Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results

We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got insight to where we should end up for Thursday night’s eviction.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Josh has sent Mark and Elena to the Block with Jessica joining them after coming in last for the Temptation Competition. Cody happened to earn his safety there this week so he’s sticking around, but this competition may decide Jessica’s fate this round.

Paul and Josh aren’t seeing eye to eye on this week’s target as Paul wants Jessica out and Josh wants Elena out. He doesn’t trust Elena after observing too much shifting in her game and alliances so he wants her gone and he wants her gone this week under his watch. So did either get an easy path to their wish?

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results:

  • Mark won the Power of Veto!

Okay, so that means neither Elena or Jessica won’t come down by default. HGs are discussing that they think Mark might be willing to not use the Veto on himself so Josh doesn’t have to do a renom. That’d be nuts. Josh said he’d consider renom’ing Raven while Christmas offered to go up if he needed.

Do you think Mark might save Elena and leave himself up there? Well that’d be risky for his own position to upset Josh, but Josh won’t have a vote unless it ties so maybe that doesn’t matter. I’d be surprised if Mark would rock the boat like that, but you never know. Veto Ceremony is coming up on Monday so we’ll know then!

Update: Mark has confirmed to the group that yes, he’ll use the Veto on himself. Phew. I was worried we’d have a boneheaded move potential here. Josh has already told Christmas that he’d renom Raven. Christmas volunteered to be the pawn if he wanted.

Gallery: HGs React To Veto Results

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  1. Mark would be foolish not to use the veto to remove himself from the block. Watch Elena start asking Mark to use the veto to remove her from the block. The more I watch Elena, the less I like her.

    • there will be a lot of yapping, some bending over, and lots of jiggling her braless boobs in the puppy’s face. He’ll consider it

      • You have your choice to look or don’t look at her breasts. It is up yo you. Why don’t you write about her big toe on her left foot? That’s her body.

      • it’s happening already. on BBAD, a 20 minute discussion on her nipples, questioning the men if her shirt with no bra is inappropriate. It’s not the body parts I’m talking about, it’s the obvious flaunting her body trying to manipulate the guys, and it’s not working. It’s all she’s got, and she’s coming up short.

    • I’m with you, the more elena speaks or moves i like her even less…she and raven just irk me to no end

      • josh is fat glad zingbot dissed everone the way he did paul is trailor trash feel bad for jessica and cody mark is a pansy

    • Of course Mark would be foolish, but he strikes me as a bit of a dumb jock. I could see him sacrificing himself. He’s hasn’t play smart to this point.

  2. Welp, goodbye Jess. We would’ve liked you more if you didn’t snuggle with a robot.

  3. Josh is the real meatball. He so messed up his game this week with the noms and now we’re stuck with Cody and maybe even Jessica. Hope he goes home next week and Cody. Gotta be double eviction coming I would think since this week was useless and the season is a week less than usual. Just my opinion.

    • He will end up doing Paul’s bidding and all will vote to evict Jessica. Just you wait and see! :-)

      • He can’t vote, but the rest of the puppets will vote out Paul’s target Jessica.

      • if Josh had a pair of gonads he would tell Paul to stfu ,this is my HOH,so either shut the hell up or you and jason are going on the block,but we all know that Josh has no balls or brain so it will continue to be the Paul show.

      • They are not a very bright group and they are afraid of making a horrible mistake that will send them out of the house. They have leaned on Paul for so long now they will make mistakes trying to takeover their own power.

  4. Jessica is leaving despite what Josh and maybe Christmas want. Mark is going to keep Elena, Paul controls Matt, Raven and Kevin’s votes and Alex controls Jason. Christmas will likely end up going with what the house wants, leaving Cody as the only person voting out Elena.

    • X-mas using her temptation against Cody indicates she wanted Jessica out, right? Still don’t see how that was a smart move for her game, but then again, she hasn’t shown to be smart or likable.

      • I think she IS smart enough to see that the majority of the house is all about getting out Jessica. If she had let Cody compete its highly probable that the house (led by Paul) wouldn’t have been happy with her.

      • Thank Gawd! I’m glad I”m not the Only one who doesn’t like Bad Christmas! And btw…that was a really Dumb move Christmas made for Paul, by playing her Temptation…She might find down the road that SHE could have used the Temptation for Herself!

    • BUT, at atleast this will cause major tension in the house because Josh is not a wallflower. He will surely spread much needed light on the dangerous control Paul has over the game, and, knowing him, will cause conflict if Paul overrides his wishes to evict Elena. Paul likely will overplay, once again, and maybe this time a loudmouth like Josh sheds that much needed light on the cockroach (Paul).

      • I’d like to see that happen, but I don’t think it will. If you’re watching the live feeds you’ll see that Josh and Christmas have more or less accepted Jessica is leaving and I think whether it was on purpose or not Elena is effective guilt-tripping Josh into being fine with it.

      • Elena also knows josh has a tiny stiffy 4 her. If she stays she will parade around the HOH room with her boobs hanging low and her azz hanging out.

      • You’re right. Josh is not a wallflower. I think of him more as a pansy.. lol I do agree with your thinking though. Josh’s big mouth will probably bring some attention against Paul, but unfortunately, Paul would be able to manipulate it and all of his cult followers will turn on Josh now. I’m okay with that though. Paul is my least favorite and Josh is just right above Paul, so it would be great to see either going home soon!

      • I agree last year I liked paul, this year he is just a jerk and controlling the house. It like he is god of the house. Why the housemates don’t see he is playing both sides and controlling their votes is beyond me. I wish Josh would back door Paul but to many wouldn’t vote him out. He is going to win this game if the house isn’t going to smarten up. I hope Josh flipps out on paul.

