Big Brother 19 Episode 16 Recap: Curse Revealed, Power Details Remain Murky

On Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 19, the houseguests learned that the Den of Temptation curse unleashed a new competition on the house for the next few weeks, but details on Jessica’s power remained vague at best.

We jump right into the moment after Thursday’s live show to Jessica telling Paul “I don’t know who you’re going to nominate now, but have fun with that power.” Of course she’s talking about her Halting Hex, but she’s been both vague and a little wrong about the power’s details since she first received it.

Elena and Mark are upset that they were blindsided by the vote that sent Ramses packing. And of course Josh starts picking at Mark right away, which reminds production to give us a flashback to 10 hours before eviction when Josh went all pots and pans on Mark in the house. There are some circus music noises and a few meatballs thrown out. You know, the usual.

Paul is a bit skeptical about Jessica’s claims, so he plans to call her bluff. Jessica, however, thinks she can convince Paul not to waste his HOH on them this week, thus making her spend her power too soon. Paul lets Alex know that he thinks if there is a power, it will be invoked as soon as he tries to nominate them. Wrong, Paul. But I like where this is headed.

Elsewhere, there is trouble in paradise. Elena knows she has to distance herself from Mark if she wants to save her game. So she gets started on that. She kind of talks around the actual point with Mark, but she gives it to us straight in the Diary Room: She’s not going to throw away her game for a guy she met “under 40 days ago.”

It’s time for the houseguests to finally find out what the curse is from the final Den of Temptation. They all gather around and learn that for the next three weeks, there will be a Temptation Competition. The competition is completely optional, but if you choose to play and win, you’re safe from eviction for the week. But if you come in last place, you become a third nominee for the week.

Right away, people start debating whether or not to compete in that new competition. Cody wants to compete, but Jessica thinks that will just show everyone that they’re worried and cause some doubt with the power Jessica has.

One by one, the HGs are called into the den to decide whether or not they’re going to compete. And instead of just saying yes or no, they have to actually drink a potion. Those drinking the yes potion were Jason, Matt, Alex and Mark.

So those four players head to the backyard for the first Temptation Competition. And it’s the dizzying Bowlerina game, tutus and all. In the end, Mark wins the competition and is safe for the week while Jason comes in last and will be the third nominee for the week.

At the nomination ceremony, Paul decides to call what he thinks is Jessica’s bluff and nominates her and Cody for eviction. And he thinks since he was able to nominate them, they were definitely bluffing. Jessica gave Paul several opportunities to understand the power a little better, but he declined.

Can’t wait to find out what happened with the Veto? Check our PoV spoilers for all the details!


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  1. I’m sorry but how did Jessica win that temptation because I don’t think anyone would have voted for her. Definitely should have gone to Kevin

    • U and a million other people including me want a honest answer to that question…

    • While, I did not vote for Jessica, she probably got a sympathy vote. When you bash anyone, they get sympathy. You have a right to like your favorites but, you want the twists not to favor those you do not like, do not bash them! Not all Big Brother fans post on this message board is lost on a lot of people. Personally, I voted for Alex but, with the huge imbalance in the house, I will vote for Jessica or whoever is the underdog next time out until, that big alliance is broken up for good! There is a such a thing as overkill! Like the big alliance needs more advantages than it already has?

      • Agreed. Every temptation seemed to go to the one who needed it the most that week. I think a lot of people root for the underdogs. I was just glad it didn’t go to Dom. Whether it was rigged or not. It happened, move on.

      • Ultimately I’m glad Jessica got the Temptation…Because I’m sick & tired of Paul?! And I loved Paul & Victor last Season….But I don’t like Paul this Season!

      • Paul and Vic were OK at the end of the season…NOT in the first few weeks. The first few weeks was TRUE them, the end was when they learned to play the phoney-baloney “friendship Paul” way.

    • There was about a week or close to it, to vote for the Tempt Halt Hex. I started my votes for Jason. Then divided between Matt (I think) and Jason. Then read discussions, saw an episode on Sunday night, then switched my votes to Jessica cause of whatever. Remember, there were a few thousand or so voters out there and they could vote up to 10 times a day, if they wanted to, remembered to, or went back to site every day to vote.

