way she should have gotten this far! I keep harping on this, but if I was a HG evicted through one of her votes, and I’m watching her in the F3—-I’d. Be. Pissed. OK. Rant over. Paul must win.

      • A tinfoil helmet to keep out the radio waves of his robot operators.
        Well he is pretty much the tin man to Jessicas Dorothy 😸
        Was annoyed at Josh for the way he was acting with the pots and pans and such but looking back it was because Cody was being a dink … Sorry autocorrect 😸
        If Cody had tried to be more part of the group he would have done better .
        So conspiracy theorists … Does in not seem suspicious to you how Paul won the immunity … How convenient 😾😾😾
        Well Bama and Georgia Dawgs are good for another week .
        Sorry again about the 9 second dismay, that hurt to watch 😾

      • I love me some good conspiracy theories. The season isn’t complete without them. lol
        No dismay until next season when my nephew will be playing for the Vols. Hopefully, they’ll have some good rebuilding and it will be time for a TN comeback. ;)

      • Cool I was up around there for a time when Peyton Manning was still a student, if I may get off- topic for a moment . What position is he going for , not asking for specifics as this is an open platform 😸
        Oh I just blocked Mr nobody, I do not waste my time listening to nonsense 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸
        I know you are trying to help but pearls before swine and all 😸

      • He was recruited last year, his JR season. He plays TE for Farragut High in Knox. Keep an eye out for him…Jacob Warren, good kid, great grades, very respectful with good manners.
        Good advice, AG. :) I try not to block people unless they are absolute buttholes. I enjoy different opinions and real discussions, but the whole euthanasia thing was a little much for my taste.

      • I know I have been talking with MG and I think she is way too hyper
        I said I thought that Josh was right with the pots and pans because Cody was an antisocial so and so
        And she said that I was the one who needed help
        Where did you get your degree again MG ??
        She seems to have a real hatred of Josh that she cannot distance herself from
        These are people locked in a cage, they are not 100% rational 😸😸
        As for the other thanks for the info I will follow him 😸😸😸😸

      • Hate is a strong emotion that I can truthfully say I’ve never felt for another human being that I personally know. I can say that I hate actions of people, like Hitler. BB is a game that attracts all types of personalities. I don’t know these people at all. When you have someone like Cody who says this is real life and admits that the person he is portraying is the real Cody, that gives us the right have a real opinion of him as a person. The rest, I have no idea who they really are. We viewers can hate or love their game play, for sure. I enjoy someone who puts their all into the game, resulting in drama, even chaos, which I am thankfully very lacking in real life. I enjoyed watching Josh and Paul this season. JMO I have also enjoyed your posts, AG.

      • If and I mean a very big strong IF, I was to go on this crap fest of a show (based on the latest players), I would be the one everyone on here would hate and talk bad about. My game play will be like that you never seen. I will talk crap and say I will make big moves then just put up the ones the house wants out. then again, I could go rouge and do what it takes to get strong payers out. I am an old man and I need all the advantage’s I can get.

      • So you aren’t a backstabber, you are a front stabber like the ‘ Mooch ‘
        I was thinking Celebrity White House Rejects BB with the press corp as the jury 😸

      • I could not take it .. I am an outside dog 🐶
        If they let me have a guitar and a girl well then maybe
        But sitting around not doing anything would be torture to me 😸

      • That would bother me too and that would make me think twice. Then again a whole Summer off work from a very hot factory and not sitting on an even hotter forklift all shift would make me want to do it.

      • That would be my problem; missing a summer of not smelling fresh cut grass and tending to my roses. Not enough summers left to miss one of those. I’ll just enjoy watching. :D

      • Would I love to see a bunch of wise oldies with your mindset playing this game, WW!! I liked Donny, the man, but he had no game play. We, who are older, and I am well aware my 61 years outnumber your 52 or 53( I’m close), need some good representation to give us more cred. I would be laughing all of the time. If someone put pots and pans in my face on BB, I’d get me some wooden spoons and a pot to make a drum and join them.