    • Christmas used her power to keep Cody from competing in VETO. She slashed her own throat! With Jessica and Cody out of the Big Brother House, Josh, Christmas, Mark and Elaina will be the next targets! She could very well be the next one after Cody! Had she allowed Cody to compete, he might have been able to save Jessica and kept Paul’s target on Jessica and Cody. Now, the target switches to the stragglers!
      They can only put up Cody and one of the slots will be filled by Josh, Christmas, Mark or Elaina! And if Cody wins VETO, they will get evicted, deservedly so, for being stupid!

      • I think Christmas will be around for awhile. She can’t compete in most of the competitions and in the end she usually bends to Paul’s mercy. I think Elena and Mark are on borrowed time, but could luck out if that super group (Paul, Xmas, Josh, Alex, Jason, Matt, Raven, Kevin) implode. Really at some point they’re going to have to turn on each other and I think Paul is smart enough to do it at the right time. And I think he’s looking to do that with Elena.

    • He only needs four votes. Alex said she’d vote who he wanted and Jason, Kevin and Christmas said the same. That’s all he needs. But it won’t matter because now Josh is thinking Jess should go.

      • Lmao…Josh changes like the wind, down stream from the City Dump?! With Josh it between Elena, & Jess…He tells some HG he wants Elena Out, then he tells the Hard Core Paul Minions he wants Jessica out…

        Who knows what the Freak Josh wants?!

      • Seriously? F***, Josh. Jesus… I knew it. I knew having a mind of his own was too good to be true. I remained skeptical and this is why. I knew Paul would get in his ear.

      • I think it’s Christmas too. She’s saying I think Jess should go. But he could be just saying this to them until the day before the vote. I know he really can’t stand Elena even though he has a crush on her.

    • How it should go (not saying it will though) if Raven is renom’d :

      Mark : Vote to evict Raven
      Matt : Vote to evict Jessica (because of Paul)
      Kevin : Vote to evict Jessica (because of Paul)
      Alex : Vote to evict Jessica (because of Paul + personal reasons)
      Jason : Vote to evict Jessica (because of Alex via Paul)
      Christmas : Vote to evict Jessica (because of Paul)
      Cody : Vote to evict Raven
      Paul : Vote to evict Jessica

      I don’t see any votes to evict Elena, not that it matters anyway. There’s so much “because of Paul” in this that it makes me sick. Jessica deserved a better ending than this.

      • Sadly I think Mark will vote to evict Jessica too. Although it should be clear to both Mark and Elena by now that they should be working with other people.

    • Remember there will be a renom. Last I heard could be Raven. Would be interesting the votes

      • They don’t really need Mark to vote to keep Elena and whoever goes up in Mark’s place…they have enough votes already to do that . Majority will vote to evict Jess!

      • Agreed – some idiot called me a moron last week for saying jess should’ve saved the hex for herself, that way she’d be safe this week. The actual moron who said this thought Cody’s loyalty was WAY more important than the hex. Well, whose the moron now. How much good is Cody’s loyalty right now? Jess gave up an advantage for a guy, gave up the chance at $500,000 for a showmance, and was totally confused – she thought this was the Bachelorette! It would seem some who write on this board are as clueless as Jessica!

      • I said the same thing last week too and someone tried to come at me about it too lol… welp, look who moron is now ;)

      • She got a bit too cocky with that power. And Paul called her bluff. She shouldn’t have used it when she did. Her bad and she’ll have no one now to blame but herself. I was hoping she’d win the veto today. But alas, she didn’t.

      • Except if Jess didn’t use the hex, the other HGs would have voted her out, not Cody.

      • no they wouldn’t…i remember they were all in agreement that cody had to go and they didn’t care that she had the hex for the next week. after the veto they even told her they would pull her off if she promised to not use it and save cody. does anybody else remember this?

      • I remembered it, but she decided to use it anyway because she didn’t trust them to pull her down.

      • A good way to convince her was to pull her off the block if actually Paul was sincere with his deal. Instead, they were planning to evict her so Cody could be lost in the game. How could she have trust these group again. Is there anyone watching that even do?

      • Grow up ! It’s a stupid game show. if u don’t like what people write block them but don’t stamp your feet like a little girl and whine about the right and wrong of the comments. It’s supposed to be a fun summer distraction. Have fun

      • actually my little girl said she is offended by your sexist comment. try to have a little filter when criticizing somebody you don’t know. you just made my point, talk about the comments and let’s avoid name calling – dumbass!

      • Its true, live feeds around 8:03 pm show Christmas and Josh more or less accepting that Jessica is going this week.

      • Raven needs to stop looking like Pipi Longstocking it just makes her look more idiotic than she already is

      • She wears her hair like that to look like cat ears for some Women’s Movement the pussy hats and hair is going around everywhere.

      • Isn’t that the truth!!!!! If /when she gets nominated, there will be way more than just one or two GoFundMe accounts!!!!! I wish production would do a compilation of every contradictory word that has come out of her mouth! That would fill a whole Friday slot! And then her mother? Wow! Some trash!

  5. He should put Paul’s happy butt up on the block. I don’t like you Josh but think for yourself!

  6. Maybe a weird (and crazy question) but: there’s a chance to see Josh putting Paul or Raven on the block?

      • Not a chance. Paul campaigned to keep Josh in the house over Ramses. So Josh will make sure Paul gets his way and get Jess out.

      • I don’t know. Josh was really upset talking to Christmas about Paul always telling him what to do, especially when Paul told Josh to get out his pots and pans to rattle Jessica.

      • Expose Paul for the coward he is. When he was lecturing Eleana how easy it is to be a pawn. Josh should make him squirm a little by asking him to volunteer.

      • I really wish there was something to grasp onto here, with this information, but I don’t have faith in Josh to actually stick to his own guns. He should push to have people vote to evict Elena, but he’s going to hang a sad-dog face and let Paul have his way instead.

      • Hoho just imagine how funny it would be to see Paul going home during Josh’s HoH reign; I know that the result it’s a little bit obvious at this point, but that scene would be hilarious.

      • The guy telling everybody he’s gonna get them to jury doesn’t make it. That would be awesome.

