Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 11: Monday Highlights

The pettiness, bitterness and nastiness continued in the Big Brother 19 house today as Paul decided not to use the veto and Alex isolated herself while the others planned to rattle Kevin before the next HOH (that is if Christmas doesn’t “bash his face in” before eviction).

Christmas cuddles with Paul on BB19

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, September 11, 2017:

9:15 AM BBT – Lights are on. HGs are slow to stir.

10:08 AM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto meeting.

10:55 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Paul did not use the Veto.

10:56 AM BBT – Paul goes to where Alex is in the HN room and asks if they can talk. She declines. He leaves. She gets up and pulls the door shut then calls the HGs “counterfeit” and gets back in to bed to read the Bible.

11:00 AM BBT – Paul went back upstairs to HoH and checks in with Josh. They talk about what Alex said at the Veto meeting. Kevin stops in and gives his pitch for them to keep him since he’s a fighter.

11:05 AM BBT – Alex stops at the memory wall, pats Jason’s picture, apologizes to him and says she’ll see him soon.

11:15 AM BBT – Josh and Paul rant back and forth. They’re ready for the eviction to hurry up and arrive.

11:20 AM BBT – Christmas knows Jason got back in to bed and tried to pretend like he didn’t know what happened to her foot when she broke it. She’s ranting about him. It’s a circle of hate in the HoH room.

12:00 PM BBT – Josh, Christmas, and Paul are still up in the HoH room. Christmas has her head in Paul’s lap while he plays with her hair. Josh asks them if they are in a showmance. Both say no.

12:10 PM BBT – Josh and Paul discuss if it’d be better to have Kevin or Raven here since Raven was so annoying.

12:30 PM BBT – Talk turns to studying for events. Paul has mentioned he doesn’t know the days and events, or at least that’s what he’s telling Josh.

1:20 PM BBT – HoH crew can hear the building going on outside so they figure something must be happening early this week.

2:20 PM BBT – Group laughing about how Raven would try to get HGs to look at her backside by picking things up provocatively. Kevin comes up and checks in. The group goes downstairs to make toast.

2:45 PM BBT – Alex remains in self-inflicted isolation in the HN room. Rest of the HGs hang out and snack in the kitchen.

2:55 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas were studying more days and events. They complain about Kevin wanting to get to the end without winning anything. Josh mentions worrying about Paul giving him (J) the boot here at the end.

3:15 PM BBT – Paul points out this is his 6-month milestone for time spent in the Big Brother house in the past year.

4:00 PM BBT – Kevin is cleaning the kitchen. Alex is cleaning her feet. HGs have nothing to do.

5:15 PM BBT – Everyone is laying in bed doing nothing.

5:52 PM BBT – Christmas returns from getting her foot checked. She tells Kevin she’ll be walking without a crutch next week.

8:00 PM BBT – Alex says Dominique was right and Paul is a snake.

8:33 PM BBT – Alex talking to herself about how everyone in the house is a liar. She says she thinks Paul is still lying about stuff.

8:56 PM BBT – Alex is stuck on Paul going back on his friendship brand. She says Jason wouldn’t have done this to her. She says Paul cost her the whole game.

9:08 PM BBT – Kevin cam talking about his game. He says if he can make it to Top 4, anything is possible. He says he wants to make Top 3 so he never has to go to jury.

9:15 PM BBT- Josh and Paul playing a long game of chess.

9:55 PM BBT – One of the fish in the HOH room has died. Josh wants to get fish medicine for another fish that isn’t looking so well.

10:15 PM BBT – Paul tells Alex goodnight but she doesn’t respond.

10:35 PM BBT – Alex tells Kevin to study dates if he wants to win any of the remaining competitions.

10:47 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin not to listen to Alex if she gives him any dates because she wants to trick him.

10:58 PM BBT – When Paul tells Josh about Alex telling Kevin to study they agree she’s being bitter.

11:01 PM BBT – Josh tries to talk to Alex but she’s not too interested. She tells him they’re all shady and she will be seeing her true friend in a couple of days.

11:05 PM BBT – After Josh goes to talk to Paul and Christmas they tell him to go watch Kevin to make sure he and Alex aren’t colluding. Christmas says anytime she sees Kevin she wants to bash his face in.

11:22 PM BBT – Paul pushing Josh to unload on Kevin after Alex’s eviction so he’s too shaken to perform in the HOH competition.

12:05 AM BBT – Christmas tells Kevin that she never really betrayed Alex because she never promised her anything beyond F5.

12:10 AM BBT – Kevin and Christmas are still chatting. Some general talk and some game talk too.

12:28 AM BBT – Kevin says he understands that Paul will probably have to put him up in the next round if he wins HoH. Paul agrees that if you don’t win HoH or Veto then you’re inevitably going to be on the Block.

12:37 AM BBT – Kevin tells Paul if he (K) wins HoH then he’s putting up Josh instead of Paul.

1:00 AM BBT – Paul tells Christmas and Josh how Kevin warned him the two of them were coming after him.

1:14 AM BBT – Christmas is rubbing Paul’s back in the dark. Josh complains that he doesn’t get any backrubs from Christmas.

1:25 AM BBT – Josh offers Kevin to sleep upstairs if he wants. Kevin declines.

1:29 AM BBT – Paul is telling Christmas about his social media accounts and what he posts on them. Christmas says that she knows, she’s seen them.

2:00 AM BBT – HGs finally out and off to sleep. Josh is sleeping downstairs in the rose room tonight.

Nothing changed for Alex, but I’d hope to see her work on some sort of angle here before she’s gone later on Tuesday. As for that, we’re still waiting on some confirmation when the Feeds will go down on Tuesday like we’re expecting. Until they do we can keep watching for any shifts, but it’d have to be serious at this point and I don’t see that happening. Kevin should be safe and Alex should be gone later in the day.

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  1. Xmas thinks BB will make her famous, a household name … and she can use it to launch her crossfit/physical training empire.

    Little does she know famous will be infamous, her name will be mud and her “empire” will crumble into dust.

    She is without a doubt a wicked, nasty person.

    • I’m so disappointed in her – I thought she was going to be a smart, strong competitor but she’s just rude and bitchy. Such a shame.

    • so she is mad a Jason because SHE broke her foot. It wasn’t like he stomped on it or something. They were horsing around.
      She is a piece of work, that one. Thank goodness she stayed in the game, so she could be petted by Paul. Her ultimate goal. (insert throwing up here).

      • Exactly and she was the one jumping on Jasons back. He ran to the DR to get help for her. What else should he have done? Also just a week ago she was talking on the feeds and she had the hots for Jason. Wow she went from Jason to Kevin to Paul. And they all turned her down.

      • No wonder that she has been a bride-to-be twice with at least two ex-fiances out there and no telling how many boyfriends. The way she chews out Jason is telling and I bet that is the way she lashes out in anger at people she “cares about”.

      • Kevin is gonna be very surprised to learn of all that went on behind his back while in the house not forgetting what was said…The rest of the “minions” will recover quickly from the harsh tweets blogs and fan page comments…but it will take Kevin a long while to understand just what went down in the house and who was responsible….Pauls favorite excuse for his bullying and belittling is the phrase “Its just a game” won’t wash with Kevins family….I don’t see his family accepting any apologizes (if offered) from any of the slime that berated and bullied him… Families friends fans and viewers just need to move on from this farce of a season and hope for better next year….

      • I am very glad his daughters have been so active on social media and keeping tabs on everything going on. If nothing else, it might make it easier to hear it from his family as opposed to strangers online.

      • He was treated horribly in the house. I do feel really bad for his wife, as he crossed a line with Christmas earlier in the game. I have a feeling she knows he’s a cheater & tolerates it. I’d kick him to the curb, but to each their own.

