‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Eviction & F4 HoH Spoilers

Julie Chen has a secret on Big Brother

With the Big Brother 19 Feeds down until after tonight’s show there was the inevitable chance of spoilers revealing these protected secrets. Well they’ve arrived and while they’re still rumored spoilers they’re also “File me under: No kidding.”

So while these come from a season long source on Reddit we still need to add the caveat that I have not personally verified them, and we’ll have to wait until tonight’s special episode airs to confirm.

The source for these rumored spoilers is the same individual, Reddit’s “vegasforsure,” who revealed before the Feeds started that Megan had bailed on the show. Since then there have been other leaks from the source that have been correct. So, grain of salt since we can’t confirm, but combining this person’s track record with the “duh” factor and this are completely reasonable.

Rumored Spoilers: F5 Eviction

  • There were 2 votes and Paul took the gamble on Josh for a tiebreaker
  • Alex was evicted by Josh after a 1-1 tie by Paul & Christmas
  • Source: Reddit

I really didn’t think Paul would bother to split the votes after convincing Alex there was no way she’d say either way, but it does continue his cover story of trying to be on her side even to the end. He wasn’t, but we know more than the HGs do. This would also mean Josh’s camtalk threats of keeping Alex were empty, but another “no kidding” moment for any of Paul’s minions, especially when it would have been bad for Josh’s game.

Rumored Spoilers: F4 HoH

  • HGs faced “What The Bleep?” just like last year
  • Paul won F4 HoH… just like last year
  • Source: Reddit

You’ll remember this HoH competition from last year when Paul had his back to the wall and it as do or die for his game. Nicole and James were competing against Corey who was the outgoing HoH. If Paul lost he’d be vulnerable to eviction but he pulled it off. This year he’s done it again though his position wasn’t nearly as dire, nor has it been all season.

twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

Last season's F4 HoH comp was "What The Bleep?" Rumor has it that's what Paul faced again on #BB19. F4 HoH Spoilers: https://t.co/gxmZLyE5xX pic.twitter.com/vtDLdlC18Y

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) September 13, 2017

The F4 HoH is great for secured safety, but the real power this round is with the final Veto of the season. We’ll be waiting for tonight to get those spoilers to see whether Paul will have total control this week or if someone wanting to mix things up with take it instead. Heh, I know, I know.

What do you think of these rumors? They’re exactly what I wrote up last night in my predictions before they were announced, so I’m not surprised in the least. Now we’ll have to wait for tonight to get them confirmed, but I don’t think this source is lying after all this time.

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  1. Ok. So Paul is definitely I’m F3 (if the rumor is true).

    So if Josh wins Veto, while he can vote out whomever he wants, Paul can threaten not to take him top F2.

    This is a great way for Paul to jettison Xmas (or Kevin) it’ll be totally Josh’s fault either way (if Josh wins veto or Paul throws it to him). Josh would have the single vote to evict.

    Again, well played, Paul.

    • “Again, well played Paul”

      I would love to see Paul toppled but have to tip the cap. Another great game move. Josh takes all the blame once again. During the finale..Paul should just stand up for his speech. Look around , point at Josh and sit. Nothing else needs to be said. Deserves every vote.

      • Josh might have a chance against Paul in the final, if he can prove his case effectively. Josh was front and centre in every eviction of late and if he can pull off my hands are more dirty than his argument, he might have a chance. Josh did all the heavy lifting for his team and he is fighting for jury voted in his goodbye messages.

      • Josh hesitates, doubts himself and re thinks everything. Does that make a great speaker or someone who has good thoughts but ends up second guessing themselves? Not sure if Josh could pull off that speech. Would be fantastic if he could.

      • He was front and center yes, but he was doing Paul’s will every single time. How exactly do you get that across/ leave that out without looking like a chump?

      • EXACTLY. He can say it was paul that did this and thought of this, it wasn’t me who got my hands dirty so please vote for me! WOW you just made Paul get more votes!

      • There are a lot of people in that jury house who don’t like Paul. And they don’t respect Paul, so I don’t think Paul has a lock on the jury at all.

      • Oh it definitely won’t be easy. But Paul has lied to everyone in jury and continues to lie in his goodbye messages while Josh is owning up to his moves. I have seen numerous times on BB and Survivor the bitter jury make the better game player lose. I think the best thing Josh has going for him is that he was loyal to only one F3 deal. Again it is an up hill battle

      • I dont like how people harp on the word lie in this game. Like thats part of the game. You need to lie to win. ‘Hey, are you voting to keep me’ – Yes I am. DO you really expect people to be honest all the time? I am not hating on Paul for playing the game I am hating on everyone else for getting played so so easily. The only thing that will let Paul not win is a bitter jury and thats sad tbh. He should have won last year and most definitely should win this year as well. Meh.

      • That is the only thing that could save Josh’s game. Which would be fantastic. I would love to see him win.

      • Well, he could say he was in on the plan and he had the balls to pull it off whereas Paul was a coward. Now do I think Josh could put his into words without sounding like a whiny kid….I don’t know.

      • i hate that Paul played the better game. He played everyone. He got everyone to do his dirty work. No one played their game they played Paul’s game. I would love to see Josh or Kevin stand up and do their own thing but it won’t happen and it’s to late now

      • I don’t think Paul was such a great player that he was able to manipulate these people with his skill. He didn’t even have to put in any effort because this cast is sooooo dumb it’s not even funny. Paul makes a suggestion, and boom, these sheep just go along with it. If they cast better players, Paul would have been out the door before jury this time. Like Derrick. He has some dumb players who were easy pickins’, but there were some smart people there as well. He also didn’t play a dirty game either. Now Alex started out as a better player than Paul, but she got way too cocky. Then she started to believe Paul and didn’t realize it was too late until after all the dead weight had been removed from the game. Maybe she should have taken Littlefinger’s advice to Sansa to heart. Fight every battle from every angle in your head so there will never be any surprises. Oh wait…I think they were already in the house by then. Never mind.

    • if (big if) paul goes first doesnt claim his game then josh says hey i got alex jason kevin out and does it well would be funny

    • If paul veto to josh that is bad strategic move. Josh is the only person left who will cut him f3 if given the chance. Not complaining though because I want that to be the ending of the season. Apprentice takes down master at the end and wins the game.

      • I agree. Maybe Paul won’t but earlier they said he was taking Josh which is why they have everyone hating Josh before they get evicted.

        To me, it could be a toss up between Josh or Kevin. He has people hating both of them. One will go to Jury and nobody will believe them about Paul’s the other goes top F2 and can’t get a jury vote.

        I do think Paul cuts Xmas though. I think he thinks she won’t be bitter and will still vote for him.

      • Over Paul? Absolutely. There are a lot of people in that jury house who have no respect for Paul. Than and they don’t want a BB vet to win.

