‘Big Brother 19’ Interview: EvelDick Weighs In On Mob Mentality Game Play

Big Brother 19 has definitely been one of the more dramatic seasons in recent history, giving us fight after fight after fight. Some of those fights have even caused the Live Feeds to cut, leaving fans wondering if someone was expelled.

And these aren’t your run of the mill one-on-one fights. This season, it’s often been multiple people, sometimes the entire house, against one or two people. The latest victim of this season-long mob mentality is Kevin.

When we started trying to figure out what’s going on with this season, we thought of the perfect person to ask: Big Brother 8 Winner EvelDick. I mean, he lead what has gone down as “Hell Week” during Big Brother 8, since he’s an expert on the whole take-no-prisoners gameplay.

Actually, Paul and a couple others this season have compared themselves and their gameplay to EvelDick. Paul even went as far to suggest EvelDick might have a photo of Cody crying as his Twitter header photo. Paul couldn’t be more wrong about that. Despite cheering for Paul last season, Dick isn’t his biggest fan this time around. He actually rooted for Cody and Jessica while they were still in the game.

And as far as them comparing themselves to EvelDick, he has some strong thoughts on that. I asked Dick some questions about this season, and in his typical fashion, he was candid and brutally honest.

Some of the HGs have compared their style to yours during Big Brother 8. I’ve seen you beg to differ on Twitter. What is the difference between how you played and how they’re playing?

EvelDick: When I played, I did my own dirty work. I didn’t need the “house” to gang up on someone, isolate someone, attack someone. When I went full EvelDick on them, it was Dani and I against the house, and I made it clear (I asked the producers to please play one DR session on the show) where I said I was doing it to take the target off of Dani and put it on myself. I didn’t orchestrate this mob mentality, giving lines for others to attack people with like Paul has.

This cast has been a lot more personal with the attacks, wouldn’t you say?

ED: These people have tried to provoke someone to the point of violence in order to get them tossed out of the game. I talked a lot of shit, got personal at times, but my goal was never to get them to take a swing at me in order get them tossed out of the game. [What I said about them was true] … I didn’t make shit up — basically what I said were things the other people said, with a twist or lie to make themselves look better, but I knew better and knew they were lying. So when I needed something, I used their own lies against them.

And this season, a lot of what they’re saying about other HGs isn’t even true, correct?

ED: 100 percent.

Did you ever need to apologize to anyone during your season? 

ED: After hell week, I didn’t apologize for what I did or said, but I did speak to everyone individually and explain why I did what I did that week. Even a non apology, apology or explanation, goes a very long way in that house. Which is why I could still get some of those people to work with me after all that, even though I cut some of them to the bone with things I said prior.

EvelDick on Big Brother

Why do you think these HGs are attacking and shutting people out the same way week after week?

ED: Because that’s what Paul is telling them to do and HGs like the c**ty potatohead Alex and Josh are more than happy to oblige. Too stupid to see they are burning jury votes while keeping Paul’s hands clean. These HGs are the biggest flock of sheep ever on Big Brother. They ask Paul if they can nap, brush their teeth and take a shit. It really is pathetic. Paul is at the bottom of all this every time. He encourages it, comes up with things for them to say and do. Like Josh with the pots and pans, that was Paul. The bashing of Cody’s military career was Paul; even what to say. Christmas didn’t miss a beat jumping in and adding things to say as well.

And again, with the rapey rodeo cowboy… When they were coming up with shit to rip Kevin with, Jason was saying he was going to say that to Kevin, even though Kevin and Jason were close. He wanted to be one of the cool kids. Man that is going to backfire on his ass. Paul was again orchestrating all that, and again, these idiots are more than happy to jump in with horrible things to say to Kevin.

How do you think the season would be playing out without a returning player in the mix?

ED: This season would have been so different without Paul in the cast — an entirely different season. I feel like Paul poisoned this cast. Would it have been a good season? Who the hell knows, but it would have been VERY different, no doubt. I saw an interview with Allison Grodner. She was asked why they put a returning player in again this season when the majority of fans didn’t want any returning players. Her reply was almost comical, definitely comical now, seeing how this season has played out… She replied that it’s only one person and shouldn’t have that much affect on the game. They gave Paul more advantages than any returning player EVER on Big Brother. Why give returning players advantages to start with? It’s a big enough an advantage just being a returning player in itself.

I mean, if you can have someone like Nicole, who was terrible and evicted TWICE on her original season, come back and win her second season with all her advantages and production bullshit… Shows you that returning players shouldn’t get shit, but a spot in the house. Period.

How would you rate this season?

ED: To me, in my opinion, this is one of (if not THE WORST) seasons in the history of the show. The more production manipulates the game, the worse the seasons have become. The show is a shadow of what it once was. I loved this show/game, which is why I wanted to go on it. I had never tried to get on any other show. I was a fan since Season 1, and thought it would be a cool way to spend a summer. It looked like a great game to play. And back then, it was an even playing field for everyone. Not anymore. If I was in charge, I’d like to see the show go back to playing with no vetos for a summer, no twists, no DR or producer manipulation. Just old school Big Brother. A back to basics season… and let people play the game. There are quite a number of alumni that have said they will never go back on the show because of what it has become.

Thank you, EvelDick. 

What do you think of EvelDick’s thoughts on the game? Do you agree with what he says? Catch more of EvelDick’s (and special guests’) thoughts and opinions on his Big Brother recap show Dick @ Nite.


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    • ED is 100% correct this is the worse BB ever, Paul should have never entered the game, and with so many advantages, His return killed this season and the producers allow him and his puppets to bully and isolate good competitors . I was blown away with all the cruel and brutal behavior of these people. how can you allow someone that is injured to remain in the BBH. The show should be cancel if this is the future of BB. Very disappointed fan of the show.

      • completely agree Fan. And how about allowing Matt to continue to break the rules of the HNs but he just got one more vote. The last person kicked out for basically the same behavior, if not less, will probably sue for being dealt with more harshly.

      • BB should not count Matthews jury vote (if it does not suit them )
        No they want Cody and Matthew in jury to keep a lid on Kevin and Jason hurting each other

      • Just not Christmas what about Raven who could not be a have not because of her disease I feel if you can’t play the whole game then you shouldn’t be allow to play at all. She has lied so much about her disease. If I had to pick someone to win it would have to be Jason. All the rest are bullies and mean girls.

      • we don’t know for sure she lied so don’t assume because her disease is one the invisible ones!! but I Def can’t her, an was a joke

    • I think BB14 (Dan, Brittany, Ian, Frank, etc.) was the last great season. While it did have returning houseguests, it was done in a neat way with mentors and the only other big gimmick was Pandora’s Box. We got one of the best winners of the series in Ian, the amazing “Dan’s Funeral”, Brittany’s snark comments, Boogie’s eviction night, Shane’s eviction, and so many likeable personalities that it was fun to root for many of them. We don’t speak of Willie, though.

      Then BB15 happened. Y’know…”the racist one”.

      • I thought 16 was great. Derrick was a mastermind. Cody was nice. Caleb was an idiot but entertaining, and Zach was made for TV

      • Grodner’s been there since BB2 but I dunno what exactly happened in BB15 for it to change so dramatically. Season 12 was the Brigade, and the gameplay for that season was awful due to an alliance effectively “solving” the game by having the numbers on their side from Day 2. Except for the gameplay the rest of the season was strong as far as characters go. I’ll never forget Rachel vs Ragan and the infamous cookie scene.

      • I thoroughly believe that Dan got shafted. That was the only season, where regardless of what I thought of the houseguest, that I disagreed with them winning the game. Dan played a masterful game and personally was instrumental in evicting almost all of the jury. The jury became petty for being outsmarted and gave Ian the win to spite Dan.

        I can see that this jury is probably going to be petty as well, instead of rewarding great game play.

      • I agree that Dan played a stronger and better than he did in season 10, but he also burned many bridges to do that. Ian was on good terms with all while still playing a really strong game, winning when it counted the most and maintaining good will with all. Don’t forget: he was the one who organized the Quack Pack and evicted certain people the moment he could while still protecting himself (Boogie ring a bell?).

