Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 5: Wednesday Highlights

Eviction (or not) Eve in the Big Brother 19 house got off to a slow and quiet start, but as soon as the houseguests were given the chance to practice for what the assume is the next HOH competition, game and strategy talk ignited.

Read on to find out what the HGs think Jessica will do with the Hex and what everyone is planning to do if they or one of their allies wins the next HOH.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 2, 2017:

10:30 AM BBT – HGs starting to get up for the day.

10:45 AM BBT – Cody and Paul are in the kitchen together. Complete silence.

11:15 AM BBT – Quiet morning. Few HGs hanging around in the kitchen eating French toast by Paul.

11:45 PM BBT – Alex and Jason are going over dates for any upcoming memory competitions. Alex wonders if Mark and Elena are trying to get them to flip on Paul and join them instead. Jason is annoyed with Matthew and Raven. Alex says that couple isn’t pulling their weight for the group.

1:25 PM BBT – Cody tells Jessica he’s not giving up and that the prize money is still within reach. He says he just has to win competitions and as more people get evicted, the easier that will be.

1:40 PM BBT – Raven and Matthew talking about the Hex. Raven says it’s selfish to use the power especially considering how Cody’s behavior has been.

2:15 PM BBT – Jessica points out to Cody that if they get HoH tomorrow then they’ll have won 3 of 6 of those comps so far.

2:50 PM BBT – Mark talking with Jason about his chances in the game and wants to know if he’ll be safer if Cody leaves. Jason isn’t encouraging for his odds and says Mark is probably in danger right now. Jason at least says Mark won’t go before Cody and Jessica.

2:55 PM BBT – Jason and Mark agree that Paul would be hard to beat in comps and at the end.

3:23 PM BBT – HGs are in the backyard practicing for the next HoH comp, a putting challenge.

4:20 PM BBT – Practice time is over. Jessica is upset and says that competition is all luck. (It’s not all luck. It’s a skill+luck. If you get a bad hit, you’re done either way.) Jessica says her speech on Thursday will ensure she’s the target if they don’t win the next HoH comp.

4:23 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody one of them needs to win the Temptation comp and the other has to get the Veto comp. (A strategy she ignored this week.)

4:30 PM BBT – Paul advising the HoH crew to get under Jessica & Cody’s skin to make them uncomfortable on Thursday. He says they could wake them up periodically through the night to wear them out.

4:35 PM BBT – Paul still surprised that Jessica isn’t letting Cody walk this week so she can save her Hex and get an extra week to keep trying to play.

4:40 PM BBT – Crew all agrees that everyone should play the Temptation Comp to get their best odds against Cody and Jessica.

4:45 PM BBT – Paul and Matthew agree that they have a good shot at winning this competition because it’s a crapshoot and they have the numbers. They’re confident one of them can win.

5:08 PM BBT – Paul says worst case is Jessica or Cody win, second worst would be Mark or Elena.

5:17 PM BBT – Matthew is still really annoyed with Christmas and says she’s so overwhelming. He tells Raven that he doesn’t think she knows the way she’s making her feel. He says he likes her and feels bad that he’s annoyed with her.

5:22 PM BBT – Paul thinks if Jessica or Cody somehow win the comps to make them safe next week they’ll shoot for Mark and Elena and probably vote out Mark since they can get Elena back on their side easier than Mark.

5:25 PM BBT – Mark tells Jason he’s worried about Elena spending more time with Matt and Paul now. Mark says she had to switch up her game but it was for no real reason. He’s confused. Jason asks if someone has some dirt on her.

5:30 PM BBT – Mark blames Dominique for his demise in the game.

6:20 PM BBT – Paul is upstairs with Matthew and Raven discussing their plans for next week. If Cody wins the Temptation and Jessica gets saved by the Veto then they’ll get Mark out.

6:30 PM BBT – Mark worrying about to Jason about Paul. Jason is downplaying things this time for Mark.

6:40 PM BBT – Matthew tells Raven that if Mark wins HOH they are still in a good spot because he’d go after Josh and Alex (since they don’t believe he’d actually go after Jessica and Cody).

7:10 PM BBT – Paul, Matthew and Raven confirm that if the Hex isn’t used or isn’t really a thing, Jessica will be voted out.

7:32 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas she’s his number one in the game.

7:48 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh her pecking order. It’s Cody, Elena and Mark. Josh says he’s would be Cody, Jess, Elena and Mark.

8:30 PM BBT – Josh, Raven and Matthew are talking about having fans. Josh says he can’t fathom having a fan. Raven and Matthew tell him he’s so funny he has to have fans.

8:33 PM BBT – Kevin and Christmas are trashing Raven because Kevin told Christmas she could wear his shirt and then Raven asked if she could wear it and then claimed it. Christmas says she’ll just wear it another time.

8:35 PM BBT – Jessica and Josh play-figting in the kitchen. Josh is singing his circus tune and Jessica is pretending to go after him with a fork.

9:05 PM BBT – Kevin says that Cody and Jessica only have a 17 percent chance at winning HOH.

9:19 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody if he or Paul weren’t here she has no idea who would be leading the house.

9:22 PM BBT – Kevin is annoyed no one will be going home this week. He tells Jason just send someone home and says there should be a quadruple eviction.

9:24 PM BBT – Jason and Kevin talk about pecking order. Kevin says Matt and Elena need to go up together because Matt has a better shot at winning comps than Mark does. Talk turns to the sooner targets. Kevin thinks it’s stupid for people to want to send Jessica home before Cody because Cody can win a lot of competitions.

9:44 PM BBT – Alex says if they don’t win HOH either her or Paul will go home. She thinks she’ll definitely go home if she doesn’t win veto.

9:47 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex that Matthew and Raven need to go because they aren’t playing the game. Alex says if they get rid of those two then they have fewer trustworthy people in the game.

10:11 PM BBT – Christmas says Cody says he’d do anything for Jessica then asks why doesn’t he volunteer to go home. Matthew says if he ruined her game twice he’d volunteer to go home.

10:14 PM BBT – Matthew tells Elena that they’ve been discussing what’s going to happen during the live show. They wonder how Jessica can not tell production ahead of time if she’s using the Hex since they have to produce a live show. Matthew asks Mark and Elena why Cody and Jessica have all their stuff packed. They’re still not sure what they should believe about the Hex.

10:15 PM BBT – Paul, Raven, Alex, Josh, Jason and Kevin are in the HOH room discussing HOH competition scenarios. Paul says if they get chances at safety one of them should take it.

10:25 PM BBT – Josh retelling how he had to go for the safety in Week 2. Alex again telling him how he wasn’t in danger.

