‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Blackout Until Wednesday Night

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CBS has confirmed the Big Brother Live Feeds will be down until after Wednesday night’s special eviction episode. Feeds went down this morning just after 9AM PT and before the HGs had risen. Unlike last year there was no opportunity for a last peak at the F5 before one more would be sent off to Jury. Now we wait.

It took CBS six hours to confirm the obvious that Feeds were down, but now they’ve also managed to confirm our other expectation. Live Feeds will return after the west coast broadcast of Wednesday’s special episode. That means we’ll be holding out until 9PM PT (12AM ET) tomorrow night, but when they’re back we’ll be ready for all the spoilers that come with it.

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There we go. Feeds down until Wed ~9PM PT. Eviction underway then next HoH & Veto by time Feeds are back. #bb19 https://t.co/8U8eWHqQCi

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) September 12, 2017

With a pre-taped eviction show planned for Wednesday night the HGs would likely have been waken up soon after the Feeds cut this morning and probably spent the next several hours doing activities and pretending it was night time. That would have all been for tonight’s After Dark episode so we should get some new content there. It won’t be live, but CBS has a strange obsession with trying to fool their audience when it comes to live and pre-recorded.

Once BBAD is covered it’ll be time to get down to business. First it’d be time for eviction and we know that’s most likely going to be Alex in a 2-0 vote. Once she’s gone it’s time to get rolling on an entire new round of events. Remember we’ve got another eviction show on Thursday too so if they want to be ready then they’ll have to check off another week’s worth of Big Brother by Wednesday night.

While the Feeds are down the Houseguests will hold the next HoH competition and that should be the last part of Wednesday night’s episode. Although Veto won’t be shown on Wednesday that will have already taken place sometime overnight or early on Wednesday. That means we’ll find out who won Veto and will either cast the sole vote at F4 or if it’s the same person as the new HoH then HG will decide who casts the vote. So big stuff ahead.


  • Feeds down until Wed. 9PM PT
  • HGs taping eviction episode
  • Eviction episode airs Wed 8/7c
  • Veto spoilers when Feeds return

In the meantime, enjoy your two days off from Feeds but don’t wander too far. We’ll have spoilers again starting just after 9PM PT with Veto results and likely a reveal of who is set to make F3 this season on Big Brother 19!



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  1. Okay, since I’m first to comment, I want to start a thread.

    How do you people compare Paul’s game and Vanessa’s?

    I’ve always wondered but I have never seen a post here discussing that.

    • I don’t compare the two. One actually played with the house guests, and the other played against the house guests.

    • Vanessa was a Mind Fk of an adventure to watch. A ClockWork Orange” mind manipulation. I thought She was much more interesting than Paul.

    • Paul`s game is really floopy compared to Vanessa`s, plus Paul had production`s help throughout the whole season.

      • He had 3 weeks of safety and was the only vet in the house lol. Production didn’t help him throughout the season, his ability to manipulate the HGs is what got him to where he is now.

      • 3 weeks of safety is unheard of. No one has ever had that luxury. Paul would have most likely been gone in week 1 without it. If I was in the jury, and its Paul and Xmas in the final 2, I don’t like either one, I think I would just flip a coin. I don’t think Paul deserves it because of his 3 weeks of safety.

      • The closest i can think of is Season 14. The 4 vets as coaches. They had a few vetos of safety before they actually could go on the block.

      • Season 14 all 4 vets had a month of safety and then had each other as bigger targets. Season 13 Danielle had safety for weeks after Dick was pulled from the game. Season 18 the vets were all split into teams that protected them if their team won for a month. Almost every season with vets has some kind of protection bud.

      • The vets weren’t part of the game until midway through BB14, and BB13 was a twist that applied to ALL the HGs. Hardly good examples.

      • You made my point for me. “The vets weren’t part of the game until midway through BB14”. Production always knew they would push the button the same way they knew someone would take the 25K to bring Paul in. The 4 vets got to chill in the house for weeks and weeks with no threat of eviction and make social connections and have built in alliances, and THEN they were made regular players. So IMO that’s a perfect example of how production will always protect vets early in the show.

      • I get your point, but they weren’t players at all in the first half of the game, but rather coaches for the newbie players, so it’s not a good comparison.

      • A little dicey to mention S13. Dick left because of an HIV diagnosis. Hard to spin that as an advantage for his daughter Danielle. Production didn’t exactly plan for that.

      • Jesse in BB 11 went into the house by himself & received 1 week of safety b/c he was awarded the 1st HOH..that is all he got. Jason in BBOTT last year went into the house by himself & received no safety period. He had to save himself by winning POV the 1st week. The care packages kicked in after the 1st week.

