Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 10: Monday Highlights

It was a slow Labor Day in the Big Brother 19 house as the HGs continued their plans to blindside Jason this week. The HGs did get some food to grill and backyard games in honor of the holiday, though.

Kevin Schlehuber nominated on Big Brother 19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, September 4, 2017:

9:15 AM BBT – HGs are waking up.

10:10 AM BBT – Jason and Josh are in the backyard alone and talking. Jason asked Josh if he was voting to keep him. Josh doesn’t give a direct answer. Jason notices the delay.

10:35 AM BBT – Josh tells Jason he has a huge secret that he can’t tell anyone. Josh asks Jason to promise not to tell anyone, even if he gets mad at him. Josh is adamant that this must stay top secret… Josh reveals he is a superfan. Jason tells him he already knew that.

10:41 AM BBT – Feeds go down.

11:35 AM BBT – Feeds are back from the Veto meeting. Alex was saved. Kevin was renom’d.

11:36 AM BBT – Paul discovers Trejo has a hole in him and is slowly dying.

11:38 AM BBT – Paul talks with Raven and tells her they are in a powerful position and are about to become the strongest pair. He says they need to keep an eye on Christmas and Josh. She offers to throw the next HoH competition.

11:50 AM BBT – Christmas points out that Paul’s suggestion of a Monday live eviction after Veto looks to be shot. Paul says it could still happen.

11:55 AM BBT – Jason and Kevin commiserate over being on the Block together. Jason doesn’t think Alex will vote against him.

12:00 PM BBT – Kevin comments to himself that he’d be fine with leaving and getting away from the game.

12:10 PM BBT – Kevin asks Paul what’s going on. Paul says not to ask any questions. Kevin says he’ll act calm. Paul says to act nervous instead.

12:20 PM BBT – Christmas and Josh talk through their strategy for how they’ll calm Alex after Jason gets voted out. Josh says he’ll take the heat and go up on the Block so they don’t have to. Josh worries the Jury could be very bitter. He think Elena will be bitter since she continued to speak about her boyfriend from four years ago.

12:30 PM BBT – Raven says she’ll tell Alex that she’s voting for Jason just like Jason voted for Matthew, if she’s asked. Christmas doesn’t think she’ll be asked.

12:40 PM BBT – Alex starts off bashing Kevin again calling him a loser and saying the whole house is going to vote him out and she doesn’t even have to ask anyone to do it for her.

12:40 PM BBT – Paul says if Alex drops then he’ll drop next to throw it to Raven. Christmas says she doesn’t trust Raven.

1:35 PM BBT – Josh tells Paul he understands his plan fully now and appreciates Paul explaining it to him better. Paul, Josh, and Christmas discuss how to control who throws what HoH comp coming up. Paul says he can convince Raven to throw it so he can win this because he doesn’t want F5 HoH. They agree that worst case is Alex winning Veto then they’ll just evict Raven instead.

1:45 PM BBT – HoH crew agrees their hit list goes Alex, Raven, and then Kevin.

1:50 PM BBT – Paul warns that Alex will gun for the Veto if she is nominated so they need to put up Raven and Kevin as pawns.

1:50 PM BBT – Alex tells Kevin he has a rash on his back. He says he’ll go put a shirt on and leaves. She laughs that she was trolling Kevin.

2:15 PM BBT – Jason is kicking back in the pool when he realizes the giant peacock float is deflating. (Must be a serial deflate’r today.)

3:15 PM BBT – Josh is camtalking and says he’ll never betray Paul and Christmas. He’ll play with them until F3 and then start playing his own game.

3:50 PM BBT – Raven camtalks that she’s looking forward to Jason getting evicted. She says it was her idea to throw this last HoH comp to Christmas.

3:52 PM BBT – Raven says she needs to get to F2 because she needs a new pacemaker and has a lot of bills waiting for her when she gets out.

4:10 PM BBT – Alex asks Raven what’s the coolest dance things she’s done. Raven says she tried out for SYTYCD and almost made it.

4:35 PM BBT – Paul is frustrated that Raven won’t leave him alone and complains to Josh.

5:20 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas are hanging out and chatting about life back home. Raven wanders off and joins them.

5:30 PM BBT – Alex resumes complaining about Kevin. She says he’s annoying and creepy.

