Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 12

Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott on Big Brother 19

Our final Big Brother 19 spoilers of the season came in over the past few days and if you were out enjoying your weekend, or maybe your sleep, then you might have missed these critical events. We’ll catch you up to get ready for Wednesday’s BB19 finale show.

After Kevin Schlehuber was evicted on Thursday that revealed our Big Brother 19 Final 3 with Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Paul Abrahamian. One of those three people will be this year’s Big Brother winner and walk away with the half million dollar prize.

Round 1: Final HoH

All three of the remaining Houseguests faced off in this competition held on Thursday night. Feedsters were blocked from viewing it which was a nasty move by producers, but not surprising given they stuck it to us last year for the first time that I could ever remember. I supposed we’ll likely never watch that critical endurance competition again.

HGs had to hang on to a rope trailing a flying unicorn while their platform rocked and shifted. Last one hanging on would win the round. Josh ended up falling first after only about fifteen minutes, per his retells. Paul won the round after Christmas fell next, about thirty minutes later.

With Paul winning the first round he was automatically given a seat in the third and final round. The winner of the next round would join him. Read More >>

Round 2: Final HoH

Josh and Christmas faced off in the second battle overnight on Saturday. In the past these only lasted a few hours but this time the Feeds were down for more than six hours. SIX. The competition had three rounds and it seems there may not have been an overall cut off time, but possibly a limit within each of the three. Josh mentioned taking an hour and maybe hitting the limit for just one of the three parts alone. Sheesh.

After hours of competing in individual rounds the results were revealed and Josh beat Christmas by just between five to seven minutes overall. That’s close given the total time. This win gave Josh the second spot in R3 on Wednesday. Read More >>

Round 3: Final HoH

We won’t see this part of the final competition until Wednesday when Paul and Josh face off in what’s probably going to be the scales of justice again, but that could always change, we don’t know. These questions will probably again be based on Jury answers to random questions.

Josh has said he’ll cut Paul if he wins R3, but Josh has also told the cameras he’ll take Paul because he’s afraid of going up against Christmas. Who knows but Josh talks a big game on “big moves” and hasn’t delivered yet when it comes to dealing with Paul so he might not on Wednesday even if he gets the chance.

Okay, now you’re all caught up and ready for the Big Brother 19 season finale. That’s all our spoilers for the summer. Phew! Now we can rest, at least until Celebrity Big Brother this winter!


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  1. hmmm….. might turn out to be an interesting/entertaining finale nite…then again we been waiting all season for interesting and entertaining…whatever….

    • I found the episode with the jury footage, when we found out Raven was the real puppet master of the game, haha, and then all of the boohooing in the DR to be very entertaining and interesting. I kept it for future viewing when I need a really good laugh. When Josh laid down on the couch I started crying myself I was laughing so hard by then. I can see some couch time in his future.

      • I think the last big jury “upset” was BB 10 when Dan held his funeral and people were pissed at him…The rest have been kinda orderly and boring…..If I remember correctly..Even BB 15 was somewhat on the slow side..

      • That would have been BB14. BB15 was on the slow side because everyone knew Andy was gonna win. I’d definitely say BB18 was a jury upset as well, I mean Zakiyah voted Nicole because Pauline told her to and Natalie voted Nicole because she wanted a girl to win. That’s a jury upset. And it came down to a 5-4 vote which is something.

      • And all this time 100% of the viewers thought Paul was the puppet mastermind. How could we all have been so misled?

      • Yep! all he has to say is he didn’t do any of that, Raven was behind all of it and he just went along with her.

    • Lol. You are right. I have watched the whole season just waiting for something interesting to happen. The Jessica and Cody thing was fun for a bit until they decided throwing comps will get them anywhere.

      • And so we wait, hand in hand, till the bitter end. And our waiting will slowly turn to hope that Season 20 will be a better year.

      • Cody was the only one to make a big move against Paul; evidently too early and he had no social game, no one but Jessica to go along with him.

      • And sucked at comps……He wasn’t some magical comp beast on top of having the worst personality for a reality game show…..

      • And the way they butchered her HOH/veto week was horrible. Easy to think of them as the only ones “really playing the game” until you remember they presided over the eviction of…Ramses and Jillian. Power players!

      • They played the game just didn’t play it as well as Paul. Jessica’s HOH was evidence of that. I was cheering for them but their decisions that week just made me shoke my head. Even if they were hesitant to take a shot at Paul ( I think they should have as even if he got kept at least others in the house could have seen how much sway he held) they should have at least gone after his ‘known’ allies. Like Cody tried to do in his early HOH when he eventually nominated Christmas.

