Big Brother 19 Episode 17 Recap: Jessica And Cody Hit A Rough Patch, Storm Hits The House

Showmance fans were sure treated during Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother 19 as we got so much Cody/Jessica and Mark/Elena filler that we didn’t even have time to get to the Veto meeting.

From start to finish it was the #Jody show as we start things off after Paul just put them on the block. And since he wasn’t prevented from doing so, Paul thinks Jessica was bluffing about her power. So he invites the two of them to the HOH room to talk things out. Cody says it’s pointless because Cody has never heard of a social game. Jessica wants to explain to Paul that he made a mistake nominating them, but Cody, being the typical alpha, won’t let her speak.

And that conversation doesn’t last long before Paul and Cody start fighting. Cody gets in Paul’s face and Paul tells him to leave the room. And since Jessica can’t think without Cody, she follows right behind him.

Thankfully Jessica tells Cody that he overreacted and that this is a game. He tells her that to him it’s not really a game. He tells her he doesn’t care and she says “but I care.” Jessica doesn’t want to go through this again. And this leads to a real-life conversation. Jessica asks Cody if she’s going to have to deal with him being a hothead in real life. And then she leaves the room. “And this is why I’m single,” Cody says to himself.

Elsewhere, Paul is going off on what Cody did, and as usual, Josh jumps in. And since Mark has had it up to here with Josh, Mark tells him to shut up. And Josh and Mark go for round two this season. Josh pulls out the pots and pans and Mark goes at him. Mark grabs the pans and production has to come on and tell them to get to opposite sides of the house.

Oh, and it should be mentioned that Mark is still in a tutu from the safety competition.

Paul and Jessica finally get to talk. Paul tells her that he thought when he nominated them, he’d be told they can’t be on the block and he’d have to nominate two others. And she finally explained to Paul that they can be nominated but she can use the Hex to cancel the eviction.

And since Jessica is already angry with Cody, Paul gets to work on making her doubt sticking by Cody in the game. Paul thinks if Jessica sees how bad Cody is for her game, she won’t use the power and they can send Cody out.

Christmas gets in on the action and has some girl talk with Jessica where she offers the same kind of advice: let Cody go and Jessica can try to play the game without him. And while they’re talking, Cody comes into the room to move his stuff out. And that angers Jessica even more. She’s really starting to wonder if this is how Cody will be outside the house.

Jessica eventually realizes that Cody is really the only person she has in the house that she can trust. So even though she’s frustrated with Cody being a hothead, they basically patch things up. The producers would like us to think there’s still a chance Jessica won’t use the Hex, but let’s be serious, she’s going to use it. So let’s move on to the veto competition.

Joining Paul, Jessica, Cody and Jason in the BB Storm Winning competition are Kevin and Raven.

In the end, Paul won the Power of Veto. That’s two seasons in a row for this competition. Second place was Raven & Kevin (tied), then Cody behind them.

Paul worked on Jessica some more and production works on us some more, trying to make us think Jessica won’t use the Hex. But to humor Paul, Jessica asks for two weeks of safety and requests that whoever wins HOH puts up Alex and they take her out. Paul says he’ll work on it.

And since we all know what’s going to happen Thursday, we don’t even get to see the Veto Ceremony. The episode ends in Jessica saying Cody could go home Thursday (he won’t)… Find out what happened with our Veto meeting spoilers & Jessica’s decision on Paul’s Hex’d offer.

Gallery: Episode 17 Power of Veto Pics


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  1. CBS really has to stop casting recruits and get people that know and want to play the actual game rather than “be on summer vacation.”

    • I’m not sure who the recruits are but everyone that left during the first 4 weeks except cody said they were fans. I don’t know if that’s intentional that fans got voted off and they kept the recruits. It seems like Cody would be a recruit. I don’t remember if Paul said anything last year about being a fan or not.