5:40 PM BBT – Jason sees Paul is stuck listening to Raven’s stories. He asks Christmas if he should go save Paul. She jokes to let Paul squirm for awhile.

5:55 PM BBT – Christmas and Josh are studying past events.

6:00 PM BBT – Josh says he sees that Paul has played the best game.

6:10 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh that if Paul gets to F2 he has a huge burden on him because he’s a Vet and that’s a big negative. She says that people won’t want to see a Vet win.

6:15 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas pat each other on the back for playing great games. Christmas says her game has been perfect and his has been great because he called people out, but that could be a bad thing for him too, she warns. She worries people may think she rode coattails.

6:20 PM BBT – Christmas is confident that their trio will take first, second, and AFP this season.

6:30 PM BBT – HGs are lounging around. Paul is listening to music while Raven and Christmas go to play chess.

7:26 PM BBT – Christmas reports to Jason that Raven didn’t know what some of the chess pieces did despite her proclaiming to be a great chess player.

7:31 PM BBT – Jason suggests maybe Raven’s issues are less medical and more psychological. Christmas says she believes she has some medical problems, but she also probably has a psychological problem that makes her require comfort and sympathy. One thing that for sure, Christmas says, is that Raven is a pathological liar.

7:35 PM BBT – Jason wants to ask Raven to explain what an inverted spine is. Christmas thinks Matt must have known that Raven was a liar and he felt sorry for her insecurities.

8:30 PM BBT – Nothing going on. HGs talking about TV shows and Kevin is alone in his bed.

9:05 PM BBT – Christmas comes out of the Diary Room with an announcement. BBAD is giving them a backyard party.  They got food to grill, beer and some games for the back yard.

9:20 PM BBT – HGs playing corn hole. Kevin is even permitted to play.

9:25 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas are now discussing Raven. Christmas tells him she lied about being able to play chess. Paul says she’s making him miserable.

9:45 PM BBT – Christmas has been grilling food for the others.

10:35 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that he’s finally hit that hump and that he’s over everything and he’s annoyed and missing his family, pets and music. He says Raven is eating his soul.

10:50 PM BBT – Paul is crying under his hat and says he got bad news from home.

11:20 PM BBT – Jason and Kevin hanging around and joking.

11:30 PM BBT – Josh and Jason now together at the hot tub. Josh is upset and says he doesn’t like that Kevin is going before Raven.

11:45 PM BBT – Josh still talking about what’s bothering him and says Raven never gives them time and he can’t take being around her so much.

12:15 AM BBT – Josh tells Christmas that he cried when Jason talked to him about Kevin going hom this week. Christmas says she’ll take the blame for Jason, but points out that Jason hasn’t asked Josh for a vote yet.

12:25 AM BBT – Christmas lets Paul know that Josh is upset about Jason. Paul says they need to watch Josh for the next few days.

1:00 AM BBT – Paul, Alex, and Christmas discussing Raven’s stories about her business and how she couldn’t answer basic questions about how it was operated or what’s happening with it now. They wonder if Matthew will ditch her in the real world.

1:20 AM BBT – Group still discussing Raven’s endless contradictions about her diseases and life. They talk about her diet that she can’t eat red meat but ground beef is okay. They question how five million people have her disease then the next day only two people have it.

1:45 AM BBT – Alex tells Paul that if she wins HoH next she will put up Josh and Raven but her target would be Raven. She’s confused by the F3 competitions and asks Paul to explain how that works. Paul yet again saying there must be a Sunday eviction coming up. (No. Never.)

2:00 AM BBT – Josh worries that Alex will go nuts when Jason is evicted. Paul says he’ll take care of it.

2:05 AM BBT – Paul and Josh discuss that he (Jo) should let Jason know he’s getting evicted right before it happens. Paul says if he gets HoH then he’d put up Raven and Kevin so Raven has to try and win something for a change.

2:10 AM BBT – Josh says he’ll take the next HoH. No, Paul says he wants next won and then Josh can have F5 then Paul will take HoH again at F4.

2:25 AM BBT – Josh again says he’ll fight for this HoH. Paul tells him again not to so he can have this one. (Paul wants Raven to take it to get out Alex for him.)

2:35 AM BBT – HoH crew starting to break up and go to bed.

2:40 AM BBT – Christmas says she wants to try and do a little walking on her leg tomorrow.

3:30 AM BBT – Lights are out and HGs are off to sleep.