        He was like an off-shoot of BB2 Will: let Dan move the game around but only enough to make him get all the blood on his hands to get there, especially after the house realized what a threat he was. Add onto that a very strong case Ian made in his final two speech about where Dan was making too many promises and did some underhannded things to get to the final. I disagree with Dan being more deserving than Ian personally but I will never fault anyone for saying he should have won either: I respect both guys a great deal and BB14 along with BB10 will be my favorites of all time.

        Also it should be said that Dan is extremely entertaining on Northernlion’s gaming streams so I’m not speaking bias, lol.

      • 100% agree AG has ruined this show,and if they end up keeping her then maybe the best thing woud be to cancel the show, because she has definately shown her favoritism this yr,making this the worst bb ever.

    • In total agreement with eveldick. Production has made a wreck of the game and the shows changing each year. This is the worst season and cast tho I like Kevin and Mark for their kindness and Cody for having balls to see Paul for what he is.

      • I agree. Bringing a vet who was a finalist the previous year did a lot of damage to this season. Everyone was kinda like “starstruck” at the start like….why? he’s going to be competition at some point…So many good players were gone too soon and all that’s left were sheeps running around the house.

  1. Yes. Not a fan of his, but agree completely with his statements. This is a production interfered game and it doesn’t work very well.
    Once HGs go home and watch the show, they may still want to hang out with Paul. Slow minded individuals. I hope Kevin stays far away from everyone for the rest of his life.

    • yep- I never liked him as a player or his tactics as well- he is right about production and returning players…. Survivor is doing the same thing- they think they are keeping the game new and fresh with the additions from season to season but it is really just interference with what the players are doing-

      “rapey rodeo clown”.. to funny- Jason will hate life for awhile after he gets out- he will have to hide with Alex

      • Paul has orchestrated a lot of ish this game, but pinning that one of Paul- no way. At the end of the day these are consulting adults and responsible for their own behavior. Paul did not take Josh’s hands and bang the pots and pans together. He may have told him to do it, but Josh can (and has) said No. I’ll give credit where credit is due and Paul did instigate a lot of drama, but I did not see any guns to the head.
        And I think they all SHOULD go back and watch it and be ashamed of themselves- except maybe Cameron and Jillian since they only had 2 seconds of fame.

      • Charles Manson didn’t put a gun to the head of his family of murderers and he got sentenced to life in prison.

      • Paul did not dose them with salts of lysergic dimethalyde, unless it is in the Kool-Aid, Ken Kesey, for the lions and the lambs

      • Umm, Yep totally the same thing. One manipulated people into murdering others and the other convinced someone bang pots and pans together and be mean to people. People, who by the way, were pretty vicious themselves. Call the Calvary now. Seriously

      • You’re right, he didn’t FORCE them to do any of it, they did it of their own volition. However, they think they are in an alliance with him, and they are stupid enough to do what he says. Some people are very impressionable and easy to convince. Josh is definitely that type.

      • I hope his wife gives him a fat black eye when he gets out because that poor family are the ones getting the brunt of what’s he’s spewing out of his mouth. I know he’s gonna feel REAL bad once he sees that what he said is plastered ALLLL over the internet (& he SHOULD feel bad about it) – gonna break Kev’s poor heart.

    • I really hated ED when he was on the show, but in this circumstance, he has hit the nail on the proverbial head! No alumni should go into a show with newbies…Would Paul be able to manipulate players on an alumni only show??? I don’t think so!!

      • Not quite what he said. He said at best they deserve a spot and that’s it. No advantages or production aid. Personally, I don’t like “vets” coming back at all.

  2. He’s right. Everything he said is true about what’s been wrong with the show the last several seasons.

      • That, to me, is what is so unfair. You could actually have someone win AFP based on the fact they see the clean edits a character is given on the broadcast episodes. People aren’t seeing Alex’s vile antics and comments towards Kevin. They are at least seeing *some* of the lies Raven is spewing, but maybe not enough. They aren’t seeing a lot of the instigation Paul provides in pushing these people to act their absolute worst. I think the only people who should be allowed to vote for AFP are members of pages like this who get the behind-the-scenes stuff. I for one would be LIVID to see Alex or Raven in particular win ANYTHING.

      • meanwhile she wished kev get cancer, she wants to rip his face off and wear it as a mask….like, wow!

      • Compared him to a child molester etc. yet none of that is ever shown.
        The people that do not stay up with the feeds or spoilers can a have very different view of how a person actually is.

      • they had a fight last week and I think it might be on Wednesday. she really lit in to him and he replied. “a shoe could beat you in the final 2”
        she was devastated, let’s see how much they show.

      • Christmas comes across the same way. That lovely compassionate woman you see on the broadcasts is not a very nice person, at all.

      • The only passion I have seen in Christmas is when she is rubbing all over her lady parts. Notice BB kept that shot in.

      • You are so right. That is want happened to me. I watched BB for two seasons until I found Jokers. When I started reading jokers I discovered the “real” BB. What a difference.

      • first she was listed as pro-gamer now she is an eco-marketing…
        I have read her father is very wealthy and has ties to CBS
        a trust fund baby that is a college drop out.. no compassion for others

      • OMG MEEE TOOOO!!! They make Alex out to be a cute little prankster & she’s the B-TCH from HELL!

      • She is a very mean girl. Don’t like her, Christmas and I especially don’t like Raven

      • Raven is nothing but a pos con artist,she said today that both her and her mom has had breast cancer,thats bs MY FORMER GIRLFRIEND DIED from breast cancer,but not before she had a mastectomy,very few people survive breast cancer,raven changes her diseases like most people change underwear

      • I wish you would take that statement back “very few people survive breast cancer.” I’m sorry for your friend but many, many people survive breast cancer. Early detection, good doctors, aggressive treatment plans all contribute to more and more people surviving. Is one death from breast cancer one death too many? Absolutely. But don’t negate the wonderful advancements many, many dedicated researchers and doctors have made because people still die from breast cancer. I owe my life to those researchers and doctors. Ten years cancer free. And trust me when I say a double mastectomy, chemo and being hairless for a year was well worth the price of enjoying my grandkids. We shouldn’t make blanket statements that few survive if there is the slightest possibility a woman won’t do monthly self-exams and have timely mammogram because she heard few survive. So sorry for the loss of your friend and Raven is the worst of the worst.

    • I have watched Big Brother since season 1 and stopped (only read updates on Wednesday) after the house was allowed to question and disrespect Cody’s military service and constantly harass Cody & Jessica. Cody was the only player to actually play the game, attempt to “Back-Door” a major player but production set that up for Ratings! Then he battles his way back in and the torment begins. That entire week was disgusting to the point of ignorance on the part of production. If that kind of behavior happened “outside world”, someone would have gotten his face smashed and for good reason! Just hand Paul the check, that was obvious the second he walked in the door. He was a joke is first season getting beat in the end by the jury because they all saw him for what he is,

  3. This game has always been like this just not so many followers. I did not like Paul last year. This year he is the only
    one playing the game. He can’t help the other houseguests don’t have a clue.

    • The game has not always been like this. I have been watching since season 1 and this game has never had the whole house following one person before NEVER. Paul is the only one playing the game because he is the only one that knows how and he is taking advantage of that.

      • well- I would think at this point the other HG’s would have figured it out- how to play that is…

      • I think they believe they are playing the game, they are just not as good at it as Paul. Paul laid groundwork early and pretty much everyone else currently left went along with the house. The only person feeding into the “house” was Paul. So they went along with Paul. Right now Paul is furthering their game- until he is not. And the problem is that they don’t see when that is. Like Jason and Alex- I think by the time they find out, it will be too late.
        I don’t think anyone is actively trying to lose (except Matt but he does not count). They are using Paul too, the problem is that Paul knows it and is using it to his advantage to say safe.

  4. Love Dick’s commentary here. I recently did a rewatch of Season 8, and albeit his tactics were sometimes harsh, he did have good relationships in the house. When he and Dani went after Eric/Amber (thanks, banner plane), he still maintained a relationship with both AND not only maintaned a game relationship with Eric, but entertained his strategy and gameplay in conversation.

    In BB you can be ruthless without being a jerk.

    • I think BB14 (Dan, Brittany, Ian, Frank, etc.) was the last great season. While it did have returning houseguests, it was done in a neat way with mentors and the only other big gimmick was Pandora’s Box. We got one of the best winners of the series in Ian, the amazing “Dan’s Funeral”, Brittany’s snark comments, Boogie’s eviction night, Shane’s eviction, and so many likeable personalities that it was fun to root for many of them.