      • I forgot about Jesse – although couldn’t you also say that he was not considered to be the same kind of threat that Paul was, because of how well Paul did in his season versus Jesse’s 1st season? Like, if Dominique came back into the house as a vet (evicted 4th), I wouldn’t consider her target #1.

        And Jason got a little lucky that he wasn’t going into a “real” BB season, where their fate is so heavily in the HGs hands. He was going into a season that was heavily in the control of America, and Jason was a fan favorite early on (until the season progressed). Winning the POV was crucial though.

        Paul would have probably been nominated in week 1 if he did not have the bracelets. But it seemed like by week 2 he had a solid thing going with a lot of people in the house. If last year was any indication though, and Paul was on the block in week 1, I’d put money on him winning POV and pulling himself off the block. The HGs last year were better competitors than this season.

      • I definitely think Paul is a better player than either Jason or Jesse, but I was just saying neither of them came in the house with their own “safety” bracelets that the HG had to beg/tempt/bribe for. And neither of them were given 3 weeks of “secret” safety, which, has also never happened in BB history. Never has a HG safety been kept secret from the other HG. That was a huge part of how Cody’s game got blown if you think about it.

        Personally, I think a cast should either be all vets or all newbies, however, since BB loves to bring back returnees, I wish they would never bring in just one anymore. I will never forget when Jeff used the coup d’etat & got Jessie evicted. OMG those girls (Lydia, Natalie, Chima, etc…) cried & cried, it was almost as if Jessie was dead, like Jeff had pulled out a gun & shot the guy rather than evicting him! It was crazy!

        I am keeping my fingers crossed for an all vet cast in BB 20! ;) That’ll make it all better. hehehe

      • It is pretty extravagant. 2 other BB vets have returned to the BB house by themselves & neither of them received one third of the perks Paul got this season. So, you have a point.

      • 3 weeks of safety is a lot of help…plus he won all the “timed” competitions, and those are the ones easy to manipulate the result.

      • Shoo… 3 weeks is a heck of an advantage. In that time he was able to get into the heads of all the houseguests without having to worry about being on the block. Best advantage ive seen on the game and I been watching since season 2

      • this was a very unfair advantage there was never one like it before and I hope never again. Like keeping Christmas and letting her win without playing.

      • There were still like 12 people in the house when Paul’s safety ran out. They could have easily teamed up to get him out.

        And there’s no guarantee he would have been voted out week 2, especially given how fast and hard the Bros and Babes alliance turned on Cody when he tried to blindside Paul. Usually if someone that the house wants out is not able to go on the block, the rest of the house groans but silently bides their time until they can get them out. They don’t gasp in horror and abandon their leader (Cody) for the enemy.

      • That really should have been our first clue of the kind of people these HGs were. I have never seen any HG turn on fellow alliance members so fast in the history of this game.

      • Me NEITHER! The odds were in their favor, especially considering they had Mark, Cody wasn’t nominated at the time, they had Matt (who looked like he wouldn’t be a worthless player), they were stacked with couples, etc.

      • Exactly. They would have been fine had they decided to stick together. But instead, they all got butt hurt that they weren’t included in the plan.

      • Plus, if you think about it, 3 of those members all got “friendship” bracelets from Paul that 1st day. ED mentions how those bracelets gave Paul another advantage & helped propel Cody’s alliance to turn on him too b/c they felt somehow beholden to Paul.

      • Me too. Since Will Kirby won w/out the advantages of POV! ;) Right?
        Did you watch BBOTT last winter? If you did you’ll remember Jason Roy came into that house the only vet & he got no safety period! Monty nominated him the very 1st week & Jason had to earn his safety by winning that 1st POV.

      • Haha, yeah he wasn’t allowed to :) He was trying to “mend a bridge” with Paul…but that bridge had been demolished a long time ago

      • Exactly. I give Mark props for not rolling over & just dying, but he knew he wouldn’t be getting any brownie points with that offering.

      • They don’t get it, he had an advantage, he had 8 friendship bracelets, ok, then you have a who didn’t get one so right off the bat you have 8 people coming after you, too bad, Paul outplayed them…….

      • Evel Dick brought up the friendship bracelets too. Said they gave Paul 8 people who suddenly felt beholden to him. Add that to the 3 weeks & yeah, that is a lot of perks for a returnee, especially when you consider some returnees (Jason in BBOTT & Jesse in BB 11) got very little as far as perks when they came back.

      • Exactly. Since when does a houseguest enter the house with their own swag? If Paul doesn’t win with all the advantages he’s been given he is even worse than the other idiot houseguests.