    • They would need to change the incentives, meaning stop giving evicted HG such a nice cushy vacation. Try a season where jury is sequestered. Pay them, give them all clean safe hotel rooms with Netflix, and maybe an occasional outing, but no kickin it all day with your new best friends.

      • In a way they are sequestered. As for kickin it back with their new best friends, I am sure they still have game talk. Like who put them on the block, how they got voted out, who is running the house and who should win. Yes, Netflix would be nice but a outing would only mar their judgement. But I do like the way you think there.

    • I actually think the fans are the ones that have proven to be a massive disappointment… Jillian, Ramses, Alex, Cameron, and that chick that self-eliminated. The recruits are proving to be better. I really hope some of those floaters (Matt and Raven) buck up and play the freaking game.

      • Right? It’s like the fans haven’t actually seen the game.
        Maybe they are all secretly recruits and some are just told to say they are fans.

      • Yeah I had so much hope for that superfan alliance that formed the first day but they have proven to be a complete flop. While I love how explosive this season has shown to be this form, I’m sick of watching these lemmings follow Paul over their BB cliff.

      • I think Jessica and Cody said they were fans. Maybe not SuperFans but fans of the show and look where they are. They are still in the game and keeping playing.

      • The fans are the ones evicted because all the recruits band together so they can last as long as they can on the show (Not in the game…on the show)

    • I say that every Season, but CBS keeps doing it?! They cast people who have no idea how to play the Game, or what its about. :(

  2. Jess, if you think Cody is going to be different outside of the house, forget it. He is showing you over and over who he is. If you think you can change him, you can’t and he’s already told you he can’t change. Get over him and play the game. Stick with him and your life will be dealing with his anger and the repercussions.

      • It is, but I feel like theirs is not true love. If you’re trying to change or ignore a major aspect of someone’s personality you’re going to get nowhere.

      • It is more like infatuation.
        Jessica is probably used to having male “companionship” and isn’t quite sure how to be alone.

      • Trust me, it takes alot more than love to make any real relationship work… their lifestyles and personalities are way too different..

      • You don’t have to be a Psycho analyst..just watch him on ‘feeds….and he’s in a controlled environment.

    • Why do you think what cody did in the hoh room was negative, because three liberal go along to get alone girls said it was unacceptable… not everyone just bends over and takes it. He stood hs ground against a passive aggressive attacker and won,because he did not take pauls bait and deck him like he wanted and deserved, hes a bad guy and a wife beater? How do you reach that conclusion?

      • I’m a liberal, and I don’t think Cody did anything wrong. He checked Paul like any real man should’ve. Paul continued to play the big man when he knew he couldn’t be touched up. You don’t call out someone when you know they have no real recourse. It’s called bitch baiting. The only people in the house who need to go are Paul and Josh, because they do this consistently. Acting tough, and trying to get a rise when they know it’ll get only get the other guy in trouble if he reacts. You’re right, it’s completely passive aggressive bitch behaviour and it’s the worst form of bullying because it is true cowardice.
        There’s no need to bring this left/right bs into it, but if you want to pull that out, it’s a general conservative move.

      • bullying is the worst paul and josh should be disqualified and kicked out no respect for others “game or no game”

      • Josh is loud & obnoxious but basically harmless. If you remember cody & jess went for him first(pussy,victim,etc)Jess said something about him being a sexual predator too. They went for the least powerful person in the house. Doesnt that make them (ahem) bullies? I choke on that word when its double standards

      • That is your opinion. Have another helping of Josh is a you are buying everything that is edited.
        Josh is a stocker and instigator. Weakest player nah. Paul.has him protected and the house too. Josh is no shrinking violet. Or scaredy victim. Its a facade.
        Josh is attacking Mark. What about that. I am.not going to debate..All have flaws. I will still be here wanting Josh out asap. Oh and your boy Paul too. To think I liked Paul last year. People change.