Houseguests had a nice treat with the party for After Dark to help take their mind off the game, but then it’s right back in to it with just two weeks left to go. Nothing has shifted with the target for Jason this round but he’s yet to see the writing on the wall. Maybe Josh will make it clearer for him soon.

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  1. If Josh doesn’t lose it before Thursday(he is getting very antsy), as of now, he is suppose to tell Jason right before the live vote that he is voting to evict Jason. Jason will know he is being evicted. I think Jason will try to pass that bit of info to Alex and/or Paul(thinking Paul doesn’t know) before the vote. I’ll be watching faces closely before and after the vote, but I think Alex will know and not be that surprised. Honestly, I think Jason might feel something is up. Snitchy told him last night to remember who put them OTB. I’m not sure Snitchy was talking about Christmas. I think he might have been referring to Paul. He knows that Paul knows exactly what is going on. Paul just will not reveal specifics to Snitchy because, well, he’s Itchy Snitchy.

    • On feeds Paul Josh Xmas want to make Kevin freak out today and have Raven piss him off..such predictable tactics week-to-week.

      • If anyone can piss someone off, without really trying, it’s Raven. She pushes my buttons and I’m out here looking in. Look for sweet little Alex to have some fun at Snitchy’s expense, too, before it’s over.

    • I love Kevin and he is just trying to help his friend, until he leaves the house and finds out what he said.
      I don’t care if Alex goes, but prefer Raven to go first.

      • Snitchy has a lot of friends he tries to help out, right before they go OTB or out the door. When I see Snitchy doing what seems to come natural to him, snitching, I think tattle tell, tattle tell. I never did like a tattle tell.

      • His problem with tattle telling is that he gets caught. I think It’s a good strategy, but not great because it always gets back to paul.

      • Let’s hope he doesn’t get paid in real life to keep secrets. After watching this season, I wouldn’t trust him. ha

      • Just curious K, had you been in the house with Itchy Snitchy and you were OTB about to be evicted in a blindside, would you want Mr. Snitchy tell you what is up? I think Kevin, although he is snitching, is trying to play any game but BB. He has been the only one to work jury votes in his favor. I think Paul will win but I also wonder who these morons will actually vote for as well.

      • Of course! Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to know? But, as a HG, would it earn him my respect or my vote? Absolutely not; actually the opposite. And for the exact same reason that I post as a fan. I’ve never liked tattle telling snitches and Snitchy’s whole persona reeks of exactly that. He’s shady I tell you! Shaaaaaaaaaaady!

      • Kevin reminds me of the lowest guy in the mob and he is just scared they won’t need him anymore(from the way I have seen in the movies). It’s sad because I think he might be a decent guy and I hate the way he has been shunned(bullied) by the HGs. I would love a season with more mature players.

      • I would also love a season with a mix of maybe 4 each in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.That would be an ideal season, in my opinion. Seems like Grodner is more interested in showmances than game play.

      • Ah Yes I can see the comps now,
        First to finish the crossword is the new HoH, HV are the ones who used pencils.
        Last to apply denture cream properly is out of OTEV…..

      • Hey! You stop that! lol I’m 61 years old and when my knee has a good day, I can walk 8-10 miles a day in the mountains. If my neuromas are not acting up, I can go out and weed my flower beds and dead head my over 20 rose bushes in my yard. If my neck pain has eased some, I can do a little cleaning. No dentures, I’ve never owned a pair of RX glasses, no hearing aids, I drive, I hike, I ride a bicycle, I play Basketball with my 12 & 13 yr old grandsons. These kids got nothing on me. Maybe a little speed but I’ve got heart! lol

      • 53, likely headed headed for my second shoulder & elbow surgery, only this time I may be opened from elbow to shoulder. Yes my name is my occupation. I get healthy and all comps are held in 34-55 degree weather I got you people licked.

        Maybe Raven could slide some cash my way for a true medical problem.

      • That is hard work. I has a very close relative who was a butcher. 53 is probably about the age I started having surgeries due to working a very hard physical job that really damaged my body. Good luck with your shoulder if you are trying to rehab without surgery. Neither way, there is no fun involved.

      • Keep it real girl, just keep it real. Of course I would take what he tells me with a grain of salt and maybe pass that info on to my ride or die if they are still in the game.