      • I’ve thought about that, too. Does Paul really want Josh to have ANY time with the jury? Josh is so all over the place. Christmas, Paul knows will have his back. Who knows what Josh would say and/or do? But out of the four, if Paul doesn’t win, I hope Josh does.

      • If it was Kevin and Josh in F2.. I think Josh would beat Kevin. Josh played the game, I don’t think Kevin knew where he was let alone played the game. Everyone on the jury knows its about who played the better game and of the 2 – sadly Josh did. He has wins (even though they were all handed to him) Kevin has nothing except thinking he was nice to everyone. Being “only” nice IMO does not or at least should not earn you 500grand. Playing the game should. But I have no doubt ..very bitter jury against Josh and they would hand it to Kevin, which would suck IMO. Personally I would love to see a Josh/Christmas F2 but that wont happen. Final HOH would be a win to Paul. I would love to see which idiot of the J/C F2 their votes would go to. Still again I think it would be Josh – everyone on the jury knows Christmas won nothing on her own merit but Josh can claim he won 1 or 2 on his own. She wasn’t allowed to do most of the competitions and everyone knows that. As much as I don’t like Paul he is the one that actually played the game, everyone else just talked about wanting to make it to Jury..Paul wanted to win and it was obvious. I think whoever gets Paul out is the one that the Jury will vote for – since they all now know how Paul played. Can’t wait to see the Finale.

      • I’m hoping Paul wins. If not, I hope Josh does. And you’re correct, Kevin has done absolutely nothing as far as game play.

    • Okay, was hoping that Kevin would somehow win, only to mix it up a bit. That and he really has been given a crappy deal all season. Paul essentially shut his game down…granted he allowed it and has been able to stay; but I really think a couple of those he would/could have won. NOW, I’m hoping he win’s POV. We know he’s going up – no sense of a blindside – he and Paul have already discussed it. So, if he win’s veto and pulls himself off – then Christmas is gone. I would love to see him in F3.

      • The only thing I think Kevin even stood a slim chance of winning was the last HOH that was thrown to Josh, other than that one, Kevin had no chance of winning, he wasn’t even close. I was hoping that Kevin actually would have done something in the comps but he didn’t. Paul didn’t shut his game down, everyone else did because they all thought they had an alliance with Paul, so you can’t blame that solely on Paul. Kevin IMO was not dealt a crappy season, he did nothing to keep himself there, others kept him in because he wasn’t even close to being a threat. Didn’t come close to winning any comps. why get someone out that is really easy to beat. Everyone, including Kevin were all to happy to throw comps because Paul asked them too, that’s On them NOT Paul.. and I don’t even like Paul..but at least he actually played the game

  2. Just want to take this time to thank Matthew Boyer. Have really enjoyed reading the articles all season. Will he write Survivor articles?

    • I second that. Matthew always fours a phenomenal job with this site. He keeps it current, keeps it clean, keeps it interesting, and is always looking for ways to improve it, like with the app. Love it! Thank you, Matt!

    • Branden wasn’t that bad either! He made me giggle a few times too! But yeh, thank you Matthew! Splendid job with the cast you were handed this season! :-)

  3. What happens if the jury members refuse to vote?

    Does the CBS production team decide the winner?

    None of these people deserve anything but scorn.

      • They will all vote Paul. He won via evil. But the others blindly followed him. This is how Hitler rose to power. A short evil man with charisma was able to start a world war because no one had the courage to stand up to him.

      • Actually its just another evil person that Paul is being compared too…Paul has been likened to Charles Manson as to how evil he can be…

      • Believe it or not, Charlie Manson was a likeable guy. So was Ted Bundy. Paul is not likeable. I didn’t like him last season, and I can’t stand him this season.

      • I said in an earlier thread, he reminds me of a young Fidel Castro. Especially when he is wearing his sunglasses.

      • Isn’t it ridiculous?? Some people just need to stop watching because things are not that bad. Paul came to win just like the other 16 houseguest.

      • no actually if you think about it, the others talked about how they just wanted to make it to jury. Even Alex only talked about how she was there to win started a couple of weeks ago. Everyone seemed to be happy with just jury. Sad.

      • This is another reason why I’m not gushing over how Paul is playing this amazing game. He’s not doing a thing. These fools are handing it to him on a silver platter. He makes a suggestion, and they follow right along. He is just lucky that he’s being filmed with morons who are there for the free slop.

      • I think the analogy is good because Paul has people doing everything he says even if it is against their thoughts on how to play….and they claim allegiance to him even when they claim to see through his plan. I get that this is a game and Paul is playing to win……albeit a too far nasty game…..and Paul came to win……but the people of Germany never stood up to Hitler even though they did not agree with how he was running things…..That is where I see the comparison.

      • Over the course of my life I have had the honor of knowing and working with several people who escaped Hitler’s concentration camps. I hope none of them are reading this thread. Comparing Paul to Hitler? How insulting can you people be?!

      • I regret I can give but one thumbs up to this post.

        Paul and his “minions” aren’t the scary people in this drama. It’s some of the people on these forums that are truly frightening!

        I’m a grandfather and if I went into the Big Brother house you can bet your @ss that I would be playing for my grand kids. I would try to win by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, short of physical violence.

        I (or in this case Paul) owes the other players in this game NOTHING! Let me repeat, Paul owes these people NOTHING.

        Many of you get on your high horses about people having relations in the house with virtual strangers. Yet you scream to high heaven that Paul is treating some of these same people like virtual strangers out to take his $500,000.

        Big Brother is NOT a morality play.

        some of you people really need to get a life.

      • This is why I have had to laugh all season, if you have noticed. BB and morality have never went hand in hand. The hate for Paul is turning people into “real life” morons. It’s been entertaining, to say the least. I know your post it serious, but I hope you understand that I am LMAO. ;)

      • So what you’re saying, is that many of these people are,

        “Simple game show viewers, people of TV land, the common clay of the US, you know…


        Apologies to the Cisco Kid.

      • I’m with you there too! I had to skip the feeds the past few days…just the same ol same ol as in past weeks basically. I’ve caught up now and am ready for this season to be over! I’m laughing so hard right now at how bad these players still are who’ve allowed Paul to basically play his and their games!

      • I’ve have laughed so hard at the hypocrisy of many calling Paul out for “bullying” and “inciting mob mentality” on a game show, that the basis of it to begin with has no moral compass, as has been shown in the past 18 seasons. Every time someone says, poor, poor, poor Kevin, I lol, so you can imagine how entertained I have been. Can I see more sympathy for Kevin today, please? ;)

      • Kind of hard to give sympathy to him when he’s given his game to Paul at times he could have taken the shot and won. It’s too pathetic to be entertained by that! hahaha

      • It like a light switch went off and a different light came when it comes to poor, poor, poor Kevin. Some of the very same people who were ragging on him for his little questioning talks about love/marriage and his playing with Christmas, and all of the shady snitching he was doing, did a complete 180 and just conveniently forgot about that, but they kept bashing Paul. It’s been a double standard all season…a conveniently hilarious double standard. smh

      • Actually the show and the game itself has nothing to do with the choice of the player on game play. There have been many players in the past who have played on won without playing dirty. It’s a choice. There does come a time when you may not be able to keep your promises. Not being honest about a vote is far different that lying to screw over another’s game. This game doesn’t make people become assholes. It exposes what assholes they really are.