      • 54 and if anything I would start dancing. Working in a factory with a ton of blue collar workers has made me more immune to this type of stupidity and I would join in on the fun. Even if it bothered me, I wouldn’t let them know it did.

      • Cody was a construction salesman. Big difference is I work inside a plant that is big enough to hold maybe close to 20 of the BB house. It is a little over 1 mile long and at least a 1/2 mile deep and that is just the main building. We still have two paint buildings and a another building at the end. Plus all the other building we have on the property which is big enough to build a fairly good size apartment complex. Then we have the train tracks and the trailer park at the bottom of the hill.

      • Been there done that , what I meant to say wassthat Cody tried to hide his feelings but he never tried to join the group, you said you would join the fun 😸

      • Yeah, I would be right up in there with the rest of them talking and laughing. I would hide the fact that something bothered me. I would also have a ride or die because I know I can’t do it alone. A showmance, NO WAY but a bromance might work if that guy is my ride or die.Of course I will play under the guise of just wanting to get to jury so they won’t get too suspicious of me.

      • Exactly! That’s an important key, not letting people know it.
        You know I did over 20 years of factory shift work. I’ve seen and had to deal with things they could make a comedy out of. The BB house would be a piece of cake, as long as I could go home when my shift is over. I don’t think it works that way.

      • Sadly by working in this place, where we see each other more than our families, things do go wrong from time to time. This past weekend was one of those times. Call it what you will but at the end of the day, three of the people I work with lost their lives over something so petty as a love triangle gone wrong. Almost 10,000 people work in this plant and it sent a dark cloud over all of us today. Very somber in there and might be for the rest of the week.

      • When you work that closely with many people, things are bound to happen. We had people on TOP of one of the plant buildings(and a few other places) having sex, we have caught a couple watching porn on plant computers, there have been marriages broken, and deaths, but thankfully not as a result of violence inside the plant. That type of work is difficult enough without all of the personal stuff added. Hope your week gets better, WW. How many more years until retirement? My husband is still there, electrical, 30 years. I want him to retire but he won’t talk about it yet.

      • Funny thing is, we had have the same types of people here. As for retirement, I can go as early as next year but I will have to see if it is worth it at that time or not. Otherwise I could go in another four years from now and again I will have to check to make sure it is worth it at that time. If I do my complete time I have 8 more years to go but at that time I will be 62 and my full 30 in so my pension will be higher for sure.

      • My husband is 56. 30 years of 12 hr shift work is ENOUGH! I’ve known too many people who have said..just one or two more years..then die right after they retire. Life is short….shorter for some than others.

      • Right back at you 😸😸😸
        In dumb and dumber the mobster says ‘ You don’t kill people you don’t know !’ Lol
        Debbie Reynolds said ‘ Sure people got killed in Las Vegas … But only the ones that were supposed to ‘ lol again

      • Great comment and insight, “ Cody who says this is real life and admits that the person he is portraying is the real Cody, that gives us the right to have a real opinion of him as a person“. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

      • TY, ma’am. That was the REAL Cody who walked across the table when he was evicted like the immature sore loser, bad sport azzhole that he is.

      • Absolutely!! It summed him up perfectly, he doesn’t give a crap about anyone or anything.

      • I think it is part and parcel of victim noises life, butting heads. I guess it’s why he lives off grid? No one to question him, I’m sure Princess Butthole will enjoy their life sans civilization. They are both in for a rude awakening, lol!

      • She’s counting on our votes so broke ass Cody can buy her ring. I’m hoping that is her first rude awakening. If not, it won’t be far away.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought Xmas back next season. And if Paul wins, he’s definitely coming back to host a comp.

      • Whether she accepts it or not is a different matter. She’s yet to read and hear how she was perceived.

        I think she has a lot of work to do to rebuild her image because her image is all she has for her business aspirations.

      • She’ll accept. She never got the chance to play the game she envisioned for herself. And we never got to see the real Christmas either. All the way around it’s an unfinished line item in the account register. She never should have been given the option to stay. It was bad for the franchise, bad for the game, bad for the house and bad for Christmas. Pity all the grown ups had already clocked out for the day when the broken leg that would become a clusterfluck of bad decision making took place.