  2. I’m kind of sad Jason will be bamboozled by Paul!
    I’m all about getting the bet out! Just cuz he’s a vet….. but also that it’s disgusting Paul……


    I don’t hate Paul…. hell I don’t know him enuff to “hate” him. So all you paul worshippers back right off please…. I just don’t want the vet to win….. ok yes, also cuz it’s Paul.

    Who’s even left in the house worthy of winning this year?

    • Thats the problem with this season. Paul has a ton of sheep. I don’t feel sorry for anyone left in the house.
      They are too dense to see his game against them. He convinced everyone to throw a running competition to someone with a bad leg. The biggest problem is they all don’t compare notes only do it with Paul. Jury won’t be bitter he will win.

      • Hell, even if the jury is bitter, I don’t think you can realistically vote for anybody else because it will be clear that they didn’t even play the game.

      • I do hear the Paul People but one can hope…… can’t they? Lol ahhhhhh! Buggarrrrr! Heh heh!
        I don’t like it but I can see how this is going. Saw it right after Paul didn’t get voted out week after week!
        Stupid, silly “big super fans!” Yah right! Super fans my butt!
        I think they were all stopped in a mall after their ice cream fell & they picked it back up off the ground to eat it! Production snapped up those kind of players! Hahaha!

  3. “6:10 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh that if Paul gets to F2 he has a huge burden on him because he’s a Vet and that’s a big negative. She says that people won’t want to see a Vet win.”

    That’s why they want to bring Paul to F2, they really think they have a better chance against him.

      • Why is Josh even listening to her talk crap… he is the Super Fan, he should be advising her. Too bad she does not know enough to listen to what he has to say about theirs and Paul’s game.

      • She might regret that before it’s over, too.
        I think Christmas realized that Josh needed a mother figure to help him cope with the real life of BB. She took on that role, maybe partially genuinely to help him but I’m sure to also use him.

      • She’s a mother figure to Josh, for sure!

        How many times has he said, “I MISS my family!!”

      • For a superfan, Josh really sucks. At least Cody knew right off Paul had to go. Oh well, bring season 20.

      • She is getting paid to help Paul. That has been the case this whole season. James got paid to help Nicole and each season is the same.

      • It can’t be someone you don’t like is a better player than you admit. It has to be a conspiracy.

        So pathetic.

      • I actually liked Nicole, but noticed the rigging. No conspiracy. Same with Paul. He is playing a great game, but production is definitely helping. Pathetic are those who believe this is not a fake reality show.

      • How is production helping Paul (beyond his first weeks of safety)? How did they help Nicole?

        Respond with evidence not conspiracy theory nonsense. If you can.

      • Telling them about the comp ahead of time and letting them know how to win it, it is obvious if you watch it. Having HGs throw comps for them with no real explanation as to why. You can see it, it is not hidden. HGs playing to save another person, and not care about becoming a target.

      • Have they truly had a new and unique comp this or over the last few seasons? If you have watched a couple of seasons you should know just about what is coming up. So lack of originality on production’s part is not throwing it to the vets, it’s staying inside the budget for the show.

      • But we love our junk TV, don’t we folks? Lol
        & this site is great for a quick debate!

        I’ve only had to block one commenter….. troll maybe?

        But the internet has so much these days!(yes I said “these days”)
        Oldish…….56 but a young one!
        Except our daughter got married on the weekend & I feel 95 today!!
        ….. but that’s done & now a mini holiday for me & my hubby! Ahhhhhh! Gin & tonic I hear you….. I’m coming! Lol

      • Awwwwhhh……thank you so much! One down one to go…..I wish he’d get a girlfriend but the kid loves his sports & has no time……

      • One of my relatives is friends with one of the friends of Vladmir Putin. According to him, Putin rigged the election for Trump.

      • Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved. Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content.

      • Each and everyone of the house guest gets paid A STIPEND VETS DO GET A BIT MORE BUT NOT MUCH…Nobody is paid to ruin anybody…They all do a great job of ruining themselves without somebody being paid to ruin their pitiful attempt at game…

      • Christmas flirts with me and most other males and we would do and believe stupid crap too.

        Christmas Joy spooned me, I got a bit of a chub, she must like me. “DERP”

        I can’t believe I rubbed Paul’s back a little bit and that goof is taking me further in the game than I should’ve gone. Wow, worked again!