    • And you base this on what?
      Have you LITERALLY talk to everyone in America who VOTED?
      Didn’t think so!
      No, instead you base it on an assumption that because you and every other Paul F**cker in America DIDN’T VOTE for Jessica – NOBODY VOTED for Jessica! GD hive mine mentality!

      I could make the same claim about Paul Pot and the Temptation he “conveniently” won!

    • I Know!!!…I sure didn’t vote to give Jessica DoT?! But we must remember that this is how the powers that be at Big Brother run/rigs the show to go in the Direction that they want it to go in?!

      • When it doesn’t go your way — it’s rigged. (sigh) Since Bush VS Gore, every election and Super Bowl and World Series and election and Awards show, etc etc etc has been rigged! Everything is rigged! The world is rigged! (sad commentary — why do Americans believe ever single conspiracy theory out there?) Sometimes, things just happen, folks. It’s all not rigged.

      • Boy/Girl….BYE?!?! Everybody & his Uncle “knows” that Production Interferes with Big Brother, the current House Guest know it, & even Former House Guest have Complained about it?! So it ain’t no damn Conspiracy Theory!!! Later Bro done with ya…Smdh

  2. Jessica will not go along with the plan…In the long run she will lose the money to keep her man…..Sad sad sad…

    • Unfortunately I really hope she doesn’t keep cody because that would ruin her game entirely but who knows maybe she’s bluffing on everyone and going to not use the hex on him I really hope it’s the latter because she just looks ridiculous

    • If you think Paul would save Jessica because she dumps Cody — you’ve drank the koolaid and joined Paul’s Cult. Same goes for Elena. Crawling back to Paul is the stupidest thing in the world. Cult Leader Paul will just slit your throat for being disloyal. Only hope is to band together as a 4some. A 4some in BB can do damage by stringing together a couple of HOH wins, and flipping the numbers. So, the only sad move Jess would do is to dump Cody and Mark and Elena, and slink back to a stiletto wielding Paul who slips her throat like at the Red Wedding (Game of Thrones reference).

      • Paul wouldn’t save Jessica for sure but she could at least make it to jury, if cody went I feel like mark would next before Jessica but who knows maybe her and cody will pull a massive underdog move that would be interesting

      • I guess, if her motive is just to make jury. But, they shouldn’t underestimate the strength of a solid 4some. It gives them a shot (thus the reason Cult Leader Paul fears that).

      • I feel like mark and Elena will be wild cards for awhile and won’t be a full part of either alliance which I really hope they decide on one

      • What’s the point of just making it to jury if all of your allies leave the house though?

      • What is ur problem?? Mad because u didn’t think of it???…Go away …away from me Go dribble or slobber ur nonsense to somebody else………

      • I don’t have a problem, but you obviously do.

        You can’t stand the fact that someone disagrees with your unsubstantiated (hive mind) opinion!

        To protect yourself from facing any opposition, you surround yourself with other dim-witted Paul F**king cat ladies like yourself!

        Now go knit yourself a big red pussy muzzle!

  3. I think they were trying to point out that Jessica has a point when the tip off to the big fight started. Though I was still of the why did they feel the need to talk to Paul at all. The gloating silence would have played with Paul’s head more. Somehow in this, Alex has actually guessed the whole thing and has only tolf Jason I think.

  4. Its a game…..with a huge cash prize for the winner. Jess is the one who opened her big mouth and announced she had the hex. Paul did the right thing by putting them up on the block. If she uses the hex than its a wasted week but she won’t have it anymore. If Paul and josh weren’t in the house I think we would be watching a bunch of duds. I say go Paul! He’s doing what he has to do to try and win the game. That’s more than I can say for most of the others.

    • The hex had nothing to do with Paul putting Jess and Cody up. He hates their guts and was gunning for them anyway. Why do I hear this refrain that Paul did this because of the hex? Nonsense, Paul was fixated on them well before that.

      • Just as Cody’s been fixated on Paul since he’s walked through the door.

