Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results

We’re back on track with our Big Brother 19 Live Feeds and the latest results. Now we’ve got the spoilers to reveal who won this week’s Veto comp and what that could mean for the week ahead.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Players were drawn well in to the afternoon and soon we had Cody, Christmas, and Jason lining up to play in the competition for a chance to change Jessica’s nominees, Josh and Ramses. But from the talk we were hearing, no one was going to be changing these noms unless the noms did it themselves.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results:

  • Jessica won the Power of Veto!

Gallery: Jessica Enjoys her Veto Medallion

When Feeds returned we heard Jessica telling Cody that was the second Veto competition he had thrown (the first being against Alex when he wanted her down so he could renom Paul in Week 1).

Jessica is gunning for Josh and she’s feeling pretty good about those chances, but she doesn’t know the other side is working on getting out her pawn, Ramses. Unless she catches wind of this plan you can expect her for now to keep the noms the same this week.

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    • Amazing, isn’t it? She has every possible power, including the returning player to her side, but she still won’t get what she wants if she’s not more careful here.

      • True – and if she is a player – she will put someone up to force the eviction she wants.

      • True although I think by putting up Ramses, she thought Josh would for sure go home. I don’t know if she knew/knows Ramses was already Paul’s target. I would assume not, or else she wouldn’t have put him up. I think she truly thinks Ramses is simply just a pawn and no one is going to vote for him to go. But I truly hope she figures it out before the veto ceremony!!! 🤞 Plus she couldn’t put up Paul because she doesn’t have the numbers to evict him. So, my guess is she is playing it ‘safe’ this week by putting up her ‘enemy,’ Josh & hoping not to “rock the boat” with Paul hoping that would keep her and Cody safe the following week, so she wouldn’t have to use the HH and she could use it the following week if needed.
        I just think she’s trying to do the opposite of what Cody did which was playing too hard too fast. I think she just wants to lay low this week, and not get much blood on her hands. Unfortunately for her, it’s unlikely her target will go home unless she pulls Ramses off the block. Fingers crossed 🤞

      • Not necessarily. Paul has no power over jess or cody. They are the “other side”. If she re-noms raven, josh is gone

      • If she were smart, she’d pull Ramses and put up anyone but Jason and Kevin. That way Josh would be gone.

      • She’s not smart , she should have put paul up if she was … paul has the whole house tho, she has the power but really doesn’t .. or please put Kevin up !!! Ugh 😑

      • I don’t think so, I don’t think Cody/Jessica will become minions. I don’t think they care or will ever care or will ever listen to Paul

      • So so true! I hope she finds out and takes Ramses off the block and renoms Paul or Raven. Someone that will ensure Josh goes home.

      • But she is clueless! She has no idea whatsoever that Ramses is a huge target of Paul’s, does she??
        Ramses is completely a “pawn” in her eyes right?
        I want Josh gone! So badly! I hope she knows/finds out before the veto ceremony that Ramses is the target! Or at the very least she wants to backdoor someone so she is planning on taking Ramses off the block!?
        I know she can’t target Paul because she doesn’t have the numbers, but there are other people she could back door or at least try to.
        Come on Matt, pull some strings! HELP Jessica find out the truth! Please LOL

      • She doesn’t know anything. Paul’s never talked game with her, at least to the point he has with the others. He’s got a lot of work now to do to convince her and the others that Ramses needs to go before Josh.. I don’t think she’ll take the bait. What she also doesn’t know is that if Josh goes home, nobody will care, not even Paul for that matter. But Paul’s target is Ramses, then Cody!

      • Good .. and yeah that’s the beauty of it , they are gonna have to win hoh and veto every week or they are gonna keep being nominated Til they both are gone

      • She may know , Kevin let it slip or said something to Ramses and he ran and told her , so she may renom.. or she may not since Cody wants noms the same

    • Right!? Isn’t that sooo crazy! I want a blindside on Thursday, but I want it to be against Josh NOT Jo-dy 😉
      I know everyone likes a good blindside, but we can easily get one at the expense of Josh! :-) :-)
      that would be priceless and I would pay a lot of money to see that happen! Please please please Jessica figure it out before the veto ceremony! Please please BB gods!
      I truly think if Jody is blindsided on Thursday and Josh is able to brag, throw it in their faces, be totally immature & arrogant thinking “his people” saved him, I don’t think I will be able to watch it! Truly!!
      It would be the first time in 19 seasons & 5 seasons of BB Canada that I will actually not want to watch!!! It will be the first time ever that I will not want to watch until Josh is out the door or at the very least becomes super paranoid, a target & starts snivelling all over again (when he finally finds out he was never truly part of the alliance!)
      I will be truly truly upse if he stayst! Not because of Jody, but because I dislike Josh sooooooooo much!!!!!!! He is already so arrogant & so sure of himself! This is just going to make Josh so much more worse! I can’t/don’t want to think about Josh potential he being saved come Thursday!!!
      Please don’t let it happen Captain! Please send Josh out the freaking door! PLEASE!!!!!!
      Rant over!…… Peace out✌️

    • I think if they stay the same , Ramses is gone .. josh at least is some kinna entertainment as annoying as it is :/

    • Me, too, but hopefully, she catches on to the plot before Monday’s ceremony.

      • Even if she catches onto the plot there is nothing she can do. Pull Ramses off they’ll just evict Josh, honestly the best thing she can do at this point is to leave noms the same and hope they evict Josh and not go after her

      • That’s fine. I WANT Josh gone. Besides, they’re going to target her anyway. Her giving them the shot at Ramses isn’t going to save her. Might as well make a move and be remembered as having the guts to stand against the house dictator of BB19.

      • Come on. There is only her, Jessica and Cody. How can you miss the huge alliance against you? Who voted Cody out in the first place? If she does not make a move it is because of fear but, they will target her anyway so, draw the first blood! If I were in her shoes in the Big Brother House, I would break up that alliance and as long as I am inside the house, none of them will be safe from eviction! That should be her attitude like Danielle Donato. She was a feared player then, because she played hard for HOH and VETO and went after her enemies! She has Cody back in the Big Brother House now so, two of them competing!