    • This I know. A superfan would not play like any one of those players in the house. So to suggest that he is a superfan? Well, he must have a bit of a vacant head, because his actions are not that of a superfan!

    • That was his big secret. Lol. I thought he was going to say something about Paul and Christmas. Saying you are a super fan is not believable when playing as a follower. He may be a fan, but not super. I’ve watched every single season and I’m just a fan.

    • As a Super Fan he is not being assertive enough, that’s for sure!!! He sometimes try, but is dismissed by Xmas and Paul as if he is clueless…

  4. I hate the tactics in the house. I think the way everyone is shunning Kevin is extremely disgusting behavior. The way Paul talks to Kevin is beyond disrespectful and he deserves to be put in his place. Paul a model? really, his is short and homely. I am barely watching anymore because of the losers in the house. The only thing funny anymore is the unbelieveable stories Raven tells as truths. Rough Knee Syndrome……hahahaha

    • Kevin has a big mouth (he told Jason that he was the target). Paul not telling him the plan and telling him to not talk to him is just smart game play.

      • I agree kevin has a big mouth, but then tell him something that can’t hurt your plan…..don’t speak to him like Paul does…..”just do what I said”. It is demoralizing.

      • I would trust Kevin with absolutely zero info. Kevin is lucky that Paul told him he’s not the target after the veto. I would have just made him squirm.

    • One thing that I read here this morning is that Raven is making Paul’s life miserable. At least there is that.
      Paul may win BB. So what. One would expect him to win with all the safety he got at the beginning of the game. And the fact that he has played before. He had to lie, belittle, bully. He played a dirty game. That would be the only way he could win.

      Anyone ever seen the show ‘Alf’ from back in the 80’s. Paul reminds me of Alf.

      • you are so right that he was given a ton of safety. BB production skewed this season and makes me not want to watch again.

      • I think that he is lying. He wants Raven to win the next HOH, which means he wants her to stick around. He’s not letting Christmas and Josh know that so he lies to them about how annoyed she is getting him.

      • If he indeed wants Raven to win HOH, it’s so he can use her to get Alex or Kevin out and so she can not play in the HOH after that.

      • He doesn’t want Kevin out, he wants the weakest players left and that Raven and Kevin. He will use Kevin or Raven to go after Josh and Christmas, but Josh and Christmas are his next alignment if the “best” plan falls through

      • I believe what he says in DR. As of now, his plan, if at all possible and he goes to F3, is to go with Christmas and Josh.

    • Spot on sb!! Spot on!

      IMO & im not a physiatrist or even in that field but here’s my 2 cents!

      I think Raven is a product of her upbringing & of her mother.
      Raven seems to want to have something medically disposing her to the point of pity (in a way) I watch the way she looks to see if she gets a reaction from her many ailments.
      She just seems so out of reality & in her own little world. She’s basically one of Paul’s puppets. Every now & again she remembers her original strategy & mentions some crazy disease that is uncurable or nobody has ever had it so there’s no name.

      But….. Maybe she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer but she still there……her whole hypochondriac body mind & soul! I’d say it’s going pretty good for her right now! Pretty darn good!

  5. The one thing I am looking forward to the most is when the houseguests reenter the real world and see the disdain and the contempt we have for them.

    • Christmas told Raven that now that they are reality stars, they will forever be a public figure.

    • I honestly don’t think this season will negatively affect Paul one iota. I think the one who will receive the most negative backlash will be Raven. Jason will probably get slapped around by his wife and get a little public admonishing, but I don’t see it having any lasting impact….not even Alex.

      • Sadly I don’t think so, lol …. his fan base has got to have gone down since this “go do this for me” crap. The harassment & bullying (if you will) etc

        And KSJB it seems we don’t think alike & that’s why I lol’d you. I agree there’s ppl that ar not going to like all of them cuz just as you & I have disagreed on things I think fans will as well.

        Some think great game but a bit of a jerk…. some great game right from his entrance! (Were talking paul right)

  6. I hate how they’re treating Kevin. They need to back off. Because I heard that he’s talking about self evicting and if he does, it could really bite Paul and his crew in the rear because with it being a double eviction week, they could just take Kevin’s leaving the game as one of the evictions and start with the second one, blowing up their plan to break up Jason & Alex

    • Rather than self evict he should just stand up to people, especially Alex and punch someone (josh or Paul). He’ll get kicked out immediately. I want Kevin to win, so I hope none of that happens.

