Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got insight to where we should end up for Thursday night’s eviction.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Players were picked in a very early draw which left us waiting to see just when this comp was going to happen. It also left Matthew and Raven a little nervous because they’re under the impression that they’re on the Block as pawns to get Kevin out the door. But guess who was drawn to join them in this comp? Oh yes. HGs playing in this week’s Veto comp were Jason (HoH), Matthew & Raven (noms), Paul, Josh, and Kevin. Christmas hosted.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results:

  • Jason won the Power of Veto!

Feeds were down for about five and a half hours and now we see why. HGs trashed the house! It was the Hide & Seek Veto and boy is this place a disaster zone right now. Yikes. This is going to take awhile to clean up.

Gallery: Hide & Seek Veto Destruction

Speaking of messy, I can’t wait to see Monday’s Veto meeting. I’m wondering if Jason just might not even use the Veto and the “target Kevin” lie will finally die a painful death for Matthew and Raven. Good times ahead on the Feeds!

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    • I wish Josh or Paul would have won. They weren’t going to use it and it would of showed their cards to Maven.

      • I don’t think Jason will use it either.

        They are going to be busy for the evening.

      • No he won’t use it but now Maven will be mad at him and Paul and Josh’s hands are clean. They’ll tell Maven I thought he was going to use it and play dumb. I hate how Paul always manages to weasel his way out.

      • It was a hard one to throw because they didn’t want Matt or Raven to win and you don’t know who’s veto was found until the end.

      • It has something to do with recognizing weak players and then making the best of that. You can’t say Paul hasn’t done exactly that. So would I if it meant half a million bucks!

      • Paul is not ready to win any competition for now. Not this week, and not next week unless his plans get exposed to Jalex before the coming week.

      • Paul was never planning to win it. He just said that so they won’t suspect anything.

      • But he wanted Josh to win. And also this was a hard one to throw for the fact he didn’t want Maven winning it.

      • Paul was planning on keeping Raven, but then chose Kevin instead, I thought he may change his mind again. He just wants someone else to keep Raven on the block since he promised her he would take her off.

      • Yes and No, he could have hid his to be found rather quickly and just didn’t look for any while he was in there.

    • He planned to take raven off and put Kevin up, but hoping that doesn’t happen. If Paul wants to keep Raven over Kevin, then it will.

    • Yes. But unfortunately, he won’t. He just will not.
      And likely the last chance for the biggest move. But …………. It still won’t happen.
      Then, next week, he will look back to this week. Too late!

  1. wish Kevin would win H.O.H. so he would get a letter and pictures of his 7 kids lol that would prove he has kids and not a cop

  2. Why would anyone think that tearing up a house like that for a comp is wise? Or fun, or adult, or creative?

      • That is what the Big Brother game is about. A group of selected strangers in a camera fitted house, outwitting themselves with whatever strategy they can to send one another out of the house, and battle to be the last man/woman standing to collect the price of the competition ($500,000).
        It is not designed to be a forum for true friendship. Any friendship formed along the line is a temporary ploy to pull out a common obstacle/enemy.

      • And silly, old-fashioned me…I THOUGHT CBS would have it a rule that no sexual “you know what” in the house. Kissing, sleeping, whatevers are unavoidable when you put desirables together, but really…going all the way should be a no-no. I sure others in the room feel it is sickening.

      • Well, considering that the Has themselves have to clean up, it’s on them as to how clean or messy they intend to keep the house. But seeing the reaction shots of the HGs after they witness the destruction (especially those that didn’t participate and STILL have to clean up the mess) is totally worth a trashed house on the feeds.

  3. Jason is on a competition roll. He goes from being “dead weight” zing that Alex had to carry to now having 2 HOH’s and 3 Veto’s. The rest of the week should be interesting. So I was bored and thinking about possible fun/messy ideas for next season. Imagine if BB20 was showmance all stars. We could just use last 3 seasons, so Clay/Shelly and Austin/Liz from 17, Paulie/Zakiyah, Victor/Nicole (since now together), and James/Natalie from 18, and finally Cody/Jessica, Mark/Elena, and Matt/Raven from 19. I imagine there would be all sorts of crazy drama in the sense that most of these couples are not close anymore and in some cases outright despise each other. CBS likes showmances so lets make it messy. Thoughts?

  4. Jason u have a wife, a child and another on the way, there`s 500K on the line. Do what`s right and put Paul up and send him home. Do it for your family.

      • Well from his point of view Paul and Alex are with him and loyal. He doesn’t see what we see. Between the 3 of them they have 6 HOH’s and 6 POV. The other 5 combined have 2 HOH (Luck comp for Josh and comp Paul gave to Christmas). Also he knows Alex would take him to the end. Sadly for him he doesn’t see what’s really going on.

      • So if Jason thinks Paul is final 3 and Alex is his final 2, he expects to win final 3 HOH and get rid of Paul?

      • Great idea. If he can think of that. Hopefully Jason wins and not Alex if they ever get that far.
        They must win at least 2 back to back HOH after this one or veto each week.

      • He probably thinks that if he gets to final 3 and he wins the final HOH, he and Alex go to final 2. Alex wins that final HOH, he and Alex go to the final 2. And if Paul wins, 50/50 chance that Paul picks him over Alex. Pretty good odds really.

  5. Thank goodness. Hopefully he won’t use it.
    They me try to backdoor him next week and if he doesn’t wake up or gets picked for veto, he will be evicted.

    • Nah, if someone other than Alex wins HOH they will put up Alex and Jason together so he’ll at least get the chance to save himself.

      • Paul is smarter than that. It’s likely that everyone except Xmas will likely play the veto next week. So they will backdoor him outrightly. He just need to win the veto but he might not play seriously because he doesn’t see what is coming.

      • There will only be 7 people in the house next week so all but 1 person will play veto. At this point trying to backdoor someone is not really practical. Paul wants Jason gone, but the main point is to split up Alex/Jason so he will convince people to nominate them together.

      • The backdoor will be such that the target will not take the veto seriously, or may even be asked to throw it. We know the HGs in this season too well. They are trusted and obedient followers.

    • Say what? Jason is actually pretty good. It is Alex who is always shutting down Jason’s smart thoughts about the game and HGs
      Jason has come along way since the very beginning of this game

      • I agree. I like Jason and he actually didn’t want to trust Paul but Alex convinced him.

      • Yup! Jason has come a very long way since the beginning of this game. It’s just unfortunate he is stuck with Alex who is a complete idiot and also the rest of the house that continues to follow Paul’s every move and listen to his every Word!
        I hoped by now these people would’ve started talking amongst each other and realize Paul has deals with each and everyone of them but, of course these people are still the same mindless morons they were after week one!