10:32 PM BBT – Paul is talking about trying one more time to get Jessica to save the Hex so they can get rid of Cody (but actually vote her out). Matthew agrees to give it one last try to convince Jessica. Paul tells him what to say then tells him he doesn’t have to use his exact wording. He advises Matthew that since Jessica can’t lie about it then he should use that to try and find out anything else about it.

10:45 PM BBT – Josh is goofing around in the kitchen and dancing with Elena. Mark comes down to take over dancing. Soon Josh is teaching Mark how to dance. (Looks a bit like the Carlton.)

10:55 PM BBT – Paul tells the group that if something goes wrong with Jessica’s Hex and she can’t use it then they’ll just vote out Cody.

11:10 PM BBT – HoH crew is still trying to figure out Jessica’s Hex because it can’t possibly as simple as she’s explained. (It is.) Mark says Jessica talked about asking production if she used it during the live show. Paul wants Mark to go try and get more details, but Elena says Jessica won’t tell him anything.

11:25 PM BBT – Group (Cody, Kevin, Mark, and Elena) downstairs is trying to figure out how the show will work if/when Jessica uses her Hex. Paul sends Josh down to find out what they’re discussing.

11:45 PM BBT – Mark reports back up to Paul that Cody didn’t seem too confident in their discussion about the Hex.

12:55 AM BBT – Paul, Elena, Alex, Christmas, Matthew, and Raven still talking about Jessica’s Hex decision. They don’t know why she won’t just let Cody get evicted then move on to Jury without Cody, who they don’t want there.

2:00 AM BBT – HGs hanging out in the open bedroom chatting and joking around.

2:30 AM BBT – Lights are finally out and HGs are starting to drift off to sleep.

So many HGs are still hung up on Jessica’s Hex power, but she’s going to use it. There’s zero doubt. We’ll get through Thursday’s show with zero evictions and roll on in to next week’s events like this week never happened. But we’ll need a new HoH first so check out the practice swings the HGs took for the next HoH comp.

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  1. Hex day is here. The wicked Wiccan vixen will cast her spell and…poof!…the week disappears. We get to see the smug faces of Jeszibel and Cody. Oh joy! Hopefully, those smug smiles will be wiped away after the HOH competition and all of the witch’s power will be dried up like her bleached butthole and Cody’s personality. Time to get rid of one of them and bring some fun and life back to the game. It only took one marine to kill the game this season. lol :D

    • yep after watching the Cody & Jessica soap opera last nite I am very ready for one of them to go but I don think thats gonna happen…And the episode last nite was a real bummer…a total dud…

      • I’ll be surprised if the night passes by without some new plot inserted into the game by production. It just seems to be par for the course now. It’s almost like an illogical logic puzzle…and I love logic puzzles. Let’s just get the hex out of play and that will be a positive for Paul’s HOH; not what he wanted, but not a total wash either.

      • Yes The Hex needs to be played…the actual curse is that we as viewers will have another week of the Cody & Jessica bed games….Just evict somebody something besides focus on 2 idiots that can’t see their eventual downfall..

      • I understand Kevin James frustration when he was talking to Jason yesterday about needing to have a quadruple eviction, just get somebody out! lol

      • I was watching the JOdy soap opera last night and thought okay production trying to make them sympathetic and then build on it with tonight’s (hopefully short) replay of Monday night’s theatrics. Double yawn

      • Yup, get that damn Hex out and lets move on. She blew it by blabbing about it ahead of time, so the whole ‘reveal’ is a yawn.

      • The sad thing for Jess is that she showed good insight during last night’s broadcast of the Jody soap opera. She confronted him on his behavior and how it has effected her negatively in the game. She asked him if he was that way in RL and he said yes and that he can’t change. I was impressed with how she handled that conversation. Unfortunately that insight was short lived cos she went back to him as her ride or die

      • It sure has given Jessica a whole lot of air time, though, something maybe she was promised by those CBS bigwigs that convinced her to play the game. Oop! Is that a conspiracy theory? lol

      • Actually I wondered if they promised her, the 2nd time she was going to walk, that they’d give her and the robot a sympathetic edit.

      • I don’t know why it strikes me so funny but every time you say “the robot” I lol. There was something that made them “feel better” after those DRs during the circus.

      • Good movie. And yes, I think she is being made to feel special and needed and worthy….while she looks trashy and narcissistic and definitely use to getting her way.

      • Its them cheap false eyelashes..When she wears em she can’t see whats in front of her face…

      • Don’t know if you watch BBCanada but there was a woman this past season with worse eyelashes than Jess if you can believe it — Karen. It was hilarious to watch her when she tried to glam up and put them on. All you could focus on was these huge black things hanging over her eyes

      • Kind of reminds me of the flamboyant drag queens; everything is exaggerated. Could you imagine Cody in LA at a drag queen party that Jessica was working/attending? That might be one time it would be fun to watch Cody. One of the queens comes up and gives him a lap dance or shakes their booty in his face. lol

      • I wouldn’t doubt it considering he hates transgendered people and is probably ignorant enough to think drag queens and trans people are the same thing

      • Honestly the way she walked into the DR and then the way she walked out – it was night and day. There’s no way she JUST heard comforting words of “it’s okay we know they are doing bad”.

      • Oh, you want me to multitask? I’m retired but if it will work I’m going to practice all day.

      • don’t do that….it might make it worse….they could bring back another vet or have another battle back…..nooooooo just get on with it..please…

      • That’s a good one. But I was thinking more like a twist where they start the show by asking Jess, “are you using the Hex ?”, “Yes”, ok then Julie says, “HGs to the backyard for an HoH comp, we’re having an eviction tonight”.

      • Honest, Captain, I can’t help but think something is coming that we aren’t expecting. Nothing will surprise me..I don’t think so anyway.

      • I wondered about that when Production told Paul to practice the comp…..interesting…

    • I hope Jess or Cody wins just so they can put someone else on the block and get them out, the other side is too big and too cocky. I want Paul out just to see what the others would do.

      • His time will probably come, but I don’t see that happening this week even if J or C do win HOH.

    • I doubt that things will go the way you are hoping. The dog and pony show that follow Paul can’t even fight their way out of a paperbag,…..all this talk about winning HOH or POV…..FUNNY!!
      You are right though, let’s get PAUL out of the game so there can be some fun and life in the game. Oh, right…and the 2 year old that goes around banging pots and pans. And that is an insult to 2 year olds.

  2. I can’t believe they are all the stupid and don’t believe hex can’t be used!! Paul is acting like the biggest baby and still amazed they are following his lead!!