      • Well, 5 evictions, more like, since the Friendship Bracelets only lasted through the first eviction, which was Day 1. But, yeah, Paul’s had much more protection than any vet to have ever stepped in that house.

      • They had help. They were just so bad as players they couldn’t stay in the game. The door swings both ways. Jess puts up Ramses and Josh…lmao. She deserved to go home.

      • How did Cody get help? If anything he had production working against him. I won’t officially claim either one, but I refute adamantly he had help.

    • All I remember about Vanessa is her constant sobbing, wearing that beanie, and getting cut at the F3 by Steve (awesome moment). She and Paul both talk a lot, but I don’t see a similarity beyond that.

      People in the house (other than Cody) have all genuinely really liked Paul up until they knew that he had a hand in their eviction. Vanessa seemed to kind of just have alliance members that stuck with her out of necessity, not blind loyalty and friendship.

      Paul also doesn’t underestimate anyone in the house, and doesn’t make assumptions about how people are thinking (like Vanessa assuming that Steve was taking her to F2). Paul could have left Kevin alone (as far as not making him a target for the rest of the house) because Kevin seems weak, but he already started planting seeds of doubt in the HGs minds weeks ago.

      • I’m not sure I liked Vanessa, but feel like I understood her game a bit. It was one big, very nuanced poker game. However, one huge difference between her and Paul is that Paul would NEVER have left his fate in Steve’s hands- look what’s going to happen to Alex.

      • Great point! I’d love to see her actually play poker. She was my favorite in the beginning, but those huge fricking sob/ sob-laughing sessions just got on my nerves.

      • I know me too. But when she was actually strategizing, she could be pretty brilliant. Always calculating odds and playing several moves down. Her obvious problem was that she overlooked people’s reactions to her, and ultimately failed to recognize Steve’s intentions. I personally think Nicole got the production help she did because of Vanessa.

      • OMG! Me too. I think she was a fantastic thinker, very strategic, but her sob sessions just irked me…like nails on a chalk board! hahaha

      • True. But she didn’t really put her fate in his hands per se. He beat her in that last comp, so she didn’t have a choice.

      • There’s no choice in allowing it to get that far. Let’s say (by some miracle) Josh wins the final HOH comp. he could then cast the sole vote to evict Paul & there would be nothing Paul could do about it b/c there are on;y 3 people left in the house. You know what I mean. Vanessa won the 1st HOH, but lost the 3rd, so she really had no say anymore what happened & Steve knew his only shot was getting rid of Vanessa. The same could happen to Paul if he does not win final HOH.

      • Yeah, I meant that in similar circumstances, Paul would have done to Steve what he did to Alex, i.e. cut them loose before any shot at F3.

      • You think so? Steve didn’t really come off as a threat though. At least I don’t remember thinking of him that way. He was such an odd duck. Always off by himself & whatnot, camtalking about his mother & all that. I never once thought he’d actually beat Vanessa, that’s for sure!

    • I don’t remember details after a season as well as others, but I think Vanessa was more of a deal-maker and negotiator than Paul has had to be.

    • Paul came into the season as a veteran player. Vanessa didn’t have a fanbase, as she was a new HG.

      Paul dictates moves to the minions, who all nod their heads and smile without questioning. Vanessa came up with “reasons” why people had to leave to avoid questions.

      Paul told others to start arguments. Vanessa started the arguments herself.

      Paul throws HOH comps to prevent any blood from getting on his hands. Vanessa won comps and was okay getting blood on her hands as long as her “reason” for targeting someone was justified.

      In both cases, however, getting out Vanessa and Paul is the game winning move.

      • Paul has a fan base! Blow hard!
        Paul is the dictator! Control those minions!
        Paul has no blood on his hands! Cleanliness is next to godliness! :D

  2. “In the meantime, enjoy your two days off from Feeds but don’t wander too far”

    Should read “In the meantime, enjoy watching 2 days of the Jury House.

    Follow Mark as he thinks of sad things to depress himself, Elena drinking mudslides by the pool, watch Cody hide in the laundry hamper just to get away from Raven and Jason questioning his entire game.

    • I would love to see jury feeds. I’ve sent messages to CBS & BB begging them to offer those. Julie Chen has even mentioned it in interviews. Wish they’d do it. Considering how CBS likes to market & make money off BB any way they can, it almost seems fishy that they don’t offer them, hmm?

      • That would have been great to watch while the feeds were down in the BB house..we could have got our moneys worth watching those in the jury house…

  3. Vanessa’s game was all about finding a REASON WHY she put the nominees on the block and a REASON WHY she had a target. Why couldn’t she just say that they were between her and the final and, therefore, they needed to go?? Paul’s game has been all about the mob mentality toward the one he was targeting. That would turn the whole house against that person and they always ended up evicted. Personally, I detested the mob mentality. It made the season miserable to watch!