      • You will be frustrated if you keep hoping/wishing the HGs to wake up. Last Thursday’s eviction ceremony guaranteed Paul F3. The only thing that could change that right now will be for Jason to use the veto to swap Raven for Paul. But he won’t do it because he can’t see, and even if he tries to think, Alex won’t allow him. Annoying, isn’t it!

      • well yeah, when I say hoping…… I am never holding my breath! These people are complete fools!
        Worst BB in history!

    • Yeah I wish he didn’t win it, he already has a huge target on his back.
      Paul wants him gone immediately so of course the rest of the house will follow suit

    • Yep! And if Jason doesn’t use the Veto, Paul can start in with his low-brow suggestions to the others how untrustworthy/sketchy Jason is when he “said all along” the plan was to BD Kevin. Now WE all have to get rid of Jason next week. And the sheep will say: Baaaah, baaah, baaaah! πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Glad Jason got it, but really wish Kevin had. Then Jason would have been clear. It’s the Paul show. So you either watch or not your choice. Dislike Paul but I’m watching.

  7. Good for Jason! He’s a champ! Although it would’ve been smarter for them to throw it to Kevin.

    • Kevin or josh would have been the best people to win. Can you throw the hid a veto? I thought it was random veto that was found that turns out to be the winning one.

      • That’s what I was just saying. They didn’t want Maven to win so it was a hard one to throw.

      • The only “throw” would be Paul not even trying to really look for a placard. They’re in the house alone, one HG at a time, so he could have spent time in the bathroom, pampering and patting his beard until time was called. 😳 Paul knows he couldn’t win the Veto, otherwise he would have to come up with an explanation to Maven why he didn’t use (or wouldn’t be using) it on one of them after assuring them they are safe. He’s working jury management with them.

      • It’s not about finding one it’s about where he hid his. And he didn’t want Maven to win so he would have to try to find theirs. Not knowing which one was theirs.

      • I would think the only way would be if you found it and knew for sure who was after you. Otherwis you can’t take the chance.

      • No doesn’t everyone hid a veto, everyone tries to find a veto and one of the hidden vetos is the winner?

      • It has been done different ways. The way you are talking about nobody knows which envelope has the real veto.

      • It has been played two different ways. I think it was BBC that got that HG’s to hide their Veto & if there Veto was not found, they were the winners.
        The other way is production has hidden them and it is timed. I think! Now I just got myself confused LMAO

      • I only remember it played the way you first mentioned it. Caleb hid his way under the living room throw rug (I think he even moved the couch to do it) – that was pretty ingenious. Another year, someone hid/tucked theirs behind a piece of wall “art” high up on the wall in the kitchen (under the 2nd floor catwalk). Putting it in the toilet tank or at the bottom of the trash can or a cereal box has never worked out. But in the latter case, Matt probably spent all of his seek time eating his way through each box to be sure there was nothing in there! πŸ˜†

      • I thought each person got a veto to hide with their name inside. The last veto that does not get found is the winner. So the winner of the veto, Jason hid his the best and it was not found today?

      • That is how it’s played. Remember Paulie won this comp last season b//c he his his within the big round table & no one thought to move the top and look inside.

    • If Matt had won the veto, Matt would still be leaving, because he would’ve used it on Raven, just as he thinks everyone else (minus Kevin) would’ve done. He’s all about getting Raven to the end.

      • Yeah right I forgot about that. Stupid Matt! That guy is going to be pissed off when this game is over and he finds out his girlfriend is a liar, psychotic con artist! And if he had one Veto today & used it on her, he would be even more pissed off! I want to be a fly on the wall when Matt and all the other HG’s find out Raven is full of crap!

      • Oh, most of them are already pretty sure she is. ;)
        All week they’ve been talking smack about her on the feeds!

  8. Would love to see Jason go rogue, take down Matt and put up Paul to set up a backdoor. Unfortunately, even if he did, THIS band of idiots would evict Raven. We could save time and just present Paul with the check now.

    • You are not alone!
      But you are right, even if Jason took down Matt and replaced him with Paul, everyone would just vote Raven. Unfortunately!
      WELL NOT completely unfortunate! I would be very happy to see Raven go this week. Very very happy!

      • True! I would love it also but, it would just put an already big target much bigger on Jason and he doesn’t think he has a target on his back so unfortunately he won’t even do it just to see Paul sweat

      • Jason could just say out of everyone he (P) is the only one that was never OTB!! :-)

      • Oh me too! I cannot stand that girl!! UGH!
        I think they are all getting sick of her. Christmas and Paul were talking on the feeds the other day & Xmas is sick & tired of Raven using her makeup without asking. And Paul was complaining she went into his drawer and used his personal comb b/c he found red hair in it. Neither of them were happy about it.
        And Jason…well, Jason has said he thinks she just a huge liar. His exact words were she has me “bamfoozled” with how much she lies!! ROFL!

    • He has a good chance of success if he put Paul up in place of Matt or Raven. First Matt will not vote to evict Raven, neither will Raven vote against Matt.
      Jason can tell Kevin about Matt’s backdoor plans and possibly his target for the following week. Also tell Maven Paul’s plan for Jalex to blindside them this week as though Kevin was the target.
      Then he will have Alex, Kevin and Matt/Raven vote against Paul. That is enough.
      Paul can have Josh/Xmas votes.

  9. Paul thinks he is cute, wearing that stupid floatie again.
    Jacka**, you are not amusing anymore.

  10. Now the house looks like a real representation of the HGs! They should feel right at home in that πŸ– pen! At least James wasn’t there to completely destroy the kitchen and the contents of the refrigerator this season! Matt would have been furious if James was there, and emptied out his cereal all over the kitchen! (Although it made me cringe seeing James throwing and wasting all of that food the last two seasons, it would still be funny if it was Matt’s cereal.)

    • James really pissed me off with that. And changing all shampoo or soap with food. It’s really a lack of respect to spoil food like that.

      • Yes! I liked James but it was inexcusable to throw food all over the place like he did! Not even talking about the messy aspect of it, which was ridiculous, but just the wastefulness! It’s like people at an all you can eat buffet, and they leave plates FULL of food on their tables, just because they could! I would have had my butt busted if I even thought about wasting food like that, but the thought would have never come to my mind in the first place!

      • James could be funny with some of his pranks, but the breaking of eggs on the floor and all that?? That’s just being a douche! Obviously there no veto in an egg!

      • Yes. And food should be considered precious. All the pollution that comes with packaging, transformations and transportation. It’s ignorant and disrespectful to throw it on purpose. For stupid prank!!

      • I seriously thought Victor might wring James’s neck last year after this same comp because James dumped so much food out of the fridge onto the floor. Paul said a little bit ago that Victor actually wanted to nominate James just for that alone! hahaha

    • The house guests don,t give a damn because it,s not them that are paying for the food,what CBS needs to do is everytime they waste food ike that, TAKE IT OUT OF THEIR STIPEND,mybe then they would start caring.