    • Do you just hate all the others so you gave 10 votes to a anti-social, loose cannon? I can understand your votes to Mark and Cameron, but they are your votes.

      • No I actually served and know people who have PTSD and they don’t act like that at all…..Clearly he thought he was so smart that the Marines weren’t for him and then jumped to the Air Force and found out he wasn’t smart enough…..Marines accept anyone, you don’t have to be the brightest crayon in the box. I know alot of actually really smart ones but damn when they’re dumb, they’re really dumb….

      • Cody was a douche but he exhibited several signs of PTSD. I’m an RN who works at a state psych hospital. There are varying levels of severity. And not everyone experiences all of the same symptoms. We get many patients with PTSD, some are service-connected and others are from traumas, sexual assaults, physical and emotional abuse, etc. I 100% believe Cody has PTSD. I also believe his is an asshole.

      • I never hated Cody in the game. Yes he was anti social and made some bad game play, BUT HE PLAYED. I am voting mainly because no one else deserves it in my opinion because they all let Paul run away with this thing, and production screwed him over royally.

      • Nice to see somebody else noticed that production blew up Cody’s game over 5-10 seconds of a “TV moment” by not telling Cody Paul was safe from nomination.

      • You can’t understand votes for basically the only guy to ever take a shot at Paul, not follow him around mindlessly, compete with passion and win most competitions he was actually able to compete in, and stayed true to himself the entire time…

        But you can understand votes for a guy who was in the house for 12 hours and carved out absolutely no identity or memorable anything in the game.


      • And, pretty much everything he told the HGs he was right about as evidence by jury where they go, ‘Yup, ye were righteo’. Well.. everyone but the mastermind herself, Raven.

      • So he tried to take a shot at Paul, big deal. Due to his anti-social personality, they only person who would go along with him was Jessica, and at times she couldn’t take his anti-social moments. The fact that he couldn’t connect with the others in the house is one reason his shot at Paul failed. Paul built relationships with others in the house, real or not, and that was something Cody could never do.

    • Thats cool I have like 6 different accounts I can use soooo Paul is getting 120 votes a day since voting opened

      • I thought it was 20 votes per household. That could be wrong, I just read that more than 20 votes from the same IP address are then disqualified.

      • I hope you’re right, because of six-account spammers like that guy above, but honestly I haven’t heard that. I’ve only heard “per account”

      • Now that I think about it, I think I saw it on Twitter. Someone was bragging at creating multiple accounts to vote for Cody and got shut down by so many people that I figured it was true. Didn’t care to look into it further as I don’t have the patience to vote more than 20 times anyway, haha.

    • I don’t hate Cody, but I would laugh what’s left of my ass off if he won. The looks on their faces would be priceless. Especially Alex who thinks she’s going to win. Or if Kevin wins. Alex would have a stroke.

  2. I think last year they started not to show the comps on feeds because they couldn’t let us see their rigging. Last season comps were thrown to the vet and it seemed like she knew the comps before she even started. This season it is harder to tell because the vet is actually playing, but he seems to easily win all the comps he chooses to not throw.

    • I call it the Princess Alex edit, abrasive … Yet lovable ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต
      sorry thought you were talking about jury feeds ๐Ÿ˜ธ

  3. Paul will be the winner. Paul is to nervous and he will go for the win ! He will not trust Josh to keep his word on taking him to the. end.

    • If you can believe the feelings of the jurors that have leaked from the jury house, Paul’s “win” might end with F3. If he makes it to F2, he might just walk away with only $50K.

      • I agree; right now jury members (except crazy Raven) dislike Paul and his backstabbing game. However, once a moderator is sent to “prompt” the jury members they might be persuaded to change their minds.

      • That’s where the news came from….So its rumored Dr Will was the moderator….The jurors have had a major discussion..

      • I think he will have Raven, Matt, Alex, elana, Xmas or josh , Kevin.. maybe Cody ( if he even cares) that she enough for the Win. IF not I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back later down the line, so please let him win !!!!

      • Am I the only one who doesn’t want Dr. Will prompting the jury members to change their minds and vote for Paul? More “Production” intervention!

      • It was leaked by the same person that has leaked very reliable info this entire season that Will did the round table and the jury was very bitter and not giving Paul their vote. Have to wait and see how true it is.

      • I’m honestly not buying it. Feels like the show wants them to sound like they won’t vote Paul to ramp up the drama and make it less predictable when Paul wins. But like you said, we’ll wait and see. I’m just not holding my breath.