      • I don’t recall production showing anything negative about xmas, am I forgetting? I do remember some times on the feeds she was acting like a B$tch.

      • You’re right. There’s a big difference between the live feed Xmas and the one edited. They did however show her chasing and chastising Josh and yelling at Kevin for asking a simple question.

      • That’s the thing…I just started watching this season about 3 weeks ago…usually never miss a season. Anyway, she’s gotten a great edit. I don’t have the feeds and hadn’t watched Big Brother After Dark, so I didn’t get a read on Xmas at all until just the last week and a half or so. She’s not a nice person…and I had no idea she had this huge ‘self-help’ empire. Yeah, she’s going to have to do some serious re-branding.

      • They didn’t need to, 12/25 was a major bitch, a flaming bitch. I’ll never forget her saying…..“I will rape his soul with my words“, about Kevin. It will always be etched in my mind, what a nasty and hurtful thing to say about someone.

      • She. Did. Not. Say. That! OMG.
        What was the point of that? I understand winning at any cost—hence Paul’s game—but what the hell kind of game play is that? It’s NOT.
        That’s just ugly.

      • She did, I saw it real time on the feeds. I was floored and I will never forget such mean, evil and hateful words.

      • I’m the same, not the kind of person who hits others, but she’s looking for a good slap!

    • Could watch the Acme Corporation Slap, Punch, Kick veto competition again
      Hmmm think bangs might suit you, trying to see it 😸
      And last but not least Meryl Street is engaged to Robert Redford .. Really 😸😸😸

      • Thank you for thinking of me, AG. You’re so sweet. I was having some bad days. Things are looking up. You saw me on ‘Survivor Fandom’ yesterday. I’ll try to keep commenting there. I love that show! I’m going through some health problems, which is why I’ve been coming and going. But, like I said, things are getting better–slowly but surely.
        Thank you again for thinking about me!

      • Good to hear from you Sharona , replied with a couple of Lauren Bacall pics on the BB board which I think are still up
        Missed you for the BB finale
        Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, did not want to pry, also did not know if you wanted to talk to me, it is alright with me if you do .
        I myself have a broken heart , they say that cannot kill you, but anyone that says that has probably never had a heart, let alone a broken one 😾
        Me I just keep busy, the more I do the less I think
        It will take a little while to process the information you have given me 😸
        Happy is a choice Sharona Sharona Sharona

      • Aw sweetie, I’m not hurting from a broken heart…this time. But it most certainly CAN almost kill you; or at least feel like it anyway. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that right now. Tell me who it is, and I’ll take care of them!
        I’ll just come right out and tell you what’s going on. I have a brain tumor and it’s causing a lot of pain. It’s NOT cancerous and it’s benign…so please don’t worry. I’m not worried. I just want it taken care of. I see a Neurosurgeon on the 16th, and we’ll make a game plan then. In the meantime, I have bad days and good days. That’s why I keep coming and going. Don’t worry, my friend, OK? Just hang around, so I can always post to you in the ‘past’ like we’re doing right now, OK? I’ll only do this when I talk about really personal stuff.
        I’ll keep you posted. I promise! In the meantime, I’ll see you on Survivor Fandom. I LOVE that game. Even more than BB…and I never thought that was possible. OK, I’ll catch you on the flip-side!
        You’re a good friend!

      • Thanks for opening up to me, and thanks much for having my back 😸
        Sounds brutal Sharona, I have had various painful health problems but I do not consider myself strong just obstinate … I figure that for most things your body can heal itself given enough time .
        I also think we are still in the dark ages of medical science .
        I will watch some Survivor and catch up with you on the back pages 😸
        Tried to post a pic of DJ Quall but Disqus would not let me 😾
        In the supermarket I saw a couple of Powder Puff girls ( blue cotton ball hair ! ) and I started trying to dance with them, but they juyst looked at me like I was crazy ! Maybe I am but if I have to be crazy that is a good way to go ! Sooner than later Sharona

      • I try to use positive forces and non-Western medicine when I can–acupuncture; reiki massage; whole foods, etc..but unfortunately, my insurance doesn’t pay for the things that actually help. And, unfortunately, sometimes Western medicine is needed—but infinite research on my part is needed to find the right person. Hey, who says being obstinate isn’t the same as strength? Whatever it takes my friend, whatever it takes. ;)
        Again, sorry for what you’re dealing with. I wish I could help. I know all too well the pain of the heart. It hurts me to know you hurt.