      • I know how the heck she doesn’t see that huge alliance either. She must know they don’t like Ramses so why would she put him on the block. The misfit bunch don’t have enough since to team up? This is BB17 all over again

      • She sees it, but there’s not much she can do right now because she doesn’t have the numbers!
        I don’t see how she could have targeted the big alliance?
        Unless she was able to break them up somehow, but right now Paul’s minions are staying true to him for whatever stupid reason that is!

      • Put up Paul & some of his strongest minions like Alex. She has to pick off who she can and they might as well be strong players.

      • She sees it, but there’s not much she can do right now because she doesn’t have the numbers.

      • That is exactly what I keep thinking! I’m trying to send her subliminal messages lol 😂

      • They will go after Jessica and Cody but, they do not know that she has the temptation Halting Hex to protect her and Cody. She should go save Ramses and nominate Mark or Matthew so that, Josh goes home. He will be so pissed and explode on the house. Telling what he knows!

      • I don’t think she would waste the Hex to save Ramses, she needs it to protect her or Cody.

      • No no no! She would be risking way too much because, her target Josh is unlikely to go home therefor her HOH would be a huge waste just like Cody’s was.
        I WANT JOSH gone, so she needs to put up another person to ensure Josh goes home (PLEASE!!!!) however, the problem is I think she feels Ramsesis completely safe

      • Hey Cheryl here. That won’t happen, they are plotting to evict Ramses, they predict a 7 to 3 vote for Josh to stay. The rest of the house wants to keep Josh there to stick it to Cody and Jess, her only way is to use the veto on Ramses to get Josh out.

      • Even if she doesn’t catch on, she should pull ramses off if she really wants josh gone. Put Raven or alex up – she knows they both hate her anyway

      • She won’t do it because Paul would be mad…
        At this point I am just losing all hope in this season

      • U think she cares what Paul thinks? Paul would be up if she thought he might be going – just not the right time yet

      • I agree I have lost all hope in this season….I only watch cuz there is nothing on tv

      • Mary – I agree 100%. So disappointed Cody won his way back in – just seems too predictable to me.

      • Why do you watch seriously, you Supposedly BB fans Bitch about this every year. This gets so old. So don’t watch the damn show. I think Paul has done a great job this year. Do I think he will win. I don’t, I think Kevin is going to win this show or Alex.

      • If Marks finds out, she will. Paul and his crew are keeping him out of the loop on purpose, they don’t trust him not to tell Cody. I don’t think they told Elena either.

      • Yes, let’s hope. It’s bound to come out. These people can’t keep a secret.

      • Hopefully not !! I want josh to stay , as long as he is there , he will always be a target before paul ! They don’t care if he stays or goes .. so not really that great of a target , he doesn’t win, he cries and talks bs .. besides that , he’s useless for the other side as is ramses.

      • Both bullies need to go. Sooner rather than later. Paul had his chance and blew it. I honestly don’t think it’s fair to bring back someone from the F2 of one season unless it’s an All Star season (though I will always be grateful they did it for BB14 because if not, then we wouldn’t have Dan’s Funeral, the all-time best move in BB History).

      • Haha .. yeah, that was notorious. Paul has the upper hand in game , but also has the social part down, whoever gets him out should go to finals. Alex .. I dunno , not many seem to playing , more like taking up space

  1. Well, RIP Ramses. Jessica had all the power this week if she could’ve made better noms

  2. One way to catch them is to say that you would take Ramses off the block. That would have everyone scrambling because their ass could be on the block! Sometimes, you have to bluff the other guy like in poker. If Jessica does that, she will see they are lying. Then, nominate Mark or Matthew with Josh and ensure that one of them goes home!

    • Yeah, put Mark up and he goes home for sure. Remember how Cody threw him under the bus when he left the house.

  3. Wow. The people who complained about the game being too one sided for Paul are going to shift over to Jessica if she keeps this up

    • Yeah, a lot of people hate it when the house is too one-sided. Me, too, when I’m watching a season where I have no clear-cut favorite. However, it’s only been one week and Jess can’t compete in the HOH, so I don’t think we have to worry too much about that.

      • Yea but think about all she’s gotten in just one week. The Den, Cody coming back, the HOH, and the Veto. Surely when she uses the Den to save herself and Cody people will start turning heads again like usual, screaming and yelling “PRODUCTION! RIGGED!”

      • Sadly, you are not wrong, lol. And it will be even more stupid because we will have known about the DoT for weeks and will have all been predicting she was going to use it.

      • I’m just gonna find it stupid because the same people who will be complaining will most likely be the ones who gave it to her, just like people complained when Paul had 3 weeks of safety. Like, Big Brother let THEM choose who gets it, and then when they have it, they complain. The Big Brother fan base for sure is a fun one

      • Those people are complaining because Jessica looked like she had potential last week… I was wrong…

      • My point being though is that now that the game is looking one sided for her, people will board the hate train against her, just like they did with Paul

      • If Ramses is voted out this week it’s only gonna look more one sided for Paul. And I will continue to hate Paul and the stupid house for following all his orders

      • Well that’d be Jessica’s fault for putting him up. She should know better by now. And it’s not just Paul that wants Ramses gone, the group as a whole decided that down the line he needed to go

      • I knowwwwwhaaa!!!!
        Watching feeds last night everyone was ‘tripping’ over each other trying to get Paul’s attention AKA his ‘friendship!’
        Reminded me of kids saying ‘hey daddy, look at me,’ as they attempt to dive off the diving board!!
        I had to click around going back & forth when Paul was in the room. He just gets to me…… just like in his season!
        Even Kevin, a grown-ass man, was drooling all over Paul….. “hey give the rest of the drink to Paul”…… “hey Paul, ya wanna pizza?”
        “Hey Paul, blah blah blah”……. etc!
        Look at the eye movement of the players…… they all check to see if Paul approves of whatever they said!!
        It makes me sick! I just do not understand what is so special about him. I certainly can’t figure it out!!
        Go Jess & Cody…… production please keep them safe!