  7. It doesn’t matter what Josh wants. Most of the people in the house would rather see Jess go home this week. The only one that will vote to keep Jess is Cody. He needs to realize this and just roll with it.

    • Kevin will vote to keep Jess in the house. He promised Cody he will do everything he can 2 keep Jess in the house. Then he will lie about it as usual. kevin is so sneaky and underhanded. i won’t be surprised if Kevin engineers Paul’s exit when he gets his chance. Alex is also on Kevin’s hit list.

  8. Hey idiots in the BB house, his name is Mark, not Marcellas.

    Nobody could be THAT stupid… again.

  9. Ironically Jess won the Hex, used it and now she is suffering it’s consequence by being the 3rd nominee. Saved her boytoy and now will possibly be evicted.

    • If she did not use the Halting Hex, she would have been voted out! Paul already told the others to vote her out if she did not use the Halting Hex! It does not matter because it is over and done with! Paul is playing for himself and not Jessica. Why do people act like anything Paul does is for Jessica and Cody’s benefit?

      • Right, Paul was never going to keep his word with Jessica and give her 2 weeks of safety and take Alex out. Paul would’ve targeted her immediately. No matter what this happens to her.

  10. I wonder what would happen if Mark used the veto on Jess? Besides pissing Paul off!!!!….lol

      • He could use the veto on himself and Josh could put Paul up. Perfect BD plan to get him out before jury. Wishful thinking :-) Paul’s minions are 2 stupid to vote him out:(

      • Josh believes he owes Paul for helping to keep him from being evicted. That’s the sad part of his loyalty in this game.

  11. I can’t believe that Josh is trying have Mark to not use the veto on himself. I don’t think Mark is too bright, but he’s not that stupid.

    • They both are, but Mark is smarter and he will use it on himself. Remember it’s a script and they need to lead us on to make it suspenseful. Just like Christmas and Josh were doing.

    • Paul already talked to Mark. lol and will continue talking to him. Paul will get what he wants.

      • Mark has never trusted Paul that much, so I will call your bluff and say Mark will use it on himself! LOL

      • Mark is scared of being on the block, look how many times he declined pawn status because he was afraid…hope he brought his night light and his binky with him to the bb house

      • I heard Christmas is volunteering as a replacement..Jess will still be evicted…doesn’t matter.

      • I didn’t know that. josh is still working on Mark not using the Veto, which is crazy. I thought it didn’t matter. Jess is going home. I was just saying Paul is always on alert talking to Mark after he won, touching all the bases.

      • Remember Paul is testing him…he put that thought into Josh and now Christmas’ head and left them to try and talk Mark out of using it, causing a rift more than actually expecting Mark to do this.

    • come on folks, Mark isn’t that stupid…of course he’s going to use the veto on himself.

  12. It is anti-climactic now. So, Jessica gets evicted this week, then, Cody if he does not win HOH next week. Then, Josh, Christmas, Mark, Elaina. Only question is in the order but, those 4 will be gone without the majority vote controlled by the solid 6 of Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matthew and Raven! This is why I hate big alliances, there is no game play until there are 4 left and they have to target each other because there is nobody left. In the meantime, you know what is going to happen next! Josh, Christmas, Mark and Elaina remain clueless if they believe the big alliance will not target them next!

    • That why last week was so borring, everyone new she was going to use her Hex. BB tried to play it up like she wasn’t going to use it. This is why sometimes I like BBUK more, they can’t talk game play. It against the rules and you don’t know who people are nominating. BBUS feels like it is scripted or producers are guiding the people a certain way. The ratings control how the house goes it feels sometimes. How do we know Jessica actually was voted the most? Do they release the results? This season since Paul’s minions are in control it has been boring. Only cody and Jessica have a backbone to stand up. The rest do what is told, so boring.

    • I don’t care who that meatball puts on the block as long as it isn’t alex or kevin…i like paul but he should not have ever been brought back i am so not a fan of vets returning unless its all stars

      • Somebody mind telling me what there is to like about Alex at THIS point in the game? You had a case earlier, when she had so much a mind of her own that she questionably told HoH Cody “I want to target couples” and was winning competitions to back it up. What has she done since? As in, for several weeks now? She’s attached herself to Paul, stopped winning anything, made hypocritical comments (criticized Jessica for making weak moves as HoH when that’s exactly what Alex did with her HoH, said Jessica was jealous that Alex was more athletic, implying better at competitions, when by this point Jessica has probably caught up in number of wins)… I barely see over the last few weeks how Alex is any better than do-nothing Raven, Matt, Christmas, etc. She even has the same phony BS reactions to announcements and in DR sessions as Raven now.

  13. I really hate the way Kevin is constantly talking over other people and their conversations! He really doesn’t care if two people are having a convo..he will just start asking a bunch of questions to someone who is already talking to the other person…he will not stop until he gets an answer! I like Kevin..but…really wish he would stop that. It is going to be so funny when these people find out (besides Paul) that Kevin has the 25K and was one of the hinky votes that both got blamed on poor Ramses.

    • I think Kevin told Paul that he got the 25K and Paul has the HG believing it was Ramses that took the temptation.

  14. Well,that sealed Jessica’s fate but Christmas made this possible by using her replacement temptation,this is how you play BB..Jessica this whole summer has been playing “The Crying Game”,guess she forgot that was a song.

    • I haven’t seen her cry. It’s been bothering me. She gets angry, hurt, depressed, but no tears. The guys have been crying more than her. A few tears might have made her a little more likeable.

  15. Can’t wait to see the CBS spin on Thursday to make it look like it will be a close vote.

  16. more cody victim noises…now he is talking about tormenting people after the 400 bullying posts we had to endure

  17. How ironic Jess will be going home before Josh,she never thought for one second that would ever happen.

  18. Jessica was great TV no doubt. I know she’s not very popular on this site but I liked her LOL. I guess we’ll see how these following weeks go before I pick another favorite, I thought Christmas was going to lead a charge against Paul but now I wonder if she’s all bark and no bite

  19. Mark would be a fool if he saves Elena. Elena who jumped ship (I can’t risk my game for someone I met a month ago)…

  20. So they will do a renom and have three on the block? They only don’t do a renom if the temptation loser wins the veto?