      • Yes, but he turned out to be right about his fixation. Who is running the house and the supreme Cult Leader — Paul. When your fixation is validated, is it really a fixation, or it just that Cody got it right? Who should he fear/fixate on — Raven?!

      • So, he was jealous of him week one? He said in the very first episode he wanted to go after Paul. In the very first hours he said he didn’t like Paul, and wouldn’t kiss his ass to get his “freindship” safety. So, he got jealous in a few hours? He knew he was “running the house” in a few hours? If he knew he was running the house in the first few hours – Cody’s a genius because nobody else did!

      • In fact Cody disliked Paul even before entering the house. He said so in many pre-game interview.

      • Well, Cody was right. Paul is running the house BY FAR. Isnt that who you should want out? Should he have wanted Ramses out instead?

      • If you would read what I said I used the present tense. Cody is jealous of Paul because Paul is running the house.Cody was in a good spot until his ego and arrogance got the best of him when he was HoH. He betrayed his alliance and they turned their back on him. Paul has not given them a reason yet to stop following him. If Cody is such a genius then he should have been able to deal with Paul and be running the house again instead of hiding out in whatever bedroom he’s currently sleeping in.

      • He’s not a genius. I guess I could say like you did, “if you would read” and think about it, saying Cody was a genius in my post was being facetious. My point was Cody has felt the same about Paul since the first few hours. His tone and words about him are identical.

      • If Cody is so great at this game why is his bedbuddy, his ride or die saying that he’s ruining her game? Hahahaha

      • is the other way around. Cody would have sent Paul home if production did not give Paul`s safety

      • You don’t know how Cody’s group would have voted, since they were so upset at him nominating Paul and then Christmas that they deserted him, it’s just as likely that they would have voted out Jillian.

      • Cody tried to run the house but he couldn’t do it. Then he tried to be a one man show and backdoor Paul without his alliance knowing about it. Paul’s playing the game and its pissing a lot of people off. As for Paul being a cult leader, you can’t be a leader without followers. I’d rather be the leader than a follower any day. Can he take it to the end and win…who knows. The best player doesn’t always win the game. At least he’s trying.

      • I know, people were upset he tried to get out Paul, then Xmas. They were two little cute lambs in the game, why go after wittle Paul and wittle Xmas? It was a big bad idea, you big bad boy Cody. We are all going to leave you — and follow Paul. He’s so sweet to us. Youre right, that’s what happened.

      • Cody SHOULD be fixated on Paul. Paul made it to final 2 last year and almost won. And look at how he’s controlling the house now! Paul should have been public enemy number 1 as soon as his temptation ended. You’d be dumb to want to keep in him the game if you want to win. I don’t understand why everyone is doing Paul’s bidding. Makes no sense to me.

  5. So…what is up with Mark now? Playing both sides..alliance with Cody and Jess? With Paul and crew?

  6. Turned on live cams for less then 3 minutes and Jessica was making fun of alex for gaining weight to cody and saying looking at her stomach made her not hungry and how Jessica “loves watching alex get fat in the house” no comment just observation

    • They are all jerks though. I listened to Paul with Kevin last night on BBAD going on forever saying crazy overboard things about Cody. So, dirty is the new black, I guess.

      • Yes, that’s the ugly side of BB. People in the house shouldn’t get so self-righteous….they all do it.

      • If there’s anyone who loves to make victim noises the most it’s your hero, “Paul Pot!”

      • Nah, I’m a Jessica fan and I am the first to admit that she is a mean girl! I think that’s why I like her – she’s jealous and petty and that entertains me a lot more than everyone fanboying Paul!

  7. Absolutely despise Josh after this episode n the pots n pans, ugh, the zoo called and they want their animal back!

    • The skillets was another attempt to pull attention to himself, desperate as it seems Enormously immature bullied Meghan before she even knew what it was that she was doing to set him up.

      • The cooking utensils, pots, pans, skillets, were used to wake up Mark cause the alarm went off and it was time to wake-up.