      • Jessica and Cody are still the underdogs. How can it be one-sided for them? Sure, she has the Den of Temptation, Halting Hex to keep her and Cody safe for one week and she can only use it for the next two weeks after this week. Also, she cannot play for HOH this coming week. Only Cody can play against everyone else! The other side has huge numbers and that is what matters when it is eviction time! She should be thinking for voting out people when she is HOH or has VETO to spoil the plan of the big alliance. She will not get another chance so, go for it with a gusto! Get people from the other side out, one by one! Put Mark or Matthew up or Christmas to ensure Josh goes home atleast!

      • LOL, yeah, that, too. Fans are the worst kind of people (well, not ALL fans…).

      • Not to mention constant double standards.
        Someone they hate is doing well its rigged
        Someone they like is doing well, its part of the game

      • Except she can only save herself or Cody from eviction if one or the other is on the block. It is a one time use and she can’t save both if only one is on the block.

      • let me try this again. If Cody was on the block, she could use it to stop the eviction that week, my guess is she won’t save him unless it is the last week she could use the DoT. If Jessica was on the block anytime in the next two weeks, she would use it to stop the eviction save herself. If both were on the block next week or the following week, that is the only time she could use it to stop the eviction and save both. My guess is she won’t stop the eviction just to save Cody. That would make her a bigger target than Cody.

      • The way I understood it is you can use the Halting Hex even if you are not on the block so, if she or Cody is on the block in the next week or the week after that, she should be able to use it! However, you can only use it for one time!

      • You’re right she stops the whole eviction. She has to use it before the votes are cast so it would save both nominations

      • Exactly, she could also use it to stop the eviction if she choose’s so if she wanted to save anyone really. To be honest, if she isn’t on the block next week, she would be smart to save it for the final week she can use it to save herself but all that depends on if she isn’t on the block Thursday night next week.

      • I hope the curse is that if she uses it to stop one person’s eviction besides her own, she’ll cause another’s eviction she may not want, possibly her own, if she’s also on the block too.

      • I like at least 3 different alliances. It makes it more entertaining and we get to choose a favorite. It is only one sided because that’s how BB wants it to be. Does Kevin even work? He is a stay at home dad, but does he have a job. If they offered him money I’m sure he was happy to take it.

      • He says he goes to a diner downtown once a week at 1:30 in the morning and guys bring him envelopes with money in them. lol

      • If “they offered him money”? He has $27027.00 from the show already. He could have self-evicted during Episode 1 and returned home with 27 grand.

      • proof was presented last year that James and Nicole had an unfair advantage.

  4. Christmas won something at the den of Temptation something about the nominees she never used it I don’t remember what it was

  5. This could be Alex’s chance, she was wishy washy I guess to Jessica about what she would do if she won and that could have been her indication that though she still thinks Ramses got the 25K, she has started liking him more and she doesn’t want Josh gone. She could just give a heads up that the mood is changed in the house and they should consider a pawn like Raven to guarantee their eviction, but, who could lead a blindside….

    • If I were Jessica, I would put up Christmas instead of Raven. Christmas can’t play in most of the comps, so why would they vote Christmas out?

      • That would be a good move..but u wants to be guilty of getting the poor injured HG out???

    • Because he’s shady and hasn’t really alligned himself to anybody in the house or talked game with anybody. With Josh they have a bigger target in the house and a number if they ever need one (like Zach from BB16)

    • Because Paul hates him. Ramses had the audacity to try to win the veto when he was on the block and it made Paul mad.

      • Nobody trusts him because he reneged on the strategy to backdoor Cody. He was completely safe but was seconds from screwing it all up. Throwing a veto is a time honored way for a pawn to gain trust and he blew it. He agreed to throw it.

    • I don’t like Josh but Ramses is boring. At least Josh stirs things up. Could you imagine Ramses, Matt, Raven and Mark in the F4? I’d have to cancel my feeds.

    • Ramses knows the game Hes a player and can hold his own in comps…But he cannot be trusted cause he is not a team player..Ramses is a threat.. Joshes mouth and stupidity will get him ousted sooner than later..Josh is not game savy tho he thinks he is..Josh is not a threat..

  6. Jessica should put Paul on the block, I know that (sadly) it’s impossible get rid of him now, but in that way Josh is evicted; if Paul put both Jessica and Cody on the block the next week, she can use the hex.

    • I was thinking the same kind of thing. Jess doesn’t know (yet) that Paul and the house wants Ramses gone. She could go to Paul and tell him she’s going to put him up as a pawn just to guarantee that Josh goes home. It might even get Paul to show his cards. Or, if we’re really lucky, the house would realise that it’s the perfect chance to get Paul out.

  7. Just saw a PERFECT tagline for Jody on Reddit

    JODY: Redefining stupidity one HOH reign at a time!

  8. I wish a little birdie would whisper in Jessica’s ear the “plan”…then she could pull down Ramses and put up Raven (or whoever). Sorry but Josh needs to go…I, for one, am tired of his temper tantrums. I don’t consider Josh good television, but I do understand why Paul would want to keep him over Ramses. Ramses is the better player whereas Josh is so mercurial that he is always blowing someone up in the BB house thereby keeping the total focus off of Paul’s game play…

    • The simple fact that Josh is thoroughly aggravating to Cody and Jessica is reason for Paul to want Josh to stick around. Plus, Josh thinks Paul is God, so Josh will do whatever Paul tells him.

  9. Once the Veto is played they should start treating Cody and Jessica like crap again.

  10. So I’m assuming she’ll leave noms the same. Do I like Josh? No. But Ramses is soooooo boring so I would like to see him go. Also the blindside again. The look on Jodys face….priceless! Love me some drama.

    • Agreed. But sadly no one can keep secret in that house. Especially Jason and Christmas.