      • I saw some cuddling and flirting early in the season. I didn’t think it was that bad, unless there’s something worse I missed. I guess it depends where you draw the line.

      • It’s on youtube. Christmas moved on to Kevin after Jason told her he was happily married. Christmas & Kevin cuddling in bed, stroking each other. (The way she’s now doing with Paul.) Kevin telling Josh he’s falling for Christmas. Christmas & Kevin planning a “date” under the stars. Christmas expressing faux concern about his wife & Kevin saying “she won’t be there” etc. Nobody should put their paws on a married person in that way.

      • During that time, Kevin was having very odd, weird, strange conversations with Paul and Jason about love and marriage, which very much sounded like he was questioning the love for his wife and marriage. That might be on utube also, I don’t know. But it wasn’t just once. Kevin has since stopped those types of convos.

      • There’s a youtube video of Kevin apparently talking about “how to get away with cheating.” I haven’t watched it. Don’t care to. His wife is a pretty lady, the family breadwinner. I think she’s a neonatal RN. They’ve been married over 30 years & have 7 kids. Pretty sure she has his number, I just feel badly for her.

      • I see what you see in Kevin and have not been wishy washy about how I think he is a shady, sleazy character. Call it woman’s intuition, it has served me VERY well during my lifetime. Not saying it is perfect, but close enough. I hope I’m proven wrong after the show. I’m very capable of admitting when I am wrong. I believe when Kevin really realized that the feeds were on them 24/7, he changed. That’s when the love/marriage lingo stopped.

      • When all of that was going on, there were some posters doing some Kevin bashing for it but since they now see him as being “bullied”, (smh), they don’t ever mention it.

      • Yep. Went on for weeks & then Kevin suddenly pulled back. “Woopsie doodle!! Forgot I’m on tv!! Hi Deb! Hi kids!”

      • You know what, I am married and trust me, I would give my wife heads up should I ever go on that show. I will tell her I will do what it takes to win even if it means a little flirting to get to the end. I will tell her to not believe what others say about me and to not believe what I tell these people. She will know what is the end game for us, the $500K prize. So who is to say that this isn’t just a game Kevin is playing to win the game.

      • Paulie Walnuts should watch his back because there might be a Whitey Bulger type who might take offense to the way Kevin was belittled & railroaded. “Boston Strong!”

    • It doesn’t matter. The f4 HOH has no power. He would probably nominate Josh and Xmas but whoever won veto (assuming Kevin doesn’t win veto) would be the one not on the block and be the one to cast the only vote to evict.

      • I predict Kevin may go at F4. The HoH competition if physical, is basically down to Paul and Kevin. Paul is already calling Josh & Xmas to bully on Kevin to make him shaky and loose out. So it’s probably Paul’s HoH. Now, Paul can sense that Alex is bitter, so sending Josh to join her in the jury will aggravate a more bitter jury.
        To Paul, Josh has the chunk of blames for executing his mischiefs all season, so could be his better option for F3 (although he is more likely to take Paul out at that stage).
        Kevin just need to win something (veto is better) to be guarantee F3.

      • Yes, if Kevin won HOH, one of Paul, Josh or Xmas would be out. But the one to decide who goes out would be whichever of Paul, Josh or Xmas won veto (assuming Kevin doesn’t win veto). Your original question was that you wonder what Kevin would do if he won HOH. Since it would be Paul, Josh, or Xmas deciding who goes out, it doesn’t matter what Kevin does as HOH. Winning the f4 HOH means that Kevin would be safe, but the veto winner actually has all the power.

      • I see what you mean. I guess I should have said, Kevin winning would be like putting a hammer in the washing machine for “Poshmas”. Lol but really it just secures his f3.

      • You’re missing that if Kevin is HOH, he has no say in who goes out. There is only 1 vote, and it’s not the HOH’s.

      • I’m not sure what you mean “the HOH can evict if he/she has the power of veto.” If the HOH has the power of veto, they would get to choose which of the other three to save, but the one they save would have the choice of who to evict.

        If Kevin wins HOH and veto, Kevin would choose which of the three to keep safe. If he chooses to keep Paul safe, Xmas and Josh would be on the block. Paul would then have the only vote to evict. The HOH (Kevin) does not have the power to evict.

      • It is simple, but you have it wrong. If Kevin wins HOH (we’ll say he nominates Christmas and Josh), then Kevin wins veto (we’ll say he doesn’t use veto), then PAUL is the only vote to evict. There is no situation in which the HOH casts a vote at F4.

      • The best position to be at F4 is to have the veto without HoH. That gives the holder the sole opportunity to evict whoever he wants apart from the HoH.
        Where the HoH also has the veto, he only stands to provide option for the person who is not on the block to make a choice.

      • No they can’t evict. All the HOH can do if they have the POV is choose who’s not on the block then that person votes who goes. So for example Kevin if he’s HOH and the veto holder might keep Paul off the block and tell him he wants Josh gone but Paul votes whoever he wants gone. He may vote Xmas out. Kevin has no say.

  2. Christmas is horrible – I can’t believe the way she talks to Josh. Awful. I was laughing so hard at Alex asking people to vote for her as AFP – the only people I’d vote for would be Paul, Cody or Jessica – dislike them all but at least they tried to play the game.

      • I’m in the UK so can’t vote :( but yea, I’d vote for him! Don’t much like him but I liked that he was willing to make big moves. Whether they were good moves is a different question, but better than no moves!

      • Well of course she is! How else is broke Cody suppose to pay for that huge expensive ring Jezebel is demanding. I guarantee you she has already been shopping for the one she expects him to buy with the AFP money. I heard that Cody owes back child support. Pfft! Forget that, if true. Jezebel is working for that money and she will have expectations in return. Then she can go hock it when it doesn’t work out. Smart girl!

      • I think if Cody wins AFP he will probably have just enough money left after California taxes to take Jessica out for some nice dates in Dallas. I just don’t see some guy who got combat pay in the Marines to blow all of his money for in Hollywood would be a very modest engagement ring.

      • Jessica has no worries that I would vote for her Cause I won’t..and I will not vote for Cody either…

      • Doesn’t really matter. Would still vote her if she is preferred.
        I want Kevin to win the veto and see how he uses it. If he uses it the way he is told to, then I won’t consider him for AFP.

      • She’s been campaigning that since she left the house. I’d rather power drill screws in my toes than to vote for either one.

  3. Paul formed an air tight alliance. I can’t see Alex penetrating and finding a way to escape. What Paul gets little credit for is making his alliance really love, trust and want to protect him. He didn’t leave any cracks for threats to come through. Besides the “rattling” his targets strategy ( that I don’t approve of) he’s played an almost flawless game. I’m going to give him his credit everyday because he deserves it just as any other winner. ( Nicole not included).

    • Ha ha, MG, love the “Nicole not included” part. Always count on you to be blunt, truthful, and logical.

      • Thank you girl. I aim to be but it doesn’t always happen (lol). Nicole was the least deserving winners I’ve seen and she didn’t a third of the criticism Paul gets. They only thing she deserves credit for is blending in with the background, not seaming as an urgency to get out. That’s all! She didn’t deserve to win.

      • You know how I feel about that. I only hope TPUTS goes the distance for Paul like they did for her. ;)

      • I hope so. If he loses, I can’t watch this show anymore. What’s the point cuz clearly that would translate to me the best player doesn’t win. I can’t torture myself that way. Lol

      • He might need their help to get by Baby Meatball, but Snitchy and Christmas should be a breeze. Do your thing production, stay loyal to the guy who has brought your ratings up from last years debacle.

      • Andy was less deserving than Nicole imo. I mean she was the second least deserving winner so dont get me wrong, but Andy was just the worst.