        I do like Kevin as a person, but it’s almost like CBS pulled this guy off the street who never owned a TV in his life. Kind like he had nothing to do, so he figured he’d hang out at a TV studio all summer. If it comes down to Paul and Kevin, I think there is enough Paul hate there for Kevin to have a chance to win. With this jury so far, it’s not so much about respect for game play, but the lack of respect about the way he played. Well, we’ll all find out soon enough.

        And what I really don’t like on these sites is when people start bashing other posters for their opinions. I’m not talking about disagreements. I mean just rude comments and name calling. We’re here to discuss the show and share our opinions. I love to hear everyone’s opinion. I don’t always agree, nor do posters agree with me, but that’s okay.

      • It would be nice if everyone could have fun with the game, but people take it all so personally, like they know these HGs. That mindset is why the show doesn’t end up with the best player winning. Spitefulness and bitterness. Hope the Jury Round Table brings them to their senses and if Paul is in F2, he gets the win, as he very much deserves.

      • We can get so caught up in things and sometimes we forget to be respectful of each other. I know sometimes I do and don’t mean to. I didn’t like Paul last season and don’t care for him this season either. I guess I just don’t understand the Paul love, but that’s just me. I really don’t even have a favorite this season. When this is over, I’ll just move on to the next guilty pleasure show and hang with the fans on the message boards. Hope to see you there too.

      • The thing about it is, I have said all season that I am not a fan of Paul’s personality. No matter whether this is a game or not, you can’t see hints of a person’s real character enough to form an opinion. Not my cup of tea, but this game should not be judged by that, imo.

      • You and K both know I am not a big fan of Paul (at least by now you two should know that), anyways, I understand Paul is likely going to be the winner this year and I will survive regardless. To each their own I say, I just like to put scenario’s out there for the JUST IN CASE moments it could go south for Paul. I will more than likely at least start to watch the celebrity edition but if Jazz Hands, glitter little boy/girl is in it, I more than likely won’t watch it. I despise him more than Paul. Actually Paul is no where near the bottom of my list for that matter, there are more below him. Next year hopefully will be a year with no vets but we will have to wait and see if that happens. I will be voting for Kevin as AFP and I hope everyone else follows my suit but I understand we all have our own favorites and we all will vote for who we think deserves it the most.

      • I’m not that stuck on Paul..LOL But I’m not that fond of anyone else specifically. I want Josh to bring Paul down NOW is all! Not sure he will even when given the chance! haha If he does take Paul out, then he will deserve the win! I’m giving my vote for AFP to Jason. His newborn will need it the most! LOL

      • AFP vote for Jason is really a good idea there. I think Jason played a good game but he didn’t get the abuse that Alex and company gave n either. Alex, i had high hopes for her on the beginning but she disappointed me big time.

      • WW, I have been very consistent saying that as far as Paul’s personality, I’m not a fan. I have never wavered from saying that I see no bullying or mob mentality. I see a bunch of people who some quit their jobs to take a paid vacay and get their 15 mins of fame at any cost. When they entered that door, the rules of real life end. I’ve said a few times, there is an exit door just like an entrance. BB might try to talk them into staying if they wanted to leave but can’t make them, as we have seen a few times over the years. I refuse to feel sorry for any of these people.

      • I understand but I was still holding out hope that Paul would get evicted. It stil could happen on Finale night but even I see that not going down.

      • It’s the mentality that is the comparison…not the outcome of the reign. Sheeple are following even when they strongly disagree.

      • The mention of Hitler does invoke very strong feelings and reactions. Maybe a better comparison of the blind allegiance would be Rev Jim Jones. That didn’t have a good outcome either.

      • My GOD! What the F#CK is wrong with you!

        Hitler massacred SIX MILLION PEOPLE!

        Paul is trying to win a GAME SHOW!

      • Nonsense, there is NO comparison! Hitler didn’t need to be gifted immunity, had never played the game before. He was FAR better than Paul.

      • Spicy stuff tears my stomach up and gives me gas and heartburn! I avoid them at all costs because of that! LOLOL

      • After watching the cuban meatball all season, I realize they definitely sit with you longer than expected… ;)

      • Remember that movie What About Bob? This season has been kind of a “What About Josh?” for me. Just when I think he’s going away for good, he’s back! LOL!

      • ROFLMAOPIMP. Still got Josh’s eyeballs stare in my mind when he realized Paul was faking his crying after Jason and Raven went out the door! LOL

    • Paul has no conscience anymore. He won via evil and the 500k won’t mean a thing in hell. All these people need to get right with God. I used to not be able to understand the bible where it says God is angry at the wicked every day. Now I understand it. God loves people but He is angry at the wicked. I can understand why He sends hurricanes. Wouldn’t we have all liked to see a mini hurricane hit the BB house this season and topple it and the game. And start over. Who can blame the Creator of the Universe, the One who gives us breath every second, to do the same? He gives us life, food, laughter, love yet we to God are just as wicked as Paul, Christmas, Josh, Alex, Raven. Jesus is the only One who can change a heart from wickedness to holiness.

      • If this is satire, and that’s a big ‘if’, you are amazing. If this is real life maybe take a step back with how seriously you take television shows.

      • Wanting to see a hurricane hit the BB house and topple it…my, what a “christian” thing to wish for. Thank you for reminding me why organized religion is far, FAR more wicked and evil than atheism.

      • Considering one of the best to play this game was Evil Dick, and no sane God could allow a creation as foul as Rachel Riley, I’m not sure you’re on the right tack here.

    • No family clips most likely bc josh’s family was unable to send one due to evacuating miami before irma hit.

      • That’s too bad. I’d like to have seen his family.

        But Alex’s, Xmas’s, etc… Maybe they were too mean and didn’t want to subject their families to backlash? Maybe the families didn’t want to go on camera? Who knows. I normally like seeing the families for perspective.

      • You probably hit that nail on the head, hon. I bet some of the families didn’t want to be shown on camera. I know Kevin’s daughters wanted to do a segment about their dad, but other than that, I don’t think any of the families have said boo once things started getting so ugly in that house.

      • I don’t know, they’re pretty irate at how their dad has been treated on the show. Not sure they’d ever sign up for BB after this season.

    • Ikr? Wet only saw Jason’s fam this year. We haven’t even seen them ensuring the Jury House every week.