    • The pots and pans were Paul’s idea. Paul wanted to do it last year and this year he talked josh into doing it. Obviously josh has a choice but josh also doesn’t have a strong alliance with anyone so he keeps doing what us asked. Production told him no more pots and pans and he stopped. Paul told him to keep doing it, at that point josh said no because he doesn’t want a penalty.

      • Are you serious? Did not know that. Paul really, really needs to go. I want his power stripped and gone. He needs to be taken down a peg.

      • Yes he did tell josh but today is worse, now he is trying to make everyone bully Cody. He is trying to get someone to bully Cody so bad Cody punches them. My question why doesn’t Paul bully Cody? Too scared? He has to have others do his dirty work. Sick!

      • I frankly think Production needs to tell Paul they will not tolerate him trying to goad someone into violence. Totally inappropriate. In my opinion, they should warn him that if he does it again, he will be booted from the game. I used to like him but he is being a total ass.

  8. Does anyone know how much Fly on the Wall Productions pays for the royalties on the song that Josh sings which is associated with circuses, but is actually called Entry of the Gladiators and is a piece of classical music? Besides being terribly annoying and childish, being that immature is either and act or just sad. Also someone tonight said buh-un for button but not sure who, is that part of the script to follow Nicole into destiny? Has Jessica forgotten her introduction? Misses her Dad and they used to watch BB together. To honor him on the show I thought she’d come in there with her brains and her brawn and go for it. I wonder why she let herself get close to Cody.

    • Royalties are paid for the life of the composer and 70 years after he dies. This composer is dead since over 100 years.

  9. Ok, I saw the episode and the only thing that I can say is: I change the channel when Josh started with all his ridicuolus stuff.
    I’m glad the Mark won the comp; despite the feeds and all the stuff, listening Mark’s and Elena’s confessionals seems like they don’t trust Paul a lot -just my perception-. Anyways, I can’t wait for the thursday.

    • I’m with you on changing the channel whenever Josh is on. I can’t stand him; I can even stand to hear him speak. Any time I see him, I have to FF or go watch something else. For some reason, he’s like nails on a chalkboard to me!! And everything he say’s just annoys the crap out of me. I can’t wait to see him gone, though he’ll probably stick around until the end because just about anyone would probably win over him.

  10. I feel like I’m in bizzaro world. How do people stand by Cody, Jessica, and Mark? Am I missing something? I watch this show and I try to find a reason why people like them, but they do everything in the book that terrible big brother players do

    – make terrible game moves
    – waste their game for the sake of others
    – have terrible personalities
    – cry and make victim noises 24/7
    – flip and flop
    – spend more time focused on showmances than focusing on the game

    Like I genuinely do not understand. Everyone hated Nicole last year for “not playing the game and cuddling with Corey 24/7”. Jessica does the same thing with Cody, and she’s a favorite? Every year the big brother fanbase continues to confuse me. Why do they love these 3? Cause they are going after Paul? Does anybody realize there has been a grand total of 4 evictions this summer so far? 4??? Pretty soon Paul is going to be targeted by his whole alliance, and these people everyone claim to be “sheep” now are gonna be “fan favorites” because they’re targeting Paul, so it makes no sense to me how people want to stand behind these 3 terrible personalities because they want Paul gone. I just don’t see what’s so special about Cody, Jessica, and Mark and why they’re so beloved by the fanbase. One literally says he has no care for anything that happens, the other is obsessed with a showmance more than her own game, and Mark cries 24/7. Jessica needs to just let Cody go and play her own game, not Cody’s game, cause playing with Cody won’t get her far at all

  11. I get the feeling Jessica was not allowed to tell Paul what the HEX really does, if the everyone in the house knew this week could just be wasted would be a wasted week for sure, HEX was susppossed to be a big surprise on the eviction night just like it was when Jeff won that power.

    • Either on Sunday nite episode or in these ‘discussions,’ saw Jessica ask Paul more than once, it seems, if he, Paul, wanted to know about the tempt or hex or info about it. Paul walked away and didn’t positively respond that he wanted Jessica to explain. So, Paul WAS given a chance to find out about halting hex.