  4. Why was Xmas flirting with Kevin on after dark again? Did anyone see her rollering his arm? At first I wasn’t sure if she was going to hurt him with the rolling pin for a joke but then I swear she’s flirting with him. It’s either game or she’s nuts cause didn’t she hate him and want to punch him a second ago and couldn’t stand to be near him??? And I don’t think she’s smart enough for it to be game.

    • Paul had sent her downstairs as he did not want Kevin and Alex to talk ,so even though she was tired and didn’t want to she went down to do his bidding and came up with the arm roller thing as a decoy..she told Paul on the way down she wanted to bash kevins face in and he said after the next vote!! so mean!!

      • I just don’t understand the hate for Kevin. He seems like a nice guy. As we’ve seen throughout this season Paul has planted seeds and lies and have turned people into hateful and mean players.

      • I don’t like how Kevin portrays himself as a victim. He’s a victim because he did nothing to improve himself or his game, and he has no one to blame for this but himself. He certainly isn’t deserving of America’s Favorite Player, because he hasn’t been PLAYING. If he wins this—which, unfortunately, he probably will—it will be because of sympathy for the poor schlub.

      • I agree. I’m not a fan of Kevin as a game player. He seems like a nice guy. I don’t like floaters. To me Kevin doesn’t even try to win comps. He always looks lost out there. He hasn’t even come close to winning one.

      • He tried to win HOH this week… but Paul told him not to. He almost pulled it off though. It would’ve been nice to see Kevin in charge, though I think he would just do what Paul told him to.

      • Yes, it’s so sad watching him say how Paul has never done him wrong and all that. And then you see Paul telling Josh to start messing with Kevin again. But maybe Kevin thinks if he plays dead Paul will take him to F2 & he can add 50K to what he’s already made this season?

      • Poor Kevin nothing, he told Jason that just his bills are 10 grand a month,must be living pretty good if thats the case.

      • There’s hate for Kevin because Kevin is who Paul is taking to final 2. So he is making sure everyone hates him so there will be no doubt that Paul will when.

      • I hopr the tables on his plan blow up on him and Kevin wins after all the bulling and threats on him and his family Kevin needs to win

      • I don’t know about everyone in the house, but Christmas started hating Kevin after Jason told her that Kevin thought Christmas was the most ‘accessible’ in the jury house, and it was possible since there were no cameras on them, etc. I have loved Kevin, but he messed up misinterpreting Christmas’ attentions toward him earlier in the game. I have to say, I did, too. I thought she had a thing for him because of the way she looked at him and spoke to him. Still, he was wrong to ‘go there’ with fantasies about how things could be in the jury house. After all, he is a married man. In a nutshell, Christmas played him, and he bought it hook, line, and sinker.

      • Want to feel even worse? Kevin told Paul in secret with a little smile on his face that his time with Xmas made him feel better (less lonely). Someone was actually paying attention to him and not leaving him in seclusion. It was really cute.

  5. 1st and fore most i dont care about about comparing this cast game play to previous hgs game play what is the burning question on everyone’s minds is this when do we vote for AFP AND IS IT STILL ONLY THE LAST 7 HG’S IN THE HOUSE OR HAS RULES CHANGED????

  6. I know this is a pointless question, but why does everyone think the feeds are down for 36 hours in the final 10 days of the season? I’ve never watched feeds daily but like knowing that I, as a viewer, could dip in whenever – kinda thought this was the whole premise of the game. Personally, I think certain HG are being protected from us the viewers, and from a real live audience.

  7. Lots of people describe Xmas as stupid, but I never thought that. In fact, a few weeks ago I thought she was totally aware and would be the one to lead the house to turn on Paul. Instead she cozied up like crazy and even adopted Paul’s manner, even with her ally Josh begging for help.

    I think my error was in forgetting her foot. She knew the score, and that she could not win. She decided to play for second, and maybe a long shot hope that jury won’t give it to Paul. I think Paul is just fine with that. If that’s the case, then that wouldn’t be stupid at all.

    • 50,000 for second and She might get a boyfriend who looks just like her ex fiance out of the deal? Not bad for a summer.

    • Similarly, I think she was playing for 2nd and hoping to be asked back next year. Paul told her that they’d for sure ask her back. That made it go down easier, I think.

      Like you, I thought weeks ago, she and Josh would insert a knife I Paul’s back.

      • We all hoped to see something big jump off, but… uh no. Hopefully next season is an All-Star cast. I’d love that.

      • I agree…everyone is squealing about “no more vets!” If this season was such a bust, then make it another All-Star season, or even 1/2 vets 1/2 newbies, with each newbie paired up with a vet.