      We do not speak of Willie, though.

  5. Agree! That’s why Paul should not win! He is a snake and the people in there have no brains, washed out as soon as Paul opened his mouth, he is a puppet master! Sorry but why can’t BB goes back to basics like it was before??

      • No.
        Money should be donated to an anti-bullying group. I would say a women’s shelter but that was a smaller group that was in on that. Perhaps split the 500k between anti-bullying and a women’s group like the YWCA that work with victims of rape. CBS would do a lot to mend the public image and fan’s disgust by taking that stand.

      • how about they donate to help the hurricane harvey survivors with food, clothing, and housing.AND to an anti bullying organization.

    • that will never happen while alison grodner is the executive producer,she is too damn biased ,and plays favorites,and its very obvious ,especially this year.

      • Is there a cbs complaint contact or big brother complaint contact we’re we all could slam them with our discuss on the stupid producers allowing or somehow orchestrating how crappy bb has become?

  6. I completely agree with him. A back to basics BB would be great! Let’s see actual strategy, with no advantages from production. Let the game play out as it will.

  7. Exactly! That’s what the ppl do not realize when they say that Paul is playing a great game. Yes, thinking ahead and being cunning is good game play, but inciting “mob” type behaviour is unnecessary and should never be considered good game play.

      • Other than Paul, these HGs don’t have any strategy. They all showed up for summer camp. Now camp time is over and they can all go home. Kudos to them all. They made a stipend for never exercising a single brain cell between them.

    • I have said repeatedly in several of my post…The actions of the HGs was not game play…It was just a dam mean group of bitches and jerks ( including Cody & Jessica) bullying and belittling others…

    • The mob mentality is also a strategy adopted by Paul to infuriate and shake the confidence of his victims while have his gullible followers get their hands dirty while he appears clean. More of the blames should be going to the houseguests who are suppose to be playing their games but turned otherwise.

      • Yes. The “mob mentality” is not good game play for anyone. Neither the leader nor the followers.

      • No one’s fault but their own if they are followers, weak people, people with no backbone whatsoever. The world is full of weak people. It’s not the real world. It’s a game. They came to play follow the leader for 15 mins of fame. Good for the leader. He is not at all to blame for their actions.

    • I don’t care for Paul, and certainly have no respect for the rest of the cast (how and a group of adults be so oblivious and such poor advocates of their own interests?) but your “logic” breaks down. Paul hasn’t been in serious jeopardy since the opening weeks of the series, and will most likely make it to at least F3.

      “Good game play” is relative, contextual and relative. Strategy and tactics that produce results withing the company text of a game are by definition “good gameplay.” I think what you mean to say is maybe “in iting mob-type behavior falls under the heading of stuff I don’t like and bunches my knickers”?

      • Actually what I really mean to say is thinking ahead and being cunning is good game play, but inciting “mob” type behaviour is unnecessary and should never be considered good game play.

      • Right. The only thing that undermines your logic here is the fact that a) this is the strategy that Paul is employing, and b) Paul is clearly in a stronger position than anyone else in the house. Quite possibly in as strong a position as any houseguest has ever been, ergo….”it should never be considered good gameplay”? Interesting conclusion.

      • A) that is the strategy that Paul is employing – does not mean it’s good game play
        B) he’s clearly in a stronger position than anyone in the house – which he was from day 1, and did not need to resort to the bullying tactics. I also stated in one of these posts that he likely would still be able to manipulate these houseguests, the ganging up on other housemates is / was unnecessary. The ends does not always justify the means.

      • How would the game have played out has Paul pursued a different strategy? Unknowable. How has the game progressed with Paul pursuing “bad strategy?

        Thw moral preening is a little tiresome. Maybe you’re omniscient and know precisely how the game would have progresssed had Paul not bunched your knickers. I’ll plead humility and confess that I have no idea. Generally speaking, though, If I were playing the game, I would prefer that people leave the house blame someone other than me for their departure. If I could direct the departing houseguest’s animosity away from me and toward some fool clanking pots and pans? So much he better.

      • Moral preening? Lol. I guess it helps your argument if you give mine a name? I have admitted that Paul is playing a smart game, but I think he has taken his game play over the top. The pots and pans is probably the best example in support of my point. Jessica and Cody already hated Josh, so no need for any pots and pans to direct attention from Paul. That was unnecessary. Smh.

      • Moral preening isn’t “your argument,” it’s something that you are doing. Your “argument,” such as it is, is a post hoc account of why someone who’s pretty objectively “winning” a game in which you’ve never participated is doing it all wrong. Your actual “arguement” is along he lines of um…..um, because…because. ummm….because um, unnecessary….and and and…..bully. And mean…..and….well. he’s a big, giant mr mean-pants.

      • At no point did I say that he’s all wrong, or that he’s all around mean. In spite of my breakdown in logic, moral preening, post hoc accounts, (did I miss any?), my argument remains that Paul’s game play of mob mentality/bullying tactics is unnecessary, as pointed out in the pots and pans example that you actually raised. If that constitutes moral preening, then so be it. Bullying is bullying regardless of its packaging.

        At this point, your pretentiousness is showing. You might want to cover that up; the exposed look is unappealing. Unfortunately, in your attempts to school me on my supposed errors in logic, you are spouting certain Philosophy 101 terminology and committing your share of several logical fallacies in the process; and meanwhile, having not offered at least one valid argument which effectively counters mine as stated in the preceding paragraph.

        Ah well, you win some you lose some; at this point I’ll generously count this one as a loss on my end and keep it moving; as we’ll probably just end up going around in circles and it’s not worth the effort; it’s really not that serious.

  8. People, please don’t agree so fast!!!!
    You will ruffle all of Paul’s fans on this site!!=) after all Paul is “god”!! To them, and can do no wrong.
    I’m glad they interviewed him as his thoughts were so spot on!!!!
    Thank you Evil Dick for your thoughts!!

  9. Very good interview. He is spot on with his description of Paul. Inciting the ‘mob mentality’ should be all the blood he needs on his hands.
    Evil Dick said it very well. He played to win. He didn’t need to throw everyone under the bus in front of him…..he was driving the bus!!!

    • exactly. everyone knows paul is deciding who leaves and simply plotting and carrying out their evictions would get him the jury’s votes. BUT he feels the need to get “his puppets” to make his targets’ last days in the house miserable. it’s like, “hey, i’m going to be sending you home this week. and just to show you that you never should have gone against me, i’m going to make sure your last days are awful. and the people i allow to still be here better take notice what happens to anyone who goes against me, cuz it might be their turn next.”

  10. Dick is exactly right about producers meddling too much in the game. Leading the players, manipulating their thoughts and actions. Stupid twists with expecting the unexpected. It just feels SO orchestrated. It’s no where near as interesting. I much preferred when they were left to their own devices, when the audience voted for evictions, and they all had to compete or work for niceties. Rather than charging for feeds, charge for eviction votes and make the feeds free. That’s how you draw an audience in. Let the audience be part of the process, and leave the players to actually relate (or not) to one another to play the game.

  11. What a hypocrite, trying to justify his actions. All bullying, no matter what form it takes, is bullying. EvelDick just did his differently. It doesn’t mean that his was better.

    Evel Dick is a DICK.

  12. I agree with Evil Dick, WORST season ever! No rules and apparently production doing too much to shape the game to what they want to happen!

  13. I agree with his statement this is the worst season in history of BB. It’s so bad, I literally stopped watching and only watch bits and pieces of what’s going on. Paul has ruined this season and I’m glad for ED’s truthful comments.