      • You’re right! They should be forced to pay for it, especially if they waste it! Not sure if it’s because of how I was raised, but it absolutely disgusts me to see people waste food!!!!!

      • Me too ,i was raised in a family of 6 kids ,2 parents and a dog in a 2bedroom 1 bathroom house,we ate what was fixed or we didn,t eat at all,we ate leftovers quite often, food only got disposed of it was spoiled ,my father couldn,t afford to keep buying food if it was wasted,we also had respect for our parents and each other,something these houseguests seem to be lacking RESPECT

      • Exactly! I have 5 siblings, so it was 6 of us kids, plus our parents. Kids nowadays are given multiple options, and still hardly eat what is prepared for them! We didn’t get options. We either ate what was fixed, or we didn’t eat at all! I don’t recall us ever complaining and passing up a meal though!

    • Lol! Yeah, James was really bad! In fact, Paul mentioned James and how Victor almost put him (James) OTB for making such a huge mess in the house!! haha

      • Yeah I remember Victor being upset about it! Victor tried to tidy up the kitchen and keep it clean, which garnered immense respect from me!

      • Victor was furious and it was so funny b/c at first I think James thought he was joking but he so wasn’t! lol! I don’t blame the guy tho, he was one of the only ones last season who cleaned. That house was disgusting!! Having someone just dump food all over the place just to make a huge mess would bug me too if I was the one who had to clean it up.

      • I don’t blame him one bit! I would’ve been mad even if I didn’t have to clean it up! It was absurd!!!!!

      • lol I wondered if I was the only one that was appalled by that! I don’t recall anyone mentioning their disapproval of the stunt, but then again, I seldomly remember what I did the previous week! Haha

  11. This is just a dream scenario of mine:

    Kevin overhears the others plotting against him, Kevin wins HOH, puts Paul & Alex on the block, picks the ‘cancel 2 eviction votes’ apple from the tree, wins veto & keeps the noms the same, cancels Josh & Xmas votes, that way Jason wouldn’t vote against Alex, Raven would vote to keep Paul, and Kevin would break the tie by sending Paul out.

    The power of imaginationπŸ˜‰

  12. Jason is amazing. I would hate him to be blindsided. All these win for nothing. I hope he gets to F3, whoever his with.

      • Who thinks for themeselves in the house?..What do you think of Baby Meatball? lol does he think for himself?

      • True, but not thinking for himself could get him evicted if the puppeteer wants him gone.

      • Wait till F5, if he’s still there, he’ll make the right decision and he’ll go all the way.

      • Your Baby Meatball hid his in the freezer…obviously, Paul wasn’t thinking for him that time! hahaha

      • Yep! Paul was teasing him for it, said it was the first place he looked, but I don’t think Paul found Josh’s so maybe Jason did. Raven ended up finding Matt’s and then was pi$$ed about it b/c she tried to put it back & BB made her take it. hehe

  13. I think the HGs should throw the HOH comp to Paul after Raven and Matt are gone. He will need to get his hands dirty. Who will he choose.

  14. Raven said BB told her not to take the veto she quickly found… anyone know why? was this game given to Jason by BB?

  15. Okay, so Jason has told Kevin he is keeping the noms the same. Surprisingly, he also told Kevin about the plan and how Raven & Matt think he (Kev) is going up as a renom, so I have to believe Jason is not going to put Kevin up because I just can’t see Jason blindsiding Kevin like that. He genuinely likes Kevin too much imo.

    • True he does like Kevin but he can still take one down and put up Paul and then tell Maven what Paul told him about them coming after Alex and him. Could be an interesting week if that happens LOL.

      • That would be a helluva week, but I don’t see that happening. He is really gung-ho to get out one of the Maven duo. I personally think he’d rather evict Raven b/c he truly can’t stand her, but he says strategically it’s better to get rid of Matt… We’ll see huh?? ;)

    • I have said that all along…I just did not see Jason disrespecting Kevin that way Despite Pauls plans Kevin has never treated anybody in the house badly…If Kevin dislikes a person he is still cordial to them…

      • ;) Yep you sure did hon! I bow to your wisdom in this one littlefly! lol! Seriously tho, I was glad to see that conversation a bit ago because I was hoping Jason would not do that to Kevin.

  16. Funny it was the Hide ‘N’ Seek veto and not the Black Box one they were all anticipating it to be!!πŸ˜‚

  17. Why isn’t anyone putting Alex or Paul up? Why is everyone doing what Paul says?? Why did Paul, that arrogant little prick tell Mark to put in a good word for him in the jury house? Because these people are all taking Paul with them! Crazy.

    • That question has been asked so many times. I’ve noticed, majority of the responses are..’they’re all stupid.

      • Been away today and I come back to find that Paul is terrible, the hg’s are stupid and another conspiracy theory. Looks like I missed nothing, lol

      • A little while ago on the feeds he told Kevin about the plan to tell Maven that they were only pawns and that he (Jason) was actually going to renom Kevin. Shocked the heck out of Kevin for a second there, but then Jason said I’m not using the veto. So, I really hope he doesn’t. But then I see Paul telling Josh & Christmas a little later that they should actually target Kevin this week and not Matt, so…who knows?

        Sheesh! Honestly tho, I think this might be the one time Jason makes his own decision b/c I just can’t see him telling Kevin that and then blindsiding him. Can you?

      • No, I think Jason is a standup guy, the most decent one there. So I think he will not use the veto in the end.

      • As of this minute Jason is going against the majority and “NOT” putting Kevin on the block…He has even told Kevin of the plan to pull Raven off and put him up..But Jason now says he is not gonna do it…Jason said it is his HOH and he can make his won decisions..

      • Really hope he stands his ground, he has no reason to put Kevin up. A first strike against Paul, that would be good. Might give the others an idea. Of course it puts a target on Jason’s back but hopefully Alex doesn’t forget who has been her ally the longest.

      • Better question is ..Why does Kevin have to be the one to go up if they only need a “pawn”??? Josh Christmas Alex or Paul could be nominated and be safe

      • Hey did you see Paul’s new buddy? Check the feeds after 5 pm… Paul has a new floatie! A toucan he named Trego or something like that! haha. Just thought it was fun for a minute to see that lighthearted side of Paul again.

      • Jason seems set on not using the veto and I don’t think Paul really wants to push him this week. It might be easier for Paul to just let Jason have this. I mean, he (Paul) wants Matt gone anyhow.

      • I agree too but I just want to see more lies from her. After Matt will be gone she will try to be with the others and one up all conversations. Since some hg seems to start to get it that she lies, it could explode. That could be interesting. Surly more then Matt!!!