      • But he asked her before many times and she did not give him all the details. I found strange that she would ask him what he wants to know about. She could just go ahead and tell him everything.

  12. I loved watching Jessica and Cody laughing on Paul`s face during his nominations. I laughed so hard, Paul is so dumb, he just wasted his HOH and all that thanks to Jessica.

      • And win win for Paul. He isn’t loosing any numbers/allies and the hex will be gone.

      • Well, not getting out anybody during your HOH cant really be considered a win, can it? Isnt that the point of being HOH? me soooooo confused

      • Depend. Sometimes it’s more strategic than only getting someone out. Mark being safe, Paul has only Elena that can be disposable. But even, she seems she’s back into his pack. So best case scenario is to flush that temptation and have almost everyone next week playing to evict Cody.

        Just curious, If you would be in Paul’s place what would you have done this week?

      • Mark and Elena. One would leave for sure, further crippling Jody. Now, all 4 are still in the house. That’s good?

      • And, before you say it, I don’t think that Jessica would waste her Temptation on Mark/Elena. She’d save it for her and Cody. So, yes, Id have put up Mark and Elena and taken a number away from them. Probably would have used my Cult Leader powers to get rid of Mark between the two of them.

      • I think that was his B plan until Mark got safe with the new comp. I agree that would have been the way to go.

      • It was his B plan, I just would have made it his A plan. Let’s face it, he hates Jess/Cody as much as they hate him, so I never saw him deviating from Jess and Cody. Emotion got him (imo) to make the wrong move.

      • Except Mark is safe. :( and like I just posted before, even if Elena goes this week, the hex is still in play and their is again no chance to get Jody out.

        Anyway, I just think it’s not that a bad move to get the hex flush even if no one leaves.

      • Well, it depends if you want 3 against you next week, or 4. They chose to keep 4 enemies in the house over 3. Elena would be axed Thursday…Paul even said that.

      • I would just keep Cody and Jessica safe, and use the HEX as excuse, sure Cody is coming after Paul, but at this point Cody is bigger target than Paul, so is good for Paul that Cody and Jessica stays….with that said he should have gone after someone else.

      • From what I saw Elena tries to get disassociated from Mark and Jody. She’s back following Paul.

        He has the all house but 3. Mark is safe. So…

      • You might be right. But I think it’s better for Paul this week to flush the hex. If Elena is on the block and goes let say this week. Next week, its 100% sure that Jody are still safe.

  13. For all of you coffee drinkers that must have coffee in the morning to ‘survive’! Question……
    What do you think about Paul (and I forget who else? Jason?)
    Switching out Cody’s coffee for decaf. Do you think production should have stepped in?
    I personally think they should have. People who drink coffee and need their coffee do actually withdrawal!!!
    Example headaches, depression, Fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration, body aches plus plus……
    I think it is totally uncool that BB production did not put a stop to it! Just on a personal level knowing how I feel if I do not have coffee. I don’t think it’s right at all!
    what would happen if they took mats cereal away??? Ha ha! But in all seriousness, I don’t think it’s right! Sure at first, ha ha but then later production says “enough!”
    Yes, this is a game but messing with someone’s body and causing them to withdrawl is not game in my opinion!
    Maybe they just did it the one day, but from my understanding they didn’t????

    • Production doesn’t need to step in, IMO. That was harmless. If Cody can’t figure out it’s decaf, then he is not a serious coffee drinker. It’s no different than being on slop, when your regular food is taken away.

      • Right! But he is not a have not therefore he shouldn’t suffer the same consequences!
        I am an avid coffee drinker. With most coffees you cannot tell the difference between decaf and regular coffee!
        Unless of course you know, then when you start to feel the side effects you know it’s because you drink decaf coffee!! or you were accidentally given it and you start having the withdrawals, you would double check to make sure the coffee is not decaffeinated!! (It has happened to me lots of times especially when vacationing in Mexico Etc)

        In Cody’s case, how could he possibly know!? He is under a lot of stress so his side effects he could think are just because of the stress.
        Of course, only because it is happening to Cody, people don’t care! I am not a fan, but I think it is BS! Especially with the side effects! And he is NOT a have not!
        That’s a stupid reason for production not telling him about it! “because it’s just like being on slop!” SMH

    • I agree – the Vaseline on the coffee handle really concerned me, as from a health & safety perspective, that could have resulted in a nasty injury. I also agree that switching out caffeine could cause issues – I don’t think Cody is caffeine-dependent, but it is nasty behaviour and I think production should nip it in the bud.