        Edit: Not just any vet either. Don’t want to see anymore worthless James’ or Mama Daes brought back

      • We’ve had vets for the past 2 seasons in a row (3, if you count OTT). I’d like to see at least one season of a completely new cast before we do another vets season.

      • Oh – that’s what I’m saying to make it more fair/ exciting by either All Stars paired up with newbies (and they are stuck together for the first few weeks), or all All Stars. I like the idea of newbies/ All-stars paired.

        It’s boring to see blah vets in the game (James, Nicole, Da’)

      • Yes, I want some legends back please. Maybe Janelle or Dani Donato. Dan recently tweeted (after saying he probably wouldn’t do BB again previously) that he can’t say never anymore. ;) That would be very cool. Dan is brilliant. I would love to see how he’d change up his game in a cast of all vets so he stuck around. I know Will produced the now infamous “I hate you all” speech, which made people think he wasn’t really trying for some reason. LOL! Psych. Will always tried. There are several past players I would love to see again. Still got my fingers crossed! haha

      • I didn’t include Dr. Will or Boogie only because I didn’t think they’d be interested in doing it again. Especially after Boogie was the only All-Star in season 14 who didn’t want to go back into the game.

      • Grace Handy suggested an all runner-up season. I think that would be brilliant for an All-Star Game

      • I wouldn’t mind an all new cast either, but what I was referring to was an All-Stars cast. We haven’t had that since BB 7. I know there are some I would love to see come back. Dan even said “never say never”. ;)

      • Ohhh…be still my heart lol. If Dan came back…I’d die. Imagine Dan, Derrick, Janelle, Victor, Danielle, Andy (I hate him and want to see him crushed), ED (he won’t but I wish he would), Brittany, Paulie (totes kidding, he was such a punk), ….maybe Vanessa, Vanessa’s sister, and maybe a few competitors from BB Canada (they were good too)

      • Currently watching an entire season of BB Canada on YouTube! So much fun! And it totally takes away any BB withdrawal symptoms during these final (boring) days!

      • Season 4! It’s so good…I laugh out loud and, for the most part, the contestants have all been good sports! It’s the first one I’ve watched (15 episodes so far :)
        Do you have a favorite? I need recommendations for which one to watch next!

      • I wouldn’t hate that so much either. I just don’t want to see only one vet come back again…ever! Jason in BBOTT turned into a little douche too b/c he had his little followers who were his fans! His problem was America was voting. ;)

      • Ahhh…I was so mentally spent/ disappointed by season 18’s outcome that I didn’t really follow Jason’s season closely (just read up on it and watched some of the episodes)

      • I loved season 14, when they brought back All Stars as coaches (who then voted to go back into the game after a month or so). It was cool seeing them giving their players advice and plotting against each other. Again, ALL STARS like you said (not boring ass regular vets like Big Meech or Victoria or something lol).

      • Oh, I’m sure that was a spoonful of sugar he fed her top keep her competitive side in check. Sup this year she’d be ok to learn at the masters feet… And come in second.

        Had she not broken her foot, who knows?

      • They couldn’t do it weeks ago because they knew they didn’t have the vvotes. Matt, Raven, Alex, Jason and Kevin would have voted for whoever was up against Paul. The idiots.

      • In hindsight, that’s true.
        But weeks ago, I thought Xmas and Josh would turn on Paul,
        Meaning get him out by exposing him, etc.

        Of course now I see that probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.

      • I thought so TOO! I’m still a little shocked that she has gotten so close to Paul. Of course it’s strategic on his part – he didn’t trust Xmas from the very beginning, so took his time working on her. I think he sealed the trust deal by “Tan-Damming” (lol Josh) with her.

      • No idea if this is true, as there have been so many rumors circulating, but there is an article out that says on live feeds, Xmonster admitted that she had been some type of employee of Paul’s mom in the past. She hardly got the words out before the feeds cut. A myth? Conspiracy theory? Truth?
        At this point, I have to be honest, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if it were true.

    • Totally agree with your assessment of Christmas. I think she’s accepted she cant win the game. She’s content with 2nd placer, even surprised she made it F5. No, gamewise she’s not stupid. Most criticism I read about her here is, she’s a bad person. lol

  8. I don’t think Christmas or Paul deserve to win neither won anything on their own they bullied their way and had it given to them . Paul and Christmas is the last showmance . I hope the final 2 is Josh and Kevin but I don’t think any com is going to be physical because they at making things easy for Christmas. I believe if physical Josh could beat Paul and Paul knows this

    • If Paul doesn’t deserve to win then who does? He has controlled the house the entire season! He has gotten targets to throw comps!