      • I didn’t notice that until WW wrote the Piggly Wiggly comment and putting those together was funny. Honey, I can’t count the times that I have done something like that. I have to laugh at myself, too. And hey, Emma, it’s great to see you on here. I hope to see you more often. :)

      • Of course thats my opinion. Paul’s not my boy but at least hes playing. Anyway wasnt looking for a debate so no worries

      • What about Josh?! Jess isn’t in a relationship with him. Tr8ppng3 was just saying Jess needs realize that Cody has made it very clear who he is in the house is who he is out of the house. Jess has also made it very clear that’s not what she wants or will put up with which makes it all the more baffling that she is willing to throw away 500k for him…

      • No. What is baffling she will be on the block next week and after that too. No one in the house is working with her. Period. When Cody was evicted she was stilled treated like she has the plague.

        She will use the Hex. She has one alloy Cody. This week was all about making Cody anger. Nah it didn’t work. He knows what’s up. He’s good.

      • You are completely missing the point of what both of us were saying… we are just saying we dont think their relationship outside of the house will work, and then we explained the reasons why we feel that way.

      • Ok. I am not offended at all. I am just saying what I observed. I can see your side too.

      • And who knows about a relationship outside the house. We have no crystal ball for that future or insight, right ?

    • Yeah but in real life he can walk away. He knew he’d get angry and didn’t want to go up to Paul’s room. He’s stuck in a house with these people.

      • Indeed he is stuck. But, Cody gets it now. He was up cause of Jessica and Paul’s goating. Note Paul wouldn’t let him go. He kept up the insults of last word tough guy routine. Cody was walking out militia times. Paul being proud of getting the riff between the Jess and Cody.
        Paul.wanted that to happen go downstairs and give the plan.

      • Simple, basic thing in life: Listen to what a person says about themselves. For ex: I’m such a loser. Yeap. Then that person is a loser. Cody said he can’t change or do whatever it takes to make Jess happy. Then, Yeap, he is how he is … he told Mark that he is the same way (hot headed) outside of the house. Listen to what a person says about themselves! A healthy, happy Jody relationship will never develop inside or outside of the house … they are wasting each other’s time while $500K is on the line.

    • Young lady, I am still not convinced Jessica will use the HEX this week. I will be working tonight but I won’t check the spoilers till I watch the show when I get home. Remember, she has to stop the eviction BEFORE they vote. If one person votes, consider it a done deal one of them is going home. Call it a gut feeling but I think Jessica truly understands her chance at the game if Cody leaves is way better than with him being there. I hope her and Paul can make a last minute deal and as much as I want Alex to stay, I can take it if they agree she has to go. That will leave two really strong players the game. Jessica and Paul.

      • What, she said she was 29. Funny thing is I always find these 29 year old young ladies.

      • First Willie, thank you so much for calling me young lady, it’s been a long time lol. I truly hope she doesn’t use it but it looks right now like she’d be the one going. I’ve said it before, if Cody were out of the picture I could see Jess and Paul pairing up (game play only) and that would be interesting.
        Too bad RL is going to delay your watching tonight’s episode. Didn’t that happen to you last year with the finale or am I confusing you with someone else?

      • I always DVR it so although I don’t see it live (unless I happen to miss that night), I watch it as soon as I get home, pop my popcorn open a beer or two and enjoy the show although it be a little later than usual.

  3. I really the producers are helping paul win these comp look at this veto Jessica’s and cody’s was given tongue twisters while pauls was straight forward no tongue twister…. FIXED

    • Surely not…It still wont matter because he will win this game, unless these dumbarses get rid of him ASAP. I just dont see anyone with the guts to do it other than Cody, Jess and “maybe” if Alex turns on him.

    • Oh sweet christ, you conspiracy loons. They all get the same exact text to read, we only see snippets of each one’s performance. Do you really want to see 6 contestants read the same 6 passages?