  14. one thing that set the trend early-on were the production temptations, hex’s, self eviction, safety’s….they bogged down the house early and caused fear and lethargy. to which, paul saw this as even more of an opportunity to guide the young children through the haunted house.
    Allison will never admit this comedy of errors that probably looked better on paper. however, production never tried to right the ship and as the weeks went on, the cruelty and meanness proved effective as THE method to evict. Allison should have stopped this early. did she really think that we were enjoying this? big brother is heartless.
    I’ve had to mute the feed, turn away, turn it off and i’ve cried at the inhumanity. I’m like ED, watched from season 1, and this year the hg’s have bastardized the game. kassting should be fired for her poor judgement. aspiring social media stars should have been a red flag, not a resume builder. maybe, if nothing else, production should have saved them from themselves because I think they will feel shame.
    thank you ED and my best to dani

    • Yep…a lot of the over the top antics could have/should have been stopped by Production….Its only 14 more days and BB19 will be history…

      • Yes Again they could have and should have… …People without the feeds are not privy to seeing and hearing what those of us that have them do. Of course CBS is gonna edit all the mean vile things these HGs have said and done.. We support the show by purchasing the feeds and due to an untold # of viewers calling to cancel their subscriptions CBS offered free feeds…Production just let the situation go to far and they lost control…

      • I’ve wanted to cancel for weeks now, and some days I can’t watch, i’ll just read highlights. the tv bb is so bizarrely different. my family will watch and say, THIS? they showed alex as a little leprechaun, popping up oh so cute. really bb, THIS?

  15. Most of what he has said is also what I have said here or on Twitter. CBS guys should be skilled enough to edit the show for tv with whatever the cast has thrown at them and NOT have your own storyline to fit every one into. Too much production involvement and it s obvious. Because could careless about integrity in the show they were transparent with production manipulation of parts of the show.

    A vet spoils the show. The show new cast each year is what brings the ratings, not the returning special guest. If CBS guys want a vet back, have an entire season of vets or like they did before vets vs newbies. In those shows there should be no advantages in the first two weeks if you feel u must have twist in the game. Allow ppl to know each other. Also stop with the evicted person on the first night. That is so lame! Let the house simmer and let the games begin. Like we would have liked to know who is Cameron..

    From that point this is what makes BB worth watching. The dynamics created by this batch of new ppl. It makes an old show new again. Maybe CBS should hire me because these points are blatantly obvious.

    I do think this is the worst season, with a cast who may have made it a great season. Paul really did spoil it. So the casting person should not be fired but the person recommending Paul should. I supportedPaul to win last season as again Nicole was an obvious flaw by Production, but only because he was an underdog and had good strategy (this season also shows how skilled Paul can be at this show), but the error is placing someone who has both played the game and insight into what production wants was a big flaw.

    Anyway, I will continue to be a fan of BB but I have stopped viewing the show when it airs. I watch reruns or keep up here. I will tune in for BB20 to see if anything is better.

    And please stop those Groner interviews. They are useless. Maybe she wants to be a star at the forefront. I do not want to be a fan.

    • Perfectly stated. I too, loved the show, but this year, I actually turned the show off and watched football. I’d rather read what is really going on, here, and not have to watch these idiots. Maybe next year?

  16. here’s the recipe, paul selects the next to go and the group has 7 days to have at that person mercilessly. don’t even make the comps matter, paul will dole them out at his pleasure.
    fun times, right Allison?

      • so true….he has basically won/commanded all least the last 5 HOH’s and wants to win the next because of DE….he wants be in the driver seat so he doesn’t get back doored….he knows his game.

      • some of these players admit they never watched and aren’t fans. when they were recruited, kasting handed them a tape of season 16 and told them to watch it. Jason admits,he kept falling asleep.

      • Backdoored? That shouldn’t happen because he can play in every veto comp remaining, meaning he can keep noms the same if he wins. On the other hand Cody, couldn’t play in multiple pov comps, and was BDed as a result.

      • If someone was on the block and won veto, I think they’d use it on themselves. I don’t think Paul can run the table and win or decides who wins every remaining veto comp.

      • Yeah, you’d think a person OTB would use the veto on themselves. NOT necessarily so on this program.

        They have on BB what is called the “Marcellas.” This is when you win veto while you are on the block, yet you don’t use it on yourself, and then YOU are eliminated. (There was a Marcellas who first didn’t use own won veto on self and got voted out)

        Matt this season used the veto he won on Raven. Might have been another or two on season and on seasons before.

        There was also a guy on Survivor who had the necklace and didn’t use it on himself and got voted out. There may have been another guy who used it on a gal but he was then outed. Don’t remember for sure on that last one.

    • But the players no longer use the veto as it was meant. Look at this season, every nomination is 1 to 2 pawns and a back door. It’s just a wasted few days on the nomination because the real ceremony is the veto ceremony. Just get rid of the POV so people will play right.

      • I like the POV competitions. How about the HOH nominates 3 people. Veto is played the same as it is now. Veto winner MUST use the POV on someone. Remaining 2 are final nominations. That would eliminate the backdoors (which always seemed cowardly to me anyways) and might help eliminate people throwing the POV.

      • That’s not a bad idea. The HOH would have to nominate people that they actually want to go home.

  17. an hour ago
    I completely agree with him. A back to basics BB would be great! Let’s see actual strategy, with no advantages from production. Let the game play out as it will.

  18. You can’t come down on Paul….if the sheep follow….you keep leading. The only thing that gave him a big advantage was the first three weeks of immunity….that was handed to him to keep him safe as production feared that he would be a big target and be sent out the door right away…..and that would have happen cause Cody had his sights on him and it backfired….in more ways than one….he then became the target as Paul turned the tables on him right away…if he didn’t have the immunity he would have been out long ago.

    • 3 weeks of immunity is unheard of in the BB house. It was a gift from production so Paul could get a foothold in the house.

      • Four weeks of safety, all total. Paul did not have to compete or acclimate socially the first week…. And after everyone had settled-in initially, the vet, paul, a popular fan favorite, got to make his entrance. For this fame whore cast of moths, paul was The flame to flock to. This cast just craves pauls approval, and will do anything to get it. Just a mess. Stopped watching. DVR recording settings in place since season 15 were deleted after cody exited. Only willing to watch jury show footage via antenna tv. Use an antenna to be certain cbs gets zero addition from me regarding households watching their show via cable box. And, i boycot all products i see in cbs commercial advertisements. Great that i have now discovered that our local storebrand items are so good. So cbs, your advertisers didnt just lose me for the length of this season, your efforts resulting in boycot have led to a non-return to advertised goods with the discovery of alternative items are in fact better in quality and priced lower to boot. Folks, remember, the producers answer to advertisers, and the current direction will continue unless marketing sees an adverteiser revenue decline. Boycot.

    • You forgot about the friendship bracelets & how everyone had to “suck up to Paul” in order to get on his good side. That is 3 weeks of safety AND this… that’s a whole lotta advantages right off the bat – no wonder they all thought they’d better latch on & not let go!

    • you’re forgetting the 8 “FRIENDSHIP” bracelets that the HGs were told to ‘temp’ paul with whatever so paul would give them “Friendship” safety for one week. That was the reason Mark said he gave that temp apple of friendship to paul, to pay paul back for the first friendship bracelet.

    • Don’t forget the immediate DeFacto HOH and Friendship Ceremony. It was like a Coronation and only Cody was rightfully disgusted by the bracelets.

  19. The temptations got in the way a few times of game play. I would prefer the game play over anything. Like when Christmas blocked cody from playing in the veto or Paul being on the block in the first week.

    • I think mr. evil had a falling out with bb, so he’s free and not beholden like the rest of them. we will never really hear the truth from 19 because they all want future invites to the buffet.

      • Players from previous season’s are on social media saying how horrible Paul and this season is. That normally doesn’t happen. Usually they take up for each other.

  20. Can we actually voice our opinions to CBS?? ED was totally right, this game isn’t what it used to be! I miss food comps and old school Big Brother. It’s way too manipulated now. This show is great just off gameplay and watching people win off their own merits. Raven would have never gone as far as she did in past big brother seasons. Then she cries like a spoiled brat when someone finally puts her on the block…maybe go win something!

    • Neither would Christmas, yet she feels like she’s making big moves after her HOH “wins with Pail telling her and everyone else what to do. I know a lot of people say that they’re “never watching the show again” but after Sunday’s HOH, I may not watch anymore’ either.

      • After BB18 I said I was done. I’m sick of the same comps, hg know every double eviction, young 20 somethings, showmances, and weak women. But this season they announced an older new cast so I was excited about BB again. But when Paul showed up I knew immediately it was the Paul show. I only watch the eviction episodes and I’m not coming back at all next season. Allison Grodner needs to be fired before I come back. I need BB to be fun again for me.
        But I do like the comps this season, so that’s 1 compliment I have this year.