    • Budget cuts this season? CBS having to make cuts across the board with less television watching and cable cutting?

    • I don’t know about the jury house, but I’ve wondered if, once they realized what they’d let into the house w/ crazy Raven, they didn’t want to give her scammer family any more of a platform than they already have.

  4. If they have any returnees next year, I won’t be watching… this season is the producers/paul show. No thanks

    • Next season (referring to the summer one, not the celeb one) is potentially going to be all returnees since it’s the 20th one.

    • Next season (referring to the summer one, not the winter/celeb one) is potentially going to be all returnees since it’s the 20th one.

    • If Xmas returns, I don’t see me rooting for her. Had she left when her foot was broken, maybe. But I’ve seen enough of her this year that I don’t care to see her back.

      Too bad. I think she would have been a good physical competitor.
      She’s just too mean to watch. Not funny mean (like pots and pans) – just cringeworthy mean. I don’t want to see her again.

      I really want all new people – no returnees… No first outs, no second chances. Shoot, I don’t even want to see battle backs. Just have fewer hgs. No battle backs. One and done.

      • No more Paul!! Don’t want to see him again, not even as a comp host. He had his fame, let him go.

      • If its allstars next year I think Paul will return I mean after this season how could he not.
        I want to see Paul, Derrick, Dan, Will, Vanessa, Jun, Maggie and Dani R battle it out with each one of them getting to pick 1 person to come in with them.

      • Against those, I hope he is the first evicted. No way to come back in the house. IMO, he already has made enough money. I am sure CBS paid him to comeback.

      • lol…yes Paul was paid to return…The entire BB19 cast was paid except for Megan who jumped ship…

      • Adam Poch commented to someone in one of his articles that Paul was paid a sign on bonus and receives $1500-2000/week ;-)

      • Some of the people mentioned might not want to play if Paul is gonna be included…BB alumni (per blogs post & twitter) don’t seem to like Paul very much…I will say again that I don’t see little Paul playing well with the big boys…they would deflate his floatie and send his ass home…

      • Yeah, there is not a lot of respect for Paul among many past BB players. Several, such as Janelle, Caleb, ED, even Dan G have said they’re voting Cody for AFP just to spite Paul.

      • LOL! I remember him introducing himself like that too, Wil, with one L. ;) I don’t remember him being all that great a player. I think he had a decent social game tho, right? Haven’t watched BB 14 since it was on air. That’s one I might go back & rewatch. Still think Dan’s funeral was sheer BB genius.
        You know who I would like back, Alf… Did you see BBOTT? If not you should get the CBS All access for just a month and watch it. Alex Willett was such a great player. I would love to see her come back for another season. ;)

      • Disagree. Masterful as Paul’s game has been, it has made me curious how well he would do against a more competent cast. You know, people who are actually interested in winning $500k for themselves?

      • I really liked Christmas at the beginning. But you’re right. She’s turned out to be self-absorbed, obnoxious, and mean.

      • But but but she said we haven’t seen “c*** Christmas” yet! So it could potentially get worse? May God have mercy on our souls!

      • u said it very well … no returnees no battle backs…and no Christmas in June 2020….I said at the beginning of the season that Christmas (even before she broke her foot) was a mean hateful sneaky bitch…

    • The problem is that the sneak them in after the season starts and we’re already interested in the show. They did it this year, and last year didn’t the returning players just pop out of hiding places in the house?

  5. Maybe the producers should make future HGs take IQ tests… This year is full of people dumber than a box of rocks.

  6. When Paul addresses the jury he should

    Explain exactly how he orchestrated every move then end with. If your not bitter vote for me if you are bitter vote for them.

    • He actually made a good argument with Xmas when they were tee-hee’ing together:

      He said he had had a hand in every HoH except for 2 (Cody’s and Jessica’s), and those 2 HoHs, he flipped the house opposite of what they wanted. ‘Nuff said.

      • Don’t worry, Paul won’t leave ANYTHING out. Lol this year, I just want him to bring it down a notch in his speech, not so cocky like last year. Although his speech was valid, it was cringy and over the top. I think it may have rubbed Day the wrong way, I remember her face during the speech, very annoyed.

    • He’ll be the same obnoxious, unlikable, douchebag he always is. And then the cast will do as they’re told and vote for him.

    • I figure Paul win want Josh to win Veto and evict Xmas or Kevin.

      Josh evicts Kevin – Kevin goes top jury house telling them that Josh, that big such and such, evicted him.

      Kevin evicts Josh – Josh goes to Jury House telling them that Kevin evicts him at Paul’s behest, same a everyone he did with everyone else.

      • Out of those 4 left those are the only two I would want in F2. Would love if Josh won F3 HOH and evicts Paul. Use the same speech “I can’t beat you” that Paul used on Alex. That would save this awful season.

  7. The jury must not vote for Paul.

    The little gnat would be insufferable if he won.

    Save us jury house . Crush the bearded gnat and deflate his over inflated ego.

    • Nah, let him win. That way he’ll go away with his fist full of dollars and go bother somebody else. And, if if by some miscalculation of how “good” he really was should bring him back to an all-stars seas, once he’s up against some real players he’ll be out the door so fast his head will spin. That would be the real revenge, then. Show him it’s only easy to win a war when no one is fighting against you.

      • That didn’t work for Hillary Clinton.
        The jury ALMOST circumvented that to give it to Porsche a few seasons ago just to give Wretchel her deserved comeuppance. You can bet they made sure they didn’t have any free-thinkers this time.

    • “[Paul] would be insufferable if he won.”

      But… after he wins, the season is over and you don’t have to watch him anymore…


    • You should ask a friend to show you how to undo the capitals on your computer? It’s unfortunate no one ever showed you.

  9. Not one other person deserves to win this season other than Paul. He is the only one who really played the game. Viewers may question his tactics..but I enjoyed watching him strategize this time around.

  10. Xmas sure is cuddly with Paul. She clearly has a specific type and sticks with it.
    Kevin talking with Paul at the dining room table made it really sound like Kevin may not be happy at home either. He said his wife works long hours, the kids are always gone and he is alone just like on BB. Very sad.

    • Xmas really seems to be losing it. She is actually worshipping at Paul’s feet, and by his side in bed, and going crazy. Between the Kevin comments, the Josh comments, and talking about how famous her and her workouts are going to be, I think she is living in her own fantasy world. She is starting to seem scary, not a good look for TV.

  11. Well, what a surprise. With Christmas, Kevin and Paul playing, was there any doubt Paul would win? Was there any doubt Paul would vote to keep Alex and make Josh vote the tie breaker? I’ll bet Kevin and Josh are on the block, and if Josh doesn’t win veto, he’s gone. Paul would love Christmas and Kevin in the F3.