    • I’d rather have a boring HG than a crybaby. We’ve got Paul and Cody for entertainment.

      • Thank you. I absolutely agree. Josh is not an enjoyable type of drama. Not even close. His “callouts” are almost entirely incoherent garbage and sick of hearing him talk.

    • I know Ramses is boring but maybe cuz he’s clearly on the oust from the “in crowd!”
      Kind of like nerds in school. They keep to themselves cuz there’s so many other loud ppl that he doesn’t stand a chance……
      Socially insecure.
      If he stays, which I hope he does, maybe the show can help him get more confident & engage in more relationships. I’d like to see him align with
      J-ody! Along with Mark & Alena!

  11. Christmas knows how to whisper, but everyone she talks to is always so loud.

  12. She has probably asked production what to do and they would rather have Josh in the house than the boring Ramses.

  13. Why are they leaving Cody’s conversation about war. It is not game talk.

    • Yes I hate that but he thinks it makes him a big shot. He makes me tired with his crazy ass self and that thing he is hooked up with.

  14. So, Jessica did really put Ramses up as a Pawn??? For real?
    Noooo please say it ain’t so! I don’t want Josh to be saved on Thursday and Jody get blindsided! She has so much power this week! All of it! Please please please let someone crack and tell them the plan! Please please please

    • If she’s smart, she’ll put Christmas up as a pawn. Who in their right mind would vote off someone who can play in so few comps against someone who gets heated in a matter of seconds and can compete? No one (ok maybe Paul but still)?

      • I completely agree! I still do not understand why they chose Ramses as their pawn. Hopefully they have something up their sleeve for the veto!

  15. Why is Cody constantly throwing in veto comps?
    Jess has a lot of power. Let’s see if she uses it right?
    Who’s the target anyway?

    • Did Cody throw the veto comp to Alex. It looked to me like, she was well into a lead over him when he ‘threw’ it.

      • I didn’t throw it. He gave up when he saw Alex was going to win.
        Just like last year when Nicole was solid on that wall and James was shaking like a leaf. He wanted to make a deal to save face. He did not “give” it to her. Even Paul said James was about to fall.

      • Just find it interesting how Jess and Cody refer to it as he threw it when he knew he couldn’t win it.

  16. Jessika is a competition beast! H0H and Vet0. Too bad her target is likely not going home. :)
    Best overall HG this season though Paul is still the best player. But, she is smokin’ H0T so she wins. :)

  17. Yeesh – she must be so full of herself at this point! It’s going to be an EPIC blindside if they can pull it off!!! LOL!!!

    • Love the sarcasm.;) Jess is currently whipping her boy up into a frenzy telling Cody that Josh referred to her as a “thing”. Cody is so upset he can’t talk about it.

      • LOLOLOL!!!! They have to be the most comically TOXIC showmance in bb history and the season isn’t even half over yet!!!

      • She knows how to push his buttons that make him feel the need to be her hero and he knows that she needs a hero. What a Superdud!

      • LOL!!! They’re not unattractive people, but oh my those co-dependent SCOWLS!!! Yikes they’re actually quite ridiculous together!!! haha

      • Honest to pete, I get cold shudders looking at Cody’s eyes. He could be a scientologist that beats their members into submission. He could be a hired assassin. He could be a robot that is being controlled by the government, a prototype. Those eyes, the windows to no soul.

      • He does do that ice cold stare with no expression. It’s just weird, especially for BB. I’ve never seen any player act like Cody has in this game.

      • It’s nice to have people who are different, but not scarily different. He seems to be so supportive of Raven and protective over her. I don’t get the guy. Maybe he has a really good heart but it is constantly needing new blood. Hmm, that’s sounding vampirish. NoNO, I don’t get along with vampires

      • Hahaha. You know, I bet he is a really nice guy outside the house.
        I mean honestly, K…I think he’s basically a straight forward kind of guy and what really drives him crazy is the dishonesty of the game
        BUT… he should’ve expected that…it’s BB. Look at who is considered the best of all time?? Will Kirby, a masterful liar and manipulator!

      • Cody, for some reason, thought he could come in the game and dominate with straight forward behavior and telling it like it is. That just will never work in this type of game.

      • Didn’t he say he was in the marines? Marines are taught to kill people. Did you see the HOH where he kept his concentration despite, all the punishments they gave him? That is why he could go far in this game if he uses his head! The remove Paul plan did not work and he imploded because he decided on the plan and executed it on his own! He had an alliance but, did not clue them into it! If he wanted Paul out, he should not have taken him in the alliance! Now, he still should be focused on talking people out! Jessica is wrong to think that she will gain allies by being weak and giving in to what the majority wants! They want Jessica and Cody out! That is too obvious to miss!

      • Yes, Richie, he was in the military. I read somewhere that he did two tours and I have great respect for that. Not so much for his BB game. I think you make valid points about his concentration during punishments. That was commendable for sure. The majority of the house does obviously want them out, but they have their work cut out for them since production is manipulating things to keep them in for a while. There must be a lot of fans who got their jollies from the trashy bedroom antics of Dingus/Doofus last year. Production need to keep that part of the fan base happy it seems. I don’t need to see it. If Jessica doesn’t use the veto because Cody didn’t agree to it, that will be twice she allowed him to mess with her game. If she does use it, I think it would be hilarious if she put Mark up and the house voted him out. But I expect if she uses it, she’d put Alex up since Alex put her up. Good to see you, Richie.

      • Hey K! Missed ya, hon. :)
        Yeah, she’s so focused on making this HOH a personal one she’s not seeing how it might blow up in her face!

      • Hi, my sweet TGJ!! So good to see you, doll. :D
        Yes, that is their problem when they are together; everything is based on personal feelings against HGs. Cody can’t let anything go. Jess is well aware of that so she plays to those weaknesses of his because of her insecurities which makes them weaker together than separate. Is that clear as mud? lol

      • *hugs* to u!
        You took the very thoughts right out of my mind, K!
        Jessica was far more social without Cody.
        And Cody…I personally think he is simply too straightforward to be a good BB player. He does not understand the art of lying that is involved in this game. They play too personally and forget it’s a game…one that occasionally involves stabbing someone in the back.