      • The problem is, they’re not actually PLAYING the comps. It’s predetermined who will win! I mean, the one footed girl winning a footrace! Come on!

      • True, but if they actually played the comps to win they are an improvement. I prefer the crap shoot comps so anyone (not including bb19) has a chance to win.

      • I could have done without the shuffleboard & minigolf setups for one legged Christmas.

    • Raven wants everyone to feel sorry for her so she can win the half mil and never be on the block or win any comps, or be a have not,just wants to lay around the house and have sex,raven is a bigger scumbucket than paul is.

  21. ED is right ..The game of BB (as for the viewers who love the show 100%) has been ruined this season…Any season that has people commenting that BB19 is worse than BB15 should make the HGs of BB 15 proud…

    • The game has been sliding down hill for a few seasons. This season finally hit rock bottom. Once showmances became a thing, the show changed for the worse. Allison Grodner and Robyn Kass started picking weak women who can’t win a challenge to save their life and cookie cutter characters. Big brother used to be fun. I’m all for ending the twists and get rid of veto since the house guest have found a way to break the system with nonsense “back doors” and throwing challenges.
      And stop creating stories. I know production needs a story but use the actual story, don’t create one out of thin air.

      • I do think if Christmas hadn’t broken her foot, that she would have won comps without them being thrown to her.

  22. I loved the game when Dick played. He was one of my favorite guests. I’m so happy you’ll interviewed him. The interview was great and I of course agreed with all his comments. I’m wondering how old Dick was when he played the first time? I’m comparing him to Kevin. Kevin seems so much older.

    • EvelDick was 44 at beginning of his winning season BB 8; Evel Dick was 48 at beginning of season BB13. Daughter Daniele was 20 and 25. (age at beginning of seasons)
      Kevin was 55 at beginning of this season, turned 56 while here. They had a BD cake.

  23. I miss the days when the cast actually wanted to win. They weren’t there for anyone but themselves. I agree with everything ED said in this interview. Why can’t production see what we see? lol

    • They see it…but they lost control of the situation…The HGs are rebelling against the rules…While they admonished Matt for his rule breaking it was too little to late…The season had done gone to ruin…

  24. I totally agree with him. That said, I think some of the worst aspects of recent seasons are people trying to be Evel Dick, but not thinking about his reasoning why or without the brains to really pull it off. His behavior wasn’t so much to further his own game, but to protect his daughter and further her game. He just had the skills in comps to back it up when his butt was on the line. A lot of these houseguests now, try to go what they think is his strategy, but without any intelligence behind it and pretty much just become vile bullies. But its easier for them, because they aren’t smart or as smooth of a talker someone like Dan or Dr. Will who can talk themselves out of being evicted when it should have been a sure thing

  25. I came in these message boards over a month ago and said the exact same thing and got lambasted by all the BB robot fans talking about how this was such a great season and I was full of BS for saying that production was meddling way too much paving the way for Paul. Now it’s just more obvious to everyone which is sad because maybe if fans just tuned out this season it might have sent a message to BB. This whole season including the cast has been a complete bust. Only in 2017 is it okay to treat a US military vet the way Paul and that jackass Josh did. Cody played the game and they took offense and took it personal and then proceeded to ruin the show. It’s not even a question in my mind if this was the worst season of BB ever it simply is the worst ever. NO MORE RETURNING PLAYERS!!!

    • I don’t think bb is receptive to messages. fans were never heard.
      this is the Allison show.

    • As a sister of two active military personnel, three active cousins, and several family members that are military vets, in all division of the US military, I was disgusted by the way they treated Cody. I have family members that were in several wars even preparing for…. (no politics here but…)… I have the greatest respect for all those serving in the US military. It is not easy for the soldiers AND their families and for disrespect given to Cody was downright appalling.

      I was asked several times how could I side with Cody (or whatever?), never did I mention my family because regardless, he fought for our very right to have the freedom we have in this country. Now, an even greater respect because it is very close to home. Some military folks (one of my sibling included) are just direct, no time for bulls%&t, but loves deep, live by their word, and will protect you no matter what.

      They are lucky Cody had military training and was able withstand their behavior. How many civilians would have been able to do that?

      • I love the military too, I don’t think these people love anything deeply, including their country.

      • I read at jokersupdates that paul said, (this was caught by a feedster and transcribed and posted), paul said he wants to or is considering joining the Armenian army. So where are pauls loyalties when it come to U.S. military personell? He reportedly said he wants to serve in another countrys armed forces after growing up, and presumedly being born right her in the USA? Is that okay? Did these have any bearing on the ruthless manner in which he orchestrated attacks on a US Marine combat veteran?

      • I’m an Air Force veteran myself and Paul’s organized attack against Cody’s veteran status was the last straw for me. That’s off limits, find something else to attack but not that.

    • I am agreement with you. Many live feed watchers say they hate Cody for putting Paul on the block and for comments he said due to his lack knowledge or agreement on social issues. But that’s crap. The real reason the live feeders hate Cody is because they let Paul into their heads with garbage just like the actual house guests. All of these people are some level of trash. Except Alex and Paul, they are the scum of all scum.

  26. I completely agree with ED, this season sucks and what’s worse is production cuts the shows to make the HG’s look like good people.

  27. Well Evel Dick hit the nail on the head !! He is telling like it is. Yes sometimes he was a butt hole. But this year everyone hates BB and that a fact. Paul has been the devil in the game this year. I ‘v done got to the point i don’t. Care to watch it any more this year. I’m with Evel Dick no more returing people. Go back to the way it use to be. Half this bunch should have been kicked out.I Would NEVER BASH A MAN OR WOMAN that has server in OUR ARM SEVERICE………

  28. “I fell like Paul poisoned this cast…” (Evel Dick)

    That’s what many of us have been saying FOR WEEKS!! In many ways a very DISAPPOINTING season. Looking forward to next summer!

    • not me, i’m not sure they can come back from this. the 20th anniversary season should consist of live executions and burning at the stake.

  29. even over night, paul told xmas and josh to keep pounding away at kevin, gee, that should be fun. watching a man who raised 7 children be badgered and bullied by a bunch of adolescent punks sure will suck me in.

    • Paul is disgusting for telling them to do it, AND they’re disgusting for doing it. Just my opinion… LOL!

      • josh expressed reservations and xmas said, don’t worry, this is what I do..
        she’s charming.

      • It’s so unnecessary. Kevin isn’t a threat. Paul and his napoleon complex has been out of hand all season. The way he talks down to Kevin is disgusting but he knows he can do it because Kevin can’t win a comp.

    • And they keep questioning whether he has as many kids as he claims he has. THey question his parenting skills. B**** Alex keeps spreading BS about him being a child molester or cop? It’s just too much.

    • I agree, he was horrid back then, there were no live feeds and the shockingness was novel and new. what may be different now is the lynch mob affect for me.

    • LMAO…EVEL DICK did not deny that he was a dam jerk and nobody that has commented concerning his opinions has said the he was otherwise….Evel Dick played his own bad ass in ur face game and he admits to it…He did not use or hide behind the other HGs to do his deeds or speak for him….That is what Paul is doing…Go back and reread the interview..

    • I think he would agree with you. He owned his nastiness. What he is saying is that he never had anyone do his dirty work, nor did he make things up, just used the HGs lies against them, he didn’t incite anyone to self evict (or to an altercation/their breaking point), he did what he did to protect his daughter (why are they protecting Paul?), he didn’t need a following, etc…

    • You might need to look up the definitions for bullying and sociopath and see which ones best apply to BB19

    • ED was rude?? What’s rude about dumping iced tea on someone’s head and saying they have a “crusty c*unt”? (SARCASM)

      His rudeness was only a sliver of gameplay. He attacked people on a very personal level (about their drug usage, being a fit mother, calling them ugly, etc)…Now he’s sitting back acting high and mighty, ignoring the fact that he would have been voted out if America’s player had not intervened.

    • You are spot on! Watching two people grope each other in bed, or stare into each others eyes is NOT gameplay. I’m not a fan of everything Paul does but he is not forcing people to do anything against their will.