      • Only one to know for sure is God,… I hope Paul wins. No matter who wins there will always be those that think it was rigged

      • Well there would be ZERO leaks from the Jury house because NOBODY from the Jury gets to contact anyone or be interviewed….So anyone claiming there are leaks from the jury house are probably retarded and just pulling things out of their behinds hoping that rocket geniuses believe it and take it as real…..

      • All the production and the 70 people that take care of the Jury house, knows what is happening there.

  4. To all you naysayers , Big brother is really all about rainbows and sparkly unicorn farts ! You really shouldn’t blame production so much for the way this season has turned out. The great majority of what happens in BB is purely accidental ! … And does NOT stay in BB .
    Given a choice .. I am so going to Vegas and finding a herd to stick to ?
    It made sense when I said it , so Emmys tonight ๐Ÿ˜บ

  5. The above speaks volumes to Josh’s game: Josh has said heโ€™ll cut Paul if he wins R3, but Josh has also told the cameras heโ€™ll take Paul because heโ€™s afraid of going up against
    Christmas. Who knows but Josh talks a big game on โ€œbig movesโ€ and hasnโ€™t
    delivered yet when it comes to dealing with Paul so he might not on
    Wednesday even if he gets the chance.
    I HOPED for soooo long that Josh would convenience Xmas that they would be the final 2, finally cutting Paul loose. And what a big shocker that would be to Paul!!
    I’m not a fan of returning houseguests who get an advantage playing Comps & strategy.

      • According to Raven ? No, I don’t think she was thorougly, thoroughly looked at … question 1. How is your health , I have 1 year to live . Next …
        how did she get passed the exam ??? How???

      • I don’t know if it was a joke or if the person who posted it believed it, but early on in the season, someone said that a foundation for sick people, like Make a Wish, had something to do with her being on the show. Sounds a bit far fetched to me.

      • Shes a little to old to get a Make a Wish gift….unless she lied about her age which is possible…Make a Wish foundation would have checked her credibility out top to bottom….I don’t buy into that story…

      • I heard about another group a few years back that has started doing it for adults. Can’t remember their name. Do remember they are not all over and they try to do it. Very small organization, especially compared to MAW.

      • Why not just ask BB to donate to her fake foundation or to their charity. They did not need to nauseate BB viewers by including her in the show.

      • ..and YOU think the HG’s that are playing a game are bad examples to our society. BB will definitely cast you, if you apply. lol

      • I am not sure how Cody was chosen for the game. Don’t they do some sort of psychological screening? Maybe they just overlooked it, so your statement that BB will definitely cast someone like Cody is true.

      • I’ve read a lot of articles on what they look for as a cast member of BB. You can type in/google ‘Meet the Psychologist Behind Big Brother. It’s Australia BB though, but the process is the same.

      • I think he just an ass , he has no social skills and is just akward. I don’t think he knows how to act w more then 2-3 ppl without running away or stepping on tables and running . I want to know who even suggested he apply ???? Or better who gave the OK ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

      • Her mother , I think that’s a given , I’m beginning to think maybe she is part of Mensa because how in the hell can you make up so many diseases and bs and keep it straight!!! She’s highly delusional and they cast her for sh*#s and giggles or have some very odd casting members ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿค”

      • She don’t have to be in Mensa to rattle off diseases…Anybody with a computer can make a long list…

      • Yes yes , was just joking . I couldn’t remember all of what she named off and remember and not be caught , i think the “Rough knee” syndrome, is that what she said? That def made them aware that she was loonier then chit.

      • Adding on more to what they already knew , I mean yes they all questioned wth .. but with the made up whatever’s I think was cherry on top . She was the puppet master , she was pulling stings w paul ? Oi .. bless her lil heart

      • And def overlooked Raven . There has to be soooo many ppl that try out , are they getting total weirdos or scraping the bottom of the barrels? I don’t remember a cast ever being like this , that bad .. w their so called antics and behavior and language and bs and .. ugh. Just hand paul the check and be over with it .

      • It’s apparent you and others have no idea what euthanasia is.

        If you understood that, then apply it to Raven’s ever increasing list of “terminal” ailments …

      • Dude..Post whatever you want. but you’re the angriest commenter here…smoke a joint and chill.

      • It means killing someone to relieve their pain. Dogs get euthanize. Maybe you meant a different word.

  6. Josh asked Christmas about her “pink eye” last night after she went to DR because of an eye issue. He might have just been throwing that term around. All pink eye isn’t contagious, but the contagious kind is really contagious. Surely they would have put many temporary precautions in place if she really had the bacterial or viral pink eye.