      • I want Kevin to win of anyone left in the house, because he’s the one person who’s not completely horrible. If I was him, I’d stand up to them, say how you welcome being evicted because you can’t stand any of their attitudes, and I would turn the tables on them, bring up about how all of them are sheep, how Alex is the most vile person I have ever met, and if you think that America is really going to vote them AFP, they’re delusional

      • Well, if he really wants to go, he should say this in his pre-VTE speech! They might just evict him! I’m wondering, could Kevin say to Julie before the vote, that he just volunteers to go (after a nice spoiler comment or two about what he’s been observing). That may sound like a stupid question, but good grief, this past Survivor season we witnessed all kinds of stuff at Tribal we’ve never seen before.

      • Good cuz from my view he’s the only one with respect to everyone. He seems like a guy that still opens doors for ladies. I like that!
        Ok that’s not why he should win tho! Lmao….🤣😂😁

    • Jason and Alex however strong they are, will always be vulnerable. Reaon is Alex’s blind trust and faithfulness to Paul.

    • I don’t think Kevin will self-evict. He respects the producers too much and plays by the rules.

  7. Lol. They even permit Kevin to play. That’s hilarious.
    I hope that Josh wins this one. I don’t like Raven’s name mentioned so much and I hope she doesn’t win. Hopefully she’ll be the first one to get out of the HOH comp.

  8. Josh says he’ll get to f3, then start playing his on game….like he really has a choice at that point.

    • Well he has a choice. He could pull a Cody and take Paul to F2 if he wins F2 HoH.

      I hope that doesn’t happen. I’m a Paul fan, but clipping him at F3 if possible is just the smart move.

      • He hasn’t been “playing his own game” all season. Whether he wins f2 HOH and takes either Paul or Xmas, he’s bullied people so much that he won’t have any votes.
        Too little, too late to start playing at f3.

  9. If you are going to backdoor someone, why bother telling them just before it happens. Why not just do it and let them walk out stunned, instead of telling them and making them think about it all through the votes… How cruel!!!

    • I totally agree….. better to just “backdoor” them.
      How can you call it backdoored if you’re telling them the outcome before the votes? Plus I don’t think Jason is that stupid….. pretty sure he knows just cuz of the way things have gone this year.

      Another head mounted for SMS Paul! Bah!

  10. Something is wrong with Alex. This is beyond petty and childish; it is not funny not one little bit. It is not even gameplay. She is correct, she is a troll! (not troling but a troll.) I hope by some miracle Kevin gets voted this week. He is not going to win so just spare him the aggravation and vote him out.

    I still do not see how they do not realize Paul is playing all of them. I hope Raven sticks to him like glue. I hope she shares stories of her great-grandpappy that was in the war, who saved 150 soldiers. Stories about how she was a secret agent but had to stop because of her illness. How her uncle worked for the Pentagon. How she is only pretending to gather intel…..

    • don’t forget the Titanic! Didn’t she also dance at the Met and have a demand performance in front of the president and combined senate and house?

  11. I suspect that Paul and Raven have an F2 agreement from before they even entered the house. And as far as a vet cannot win, have they forgotten that Nicole was a vet? She won didn’t she? Alex is just plain dumb and very mean.

  12. I googled Rough Knee Syndrome, and the only thing I get is Raven claiming she has it. Inverted Spine….Raven is the first hit and then other choices come up for inverted discs. Oh Raven, who do you think you are fooling. Why can’t her parents be interviewed and asked about the lying?

    • Her father was killed by a drunk driver, according to her, and her mother is clearly the source of her mental problems, so interviewing the parents does not seem like a viable option here.

      • why is the mother the source of her mental problems. Because she was hit by lightening or she is a mensa member? we truly know nothing about the family that we can say with certainty.

  13. Someone please have a Reality Show called ” After BB” . . .and you video their faces at home watching the Live Feeds and seeing just how badly they were manipulated by Paul . . .and what rude, ignorant, disgusting bullies they all were! Can’t wait for Kevin to win America’s Favourite Player . .and laugh in Alex’s face that he lasted longer than her and made more money than her ! She is one nasty Biatch !!!!!!