  30. Great interview. This season is hard to watch, for the first time, I miss a show here and there and don’t even care.

  31. I both agree and disagree. Big Brother used the Friendship bracelets by Paul to keep half the house safe gaining trust plus the Pendant of Protection giving him immunity for another 3 weeks. He did have previous knowledge of competitions and good strategy of when to throw them. Where I disagree: with so many pairs this season, it could have been an “easy” week to get out the SOLE vet either pre jury or as a jury vote. BB19 is not over yet but if houseguests continue to play the way they do, Paul will win or possibly Kevin if he can slide to F2 and use vet antipathy against Paul and manage to win a competition.

    • Paul? Is that you? (j/k)
      I like your take…although I doubt Kevin will get to F2 with most of the house against him right now.

  32. What’s hilarious about this interview, with ED b*tching about all of the hand that Production has in affecting the outcome of the game….he WOULD NOT HAVE WON his season had production – America’s Player – had not had such a heavy hand in keeping him safe/ voting to keep him/ campaigning for him to stay/ etc. Eric, “America’s Player” knew they needed to get ED out, but “America” kept intervening.

  33. I have been reading ED’s twitter this year. He has been spot on this entire season.
    Paul is nothing but a little punk that cannot do or own up to his own dirty work.
    He is getting a far better edit on the shows than he should.

  34. paul learned his lesson from last year.
    play for the jury, not us, not the other hg’s.
    too bad, it wasn’t very fun for us.

      • Oh I didn’t mind him at all in his season. I know how he is. That season entertained me, I just think his commentary about BB19 is a lot of bull crap…coming from him?..nope!

      • I meant Erectile Dysfunction. HA!
        I agree with what you said about him, which is why I said, “Holy hypocrite, Batman!”

  35. So….ED would like for us to know that his tactics make him a brave and “honest” d*ckhead jerk and Paul’s tactics make him a cowardly “dishonest” d*ckhead jerk. They both used what they had to work with to win. Different tactics, hopefully, same results. Paul wins. I can live with that.

    • LOL, KSJB! For you, I want Paul to win. Personally, I don’t care who wins this season.

      Cody for AFP, I can live with that :-). Or Kevin, or Cameron….

    • Exactly what I was thinking Miss K. I’ve watched ED over the years and he’s proven to be hypocritical, so I expected nothing less of him. It’s all fine and good as long as he does it but how dare anyone else? GTFOOH

      • I liked him during his season, his dickish blended well with the game of BB. I’ve watched him on a few other shows outside of BB and wow, he really is a dick and his twitter….I keep trying to follow him but after a while I have to unfollow it’s so foul and if you are offending me, that’s saying a lot. I’m rarely offended by what others say, he holds no sway over me with his words here. He hates Paul, he has an agenda and he made his thoughts known, good bye a**hole.

      • He got 15 more minutes here so good on him, I guess. I can read just about anything for a good laugh. I had a good laugh.

      • I agree…I thought he was funny/ fun to watch on his season – although I would have HATED to be Jen – but he does seem to really live up to his name.

        I feel bad on a human level for saying it, but there seems to be a reason his daughter keeps on not talking to him.

      • Yes, the fact that his own daughter still wants nothing to do with him is very telling to me, and I couldn’t stand her! LOL

      • I couldn’t stand her either LOL!!! Omg she was such a whiny brat half the time. I respected her game play though, and props to her winning so many times. But yeah she was annoying

      • OMG, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand her. I’ve never encountered anyone else that didn’t like her either. I agree, such a whiny little baby, it’s all she ever did, cry and whine, I was sooooo glad when she didn’t win! LOL

      • Yall r definitely not alone… I couldn’t and still can’t stand her.. anytime I run across one of her tweets about BB my eyes automatically roll to the back of my head lol

      • Me too :)

        ED was pretty generous to her though….he paid for her college education, bought her a car, and paid for her to go on a vacation…yet STILL (in BB season 13) Dani stopped talking to him for ~2 years up until season 13

      • Hey chica, we did! How about you, did you guys take some time off and enjoy the day?

      • Great, that’s fantastic!! I’m so glad to hear you were able to have some downtime together!

      • Oopsie, at least you had some fun, good for you, you more than deserved it chica!

  36. Thanks EvelDick great piece.
    Mob mentality is frightening, people join in on pretty much anything to fit in, in fear of becoming the next target. The more abhorrent the acts the more incentive to not make waves. Paul can goad people into trying to grate on peoples nerves but when most people break down they do not become homicidal. Now in Alice’s Restaurant, Arlo Gunthrie was arrested for breaking a pizza parlour window even though he was thrown threw it so that proves my point I believe or does it ?
    Almost time to debrief Kevin
    Is it too soon for this ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/755fc16452607d8597cc25b2c6f282351b573f23358727c8d39d70e913855a80.jpg

    • I thought he was arrested for littering, i’ll have to listen closely when they play it on thanksgiving.

      • Yes littering as well with Sheriff Opie. ‘ There was a third possibility we had not considered. ‘ Whole movie is great. Woody Gunthrie and Pete Seegar are in it. Smell ? What Smell ? Lol
        The scene I described was with rednecks saying Arlo had greasy long hair and tossing him through the window, mob rule

      • Sorry you misunderstood I am talking about the MOVIE Alice’s Restaurant where the song originated, great flick seen it so many times

  37. I think if Grodner wants to use former castmates she should do 2 Big Brother programs like in the UK. Do a Celebrity Big Brother with a few returning houseguests and a few d-list celebrities for a brief 30 days in January and an all new cast in the summer.

  38. I haven’t really been able to keep up with BB the last couple of weeks like I normally do and I’m so glad I haven’t. I am beyond disgusted by the little I have read here and there. Like I stated previously, I didn’t agree with the gang mentality with the group earlier in the season in regards to the Jody vs. the house situation but I understood it. I wasn’t really outraged bc I honestly feel Jess and Cody are horrible humans and they gave just as good as they can take it… but to isolate and f*ck with Kevin of all ppl… Kevin?! You’ve got to be kidding me.. he’s literally done nothing wrong to anyone in the house and never shuns anyone even if they are about to be evicted. He treats them like a human instead of a pariah. I hope Alex gets her @ss handed to her on finale night by Kevin’s daughters… the b*tch deserves it!

  39. Agree 1000%. This season is ending so badly to have had such promise in the beginning! I have a chat buddy who is rooting for one of the pool toys to win this season. I think that about says it all!

  40. I feel like people need to grow up and stop being so hypocritical. ED did a TON of bullying not game-related on his season. And I’ll say it again, he would not have won without America’s Player twist.

    ETA: I mean “actual” bullying…not questioning the truth of what a HG (Cody) has claimed, given that he lied about a lot of things including something as stupid as his age

    • As he mentioned. he was upfront with it all. Owned his gameplay and didn’t hide behind anyones skirt or trousers. I did not enjoy watching him humiliate Jen by dumping a drink on her head but Paul causing chaos and having everyone trash Kevin and pretending to be his friend is just as bad.

      • That’s true, he was upfront….and he also was set to be voted out of the game because of his tactics. Unlike Paul, ED was able to hide behind America’s Player (albeit unbeknownst to him).

        ETA: Paul has been eligible to be nominated for the block for several weeks now, and no one has dared try since Cody purely because of Paul’s game play.

      • I don’t think he would have won had it not been for America’s Player (Eric) and Eric was sacrificed at the altar of ED for him to win that season. Kind of sucks in retrospect, I really liked Eric, he was one of the good guys, still is.

      • I liked Eric too…I think he might had won BB without that twist. Although, to pull a “Cody,” it was kind of funny watching his face during the times that he hated ED and wanted him out, but was told by America to keep him safe/ vote for him/ campaign for him. Poor Eric lol

      • BB/AG really screwed Eric over. It’s my belief they brought in Eric to bolster ED’s game. ED was a favorite of AG, it was well known and she was going to hand him the $500,000 come hell or high water and Eric was the one to pay for that decision.

      • I didn’t know that!! (being a favorite of AG). I guess he did have a lot of connections in LA.

      • ED also got REALLLLLY lucky that Dani was such a good competitor. She saved him so many times. It’s pretty crazy, after re-watching the season, how she came in 2nd place to her dad.