      • Miss smarty pants, TGJ, how’s school going? Are you finished, getting closer, stressed, having fun?

      • I’m still in school, hon. Taking a criminal behavior class & an introduction to forensic psychology class right now. I got my BS in general psych, now I’m going for another degree in another discipline.

        In fact, I was laughing with Em and tr8ppng earlier b/c inn my discussion forum this week the topic was sociopath versus psychopath and I said the definition of a sociopath is someone who lies, cheats, steals, manipulates and shows a lack of empathy for others’ distress. And I said I wanted to post… No, that’s a good BB player!! hahaha!

        Minus the stealing…but other than that, all of those qualities are encouraged in BB. Just thought that was funny. :)

      • Very fitting for the occasion. Maybe BB will actually help with your studies somehow. That would be great if you could use it as an a advantage. I’m very proud of you for hanging with it, gal. :D

      • Awww… thank you, K. Me too. There have been times…whew, especially when I had to take statistics!! Ugh! Do you realize the last time I did algebra it was the big hair days of Poison and Guns N Roses!! hahahahaha! I was not a happy camper. Thank goodness my 20 year old son came over and tutored me! haha

      • My son is a electrical/mechanical engineering specialist for TN Valley Authority. He loves anything with numbers and equations. He’s very intelligent. My math wouldn’t help. It consists of Soduku and ensuring my bank account is balanced every month. Sounds like your 20 yr old son is heaven sent!

      • Your math sounds like mine… and yes, thank goodness for Justin. He saved my you know what in that class! ;)

      • That is what happened to Dominique..She could not understand that she was playing a “game”..She made being nominated personal even to the extent that her race was the reason she was nominated…U can’t play personal and win…just my opinion/thoughts

      • Totally agree. I mean has any of these people watched BB? This game involves lying, manipulation and backstabbing. It’s not personal, it’s just strategy.

      • She did exactly that and her timing didn’t help. That race card should never have been turned.

      • IKR! WTH??! It had absolutely nothing to do with that!
        Did you see her threatening people with God, K?? Saying God is on her side and he’ll know who betrayed her and they “shall reap what they sow”! Seriously! I was like, okay, she’s got to go now.

      • The BB house is probably one of the last places God would want to visit. I mean, come on, these people enter those doors knowing ,to win ,they will need to be two-faced hypocrites that can look a person straight in the eye and lie about then, to them, or for them. It’s nice they put a Bible in the house, but if you want to use it, do it in your quite time. If you’re only there to make a good impression, you should be home and read your Bible to some homeless people or in a convalescent home group.

      • I don’t know whether to laugh or be very afraid. That thing popped up there like a demon speaking in tongues.

      • Hehehehehe!
        That’s how I feel when I watch one of Josh’s tantrums …should I be afraid, sad or laugh?? It’s a toss up! ;)

      • My advice about Josh is just to observe from afar. Never know what will come his way. And he probably deserves most of it. He’s just a sweeheart.;)

      • KSJB, HEY GIRL I’ve been looking for you on here. I didn’t see you the first couple of weeks. How have you been, I missed you. Cheryl here.

      • I’m protesting until they put you on the show!!! You still trying??
        Just in and out this year. Family stuff more important. Parents and a sister need a little helping hand. Really great to hear from you except I’d love to be watching you. :D

      • You still got the ewokian talk.. ‘yuo blodjkd is the correct spelling. Sharona is know that?

      • I know. ;) She taught me! haha
        Speaking of…where’s she been? I have looked but I’ve never seen Sha post here anymore. She was on the boards for Survivor. I wonder why she hasn’t been here?

      • You and Sha were the bomb with that ewokian talk. I was usually laughing so hard I couldn’t think. That’s when we had some fun, my pal, Cy.

      • Yup, yup. Caught me. Mickey lives! Good thing I have my handy dandy Blockbuster card. You will just have to put up with me. Hmm!

      • Seems like you fine ladies, along with a few good men, are doing just fine. You’ve sure the heck been entertaining me…for sure!!

      • You have to watch with us sometime. Have you heard from Sharona?…yup..yup..3peat ..go lok

      • Actually, I did this afternoon. She hasn’t been reading BBN or watching BB. She’s not in good spirits. If a bunch of her BB friends sent her a post through an old thread, she’d perk up I’m sure.

      • Love to! I miss that woman! hehe
        You mean like an old thread here, right, K?
        Or do you mean something else?

      • If you would like to sent her a post, just go back and find a comment from last season and post your comment from there. She’ll get it.

      • I will. In fact…I’m gonna go do that real quick. brb. :)
        So glad ur back, K. I really missed ya.

      • Not sure. According to parents, sister, all of those variables. But I will definitely try. :D

      • Right. I don’t recall seeing Sharona this season here. Maybe the name was changed.

      • LG got a hold of her. She is recuperating. That was a pretty big surgery and she is still having a hard time.

  18. I’m glad Jess and Elena are talking with their nasty tongues. I hope Cody doesn’t like that part of her personality.

      • Elena was saying something about guys sending her pics of themselves (the guys) jack*ng off on her face!! She says and I’m paraphrasing here, but it was something like “yeah, they were standing over a picture of me” and then she made motions with her hand as if she was doing the deed…and kept on with “and there was sp00ge all over my face!”
        I’m sorry, but if some guy(s) did something that foul to me, there is no way in hell I’d tell people about it. Especially when you know there are millions watching you as well!!

        And that’s just one right off the top of my head… If I go back I’ll see more. The time was between like 7:30 & 8pm or around that time…

        Maybe I’m a prude..I’m not, but maybe compared to them I am, however, I just feel that’s disgusting and not something she should be talking…no, actually she was more like bragging. To reiterate, it’s not something I’d be bragging about. Ugh!