    • I’m trying to decide which of the three combos would be best for Paul (since it appears likely he’ll be in F2). Paul vs. Josh, Kevin or Christmas. Odds seem pretty good he would win against any of those three. Christmas might get a sympathy vote or two; shouldn’t, but might. Kevin shouldn’t get any votes unless he got a hinky vote or two from jury members who simply don’t want Paul to win. Josh, IDK, he’s just been so annoying I can’t imagine anyone voting for him, unless it’s a hate vote against Paul. In any of those scenarios, I doubt any of the three would get a majority of the jury votes. The bottom line: Paul did well bringing those three losers to the end.

      • I believe if possible Paul plans to take Kevin to the end.. gonna be the best evictions of the season if Josh and Christmas get the boot…unless of course Paul goes 1st (not likely) Just hoping to see some “priceless” master card moments at the end of a bad season…

      • Agree. Paul played a vicious game, but at this point, he’s the only one who showed up. Josh cam-talking about moves, Christmas “I’m going to make big moves, right after I’m done rubbing all over the guys” & Kevin, “look at me, kids, I’m still here!” can all have a seat. I’d like to see Christmas & Josh get the boot & let Kevin make some more coin & sit in F2 w/Paul.

      • Good morning, Grace! :)
        Paul against any of these three will (& should) get the win as long as the jury votes on game play & not emotions. Kevin especially would be a landslide victory for Paul b/c Kevin has literally done nothing in this game. He has not won a single comp, he has not made a single decision for himself and he has not played a role in sending anyone home. He’s a nice guy, yes, but (even tho I detest Paul this season) as a true fan of Big Brother, if Kevin won I’d be pissed b/c he doesn’t deserve that.

      • I agree, and really what had Christmas done to win any money. He should just take josh to F2 and be done with it

      • Out of the 3 puppets, yea, Josh definitely deserves a F2 spot more than Kev or Xmas. Which is why I’m not sure Paul will actually take him. We shall see very soon tho. ;)

      • You really don’t think he will take him? It did Cross my mind for a minute. 😄what makes you think he won’t?

      • Firstly, because Josh has actually won a few comps on his own w/o Paul’s help. Second, he’s been hinting at being on to Paul’s game and I know Xmas has reported that back to Paul. And lastly, because Kevin has won nothing, he hasn’t made a single decision for himself and many of the jury were involved in the Kevin bashing during the last month & hate him, so I think Kevin will be Paul’s choice for F2.

    • Hope josh goes. Any player that goes rogue or wants to go rogue so late in the game deserves eviction.

    • Shocker isn’t it. I hope Josh wins veto and I really don’t care who he sends out because I could care less who wins as long as it isn’t Paul. Josh wins F3 HOH and evicts Paul. That would be the best finale ever. Especially since he thought he won this game back in week one when he got handed 5 weeks of safety.

  12. Of course he did. Is dejavu all over again from last season.
    Josh made the right choice since Paul voting for Kevin instead of Alex could make her trust him again. It may be a rumor but reddit somehow always seems to get the inside scoop.

    • Depending on Josh’s GB message. And once she gets to jury and talks with Jason and Maven and finds out Paul had a deal with all of them she could change her mind how she votes. Don’t know if she will but there’s always hope.

  13. I cannot wait for the jury to rake Paul over the coals… also, cannot wait to see the look on his face when he loses the 500K .. and when Cody gets crowned AFP. This outcome should happen as long as TPTB over at CBS aren’t still fixing this for the little twerp…

    • If Cody wins AFP then I will lose all hope for America. How can anyone vote for someone who has such contempt for the rest of humanity? Cody also has some serious issues which should have been obvious to anyone who watched him.

      • Yeah Cody and Paul should sit and talk I bet they would find they have a great deal in common…Both have serious issues that need to be addressed in some fashion..

      • Paul is a braggart and probably a spoiled rich kid. But Cody’s attitude that prevents him from having relationships even with his own family is really hard to like.

      • Perhaps his family has played a role in whatever ails that kid, I’m not so fast to judge on that. I think he actually has the ability to learn from this and self actualize. I hope so.
        Paul is always just going to be a selfish and greedy spoiled asshole. And I bet his parents had a lot to do with that as well, but he’ll never stop until he pisses it all away eventually and nobody wants to even use him for his money anymore.

      • At least Cody is brutally honest! He tells it like it is… said he hates them all. Can’t blame him. This cast of characters needs some intense mental health treatment!

      • Its fan favorite, not spite favorite. But, then again, spiteful people are a nasty lot that can never understand why karma bites them in the azz. And no, I’m not voting for Paul as fan favorite.

      • You just said it fan favorite. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean other people feel the same. And it doesn’t make them spiteful. And no I’m not voting for him.

      • Those kind of people I don’t think are true fans. It’s no secret I don’t like Paul but I’m voting for my favorite even though they probably won’t win. And Cody is not my favorite. Sad because I think he’ll win. Jessica has a lot of followers.

      • Some people like him. It’s America’s “favorite” player. And everyone has their favorites. Just saying.

      • Some said they are voting Cody out if spite. All I said was that’s not the proper way.

    • Don’t count on it! These are minions we are talking about! They still worship Paul to this day! Alex will vote for Paul as will the others! I do not think these guys can figure out they were dumb all season long!

    • Paul will have a clever and well put together answer for all the questions the jury throws at him and will come out with the win. If Josh somehow makes it to final two, he might get some votes, cause he won a lot of comps but he will probably blubber and sob through the whole jury session and jurors will be annoyed and vote for Paul anyway.

  14. Love it. I would like to see Paul and Josh at the end. Paul because he played this game flawless this season. Josh because I’m sure he could use the money, not a huge fan of Josh but I think he is a good kid and this money could do him some good.

  15. If am astonished by the comments people make about Paul. He’s playing Big Brother and he played a superb game. Did he lie? Yes. Did he manipulate gullible people? Yes. Did he use people to his advantage? Yes. Is this how Big Brother is played? YES!!!

    Derrick did the same thing and he is revered as a BB player. No, he didn’t brag and boast and talk about himself a lot like Paul, but he did all the things Paul did in a more subtle way. He even stabbed Cody in the back when the time came because as he put it, he was not there to take second place.

    What Paul did this season was absolutely brilliant and its lost on a lot of people, obviously. These HGs didn’t just do Paul’s bidding because he has magic powers. They didn’t throw comps because he threatened them. Paul built relationships with people in the house by talking to them. He gave them info as if he was with them. He helped them with their own games at times. Remember, he saved Christmas and Josh when they were targeted by Cody. He has helped Kevin, dragging him through the game to final 4 and maybe longer. He got people to throw comps to help Alex and Cody. He saved Christmas and Josh from Alex when they evicted Jason. Paul built trust with everyone by making Cody the enemy of the house – which was easy to do because Cody was a jerk.