    • Early in the season Cody remembered when a Marine officer got in his face and told him pinkeye was caused by “sh*t in the eye”.

    • She didn’t look to me like she had pink eye…or even conjunctivitis, which is the contagious kind of pink-eye.

  7. I would forgive Paul, Josh and Christmas their every transgression during this waste of a season in exchange for a binding vow to NEVER use the table they EAT OFF OF as an ottoman or examination table ever again plus an agreement to wipe down the kitchen counter with Mr. Clean and bleach a minimum of at least twice a day. YAAAAAARRRRRFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the blog said….But maybe Grodner is playing “us” and saying what she thinks some people wanna hear….BB has pulled some fast ones this season and its not over…

    • I love it. Hope Josh wins f3 takes Christmas and tells the jury “remember your goodbye message from me”?

    • No !!! That sounds awful . Do you want to see him again? If he doesn’t win they will start to put together an all star type cast and u bet he will be there . Or is she just Saying that to throw everyone off because it’s sooooo clear who should win!๐Ÿ˜ฃ

    • “Bitter” juries are created.

      It’s part of the game to ensure those kicked out aren’t.

      I’d say Paul failed dramatically in that critical aspect.

      • Isn’t that part of the game , most all of the jurors should be bitter cause they were kicked out , right ? So they vote w their heads or their bitterness? I think he will win by one vote … 1

      • It’s natural to feel some resentment at being kicked out. However, a good player knows how to do it while still maintaining respect for the person kicked out … and in turn being respected by the evictee.

      • Like Cody , I think he will vote for Paul , he may come off like an ass but he was the only one that tried to get him out asap , player has to recognize player and as weird as he may seem to some I still think he is smart enough to vote for the player. Jason? He showed his true colors , he will be the most bitter juror ever. I dislike him more then anyone else .. the comment he made was just unnecessary and shocked that he even had that in his head to say .

      • The main part of the game is the social part. A likeable character could stab everybody in the back, front, and side, and the jury would still vote for them because of their social game. Paul isn’t really a likeable character, and they were all forced to beg for his “friendship” in the beginning. Now that they don’t have to follow him around, they can finally say what they really think about him without worrying about it getting back to him and becoming the next target. Now we’ll see how good his social game really was if they decide to vote for him or not.

      • Yep he did. He thought that by getting Josh or somebody else to do his dirty work he would come out clean. I think they have seen through that.

  8. I think after Dan juries realized they really could vote how they wanted to. IMO before that they went with where production lead them. No way to really know, but I’m sure they tell them people will say you were bitter.

    • Some of them seemed to be ,Mark and Elena seemed ok, Raven and Matt .. ok . Alex -ok . Jason – not ok ( he by far is the one that will not vote for the better player) he way salty . Alex recognizes the better player . Is play or be played . Kevin most gracious evictee I’ve ever seen , he should win afp just by being able to understand it’s a game and that’s it .

      • I don’t know about Marlena. They were laughing and arguing with Raven. Its possible Kevin will vote with Jason. Possible mind you, he will ask everyone else. If he sees they are voting Josh he will definitely vote Paul. Too bad they don’t see the stuff Paul said about them till after they get home.

  9. Josh may not be on easy street to final 2 with Paul….Paul has been kinda short and hateful with Josh today…and Paul has been somewhat critical of Joshes habits and traits…(shortcomings would be a better word but unnecessary)…Paul maybe rethinking his final 2 partner…

    • That’s stupid of Paul. If he wants to be mean to somebody at this point it definitely shouldn’t be the only person he’s competing against in the next round who may choose not to take him.

      • Let’s not forget how arrogant the weasel is. He is so over confident that he will beat Josh — both in the next competition and with the jury.

      • Paul “overthinks” situations sometimes and when he does that he usually makes a blunder/mistake..

      • littlefly- was wondering about that fried cucumber recipe. I looked it up on the net and found several but so many were way over the top.

        Ingredients included but not limited to:
        flour, cornmeal, cornstarch, white cornmeal, eggs, milk, lemon-lime soda (like sprite, 7-up), butter in batter, etc.
        If you could suggest which ingredients to narrow it down to, or even the actual recipe, would greatly appreciate it.
        Thank you. :-)

      • Goodness find a simple recipe that calls for cornmeal salt pepper & maybe seasonall Cucumbers are fried the same as green tomatoes or okra…keep it simple and easy…

      • Thank you.
        Okay a cornmeal one.
        Yeah, also LOVE Fried Green Tomatoes even tho have not seen the movie of same title. :-)

    • If he stopped to think about it He may be thinking Josh might beat him. Production may have told him about Josh’s goodbyes.