      • TGJ, I located your reply (probably the one you said got deleted by the BBN moderator) in my Disqus account. I get your point — why is Elena telling other people about strange guys doing things like that to her photographs? Maybe she considers it flattering even if she would never want to be with a guy who would do something like that. Maybe she just wants the attention. Years ago, I heard an interview of someone who had interviewed Madonna. The interviewer asked the interviewee why Madonna did so many things that got her negative attention. I still remember the interviewee saying that Madonna did not care whether people liked her, as long as they noticed her. It’s comparable to those celebrities (in entertainment, government, sports, etc.) who say there is no such thing as bad press.

      • I actually replied to you last night, but apparently Elena’s comments were filthy enough that BBN felt the need to delete my comment!! hahaha… If you want to see for yourself time stamp is 7pm. She shares a disgusting and disturbing story about messages she gets from guys doing *things* to her instagram pictures. It’s pretty skanky!

      • No one deleted your comment. With hundreds to thousands of comments a day I most certainly don’t moderate comments manually. If your comment didn’t appear it was filtered by Disqus’s software. If it later vanished then enough readers flagged it as offensive and it was again removed by Disqus’s system.

      • Well, thanks for trying! I can imagine what guys do to her pictures. There is a lot of that kind of thing online. Maybe people like that think it’s a compliment to the girl to do it and then send her a picture of the photograph complete with all the “evidence”.

  19. Imagine how stupid it’d be if once Jessica doesn’t use the veto, her and Cody somehow find out that the house is going to vote Ramses out, so she decides to use her temptation to stop her OWN eviction from happening, just to throw shade back at the houseguests…it’d be a complete waste of the temptation, but hell, I’d find that 10x more entertaining than using it to save Jessica and Cody

  20. Jess and Cody talking about Paul’s manipulation. Jessica is on to him wonderfully, but I still can’t stand her.

    • The whole world loves Paul, he owns the house, and everybody here ripped Cody back and forth for trying to, god forbid, evict the Paul Show. Ain’t happening.

    • Paul is not going to let anyone manipulate him. He is a narcissist. Mommy has told him too many times how special he is. He can do no wrong in his own eyes.

  21. She’s in no position to put up pawns. She needs to just put up 2 people she wants gone. She has a house full of people to choose from. It’s like people think you must put up a pawn and only focus on getting 1 person evicted. That’s so stupid this early in the game.

  22. This is why Cody and not Jessica should control the noms. He went after Paul and xmas, and she goes after ramses and Josh??!! NOW, Cody’s trying to do what everyone in these blogs wanted him to do and ripped him for not doing — not following his own advice, but listening to his alliance. No, Cody had it right going after Paul and Xmas, two dangers, but now he appears to be softening and letting Jessica have input. Mistake. Oh, and makes me puke that Alex is now being invited to the “cool kids lunch table” and now shes joined at the hip with Paul and his other cult followers.

    • It is Jessica’s HoH not Cody’s so why should he control the noms and not let Jess have input? They did it his way before and it blew up on them, now they can do it her way and if it blows up on them hopefully then they will realize that they can’t isolate themselves and get to the end.

  23. Among the mistakes that Cody made when he was HoH was assuming that he would have the votes needed to evict Paul. Did he ever check with his alliance members? No; he merely assumed that they could be counted on to just vote however he wanted? When he put Christmas on the block, that too was with the assumption that he would get the votes he wanted. I know he was unaware of Paul holding a get-out-of-jail-free card, but this is why you need to keep your team up to date on what you plan to do and explore the extent of support that you can count on from them. It’s always important to have contingency plans, but especially when playing a game with unpredictably changing rules. Cody said he had planned weeks ahead, but, again, the problem is that his team was kept in the dark.

    If Jessica is assuming that everyone will evict Josh without actually checking with people, she is repeating Cody’s error. (I don’t get the live feeds, but have been reading Matthew’s compendiums.) As I have said elsewhere, Josh is a useful tool to Paul, because Josh is naturally annoying to Cody and Jessica.

    • But, Cody supposedly had an alliance — and they were too stupid to realize Xmas an Paul were dangers. Bad game choices is on THEM, not Cody. You can lead horses to water, but you cannot make them drink. Paul/Xmas were the worry, not the nobody they voted instead. None who jumped ship from Cody to Paul are safer, and you only need listen to Paul to realize that.

      • My counterargument would be that Cody proved to be untrustworthy by NOT TELLING HIS TEAMMATES! That’s why people jumped ship.

      • And then Paul the next week made sure that his teammates were in on the decision of who to nominate and even changed his target based on their feedback. He made sure that he didn’t repeat Cody’s mistake. As a result, those teammates are sticking by him. Not Mark but you could see he’d be a floater from the first week.

      • They did not appreciate the threat that you suggest, and were shocked when people (Paul and Christmas) they looked upon as in their group were suddenly on the chopping block. If Cody had communicated with the alliance, explaining why he had Paul and then Christmas in mind, and gauged the support for evicting each of them, things might have gone better. Instead, the group felt so stunned, they turned against Cody, and nothing he could have said then would have persuaded them otherwise. If he did not want to come right out and say that he had in mind to nominate Paul and then Christmas, he could have “innocently” probed the group for their feelings on how trustworthy Paul, Christmas, and anyone else were, and asked purely hypothetically whether people thought they were doing right to trust Paul and Christmas. These conversations could have been one-on-one with Cody and each alliance member.

        Call them “stupid” if you like, but the fact remains that each of those alliance members had a vote, which is why leaving them in the dark was a bad idea as Cody eventually discovered, but by then it was too late to repair the situation.

  24. I wanna see Cody do something smart for once but then again this is the same idiot who didn’t talk to anyone regarding his backdoor Paul plan.

    He mentioned he wanted Paul out to Mark sure, but he didn’t gather a meeting DISCUSSING the idea of backdooring Paul. Yeah Paul was immune but atleast Cody would be honest with his allies.