  3. I don’t understand why these houseguests are so perplexed by Jessica not wanting to lose her only ally in the game! Like, omg, she is SO selfish for not just letting the rest of them win.

    • I guess you didn’t watch the week that Jess spent in the house before Cody came back. She stop been a target that week.

      • I did indeed – but given that they are talking about voting her out over Cody, I still find it amazing that they think she is ‘stupid’ for using the hex.

      • Have to disagree – if he wins HoH, he can get out her enemies. She will always be bottom of the food chain in that group.

      • Yes, they both are and they are responsible for that. It’s very hard to get back into a group when you’ve burned your bridges especially when the group became tighter in the interim. That group will splinter but they would never trust either one of them in the long run

      • Agree – she needs to work harder to get people on side – Elena & Mark being a good place to start!

      • Those two are floaters and will work with her only if she’s HoH. If not, whoosh back to the other side. Talk is cheap but when it comes down to noms/votes they both want to be on the ‘house’ side.

      • Yes, you’re right actually – they are very floaty! I think Jessica is stuffed either way tbh, hex or no hex.

      • I would like to see what she would do without Cody. I think that if she let him go and stayed and won HoH and the next week a Veto and Paul was still there, those 2 could possibly work together. By that time Paul would be a target from some of his group. He and Jess would be interesting together and she does have respect for his game. It’s a stretch but given the right circumstances I could see it happening

      • That would be very interesting. I wonder when Paul will become a target to that group…I think a lot of people want to cut him at final 3?

      • Aye, you could be right there. I can’t wait for him to be out – he is playing an amazing game, but I really want to see what happens without him & see these people forced to think for themselves!

      • The discussion was always that they want Paul to help them get to jury. As soon as Jess or Cody is out next week, the talk about planning Paul’s exit will start.

      • I like Paul but this control thing has gone to his head and he needs to take a step back. Someone said it a few days ago Derrick played it smart, he didn’t have to make every decision, he planted ideas and let others proceed with them but he wasn’t constantly in their ear. I think Paul is smart so it will be interesting to see if he sees the writing on the wall and adjusts in time

      • As a fan of Paul, I completely agree with this. If he sticks around he should pull back a bit and and take some pointers from Derrick’s game. Right now he’s playing Amanda Zuckerman’s.

      • Lol I did too which is why I really don’t want to see Paul play her game, because she was so obnoxious. At least Paul isn’t racist so he’s better than her in that aspect

      • Very true, McCranda had to be one of the most cringeworthy showmances on BB, seconded only by Liz and Austin.

      • I love Paul but they’re be stupid to wait that long. Do they not remember him winning literally every competition after the final four last year?

      • No, that’s not what they think, they think she is stupid for saving Cody, who nobody want to see in jury.

      • Ya – but for her, that isn’t a stupid move! Firstly, she is also saving herself – as I said, they have discussed voting her out, and it’s a risk she shouldn’t take. Secondly, she wants Cody in Jury with her.

      • I would rather get rid of his ass and try to continue playing for the real object of the game $5000,000…If its true love he will be waiting in the parking lot for her…

      • yep…lol… but his truck is not running and neither is is motorcycle so he will have do something else…

      • well then, hmmmmmm — somehow I can’t picture him calling an Uber, so hitchihike with his garbage bag?

      • attached to a stick…we need the hobo effect
        while Jeszibel carries her Louis Vuitton

      • Let’s go get preggers, baby, then we’ll move out in the sticks where I will keep you barefoot and pregnant.

      • If she doesn’t mess up that huge swinging tallywhacker first. The way she talks about poisoning and drowning people, she might have some Lorena Bobbitt in her. Ouch!

      • To be fair, I think he’s more likely to win this next HoH than her – if he can get rid of Paul, Matt or Raven, she’d be in a more comfortable position as a result without having to nominate anyone herself.

      • To be fair…Id still go for the $500,000 …I am gonna put my trust in myself and not some dude I jumped into bed with 10 days after meeting him..

      • But if she doesn’t use the hex this week there is a risk that she could be voted out.

      • Ya think???..There is no way she won’t use the HEX unless she & Cody decide different….It would be better game play (in hindsight) if she did not use the HEX and one of them did get evicted…That would leave the other in the game to try to continue playing for the big bucks…They are no good together in the house they can’t concentrate on the game…they need to be separated if they are to move forward…And yes Jessica might get evicted 1st but its her fault cause she has shown that she has actual gameplay/smarts where Cody does not…..

      • If she hadn’t been stupid about it from the start, she could have deal her safety without using the Hex. Now it’s obviously too late. They will make her pay for her stupid obstination at trying to play this as a couple. It’s always like that.

      • My problem with that is, I still think they would have voted her out even if she decided to take the Deal. Paul was just going to tell her what she wanted to hear in order to get her to NOT use the hex. I don’t believe for one second that he would have kept the deal and voted Cody out. If she didn’t use the hex this week, by voting her out, they’d get rid of a threat AND a temptation. Win-win.

      • Oh, I agree, I am glad that this stupid Hex will be out of play, we can now move on with the game. But she could have made a deal before veto metting assure her safety by getting remove from the block.

      • But he was going to take her OTB if she had agreed to the deal before the veto ceremony. They couldn’t have voted her out.

      • I don’t think he ever agreed to that. now, I don’t have the feeds so I can’t say for sure but I don’t remember ever reading that he agreed to take her off the block. Now, if he HAD taken her off the block, then yes, I could see her actually considering not using it. But He Didn’t take her off the block, so at that point, it was completely inevitable that she would use the hex.

      • See if I were in Jessica’s shoes, I don’t think I would have believed Paul, especially after what happened last week. I know it was her own fault, but she trusted them and look what happened. I don’t trust Paul one bit. And he had to know that once he left her on the block, there was NO WAY she wasn’t going to use it. I guess he’s still a little hesitant to believe her but still. He should have pulled her off the block (Jason wasn’t going anywhere) and at least given her the option of not using the hex. By leaving her up there, he pretty much guaranteed that she’d use it. Worse thing that could have happened, is that she used it any way and they’d be exactly where they are going to be anyway.

      • The whole point is, if she agreed to the deal and he reneged on his deal of taking her OTB, she could still use the hex. She had the opportunity to be removed from the block and she would have been guaranteed another week in the house, actually two more because she had her hex to use the next week, unless there was a DE. Now, she has no guarantee.

      • I understand that. I’m just saying that I don’t blame her for not taking the deal in the first place. But Paul could have kept trying to get her to not use the Hex if he had just taken her off the block anyway.