      • Ok you caught me Alf…I did re-watch season 8 a few weeks ago lol (binge watched to get over turmoil-y points in this season). I forgot how much influence “AP” had until re-watching. I did root for ED to win though (both times)

      • When I was feeling stressed/ missing my BB fix (due to fish/ puppy cam feeds) I would binge watch season 8, and then season 14…which other than Dan not winning is IMO one of the greatest seasons of BB)

      • It is pretty good all the way through…And even though I think ED sounds like a douche to be complaining about Paul’s game/ “bullying,” I really enjoyed watching ED do his thing. It was also pretty hilarious watching Eric (America’s Player) have a DR session, talking about wanting to get ED out, then 5 minutes later being called into the DR to do a task that favored/ saved ED. The look on his face each time was priceless.

        No victim noises from him though!

      • That stills make me laugh when I think about it. Ed was a hateful piece of cow dung during his show and still is. His option means nothing to me except he is mad cause Paul is playing a good game

  41. Say what you want about Evel Dick. The guy’s a prick (and let’s not pretend he isn’t, he would be the first person to tell you that), but he’s HONEST about you. If he has a problem with you, he will walk right up to your face and tell you exactly what his problem is without mincing any words. He doesn’t do it to make others feel bad or to hurt others (even if that’s the outcome more often than not), he does it because he’s just HONEST about his problems with you, which is more than I can say about any of these houseguests.

    If he shared a house with Paul, man, Paul would have his entire world torn asunder.

    • Paul handled Cody pretty well, especially when Cody tried to get in his face and call him all sorts of non-game related names :)

      ED would be voted out this season, early on, with Paul leading the charge.

  42. I totally agree with ED I only watch bits and pieces of the show and used to love after dark but cant watch all the bulling I feel so sorry for Kevin did watch him and his daughters on you tube he is so genuine. I don’t know why production allowed all the bullying and rape comments this is at a time when people are speaking out against bullying when people of all ages are bullied into committing suicide and Big Brother supports it what a shame

  43. take ED with a grain of salt. he’s bitter, he fell out with the bb brand so he went rogue. hg’s still in the bb family never come out to really speak candidly, they still get fame as an ex.

    • He DID get invited back once, so I wouldn’t say he fell out of the brand. He just doesn’t mince words. And it is a generally accepted fact that production interference has increased a LOT since early Big Brother, so he’s not wrong.

      • He did, but then was asked to leave, due to his HIV status, which I don’t think he should have been removed because of that…unless you’re spreading fluids around like Matthew & Raven

      • Did production interference start in season 8? (ED’s season, when America’s Player was told to vote to keep ED, campaign for him, vote for him in F2 and sway the jury to vote for him?)

    • Agreed. He Must be doing pretty well with his podcasts. Everyone seems to be heading to that route as a moneymaker..

      • Yes, they do. They basically sign their lives away. I don’t believe ED has ever said if BB has gone after him for what he has divulged, that part he keeps a “secret”. LOL He hasn’t really said anything that others haven’t already speculated about many times over.

      • He tested positive for HIV, that’s why they pulled him out.

      • I was so shocked when he announced that.. did you watch when he and his gf were on that therapy show on VH1?

      • I did watch the show. He’s such a jerk, I don’t understand how he gets and keeps a girlfriend. It’s a mystery to me. That woman was much too good for ED.

      • Right, a very famous one. I want to say Whiskey-A-Go-Go, don’t think that’s it but one of the same caliber, very well known.

      • She was definitely too good for him but nothing really surprises me anymore as far as relationships go… Once I found out Mama June from that Honey Boo Boo show not only had a husband but a man on the side I realized anything is truly possible and there really is someone for everybody lol

      • Lawdy, Mama June and the side piece was a child molester who had molested a couple of her own children!!!!

      • Really? Too good for him? You know them well enough to make that statement?
        Who are you ? Jiminy Cricket ? I think Dick is an interesting guy…

      • Who are you? It’s my opinion, don’t like roll on by.

      • no, I haven’t seen much of him, i’m just intrigued with what he has to say about bb in general. i’m fascinated with the behind the scene’s bb. I wish more people would dish.

      • I do find it great that his daughter Dani married that good looking cast member from s8 in real life. A happy ending to part of the story.

      • Do you remember who? Here’s a list of names to choose from:
        Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail, Dustin, Eric Scott, Zach? Zach came in 3rd to Daniele’s 2nd. Both Zach and Daniele were from CA at the time.

      • Ohhhh…..I heard Jessica had gotten a phone call from production for saying some things about BB behind the scenes, but but hadn’t heard about ED doing it.

      • May be EvelDick has fallen out with Big Brother but if that was the case, why would they allow the interview with him to appear at the top of this thread?

        EvelDick played and won BB 8 while he played with daughter, Daniele.
        EvelDick played 6 days of BB 13, his daughter was also in the house. Daniele was evicted day 55. EvelDick walked out day 6 on his ‘own’ volition. ED was HIV pos by then.

    • Grain of salt or not. . . .does it devalue or discount his thoughts & assessment of Paul & this season ? Or what the game has evolved into ? Just like many long-time BB viewers have posted – – I think he’s spot on.

  44. ITA with ED! We will never know what this season would have been like without Paul but I think it would have been a more level playing field and much more fair to them.

  45. Totally agree in this has been the worst season yet. In a world trying to address bullying this has been a season of just that, sad. With Evil Dick it was the whole house that suffered not this ganging up on one or two people with everyone else sitting back and laughing. In the past we’ve had people loose their jobs for being raciest, these people should for being a bully!!!

  46. Holy Hypocrite, Batman! lol. I honestly can’t make a true, educated statement on the whole ‘mob mentality thing” because I didn’t start watching until VERY recently. Don’t have the feeds & have only seen BBAD a couple of times. Do I think Paul has controlled what’s gone on in the house? I can see that. Is it wrong? If he instigated what “they” say he did, Yeah. Was he playing the game? Yes, BRILLIANTLY! But, I don’t believe he MADE Alex or Raven or Jason or Josh or Kevin (don’t know any of the others) do or say anything they weren’t ALREADY CAPABLE OF DOING OR SAYING BEFORE ENTERING THAT HOUSE. I’ve seen each and every one of the people I’ve mentioned say and do mean, rotten things.
    Paul could plant a seed; he could even expressly TELL someone what to do; but, if it wasn’t already innately in that person’s personality, NO ONE could make them act like they do. Alex doesn’t need anyone to ‘tell her’ to act like a ‘c***y potato head.’ She got that one covered YEARS before entering the house.
    Again, I didn’t see the whole season. People have their own free will. They will do things to impress ‘the cool kid.’ But only if they already have it IN THEM. JMO.

  47. The 1st season I watched was EvelDick’s. My wife watched BB from day 1 but I worked nights and I pretty much dislike reality TV. But I enjoyed the strategy of BB when introduced to it that season.

    There are two points of this interview. For one, I loathe the twists in BB. I’d like to see none of these powers and little extras added to the game. I absolutely hate someone coming back into the game after eviction. It’s unfair to get two shots at the game when people worked to get you out the 1st time. The only way it would acceptable to me is if it was announced right off the bat that the first 4 or 5 evicted get to battle back. Then HGs can approach evictions accordingly. Get rid of the twists and bring back Have Not comps (or mandatory that the first four players eliminated at HOH comps are Have Nots. That could help with HGs not throwing them).

    The other point is game play. I honestly don’t get upset with any style of play as long as it gets you far. I saw Dick’s savagery win, Andy’s rat style win, Derrick’s precision, Dan’s social skills, Rachel’s transformation, Steve’s “floating”, etc. There’s a ton of different ways to win. While I don’t particularly like Paul, I don’t get upset with his game this year. If the other HGs are willing to do your dirty work for you … let them. If they are push overs … use it to your advantage. Sure, I prefer to have a game with sportsmanship but it isn’t a requirement to win. You’d think that poor sportsmanship would hurt with the jury, but that’s not always the case. And sometimes creating that huge target on your back carries you further along.

    And just because Paul is lapping the field this season doesn’t mean he will win.

  48. I totally agree. ED you are spot on… Never thought I’d actually stop watching BB but this week just did it for me… Maybe next season.

  49. Worst season ever…I love big brother but sick of watching Paul lead everyone around like puppets.

  50. Great comments by ED, he is always right on. I have feared for a while now that Big Brother is going to be cancelled. If the kind of garbage that has been going on keeps happening then it will. I too love Big Brother and don’t want to see it cancelled.