  25. Elena wants Paul and he is not interested. Mark saw the whole thing and he better dump her.

      • I only see what CBS televises, and there’s been no indication that I recollect of her trying to start something with Paul.

        Can you be specific about what you’ve seen?

        When did all of this start?

        How has Paul reacted?

      • Okay so Elena is groping and stroking Paul…. with her hands down his pants.

        And Paul doesn’t react at all, this all happened after veto comp

      • A few nights ago Elena was in back pantry area with Paul saying she didn’t want to play with ‘him’ anymore……now, I had just tuned in but it SEEMED like she meant she didn’t want to be aligned with Mark in any way shape or form!
        Correct me if I’m wrong….. like I stated; I had just started watching…..

      • Thanks. I have a feeling CBS will not television the slightest thing about this unless a big disaster (such as Mark finding out and getting mad) results.

      • Two things:

        (1) Mark is very emotional. If he finds out that Elena is trying to come on to Paul, he (Mark) might get mad at Paul, and this could be good for Jessica and Cody because Mark might end up back on their side.

        (2) How much was Elena ever really interested in Mark? Other than that scene in the kitchen, in Episode 1 or 2, when Elena tells Mark that she’ll be sleeping in his room that night, not once can I recall Elena ever showing affection to Mark. It’s always his his arm around her, and him hugging her. When affection is mostly one-sided, it makes me think the level of interest is also.

      • Paul would spin it in his way. If we’re being real, he’s not really doing anything. It’s Elana coming on to him. I think Elana is doing it all for strategy

      • Based on how openly emotional Mark has been on the show, and assuming he really still wants Elena, I envision him coming after Paul even if it was entirely Elena who showed interest in Paul rather than something mutual.

      • In that case, Mark must really be afraid of Paul’s game and not want to get Paul on his bad side.

  26. Is anyone else disgusted by Elena constantly groping and stroking Paul? I mean tonite on BBAD she practically had her hands down his pants.

      • Am I missing something? Why is she in bed with Paul? Mark was standing right there. I’m not that big of a fan of Mark but geez, he has no family and is like a puppy dog around her and she is just being needlessly cruel.

    • She is trashy in the way she dresses and as she constantly plays with her boobs
      She has laid hands on Mark Paul Ramses and Jason that I have seen…..It creeps me out Paul told her at one point not to rub up against him as it made him uncomfortable..ewwwwwee I wish the subject had not come up.. Elena is trashy and has no self respect..

    • Paul has control of every vote so far… they’re only powerful when they’re in the HOH room and it looks like they’re about to be 0/2 with evicting their targets

  27. I hear Elena’s already lined up an exclusive perfume endorsement for when she gets out of the house — Desperation, by Elena

  28. Any updates if Jessica is planning on using the Veto?? OR if Jessica is just going to do a Renom just to be on the safe side?
    Or if Jessica caught wind of who the actual target is this week?
    Fingers crossed 🤞 She finds out before the veto ceremony!!! Please please please! Josh go home! Please please please!

    • Nope. She doesn’t know she’s about to the the recipient of one of the biggest blindsides of the season. If she somehow finds out she will.

      • I cannot stand Josh!! but, Jessica and Cody have no allies so regardless if Josh or Ramses goes home really doesn’t impact their game in any way.
        So it wouldn’t be a huge blindside. It wouldn’t be like their alliance completely turned on them. It would just be like “oh, Paul and his minions lied… Shocking!”
        The only impact it will have is Josh walking around the house even more arrogant than he already is! & if Josh wins the HOH next week he would put them up, but I don’t think it matters, their chances of going on the block next week are huge. Thankfully Jessica has the HH and can throw it all back in their faces! Love it!

      • It will be huge because Josh is her target. She absolutely hates him. Also, Ramses will side with jess and cody eventually, Josh never will. They’re complete enemies.

  29. Does anyone know if Jessica/Cody 💯% thinks Ramses is a safe pawn?
    Or does she know that he was a target for Paul??

  30. Ok Raven is impressing me. Matt is a p—sy! He’s scared of Cody. Screw Cody! I hope Cody doesn’t win hoh. Go ahead put both Jess and Cody up so can use her power, get it over with then steam roll their asses.

  31. My only problem with the blind side is they should pull in Mark. It will be easy. I know sounds crazy but trust me…

  32. I’d hate for her to have to waste that on Ramses but this isn’t going to end well if she don’t. I can’t imagine them wanting to keep Josh but it’s probably just to do the opposite of Jessica. She will need that power she has in the next few weeks, I hate Ramses is gonna be caught in the middle.

    • It’s like this, they’ve formed a friendship with Josh. They never connected with Ramses, and right, it’s also antipathy toward Jessica’s hoh

    • I dont think she would use it on Ramses but that would be great if she does! Then they can get her and Cody out easier.

  33. Lol I love Paul, he’s so entertaining. I usually hate vets, but not this year.

  34. How sweet would it be if she asked Paul to take Ramses place like he asks everyone else. She explains that Josh is her target and the house would never vote him (Paul) out. Then see if these people have the nerve to live and compete on their own.

    • You couldn’t have said it better!
      Maybe it’s what I want to read but it appears that lots in this forum would like the players to actually play THIER GAME…….. not the PUPPET-MASTER’S game!
      Ewwwwwwwweeeeee……I just can’t stand that short bearded man-thing!
      Make him go away…….pleeeeaaaazzzzeeaaaaahhh…….
      for all the lovers I am not a hater it’s just so frickin annoying hearing his yelling-talk in the DR!!!!
      It’s time for him to go……let’s see who’s got it to keep going without the troll!