      • SHe had room to play this way better and not been on the block after the veto meeting.

      • The truth is, Jessica is most interested in rolling in the sheets with Cody, unencumbered by the cameras. She wants to be in jury with him.

        Had she REALLY been interested in furthering her game and playing for $500,000, she would have proposed a real and simple deal to Paul.

        Take me off the block and I won’t use the Hex.

        No ridiculous strings attached. She didn’t NEED safety for the next two weeks, she HAS safety with the Hex.

        However, Jessica’s game moves were petty and personal. And NOW she has moved from target number two, to target number one!

      • Matt is disgusting. Paul encouraging him to tell Jess not to use the hex saying that Cody is still “the talk of the town” and e1 wants him out. Then, vote her out.

        Matt saying Jessica has to tell Production if she is using it or not else how could they prepare the show.

        I so hope the HOH is a different comp since these bitches are so sure they will win. Paul insisting he is playing a major role in the HOH tomorrow.

        Josh dances around like a clown and the HOH says how much they love him (for being a jackass and annoying Jody).

      • Yes, they do think that. But they also said that if she does use it, they’ll just vote her out. So if she doesn’t use it, she’s out of the game and has NO Chance. At least using it, she’ll still be in the game. So she’s kind of in a loose, loose situation here. She also needs allies, of which Cody is one, and so keeping him in the game is the right thing to do. They all don’t want her to use the Hex, but then they will vote her out. She doesn’t really have another option at this point if she wants to stay in the game.

      • Of course, now it’s too late. By her stupidity, she put a huge target on her and during hext she is now target #1. Too bad for her. Ever heard the story about the goat and the cabbage.

      • There’s not one single person that wouldn’t use the hex if they were sitting on the block and new they were a target. Sorry. Her name isn’t Marcellus. And she’s not stupid enough to be blindsided a third time. Paul is a dictator that can’t control this so he’s having a hissy fit. But gee Paul used his power of safety didn’t he?

      • Your 1st phrase is absolutely right. But she had the chance to save that hex for next week. She didn’t take it because she letting thing that have nothing to do with the game dictate her game move. Can’t blame Paul for wanting to flush it out.

      • She can’t use it next week if she’s sitting at home. And I don’t blame Paul either for flushing it out. I blame his tactics.

      • Exactly. If anyone else was on the block with the hex they would be using it. I don’t like Jody but the rest of the house would use it if they were up there. And Paul throwing a fit and leading the charge to gang up against them because she wants to use it makes me want to throw up. Gee Paul didn’t you get 3 weeks of safety?

      • Seriously. She was on the block next to a basic nobody and they all ignored her. It’s amazing what losing Cody did for her game lol

      • Seriously bud…if you are Jessica, would you really trust any of these people in the house? she has to use the hex. Cody is the only person she can trust.

      • Come on. That week she was alone, she was starting to make inroad with everybody, she even survive a trip on the block. But she blew it all now.

      • Are you kidding me? Rewind your feeds. They were nice to her face then behind her back they talked crap and his they don’t trust her. She was the bottom of the totem pole.

      • ?????? Still she did survive. If Cody had not come back she was in much better position to move further in the game. Surely you can’t deny that.

      • Sorry yes I can. Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Aren’t you supposed to be working? Lol.

      • Yea, I’m at work. Good thing, I’m the boss. Having my coffee break right now.

    • Well, they also hypothesized that Jess/Cody were in the living room because the cameras are better in there. They are all attention whores calling each other out on being attention whores. This is a special group of people.

  4. ROFL Mark blames Dom for his downfall in the game. Guess he doesn’t think that his visible floating from power side to power side had anything to do with it?

  5. While I feel bad for Jessica/Cody, I can’t really feel that bad. She wasted her HOH week by nominating Ramses and trusting the house guests. She should’ve put up Paul and Christmas, making sure that at least of the heads left.

  6. Paul is saying he gets to choose who goes and in what order. WTF?

    He is wayyyy too calm. Production has either promised him something or given him 5-10 Xanax.

    Now they are tearing Mark apart (HOH crew) and saying Jess & Cody are being weird.
    Saying how weird it is that they were on the couch in the living room.

    • Again we need to stop and realize Paul has an agent and he(Paul) is making it clear he owns the show and CBS. He has been on CBS’s new game show and he controls what is happening. Production has taken a new low this year. I hope that Jody wins HOH and production has to let Paul go. Put they will build a twist to keep the Paul show alive

    • Paul has some deal with Big Brother. Look back at last years finale. Paul has to choose between James who did nothing the entire game but chase that girl around and Nicole who made some moves and won a few comps. If he takes James its a 100% chance of winning. If he takes Nicole his odds are about 60%. Big Brother does not want him to take James because it’s just bad television. So they cut some deal with him. He was on the candy crush show and now back on BB.

    • I think he is just planning? I really can’t see production promising him a win – especially given how this game is going, it’d make for such a boring season!

  7. All of these people in the HOH room are so hard to watch. I really don’t know which one is worse, but I do know that the combination is impossible to watch, especially when they are obsessed with Jess and Cody. If they are on the block next week, it is going to be more of the same. Feeds will be unwatchable.

    Matt is sooo focused on jury money. I wish he could get sent home just for the principle.

    And I find it very difficult to believe anything that Raven says, no matter the subject. Raven said she started going off on Jess after Jess called her weak. Jess actually was telling Alex that Raven wanted to send her out.

    Why on Earth does Matt think he will be able to convince Jess not to use the hex tomorrow?

    • All of your them do suck that some people are now rooting for Cody and Jess. At least season 15 had some bright spots when it came to the houseguests.

      Because Paul told him it might be possible. I don’t think Matt has had an individual thought this entire game. I agree he should be sent out just for wanting to get to jury.

  8. Paul is a narcissist, egomaniac, napoleon complex hypocrite. It drives him crazy that he does not have control of Cody and Jess. He is obsessed with them and if you watch the live feeds that is all he talks about. He has to constantly keep dril his distaste for them to his puppets to make sure they all stay onboard. Fortunate for him this is such a weak cast that they hang on his every word. The best thing that could happen for this season is Paul going home and forcing these other people to think for themselves and play their own game. Right now, they just do whatever Paul tells them.

  9. Matty

    Because Matt is an idiot. He was cast on the show for being a passive Paul fanboy and to ensure that Grodner’s boy wins. Matt knows his job is to get Paul to win so the best he is trying for is jury. Matt is so bad at Big Brother, he makes Jace look like Derrick in comparison. Matt and Raven thing is creepy since she is way out of his league. Matt has the hair of a 70 year old and the face of a horse’s ass. Matt and Raven will split once the season ends since he is so boring he makes Corey (BB 18) look like Johnny Mac in comparison.