      • Paul was just rallying the troops to storm the HOH and Jason was called to DR. He best be ready for an attack when he gets out.

      • I know. Now Jason is in the BY in the jacuzzi, but Kevin is sticking to Jason like glue b/c now he knows about the possible plan to renom him. hehe That might foil some of Paul’s plans.

      • I knew you would know I was joking. I wasn’t sure about anybody else. I hope the fight is worth the wait. I’ve read so much BS going on about it. Jason’s da man, huh!

      • I know! ‘Ass’ was mentioned in that thread about 6 times. I coudn’t come up with something to tell him..I want to. lol

      • I lmbo when you came in. I had fun on that one. I gotta push a button every now and then. Some of these cretins deserve it. lol

      • He’s getting pumped up for the big fight out in LA. That testosterone is flowing heavily out in his neck of the woods….scratch that….city.

      • Is ok. You had me laughing earlier talking about Victor cleaning that kitchen last year and then getting mad when the others messed it up again. He’s hooked up with the wrong person now with Nicole cos I don’t ever remember her doing any cleaning last year, so he’ ll have to do it all in that twosome.

      • I’m sooooo jealous!! I wanted to get that…It’s going to be an interesting fight with McGregor being an MMA fighter rather than a boxer! I couldn’t afford the fight this time, but I’m listening for the updates. ;)

      • Since it looks like the fight has started… I’m thinking my ability to sniff out sarcasm might be off tonight. haha

      • 10th round is was stopped McGregor was (technical knock out) Exhausted. He was catching Mayweather’s punch with his face. He put on a good show, surprisingly.

      • Took my great niece and her 2 friends to the beach. 3 thirteen year old girls, lots of primping and pretending to ignore the guys on the beach but having to walk by them endlessly. I am so glad not to be that age again but it is fun to watch them

      • Teenagers are exhausting. They are always up to something but enjoy pretending they aren’t. haha

      • I know, I was watching them today and wondered was I that obvious and the answer is probably yes. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜

      • Because they have a very strategic plan that we’re not aware of? that’s what I would like to think but I think K got it right. lol

      • I saw it. I came in like a bull, proud of Jason. And I’ll really be proud of him if he holds his ground with the gang that’s ready to pounce him. They might be doing that now. It’s funny DR called him just after Paul said to Alex and Christmas that they need to go set Jason straight about the Kevin nom. Maybe Dr wanted to talk with him about it first. Hmmm

      • It really isn’t worth all this hysteria. Maven is a good target, get one of them out, Kevin isn’t going anywhere. If they really want him out get him next week. They are ganging up on Jason, I just hope that he doesn’t give in to the pressure

      • They should know that whoever Paul is pushing to be evicted, there is an ulterior motive. Jason has been giving into pressure all season. Maybe this is one time he will hold his ground.

      • honestly, if I was Jason I would tell them I’ll consider what you are saying but I need some sleep tonight so goodnight. But what I’d really want to say is F*^* O**

      • Too late. I started to shut my computer off earlier and noticed my sister had sent me an email. I read it and got a little burst of energy. But I’m out now. Enjoy your night. I’ll be anxious to see what occurred while I was getting my beauty sleep…and see who won the fight in which round. Night friend. :D

      • You’re right. They all have this ONE chance to win the money, but they’re more concerned about keeping Paul happy. Crazy.

      • I do have a legit answer. He had built unique relationship with each and every one of them, since week one. Kinda like ‘Boston Rule’ from Boston Rob. He made them trust him.He works 24/7 managing all his fake allies. He’s good on misinformation. That’s my answer. The other answer which is very popular here is..’they’re all stupid.

      • It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out since most players are about someones “word” and “loyalty” just to find out they’ve all been played.

      • Surf, that’s kind of how the game is played. If the HGs take it personally, that could be an issue with jury votes, but they all know very well how others have played, won, and lost.

      • And I know that! This is why I would never go on BB, I’d take everything personally and be voted out in a matter of hours!

      • I would slap somebody in less than 24 hours…no doubt about it…Ejected before the 1st show airs…

      • Hear that! I could not handle being in a house where lying was not just okay, but encouraged! I’d lose it. No doubt about it. ;)

  18. If u bb fans had to be locked in a room for 24 hrs with raven or bb 19 cody who would you pick ?

  19. Jason not using it losses 2 possible jury votes, which works for Paul of course in case they sit in f2 …

    • Those are potential enemies that will evict him next week anyway. He is winning Kevin to his side at the moment. One further step is to strike a deal with Kevin and put Paul next to Raven. Matt will not vote against Raven.

  20. I think it will get real interesting if Alex does not win HOH next week. If Josh, Christmas or Raven wins, its likely they put Jason and Alex on the block or at least one of them. One of them is almost certain to win the veto, because there is not really any competition. Christmas, Raven and Kevin- not likely to win and Paul absolutely does not want to win veto in that situation so he would throw it. That pretty much leaves Josh, Alex or Jason to win, giving Jason/Alex great odds. And if they take a tree and get the second veto option, they are both down. It could be hard to get them out.

    • With Jason’s stubbornness this week, Paul will come all out for him next week, and so will not throw competition.

  21. This season has been the hardest to watch ever due to the almost criminal level of bullying. I was really routing for Jessica and Cody and Mark because of the mob mentality and the cruelty of this years houseguests. If I never see Paul or Josh again it would be to soon and as for the rest of the sheeple who claim Jessica sacrificed her game for Cody what about you all vying and hoping for at least 2nd Nd 3rds as you have all handed Paul your game. I liked Paul last season but I detest him now. He was at the forefront in directing these ppl to attack at an all new low. I sincerely hope big brother allows Cody and Jessica to replay the game with other veterans and they can play with adults not these high school bullies and mean girls. Now that all the targets are out of the house it’s time for them to turn on each other.

    • All the world’s a stage… and this assembly of sad sacks merely dances to Production and Alison Grodner’s pleasure.

      Watch, don’t watch, whatever… it will all go as preordained.

      Just know that every teardrop and shriek of “Bullies!!!” makes Allison’s cash register sing.

    • It is still Paul taking them the way. He turns them on to take out each other while he waits fore the cheque to officially be deposited in his account.

      • Yes, bravo! Very accurate, don’t you think? The eighth sentence was the best.
        What about Mayweather!!!

  22. Weeks 9 & 10 are a new but similar version of weeks 4 & 5 where Jessica regretted her week 4 HOH & POV in week 5.
    In like manner Jason is going to regret in week 10, his week 9 HOH & POV unless he or his “ride or die” wins a competition.
    Again, Josh is already prepared for next week, for the similar role he took in weeks 4 & 5. Entertainment ahead!