      • Steve is one that I didn’t feel deserved it, but we all have our opinions and opinions are not facts, I do realize. :)

      • So you think Gina Marie deserved to win? That was the only other option. Andy may have played an annoying game, but he took a huge goat to the end who couldn’t even make a coherent argument. “It’s me, Gina Marie” was all she could say. If your argument is that Andy was not a good player, I can agree with you there. However, he got to the end with a goat, which is why he “deserved” to win.
        The only argument for a deserved to win, as far as I am concerned, is for players in the final 2. If you didn’t get the final 2 how can you deserve to win?

    • That is the purpose to play, $500K, not friendship. Enter the house with the mindset that the HGs are your enemy and are standing between you and your goal. If you leave with a true friend, that’s an added bonus.

      • HE spent a whole year living in his parents basement wondering what went wrong his first time around. He got beat out by annoying Nicole because of friendship. This time around he’s fooled everyone one except Cody but he was so into Jessica he couldn’t play the game either

      • Production is what went wrong. No matter what anyone says, the decision to take Nicole was not his alone. Friendship or not, the guy is too cynical and clever to conclude that would be the best thing for his game. So, voila, Paul appears on Season 19 because of the debacle of bed-ridden sex fiend Dingus Nicole winning. The way her fans preceded to pretend she deserved that win, is one reason why I have rooted for Paul all season…haha….a little retribution. even if he doesn’t win, it has been fun watching some of them sweat. Hey, it’s BB, not real life! lolol

      • Production has helped Paul far more this season. Did Nicole get four weeks of safety? And Paul didn’t take James because he thought he would lose to James and he thought he could beat Nicole. I do hope Paul makes it to final 2 again and loses, again. Always a bridesmaid…..

      • Nicole fans would see it that way. That is why I have been laughing all season. They have given me far more entertainment than the show, bitching and moaning about Paul bullying but Nicole bedding down all season on national TV like a ho in heat is ok. Double standards.

      • Are you all capable of putting your bitterness and antipathy toward Paul aside and accurately analyze the game and determine who the winner should be. That sure would be refreshing! Smh

      • U got ur opinion and I got mine…Don’t shake ur dam head at me cause I don’t agree with u…I ain’t ur minion…

      • I am shaking it you! And, it isn’t about you agreeing of disagreeing, I asked if you were capable of something, but clearly not. SMH. That’s super fine with me honey! I digress.

      • You’re wasting your time. You’re not allowed to have an opinion or disagree with MG or she goes to a personal level. Believe me already tangled with her. Now I don’t even comment to her.

      • Fair enough, although I don’t think it was despicable. My issue is people saying he should lose because of it.

      • No more despicable or immoral than having sex on national TV all summer with a guy you don’t even know. And yes, I’m going to keep harping on that because it is the trruth! HA!

      • AND that dumped her ass soon as it was over. Gave her cookies away all summer for the world to see anytime they feel like it to a guy I bet doesn’t even care if she still exist. She was so smitten with him too. We all called it, everyone said he’d dump her! Lol

      • Don’t remind me. Smh i said the heffer done got my man! Lol no, I don’t hate Nicole, i don’t think she’s a bad chick, the bitch just should have lost last year. That’s my only source of saltiness. lol

      • Paul has played the best game by far and deserves to win if he gets to the final 2. However, if he is cut before the final 2, then he does not deserve to win because he could not get to the final 2. I hope he does win, because the rest of these people are a joke.

      • I don’t hate Paul. I don’t even know him, lol. I don’t like the dirty game he’s played and don’t think he should be rewarded with $500,000. And most people here would agree with me that he has had a lot of help this year, so it’s not a lazy argument. Actually your admiration for Paul is what is questionable.

      • Is it? Well I’m an open book, you can ask all the questions you like. Also, I’m fine with your opinion of Paul’s game, misunderstood you. I translated that as Paul not deserving to win because of the way you feel about him. My bad.

      • Could you imagine that? All of the perks given this guy and still loses? I honestly would much prefer seeing Paul booted at the final eviction but Josh would still have to be there for that to happen, and I doubt he will be

      • She also had 3 other returning vets that had targets on them also. Paul was the only returning vet this season. So in a way she did have some protection.

      • Very well said. I couldn’t agree more. Also may I add Nicole was a target from day one and Jose was gunning for her. What did she do? Was HOH and got him out. Then continued to play from that day forward. And she didn’t need to encourage bullying to do it. Paul might be playing but it’s with no morals or integrity and I just don’t like that kind of player. I hope he’s out at 3 when he was so close.

      • Yep! Plus I just don’t think he’s cunning enough. He lacks complexity, simple minded, meat and potatoes brain etc….

      • Honey, tell it! I don’t understand the backlash. You don’t even like Paul and you can see that. What’s wrong with these folk acting as if they don’t understand the premise of the game. What does Julie say, “Play, or get played”. They got played and Paul didn’t! I hope he doesn’t let all this hatin’ get to him when he’s out.

      • He’ll deal with it. I guarantee you, his family, friends, and fan base will still be intact. In a few months, his life will back to normal, living in the basement of his Mom’s mansion. lolol

      • Let the haters hate. He has caused them so much stress this season, it’s taken a few years off of their lives, bless their hearts.

      • I agree. It’s a game and it’s a bit much to hate as much as these haters have. Lighten up, have fun! :D

      • It sure has! I give everyone their credit, whether I like them or not. Hatin’ don’t look good on me.

      • You have to care about someone enough to hate and I don’t care enough. I don’t like some of these people, really none of them this year, including Paul. I never hated Nicole last season. She is actually more likable than most of these HGs, but she didn’t deserve to win. But I am getting pleasure out of the hypocrisy of the morality insults on Paul vs Nicole having sex on national TV for all the world to see.

      • LOL! But really, is MORALITY the platform for this show?? Hell naw it isn’t! So I can care less about any of that, or who lied to whom. I’m judging who played the best game. I talk about them all like dogs lol but I really don’t care and don’t consider any of it when determining who is the best at playing this game.

      • Put the picture on it that Cy had of Paul looking like a devil and write “Big Brother…the Game of Morals.” I want one!

      • Hills of Tennessee, girl. We love God, family, and country and will fight for it all! The hood and the hills! lolol

    • Paul, Christmas and Josh tried to trigger a combat veteran’s PTSD to win $500k. I sincerely hope the world treats them like the pieces of crap that they are.

  4. Paul has won few competitions. Hasn’t made any moves. Throws competitions, and basically floated through the season.

    Winner? I don’t think so.

    Josh is more deserving.

    • I agree but he will say that was all strategic to get him to the end. He could have played this game with the same strategic moves and without all the unnecessary attacking of other HG’s and getting others riled up to do his dirty work, then I could get behind a win for him. But with the way he played I just cannot….

      • I agree, if you throw comps your a floater, your not playing the game. America watches the show to see a game being played not manipulated.

      • Isn’t manipulation part of the game? Paul’s tactics were/are over the top and very unnecessary. Even now, he is still at it. What is the point in throwing Kevin off his game? Kevin?

      • Or they just think he played the best game…for them I mean it is their opinion after all. I think Cody was playing a good game just got caught up some BB tampering to ensure Paul stuck around long enough to buy himself some friends in the house so he wasn’t the vet getting voted out early on. Plus the downfall to Cody was he just wasn’t able to connect with the others after that first week.

      • I guess you’re not watching the same show than us. Cody was a total scr3w-up. He even blew up Jessica’s game.

      • Jessica blew up Jessica’s game. She had plenty of opportunity to play a better game. Even some of Cody’s suggestions that she ignored would have been beneficial to her.

      • Captain, this season more than any other, it is very difficult to decide who deserves the AFP. Do you vote out of sympathy (Kevin), for entertainment (for me, Josh), as a strike at BB (Cameron) or anti Paul (Cody)? In past seasons, I had a clear favorite, this season it’s a coin toss. It’s too much $$ to waste on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

      • I called Josh for AFP a month ago and I’m sticking with him, he has entertained me more than anyone, your little meatball.