    Paul deserves to win. I say this even though I am not crazy about everything he did this season. I would rather have seen Jason win but he is not there at the end. I am willing to give Paul the credit he deserves and I think the jury will to – if he gets past F3.

    • I think the thing that leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths is the bullying of HGs that he ordered. Yes, they were all sheep for listening to him, but the clips of him plotting to trigger Cody’s PTSD and the stuff he made up about Kevin to get Alex to treat him like garbage for the last month are pretty despicable. There are more examples but, alas, there is only so much time in the day.

      I don’t think many people could make the argument that others played the game better, if at all this season, but his tactics made people question his character.

      This is all without mentioning all the power production gave him, which was a lot of the reason he made it through Jody’s stay in the house.

      • I agree he overplayed the game at times. Some things were unnecessary and I don’t think they had any effect anyway.

        I would make one point, what Alex did to Kevin she did on her own. I liked Alex but her treatment of Kevin was ugly as is her behavior this week after learning she is going home. Paul tried to get Josh to do some things and Josh said “No”. Alex could have done the same but she didn’t.

        At the same time we need to understand the environment they are in. They are locked in a house for 90+ days with the same people and no distractions like TV, internet, video games, etc. The environment is designed to create paranoia, conflict and emotions. Who knows have anyone would behave in that situation.

    • Well put, think they went too far with the taunting, we used to surround a person in a circle, point and laugh hysterically to mess with their psyche, but we were teenagers then
      agree with everything else

    • I’m astonished you think his behavior and “game play” should be rewarded.

      Giving him the win only encourages people like him to do the same.

      The jury should send a clear message that how he played is unacceptable.

      • Paul’s game play should be rewarded because he’s the only one that played. There are more winners who have been “underhanded” than there have been sickeningly sweet players like Jordan.

        I’m “astonished” that you continue to watch Big Brother if this type of game play bothers you. I bet you liked Derrick though.

      • I see where you are coming from in a way. I mean, if you are going to be honest… Dan should have won 14, but he definitely pissed off the jury. Paul could suffer a similar fate, but he should still will (just like Dan) based on game play.

        If the Jury is going to start voting on hurt feelings instead of game play…

        I’m sorry, but they should just CANCEL BIG BROTHER! After all, the show is a game based on game play and not people crying because they had their feelings hurt.

      • The reason there’s a jury, the reason people play a “social game”, is because Big Brother is simply not a game where if you get to the end you win.

        All things must be taken into consideration.

        Just because Paul used tactics that 99% of other players would never use doesn’t mean he should win.

        The way he played counts just as much as getting to the end … that’s why there’s a jury and that’s why they must evaluate everything he did.

        I personally would not reward his tactics and behavior.

      • So you’re saying we should allow Jury this year to make up for the disgraceful way a lot of them behaved in the house, by letting them hold Paul to standards that the Jury was never held to.

        We give the Jury a chance to atone for the sheep mentality that forced them to follow Paul blindly. The problem with your argument is that the entire Jury pretty much played a crap follow the leader game while throwing in their own taunts and ugly behavior.

        If the Jury hold Paul accountable for these types of actions… They need to go look in a mirror first.

        Bottom line… If the Jury was a bunch of nice game players, then I could see them holding Paul accountable. As it is… The HAVE to give Paul the win.

      • Most of them are pretty stupid so yeah … if the gnome gets to the end they probably will.

        He can do a gnome dance then jet off to do his gig as the Travelocity spokesgnome.

      • Shame, shame we know your name.

        Truth be told… that was pretty funny, I have to give you props on that one. LOL

      • And…you have an excellent point there my friend. This jury would just add hypocrite to their ugly little resumes if they did that.

      • Thank you!

        Its funny. I finished typing and posting the above comment about the Jury looking in the mirror…

        Then I really had that instant of thinking, “That may well have been the best post I’ve ever made about why Paul should win.”

        Its weird how things become so clear to you sometimes. Plus, I think its one of the best ways to make the case for Paul’s winning that someone from either side could relate to.

      • It was definitely well said. Personally, I have never said he shouldn’t win if he’s in F2. I have said I can’t stand him this season & I can’t, but he has played circles around this cast, that’s a fact.

      • Oh I know, and I respect your opinion of how he has played this season. Actually, if people cite the way he has gotten people to attack others as their reason for not liking Paul… I can understand that.

        Its the ones that never liked him last season and never had a reason that kinda bug me sometimes, lol.

        Anyway, I’m off to lunch at The Plantation, but I’ll be back around later. Have a good break from me! LOL

      • I’ll debate with you any day, Marvin. You do so with class & do not resort to snarky BS in order to get your point across. ;)

      • Did you see Dans tweet? He said you can play the game and still be decent to people. He was talking about Paul.

      • Yeah, but then Paul never personally bullied anyone either. I mean, Dan basically made Danielle turn on her own showmance (Shane).

        Don’t get me wrong, I think his performance in BB14 (especially his own eulogy) was awesome! I just don’t see as much difference between some of the other villains that people like and what Paul is doing this time around. Granted, I still liked the fun loving Paul from last season better.

      • Let’s hope they see the the person who played the best game wins. If they are all spiteful azzholes they will pick a non worthy winner. What’s the point of playing a good game if the outcome is based on spite?

      • What’s the point of having a jury if they can’t evaluate HOW someone played the game? Just making it to the end isn’t the determining factor.

        That’s why people play the “social game”.

        It’s perfectly acceptable to NOT give someone a win because of the way they played and treated others.

      • I can’t recall offhand Kevin engaging in the vicious mob attacks that the others engaged in … instigated by the creep of course.

      • He did his fair share of talking shiit. Plus, he sucks at competitions. I’m voting for him as my fan favorite though. Maybe if the would have won a few HOH/POV than he could have been a contender. Even though he will say he threw things for Paul, he couldn’t have won much anyway. So Paul for the win, Kevin for Fan favorite.

      • You asked who out of the final four treated people great.

        Kevin should win simply for not joining the other psychopaths in their mob attacks.

        Paul should be shunned by society … forced to live as a hermit in Alaska, hundreds of miles from anyone. His family should strike all mention of his birth and name from family records. Lastly the government should give his SSAN to someone else.

      • No because the game isn’t won by who played it graciously. Its a combination of social skills and physically and mental challenges. Kevin may have had more social grace but that’s not what makes a winner on BB. Kevin is getting my vote for Fan favorite.

      • I’m torn between Kevin and Mark personally. They both seem to be genuinely good people. Kevin has the better shot of winning it over Cody though.

        As far as the game not being won by those who play graciously goes… I agree 100%.

        Jordan is an exception, and not the rule of what type of player wins BB.