    • Matt looks ok, I don’t get why he’s with Raven. I think he’s one of those lazy guys who doesn’t want to work for a women. He’ll just take whoever comes on to him as long as she doesn’t have visible sores or scabs.

  10. Never before in my experience watching this show has such a large percentage of a cast been this loathsome. Even worse than BB15.

  11. Raven is so fucking repulsive.
    Now they think Jess can only save one of them.

    They think Jess is lying that it’s a dud week.

    Jason: We thought she could clear the whole block.

    Now Paul & Matt think there’s no way they are both safe.

    What a bunch of tools.

    Paul saying Jessica lied about the temptation on live tv.
    Mark says Matt & I were talking about it – their bags are packed.

    Now, they are saying they need to vote Cody out because she can only save herself.

    Paul is shushing everyone so he can do his Cody imitation: “I thought you said you knew how to play this game, Paul”

    Then Mark says but they didn’t try for veto.
    But, then Raven says but Cody got so many right he studied all night long!

    What a bunch of total JACKASSHOLES.

    Raven in disbelief that Cody did so well in the veto – saying it’s fucking impossible!!!!!! HA HA.
    There’s no way!

    Paul saying they are trying to bamboozle us.

    Paul now saying Jess knew he killed the comp last year, so he would win again.

    OMG, overthinking, MUCH?

    Paul keeps mocking Cody.

    Paul saying Jess is duping Cody as well now about the hex.

    • Paul is so obsessed with them because he can’t control them. I pray cody wins HOH.

  12. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s like they are doing a social experiment on the live feeders to see how much a person can take before they give up on this crap. Matt became loathsome virtually overnight. So strange. I doubt I watch the feeds next week if they are in power.

  13. This is delicious! I cannot wait for Thursday night when this band of idiots find out that they are wrong, wrong, wrong about everything.

    And …if CBS doesn’t disguise the truth with a slanted edit, this will be the best night of BB19 so far!

  14. On a lighter note, any bets tonight on how long it will take Mark to run to whomever is the new HoH and ask his standard question “Am I okay”? LOL

  15. Now Paul is preaching that he figured out the hex. Jess can only save one person with the hex. So that’s why they were pissed that he nominated both of them. She was banking on one of them being safe and hexing one of them.

    They are all lapping this up. So we are back to a minor blindside.

  16. Biggest delusions so far:

    Paul: I have figured out the hex!

    Elena: I am getting too skinny.

    Raven: I have been nuthin but nice to them.

    • In Elena’s defense I did hear her make the comment that she likes to be on the curvy side. So she might mean too skinny for her liking, not actually skinny by societies standards.

  17. The funny part of that confrontation was Paul telling Cody not to get emotional when its something Cody rarely does and Paul was and is constantly a bundle of sheer emotion himself. He also told Cody to leave when they were alone in the HOH and when he did, then basically called him a coward for leaving…once Cody was going down the stairs and Paul was on the balcony where all his minions could see him acting tough.

    • Yep, exactly as I saw it. As I said regarding Josh speaking/doing things to Mark like he did, same goes with Paul and Cody. It’d be waaaay different out in the real world if Josh and Paul talked to Mark or Cody that way. Josh and Paul are big and bad inside the house where they have safety from harm.

    • That’s what I saw. Paul was instigating an argument with Cody that he knew he would take to a crowd. Jessica was already speaking softly when he/Paul told her to lower her voice. Paul invited Cody to the room when Cody asked “what’s the point?”; he tells Cody to leave, when he does…. Paul sees his “dogs” and follows Cody yelling and calling him a coward (the dogs didn’t hear the part of Paul telling Cody to leave).

      Paul is a coward and his dogs are stupid. They don’t even hear/listen to how he is twisting things. Dumbarses!

  18. I thought Ravensaid at the beginning of the season that she could not eat a lot due to her gastro..whatever it’s called..that is all this girl does is eat. And she is continuously exaggerating that southern belle act of hers. She is starting to irritate me.

  19. wow, this is a bunch of CLUELESS people!! Did they all check their brains in at the door?
    Raven says it’s ‘selfish’ to use the hex….is she really serious? My God, what a moron. Of course it’s selfish, that is what it is all about!! I didn’t see Paul give up 3 weeks of safety….
    And then at the end of the night they are STILL talking about the hex and can’t figure out why Jessica would use it? Are they on crack or what….WHY would they even think that she wouldn’t….as IF she is going to do their bidding, because they feel she should.
    What a waste of a season this has been. I’m sure you all saw the display of Josh on wednesday nights show. That was very uncomfortable to see and I was sitting in my own living room. I could not understand how the houseguests sat right there in the same kitchen and let that happen and not say a thing. Quite a few of disgusting people in that house!

    • Later that night (Saturday night) they all started dancing around the kitchen joining Josh while jody and Mark were in another room. I don’t know if you watch the feeds, but Josh had been harrassing Mark like that since Thursday morning and that night Josh was relentless. His cuss fueled rant lasted a couple hours non-stop. The other people laughed with him the entire time.

  20. I’d guess the reason production didn’t show the veto ceremony last night is they already know Jessica will use the hex, so they saved it to fill time on tonight’s episode instead.

    • No, they just had to much to put in, so they just move it to tonight, it’s not very long. Tonight they can’t edit the show base on the Hex. What if she decide not to use it the last minute. My guess is we will end seeing more of the HoH comp istead of half of it like they do to us sometime.

    • You really think they will put up Paul? Don’t think so. They play on a personal level. It will be Josh and Alex and they want Alex gone. After begging for her to be evicted next week and then threatening to drown her in the hot tub. Yeah, I say she wants Alex gone before Paul.

      • If she listen to Cody, it will be Josh. Even if they try Paul, they have the vote yet. I’m convince Jess and Cody will be out before Paul.

      • They definitely don’t have the votes to get Paul out yet. Alex or Josh is a good move. Those 2 are SUPER loyal to Paul although Josh may pull away. Whittle away his most loyal followers and the others may start to think on their own.

    • I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but yours is wrong. :P Just kidding! But seriously, Josh is one of the most awful contestants ever in my opinion. I do not find him entertaining at all and can’t wait for him to be off my screen! But I do agree that this season is the Paul Show and it’s making it not fun to watch.

    • Josh doesn’t entertain me, either. I make every effort not to dislike people, but I’ve given up with him. He pushes all my buttons.

  21. I’m pulling for Jody or Mark to win HOH this week just to turn the tables on Paul & Co. Paul is out of control and needs to be taken down a few notches.