  23. Haha I can’t wait to see Jason discard the power of veto, and totally blindside maven. Haha I also cant wait for raven to go ghetto crazy and lash out on jason & alex and basically and probably everyone except matt. LOL Finally the floater duo are going OUT!

  24. Jason needs to grow a pair, use the VETO, & back door Bully Paul.
    With Bully Paul being his target…

  25. Is anybody else having a problem with their feeds? I have the app and can’t get them on my phone or iPad. So I went to and they still wont work.

    • No. Mine are fine. Shockingly, they’ve been on pretty much the entire time since the veto ended around 5 pm

      • I was watching after the veto then turned them off for a little while to do a few things and now I get to the site and it shows all 4 views and when I click on one it freezes and won’t open. Grrrr.

    • use internet explorer if possible…make sure u are signed in if using explorer …if it tells u its ur flash player its not…I called help desk and they were no help…for some reason the browsers get messed up…I hope it helps if u willing to try..

      • I’m on my iPad and have never had a problem. But it’s also not working on my iPhone. I tried turning my iPad off but it didn’t work. I have an app but went through their website instead and still not working. It brings up BB then I click on live feeds and it shows all four pictures. When I click one of them it has the cbs logo spinning and freezes. It doesn’t open.

  26. Jason might as well keep noms the same. He is in a no win situation, if he pulls Raven down and renom Kevin, backlash either way. I also think if Kevin is up, there is a 50/50 chance he may go home. Depending on what side of the bed Paul wakes up.

  27. Sounds like Alex and Jason aren’t getting along or at least not seeing eye to eye. This will make it easier to get Jason out without too much fallout if they still want to go that route next week.

      • I was just getting a minute to minute update elsewhere. Haven’t been on live feeds yet. Sounds like it’s Kevin stirring things up.

      • Alex is blowing up her own game by pressuring Jason into a move he does not want to make..

      • Alex is taking Paul spot, he trained her well. Don’t u think?…Hopefully it will blow up in his face. Lol

      • No, I don’t think it’s Kevin. Jason was saying it’s just because they’re so close it’s like they’re married sometimes and she gets pissed at him sometimes just like his wife does. Jason doesn’t sound like he’s too worried about it. hehe

      • Oh good. Sometimes reading the updates it sounds differently but they do have a sibling like relationship and I like they don’t take things personally.

      • Thx, just saw your explanation above. Gotta respect Alex for telling them to back off and let him make own decisions even tho she doesn’t agree.

      • yep Christmas and Paul are telling Alex that if Kevin wins HOH he has said that he will put up Alex…which is a lie…Alex is warning Paul and xmas that Jason can’t be pushed or forced cause it will make him mad…They need to leave it alone its not their HOH or their decision…

      • Jason wants t keep the noms the same. He told Kevin he wasn’t putting him up. For some reason that aggravated Alex and Paul. I think they really want Kevin out.

  28. LOL, I still remember James trashing everything last year during this comp. Victor was so PO’d about that.

  29. Oh no, right now Paul is trying to talk Jason into using the veto!! smh Jason is putting up an argument about it tho.

      • Paul is telling him Kevin would put them all up and he (Jason) needs to think about his team’s game and not just his own!! Oh my God.

      • What HOH is Kevin going to win? Plus Kevin just told Jason his target is Raven. He even asked if he could nominated Raven and Raven, just because he only wants Raven out!

      • Exactly! Jason is actually arguing with Paul about it tho. So, hopefully he holds out, because that would suck if he put Kevin up now after he told him about the plan to BD him and then assured him it wasn’t gonna happen.

      • I know Jason does know the game as well but Kevin’s response about targeting Raven was natural and honest and Paul is being pressuring that Kevin is such a threat to Jason and Alex. Please Jason see that Paul is a “salesman”.

      • Jason was talking to Kevin about putting him on the block. Kevin asked why? Jason told him, he was the only one that hasn’t been on there. Kevin said, nothing wrong with that. LOL…Are they that blind, and not thinking that Paul has avoided the block as well.
        NO one wants to ROCK his BOAT!!!!!

      • Then why does he think he can’t put up Christmas? take Matt down and put up Christmas that would be my game lol wonder if he knows how sweet he’d be sitting right now if he would have took Cody deal

      • I know that…lol or Josh or Paul or Alex…If they are only gonna go up as a “pawn” what difference does it make…???

      • I can see why people are getting so mad and heading to that house with blow horns lol, I want Jason’s wife to use her telepathic capabilities to get her husband a message lol

    • I haven’t been home all day. What happened to keeping the noms the same? Did someone get on Paul’s bad side?

      • I don’t know. Jason even told Kevin that Raven & Matt think he (Kev) is going up but assured Kevin he wasn’t going to use the veto to take anyone down, so I sincerely hope he resists Paul’s needling b/c that would be a total (and cruel) blindside to Kevin now.

      • Noms are still the same at this point.
        Veto meeting isn’t until Monday calendar day, the 28th.

      • Jason is putting up an argument about it tho. He’s not agreeing to it. He’s giving Paul a lot of reasons why Maven needs to stay otb.

    • The veto was the hide a veto and someone (we don’t know who yet) literally tore the house apart and even broke other HG personal belongings!

      • Ugh, and that’s why I hate these people. Seriously, HGs have been playing this comp for a while, but I don’t recall anyone’s stuff being ruined. And they’ve certainly never destroyed the house before.

      • Yeah, Matt hid his veto in the armrests and Raven found his so that is why they think it might have been her who destroyed the place. Plus, Alex thinks raven broke her glasses too.

      • Yeah someone messed with Paul’s rings. Alex’s glasses got broken and something else too. can’t remember now, but it was just stuff that had nothing to do with finding a veto.

      • hahaha!! No, she gets all the makeup she needs out of Christmas’s bag!! That would totally irritate me, especially considering how she says she has all these illnesses!!

      • No, Raven was one of the first if not first ones in, Kevin was third and said stuff was trashed. It had to be Raven or Jason, and Jason denied it.

      • Yea, don’t see Jason doing that, at least not intentionally. Although he could be ‘a bull in a china shop’ given what he does for a living, haha.

      • The order I have heard for sure was 1. Raven 3. Kevin 4-5 was Matt 6 Paul , Josh or Jason were 2 and 4-5. Sounded like Jason was 2. Kevin was trying to ask him what he saw, like Jason was in right before him (positive Kevin was 3), but Alex who didn’t play was so loud and butting in I couldn’t tell for sure.

  30. Kevin sleep in the HOH tonight! Jason asked him to. Kevin needs to sit in that bed all night with Paul waiting outside the door.

    • I don`t know why the HOH likes other people sleeping with them. If I was HOH I would want the room and bed all for myself.