      • Actually Josh is smarter than Paul gives him credit for being….Josh told the truth in his GB messages while Paul continued to lie and pretend “friendship” in his….And no I do not believe that Paul has a clue that Josh covered his own ass.. and no I do not believe production would tell Paul what Josh said in the GB messages…

      • He may be thinking that Christmas is a better option or just making Josh feel bad so he can do badly in the next comp. This was Paul’s strategy when he wanted someone out or to do horrible in the comp.

  10. I am so sorry to see all of the people are just down on the HGs that are left. I can remember when every person would wish the best for each HGs! There seems to be a lot that negative feeling going around. It makes me feel sadยก

    • I love a show called Face Off. Not only are they nice and respectful with each other, but always wish the best for their teammates and help each other all the time. It doesn’t have fights and trashy people and it is still a successful show.

    • Agreed. Part of the game is jury management, and it does not seem like Paul has learned his lesson from last season. Granted I haven’t been watching the show lately, but I’ve heard Josh has been doing fairly well as of late.

      • I wouldn’t say Josh is doing well as of late, but he has caught onto Paul’s manipulation. He is realizing/realized Paul is using him and that Paul is/was only in it for himself. Josh is not down with doing as he is told by Paul anymore. Paul ordered Josh to attack Kevin and Josh said no! So that alone was huge in my opinion. Josh has won a few things, and Josh has proven to be more intelligent than we all initially thought.
        If Josh wasn’t so paranoid in the beginning thus becoming a “huge crybaby,” and then latching on to Paul thus making him a “huge jerk” by attacking everyone in the house, I really think Josh would’ve been a likeable HG. Unfortunately he was blinded by Paul and listened to Paul’s orders and attacked people like Mark and Cody etc. so that blinded Josh therefore he did not see the game going on around him.
        A perfect example of that is, Alex was seemingly an intelligent person for the first few weeks and she was becoming a fan favourite however, when she received her first HOH she immediately allowed Paul to take it over! And then she just followed Paul around like his biggest fan! Josh would not attack Kevin but Alex had no problem doing it! She was so mean to him and that clouded her judgement & she forgot there was a game going on. And because of that, they got rid of Jason (and blindsided Alex) in the process! It was a DE when Jason was sent home (I’m not sure how long you haven’t watched it for) and even though she had been blindsided and Jason was evicted, she was still so blinded by Paul so much so that she didn’t realize she was being “played'” EASILY by Paul! Alex won HOH and was like “this is for you Jason, this is for you Jason!” And then she turned around and put “Jason’s BFF Kevin” on the block and Raven! Not Paul, not Josh, not Christmas! Kevin and Raven! STUPID MOVE!!!! She still believed Paul!! What an idiot! & then Kevin was supposed to go home (I don’t get how that is for Jason!) But instead Raven went home which pissed off Alex but she still believed Paul! How she did not realize Paul was the puppetmaster is beyond me!
        Alex destroyed her own game mainly with her hatred for Kevin (for no reason whatsoever!) It was disgusting how she treated him.
        Alex made fun of Jessica and Cody, Dom, and Mark all isolating themselves from the house and for reading the Bible yet, when Alex finally realized she was going home not Kevin, Alex did the exact same thing. She isolated herself, wouldn’t talk to anyone and just read the Bible! Such a hypocrite! I can’t stand that girl! You think LOL sorry, I went on a little talk to type rant there LOL
        Sorry blah blah

  11. Love him or hate him, Cody โ€“ Won Comps including the “Battle Back,” never “bowed” to Paul , Never was a “Puppet,” took a shot at the “returning houseguest Paul” (like fans beg players to do EVERY season!)
    Like him or not he was always true to who he is, still made it to Jury even though he was targeted by all but one person, starting week 1, held it together while being harassed by nearly the entire house, had arguably the best exit of all time & will send the clearest message possible to the people who ruined this season by NOT playing the game.
    Yes, yes, yes, yes!

    • Cody’s exit is my favorite exit of all time. I liked how classy Kevin was going out, but man I loved watching Cody not allow Paul to block him in!

    • He only made the jury because Jessica had the Halting Hex temptation. And he harassed others as much as he was harassed so I don’t feel sorry for him. His exit was just sour grapes and typical of his behavior in the house. You can’t win BB without some kind of social game and Cody had zero social skills.