      • Alex does need to go home. Jason could do better if he ditched her. She wants Paul to win so it doesn’t make sense for Jason to stick with her.

    • Same here, Cody or Jessica (though she is not a very nice person) to win HOH. I want the house guest to play their own game. Paul needs to go.

    • I don’t trust Mark to be smart. Elena will just crawl back to him and get in his ear.

  22. Paul is such a inhumane and disgusting person. He wants to get under Jody’s skin again and make them feel uncomfortable. His attacks are not becoming personal. Paul is such a horrible and trashy person. He really should be disqualified. Instead of coming on the show and bullying people, he should get a job.

      • Yup his clothes are horrible. It looks like he is wearing things he finds in the dumpster.

      • Well his business is worth about $250k, so apparently a lot of people.
        What’s your business worth?

      • He’s also involved in a few other businesses. His net worth is estimated $500k. I know he comes from money so I don’t know how much of that plays into it.

      • Yeah you’re probably right. I posted because someone posted a snarky comment about who would buy his clothes. Well apparently a good amount of people seeing as he’s running a moderately successful business.

      • I do not view him as successful. If you find my comments snarky then do not comment on my posts.

      • You being snarky on a public forum gives me more incentive to comment on your post. Enjoy!!

      • His business is definitely not worth $250k. You cannot believe everything you read. And the only reason his clothing line is doing okay is because he came on big brother. Paul dresses like trash so, nobody would buy his clothes except his followers like you.

      • “Don’t believe everything you read”
        Okay smart guy, what makes you believe I’m wrong. Is it something you…….read.
        I don’t follow reality TV stars. I watch their shows.
        Paul is more successful than you will ever be in his business ventures. Just because he made you mad on a TV show doesn’t change that fact.

      • I looked up Paul and did not find that information anywhere. So where did you find this information about Paul.

    • I believe Jessica is a nasty bully myself. Stating that they need to take Alex by the hair and drown her in the hot tub. Yeah, I don’t think I seen Paul threaten to hurt anybody.

      • Alex has been nothing but a nasty snob to Jessica. It is ok if Jessica says that. Look at the horrible things Paul says and does. Is what Paul does okay? If Jessica says anything it is a big deal but if Paul does horrible things it does not matter. That is such a double standard. So, goodbye.

      • A lot of them have said nasty things but Cody and Jessica are singled out. That mouth on Raven, whoa! Christmas and her unrelenting wanting to torture…. None of it is okay but some only see what they want to… Paul is a coward and need a gang to do his bidding (which makes it worse).

      • I think there is a difference between saying you would want to do something to hurt someone and actually doing it. Paul and his minions actually tormented and got in Jess and Cody’s face, 8 vs 2. For Jess and Cody it’s all talk, although that doesn’t make it okay.

      • Remember Monday evening when Paul got his dogs to attack Cody in order to make him snap and get kicked out? That was Paul trying to get Cody to physically attack someone. There’s your nasty bully.

  23. The only person here that defends Cody is named “guest”. Wonder if it’s Codys roommate. haha

    • I also defend Cody. I think he would have been a fun character for viewers because he’s so emotionless.

      • Yeah he might have been fun to watch for a few TV episodes but that would have been it.

      • Normally I hate when fans get personal with players. It’s just a game. Cody isn’t evil but his game play sucks and comments about transgender people suck. He’s dragging down Jessica who I believe is a smart player and still has a chance. He’s a crybaby (of course not more then Josh and Mark) when things don’t go his way.

    • Lol I defend Cody, I actually like the kid. Hes hilarious to me. I love how emotionless he is, I cracked up last night too during his weather challenge.

  24. “Paul advising the HoH crew to get under Jessica & Cody’s skin to make them uncomfortable on Thursday. He says they could wake them up periodically through the night to wear them out.”

    Why can’t he do his own bidding? Why is he advising them on what to say to Jessica and Cody? Do it yourself Paul?

    Why are most of them settling for Jury and not the prize?

    • Exactly! Paul just won’t leave them alone! He just hates that fact that he’s not in control of them and he knows they see through is BS which is why he sends his dogs to harass them.

      • I don’t like Paul’s tactics, but can you blame him for wanting the only competition he has in the house to leave? And if you can get other people to do your dirty work, well why not? Having Josh run around like a doofus making a lot of noise keeps Josh as target #1 to Jody. Same goes for all the other HG that agitate Jody. Meanwhile Paul stays separated and always a rung or 2 lower on Jody’s target ladder.
        Again it’s dirty, but it’s working.

      • If they weren’t so dirty about it, I would be fine. I would still hate Paul but only because he took over the show. What they are all doing now just isn’t fun to watch.

  25. Eww! Why do Jessica drink from the container in the fridge?? I’d go ape $hit if I caught her doing that! Who knows what she’s been doing to cody!!! Yuck!

    • Then just don’t drink it. Not any worse than Raven “helping” out Matt and him later using a kitchen towel to wipe residue off his stomach WHILE he was doing the dishes.

      • Ew…Matt wiping his stomach with a kitchen towel (that everyone uses) is way-way worse imo! Gross!!!

      • Yeah, after Raven gave him a “helping hand” if you know what I mean, Matt wiped his little swimmers off his stomach with the kitchen hand towel…the same towel everyone in the house touches and uses!! Ugh! I just vomited in my mouth a bit…that just makes me shiver in revulsion!!

      • No, he was in the kitchen…and doing dishes when he realized (after he & raven were messing around) he still had some gunk on his stomach… I’ll go back & find the time stamp for ya. It was a few days ago, so it might take me a bit. Check back today. I know I can find it. It was really gross tho! I think Paul even used the same towel afterwards if I remember correctly. *shivers in disgust*!! yuck!!

      • mg, I have no words for how freaking horribly sickening that is. I can’t believe no one else has mentioned it. When did it happen?

      • I honestly don’t want to view it. I think it would be difficult to get it out of my head.

      • I’m sorry K… Yeah, after I saw that I threw all my bath, kitchen and rags in the wash! Freaked me the heck out!!

      • As much if not more than Jen used when she bleached Evel Dick’s cigarettes in BB8!! hahaha!!

      • Hasn’t there been enough talk about bleach this season. Gad, these HGs are heathens.

      • Yay, 3 of my favorite ladies are in the house right now! Hey tr8ppng…as you can see we have K & mg with us today. All we need is Fiddle & we’d have a full house! haha

      • I know. Em’s in a BB funk. I can resonate with that. I was in a BB funk for a minute too. Pi$$ed at Paul for reverting back to pre sitting ducks Paul!