  21. Hard to believe with the camera rolling two adults could act like such babies,Cody and Jess have pouted and stomped their feet more this summer than any 4 year old would.

  22. Still early; Josh might change his mind again.

    Will he have to renom someone since Mark won? If so, who? Raven (pretty please).

  23. Glad to see Jess go. My only regret is she didn’t make it till Zingbot. Would have loved to hear the butthole jokes.

  24. this is all like the Brendan and Racheal show but back words BB loves to play off showmances is she out maybe but they are not done with them Sometimes when I come in here feel like we are in a ancient Rome Arena with people either with their thumbs up or down depending on the week

  25. Josh envisions himself as a masterful game player, when in fact he is a cluless maladjusted idiot. This show is getting harder and harder to watch.

    • Yup!
      Fix this house!
      Your fans are getting bored, I should say more board!

    • I’m surprised he’s got Eleana’s number. So he’s not as dumb as he seems. But he’s the only HG that’s made me laugh out loud this season.

  26. This is the question I posed on another thread and now it is confirmed that Mark will save himself. I was wondering if he would use it to save Elena. On another note, maybe Elena may reconsider how she picks the men in her life. Although I don’t blame Mark for saving himself but now it makes me wonder if he won’t the Shane (Walking Dead reference) of this group.

    • I would like to know the order in which the couples got together. I heard the hg’s talking earlier this week that Cody approached Raven first which surprised me. Wonder if Elena was left with Mark or chose him first.

      • Where was these Nympho’s when I was younger dang it and who in their right mind would go along and collect a bag of goat farts?

  27. Would love to see Paul go home, but it won’t happen, Paul is running the house. I wish they would wake up and see it. After Cody and Jess leave I don’t think I will watch the Paul show. after all the seasons I think these houseguest just don’t have it. I think they left back bone at home. All I can do is hope that Paul go home.

  28. I can’t stand Christmas. Who does she think she is, saying Mark shouldn’t use the veto. Where did they find these people?

    • It’s been disappointing watching her this year. I started this show with her as one to watch, and all she’s done since is let me down. The only positive I can give her is she shows compassion in comforting people when they need it. That’s it. Her fake laughing at Josh’s BS, throwing in shots to egg on Cody on top of encouraging the “emotional warfare” (and in my opinion doesn’t even really hate Cody she’s just blindly following the trend of the house, namely Paul, even though she’s noted things he’s doing that she doesn’t like). Her use of the Ring this week, her inability to win anything even when she’s able to compete, and now this, basically threatening Mark not to save himself with a Veto he earned…

      I wasn’t on her case too hard for choosing to stay in the game amidst the controversy of whether or not she should stay and compete with her injury, but every week she makes me feel more and more like I wish she opted out of the game. I don’t blame Jessica for thinking her use of the Ring was an attack on her (J), because it served very little for Christmas’ own game.

      • She didn’t really do anything for me (good or bad) until she was really pushing to go after Cody and Jess.
        Although she did impress me during that stop and go HOH challenge. But there was no reason to use her temptation because she was completely safe. She is just in Paul’s pocket. It’s a shame. I think this is worse than season 16.

        I didn’t mind her staying in the game because Big Brother let her and there was nothing we can do about it. I agree about Jessica.

  29. Really??? What the hell??? Why are so many people into Jessica and Cody??? YES Paul is a VET, has experience and knows how to play this game. He knows how to manipulate players in the house. As for Jessica… the VIP Concierge (like her bio states)… that’s more professional then the title ESCORT. Jessica needs to go NOW! Cody needs to wake up… #1 priority is his daughter and not their piece of ass he gets from Jessica!

    • I don’t think people like Cody and Jess, but since they’re the only ones with the guts to stand against Paul 24/7, they make the game more interesting.

      • I like them separately, their showmance don’t let them play a really good game, I think that both them had potential, but for separate, together…

      • Brachel NEVER made some of the dumb decisions that JODY has made. Brachel were a lethal combination that fought back every turn. JODY is a very weak version of BRANCHEL.

      • It is going to be interesting to see how Cody is in the house without Jessica. Can he somehow get into an alliance with Mark, Kevin, and a few others…..each week you need a smaller alliance. Or is he just going to pout all week until his eviction. I think it is POSSIBLE that he could start really playing the game.

      • He needs to win the next HoH or there’s a big chance to see him on the block; I want to see him working with Mark and Elena.

      • I like that they have the guts to do this, but I also just like them. I don’t care that they’re not perfect, nobody is. Jessica, despite showing smarts for the game at times, has also made some pretty bad game-related decisions. Cody has a terrible social game, but I love the competitor he is and has proven to be, how he always wants to compete and has the same drive to win every time, and I find his refusal to play up to the sideshow of the game to be refreshing — not going OOOOH MY GODDDD when there’s an on-screen announcement in the living room, in the DR, not faking enthusiasm where it doesn’t exist, etc as opposed to the cartoon-character play-ups of Raven or Alex or Ramses while he was there. Unlike others, I’m not going to act like a prude and rip on them for fooling around with each other — who cares, they’re young and physically attracted to each other and are cooped up in a house together for a long time with no contact with the outside world, no cell phones, no television, and people who criticize them for it would likely do the same thing if they had the opportunity with somebody they really liked. They’re in there together and have urges, big deal. I feel they’ve both been knocked at times unfairly and at times ridiculously for what they’ve done and said, and that some of what they’ve said has been taken out of context; for example early in the game, I don’t think Cody’s depiction of jocks, babes and outsiders was as black-and-white and segregation-driven as people took it. I think it was just two guys he wanted to work with (Matt and Mark), the girls they were into, the girl he was into, and then the outsiders simply being “everyone else” not involved.