      • They don’t deserve s**t. They have multiple sex on live TV. I know it’s part of the game, but they they’re disgusting people. No shame! I feel bad for their parents.

      • But they use condoms. And they are undercover. Doesn’t that count? That makes it so much more moral and way less disgusting, don’t you think.

      • If you want an example of disgusting immoral behavior, how can having sex on national TV in front of millions compare to Paul Abrahamian being a devil. As a parent, I would rather see my son enjoying and exploring the body of a virtuous young woman, practicing safe sex, than see him with his pants on and getting other people to do his bidding so he could win $500K on a game where that is the goal. Shame on Paul and bless those young people who are going through condoms like there is no tomorrow!

      • Good morning cupcake!.. Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. Corinthians 6:18.. I have to go K, I’ll have foot massage today, and attend a funeral….you see, I’m a teacher…talk to you later sweetie pie.

      • You needed to refresh to see my completed post. You like foot massages, huh? Go teach your porn class. Tell those perverts to use condoms.

      • Ok…I’m a teacher. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.1John1:9..I say f**k both of them.

      • You need to hold a session every AM, but this West Coast time is messing with the early thread. Maybe you need to wait until the second or third thread of the day so your wisdom can be enjoyed by the ones who could really learn from it. Me, I’m a scholar. You’ve got me trained well. lol

      • I’m telling you this BB Celebrity edition, we’ll see more unsavory players. They’re so comfortable with the camera, I expect to see dreadful characters….can’t wait!…you see I’m a teacher.

      • And is Pluto a planet now or is it not? Ha! Didn’t they announce a few of the so called celebrities? Seems I read a post about that, but I can’t remember the names. Must not have impressed me too much. I know Alexis Texas wasn’t named. Still have my fingers crossed, though.

      • No they didn’t. Matt and Raven did. You don’t remember Jess thought she was pregnant. BTW, she still hasn’t confirm either way yet. I think she keeping that news for the finale show.

      • I thought that was a joke. Wow, how utterly stupid they would be, even more so than they made themselves look. Cody already has one that was an accident. That happens, but BB supplies condoms, right? How ridiculous are people not to use them. Oh well, I can’t say I have less respect for them. That’s not possible. Hard to be lower than scum. JMO

      • Thinking she might be pregnant doesn’t automatically mean they didn’t use a condom. Condoms aren’t 100% foolproof. They can also malfunction especially if you’re trying to hide the act under blankets

      • I hope this is sarcasm and joking because it’s not a valid reason to condemn anybody or say they don’t deserve AFP

      • It’s a valid reason to me. Not to everyone. It’s against my moral belief, after all this is Big Brother. My views are conservative but I like BB.

      • Sorry I blame Paul for that. Cody didn’t help but the Mob mentality grew over getting Cody out for even thinking of coming after King Paul.

      • That’s your opinion. None of these players are likeable, especially because they all played horrible games. Me voting for Cody over Kevin would be because he’s the only one who admits that he was a horrible player and he’s not suited to play BB. Kevin still thinks he can win with his horrible game play and hasn’t always been a ray of sunshine either. Luckily I can’t vote so that’s one less vote for Cody.

      • Some people like Cody. Not everyone likes the same people. I didn’t like Cody at first but when he came back the second time I did. I’m not voting for him but I like him way more than the scum Paul. JMO. And it is favorite player not best.

      • It’s sad your tweet got 7 likes. It’s lumping all Cody fans together in your own viewpoint of them. That’s not the reason I’m voting for Cody

  5. the perfect scenario for me would be paul and whoever as final 2 because well we know he will be there right? but paul coming in second again…..i would vote for whoever was against him yes I’m vengeful and hold grudges

    • I don’t think the jury will vote against Paul, I think they will give him the credit “HE” thinks is due. I wish it would go to anyone else but Paul at this point (except Alex).

      • I seriously wonder if Josh’s mother is appreciating Christmas for helping to keep Josh focused or if she would like to smack Josh upset the head for letting Christmas talk to him like she does, or smack Christmas upside the head. I would love to know what she is thinking.

      • All of the above, in stages. In the beginning, she was thankful that Christmas was helping to keep him focused. THEN, “Joshy, do NOT let her speak to you like that”. THEN, cussing Christmas (in Spanish)… this B! Not my baby, she better never step foot in Miami!

      • I really find it very increasingly odd that the HG’s families are not being shown this season. It makes me wonder if they are all declining the offer or what is going on. So far, Jason is the only one to have his family shown. Something definitely seems suspicious about that, imo.

      • I’ve noticed too. They also aren’t doing the jury house. It seems to me that with all the twists and everything else, they’re too busy cramming in visits from BB and SNL alums to do the family pieces and jury house pieces that we have enjoyed in the past.

      • I do enjoy those very things. Now speculation is that this special Friday episode is another one of those memory lane editions. Lord, I hope not. I’ll delete it without watching it. It would be nice if they used the Friday episode to catch us up on jury and family visits.

      • Definitely. I hate the memory lane shows. The Derrick show would have been much better if they’d cut the review element and done family visits or something.

      • Yes, definitely. I don’t know if you watch Survivor, but they always had those memory lane show on there which was also a waste of time, imo. I don’t get it.

      • I agree. I know some viewers were saying time but they were plenty of times they could have shown families. I believe a number of family members are distancing themselves from the houseguests. Or, some are very angry and may reveal too much to the general viewers.

        What can Alex’s family say about her behavior? She is just a little spitfire. She wasn’t raised that way.

        No one wants to give Raven anymore airtime. Matt, he loves his cereal, lazy bum! Elena…? Josh, he is a big teddy bear who just wants to be loved (by the wrong people because he was bullied)? Paul, I wanted to see his mother talk about finally getting her Bentley.

        Love them or not, it is hard to defend a lot of the houseguests behavior this season.

      • Valid point, GS. It doesn’t bother me in the least to watch other people’s children make azzes of themselves on TV, but I definitely would not enjoy seeing my own do it. Mine don’t /won’t even watch BB. My son told me I’m too intelligent to waste my time on such nonsense. I keep proving him wrong. lolol

      • I was just looking through Kevin’s twitter that his daughter is running and they had even commented that it was disappointing that BB isn’t doing family visits like they used to. I think they really want to do one.

      • Thanks, fixy. The reason I asked was I thought maybe if it was a few days ago, BB could have done the family interview since, but if it was that recent, and BB hasn’t even requested it, to me, that’s a fair indication that it might not be happening this season. Wow, I’m surprised.

      • I tried to include the tweet, but for some reason I can’t get it to post… copy and paste of the exact text: “Kevin Schlehuber‏ @BB19KEVIN 8h8 hours ago
        where were the segments talking to family? family messages? this season was nothing like previous ones!!!”

      • Something is off about that for sure. You know production is aware of what the viewers enjoy. I might be wrong, but I would think jury and family visits would be popular with fans.

    • Not defending Paul/Xmas, but has anyone else noticed that Josh seems to be jealous of the showmances? Maybe he come into the house looking to hook up with someone/anyone but was sad when no one wanted him.

      • I think he may have developed feelings for Christmas but not that he was looking for a showmance coming into it.

      • He’s stayed loyal the Xmas now it seems she’s dropping him for Paul because she thinks Paul can get her to the end.

        He had his chance, instead he put up Alex and Kevin.

    • Jason turned her down so she went to Kevin. Kevin turned her down so she went to Paul. Don’t think there’s enough days left for her to go to Josh.

  6. I can admit that Paul played the best game this season, but I still don’t want him to win because of how he played: it just shows the world that you get rewarded for bad behavior.