      Paul has played one of the top 3 games in BB history IMO.

    • Lol Paul has won things on his own, and would have won more if he hadn’t thrown comps

      Paul and Xmas are not in a showmance

      Paul knows he’s a better physical competitor than Josh, but Josh doesn’t know this (because Josh is delusional and thinks he’s a great player).

    • Paul and Christmas are a bully showmance. Careful riding that young bull, old lady! He bucks! Go Paul! :D

  9. I hear that Jessica is going to change her name. Because of her obsession with putting things up the bottoms of the other HGs, she’ll now be known as “Peg.” (If you don’t get it, Urban Dictionary is your friend.)

  10. Someone on Reddit posted a “spoiler” that Josh broke a tie and evicts Alex.

    I guess Paul tried to save Alex. (That’s sarcasm)

  11. Why would they keep the feeds down? Everyone knows Alex is going to be evicted next! Probably, Christmas is next. I imagine Paul would be stupid not to separate Josh from Christmas and Kevin cannot win anything! Looking more likely a Paul and Josh Final 2! Would be very surprised if Paul takes Christmas or Kevin as Final 2. There is no suspense or excitement left in the game.

    • You don’t think he would because there may be the chance of him winning over them two , the right choice would be Josh since he’s been playing fairly good game compared to others .

  12. I’m confused…..

    “Paul isn’t that great of a player” “these HGs suck”

    So which one is it? You’re saying EITHER:

    (a) Paul IS great, and is playing against weak players which makes this season “boring”…he’s a LeBron James against grade school basketball players


    (b) Paul isn’t that great, and is playing amongst players that are average…which means the theory of relativity kicks is, and then Paul is accomplishing an amazing feat by dominating the game like a LeBron in middle school, beating college-level basketball players

    Either way, you can’t argue that Paul isn’t strategically playing a fantastic game. He has dominated the game since he got into the house. He’s either a GREAT player or playing a GREAT game.

    Personally, I think Paul is great, and playing a great game against players that are no weaker or dumber than any other season of newbies.

    • I will admit that I lost faith for a bit, but have since returned to our Bearded Messiah’s* corner.

      *Yes, I’m sarcastically getting ahead of those ready to call me a minion or cultist.

    • I’m not a big fan of Paul (hit and miss. Sometimes I like him, sometimes I want to see him get punched in the mouth) but I know he’s playing well and deserves to win more than anybody left.

      What I don’t agree with though is that this season’s newbies are no more dumb than any other season’s newbies. I’ve personally never seen anything quite like this season when it comes to the mindsets, or lack thereof, of the newbies. It’s tough to take credit away from Paul but I’m afraid I don’t really have any other choice.

      Some of the things he’s been able to control are things he should never have been able to, and I see that more as a knock on others than I do as a credit to him. Don’t get me wrong though, there are other things Paul deserves full credit for. I also tire of the constant talk of bullying. I don’t like that word in this game because I don’t think it’s really ever used properly.

      If I was a juror, of the current F4, Paul would get my vote. He wouldn’t, however, go down alongside Dan or Derrick for me. Though he would have a good chance of ranking in my top 10.

      I think that’s enough credit and praise for what he’s done over two seasons.

      • Paul pulled a Dan this season. He proved how loyal of a player he was last season, the top HGs this year bought into it, and Paul perfected his social game after learning from last year.

      • The top HG this year bought into it… who? I’m sorry I just find it very hard to applaud the vast majority of players this season. The only one left of the F4 who hasn’t been a joke of a player is Paul. Who are the ones you think are top HG who bought what Paul sold?

    • In week 1 of the game (how do you give a boost as powerful as 3 weeks safety that early in the game?) when the choice on who to vote for is 1 guy you know very well for making it to F2 just one season ago vs 16 people you know absolutely nothing about.

      Production knew what they were doing.

  13. After reading other comments, I can see that my opinion will not be a popular one. I
    really do not understand all of the comments stating that Paul is a bully.
    How can he bully a house full of adults who are quite capable of thinking for
    themselves? The other BB players have every chance and option to say no, they
    all have the ability to do as they please and none of their hands are tied.
    Since Day 1 they have not being forced nor bullied to do anything. In fact,
    whenever any of the house guests talked about making a move against Paul, it was
    always another house guest that talked them out of it… never was it Paul
    himself. The 3 weeks of safety that the comments are so fond of saying was
    unfair? Well, it was America that was responsible for Paul’s 3 weeks of safety,
    since it was America who voted for him to receive the temptation. This is a game;
    and I, for one, think Paul has played quite the perfect one. I never understand
    why people run down the house guests who play the game so well. (Same goes for
    the house guests. They eventually have to be voted out, that is the point of
    the game… yet they throw a fit nonetheless.) Paul has not hurt anyone, nor
    has he played a dirty game. Lying is part of the game play. Even Julie Chen
    knows this. Frequently, during exit interviews, she will ask, “Why didn’t you lie?”
    Paul reminds me of past BB contestants. Both Dan & Derek “controlled” the house
    in a very similar manner as Paul. If the jury votes for anyone other than Paul
    it will be a shame. He deserves to win, hands down.