        (Just to clarify, I don’t mean any of this against you, saturn. I actually really like your comments)

        And yes, while we’re at it, I think things would suck without them being in there as the only ones ready to go after Paul, and not following him around mindlessly.

    • I’d like to see Cody play without Jess there since Jess didn’t do all that much when he wasn’t there.

  30. This house is exciting on end and boring on the other with Paul and his clowns. Cant wait to see this sorry house carve each other up in the coming weeks. Or will Paul just mind freak the house the whole season .Dud

  31. I am loosing brain cells listening to Josh talking to Christmas and Matt about being upset that Mark wants to use the veto.

      • And suddenly he’s best friends with the guy who threw pickle juice with hot sauce in his face. Hard to take anything Josh says to heart. He changes his mind like the wind! As someone else said, a windsock! LOL

      • Christmas volunteers to go up then changes her mind Then she bashes Mark for wanting to come off the block. If it is no big deal why did she change her mind?

      • Because she knows Cody would vote to evict her in a heartbeat as well as Jessica and Alex if Jess were to come off the block.

  32. Okay, so Mark’s starting to build up a comp resume. Just too bad he’s never getting to the end of the game.

    Meanwhile, OF COURSE MARK’S GONNA USE THE VETO!!! The last guy who didn’t and went home is still the butt of every BB fan joke! You can tell these people are recruits.

    • And if he doesn’t use it means to them he doesn’t trust them. I wouldn’t either in BB! LOL

  33. Mark doesn’t owe any of these imbeciles anything, particularly the idiots imploring him not to use the veto. He really needs to show he has a pair, if only to rescue his self respect.

  34. Did Paul just call Josh “the blob” and try to get him out of the HOH room?

    I wish Josh knew how they really feel about him (Kevin included). I wish he would somehow backdoor Paul.

    Josh is so strange and makes no sense…

  35. Mark comes off and Paul goes up as a “pawn”, simple really. It would be fun to see “friendship strategize his way out of that.

    • I hope the same, the majority alliance could vote him out so easy since they have the numbers, and it would be a tremendous blindside.

    • I would love to see Paul on the block. He expects everyone else to volunteer, but not him. I was ok with him initially, but not now. Vote his azz out!!!!

      • I don’t care that Paul has the votes to stay. At least getting him up on the block would let him know he might not be as invincible and kingly as he thinks he is.
        Have you checked out the photos of the HGs? All the newbies, except Josh, which is just a straight-line lip-lock, are smiling, somewhat, even Cody. Paul has his head down, brows together, frown (I think in that milk strainer he has on his lips), and threatening, maniacal, foreboding-type style look.
        Yeah, he is some kind of plant in the house (not just the noxious weed kind).

  36. One of the things I really don’t like this season is…… I am not a fan of vets coming back unless it’s for creative purposes! Ex: Vets vs Newbies, Vet All Stars, Vets with a teams etc.
    Instead they just bring back one ☝️ Vet!! Paul😒 At least make it a Superstar Vet! Why Paul!? Of all the previous HG’s from 18 seasons of BB they bring back Paul!!
    AND……WHY bring back a previous HG that has “an agent????”
    Paul’s agent clearly has a contract with BB…..& in that contract it is clearly (IMO) stipulated:
    **Paul receives 3 weeks safely! duh 🙄 (BB knew Paul would be chosen by America to get the safety!) also in Paul’s contact:
    **Favouritism from BB ex: if he did go on slop, he can go in the DR room and they will feed him!
    **Guaranteed the jury house (at the very least,)
    **NOT on slop (Paul is the only HG to pick the right box so far! BB clearly put the two boxes in there specifically for Paul!)
    **BB Pro to entice the other HG’s to listen to Paul!& also keep him around etc.

    Paul’s agent likely got him a pretty sweet deal with BB (his agent does get a percentage of how much Paul wins!)

    Big Brother could be less unscripted/manipulated if they didn’t have HG’s with agents!
    Plus, if Paul wins how is he going to feel like a winner knowing everything that was in his contract!?
    I guess he just wants his “15 minutes of fame back”, & the $500,000 (minus your outrageous taxes in the US!) doesn’t hurt! SMH
    Vent over! 🙃 😬 🤗 🙄 😬 😳

      • It is okay, TinaLee…nobody will complain about all the letters falling out of your head in bulk. I’m beginning to think that you don’t care for Paul very much. I think that CBS thought Paul played and excellent game last year and should have won. I am still shocked that he did not win. Imagine the BB House without Paul. The floaters would be tossed out quickly by Jessica and Cody. Alex might be a force as well. I’m not even sure why Kevin aka Christopher Walken is there.

    • You are so silly but I agree with your words. Read where he might put up Raven lol. Psst don’t tell anyone but Julie is team Jessica. Hopefully she will survive she needs to go up to HOH and only talk to Josh maybe with Cody. Josh and Jess had good convo this morning on feeds

    • I agree, it should be all vets or newbies, not a mix. At least Paul is playing the game. With productions manipulation. Gone are the days when HGs were unknowns. EP AG Is recruiting them. I just can’t figure out why they cast HoeLena, Raven and Kevin!! SMDH.

  37. Bleh…Rant coming on!
    I can’t stand Cody, Jessica and Josh…
    Jess shouldn’t have used her Hex last week, like everyone tried to tell her…dumbass.
    I love how Cody & Jessica called Josh a crybaby & accused him of playing victim and that’s what they do at every turn now.
    I can’t stand hypocrits & that’s exactly what they are.
    Josh is an idiot if he doesn’t get Jessica evicted this week, he will deserve everything they dish out to him…and Paul’s right, neither of them will vote for Josh to win in the end IF either go to jury.
    Rant over!😞

  38. I’ve said it before, but Kevin is in the best position in the house right now. Absolutely nobody in the house wants him out, hasn’t even been mentioned as a target, isn’t a threat in comps, and has a great social game. Go Kevin!

    • So Kevin is Donny with better social game.
      I really hope he strays away from Paul because rn Paul is damaging his game.