  7. I want America to get one vote at each eviction so that the house never knows how all the votes will truly be stacked up. We watch every week why can’t we get a vote….

  8. A lot of people think Paul might win based on his “game play”.

    If it was just based on game play then why have a jury? The jury must also take into account HOW the game was played … the social aspect. It’s not simply “Oh you made it to the end so here ya go”.

    Paul may have made his way to the end, but HOW he did it should be a huge factor in determining if he deserves the money.

    I say he doesn’t.

      • But he did his own bullying. He went after people on his own and didn’t get others to do it. He won because nobody liked Danielle.

      • He also didn’t whine & snivel when people called him a villain, Philly. ;) He embraced the idea and ran with it all the way to the win. ED also did not lie a lot like Paul. I think the only time I really saw him flat out lie was when he told Eric & Jessica that he wasn’t voting Jessica out, but did. Other than that, he played a pretty straight up (although in your face) game.

      • ED was different. He was in your face and made it clear what his strategy was. Paul is being a snake in the weeds and when he strikes, it leaves jurors feeling more bitter. I know some complain about a bitter jury, but when it is essentially his strategy that leaves them that way, that’s on him and the game he’s playing. If that didn’t matter then why do we even talk about a social game or jury management?

    • Yep. Kinda like a political election. If just went by who won a debate, there would be no need for people to vote.

  9. Say Kevin wins HOH and puts up Paul and Xmas, Josh would vote out Paul. Would that make us want Kev to win since he took out Paul?

  10. “Alex says Dominique was right and Paul is a snake”.
    I had waited all season for Alex to look to this statement and make it count. But too late it’s coming as a regret than strategic.

  11. Christmas is totally responsible for breaking her foot. She and Jason were engaged in horseplay, she has no one to be angry with but herself.

  12. “Christmas says anytime she sees Kevin she wants to bash his face in.”

    What is wrong with these people? Does she think Paul “is in love with her”, like she is him? He is playing her also. Paul is here to WIN and that’s it! He is not here for “friendship”, he is working to make up for last season.

  13. Why has Christmas turned on Kevin? What has made her so mean? I was really pulling for her but not now, when she wants to pick a fight with Kevin before the competition. Why do that? So disappointed in her.

      • Yes they do. It’s like the cancer of hate has just consumed these people and now that is all they know. smh Really disgusting behavior this season.

    • Christmas Abbot goes around saying how ruthless, bit*hy, cut throat she is and how bad it makes her feel to know that Kevin said if he and Christmas were in jury he would bang her… but then just last night she takes a dough roller and goes to Kevin and helps him relieve soreness in his arms and talks a little sweet and some game play (not much). If she was that upset, she wouldn’t touch Kevin. Even if it was game play, then there is some really sadistic, mental, and personality issues Christmas is dealing with that requires a team of white coats.

      • LOL! Yeah, she is taking this Kevin thing way too far. Bash his face in? Wow! Really? You know tr8p, I just watch these people and go wtf is wrong with them? Their behavior has no game value at all. It is just to be mean, so you have to wonder if this is what they’re like in RL.

  14. Are most of the players this year millennials? That would explain a lot. Paul gave them all the comfort and push they needed and for that they didn’t realize they were giving him 500k. Millennials are designed to take tests not compete.

  15. they all suck sooo bad… kevin please stop listening to Paul and josh team up with kevin to take paul out…. this season and these people suck suck suck suck. they all suck and I think everyone of them but esp Paul, Alex, Christmas and Josh need some serious consequences as their behavior went sooooo far beyond game play. Soo disappointed in Paul, and Christmas sucks sooo bad. Her story and cross fit etc is sooo wonder ful but her as a person and her awful behavior has destroyed it and I was soooo excited about her being in the house but she is terrible just terrrrriblleeeeeee

  16. There is one thing that can make up for this torture of a season. That would be ,should the next HOH comp be physical and it is just between Kevin and the snake, Kevin starts hammering Paul to throw it to HIM during the comp. And NOT let up, pull every sentimental nugget he can think of and see the reaction of that little S**T. Promise Paul that he is safe, then give that slime a taste of his own medicine by backstabbing him. It will never happen, but I can hope.

    • Paul says he has thick skin, but I see the opposite. He is very tightly wound. If someone wanted to rattle HIS cage for once, they just need to grab that floaty thing he constantly wears around his waist. Hold it up above his reach (not hard to do). Pretend you’re just having fun with him, but keep it away from him ALL DAY. Then, after he cries himself to sleep that night, cut it’s head off & leave it in his bed.

  17. Alex.. yuk. If she thinks Jason or anyone else besides Paul would have played an entire game without deceit, she’s naive. She got played and that’s what BB is about.

      • Exactly, Willie! Jason tried to bring up the possibility that Paul was playing them several times & she shot him down hard, remember? Now she’s like duh and she has no one to blame for that but herself. #nosympathy! ;)

      • Right Dan. At least she can prepare and not be blindsided like Jason was. She’s just butthurt b/c she knows now she should have seen this coming but got so caught up in “friendship” she turned a blind eye to what has been obvious…

      • Which is why she is so upset. It’s one thing to be screwed over by someone, far worse when you should have seen it coming but let it happen anyway

      • Yep! Especially when she now thinks of ALL the times Jason tried to have the discussion with her about Paul possibly playing them and she’d get hostile about it & say he was stupid, remember? You know all that is swirling around in her head right now as she realizes SHE was the stupid one! ;)

      • She and Cody will have an interesting discussion when she gets to Jury, don’t you think. That I’d like to see

      • Me too. I’d like to see all their reactions truthfully. Cody probably laughed at all of them. Not that he played any better, but he did have Paul figured out right away, which is more than any of these other braintrusts can say.

    • Yep. I have no sympathy for Alex. The writing was on the wall a long time ago, she just refused to see it or listen to it when Jason tried pointing it out to her.

  18. Kevin’s going to find out how Paul, Alex, Xmas, Josh hated him and bad mouthed him.

    How Xmas wants to bash his face in.

    They’re all going to find out how nasty and mean Alex, Josh, Xmas and Paul really are.

    The blood feuds resulting from this could spin off another show: “Life after Big Brother … Revenge, Therapy and Alcohol”.

    • LMAO! That’s a good one! Someone mentioned another show that follows raven around for the 1st few weeks as she realizes how bad her plan to be America’s sweetheart has backfired! ;) I’d watch either…

    • I don’t think they really do hate him… I think it’s groupthink mentality. Paul, Alex and Christmas are quite the stooges, in order to win they have become their shadow self and their behavior and mindset have dwindled to an all-time low, even for BB game play. Josh is very influential because he is young and wants to be liked by the “popular” kids in the house, so he is just as bad as the stooges. I believe once this is all over, they will have clarity and for some it won’t be a pretty experience. I do hope that they all will feel very badly and make amends to those houseguests for their transgressions.

  19. Isn’t it ironic that all the houseguests were making fun of Dominique held up reading her bible (except Jessica), then when their time came they isolated themselves and did the same thing?

    • Yep, and what’s even funnier is how funny they all thought it was to backstab everyone else but when the shoe was on the other foot they didn’t like it. Treat people how you would want to be treated yourself.

      • Indeed. She is now reaping what she has sown all season. Sorry, but after the way Alex has treated Kev, I say this could not have happened to an un-nicer person! ;)

      • Totally agree! Cannot feel sorry for her after her behavior this season. I was just really hoping for a blindside on Eviction night but this is the next best thing.

      • I would have liked to see that too. Just to watch her face, but once Paul didn’t use that POV, she knew what was happening. Watching her sulk is priceless tho. ;)

      • Ha! I knew it! Do you need me to put my hair in a pony & get your back?? ;) You know I’d go there for ya girl. I’d get right back to my days when I was a badass! ;) If I showed up at a party with my long hair in a ponytail, girls made a break for the door. hahaha

      • Ha haaa! K was with me! We handled it! I do the corn rolls honey cuz they’re not pulling a string of my hair out! Lol took too long to grow it!