    • I was about to say the same… I watch for big brother, yet they give me “the real world”

    • Jody. How about The Paul Show. They are all equally annoying. I am still waiting to see who will get him out and hopefully that person wins the whole game.

      • I’m not talking about being annoying. Tonight’s show was completely about Jody. And from what I’m reading on Jokers, they seem to get a very high percentage of the live feeds.

      • Regardless if you like em or not Paul has entertainment value… Watching Jody is like watching a soap opera or any married couple (Boring, predictable, etc.)

      • Watching Jessica and Cody tonight was like a scene out “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane”,the only thing missing was the wheelchair.

  4. Holy carp. Now Jerkisa is joking (I think) about poisoning the other houseguests.

    That psycho female dog needs to go.

    From Jokers: Wed 5:16 PM BBT 4:22 PM Jessica – Maybe I should make cookies for the house but poison them and then everyone would be sick for HoH. Everyone – NikkiMirage
    would be throwing up and sh*tting their pants. Cody and Jessica then joke about getting called to DR and told you are not allowed to poison the hgs

    • Okay okay okay we all get it you hate jessica and cody. I despose paul. Paul wears american flag underwear across his butg and gets skidmarks on the american flag. Jessica talks smack. Jess says random verbalized thoughts that i feel will remain stupid talk. Paul tells other to go pick fights with a combat veteran that may or may or may not suffer debilitating interpersonal effects from ptsd. Both people are wrong. But paul is unforgivable.

      • Okay okay okay we get you hate/despose? Paul. Btw i thought Cody said pstd doesnt exist.

      • That’s absolutely right, Hep. They are playing a game for $500,000 and for some degree of ‘fame.’ Everyone in that house is ultimately your opponent.

      • at least Paul wears underwear…

        And Cody is a grown man. Whatever debilitating interpersonal effects he may suffer as a result of possibly having PTSD are his responsibility. If he does in fact suffer from PTSD it’s on HIM to refrain from participating in activities that he knows will be detrimental to his mental well being.

      • All 3 make me sick,they should change the name of the show from BIG BROTHER to AS THE STOMACH TURNS

      • I’m just saying, if I was in Jessica and Cody’s position and I went through what they went through the other night, I’d be saying a lot worse things about them LOL

  5. Cody was so stiff as the weather man thought for moment he might have passed away during the comp and no one noticed,doesn’t have a impromptu bone in his body.

    • I thought that too but lately im wondering. If she was thinking she’d cut her loses.

      • Why? So, she does everyone else’s job for them and takes out the one person who 100% not backstab her? LOGIC. If they want Cody out they can take Cody out.

      • Logic? She has now made herself the number 1 target simply by standing between the house and cody. Maybe her plan to be in a showmance wasnt the best strategy. Of course it did work for nicole.

      • She was already a target. I mean, come on. While Paul and his lapdogs were trying to get her not to use her power and keep her/Cody up on the block they were telling her they’d vote him out but they were plotting to voter HER out. ‘Playing nice’ with them doesn’t help her. It has NOTHINg to do with ‘showman’ce (half the house are in showmances lol). It had to do with Paul. Too many people are playing for Paul to win. Good on Paul. Bad on them.

  6. I’m all for Cody and Jessica. I can’t stand Paul. Matthew isn’t even playing the game and I no longer like Alex. She’s turned out to be a disappointment by following behind Paul. I thought she was a competitor. I miss the old Big Brother (circa seasons 6-8) when there were more than two alliances dominating the house. The show would be so much better if there were at least three major alliances going after each other.

  7. Were we watching BB tonight or The Bachelor?! I’ve BEEN over these showmances! Can’t stand Jess as a person, but she would kick a$$ in this game if she didn’t have that dead behind the eyes psycho to screw with her social game… and for someone who doesn’t like “victim noises” he sure does make alot of them.

    • Honestly, Cody hasn’t made that many victim noises. If you watch the live feeds, throughout all of the arguments, Cody remains mostly silent, per Jessica’s request.