      • Same here….I would be like…Yall can hang for a few, but its 10:00 pass my bedtime…BYE! Anything else can wait until tomorrow. Thank you…lol

      • This year no 10pm bedtime. Paul has to be the last person every night in that room. Paul,will say goodnight , then see another person go into HOH, then he is back up there, say goodnight again, watch another person go in and go back up. This goes on till 3-4am. I bet if the HOH, locked the door Paul would have a key or hid in the shower.

      • Jason asked Kevin the first night he was HoH but Kevin thought he should sleep with the others so they couldn’t talk about him

      • Well, they all seem to have someone sleep up there with them but in this case, tonight I think it’s a good thing that Kevin stay close to Jason.

      • Kevin has reattached himself to Jason! Smart man. He needs to stick to Jason like a second skin until after the veto meeting.

      • Yup, and Kevin has been getting unfriendly vibes from Alex and Paul this past week, so Jason is a friendly face.

      • I think Jason didn’t want to alone in the HOH. He and Kevin have such good talks everyday in the yard , he picked him. That is why this is such crap, Paul getting Jason to get rid of his BF walking buddy!

      • Jason asked him to sleep in HOH with him. Kevin was too scared to leave his bed, wanted to be in on any conversations downstairs last night. Now Kevin needs to be with Jason tonight.

    • R u kidding? Paul will b in the room!!!!…. lol
      I hope Jason has the ba**s to kick him out of the HOH room :-)

      • That’s Jasons beef with Matt and Raven They have never talked to him been friendly/sociable toward him..They don’t talk to him and he don’t understand why..

      • I’m sure they haven’t considering they haven’t said two words to him. Although this a.m. Is first time I saw Matt engaging with Jason. Interesting timing.

      • Let me guess, he talked to Jason B4 the veto comp. Now that Maven is OTB he will not talk to him. Raven did talk w/ Jason and Paul at the hot tub.

      • Sounds about right. I just caught feeds early this morning and he was in kitchen laughing at everything Jason said and literally patting him on the back like they were best buds. First time I have seen him say anything to him that I can remember.

    • You should have heard the Kevin & Paul conversation awhile ago…Kevin tells Paul that he is going to the Dentist early Monday to get his tooth pulled..Paul says when??? Kevin says EARLY Monday…

      Monday is Re-nom Day, Paul is going to see to it that Kevin is put OTB Monday, and all of the Minions will vote him out Thursday!

      • Poor Kevin if that happens. Getting a tooth pulled and coming back to being back stabbed. What horrible timing, hasn’t he been asking fir a dentist for weeks?

  31. Alex told Jason that he was messing up her game and will consider that with her jury vote.

  32. LOL! For the first time I was actually happy to see Raven…she joined Paul & Jason & Paul had to stop his pitch for Jason to use the veto coz Raven thinks that’s a given. hehe

    • So in this one instance we like Raven. Only temporary but whatever helps keep Jason sticking with the plan to not use the veto.

  33. If I was in that comp, there is no way I’d go near a couple of those mattresses without a Hazmat suit, Yuck!

  34. Jason is seriously balking at putting up Kevin. Except now Paul and Christmas are seeing a way to use that against him next week because Alex is telling everyone that he isn’t listening to her anymore! Why is she doing that?

  35. Paul was talking to Jason, about Raven boobs being double D, or triple D. And Alex said no way, she stuffs her bra. Paul says to Alex, he know hers are. And Jason laughs…and say they r about to pop out. And she need too (A) just go ahead and show them . WOW… I know Christmas mentioned that also, about Alex boobs. DR I wonder if J wife caught that. She isn’t bad looking. I thought she was fat the way J use to talk.

  36. Why didn’t Jason throw this comp? I thought it was undercover operation? Now he has to explain his decision to leave the noms the same. Not smart.

    • Everyone in the House…Josh, Paul, Christmas, & Alex want Kevin to go. So Kevin is the Target, Jason is not onboard at the moment, but my guess is that Paul, & Alex will make him do it?!

      Jason needs to wake up to the fact that Paul is running Alex, & she is being fooled by him…Paul doesn’t want Jason, Kevin, or Alex sitting next to him on Finale night. Paul wants either Josh, Christmas, or Raven/Matt as the F2

      • Ah, i see. I knew something was up. I couldn’t hear, they were whispering but I was getting a whiff of Kevin being the target. I’m got confused. I’m like whats happening here, what’s going on?? Thanks.

  37. Okay feeds suck right now. My only 2 options are watching Maven which is just ugh, no a thousand times no! or Josh & Alex, with Josh wondering why Cody & Jessica didn’t like him!! I want to think he’s kidding because that is seriously a stupid question, but I don’t think he is. Is the baby meatball really that dense??

      • There you are Joni my friend! :) No, you can’t leave…feeds are boring. They’re focusing a lot on Maven tonight and I don’t know why! Ugh! I can’t get away from them, hehe

      • BB loves showmances, I think they were hoping for Matt using the veto on Raven , some great storyline. I think BB wants people to get invested in Maven, no way! I would rather see a bunch of singles then a showmance.

  38. Jason…Please keep the Nomination the same, Matt, & Raven!!! And start playing YOUR OWN GAME, keep Alex outta your Ear, & be Suspicious of PAUL?!

  39. Breaking News….Kevin is going to Jury. B/D…plan. They are riding him (J) hard. Now he wants too do what is best for the house. Not what is best for his game. (Fool)….Only time anyone can talk, is when Paul is in DR.
    He will not give you a minute rest. Maven talking game, they have to get rid of Jalex. Can’t take them too final 4,…”we can’t beat them”. HELLO… are you just waking up!!! Give me a break!
    I just can’t…..

    • Jason is still up in the air….They working him over but he is not committed to putting Kevin up….

  40. There is so much that doesn’t add up about Matt. Within just a few short weeks, he decides to throw his own game away for a summer squeeze who he has zero interest in outside of the house. He obsessively showers and cleans the kitchen, but wears nasty shirts and leaves used condoms around the house. The dish towel incident is just a sign of pure contempt for others. I know HG are constantly questioning everything about Kevin, which is fine, but there’s something really weird with this dude, and not in a good way.

    • They did the same with Ramses, always talking about him. It makes me think of just a bunch of petty, mean people when I see it. I could never be on tv talking in a mean way about people behind their back. Game talk is fine but they get personal.

  41. These people treating Kevin like those assholes treated Donny in BB 16…I knew I seen this scenario before…It took a bit I remember how bad they shunned Donny and ignored him…

    • I don’t really like any of these people. I do not understand them all up there laughing and joking (making fun of the evicted and Kevin) acting like they don’t have a care in the world.
      Everyone of them acting totally over confident and partying like they are all going to go to the end together.
      I know some will hate this :) but Alex is starting to get on my last nerve.
      Not one person to root for.