      • I never seemed to have that kind of time before sh*t jumped off, haha, it was just a quick tail and away I went. ;) Glad to see you’re taking care of bizness girl. We had some troll on the other post going on and on about the military & how it’s evil & all soldiers are evil too. Ugh! I can say Cody was not a good BB player, but I can’t stand people who bash his service for our country. That is admirable in my eyes & I just had to walk away from that conversation b/c my daddy always told me to argue with a fool shows there are two of them. hahahaha

    • I don’t remember ever seeing a season where so many HGs that are about to get the boot go from being really social to hermits reading the bible 24/7.

  20. Alex said if she was going home she wanted them to be honest about it like they were with Mark. She didn’t want a blindside like Jason; well they were honest and now she is crying like a baby.

    • RIGHT??? It would almost have been better to have blind-sided her, since now she’s just seething and getting increasingly petty and bitter.

      I actually held out some hope of liking her until her attitude this week. Because she was a game player, and was objective about playing BB…until she got cocky and over the top rude to Kevin.

      • I always wish to see her leave before Kevin.
        She masterminded his exits and watched him repeatedly survive on the block without a fight back.
        First, against her ride or die. Second, a flip of eviction votes against her HoH setting. And now she will be evicted sitting next to him when she expects to be the pawn.

  21. “Alex tells Kevin to study dates if he wants to win any of the remaining competitions”.
    Sudden and bizarre turn of care. Too late to have a “Kevlex” show. That was why Jason was sent parking ahead.

  22. I’m loving this season.

    Btw, CONTEXT: Xmas wants to metaphorically “bash” Kevin’s face in because of his comments about wanting to bang her in jury. Not that he would have acted on it, but it was offensive to even joke with Jason about that.

    • The only context most posters want to see is negativity in regard to the HGs they want to bash. Blind little mice running all over my page. lol

      • I just don’t get it. I’ve been religiously listening to the feeds, watching what everyone else is watching, and don’t understand how people are saying these HGs are the equivalent of Satan.
        I guess memories fade…No recollection of season 15, Evel Dick’s “crusty c*nt” and tea pouring, Derrick talking sh*t about Victoria, Frankie’s gross behavior, Cody and Jessica’s personal attacks on Josh, list goes on

      • It’s like they all have convenient memory loss and try to convince us that we are dumb for not believing their stories. I’ve had to start having fun with it, it is so incredulous.

      • Right?? Next thing I know, I’m going to be told that Paul jumped out of the screen and slapped me in the face. Are we watching the same show?

      • There are a few left who don’t apologize for seeing Paul is dominating game wise, strategically, mentally, and even socially. Can you imagine the whining they will do if he wins? What kind of idiot constantly complains about how….. they can’t wait until the season is over, please let it end soon, I can’t take anymore of the bullying, it’s personal to me..yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine. Then they keep watching something they call despicable, disgusting, and worse, because they are “fans” hoping things will eventually “get better”, meaning go their way. BS. A true fan that cries, bitches, and moans incessantly because they are unhappy about the tactics used on a show that is NOT played with morals. These fans have entertained me more than the show has this year.

      • I guess what I’m doing could be considered whining about the whiners but I am honestly laughing this season. And please don’t say I’m laughing at bullying, bratty. I only see a game and tactics used to win. I don’t think it’s all necessary, but I’m not there, for a reason. I wouldn’t be good at it because I would literally be laughing in these people’s faces if they tried to play that with me. As I have said, there is an exit door but they choose to stay. Know why? Because of their 15 mins and getting paid for a summer vacay is easier than having to work for a living. I simply have no sympathy for anyone who goes on these shows. jmo :)

      • I would not make it a week. I would tell people off instead of take it like they do. I would also not keep it secret if I saw what people were up to.

      • Girl, you better beware. They’ll be slinging things at you. I do have every confidence that you can hold your own, though. ;)

      • LOL, what are you talking about, you’re gorgeous!!!! You have me beat in the brains department, trust me and no doubt are much wiser than I will ever be.

      • I am, hope you are as well. Enjoying the fine fall weather. 🍂🍁🍂🎃

      • It’s been a little windy and rainy here but suppose to be beautiful tomorrow. So happy you are having great weather.

      • I agree that it’s silly and exaggerated how people react to the things done and said most of the time, and that past seasons (like Dick) were worse… but… the things you mentioned beyond Dick were pretty much in the same ballpark as stuff said this season that people have overreacted to. That’s where you kind of lost me. Plus, Cody and Jessica only got personal when Josh wouldn’t stop targeting his idiocy directly towards them. It was retaliatory.

      • Actually you’re right – I agree Dick was the most extreme – not including Season 15 which was way beyond game play. For the others, I’m just pointing out that what’s going on with the sh*t talking this season isn’t new in BB.

      • Even Jason was taken back when Kevin made that comment. Granted, nothing is as bad as what Jason said about Kevin’s wife

      • Correct! I did hear about that but it seems to be forgotten already. Lord, let Paul had said something like that…..smh

      • Paul is much smarter than to let something like that cross his lips. Just like he says he will never have sex on camera, meaning in the house, because he’s smart, I think he also watches what he says in that capacity. He keeps what he says game oriented, unlike Jason, Kevin, the feral wombat, Princess Butthole and others who have taken things too far at times.

    • I didn’t know he said that. Very inappropriate. I can understand her being angry, it is just Alex I don’t get now. Although context wise, if you only watch the show you never know this stuff, and I don’t know it until I read it.

  23. do you think alex will vote for paul at the end? she says she will but i think she’s doing it as a blindside.

    • That would be interesting, and I could see it happening, but I still lean towards thinking she votes for him. I think she’s invested in being friends outside of the house and gaining connections through Paul’s real-life circles. I think Paul and Christmas also want that from each other, just as a side note.

  24. I just learned the was a GAY PORNSTAR on BB!!! I didn’t know they get down like that on CBS. I assumed they had stricter vetting! So it’s possible Jessica could be a hooker as suspected. Hell I was only fooling, not because she’s wholesome, but because thought CBS did thorough background checks before casting. This changes my perception of everything! Ha haaa!

    • You talking about Daigle. He was on Season 10. He was a rodeo competitor at one time. Yes, he has a past, MG

      • Honey yes he does! I aint in any form judging, I’m just shocked. A GAY pornstar is more controversial than a straight one! Funny you just informing me he’s from season 10, someone just schooled me just yesterday about Dan being a strict conservative and “homophobe”! Lol How was that chemistry? (Talk about diversity, dayum, that’s the epitome!)

      • Well, MG, just another day on the BBN threads. Yep, that’s the season Dan won. I don’t know that he is a homophobe. People’s personal definition of that seem to differ. But Daigle admittedly, from all indications, is an adult porn performer who has appeared in gay and straight porn.

      • I just heard it’s not just in the past. He still does it or if not, just recently stopped. I head he has porn dated up till 2015. I’m shocked CBS allowed that.

  25. Christmas is just as responsible for hurting her foot as Jason so she needs to move on. Alex is finally catching on to Paul, too little too late but why is she just laying down and giving in? She needs to go tell people what he’s doing and make a ruccus.

    As far as Kevin, I hope he listens to Alex and finally sees Paul does not have his back but I fear he wont.

    Now Christmas bitching about Kevin not winning comps, she won HOH because it was given to her, so how does that make her better?

    • Because she is a brat. She is pouting and acting like a spoiled, entitled brat. What happened to that badass female competitor at the beginning of the season? She got lazy and fat, rode on Paul’s coattails. She may say and act like she is pissed with Paul and Christmas, but let me assure you that deep down she is really pissed with herself!