    • You’re right about one thing; your opinion won’t be a popular one. Early in the game, Paul instructed several of his followers to “harass and bully Cody until he cracks.” Now at the end of the game, he continues to incite bullying and harassing Kevin even though Kevin has done nothing to bring the personal attacks on himself. Between Cody and Kevin, Paul has singled out his targets and demanded his followers destroy that person until they walked out the door. Neither Dan nor Derrick nor Evel Dick had anyone else in the house do their dirty work. Paul has kept his hands clean the entire season by having others do his dirty work for him. There is no honor in winning like that. Sorry. Paul is a despicable person who played, yes, but in a nasty and cruel manner that is unbecoming of any winner of Big Brother.

    • Paul could have won the game without having those haress or bully the houseguests campaigns. Dom, Cody, Jess, Mark, Matt, all would have gone home . He had the votes, no questions, he got the loyality. Paul gets very worried during downtime, I mean the guy stays up till 2-4am just to make sure he has the last word almost every night and if anyone talks to anyone , he checks on the conversations within minutes. If he worries he starts the isolation and haressment campaigns. Other great winners have been able to relax during the wait for the vote, play games, make up shows, sit and talk, entertain feeders, Paul just can’t relax and let people enjoy the house. Kevin has said this time and time again, BB is a once in a lifetime opportunity and they should all sit back and enjoy the house, the yard and experience. Even during OTT which had vicious 2 sides of the house battling , during downtime , they played games, made fun shows and cooked together. It just made the feeds better and didn’t seem like 24/7 tension and meanness of this season. Paul played hard this season but his style of 24/7 play and his punishing and isolating houseguests in order to feel less paranoid has made it hard to watch.

    • So confused…you make sense. Why does your opinion have to be in the minority?? Literally, EVERYthing you have said is exactly what I have been thinking this entire season. I hated Paul in the first third of season 18 (until I saw how good his mental game play was) – actually have been re-watching season 18 today – and I stand by thinking that he started out playing too hard too fast, but he quickly learned. I LOVE strategic players, and I think Paul is as strategic as Dan and Derrick (ED planned, but was more of an A-hole – for his daughter on purpose).

      Maybe the Paul haters have never been successful at competitions, sports, or getting ahead in life in general, but you have to have a thick skin and take into account many different factors.

      • Yeah, grow a thick skin and take into account the many different factors, Paul haters! lol Go Paul! :D

  14. Totally agree with this regarding Alex as to why she lost our respect. Aside from being blinded by Paul her hatred towards Kevin was uncalled for and very immature of her. Shame on her.

    Alex’s hatred of Kevin will cost her somewhere between 50-500k. That chick lost my support just on that one notion. Even if she had a reason to hate the man that I dont understand. She should have bit her tongue and concentrated on beating people that can actually win the game. Not a dude that has second place pawn written on his forehead.
    Courtesy of EvilJace from Reddit

    • With all due respect it gets a little annoying when you broadcast your thoughts as though you think you speak for the masses, or for anyone but yourself. You’re not the voice of anything but your own mind.

      Alex lost my respect long before this phantom hatred for Kevin, and for several other reasons as well.

      • Kevin has been no saint, and he’s barely played the game, if at all. I’m not sure why you can’t just say Kevin will be getting your votes instead of having to say “millions of votes”. You can’t control that many votes, so why speak for them?

      • Kevin has played no less a game than Nicole from last year. Besides Kevin has done the best that he could seeing how all of Paul’s minions were blinded by his pseudo power and presence.

        He definitely deserves to win for an array of reasons but most of all, withstanding all the bullying with dignity and respect.

        He’s a good man.

        Vote for Kevin for AFP 🇺🇸

      • I like Kevin (or at least don’t dislike him) but he’s also one of Paul’s minions, make no mistake about it. Nicole played more simply by virtue of actually winning a few competitions. Kevin’s “strong social game” has included a lot of staying in a bedroom by himself.

        I’m voting for somebody who played. Kevin has 25 grand already. That’s enough for him.


      • While may not completely agree with you, totally value what you wrote and thank you for it too!!

        On a side note, being more than 3 decades older that the mean age of the cast, Kevin has had to endure so much abuse and angst.