  35. lets hope Jess get some nerve and brings Rams down and put Paul up. Paul cannot win veto so , let the house decide keep the vet . and the newbies take the game over, Or get rid of Josh, no big deal, This way Josh will run his mouth like no tomorrow to stay, He will tell everything,
    It would make for some good backstabbing and half truth telling,
    This girl has all the power, she could make a move to push the house, She still has the halting hex,

    • I agree jess needs to put paul up he wont go home but josh well leave like jess wants

    • Not the best move for Jess – to put up Paul. He would never be voted out and it would only be another frontal attack on him – which at this time, would only backfire and give Paul excuses. They need to put up another from that side – maybe raven – as a pawn. Tell her (raven) that you are doing it and it is to ensure josh goes. Raven would be in a tight spot – not do it, and she exposes her false loyalty she has been spewing…

  36. I was watching the BB after Dark and I am wondering why Elena is rubbing all over Paul when she is supposed to be hooked up with Mark….very suspicious, but then I always thought she was just using Mark.

    • What you described is what other people (with access to the feeds) were saying. I don’t have access to the feeds, but on the CBS television broadcasts I noticed that the MARLENA relationship seems to consist of mostly one-sided interest. That is, Mark is always the one with his arm around Elena, while she sits and receives. The only thing I’ve seen where Elena showed interest in Mark was that scene in Episode 1 or 2 where the two of them were in the kitchen and she told Mark that she would be staying in his room that night and asked if he was excited about that.

      Maybe for Elena the relationship was for convenience. That is, maybe she likes Mark enough to sleep with him, but what she really wants is his loyalty as part of her game.

      • Hey, Cheryl here, I noticed that too, sooo much rubbing, as well I noticed that X-mas looks at her self A Lot in the mirrors. She was having a whispering conversation in the bathroom with Raven, but she kept looking at her self in the mirror more than she was looking at Raven who was talking to her. And Paul looks at the cameras too much, even when he’s not talking to the cameras.

  37. I love it…Mr. and Mrs Meatball…lol…lol…lol, and WoW, I didn’t know, Paul’s protection was over. So like I said in an earlier post, the rest of the house wants to get rid of Ramses and keep Josh just to piss off Cody and Jess..I mean Mr and Mrs Meatball. Josh mentioned last nite on BBAD how much crap he’s going to talk and raise on Thursday, yeah, I can’t wait to see that.

  38. How can Jessica think the house would vote out Josh over Ramses? I know she isn’t watching the game but it’s clear as day that they are clicked up with Josh way more than Ramses. Josh isn’t even a super threat.

    Jessica is basically wasting her power this week. She should have put up Josh and Paul up and if one of them wins the veto put up Mark. She’s trying to do damage control that is basically way too late and the way they played the last HOH competition was a clear indication.

    • Well Jess has the POV and hopefully she’ll use it on Ramses and put up Paul.

    • Jess is thinking about using the veto because she doesn’t trust anyone (as she should), but Cody is trying to talk her out of it. She seems to have learned a little, I hope Cody does not drag her down. Although why she has to ask Paul who is no ally to her is beyond me.

  39. Doesn’t matter what Jessica does or who actually goes home. She’s safe for the next three weeks and no one knows. So I think when she blindsides them all with that, it will be great! Josh crying made me sick!!! No wonder he can only think of Meatballs apparently he watched to much Jersey Shore. Go cry in the next Beauty Salon selling shampoo. I wouldn’t buy a bar of Irish Spring soap from him. I think she and Cody are the smartest two in the house. They’re the only ones not playing Paul’s game. Anyone that has to ask other people to “tell” people not to take deals or what to say to some one else is stupid. Come on… I’d tell Josh how idiotic he looks saying and doing exactly what Paul wanted him too because Paul was to chicken himself. And please for the love of all that’s holy someone tell the Fashion designer to stop bobbing his head DRIVES ME CRAZY!

  40. Looks like Jess is contemplating taking Ramses off the block and possibly replacing him with Alex. She’s got a feeling that things aren’t what they seem, and dais she would feel awful if Ramses went home right now. Cody is going back and forth between keeping mama the same and replacing Ramses. Elena told Jess she doesn’t think the house has flipped, but also said that Paul was adamant about Jess not using Veto. Looks like we could have a reverse blindside on our hands!!

    • Cool! Need to turn the feeds on. Jess & Cody need to go to ramses and try to get him on their side. He is still a number to be reckoned with. Paul’s ostracizing him has shown him (ramses) that he will never be welcome on Paul’s side. If he wants to survive, Ramses needs friends and while jody may not be likeable, they may be the best chance he’s got

  41. The producers of Big Brother must think that applying makeup, eating cereal and showmances are what the viewers like. Josh screams in the diary room, then he bawls in the diary room. He’s imitating Paul now, YOUR BOY..not so much. I realize that they think Cody and Jessica are fun to watch. Fun to watch is the competitions and the game talk. Where are the fun comps? The slippery slide or a comp where being smart is the way to win?

  42. After watching the HOH which Jessica won being played out, how can Jessica and Cody miss that all the punishments were given to them except, the one by Cody when he dropped out? How can you miss that the whole house is against them both? Sure, you have no numbers but, if you do not cut the numbers on the others side, how do you propose to get stronger in the end? What Cody and Jessica should be doing is taking out the better players on the other side without any apology! They will be targeted next time the other side gets HOH! Breaking out the larger alliance will cause it to splinter. The way to do that is remove the stronger players. Paul should have been put on the block with Mark. If he gets off, Matthew. Matthew is probably stronger as a competitor but, trying not to show that! So, remove most of the guys and Alex because she is strong! I like Alex but, talking only about strategic moves. At a minimum, Cody and Jessica may have one or two more weeks of safety so, why waste it? Start getting the stronger players out! Then, if you have to compete for HOH and VETO, you also, increase your chances of winning! Cody and Jessica probably can reel in Ramses because he is just floating and has no alliance!

  43. I think Ramses is a sneeky player. I would trust Josh before Ramses. I want Paul to win BB. He is working alot harder with his stratagy then any other player in that house.

  44. Christmas has not used her Temptation yet, I think everyone has forgotten that. The Ring of Temptation.

  45. All she has to do is tell Paul she values him and wants him to stay in the game and then replace Ramses with him. He will then either get the house to save him or save Josh. She wins either way and still has her power for 2 more weeks.

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