        I’d have danced with you—but didn’t you get a kick out of the reaction from the girls who wouldn’t play along? I used to live to be different!! In my old life, that’s what I lived for! So, you keep going out there and dancing and being ‘crazy.’ Crazy is better than being sane. It’s a heck of a lot more fun!! Talk soon!

      • Sharona Sharona where are you now ???
        Hope you are alright
        I am painting … Yeah
        Still sorting out techniques so I
        Am not at the flurry of activity stage
        yet but Yeah !
        Doing a number of studies
        Fireflies , blocks and animals
        Fireflies were featured
        On Once Upon a Time this week
        Curiouser and curiouser
        I will let you know if there is an
        Opening coming up
        at Arthur’s Home for
        Wayward Women AHWW
        If you are still interested !
        Bwahahaha go away evil spirits

      • I was really disappointed they weren’t hit/kicked/slapped hard enough in that competition. Most were smiling through it. :/

      • I don’t know, thought they looked pretty aggravated to me, how does the song go ? Smile though your heart is breaking …😸

  5. This is so frustrating. Even if he DOES lose Paul as a vote, deep down Josh HAS to know that cutting Paul is the move that would win him the game. HE HAS TO KNOW IT.

    But, again, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Paul will probably win the F3 HoH (because that’s how this season has been going!!! The exciting option is never the option we’re given!) and all my postulating on what Josh will do is for nothing.

    • Is Josh still wavering on who he will take to F2, given the chance? He can only win against Christmas. Now if she’s going to tell him she wants him to take Paul, he probably will. Ugh. He needs to keep his real familia in mind.

      • I think josh is faking the funk with paul and will take xmas. He slipped up a couple of nights ago to paul and said “If i lose to xmas” but he recovered quick lol.

      • I don’t think he’s cam-talked his F2 stuff in a few days, but the general consensus is that, at this moment in time, he’s planning on taking Paul, as he thinks Christmas is a lock for the AFP money and she’s telling him to cut her and take Paul.

        That being said, as a fan, I think Josh HAS to be considering what the implications of cutting Christmas are to his game.
        1. He takes the best strategist to the end, instead of cutting him, which would be the better move
        2. He cuts his closest ally in the game, proving to the jury he’s as disloyal and a bad strategist.

        I’m hoping we hear more from him in the coming days, although it seems we’re seeing the three of them hanging out A LOT

    • The 3 of them had a really good convo on BBAD about girls and feelings. I enjoyed listening to it this AM. I always DVR it but usually just FF through it and delete it, but it was interesting last night, to me anyway.

      • I’m glad I saw your post, I was going to delete it without watching. You would think after all these years, they’d come up with something to revitalize the end…It would be so easy to just live feed the jury house. It has to be a good reason why they don’t do that and prefer the slow death of the season.

      • You might not enjoy it. I was eating breakfast this AM and thought I’d do my normal FF and delete. Maybe I was so bored it was interesting, but try it out. They also had question/amswer session where POP had given them questions to answer from fans. Just an unusual BBAD.

      • Lol. I just saw them address the junk food issue I brought up yesterday. Guess I wasn’t the only one intrigued by that. Lol

      • That’s why I go hiking with my hubby, so I can drink my sweet tea, eat my Walkers butter cookies and my honey barbecue chips with my mayo laden BLT. Old habits die hard and so do the lbs at my age!