      • Morning Marvin! ;) I have to disagree with you about Derrick playing like Paul. Yes, Derrick did control the house, but Derrick never sicced people on other HG like rabid dogs. He never instigated a mob to gang up on one or two HG either & I think (at least from my stand point) that is what people find so unappealing about this season & Paul’s game. I do agree that he definitely deserves the win however b/c he has outplayed these HG at every turn & as a fan of BB if the jury gave it to anyone else but Paul I’d be upset. But, I will never be convinced Paul had to be a total scumbag to win this season Marvin. He’s a good player. I think he could have won without the tactics he’s used.

      • Hey TG! :)

        No, Derrick definitely went about it in a nicer way, I admit. Paul could have basically won by doing it the same way Derrick did (without all the instigating). I really think that Paul went that extra step (and I admit its too much) because last season just made him that much more paranoid.

        He survived everything they tried to do to him last year. Plus, lets not forget that right off the bat, it was Paulie that basically bullied Paul into playing game while they were evicting Victor the first time. They told him to play ball or else basically.

        Does that excuse the way he went about this year? No, not really. Does it at least give me a frame of reference that I can use to understand where Paul’s head was at this year? Yeah, I really think it does.

        So, he didn’t have to play a vicious Dan in BB14 kinda game to get the win. I have admitted on several instances that I like him better last season. I just don’t want to see they guy get screwed twice over what amounts to hurt feelings (Paulie voting for Nicole as the prime example).

      • Oh he definitely deserves the win. Like I said, if the jury gives it to someone else, I’d be insulted as a fan of the game. I just don’t think he has to do what he’s still doing Marvin. He told Xmas & Josh to go off on Kevin again & there’s just no game value to it. Kevin is a total yes man, so why continue bashing him? Dan played brutal in BB 14, but he never continuously kicked a HG when they were down for a month straight. I’ve said this before, but I would actual;ly respect his game more if he just owned up to his behavior and said “I’m gonna play dirty & be the villain this season. Friendship didn’t work, so I’m gonna be bad”. But he still tries to come off as nice Paul & he isn’t. Villains can win BB, but they have to admit they’re villains. :) Look at ED & Will. Neither of them were nice guys…right?

      • I just started wondering about something, actually. You know how everyone one says that production is meddling and that they wanted Paul to win?

        If there is some truth to that, I wonder… When production asked Paul to come back, did they ask him to play the part of the villain? I’m not saying I buy into “the production rigging the season scenario”, but…

        It would nicely explain why this season’s Paul is a good bit different from last year’s version. It makes you wonder even if its just for a second.

      • They gave Paul some unprecedented perks this season such as the friendship bracelets. No other returnee has ever come back in the house with safety swag that forced the other HG to beg or bribe that vet into giving them safety. It’s simply never happened and there have been other vets to come back alone, so that was weird imo. I said it from day 1. However, I don’t think Paul & production had a deal for him to be a villain because he was legit pissed about his comic book cover. Plus, he has tried all season to justify his actions and downplay his role as a bad guy. If production had set it up that way Paul wouldn’t be so butthurt about being labeled the villain. If it had been predetermined, I don’t think he’d be so upset about it. JMO of course.

      • Good points… Unless Paul is just that good of an actor and is actually playing America as well! I know… Mind blown, right? LOL

        Seriously though, I think you’re probably right. I just thought it would have been an interesting idea.

      • LOL! He’s not that good an actor. Did you see him trying to cry? No tears, just a lot of squinting and deep breathing. ;)

      • I bet he did too! He thinks we should all chose America’s Fan Favorite out of spite. He’s picking Cody to spite Paul!

      • Yeah, I know a lot of the people voting for Cody are just doing so to spite Paul (and BB to a lesser degree). Jessica asked for all her people to vote for Cody instead of her. Not sure how many people that would be in reality, but…

        If Jess genuinely won the final temptation, there could be a lot of votes heading to Cody. It still kinda seems that a lot of them are voting for spite (regardless that Cody and Jess both said they would vote for Paul to win).

      • You don’t know any of these people voting so it could be they really like Jessica and Cody. Have you seen how many followers Jessica has on twitter? I could say the same thing about people wanting Paul to win. They’re Paul worshippers and are obsessed with Paul. Everyone has their favorites. And no I’m not voting for Cody. Just stating facts.

      • Yeah, I agree with that, but I’m sure most of Jessica’s followers haven’t actually met her either. They are just doing what she’s asking. I’m not saying its wrong though.

        Plus, I don’t have anything against Cody. It was just his lack of personality that made him appear… Well, blah is probably the best way I can describe it.

      • Oh I’m sure 90% of them have never met her. They’re just fans of hers. Me not so much. Cody I didn’t like in the beginning but when he came back I liked him a little more. Just not enough to vote for him. It’s still a toss up for me.

      • Yeah, I was really hopeful that Cody might have changed a bit when he came back. Maybe alter his game some. Unfortunately, he took Jess and they went right back to secluding themselves most of the time.

        It seems like Cody might win AVP, but it seems like maybe Mark or Kevin might be more deserving (Kevin, a nice guy and Mark, a genuinely nice guy who was just too loyal to a guy the rest of the House wanted out).

      • Towards the end of the season I did like him and Victor. In the beginning no I didn’t like him.

      • I understand where you’re coming from but what message would you like for them to send? It can’t be taunting or bullying because they were a part of it.

      • So someone who spent 95% of their time fornicating with another house guest is acceptable as good game play?? Lmfao. Let’s encourage future contestants to come supplied with condoms, pregnancy tests, maybe a few toys??? That’s the type of game play that should be rewarded? Or maybe they should all sit around the pool singing Kumbaya? How about pass he hot potato and the loser goes OTB?

      • Same thing could be said that they spent 95% of the summer encouraging bullying and not even competing as good game play. Let’s just get a houseful of bullies and beat each other up and last man standing wins. This season was a joke.

    • I am in 100% agreement. Paul has proven over 2 seasons that he deserves his spot among the really good BB players. He definitely deserves to win this time, and I just hope the Jury gets over their hurt feelings and votes the right way.

      One thing further about how people don’t appreciate Paul’s gameplay. They say that if he was in an Allstar season, that he (Paul) would be out the door in no time.

      They might try to get him out right away, but has everyone forgotten that Paul was on the block 7 times last year, and nobody got the job done? Paul was the master of the winning the Veto when his life was on the line.

      Bad news but… If Paul wins Vetos against other Allstars, then they can’t get rid of him. I guess Paul could take it as a compliment that everyone thinks he wouldn’t last in an Allstar season. Makes me think everyone thinks that Paul would be one of the biggest threats!

      • You are comparing apples to oranges. Big Brother casting has been bad for 3 years atleast! Do not insult the likes of Dr Will, Mike Boogie, Janelle, Danielle Donato, Rachel, Brendon, Dan Gheesling, Jordan and Jeff. They would have seen thru Paul’s BS and evicted him! I hope we get an All Star and Paul in it to settle this argument. If he cannot pull his BS, he will not last in the game against others actually playing the game! He will not be playing against clueless minions!