      • It has been a crazy metamorphosis for a lot of them from how they appeared in the beginning until they fell under the influence of the mist from the bearded one.

    • Alex trying to make a ruckus would get her nowhere. Other than Josh, who would listen to her? You think talking/bitching to Paul and Christmas is a good move, hardly and Josh just “want’s to be friends”, he’s never going to change his position within the house. Maybe once he leaves the house, he will, but not until then. Kevin, she barely manages to say 2 words to him and thinks he’s the anti-christ, highly doubt she’s going to start up with him.

      • I don’t care if it helps, the point is it can’t hurt and I respect it far more than just laying down and giving in. You never know if something you say will stick or not. I fail to see how it can be a bad move when you have 1 foot out the door.

  26. Geez guys do you really think Alex is bitter ?? Does she have any reason to be bitter Paul ?? You screw her over and stab her in the back and lie to her – but you think she should still be your friend and laugh with you and vote for you ! Not that she doesn’t deserve everything she is getting based on how she treated others in the house, especially Kevin . . .but I wonder Alex if you are doing any real thinking about your own actions in this house ????

    • She went down the list of people that warned her, so it’s her own fault. I would never trust a vet. YOU KNOW they come back more cunning and evil. I don’t feel an ounce sorry for her! She claims to be a “superfan”. Pah! What show has these people been watching??

    • Alex never cared about others who were in her same position. She has said it is a game, now it’s not a game anymore for her? She’s going to complain, bitch, whine, blame until she walks out the door. It’s much too personal for her, wish she had left sooner, poor sport.

  27. How did Christmas’ take on Kevin go from “I’d be on him in a second if he wasn’t married” to “Everytime I see him I want to bash his face in”?

    Oh, right… Paul. That’s how.

  28. Wth?
    Josh sleeps in the Rose Room? Umm isn’t he HoH? 😲
    No respect for anyone by anyone in that house… so sick of these people already.
    If they are so worried about being “protrayed poorly” they should think about behaving better! Ffs!😠

    • Wow, I didn’t realize that, Josh sleeping in the rose room while Paul and 12/25 sleep in his HOH? Shows how entitled these 2 are. It’s Josh’s HOH but they are acting as if it’s theirs. A**holes!

      • Honestly, I would bet Josh willingly gave it up. He can see they cozy up to each other and he’s highly interested in making and keeping friends, and in not having much of a back bone regarding those two, not often speaking up against them, taking their disrespect whether subtle or not so subtle, etc. Kind of like mom and dad and he’s the misfit son, and he’s letting mom and dad have the master bedroom. Or maybe he just actually wanted specifically to sleep away from them, in a room to himself, and said it wasn’t worth awkwardness of asking them to leave. Also, he even offered Kevin to sleep upstairs. Point being I wouldn’t think Paul and Christmas forced this.

      • According to Jokers, they all went downstairs:

        1:51 AM Paul, Josh and Christmas are in bed in the rose room. Kevin the the green room and Alex in have not room -kalicush

  29. How does 12/25 come to the conclusion it’s Jason’s fault for breaking her foot? She’s the one that jumped on him and he played along. Unfortunately, Jason took a stumble and 12/25 became a casualty. He’s not at fault, it’s called an accident for a reason, it wasn’t intentional.

    The feral wombat is such a whiny little bitch, laying in the have not room, grumbling, shouting out counterfeit every 10 minutes or so and refusing to have anything to do with anyone else. You never cared when others were in your position, you are getting as good as you gave. Good riddance.

    Now we are down to 4 HG’s, it’s boring at this point, which is usually the case each year, but this year seems more painful than most, is it just me?

    • Feral wombat lol. I like that. It’s not just you, it feels more painful than usual for me too. (I also agree with you on Alex and Christmas). This is setting up for the worst final three in my eyes since S15 with Andy, Gina and Spencer. There haven’t been a lot of really bad F3’s for me in the shows history so I guess I’m lucky in that way.

      • I stopped watching both 15 and 17 at some point. Couldn’t take either of them when they got down to about 5-6 people.

      • I totally get that. I’ve wanted to stop at times but I force myself through it solely because that’s what I’ve done for years now. But sometimes it’s really hard to watch when you can’t stand anybody left. I already know I won’t consider this year’s winner a good one, for different reasons. I’m kind of just hoping for another good moment or two at this point. First potential for that is watching Alex get evicted.

      • But these guys aren’t just feeble; they are a NASTY BUNCH!
        “What comes around goes around…. ”

        We will hear more of them when they are released from the compound. After their fierce leader wins this sheeit season!


        CODY FOR AFP!! 👑🥇🏆💲💲

        JESSICA, if you’re reading this get on that eh?

    • All well said! I haven’t been on here in days because it’s so boring. I’ve actually been on YouTube watching clips of previous seasons. It’s become addicting LOL

      I’m done with these horrible people aside from Kevin but he never talks. Christmas is a biatch, Alex is a hypocrite, Josh is a follower and Paul is a bully! So done!

      I like the 12/24 LOL funny

      • 12/25 not 24…… Tinalee….it’s all the old episodes that have shrunk your brain for a sec there…. heh heh!

        12/24! I got to stop using this talk to type or at least proofread before I send it LMAO
        12/24 isn’t completely off! “Christmas Eve” instead of “Christmas Joy” LOL 😆 🎄🎅 ❄️

      • You know I’m just bugging you eh? I’d rather it be Christmas “peeve” I just can’t stand her anymore……. I read that she used to work for Paul’s mother & if that’s true then it truly is rigged.

        Who, in BB, says that they TRUST anyone 100%????
        There’s just been too many factors to not believe it’s rigged.

        And all that crying everyone was doing yesterday…….NO TEARS!! Then Alex blows her nose and does the “horn blow” (big blow noise) I’m sure that’s not how Alex wants the world to know her as…….
        Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Why BB why does everything need to be fixed?? Ahhhhhhhhh! !!

      • I 100% know you are joking :-) as am I, always!

        Honestly, up until this season when people on here would say BB was fixed, scripted, manipulated etc. I would never agree. I am thinking it’s I was just in denial. I have LOVED Big Brother since season one, episode one and have watched religiously ever since!

        I just don’t want to believe it is fake like most of the other reality shows out there! It doesn’t need to be so I just don’t understand why!
        But I just cannot be in denial anymore as it is VERY CLEAR this season was manipulated without a doubt! And it sucks! It’s just not the same as it once was and that’s a shame!
        I am looking forward to BBC this winter, it has been great since the beginning! So I am hoping it does not become manipulated or scripted or at least not obvious LOL

        Celebrity big brother, I have NO DOUBT it will be scripted and manipulated but that’s OK, I expect nothing less with celebrities on a reality TV show.
        I am curious what the format will be and if they can get decent celebrities to play in it! Are there any rumours yet about it? I wonder if they will have a jury etc. I just can’t imagine celebrities being locked up in a house with no outside communication for that long when they can be out making fat cash! (even B listers)
        I’ve never watched any of the other celebrity big brother’s in the UK. Maybe I will check one out. I can get all the big brothers from around the world & BB US– All the seasons on my Google box

    • The feral wombat is actually getting better than she gave. At least nobody is attacking her like she did everybody else who was in her position. I’m a little disappointed. Her eviction will make up for it

      And 12/25 has made the top of my list of Christmas nick names, lol

  30. Christmas is super bitter because Kevin declined her advances after his guilt. He decided that flirting with a younger woman was not worth losing his family. She moved on to Paul and now is hating Kevin. She just makes herself look like a desperate woman that couldn’t get into a showmance.