      • Evil Dick did have a social game…he came in and played the game. Cody never had any intention of trying to play the game. His whole game consisted of trying to get rid of Paul….and he ran over his own alliance to try and do it. Cody is not a nice person. Neither is Paul but everyone saying how great Cody is….really? He was a ignorant person who had no problem insulting anyone he wanted.

      • Really? Cody had no intention of trying to play the game? Trying to get rid of a vet who was in f2 the previous season seems like an attempt to play the game. He played horribly but he still played. He was the first person who was on the block and actually campaigned to stay in the game. Can’t say the same for the rest of the house.

      • Per Alex ( she is right )
        The one thing people forget to separate in Big Brother, is that it is a game, Alex told Us Weekly after being evicted by Paul last week, โ€œAs much as I didnโ€™t like that Paul blindsided and cheated us, Paul played the best game. Iโ€™m going to try my best to tell Jason because he deserves it most out of the people that are left. Paul has played a great mental, physical and social game and I want to reward that. Whoever did the best deserves to win.โ€

      • I didn’t say I felt sorry for Cody, and yes of course there were reasons he made it to jury, Just like there’s reasons everyone made it to where they are or where they went.
        I agree with you, people do you have to have a social game as well, Without a doubt!

        I loved Cody’s exit! I like people that are not fake, he was just like you guys are all a bunch of morons following Paul around like a lost puppy dogs, later! I’m out! I respect that.
        95-ish% of the house was there for their 15 minutes of fame and hoping they got an extra 15 minutes “working” with Paul.
        I’m not going to debate back-and-forth about this season because it’s pointless. I am not disagreeing with you & we all have our opinions & views. It is what it is.
        This season is not worth debating. It was predictable, pathetic & a huge disappointment.

    • “never “bowed” to Paul”

      What about Dominique? She saw Paul as the snake in the garden. Would have been interesting to see how She played without Paul in the house. He went after Her hard when She started questioning him.

      • Dominique was not gonna be in jury so Paul felt free to insult and ridicule her on her way out…A pretend friendship with Dominique was not necessary…Or anybody evicted pre jury…

      • Dominique was part of Cody’s alliance that flipped on him for targeting Paul. It would have been interesting to see if she saw Paul as a snake sooner, and worked with Cody to convince the rest of the alliance to vote out Christmas. She didn’t see him as a snake until she was the target, I wonder what took her so long.

      • Cody set Paul’s sights on Dom, so between that and her talk show disaster, Dom’s game was doomed.

      • Dominique was an idiot for thinking her little talk nonsense was anything but a terrible idea. She was extremely unintelligent game-wise. And just like Elena and Mark, especially Elena, Dom only figured out Paul was a problem when she was already firmly the target and/or on their way out, aka far too late. Seems like a sad trend with HGs this season.

      • Did my talk to type change a word on Me? Oops ๐Ÿ™Š

        Yeah, I forgot about her. She was also on to Paul quite quickly but Cody was quicker. I loved that Cody didn’t kiss Paul’s butt for the stupid “friendship bracelets” I think everybody else did!? I don’t recall anyone else in the house not trying to get the friendship bracelets!?
        That was so stupid! We should’ve known then how bad this season would be LOL

    • Exactly, which is why he earns my AFP vote – for attempting to play the game for himself, not anyone else, as well as having the guts to take the shot everyone else was too chicken to do.

      • You got that right girlfriend!
        I REALLY hope Cody wins it!
        NOT ONLY because he deserves it but also because it will be a huge slap in the face to Paul, the “Delusional Psychotic Puppet-master Raven” ha ha Alex Matt Christmas and Josh!

  12. “We wonโ€™t see this part of the final competition until Wednesday when Paul and Josh face off..’

    I feel for Josh. Paul is going to be on him like white on rice. Never leaving his side, whispering about the finals together, how great of a friend Paul is, reminding Josh that no one will give Paul the money. Confuse Josh into more confusion. Paul will nag him into submission and win the final comp by default.

    • Yes and he has to act like he’s hanging on every word so the nasty gnome doesn’t get upset and tell Xmas to go off on Josh. Role reversal, Xmas doing circles on her scooter banging pots and pans, I can see it now.

      • I don’t think so..It’s Meatball that might drop the bomb. lol…provided he wins the last comp.

      • Josh was thinking earlier he might have a better chance of winning it all if he’s sitting next to Paul at F2. Has anything happened recently to suggest he no longer thinks that?

      • Hi Grace. I have no info. I just hope He takes Christmas or Josh will be the new Cody. The one who took Derrick to the end and lost the game.