      • So Jason took someone off the block and put Kevin up? And Kevin is the target now?? Or at least that’s the plan?
        Please say it ain’t so!
        I am missing what they said/were saying about Kevin tonight.
        They are such jerks! Typical baby 19, kick people while they are down! I don’t understand why they are being so mean to Kevin, what happened?

      • Paul has been in their ears for a while now, planting doubt about Kevin. Even Jason said tonight that he was being a little much and wanted to give him a beer and send him to bed. I hope he sticks to his original plan and keeps the noms the same or Kevin might be in trouble. I guess we will (hopefully) find out Mon. Evening.

      • Alex was getting on my last nerve weeks ago! I haven’t liked her since week three I believe it is.
        At this point, Jason is the only one I am rooting for but, if he has or is putting Kevin on the block then I will no longer be rooting for Jason! Jason is the HOH and Kevin would never go after him!

        Another stupid move made by another HOH! Putting up (with plans to evict) an HG that is a zero threat to that HOH!
        (If that’s what you’re saying?)

      • I want alex to win but i do agree shes being too agressive with jason. I ll be happy if he wins as well.

      • Agreed, they are my choices for F2 but if she jumps ship and abandons her ride or die, I’m gone

      • I was very disappointed to see her disparage Jason to Christmas and Paul, not sure who else.. I think she will stick with him because he is a number. She’s just playing the strategy game, possibly at Jason’s expense, but that is the way you win…or lose. Gotta have options.

      • When you think about it though, at this stage of the game you really don’t want to try and BD people. You’re playing to stay in the game and you’re playing for jury votes. If you’re HoH you are potentially antagonizing the two people you put OTB, and then you’re going to antagonize a third by trying to BD them? No reason to do that at this stage.

      • I agree with Jason standing his ground. I just think a few of the others will use it against him.

      • Sure they will but I think Jason knows he has no reason to go after Kevin over Maven and he has promised him he won’t and in the end that will be more important to him. Of the ones left in the house, I think Jason has more of a moral compass. I hope he doesn’t disappoint.

      • He has tried to bring alex & kevin together but paul has blocked that. Alex listens to paul way too much.

      • The sad thing is that Kevin was on Alex’s side, has said that she’s his girl so Alex is making a huge mistake in treating Kevin the way she has

      • I know. Shes irritated by him but its really the listening to paul that has caused so much friction i think. Idk,i cant remember exactly when she hooked up with paul…

      • The first I noticed was when she won HoH the first time, he was up in the HoH room, in her ear constantly.

      • I don’t think it’s all Paul. She basically said last night that it felt like Jason was protecting Kevin over her.

      • Yep. Not good! Cant believe those two would split after this long! Not sure where either of them are right now. Both seem irritated with each other.

      • No feeds just reading and I don’t get the body language affect, which can be the tell all. I think Jason will be loyal to Alex. Not sure about Alex. She is more savvy in the game.

      • Alex is completely taken in by Paul, that he has their best interests, she trusts him. She has been completely blinded by him. For a while I thought they were both using each other but now I figure she has just given her game over to Paul and I’m not so sure when it comes down to it that Paul couldn’t convince her to turn on Jason

      • I also thought she was using paul. Now im thinking shes lost her grip on the game. I so wanted her to win-still holding out that she ll snap out of it!

      • You know he probably hasn’t heard the last of it from the others. But I think Paul might as well give up on this one. He lost a round. That will not make him a happy camper, bless his heart.

      • I’ve only ever eaten it straight from the garden to the frying pan. I’ve never bought it in the store, but surely they would sell it fresh at like a farmer’s market, if you all have those. Cut it up, coat it in a beaten egg, then cornmeal, season with salt and pepper and fry it up in a pan. There are other ways, but that’s the simplest and the way my husband prefers it.

      • Got a storm yesterday. Due for more the next 3 days. Personally im more worried about tornados.

      • Hope you stay safe. I’ve been watching the coverage. I’m not sure what they are predicting for your area but I know the rain is fairly widespread down there.

      • Conflicting news reports but thats typical. Having lived through katrina (i was in new orleans then) & a tornado,i certainly feel for texas now.

      • OMG, I bet people still have nightmares about Katrina. I know I still have pictures in my mind from that, 9/11, that one large CA earthquake, and a few other disasters . It’s impossible to forget them. I can’t imagine actually being present.

      • It was bad but i didnt have a clue how bad untii got out 2 days later. The scenes on the news were horrific! I was in shock! I was only there because i had to pick up my children from their dad & got stuck with the road closures-yikes. It was an experience!

      • What bad timing! And your children experienced that, my goodness. I’m glad you are here to comment with us, sangeron. :D

      • Yep, that was a big no no for sure. Has anyone else even mentioned that since, though? You can be sure it has been retained in a couple of memory banks for future referral.

      • I didn’t even care that much for Jason at first and it really frustrated me when he always let Alex shoot him down. Alex has been going downhill on my popularity poll for a while as Jason was going up. I don’t think Jason would have gotten this far without her but I was happy to see him finally take a stand. I’m giving him 5 strips of bacon and a ride ’em cowboy hoot and holla!

      • Yup, he’s like Paul last year. He has learned over the course of the season. I like that. I hope he makes it to the F2 which is going to be very difficult but right now, he’s the one that I want at the end.

      • Yes, he has definitely improved his game. I’m afraid the other HGs will target him instead of Alex, when it comes times, over this Kevin ordeal.

      • Agree. Alex drug him through the first part of the game but now it seems hes getting it. Hope he stands his ground!

    • I know right! I hate how they are treating Kevin and I hated how they treated poor Donny!!
      Since Thursday’s episode I have noticed Kevin really seems down. He is probably missing his family and upset he hasn’t won anything. I feel bad for him!
      AND IN TYPICAL BB19 Fashion, the HGs kick people when they are down! I could never treat someone that way! Especially someone who is older, hasn’t done anything wrong, is clearly missing their family etc. I would be super compassionate. These people are a BIG bunch of jerks! And Jason is really disappointing me because he has always been close to Kevin! Why does Alex have to be his ride or die, he would be smarter to take Kevin to the end if he could. I would’ve expected Jason to ever intentionally hurt Kevin or anyone else in the house for that matter!
      Didn’t anyone teach them to “respect their elders!” LOL

  42. Worst season EVER!!!! All Idiots!!! Target Paul or kiss the big $$$ goodbye. Hard to watch anymore but I do.

    • I think I can speak for a lot of us, (not everyone though) that we agree this is the worst season by far!
      For weeks and weeks now it’s been like “just write Paul the check!!!”
      For whatever reason the duos never speak to the other duos! It is the strangest season ever! How none of these HGs have connected the dots (spoke to one another) and figure it out Paul has his hands and everyone’s pockets is UNREAL!! Why are these people so afraid to talk about Paul! UGH!!!!
      These mindless morons are playing for Paul, jury and/or they would be happy with 2nd place! As long as they get their 15 minutes of fame! SMH these people seem to think Paul is a superstar and by playing this season with him, they will become superstars! They have no idea how disliked they all are and how this season is completely laughable! The only HG remaining in the house with a brain is Jason but Alex won’t let him do anything, she dismisses everything he says! But, not even Jason has connected the dots/Paul!
      BB did a horrible job with casting this year! Unreal!
      The first week was exciting and I think we all thought this was going to be a great season! What a huge letdown!
      Jessica for AFP!! At least she was playing this game to win.
      Rant over LOL sorry

      • You have got to be kidding with jessica for afp. She played codys game. Her big move was getting ramsey out? Geez i know youre a fan but…really?