  8. I agree with Michael Johnson. Get rid of that little weasel Paul. He is nothing but a waste of skin. He thinks he is better than everyone else. Cody has him pegged from the beginning. I don’t like Cody’s attitude towards people but he has Paul’s personality pegged perfectly. I would like to see Mark win this game. Too me he is the one that deserves it. He is being used by people and bullied by others. He has a big heart and it is being run all over. Paul thinks he is God’s gift to women when I think that he couldn’t get laid in a whore house with an American Express Black Card. I think Matt is starting to get annoyed with him and Raven and hopefully he will get mad enough to do something about it. That would be a good thing. Him saying he is the show mancekiller might wake Matt up. But all these people on this show seem to be stupid and make this season not worth watching anymore. I think if Paul don’t go I’m going to stop watching this stupid season or the show all together.

    • I think I’m gonna have to bow out for the rest of this season. Paul as Production’s proxy is pi$$ing me off. They’ll keep him in as long as they can without it being completely obvious and it’s killing the show. I’m actually a Paul fan and I’m getting sick of this season. It doesn’t feel like it’s an actual season at all. Everyone feels super scripted for telenovela-style, over-the-top drama. I mean, sheesh. Did we even have psych evals this season? Because about a third of the HG don’t seem like they could pass one…

  9. I’m only halfway through the episode, and I have to say, Jess looks 1000x better without her fake eye lashes, like holy cow what a difference!!!

  10. Tired of the Paul show! You give him 3 weeks of safety! Really BB. If you think he’s that good, why did you do this? And, how does he manage to win Vetos over everyone else in the house? Setup! Didn’t like him last year and dislike his foul language and bully remarks… also, all of these so called BB HGs who supposedly have seen every episode don’t realize they are all being played! Too many floaters this year. You may not like Cody but he was the only one smart enough to know that Paul needed to go first (even though that didn’t work because he tried to go rogue!). Also, Jessica would be further along if she used her HOH differently instead of listening to Cody! Come on someone…step up and make a big move….boring episodes…too much loud mouth Josh (really in this day and age of bullying…get with it producers NOT GOOD!

    • Exactly, why don’t they show more of him? Maybe they don’t want him to win AFP?

      • Well he’s got my vote so far… and here I thought he was going to be one of my least favorite players at the very beginning of the season. Pleasantly surprised :)

    • Hang in there. Once the Jody / Paul saga runs its course and one of them (likely Cody) are voted out, they will need to focus on something new. The rest of the house is like watching paint dry. So don’t be surprised to see Kevin getting the lime light.

      • Fingers crossed! I could literally listen to Kev’s stories all day long… that man cracks me the hell up!

  11. I am very disappointed In This episode. Painting Cody and Mark as the angry guys. Josh is the one who provokes and the pan thing, he has a mouth of insults, the circus thing. He want the fight. Cause that piece of waste will be always playing victim when in fact : he is the unhinged cruel and abusive He is without any doubt getting away with bloody murder watch the feeds. Paul, yeah the vet. He is right in the mix to. He had a power trip with his minions falling in line..Cause he relays a story it’s gospel? Then end the season, hand him the money. There is a YouTube video if you don’t have the feeds be the judge of Paul, Jessica and Cody. Paul is baiting.
    Plus, Paul operation make Cody quit or self eviction, torture. Josh the yeah yeah yeah. Finnaly, Matt tries to go against them coward back in the floating shadows.
    So. The next HOH I want Mark , Cody or Jessica for a win. Let’s see what Paul’s minions will do. Sorry my BB friends for not being around to chat..I miss all.of you.

    • Agree with everything you said! Where you been, girl? I need a Paul bashing ally. :)

  12. Great recap, Branden.

    And it looks like Paul may have done some damage to his own game last night when he was going around the house in a moment of BB paranoia, lol. Kevin, Jason, and Alex are currently talking up in the HOH about how they would all vote Paul out if he ends up on the block.