    • thats such a good idea!!! totally new concept 4 reality tv…. i do hope hgs are eaten alive from fans and social media. their continuous bragging, underhanded dirty techniques and purposeful emotional distress of fellow cast mates sickens me! Sadly though,I’ll admit I laugh @ raven’s mental health issues. Why doesn’t CBS do something more than just cut feeds or not include in shows.Jason & Kevin good men outside of house but gave into peer pressure

  14. Im just here for the comments lol
    #Pistmas I was up last night thinking of what Paul and Xmas combined could be…. its perfect lol
    #PISTMAS for best “showmance” hahahaha

  15. Josh is getting really annoying…He wants to complain about how Paul is playing the game, and how he’s not going to play Paul’s game….this guy would not even be in the game right now if it weren’t for Paul. He can’t win anything, and he was set to be going home against Ramses until Paul stepped in and intervened. He’s like a smart dumb guy, or someone who is smarter than they seem, but dumber than they think they are.

      • Lol, my bubble is not bursting until Paul is out of the house! What I love is the fact that Josh can complain, but can’t do sh*t about it.

      • Christmas is yelling and berating him for going against Paul. He has good observation skills and is on the money but she keeps pushing him down…She is emotionally abusing him.

      • This is the same guy who was banging pots and pans, trying to emotionally abuse other HGs, right?

      • Yes not saying he is a role model by any means, he did his fair share of bullying but that does not mean he is not being emotional controlled by Christmas right now. Do I feel bad for him NO….

      • Paul said that Raven was grating on him. So that is a plus for Raven ( for you that is ) I am trying not to take any sides ( except my own )
        But they said Paul got bad news from home so I feel bad for him, can’t help it I have a heart, nobody else wants it, it is all cracked and torn up lol

      • how/where/when did paul get bad news? Read that in the back he was crying with his hat over his face/head. boo hoo. Usually BB/prod does not pass on bad news. They didn’t when 9/11 towers went down. If someone in his (p) family died, would think all house would know so house could deal with it s a group.
        Nah, no bad news, just paul sympathy grabber for whatever reason.
        paul may be using the ‘bad news bulletin’ as a ploy to keep Raven away from him.

      • Did not consider that possibility, but if it was to gain sympathy why was he hiding it. Sorry do not have the feeds so I cannot say for certain. So I gather the fact that Raven annoys Paul moves Raven up the pecking order a notch for you. She is glomming on him for sure. My guess is that this girl has never been alone for long lol

      • Remember Derrick’s season, his grandad died. Within the same week, Frankie’s grandad died, too (or vice versa). They had the option to leave / exit the game. I also think Productions told the HGs about 9/11 … not immediately, but they were informed; I think 1 HG or her family distantly knew someone that was killed. I’m slightly motoring on Swiss 🧀 memory here,but it seems relevant (earth-shattering) events are conveyed to them.

      • No no no you don’t want your bubble to burst
        You want to be full of hot air LIKE ME !
        On se degonfle ( deflated fr. ) is a bad way to be
        Catch you later Bill and Ted

      • Nope, loving that he’s in the house lol. Hilarious how much effort people put into hating him still being there.

  16. Haven’t been on here much this year. Has anyone discussed the “twists’? IF Christmas Joy is 26, I am 29..( I am 61 ) lol she’s been to iran 2-3 times, way too much INK, ” the SECRETARY came out “20” yrs ago, Her PRINCE knowledge. I think KEVIN is her dad !!!! I also think Raven and Matt are married !!! hehe

  17. Alf ??? Where are you ???
    You have a near full-body pict of you about 4 hours earlier posted on this thread with green background. You look good. But reason for E.D. post you may not like or maybe so??
    (E.D. is not EvelDick)

  18. What is Alex’s problem? The way she complains about Kevin non stop makes no sense to me. I have seen her say she doesn’t want to say some things because it will be on tv but she has no issue being mean and nasty it seems when it suits her.

    I guess I am not willing to separate good game play and root for the person when I see them as a terrible human being. I don’t think you have to play that way to win. Paul’s methods may get him the win but does he deserve it? Not to me.

  19. Wow, so Josh doesn’t like things Paul is doing, but HE’S the one that’s going to tell Jason before the vote? And by his own admission, Josh thinks Paul has played the best game? Then why keep him in the house? If he waits till F3 to start playing his game, it’ll be too late. Boo hoo Paul for having Raven follow you around, just a backlash for playing all sides. She has no one else.