      • With you sangeron. Jessica a sullen disagreeable sore loser. That’s what you want for AFP? Get someone who played the game and didn’t hide out when things weren’t going their was….and who at least made it to jury.

      • Ikr?jessica had potential but decided to lay with cody all day & not play the game. Cant understand ANYONE wanting her or cody to win afp.

      • Well that’s a ridiculous statement. Jess won’t be staying in at night with the robot. SMH

  43. Since Thursday’s episode my heart has been breaking for poor Kevin! It is clear he is missing his family a lot and the house is getting to him.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something but I do not understand why he is even a target, and I especially do not understand why people like Alex are being mean to him.
    TYPICAL BB19 Fashion, kicking people while they are down! What a bunch of A$$holes!

    • Paul got scared because Kevin was talking too much. That is how he became a target. Paul was worried Kevin would leak information so he started calling Kevin sketchy. He started making others distrusted Kevin. The others just followed Paul, they saw Cody talk to Kevin, Kevin is disloyal, Kevin talks to Mark, he must be hatching a plot against Paul. All Paul did was plant a seed a it sure worked. Poor Kevin. He certainly is no threat to win a comp let alone the game. If Paul wants a floater at the end I wish it were Kevin over Raven. At least Kevin is fun to watch on the feeds. I’m from MA and my dad died years ago when I was in college. Some of Kevin’s stories remind me of exactly what my dad would tell, brings back happy memories ( not the gangster stories, stories of Boston, catholic school, basketball, the old neighborhoods, hang outs etc). I’ll be sad if Matt stays over Kevin.

      • I agree. Its all by paul’s doing. Im glad to see an older hg make it this far. Usually theyre voted out very early. Kevin is a hoot! So funny!

      • Kevin’s downfall is that he was well liked by the other hg’s so Paul is afraid of him in an F2. Paul needs to get rid of anyone he thinks could beat him at the final so Kevin goes from buddy to enemy. Kevin has not been my favorite but he doesn’t deserve the way he’s being treated. Kudos to Jason for standing his ground so far, hope he doesn’t use the veto.

      • Me too hope jason leaves noms the same. Raven goes (hopefullly) just for my sanity lol

      • With you there, Raven more than anyone deserves to be sent packing. Let Cody have the pleasure of her company, someone for him to talk to in case Mark and Elena are otherwise engaged, lol

      • Or Raven try to kiss him. I picture him trying to hide from her and Raven running after him. Too funny.

      • Right! Shes such a liar-guess she was raised that way. Nobody believes cody was going for her.

      • Or invite her for another menage a trois! Poor girl, the men are running after her and her illnesses. Lil ole mama must be fainting since her baby is still so virginal.

  44. I do think, it would be foolish to use the POV. Remember Jason can’t play the next HOH.

  45. Captain, yes agree…and let’s see if he has the b@lls to put Paul on the block….even if told he’s a pawn! I like Chritmas and she would have been a super rival against returning Paul without her injury. She’s playing hard, even with it. Jason…your horsing around caused her injury, you owe something to her by at least listening to her suggestions/inputs.
    So ready for Kevin, Matt and Raven to go. Also tired of Jason’s big-mouth prantics and wanted him on the “go-to” list except he’s won HoH now. With those mentioned eliminated, we’d get down to the Serious Players!

      • And over Xmas who was given the HoH and Josh who has only won the golf comp. Really, other than Paul, Jason and Alex are the only 2 serious players left. Maven, Xmas and Josh will only get further by being carried.

    • Christmas was part of the housing around so she bears part of the blame. No one made her get on Jason’s shoulders and it was more than once. Christmas is helping Paul win so why should Jason listen to her since he believes his team is with Paul.

  46. Returning House Players have too much advantage, strategy and completion wise, over others; CBS should not keep returning former finalists.

  47. IF Paul makes it to the end , it would be priceless to see him not win,
    This is the most non game playing season ever, One thing I think I missed, when Mark had his exit interview with Julie, I do not remember her asking him , you gave Paul a free week , it seems he did not try hard to save you but voted you out, In most seasons that would have been a huge back stab , And no other house guest was mad they were not chosen, no matter what fake excuse he had to give it to Paul.
    the normal BB behavior is not there, and has not been for weeks and weeks, even though Paul has had 4 weeks free, not one person is talking it, That is one thing in most seasons would make that person a huge target, even from their own team, And Christmas, taking spots away from others in veto comps and not being able to compete, and no talk about how she is voting for one side, that would have made her a target,
    Since they are picking on Kevin, it is no surprise, look what they did to Cody and JEss,
    Kevin is a non threat , Alex Christmas and Paul are dirty players, doing it to a non threat is just being mean, not game play,
    then to top it off without any game play they are all bored, nothing to do, they are waiting for the the last week, and Kevin has not raised his hand and said I want to go next, , He is not with the Paul program . so torment him , that seem to be the theme of this year. Do not play unless you play for Paul. only Paul.

      • Right littlefly, no way can you compare Kevin’s behavior in the house to Jody’s. Kevin has treated all the hg’s well and has been social throughout, Jody well the opposite of both those things

  48. what a mess…and the house is pretty bad too! if only jalex could talk things out and realize they’re being played by paul, who shouldn’t be in the house at all…he had his shot last season and failed by going to the end with the pretty/more likable nicole…this “makeup to paul season” is pretty ugh…frustrating! unless he somehow still loses…

  49. Paul: Who even really uses Twitter? Christmas: It’s awful. Wasn’t she bragging to Kevin/Josh/Jason (can’t remember which one) about the number of followers she has?

  50. Are these HG dumber than a box of rocks??? If Jason really wanted to make a big move, he would b/d Paul. Why these HG believe everything Paul says is beyond me. Paul couldn’t win it when he in the house before, so I guess BB powers have decided that Paul should win this one… Must be a pity win.

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