  13. Paul is the worst thing to happen to BB in a long time. He is disgusting and vile. All the casual viewers in my office can’t stand him. This season’s Paul Show needs to end soon otherwise viewers will be tuning out in droves.

  14. The only thing I will say is: I want to say thanks to the person who invented the mute button, helps me a lot when Josh starts to talk.

  15. Omg, listening to Raven talk is like listening to nails on a chalkboard.. she is so annoying. Watching everyone scramble earlier right before she walked in the room was hilarious!

  16. I feel that in the end jess will throw cody under the bus and not use the hex to save him to night

    • The way things are looking, they’ll vote Jessica out given the chance. Wouldn’t that make for some interesting drama? Haha! Cody would likely officially come unhinged.

      Jess would be absolutely insane to trust Paul and Co.

      • i’d rather have jess out, but her smoking hot body means a lot to production

  17. There are too many articles, clips, cameras, and attn on cody and Jessica. This is a great cast. But please stop with the constant cody and Jessica coverage. It is nauseating.

  18. Hey BB, time to mix it up and get new comps watching the same old boring comps is mind-numbing….

  19. on a jess profile, she said she plans on being “the life of the party”, boy, did that go off the rails as she spends the summer in bed!

    • She also said she planned to “find the best male competitor in the game and the two of us are going to clean house!” I hope they lose HOH tonight and that put’s an end to that goal…as long as they also lose the safety comp and veto, too. Fingers crossed!

      • I honestly can’t keep track of all the loop holes. second chances, battle backs, blind sides, hexs, safety’s, vetos…
        I know, i’m a little lazy with some of the twists but this is dragging on and yet, no eviction this week?

      • Unless we have some unforeseen twist, there will not be an eviction. Like you said, though, seems these loop holes are popping up whenever it suits production’s need, so who knows what is in store for tonight.

      • well, everyone’s personality in the house is starting to get old. i don’t want another week of ALL OFTHEM!

  20. Mark is a gem for not whacking Josh with those pans I mean that is just ridiculous getting right up in his face, they are just hoping Mark hits him so he is thrown out of the game.

    • Yep. I would imagine there’s no way Josh would have spoken to Mark that way out on the street.

  21. ok so, raven has the stomach thing. has she ever been sick in the house? vomit, stomach ache, constipation? she eats non stop with out restrictions. what’s that all about?

  22. They tried to make you believe that Jessica isn’t going to use the Hex but then they don’t go and show the Veto ceremony. That makes it pretty obvious they are going to need something to help fill in the full hour show tonight without the live eviction. So it seems pretty obvious that she IS going to use it! I’m so sick of Josh though. I really wish he was going home tonight!

    • Julie teased the big blow up, so they really are going to spend a lot of time on the fight

  23. I can’t believe how lazy they all are, flopping from one bed to the next, one chair to the next. they could work out inside but they don’t.

  24. I can’t believe I watched that whole episode. I want to watch game play not two idiots having a showmance. And she’s worried about her reputation outside the house because he’s a hot head but screws someone on camera?? WTF. Don’t even get me started on Mark – where was he when his “friends” were bullying Josh. Thanks for letting me vent.

  25. cody has his garbage bag luggage packed right next to his bed, jess will throw him under the bus tonight. mark my words!

  26. I’ll be glad once this Jody vs Paul and the rest of the house minus Mark saga runs its course. We’ll have to deal with it for another week or 2, but once one of them (Jody or Paul) is gone, the focus will shift.

  27. Ima huge bb fan an not a big fan of Cody an jess but what’s going on is disgusting. Josh an Paul you should be ashamed . Worst bb ever . Makes me sick

  28. For some reason , my DVR didn’t record & I missed tonight’s episode ! Devastating, I know . Will someone tell me what’s going on with Elena ? And is she actually “pulling away” from Mark ? If so, why?

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