      • Yep, you’re right there. Josh has been such a bag of hot air all season, I wish I had more confidence that he really will cut Paul. Everything about him says he’ll chicken out.

      • I don’t know why he would think that , no one would vote for Xmas , she does not deserve to be f3!!!! Ugh . So that’s paul and josh and I hope they take one another . They played and both have a good 50/50 chance . The easier one would be Xmas .. but she absolutely doesn’t deserve to be there or make f2 ;/

    • Paul has been critical of Josh today during conversations and has been short tempered with him at times…Paul is not enjoying Joshes company…Well no surprise there Josh has outlived his usefulness to Paul…No benefit in pretending “friendship”

      • It’s sad that Josh doesn’t see this. This time next week Josh will be out at Paul’s curb with the rest of the trash. None of these people will mean anything to Paul once the so-called after party is over. Not even Christmas.

      • That’s not true. He has kept up with some ppl from last season . He doesn’t owe these ppl anything . It’s just a game !!! There no instructions to play and make friends and you have to care and keep in touch w them. Owes them nothing ! Game , play , win . Over .

    • Earlier Paul told Josh he was going to remind him of his decision to cut X (if he wins), and he warned Josh he was going to remind him of that decision every day – several times a day, if necessary. Josh said that wouldn’t be necessary. But Paul has the brainwashing technique down to a fine science. Never give the other person time to think for himself. Never leave him alone. Keep pounding into his head what has to be done. This is the cringe-worthy part of Paul’s so-called game play that I can’t stand.

    • Oh yeah, Paul is never going to leave him alone & is going to fill his head with reasons why he should not take Christmas!
      Josh had a turning .3-ish weeks ago, he realized as you know he realized Paul has been using him!!!
      If Josh ends up taking Paul then Josh definitely deserves to lose! It would be the stupidest decision this season.

    • Alf , your camouflage is kind of freaking me out . Couldn’t you have picked a cooler human form ???
      Just kidding Alf don’t use your ray gun on me zzzzap !
      Josh may have gotten some gentle prodding in the DR … I’ ll never tell ..shhh !
      The autocorrect turned prodding into probing whew close one ๐Ÿ˜ธ

    • He says it’s because he has “enemies” in the jury so they may vote for Christmas instead however, he is failng to forget that Christmas also has enemies, hasn’t done a single thing this season, had every comp throwing to her etc. But I don’t need to tell you that, you know all the reasons why it’s smarter to take Christmas!
      Josh Josh Josh! Dummy!

  13. If Josh wins the final HoH and doesn’t cut Paul, he doesn’t deserve to win. I’ve seen rumours on twitter that the Jury is bitter, though – Paul’s lying goodbye messages may have hurt him here!

  14. After Josh bullying Megan and being an overall nutcase in the beginning I thought he would be one of the first to go. He has played a good game winning comps and being the best Paul butt kisser so I think he deserves to win.

    • I forgot about that … and Josh taking safety instead of helping his team.

      The guy was unstable the second he walked in.

      • Josh was a huge crybaby for the entire season but at the beginning he was a paranoid crybaby who needed his mama! He definitely has grown up in this house LOL

        Our baby Joshy is growing up to be such a nice young man!!!
        He went from needing to have his diaper changed & severely needing to be breast-fed for 3/4 of this season to — learning how to walk on his own! LMAO

    • Yeah, I thought at one point Josh was going to self evict! He was so paranoid for the first couple weeks! But then Paul got his claws into him and Josh went from being a crybaby to a bully!
      I absolutely hated Josh for most of the season and I would’ve been sick to my stomach if it was the same Josh right now in F3 but Josh has redeemed himself a little bit! For me it was mainly because he said no to Paul when Paul ordered him to attack Kevin.

  15. I’m torn between wanting Paul to make it to final 2 and lose AGAIN or getting cut at F3. Trying to think what is worse :)

    • Josh choosing to take Christmas would be a lot more entertaining for all of us I believe!?
      But, at the end of the day Paul is more deserving because Paul not only played his own game but he also was able to get these “mindless morons” to play his game for him!
      I do NOT like the way Paul went about things, I know it’s a game but I still think he crossed many many lines! So for that reason again it would be fun to see Paul’s reaction getting booted & the hgs reactions seeing Paul come to the jury house! (Well I guess just outside the BB house but you know what I mean.) LOL