      • I didn’t hear about the Vaseline!?
        Oh, I thought Cody was caffeine addicted. I thought that’s why they switched it!? And he can’t be the only person in the house that drinks coffee!?
        Cody has been complaining about having headaches! I guess that could be from Jessica LOL
        Yes, production needs to shut that stuff down! Just like Josh being super immature and egging Mark on constantly as well as bashing the pots and pans around. They had to have known Mark was going to flip! Eventually! And I don’t blame Mark at all for losing it, he “took it” longer than I would have!

    • Thank you Tinalee for reitering this. That is so unfair and underhanded. Withdrawal should not be part of the game. this precisely is one of the many reasons I dislike underhanded, manipulator Paul. This game is stressing me out. I’m out for now.

  14. Just a comment about the Bowlerina. I was so happy NOT to see Mr. Pectacular
    this year – so over him! But the memories flooded back seeing Mark in his tutu and flexing his pecs! Just makes me feel 🤢.

    • Lmao 😂
      Yeah, gross! That guy was nasty and now he is just nastier……..
      He has way too small of a head for his body! He needs to tone down the bodybuilding and steroids to let his head catch up to the rest of his body LOL

  15. I know BB hasn’t been good for years and years, partially due to the game being played the exact same way every season, and also because of the stupid twist and Temptations as well as America’s choice which makes the game non-organic! (I would love a season with no twists etc. like how it used to be! You screw up your game, YOU screwed up your game! You get ahead, it’s because you’re getting doing something right! ……)
    But aside from that, I was just thinking about it……

    I watched Sunday nights episode and was honestly quite bored watching it. It wasn’t anything new due to spoilers, (Plus BB production skipped a lot of important stuff/drama/entertainment)
    Yeah I get they can only put so much on TV for each episode…. But I was thinking, perhaps one of the reasons “most of us” are getting bored with the seasons is because we read and watch the spoilers/feeds.
    I know it (the Game being boring) has way more to do with the boring HGs etc NOT ONLY because we watched the fees/spoilers etc. but, I think it does come into play at least a little bit !?!
    Again, watching Sunday nights episode was boring. But I also know it’s because I knew everything that happened. My husband didn’t know anything so he enjoyed it but I was watching the episode and thinking “yeah yeah Mark won the comp, Jessica and Cody are on the block! Whatever, show me more stuff!” LOL o
    Make any sense?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love all the spoilers and will always come here to read the spoilers, blogs & comments (I actually prefer reading all the info in here more than watching the episodes now because there is way more info in here then just on TV!) but, I think that’s why the episodes are less entertaining & I don’t get the same excitement I used to when I would watch the episodes without the spoilers etc. because we already know what happened & it then makes us feel like the seasons are not good enough anymore.,.., Ugh 😑 I am having trouble getting my point across!

    Just a thought :-) Thinking out loud! Oops 🙊

    • I do understand what you’re saying. Because I was so “in the know”, I felt a bit blasé about last night’s episode, but there were a few things that I found interesting. Elena explained that she opted out of the Comp to show she trusted/was loyal to Paul – well, okay, now I have her perspective on it. And whether you love or hate Paul, I love his DR sessions. The dude is animated; he’s funny; he has screen presence. Good grief, I’d never to be able to look into a DR camera and carry on like he does – it’s entertaining. (And I always stare at his beard wondering if any hairs every fall in his food or when he is cooking. Gag! Ugh! 🤣🤣) Also, at the end of the program, Jessica looked like a drug addict in withdrawal in the DR – all depressed over her then-current situation. No sympathy here, but it was fun to see. God, she’s all over the place with her emotions, thoughts, strategies, etc.

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