      • Me either honey. These folk on here chile….smh. Maybe she will come back when we get Cody out again. Lol

      • I hope so. She has a fantastic sense of humor and is great at finding just the perfect gif for any comment, like TGJ just did.

      • She’s in a BB funk. I talked to her & she told me she was disappointed in how the season was playing out. She’s a big Paul fan and idk, maybe she was getting disappointed with him too or maybe it was Cody coming back…she’s just not here right now. Kind of like Sharona. She’s taking a BB hiatus too. Oh btw, K…talked to Sha…thanks for helping me contact her! :)

      • She told me you left her a very sweet note. Thank you for taking the time. It made her feel better. :)

      • Of course…she is a dear friend here. You know, this board just makes my BB summer 10 times better! I am so happy I found this last year. I’ve suffered alone for so long with only lousy facebook to vent or share my rage/happiness!

      • I almost didn’t come back this season. I hadn’t planned on it. But I can’t resist Cy. haha

      • Why were you not coming back hon? I know i was so salty last summer with snakole winning, i want going to watch. I friend texted me and me Paul was back. It’s the only reason I watched.

      • Probably for some of the same reasons that Fiddle is not commenting right now. I’ll leave it at that.

      • You KNOW I love you, too. I think you are a VERY wise man. Nicer than most of us. :D lol
        Cy uses that sarcasm on me and melts me. He knows my weakness.

      • Well of course. LOL You know, I notice that you even pass me, you got over 21500 posts.

      • I’ve never looked at how many posts I have. I don’t know where you find that. That’s a little embarrassing to be truthful, especially since you have been on BBN a few more years than I have. :(

      • Yea, I’ve been here since the start of BBN (BB9). Didn’t post much the 1st 2 years.

        Just put your cursor on your avatar and wait, it will show you a little box that tell you how many posts you’ve done and how many upvotes you received. You can check the others, you’ll see you’re the only one that pass me. LOL

      • Capt. Are you the one who got K to come back?? Then we owe you a round of thanks! And I’m not just saying that for K…I really wanna know how you repost tweets here! hahaha I’m hoping if I’m nice to ya long enough you’ll spill & tell me the secret. ;)

      • I won’t deny that I spoke to Capt early on and as usual, he was the perfect gentleman. It spoke to me. :)

      • I love Capt’s posts & gifs! I’m just waiting for the right time to get him to spill the beans on how to retweet twitter posts here…

      • I’ve try the last 3 years to get K to join us on Facebook, she’s scare of Facebook. LOL

      • You were missed until you came back, K. Glad you did. :) You make me spit coffee, laugh so hard I cry & even (once or twice is all I’ll admit to) nearly pee my pants laughing…these are the reasons you are sorely missed when you are not here. :)

      • I resisted, but I made the mistake of reading threads and had no self discipline, I admit.

      • And did you catch when we talked about you before you came back to posting? We said nice things

      • I had NO doubt you would catch that. lol
        Is anyone else having problems with this thread being very slow?

      • Yes. I can’t post my gifs anymore…and to type & post is a little like watching Raven think for herself… slow & painful! haha!!

      • Before she actually tries to fire up a brain cell or two she first has to ask her mother if they’re diseased & then she needs to check with her Master Paul to see if they can be used! haha And then…she might have to ask her bedbuddy Matt if they’re clean as well! lol! If (and only then) she gets a yes from all three can Raven form a thought for herself! ;)

      • ROFLMBO! That must be why she’s such a smarta$$–her bum is where her brain is supposed to be!! hahahahahahaha

      • Nooo… Now don’t say that! You’re smarta$$-i-ness is very much appreciated here. Where would all these conversations be without your tongue in cheek comments?? ;)

      • That’s what that big scar is! I was told it was where I had a lobotomy. I never realized it would make such a big scar to remove a lymph node.

        OK, it took me 5 mins to get that typed and posted. We’ll all meet again soon. it was a blast…fond memories!

      • Discipline Scliscipline! What part of Big Brother says discipline? haha We’re glad you’re back hon!

      • Ooo i figured that was it. I am pissed about this season too. If it wasn’t you all I’d be done for a while too. Yal are so much fun. :-)

      • I just try and put my 2cents in honey. Lol glad yall get a kick out of it. Also, im watching bbad and what is up with Jessica laying all in between Cody’s legs, head level to his junk?? That is so vulgar! She keeps doing in the open. Kevin was like, ” what the hell is going on there??” Ha haaa!

      • I think Kevin will leave the house and sit down with his daughters and have a serious conversation, lol after his summer with some of these women

      • YEP! LOL what I like about Kevin is he ALWAYS say what I’m thinking in the monent! Like in that situation, I’d think I’m the only one in the house that would be offended by that public display of vulgarity. Iol I was like what the??? Ew!

      • Why do you think he is winking at you? Gosh bum, tr8ppng3, I want a little piece of the action. lol

      • Yup and for years I thought your middle name was incorrigible, she said that to you so many times lol

      • I know she’s want to lay claim to me…I sent her a virtual hug the other day! I’m the good daughter! hahaha

      • I know for a fact she would never claim me. I aggravate her too much, purposefully. :D

      • She’s a spiritual mother… ;) In our hearts. Like Mother Theresa… Mother Sharona. It has a nice ring to it dontcha think? Better than My Sharona & that was a big hit!! haha

      • I can’t keep up with you gals. I think we have blown this thread up. It’s acting weird on my end. I’ll see you all another time, hopefully.

      • Lol! My younger brother has thrown that cr*ap my way too, K! makes me want to tell him he’s actually adopted! haha

      • My brother told me that, Said they found me on the train tracks and to make me feel part of the family they told me that I had the same birthday as my sister. We do, 15 yrs apart…… least I think we do ?!?!/

      • Yeah, I know…when I was 10, my older sister DID tell me I was adopted… At first I started to cry, but then I thought about it said, “so they chose me, but got stuck with you?” That shut that sh*t up 4ever!! hahahaha

      • My computer is very slow on this thread.
        That was a great comeback. I will definitely remember it when the next time they call me the red-headed step sister.

      • Glad to hear it. I wouldn’t want to leave ya like that, mg, that’s why I brought in the doctor! haha

      • Yeah, I know. smh. See, this is why I have a problem with Matt & Raven pointing any kind of fingers…

      • ROFLMAO!! tr8ppng, you just made me spit out my damned coffee!!
        And it’s *real* coffee, not decaf dammit!! hehe

      • I’d say. Who wouldn’t want Will Kirby winking at them??
        See this is how Will won BB… ;) a wink & a smile. haha

      • I don’t think he did it to be mean…he’s just eeww…disgusting. No other way to say it.