    • IMO, Kevin is one of the most BORING players EVER. Listening to him talk is like watching paint dry or grass grow. He was so condescending to poor Ramses. He is a floater just like HoeLena. I hope the house figures that out soon.

      • I prefer to see people actually compete and fight for their status in the house. If you choose, and that is a choice, I don’t respect you as a player. As Rachel said, floaters, grab a life vest!!!!

  39. Now last night on the BBAD Josh was wanting to get rid of Elena instead of Jess, is he still pushing for that? (HOPE NOT!)

    • No, he got shut down. The only one who may have voted to keep Jess was Christmas. I think she finally realized she would be screwed if she didn’t go with the house. Josh is HOH but his power is basically over. He has no vote.

      • This is the first season in 19 that I am seeing HOH’s as really pretty worthless. The power of HOH has really diminished a great deal. Not saying a bad thing or good thing but just really different.

  40. I just wanted Jess n Cody to make it to jury n take out HG’s before they left. I really hope Josh puts up Raven. Maybe the house will realize this is the only chance they mite have to take her out. The whole house is in love with Paul n all his BB18 stories. So going after him will not work. You’ve got to start taking out numbers. His groupies. The only chance Jess has. Is to make the point that she cool with playing the Victoria this season. I know she wants to spend time with Cody but she just mite be able to persuade Josh which could give her a chance. Otherwise she will be going home.😔

      • Yes but it mite be able to throw shade at Eleana or Raven. I mean its not likey. But he is the biggest drama starter in the house. He Put all the attention on Meghan for the golden apple thing when he was in the wrong. But that’s just wishful thinking.

      • I know. So sad. She played a lil better social game. But the HG’s were fake with her, and she had to play sleazy with Paul by rubbing his back ect. (Elena’s game now) So I def don’t blame her bc they would have gotten rid of her when she was of no use. Paul calls himself the showmance killer. Maybe he’s mad bc he hasnt had one. 😂

  41. I’m confused. Josh wants Elena out, but won’t the house NOT vote her out. Why would they?

  42. Thoughts
    – If you guys were to choose between Jess or Cody at the end- who would it be? (I’d pick Jess)
    – I think Alex, Christmas and Kevin really need to stray away from Paul because holy heck not only is he running the house he’s pretty much Evel Dicking everyone.
    – Could Cody improve his social game this late?
    – Frankly Paul was miscast. Not only two seasons in a row but a FREAKING RUNNER UP! Look I like Paul, but can these idiot newbies play the game (looking at you Matt and Raven)
    – If Paul does go home, who will be the one to beat? (I personally say Kevin)
    – I think if Jess separated from Cody and actually made friends and allies with certain people, she could go a long way.
    – Josh may not be listening to Paul anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s still a meatball shield.

    • I would choose Jess, she was better off without Cody. I don’t think Cody can improve his social game, he lacks social skills. Matt and Mark are big maybes. Mark would be better off without HoeLena.

    • – Jess. fer sure.
      – I think Alex’s alliance with Paul is a good thing for her (for now). She totally knows what’s up and will essentially play her own game. Kevin’s “playing” team Paul. His only real allegiance is to himself. Christmas’ allegiance always seems “iffy” to me. Not sure she really has one.
      – Too late for Cody to do anything but stay on defense and win comps.
      – Matt’s sticking to his game strategy which he said was to lay low until the time was right to make a move. Raven’s just tagging along with Matt.
      – If Paul goes home, and Cody is still in the house, it will be Cody vs. Alex (IMHO)
      – I think if Jess *would* have separated from Cody and not used the hex she would have gone a long way, maybe even to the winner’s spot but it’s too late for Jess to redeem herself at this point and she, like Cody, will have to continue on defense (if she’s not voted out on Thursday).
      – Josh is the biggest meatball in the house. His HOH power has gone to his head and he thinks he’s making smart moves but he’s not.
      *Just my 2 cents.

  43. Jessica’s jealousy is showing again. She just warned Cody that he better not play fight and joke around with Alex after she is gone. If she sees it on video, they will be through.

  44. I for one am Sick & Freaking Tired of the Paul Show/Coronation…Jessica needs to start Campaigning to stay, & try to make a Deal with Kevin & Jason to take out who they want out!

    • I 💯% agree with you! Jessica needs to start campaigning however, I think she’s just defeated at this point. I think she feels it’s hopeless so she doesn’t want to start kissing butt!
      If someone gives her some hope and says Josh wants to get out Elena & others are also interested, then I think Jessica might start campaigning again, but at this point she’s just done! Everyone has lied to her, she has no one to trust! Every time she has been promised something it has been a complete lie and not just buy one person, by most of them because of course it’s by Paul’s orders! Plus, I don’t think Paul is going to allow anyone to talk to Jessica So, it will be difficult for her to campaign when she can’t even talk to anyone alone.

      • jess made the mistake last week saving her boy toy ,she could have saved her game ,now it looks like the end of the road ,I think she could have pulled out the win otherwise

      • I Jessica had not used the hex last week, she would be watching from home right now. She got an extra week by using the hex.