        So glad he was able to pick up the $25 grand (because obviously nobody else was there to actually play the game.). Let’s just hope he manages to add an additional $500k (or 50k) or AFP purse by some sheer force of miracle. 🇺🇸

      • I would rather Kevin win the 50k 2nd place money than AFP. Because of what each symbolizes. I compare it to medalling in Olympic hockey;

        Gold = 500k 1st place = No question, the greatest prize, that you win by virtue of jury vote.

        Bronze = AFP 25k = Won by virtue of fan vote.

        Silver = 2nd place 50k. You gain this by losing. Sure, it’s worth more than bronze, but you don’t win your final game to get it.

        I don’t think Kevin deserves anything that can be called a win at this point. He would have to win maybe 2 competitions right at the end here to maybe change my mind. We all know his chances of doing that.

      • Exactly….I like Kevin also, but he HAS already won $25,000?!?! And with his Stipends from BB he will walk out the BB door with a total of $40,000, without doing a Game Related Ploy whatsoever! Kevin Did what Paul told him to do, “Shut Up and stay in Your Bed!!!”

        Kevin was a Minion of Paul’s In every way, shape, & form!

      • Exactly. So there’s no way I can vote to give him another 25k. If he earned it, fine. I would’ve given Dan a second 500k in season 14 because he deserved it, so it’s not solely about “so and so got enough money already”. It’s about Kevin not earning it as he hasn’t done anything game related. I side with competitors.

  15. Before Paul became “famous” on BB18, he said the following in 2015:

    Can you tell us a little about yourself?
    Well my name is Paul Abrahamian, I’m 21, I come from an Armenian/Russian descent, and I live in Los Angeles, California. I’m a Philosophy & Political Science double major, with plans to go to law school. Oh, and I have 3 Presa Canarios (Spanish Mastiffs) that are my world.

    If you could give advice about life, what would it be?
    I think I’ve repeated myself a million times already, but really I tell everyone the same thing. Don’t waste your life doing boring, stupid ish. Experience all the fruitfulness that the world has to offer. Don’t envy anyone, don’t copy anyone, don’t live someone else’s life or want to live someone else’s life, make your own life worth living. Do all that cool ish be the person you want to be, don’t just talk/dream about it. Find beauty in things you haven’t before, step outside your own boundaries; escape, discover, experience, and create.

  16. DE, Alex wins HoH, if she put up Josh and Christmas, this game takes on a whole new face. Josh won that Veto, but I don’t believe he absolutely still would’ve won under a different circumstance. If he’s on the block and just had a hand in Jason leaving he would think that competition is 100% do or die, which is added pressure. Also add pressure to Christmas who’s on the block and had 3 limes in her tube so she was in the running to win. Add more fire to Alex, who also nearly won, if she’s on a mission like she would be in this scenario. Add pressure to Paul because Alex didn’t do what he told her to do with nominations (Kevin and Raven) and now Paul probably doesn’t want to throw this veto (he later said he threw the DE veto, though I’m skeptical he really did, I do believe he didn’t feel pressure to win). Even if Josh still wins, pulls himself down (or Christmas down if he’s stupid)… put Paul up. Tell him what he always tells you, “Trust me” and “You’re only a pawn”. Messes up his perfect season of not being on the block and breaks that trio of Josh, Paul, Christmas. The trio that eventually ended Alex’s game. Even if Josh or Christmas is out instead of Paul, it still helps the overall picture.

    What could have been… if only Alex had a functioning brain…

  17. Xmas is staying as close as she can to paul..even sleeping with him….her boyfriend looks like Paul with bushy dark beard….is she doing Paul to y Safe? How can Josh keep putting up with Paul calling him ..fool…too bad alex will be gone….she would have made a good winner…..don’t want dirty devious con man bully terrorist looking paul,to win…..don’t want smug gimp either….love to see jury’s face if Josh got it and what a kick in Paul’s strategy if Josh won…..just to piss off them all …..Josh should get it…..he actually did alot as a player….big goofy goon made the whole show with his crazy antics……go Josh!!!

    • I would like paul and josh and f2 instead of Xmas .. and whoever wins would be just fine w me … rather see kevin but maybe it will be . I don’t think u should call him terrorist looking cause he has a beard 🙄

  18. Did anyone watch Paul and Josh playing chess last night? I never heard of the rules Paul said of the mandatory 16 “checkmates” in order for Josh to win! What?

  19. I think Paul is a loser and a bully. It is sad to see that the show has no control over him. He does not deserve to win. He should have been kicked out in the 3rd. week. Also Josh should have been booted for what he did to Megan. Nasty piece of work

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