  20. “12:10 PM BBT – Kevin asks Paul what’s going on. Paul says not to ask any
    questions. Kevin says he’ll act calm. Paul says to act nervous instead.”

    How much more are we going to hear of Paul telling someone who’s in jeopardy to not worry, all will be fine, just do what I say, and then that person gets evicted, YET none of the rest of the house guests catch on, and the evicted party does not openly call out Paul as s/he is leaving?

    Answer: Maybe until Paul is the only person left standing.

  21. This has got to be the most boring BB in history. I still cannot understand why everyone is allowing themselves to be controlled by Paul. He’s an obnoxious little twit. What’s the deal?

  22. OMG!!! Seriously just reading this makes me go insane!
    Alex constantly saying extremely mean things to Kevin is so uncalled for! But I am curious, aside from Alex talking about a rash on Kevin’s back, did she say all the other things to his face? or just see them? She is such a biatch! If I was one of Kevin’s daughters I would be going crazy listening to this stupid little biatch hurting my dad! He such a good dad! & such a kind person!
    Have any of you seen the YouTube videos with him and his daughters? Super funny and cute! He such a cool dad & just a really nice person in general! Check out the videos if you haven’t.

  23. Christmas saying….herself, Josh or Paul “WILL receive AFP” THAT Honestly makes me laugh out loud! And this is EXACTLY why •••”WE” have to vote for Cody to get AFP!•••
    It would be such a slap in the face to the 3 of them! As well as Alex (or as Evel Dick calls her “the c**ty potatohead!”) LMFAO & also a slap in the face for Raven & Matt!!! Raven seems to think she is “America’s Sweetheart” & she will receive AFP! CLEARLY she thinks Americans & Canadians are stupid!
    Jessica (a couple weeks ago) on Instagram live asked “Jody fans” to “please vote for Cody & NOT for her.” She said that if “Jody fans vote for herself AND Cody, that will split the votes and it might affect the numbers.” It makes sense to me b/c it will likely affect their votes/numbers & Paul might end up winning AFP (Nooo) b/c of his big fan base being a Vet!
    So vote for Cody! (IF U want)
    Good for her for not being selfish & asking “Jody Fans”to vote for her!

  24. RE: Raven A few Points & Comments
    ••I LOVE that Raven is “annoying” the HGs! They ALL deserve to be “tortured by Raven,” like we have ALL been this summer!!!!
    ••Raven: “Paul is my F2 guy. We are the ONLY 2 smart people who know how to play this game” &
    ••The next day – “Paul & I are the only smart players remaining!” Bwahahaaa!!! That “Psychotic Freak” with ALL of her fantasies regarding her “FAKE Self!” Is, I’m not gonna lie……Scary! I would NOT want to be alone with that girl, EVER! She is Creeeeeeeepy!! I think she lies so much that she doesn’t know what’s true about herself and what’s not! 🙃
    ••Raven offers to throw the next HOH…. Oh b/c normally you are a “huge threat & would win!?” SMH
    ••Raven says it was her idea to throw the HOH to Christmas! Who is she even telling that to? Herself!? Sooooo Raven lies so much that she is now lying to herself!? Does she believe herself!?! LMAO
    ••Paul says “Raven is eating at my soul!” Yeah, we know buddy! She’s been “eating our souls” the ENTIRE summer! Get over it! It’s your fault she still there!
    ••Raven is unable to answer any “basic business info” about her company! Are you guys actually surprised?! Paul, did you forget that her “GPA was Dance & Business!?!” LMAO
    ••The group discusses Raven’s “strict diet”……….🤷‍♀️ They are ONLY noticing her eat absolutely anything & everything now!?! What a bunch of twits!
    I haven’t watched any of the feeds for the past 2-3 days so I’m just catching up!
    Raven has 2 more illnesses? She’s really good at Chess but she’s not? She has epilepsy now? And so does her mom? Is that all? Or have I missed more? I am sure I have! LOL the girl can’t go a day without having another illness, disease, ludicrous story or something happens to her in the house that requires immediate attention & sympathy then she is already receiving!
    The scariest part is, if the HG’s are not giving Raven the attention & sympathy she craves & demands, she’s just going to get worse! EEEEEEEEEEEK 😬
    TIA for any answers to my questions and for reading this LOL

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