      • True although Cody was her only ally and it was very clear no one was going to work with her once he was gone so Jessica knew she would just be a sitting duck the following week. She had no reason to trust anyone in that house. Yes, Christmas and Elena did talk to her as well as Paul but I think that’s it? No one else tried to convince her to not use it. That was a mistake! Paul should have “ordered” most of his mindless morons to all talk to Jessica and make her feel like they wanted to work with her. Sure, they would’ve been lying but, I just don’t think Paul, Christmas and Elena were enough to convince Jessica.
        Plus, as we (the viewers) know if she didn’t use her HH, she would have been gone last week because Paul told his “Circus Clowns” 🤡 to vote her out if she didn’t use it thus taking the HH with her and Cody would likely be walking out the door this week.
        So at least one of them made it to jury.
        The biggest mistake made last week was Paul not using his veto on Jessica! Bad move Paul! If he really wanted to convince Jessica to not use it, he should have given Jessica the veto proving his loyalty!
        Some of the BB greats like Dan Gleason Dr. Will, Evel dick, Derrik, Danielle, Mike Boogie etc would have for sure used it!! (True BB superstars)
        I still do not understand why BB brought Paul and only Paul back! If you’re just going to bring one of them back, make it a good one! But that’s a whole other story 😂 and, I just wrote you this mini novel so I should probably just leave it at this LOL sorry hee hee 😜

  45. You know what else sucks a LOT about this season!?!?

    For the first few weeks we all thought this was going to be one of the best seasons! if not the best season ever! (Thanks to Cody ironically enough!)
    How quickly the drama & the big moves began, All HG’s playing hard, lots of little alliances but also a lot of curiosity if certain HGs would align etc.
    Everything pointed to a great group of HGs finally in the BB house! HGs that were there to “play the game,” people that were “not afraid to make moves early” plus 3 early showmanses (those can be entertaining from time to time) plus plus plus
    But then……….Paul (& his contract) took over!
    Sadly, now it’s “1 of the worst seasons,” if not “the worst” season in BB history!
    19 seasons & 5 seasons of BBC, this is the VERY first season EVER that I have NOT had a favourite HG! (I am cheering for Jessica but, she’s just the best of the worst! & I think she could’ve been a favourite of mine!)
    “We” all were so excited the first few weeks in here (BBN!) 😁
    Always talking about “how fast the game has moved this early on!”
    BB finally casted a perfect group
    We sure were fooled!! Hey?!
    Now we are just watching a bunch of “Circus Clowns” 🤡 follow Paul around, taking orders from him & behaving awful! etc. & on top of all that, we are witnessing BB manipulate the game!
    Sure, the HGs will have to turn on each other eventually, so yes this season will get more entertaining, (It can’t get worse than this!)
    BUT too Little too late!!! 💤

    (SORRY 😐 As usual my comments sound a lot shorter in my head! 😂 “Talk to Type” insists that my comments are much longer!) 😆 oops 🙊 My BAD 🤗
    XO 😘
    Thanks for taking the time to read this! XOXO 💋

    • Me too tinalee….There is not One HG that I am pulling for this Season…And the Only reason I do root for Cody & Jessica is because they are the Underdogs! Just like last year when Paul & Victor were Underdogs & I pulled for them.

      • See him! I am always cheering for the underdog. And, there is literally no one else to root for! In the beginning I thought I liked Alex and when she won the HOH I was super excited to see what she would do! Unfortunately all she did was let Paul control her HOH and become one of his circus clowns! Huge disappointment there. I think Jason and Kevin are funny, plus I they can think for themselves! Paul definitely controls of them, but they also recognize it. I think they are the only ones who just play along with Paul to keep him happy. And I really really wanted to like Matt. At the beginning I was excited to watch Matt, Mark and Cody work together and get out Paul. And just work together as a good strong team, especially Matt and Cody! But we know how that turned out!
        Matt has been my biggest disappointment! Not only is he with the most phoney girl in the house, I expected way way more gameplay from him! I thought initially he was just laying low because he could, like Kevin last season on BB Canada. In the beginning I thought Matt was sitting back but still playing the game in his head and he was going to start making moves! Not at all! He even said himself out loud that he was just happy he reached his goal which was getting to jury! What???!!!!!!!!!!!
        The only brownie points he has from me are because he did stand up to Paul in regards to attacking Cody and Jessica. But that’s it! So disappointed

      • Girl I’m on the “same” page as You are! I thought I could like Alex too, but she has just got in line behind Jason as one of Paul’s Minions!!! And Matt & Raven are nothing but on Vacay for 3 months in California, they haven’t done a damn thing but Cook, Eat, Sleep, & have Sex in the House…Sadz!

        This Season is a Wash for me, Big Brother should just cut the check for Paul, & get it over with…After all he is running the whole Game, & the Minions don’t see it…Smdh?!

      • First of all, my other comment was supposed to start off by saying “same here” not “see him” LOL stupid auto correct/talk to type!
        I agree, this season is a wash for me also! The first couple weeks were amazing and I had so much help! But, for the better half of this game it has been predictable and the Paul show! Even if Cody wins next week it will be predictable and then the following week it will be predictable. So, we are looking at a good couple weeks of predictable still! Even if after that it gets super good, it’s all ruined anyways because Paul’s circus clowns followed him around all season like a lost puppy dogs and have just been vacationing like you said! Not just Matt and Raven.
        it is completely the Paul show and, sure Paul has made some good moves but for the most part he got lucky being put in the house with three weeks safety and getting a bunch of mindless morons to follow him around!
        These were not hard people to influence!! He’s not that good!

    • I completely agree. And I am so tired of HoeLena constantly talking about her breasts and posing for the camera. Buy a bra for heavens sake. No one wants to see those knockers all the time! In 5 years they will be at her knees and she will be on Botched!!

    • I agree with you, I mean I have some favs this season, but this season compared to others is not really good, personally I’m enjoying this a little bit more than BB18, but damn, currently I’m rewatching BB10 (such an incredible season), everbody playing the game and then see this season an no much people playing, it’s a little bit sad.

      • Have you seen the first couple of seasons? Seasons where there was no twists and Temptations and no America’s choice etc. If not, you should watch those!
        Watch the season with Dr. Will and Mike Boogie! So good!

      • I saw season 2 (I have not seen the first season, but don’t call at all my attention) and I agree with you, it’s amazing, Dr. Will (along with Dan) is one of my favorites of all time; we need another season without twists, just pure strategy and funny and enjoyable characters (like Renny, Keesha, Britney, Dr. Will, Dan, etc. etc.).