      • For entertainment purposes absolutely! Paul’s soul would be crushed if Josh sent him home. I would (almost) feel sorry for Paul because although he played the “easiest game in history” with the sheep, he still played it. But that’s karma! Paul was a coward, arrogant prick that manipulated people and found their weaknesses and exploited them! I know it’s a game to lie, But in my opinion Paul took it way too far! Especially when he declared “psychological warfare” on Cody and Jessica, wanted to bring out PTSD so Cody would walk or hit someone and be ejected! How does that make you a winner Paul? Paul wanted to take the easy way out with Cody! I just have zero respect for Paul so for that reason I would take great pleasure seeing Josh take Christmas to the end hee hee ๐Ÿ˜œ

  16. If Josh beats Paul in R3, and boots Paul, it will be the “Biggest game move ALL season, by far!”
    He will be the only HG to have successfully put Paul on the block and send his a$$ home!
    And this will be applauded by the Jurors!!! & I do believe Cody would vote for Josh to win over Christmas simply because of “that move!” So for that reason alone Josh should take Christmas (among 1 million other reasons why! But I don’t need to get into that because everyone here knows why)
    Josh NOT doing what he is told to do by Paul and the only HG to go against him (since Jessica and Cody) would completely score him the win!
    Paul would get the “full experience” of Big Brother also LOL Paul was saying that’s one thing he has “never gotten to experience on BB” so here you go Paul, here is your FULL experience! The jury is ALL yours! Enjoy! You can thank Josh later! Bwahahahaaaaa
    Hands-down that would give Josh the win over Christmas!!

    We shall seeโ€ฆโ€ฆ I don’t have much hope for Josh in R3 but…… it’s still anyone’s game!

    I am curious to see (if Paul and Josh are in the F2) what they will say about each other!
    I wonder if Paul will totally trashed Josh by pretty much saying Josh has been his lap dog all season! Will Paul say things like that!? I don’t know, Paul wants to keep his “good reputation” ha ha I wonder if Paul will bring up Josh tormenting the hgs!?
    I can’t quite figure out why Paul would choose Josh over Christmas aside from Christmas did less “social damage” to most of the jurors. Paul could even argue how he convinced (easily) the house to throw comps to Christmas so that’s the only reason why she won any. Any comps that she could actually play in & ones that were not thrown to her, she STILL couldn’t win! Paul has to know it’s smarter to take Christmas! I don’t get it!
    My ONLY guess is Paul wants to bring Josh because of his enemies in the jury house but also Paul will say Josh has been his “lap dog” all season! (True!)
    So much for “friendship” PAUL but we saw that go out the door a very long time ago! It actually never truly existed!

    • If Josh boots Paul … that will be the second move of the entire season.

      The first was Cody going after Paul.

      In between there have been zero moves.

      A record.

      • Anyone who doesn’t see how utterly stupid it was for Cody to go after Paul without even consulting his “crew”, would not be good at this game. It was one of the dumbest non-moves of the season. See what it got Cody the fool.

      • Wait … the one person to go after Paul is a fool?

        Shouldn’t that title be reserved for everyone else? After all … they either got kicked out or are sitting in the jury.

        Paul’s not.

        Even Jessica told them point blank Paul was their biggest threat. They all just stared at her. Now they’re staring at each other in the jury house while Cody laughs at them.

      • That’s true. Cody going after Paul was clearly a smart move! And I am sure Cody is just sitting back in the jury house laughing at each HG as they walk in, saying “I told you so!” Bunch of morons!

        But I was just meaning the biggest move in the latter part of the game. It’s clear the jury is bitter so (although Josh doesn’t realize it,) I think the jury would be thrilled if Josh booted Paul! & that alone would win Josh the game. But if Josh is given the choice and he takes Paul, the jury will just look at Josh like the minion he has been all season, shake their head and vote for Paul to win.

  17. Worst season ever. Did not care for paul last year, then they brought him back! He is very disrespectful of our Vets. I hope the jury remembers that and does NOT reward him accordingly.

  18. I really hope that Paul wins. I watched all the late night live stream shows as well. Paul had so many alliances I am amazed that he was able to keep track of all he had going with each. One late night in particular did not have much of Paul, if any, in it. Not a good stream. I am not a Kevin person. I am concerned though that Cody is calling the shots in the Jury Room as it appears that Elena, Marc, Jason may be voting for anyone but Paul. If folks will just look at the game play, Paul played an excellent game. He deserves to win the grand prize and the Favorite House Guest prize of $25,000.00.

  19. Why would Josh take Paul? At this point it has to be obvious that Paul has completely run the game and will easily win if he is in the final two. I’m pretty sure if it is the justice comp Paul will walk away with the final hoh and the money. I think Paul was smart to take Josh and Christmas because he will easily beat them.

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