      • It doesn’t matter to me if he did a hail Mary afterwards. That is the most gross thing I’ve just about ever heard someone do.

      • One good way to look at that is at least he didn’t use it to grease the door knob or the coffee carafe handle. smh in disgust!!!

      • K!! Hey there sweetie… Happy to talk to ya. I’m finally back after my little snit with BB! haha.

        Only you would come up with that thought…. have I told you today that you have an evel mind…and yes I spelled that like Evel Dick for a reason! haha Love ya tho! :)

      • Hey, gal! You had a little snit? I’ve had a few of those, too, so I understand. I had to change my method of thinking after last season, when it comes to BB to be able to enjoy it. That “evel mind”, lol, is what helps me to deal with the frustration I felt after last year. Hope to be seeing you more. Love you, too, but your comment made me gag…seriously sickening behavior!

      • You’re damn right I wouldn’t drink if I knew. They don’t know shes doing that and its disgusting! It doesn’t matter who’s doing it, its gross and inconsiderate.

      • Yeah, that is definitely yuck, but Matt wiping his little swimmers off his stomach with the kitchen hand towel is way worse if you ask me, Yikes! Just the thought of unknowingly touching something like that makes my skin crawl!!

      • Lol!! You & me both, mg! Matt wouldn’t need any new clothes coz I’d bury his a$$ in that stupid orange shirt! haha

        Him & his lying beeyatch, Raven! You know what I find hilarious…Raven calling Jessica a slut! Um…hello, raven…look in the mirror

      • Well, LG, I guess Jessica is resorting to chemical warfare since Paul opened the salvo with psychological warfare! hahaha

        Not a fan of Jessica, but can you blame her after Monday??

      • I’ve never seen her do that before, so…I’m thinking she’s using chemical warfare to combat psych warfare! haha

      • I’m not a fan either but I don’t blame her one bit. I’m wondering how much they’ll show tonight. It was pretty disgusting on the feeds. I really felt bad for them and I don’t even like them.

      • Totally agree… Not a fan, but talking about his military career…and calling his a coward… Not Cool!
        Funny fact…TMZ got a copy of his military file… Cody has like 6-7 medals for TWO tours of duty as a marine, PLUS, the guy was in the US Air Force before he was a Marine!! Did not know all that!! So, Paul & Co. Were WAY off on Cody’s military career! I mean like way-way off! Dude is a war hero!

      • Lol tr8 i thought I was bad! I love you! I be trying to be diplomatic some times, but You just tell it like it is!

      • Honey I’m glad you’re on with me. You do a good job of saying what most don’t, and with class. Two snaps!

      • Yes she was and Monday just made it all the worse, so that’s why I’m assuming she’s resorted to backwashing in people’s drinks!! Yuck! Never saw her do that before in the feeds…maybe she was saving it for a special occasion?? *shrugs* Idk,

      • At this point, it’s pretty hard to excuse anyone’s behavior. No one is innocent here

      • Agreed hon. There has been a whole menagerie of bad behavior in this cast! I especially love Raven trying to play the “angel” of the season while being one of the skanks in the bedroom…and yet, she feels okay to call Jessica out for it! hahaha. Personally, I doon’t think any of these people should be *Fing* on TV, but C’mon?? How do you call someone out for something you are doing every night??

        Can this lying dingbat even spell hypocrite without Paul, her Master, telling her?? hahaha

    • Her and Cody think it’s funny. I would hate to think what might be on those lips of hers. Those two have been sexually active in the house since about day 2. Cody did the same thing in the SR the other day with the Sprite bottle. They are bullies too.. don’t let them fool you. She was kidding about poisoning some cookies yesterday..drowning Alex the day before.

    • I saw that. I think she is doing it intentionally.
      I thought that they may think they’re on survivor. Why are these people sharing spoons and not using a glass for their drinks.

  26. Not sure what is going to happen, but all I have to say is that right now I am enjoying the hell out of watching how much Jess and Cody have Paul squirming…

      • Please Paul is going nuts, worried about if they are staying or going, worried that he may be on the block next, asking people if they would vote him out, still trying to get everyone to get under Jess and Cody’s skin, etc…

      • Correct, I’m just saying you haven’t seen that side of Paul this season until now and I’m enjoying it…

    • me too, but all that squirming gives him too much air time. I am sick of his face and voice.

      • agree with you 100%….I hope someone in there realizes that the best game move is to evict Paul ASAP

  27. 9:19 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody if he or Paul weren’t here she has no idea who would be leading the house.
    An interesting thought. Who WOULD be leading the house if P&C weren’t there? Alex? Mark? Elena?

  28. I am so sick of Alex. Jason is always on point and she just dismisses everything he says. Hopefully he’ll ditch her when the time is right. Getting rid of Matt and Raven is a great idea, and Paul.

    • It’s ridiculous! What does she think is going to happen if Jody win HOH or after they have been evicted? I would say Raven and Matt would turn on them, but they aren’t aligned, not really. I honestly can’t decide who I want out more.

  29. Why don’t these fools pay close attention to Paul’s constant demands. He always says to them to do something to get under Jess and Cody’s skin, but that never includes him.

  30. Why couldn’t they have a diamond veto or something? And what’s up with America voting all the time? What happened to the good old days when they had actual puzzles they had to solve and go into the DR and guess the answer? They know who America will vote for and that leaves the unpopular house guests out of luck.

      • My bad Tina I was talking about America voting for the temptations. If you seen season 7, remember they had to solve a riddle to get the coup de ta? I wish they had to work for the extra powers not just America voting for them. That would be more interesting than seeing the Jody and the restless show lol.

  31. Ugh 😑
    I just remembered something I dislike more than twists and temptations! It is comps that are pretty much or completely left up to chance!
    You can’t fight for your life! Stupid

  32. I want Josh to go home more than I have wanted anything to happen in the entire life of big brother, he is the most annoying DB I have ever seen. I want Cody and Jessica and Mark to be the final 3 simply because of how much it would bother Josh (I do like Jess and Mark though).

  33. I’m glad there are still a ton of Paul fans on here. The amount of hate he’s getting on twitter is ridiculous. I get attacked on there just for supporting him.

  34. I don’t know what it will take for these people to catch onto Paul. They have little chance of beating him in comps later on or if he got to the end of the game so why keep him around?

    • I can only think of two people other than Jess and Cody that would potentially go after Paul, Kevin and Jason. But I don’t think they have a chance unless they keep Jess and Cody, who could get Mark. Because honestly, who else would do it?

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