      • I agree! So, they need to fire all of the people who do the casting for a big brother, hire the people that do the casting for big brother Canada and get a good cast in there! BBC has been awesome for the past five seasons!
        Get all good HGs in that house with no twists etc. and let them fight it out fair and square! No outside influences whatsoever! I don’t understand why they won’t do that!
        For years I have been reading and talking to people who are tired of all of these twists etc. is big brother not listening??? Why don’t they just have an organic season!? I don’t understand what benefit it is to BB to have all of the twists!? More people than not don’t want them but instead they give us another season with twists and also end up adding temptations!
        It just makes it unfair to some of the cast! It makes it impossible for them to truly go in and play a game fairly without any interference from the outside world!
        Sorry blah blah! Rant over LOL 😂

  46. I have to say…I thought the “Tom Cruise Look-A-Like”, (heard that somewhere) was so hot the first episode and that he would be some great eye candy…..but…..

    and also…I do not get the if anyone else is UP and watching..fill in please :o)..

      • I guess what is happening right now..I am not worried about spoilers, because they do not show a lot of what goes on when they are Live…this is my first BB year to watch …so all this is kind of new to me ~ Thanks Lynne

    • Maven and Jody are in the Rose Bedroom. Both couples in bed with lights out. Nightly “activities will probably follow soon.

      Christmas< Kevin and Jason talking non game stuff in the open bedroom

      Paul, Josh, Mark and Elena in HOH talking about nipples and boners.

    • Pretty boring at this time, but I always go to bed late. The Tom Cruise look a like is very hot, but I don’t like him as a BB player.

    • Who is the Tom Cruise look like? Certainly not Paul, Josh, Jason, Kevin, Mark…… Matt? Or Cody?
      Taking a guess here but I assume you mean Cody?

      Cody is good looking! Sure he has a stone cold look. The shape of his eye is certainly don’t help LOL but, the TV episodes are edited to make him look like he is just staring off into never Neverland. BB wants to create a character out of Cody! All of them really, they are all always shown the same way. I don’t mean the same way as Cody, I mean if you really pay attention, BB edit each HG and makes them look and act similar every episode. If that makes sense at all? I confused myself LOL
      Cody doesn’t always have that lost look.…… LOL
      You see a lot of emotion in Cody on the feeds and BB After Dark. yes he’s not Bubbley or enthusiastic or super talkative but, he’s real! As in stays true to himself. Again if that makes any sense? LOL

      Again, if you are referring to Cody?
      If not then Oops 🙊

      • Yes Cody is who I am talking about…I hope you are right..

        To me, Cody showed the first day that he was too hostile to certain people, then he got kicked out, got to come back and still showing hostility..

        I wonder if he has even apologized to anyone ?

      • Hostel day one? Because he wouldn’t kiss butt but for the friendship bracelet?
        Hostile the entire time!? I am afraid you are mistaken my friend.
        And, why should Cody go around apologizing to everyone? What does Cody have to be sorry for???
        If apologies are being thrown around, Cody is most certainly not the only one who may need to apologize to a couple people! Very few! Again, what did he exactly do to everyone? And why shouldn’t Paul be apologizing to Cody & Jessica as well as a few others? And why shouldn’t Josh, Christmas and Raven not be apologizing to anyone?
        I believe I read another comment from you asking what is going on in the feeds because you do not get them and this is your first season of BB!?
        Are you solely basing your opinions on things you read online? And view on the TV?

      • Apologize? For what? He made a move and it backfired. At least he was playing the game. Not like the phony’s currently playing who kiss Paul’s ass day in and day out. Paul has made this season the worst in 19 seasons.

  47. Paul is playing Derek and Amanda’s game and in doing so is now a hated villain. Mark should take himself down and Josh put up Paul… get him out.

    • Yes, I would be one happy girl if Paul went home, and went home before jury!
      So many people think he is this great player! Yes, he is good but he’s not that good! He just happens to be in a house full of mindless morons so it’s super easy for him! It couldn’t be any easier!
      I know he made some good moves, and he is super good at manipulating people but again, it’s not a difficult group to manipulate!

    • Are you serious? Derrick’s game? Derrick was very likable and didn’t tell his alliance to go attack other housemates. He played under the radar and didn’t make the show about himself. Amanda was like Paul I agree….very mean and vicious.

  48. If Raven is the renom that means the votes will be divided by three. Maybe chance of Jess staying.

    • Fingers crossed! But I’m not gonna hold my breath!
      There are still too many of Paul’s ” Circus Clowns” 🤡 In the house! Josh won’t be able to get his way!

  49. It’s part of the game, and I’m not crying foul about it, but I just don’t like the whole aura around what’s gone on with Christmas this week. America voted to give her this power (I honestly forget, at the time they voted to give this to her, had she already broken her ankle or not yet?) that I personally feel she’s effectively wasted here, playing into Paul’s hands when she just recently told Josh that she doesn’t like that Paul tells instead of asks when he talks game to people. She didn’t need to use the Ring at all this week when she’s on Josh’s side and Josh has different things in mind than targeting Jessica, but she uses it to play in a comp on a broken ankle (I haven’t seen what physicality the competition involved, but she knows right away she’s chancing being involved in a competition she can’t properly compete in) and then doesn’t win the Veto anyway, and now her power is gone for the rest of the season, for nothing ultimately. This all kind of ties into the controversy over whether or not she should even still be competing in the game, taking competition spots away from able-bodied competitors. I’m admittedly a bit all over the place here but I hope I’m getting my general point across — taking Cody out of this competition when saving Jessica wasn’t even the worst scenario in the world, using her power to do so and thus making a big statement by doing it, not winning it anyway, wasting her power just to try to increase chances of keeping Jessica on the block… I don’t know, it all just rubs me the wrong way.

    • You wondered about physicalness of comp: from a couple places I read, I think it was the ‘counting’ game: given a small plate/tray, etc. with a stated number of items. How many items in the big pile, load, tub etc.
      AND if you haven’t found out yet: Mark won POV!!! (here it is just past 6 am Chicago time.

      • Is the OTEV with the water and angled platform they have to crawl up? Man, if I was Cody, I would be POd being taken out of veto comp by Ch then she not even play!!!