      • Ooo girl you got my mouth my watering. I need to go for a run just thinking about it. Lol I love all that! I like the honey bbq and the sour cream and cheddar ruffles. Smh and it’s hoagies joint near me that is so good girl, smh uh uh. Now I’m hungry! Lol

      • A very good day to you as well gorgeous!! Yes, I’m enjoying the nice fall weather here and I love fall time, a great intro into my favorite season, WINTER!!!
        Only 3 more days, it went by so fast. I’ll be sad when it’s over, not because I’ll miss these people but I’ll miss the fun we had on BBN.

      • I’ll never forget the BB19 season of gifs and you are the best giffer evah! I have to give Cy the nod for creativity with his special “home made” pics and banners. Between those damn goats and your gifs, Alfie and others had some great ones, too, it really added tremendously to the fun without saying a word. You are perfection with those things…and QUICK! Winter is your favorite season? You must live in a warmer climate or else you love to ski/snowboard or the smell of wood burning stove, or sitting by the fireplace. Many reasons to love winter, I guess. I’m just not a fan of the cold. I noticed your new Miss Scarlett avatar…ever the lady. :)

      • The gif thing is super easy, I can’t take too much credit for that. Cy has me beat hands down with his banners. I’ve lived for those banners this summer, I hope he brings them back next year as well! You better be here next year too my friend, I love your posts, always on point!
        I live in the Mountain West, snow is in my blood and I’m a skier.

      • You really, really do deserve a lot of credit for picking the absolute most perfect gif to depict the atmosphere of each moment and conversation.
        Jackson Hole is in my husband’s blood every Jan or Feb. He always goes downtown and the grandkids love watching him wave to them from the cameras there. Funny how that amuses them! Hope you get good snow, my lady!

      • Awww, that sound like a lot of fun. Jackson Hole is stunning, I’ve only been there in the summer but loved it and would love to return during winter. Those are going to be wonderful memories your grandchildren will always cherish. You and your husband are clearly dedicated and involved grandparents, kudos to the both of you!! Have a loverly day my gorgeous lady! :)

    • Hi AG—artist extraordinaire. I’m OK. Just contemplating how some people haven’t evolved *coughDarwincough* when it comes to manners and civility…

      Paul’s played the best game, but I have to admit, I’d get a kick out of JOSH winning.
      I think he could pull it off if he wins the 3rd comp and takes Xmas. Paul won’t have a chance to talk to the jury members and sway them, so…I think he could take it easily. Xmas (IMHO) had no right staying in the game…and I think the jury wouldn’t give her any votes.
      So, in conclusion:
      1. I’m OK
      2. People can be idiots
      3. I’d like to see Josh win the 3rd comp and ‘drag’ Xmas to F2.

  6. The 3 HG’s discussion on BBAD about Mark’s bathroom habits (and how much he stunk up the house) was beyond horrible. TMI big time.

  7. Anyone else so ready for this season to be over? Omg! What a season! Waiting for Celebrity BB to start.

    • Only if Celebrity BB doesn’t have D-List Celebrities. Not in the mood for any ‘Teen Moms’; Michael or Dina Lohans; Ex-Celebrity Apprentice rejects; No Real Housewives, and no ex-child actors. Other than that, yes—I’m looking forward to it. :)

  8. “HGs discussing the other players this season and how their games fell apart while they’re all three still here.

    I find this hilarious, who had any game to speak of besides Paul? Not a single one of them and even Josh, who seemed to have some cogent and cohesive thoughts about Paul’s game, even he didn’t do a damn thing, like say…….make a major play against him and he had numerous opportunities to do so.

    • Girl! I’m glad you pointed that out. These people seem to think Josh is responsible (and Josh himself) for his place in the game, no boo boo he’s a tag along f2 insurance policy. We’ve seen it a million times, we all know the truth, don’t try and make him something he’s not. We all saw.

  9. Bbad Josh is talking all badazz about his alterations in the house as if we, with the help of 200 cameras didn’t see him go to the next room and cry like a pu$$y. Give me a break.

  10. Paul is sure Christmas will get AFP. Josh hopes Kevin doesn’t get it. Paul suggests the $25K at the start of the season will probably keep Kevin from getting another $25K.
    These people are heading for a socker by the time Kevin and Cody are announced among the top three for the award.

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