    • I agree with you but it seems a little strange doesn’t it? That she’s coming off as upset she couldn’t land a shownance. Attractive woman (minus some weird teeth), in good shape, successful in her career, only 35 so not too old (unless you’re 24 like Paul)…

      She’s gone for the wrong guys though, like Kevin who’s married, and Paul who’s 24 and swears off showmances. I heard she came into the house fresh off a broken engagement and I don’t know if she was dumped or did the dumping but maybe she just wanted a distraction and to try to force herself to move on quickly.

      • A lot of times the girls in this show come in ready for a showmance or a male they can latch on to so they can help them float to the end. Alex did without the romance part and the skanks found someone right away, and maybe Christmas had the same idea, but not many options left. A married man and half a man. I honestly can’t say whether Christmas would have been great at the physical comps, but she definitely suc*s at that mental ones.

      • Have a man! Too funny

        Did Kevin actually hit on her? Did he cross the line? Was he actually talking to Jason about banging Christmas and the jury house?
        Or is that all BS?

      • Jason and Kevin were joking around about it one day. It was just the 2 of them sitting together. It was no big deal.

      • Thanks for the info. Of course it’s just everyone jumping on something stupid someone said and people taking it to the next level! Just like Jason joking around about Kevin’s wife. It was a joke! A very very very bad joke but it was a joke!

      • Correction “again”…..
        HALF a man….. Tinalee???? What are you doing that’s distracting you?

      • Yikes! It’s pretty cheap to fix though. We paid $100 for our daughters screen to be fixed a few times already, and once again it needs to be fixed again!

      • I just haven’t gotten there yet. After daughters wedding went to lake then came home & now I have kidney stones…… i’ll get there. I have an iPad too. I can see that super duper good!! Lol

      • Congrats on your daughter’s wedding! Sorry to hear about your kidney stones! Have you passed them yet? My friend had that right after she had her child and she said it was just as bad as labor. I can imagine!
        You should add me to Facebook
        Christina de Sa

      • Yikes! Now I’m extra cautious of my grammar & spelling cuz if I make an error now I’m sure i’ll get the rate of you….. I didn’t mean to insult at all. I was playing from the start. 😬😬🙄

      • Oh I totally know that hon :-) it’s all good I know you were joking! All good. My comment was just in response to your comment. It’s all good I promise! I am very laid-back, and I know a joke when I see one. :-)

        I am the farthest thing from spelling or grammar police! Thank God for talk to type LOL

      • She has everything going for her. Overall she’s maybe a 10 but her attitude is a 0. She’s so aggressive and rude. She probably emasculates every man she dates which is a turn off to alot of men.

      • So how is it that you think she has EVERYTHING going for her?
        Her looks aren’t great….weird mouth thing going on…. face ok, nice hair, great body but that’s where it ends. I can’t stand her laugh or that she’s always smiling when she talks in DR
        Just my opinion.

      • From the average young guys point of view she has everything going for her based solely on looks. The tattoo’s ruin her look in my opinion, but some people like lot’s of colorful tat’s. But overall I agree with you.

        Speaking of tat’s, I can’t stand Paul’s. They’re so dark and huge with little distinction. They look more like old burns or something.

      • I’m a young 56 female & not a fan of tats…..UNLESS THEY HAVE MEANING…. not sure what these house guests purpose for the body art but ya…. not a fan.
        And to be prejudice about tats…. girls really do not carry off big tats!
        Let’s hear from the nay Sayers now! Hee hee!

    • She’s Kevin no of weird always smiling as she talks like she owns it or something.
      Hard to explain……I suppose I’m not a fan of hers. Lol
      Nope! Nada!
      Hee hee!
      AND PAUL ISN’T JUST A SNAKE…..I have other words for him.
      If you want to know…..heh heh….just ask!!

  31. Has production been pumping the house with some sort of delusional gas? Christmas complaining that Kevin wants to get to the end without winning anything? Her “wins” were handed to her. It’s alright for Christmas to say she wants to bash Kevin”s face in, but when Jessica said basically the same thing about Alex, there were cries of expulsion? Paul and Josh thinking Alex is bitter? You think Paul would just shrug it off, and Wah WAh wouldn’t cry? Josh wins HOH and doesn’t sleep in the room?If ANY of these people think there is any iota of a chance there will be fame in their future, it’s no wonder they all played the game they did this summer.I’m thinking even the CBS soaps do not want any part of them.Keep the delusional gas flowing.

    • Josh had been feeling like a 3rd wheel up there with Paulmas all day. I think he was uncomfortable and just had to get out of there. They had been rubbing and caressing each other for awhile. I would have kicked them out of my room though.

  32. Hello y’all, I haven’t been on here for a do you days because I am so tired of Alex a hypocrite, Christmas the entitled biatch, Josh the biggest follower and Paul is a bully! I’m over it!
    I see I’ve missed nothing, it’s all still the same BS.
    Poor Kevin! And Christmas saying she wants to bash Kevins Face in! Classy!
    And what’s up with Alex saying something nice to Kevin? Telling him to study past events. That’s really the only change since the last time I was here briefly. Although if Alex is helping him at all with dates? She would probably give him fake ones!

    • Her only revenge on Paul is if Kevin wins. The other two will let him. Maybe she knows it’s too late to form an alliance but it’s not too late to help him. Though Alex has some nerve asking us to vote her for americas favourite player. Not gonna happen Alex

      • Yeah I read that today. Alex asking us to vote for her as America’s favourite player! That’s pretty narcissistic first of all, and secondly does she honestly think after her behaviour all season we are going to feel sorry for her!? How she treats Kevin! NOT GONNA happen sweetheart!

        How about America’s (&a Canada- Me) “Most disliked player” and by earning that you lose your stipend!!! Actually, if given the choice I would get that award to Raven!
        Plus, you have to play the game and not play someone else’s game to win AFP! Oh wait, CBS changed it to America’s favourite houseguest, they didn’t want to confuse us because no one played this season aside from Jessica, Cody (and Paul I guess in a bad way!)

      • Ha ha love everything you said! I’m in Canada right now and Canadians rock. Wow it would be hard to pick America’s most hated player. Who would I choose? I hate them all!! Alex,Chris cringle, Paul, Raven oh the choices are endless!! You got me so excited!!

        That’s hilarious they changed the name. Never noticed! So true they had to. Who would you pick?

  33. I am always sad to see a season end but I could not be more happy and excited for this season to be over! BECAUSE NOW ALL of these HORRIBLE people leaving the house. REALITY will be slapping them in the face!
    I wish I could be there to see it happen!!
    After the torture BB put us through all summer, the least they could do is show us Raven, Christmas, Alex, Paul & Josh’s reactions when they leave the house!
    Priceless! I would pay big money for that!

  34. Wait. Josh is letting them Paul and Christmas sleep in his HOH room and staying in the rose room? I don’t know why I’m surprised, it’s been Paul’s room all summer.

  35. There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary to express how I truly feel about the remaining HGs.. with that said, I love KARMA, and it is very gratifying to see Alex getting a taste of her own medicine! Too bad there isn’t enough time in the house for the remaining Nazis to get theirs! I’m not usually vindictive and spiteful, but Christmas, Josh and Paul will get there’s soon. You can’t 💩 on someone and always get away with it! I just wish the camera could be rolling when it’s their turn!!!!! And Alex, honey, it would have been beneficial if you started reading the Bible before now! Haha Karma. It’s a b*t¢h, but I 💙 it! 😁

  36. Alex gets what she truly deserved — she RAN to the Cult Leader Paul after Cody TRIED to talk sense to her. Cody for Americas Favorite player — because he instantly saw thru Paul (and Xmas) and knew they needed out. Nobody listened (sigh). AND, AFP to Cody will drive arrogant Paul INSANE!

  37. Everyone getting pissy about Josh not sleeping upstairs in the HOH room acting like he was kicked out of the room.

    NOBODY slept up there Monday Night. Josh, Paul & Christmas were all in the Rose Room.

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