  51. Of all the people in the entire world to interview about bullying, gang mentality, and personal attacks…

    • BUT that may be their (BB/prod) big plan for the 20th. Or some special combination of . . . whatever.

      • Mrs. Cunningham from “Happy Days.” Rickie’s mom. AKA Opie, Ron Howard.
        Alf was talking about showing a gif of Fonzie “jumping the shark.” On “Happy Days,” the Cunninghams were out to California and Fonzie was there, also. Seemed the series might be slowing down so they had Fonzie ‘jump the sharks’ while water skiing.

        Nowadays, TV series try to use a scene or a twist to perk up the series, like when “The Brady Bunch” added cousin Oliver, to add life into the series.

        jump the shark
        1. informal (of a television series or movie) reach a point at which far-fetched events are included merely for the sake of novelty, indicative of a decline in quality.

        Sorry – TMI – too much information :-)

      • Well….some of the best seasons have been because they brought back vets. Some of the terrible seasons didn’t have any vets.

      • Not sure if families could watch the CBS broadcasts anymore with Evel in charge. Might have to move the drinking and lap dance competitions to HBO.

  52. Unless one of these players grows a brain soon Paul is going to win. Only been watching a episode every couple weeks cause this season is sooooo terrible! How can returning players win two seasons in a row!

  53. well to pin this all on paul is crap / he is playing the game, and as far as mob mentality, they all can say NO but they haven’t and as far as being sheep, baaaaaaa baaaaaa who cares thats the name of the game get people to do what ya want…. evildick is just as bad , so if paul explains why he did it ,, its all going to be ok… because evil never said sorry he just explained why he did it..Love Big Brother and always will..

  54. Hopefully for season 20, they do a BB Rewind. They rewind and go back to original way BB started.

    I miss the big round table with them turning keys to see if they were nominated. I miss the multiple alliances and the crazy alliance names. I wish the HGs didn’t know what was coming next. I liked when HGs voted for themselves and not with the house (and no one knew how the other was going to vote). No Production influence (or not as much). Just good old BB.

  55. Totally agree with E D. He actually voices a lot of fans opinions. But what he didn’t say is that Grodner should be fired. She’s stuck in a loop and unwilling to see any way other than her own. The catch 22 is that the ratings give her a false sense of success.

    • I am not big fan, but this season has been the worse. This was more like a cult and Paul is the leader. Josh said, this is a game. No it is not a game it is people getting personal. They are doing what Paul says. Josh could not work with anybody because they are afraid he would run and tell Paul.

  56. Evel Dick was spot on and his tweets on Raven are insanely funny. I know some people do not like him, but I think he is a breath of fresh air!

  57. What is Dick saying about telling producers about doing DR? to do only 1 DR session a day? I`m just confused.

  58. I love Evel’s raw truth about this awful season… he definitely doesn’t pu$$y-foot around it either.

  59. So funner, ED: “I’d like to see the show go back to playing with…no twists, no DR or producer manipulation”

    Soooo, you’re saying you wish you would have played during a season where there was no America’s Player to keep you in the game and be forced to vote for you at the end?

    • Hahaha, guaranteed, Dickhead never would have won without help from AG/Production.

      • Absolutely…that was the best guise for having a family member; by them saying they are estranged, they can pretend like they are not working together.

        And no father/ daughter duo is going to go Nakomis on each other

  60. Agree with everyone. Would love to see a back to basics show with an entirely new cast. This year really is painful to watch. People are sabotaging themselves to help Paul. Why would anyone throw a comp this late in the season?!

    • Bit unfair of production. 25k is alot of money and they where 100% certain someone would take the bait,
      Equal to a group at WeighWatchers pretending that box of chocolate donuts isn’t sitting on that table.

      • Nice comparison.
        I had no idea that was how Paul got into the house!! Wow. That was truly a game changer.

    • It’s a choice, but designed for him to stay longer. In their mind, he’s their ‘star, I’m sure he got paid more than the rest of the HG’s…I’d say, they’re satisfied,..he delivered.

  61. Great interview with ED! If only the people running the show would realize they’re killing off a show that means a lot to people. I was looking forward to watching all access this year, but it’s so bad… I just switch to Netflix and read the tweets.
    I wish it would go back to a game where people compete.
    This season where everything is orchestrated by one player and production gimmicks just kills the game. Congrats to Paul for running it single-handedly but the level of cruelty and stupidity exhibited by this group of people is mind numbing. It’s like if he says it three times it becomes true. All they do is lap up what he says and then claim they’re brilliant… it’s downright painful.

    I am truly disappointed with this season.

  62. Agree 150% with ED. I have watched every season beginning with BB1 all those years ago and love BB for all the same reasons ED noted. I even applied for BB10 because Season 8 was so awesome. But I despise this season. It’s the absolute worst. You failed us this time, BB and that’s all there is to it. Please take us back to the basics as ED suggested. Give us genuine people who respect the game enough to actually play it vs sheep who don’t. Give us people who aren’t plastic – people who wake up in the morning with no makeup and bedhead. Give us people who dress for comfort and not for show. Give us a house without a “theme.” Give us basic furniture that doesn’t distract and take away unitards that do. Give us the house keys and nomination wheel back but keep the veto ceremonies. And the returning players. For heavens sakes – save the spots in the house for new players. Give us houseguests who have actual conversations about meaningful topics (BB1). Take us back, BB or your days in the sun will fade. I’m begging you, BB. Please.

    • Amen, Sister! BB20 would be fantastic if it was entitled : Back to Basics! Now THAT would be a great season … and as you and ED said, give us HGs who WANT to play this game! I loved the food comps (someone mentioned earlier) where everyone worked together to get the best eats for the whole group. And I’ve missed everything else you mentioned, too!

    • I’m loving this season. And BB season 8 had a significant amount of production’s influence, with America’s Player and putting a family member in the house (his daughter Dani).

      If people are watching BB now, in record numbers – apparently 50% of people are religiously hate-watching it lol – and if BB season 15 didn’t turn off viewers, I don’t see it losing any popularity.

  63. Kevin (to Jason): “I think for OUR age, compared to the other people in this house, we did pretty well.”

    (1) Kevin, you’re 2 decades older than Jason
    (2) Jason is the strongest competitor in the house (other than Paul), and Kevin hasn’t won anything other the button-pushing comp that brought Paul back into the house

    Kevvie is so delusional….

  64. I agree 100%! I canceled my live feeds after Mark was evicted. I haven’t watched the show since then. I was disgusted by the gang mentality of bullying. What they did to Cody was atrocious. All the personal attacks and lying about people is not game play.

    Paul gets no points for game play because his approach is pathetic. The petsonal attacks against a persons military service, rape, and the lies against people were appalling, and all orchestrated by Paul. Josh and Paul should have been kicked out. The fact hes had so many advantages took all fairness out of the game.

    Production is obviously feeding Paul info or they allowed Josh to receive a coded letter. My guess is they told Paul info and said tp have Josh pretend it was info from his parents, because Paul has told everyone that the public thinks they’re the bullies, and he instructed everyone to spend weeks of talking about all the bullying that Jess, Cody & Mark did DURING BBAD. It was all an attempt by Big Brother to justify the bullying & to try to convince the public that those 3 were the real bullies. Production was getting heat for allowing the bullying & massive demands to have Josh/Paul removed as a result. Thats when I stopped watching. The manipulation makes me sick.

    And how did you allow Raven on the show? Its not fair that a player is protected against being a HAVE NOT and she’s a pathological liar. Paul is as well, as he lies constantly about things that have nothing to do with the game.

    I haven’t missed a show since day 1 and I’ve always watched the live feeds. This is the first season I cancelled them and stopped watching the show. I will vote for AFP just to send a message to Big Brother and the cast, that we can’t stand the way this game was played. Im voting for Cody because production screwed him over during his first HoH and they way the house treated him, just because he was smart enough to know that Paul was the puppet master.

    My final disgust with Paul was him telling the other houseguests that he was alone all season last year, playing by himself, when he was carried the entire game by Victor and Paulie. Then he lied and said he WON THE AFP last year but they gave it to Victor since he was 2nd place. Worst season and worst cast ever.