      • Yeah, and I wouldn’t have a problem with them targeting Paul because I do think he would be a serious threat (even to other Allstars).

        I just get irked sometimes by the people who say Paul wouldn’t stand a chance. I mean, no matter how Paul played the game this season, he was still a very serious competitor last year. Lets at least give him some credit.

    • Agree with you except for the taunting, think they went too far, we used to surround someone point and laugh to mess with their psyches but we were teenagers

    • Lost on Paul die hard fans is he did some pretty disgusting things like telling his minions to instigate Cody to commit violence? The continued harassment and bullying these minions instigated by Paul is also, inexcusable! The way you Paul fans talk is like Paul was a saint or a Mother Teresa! He isn’t. Sure he is manipulating the minions and that is fair game play. What is not game play is when you cross the line to the point of instigating violence, bullying, harassment and all that stuff! Paul was in full control of his minions and the entire Big Brother House! The fact that he crossed the line with no apparent good reason is why he is hated!

      • I guess poor, innocent Cody should be the next man up for saint hood. He did his own share of dirty deeds and it seems the Cody lovers forget that he did. If people can’t take the heat, don’t apply to become a house guest. Its that easy.

    • There’s no comparing Paul and Derricks game play. Derrick played with class. Paul instigated and encouraged bullying against Cody, Jessica, Mark, Kevin….did I leave anyone out because there were so many? He even told Josh just a day ago before the feeds went down he needs to attack Kevin. And Christmas said she’s going to do it too. SMH. Sorry but playing or not I would never award money to that kind of player.

    • Derrick wasn’t given a month immunity, wasn’t the ONLY player who had played before, and played against people who were all trying to win. He also didn’t have players try on numerous occasions to incite physical violence to get people he was afraid of thrown out of the house.
      To compare the two is completely disingenuous.

  16. I loved Paul last season.This year it seems Ike every word that comes out of his mouth is just something to impress the rest of the house. All he did on bbad last was talk about him and his skateboarding friends. Isn’t it time for him to grow up and be an adult? I am prepared sure I had two kids when I was his age. Anyway the stories he was telling were just so not true and it was obvious he was embellishing the whole thing. I think they forget they are on 24/7

      • He just was 24 in June. Tons of 24 year olds still live home. He’s only a few month older and than Josh who also lives home. A man matures a lot slower than a woman. That’s why a 24 year olds car insurance is so high. In NY they can even be under their parents medical insurance till their 26th birthday. I know 30 year old men still being called a kid and living at home. I find it pathetic but these days now hats how it is. Back in the day you had to be a winner to get a trophy, now they all get them so nobody feels left out. Spoiled rotten is the new generation.

    • I guess living with mom & dad, he’ll be able to stretch that $375k (after tax man takes his cut) out for a little while, but he sure has a lot of expensive hobbies. Doubtful his “clothing design” biz is raking in the big bucks.There’s a very narrow market for his personal style & he’s marketing to the lowest end buyers. His band is probably a money pit, too. Weird guy.

      • Narrow market?? That’s all I see kids wearing here on Long Island is skull shirts etc. My grandsons closet is full of tee-shirts like that.

  17. The thing that pisses me off is the split vote. That’s back to back weeks now, all so that Paul can hide behind the idea that he was the vote to keep Alex in the game. I wish Josh had started bringing up the F3 situation once Jury started and just keep repeating that same message over and over again. Him starting with Jason I think was a case of too little too late.

  18. This was the worse BB ever, they put Paul in and ruined the whole game.. he played the game before and knew just what to do.. I hope he loses…

    • Vets seem to come back every season. The others all swore they were “superfans” yet couldn’t figure out how to play? It shouldn’t take a superfan till this end of the game to figure out how to play.

    • I am voting AFP for jaosn because he made an effort to play but chose a lousy ride or die that would not listen to him. He had it figured out but was in a hole with Alex at that point. Kevin won his 25K on week one

  19. I wish somehow that Josh wins POV and then the final HOH and sends Paul out. But I have to give to Paul, he had this planned out all along. If you get a chance look at the YouTube clip of Paul talking to the Feeds about his plan way back in Week 1. He is a mastermind.

  20. Josh is the only one that’s kept Christmas and Paul safe, when he didn’t have to. Would Christmas and Paul have stuck their necks out like that for Josh? Heck no, so I really do hope Josh makes it to F2 instead of Christmas and Paul. But of course, the jury will probably give it to Paul in the end for how he manipulated everyone into doing his dirty work.

  21. I could be wrong, but has there been other “family” segments other than Jason’s yet? They did quite a few in the past. This year there’s hardly been any…why is that? We’re only getting memory lane it seems of this season.

  22. I hope when BB look back on this not so great season, they realize Paul was a major reason. He’s not that much fun to watch and I feel sorry for houseguests who had to listen to all of his long boring stories and endless advice. He is his own biggest fan. Seeing Paul on one season of BB was more than enough.

  23. Great lets do the same comp another push for Paul. good god can’t they think of new comps especially if they have returning players…

  24. If anything, this season should convince parents, teachers and sports organizers that it is time to get rid of those ‘Participation’ ribbons or trophies that get handed out to kids, to reward them for just showing up. Obviously, most of the hg’s this season have grown up in that environment so are too used to being rewarded for doing nothing in a game.I’m sure they’ll be upset when they don’t get their ribbon or trophy on finale night.

  25. Reading comments, I can sense there’s a bit of jealousy and hate towards Paul. Imo, it’s only a game. A reality TV show game at that. And for CBS to see it can draw that emotion, is exactly what CBS wants. Not sure if that makes any sense but it’s guerilla marketing at its finest.

    Anywho, Paul played a great game from beginning to end in ways I’ve never seen any other HG play from day 1.

    Obviously he had production in his back pocket but for the HG to do his dirty work week after week is miraculous. I maybe giving Paul more credit than he deserves but he deserves more credit than slander in my opinion.

    • Paul would have been out the first week if it weren’t for the temptation twist. Got super lucky. Cody is my America’s Favorite vote this season. He’s the only one that actually played the game other than Paul, and did it without bullying.

      • Yea, after Paul and the rest of the house ganged up against Cody and Jessica. In brutal fashion. I believe in the episode that aired on TV Paul even called them his “dogs”.

      • Definetly. It’s a dynamic that had to be allowed cause production knew he wouldn’t survive past that. And why would anyone come back into the house without any incentives.

        The question is be asking in jury and in the bb house is, how much Paul was compensated to comeback? It would stir the pot.

      • Actually I think Cody helped Paul more this season than any advantage Paul was given. If Cody had not taken that shot at Paul without talking with his alliance, things could have unfolded much differently. IF he had talked to his alliance and explained why he thought Paul should go I think he could have gotten their support. Then if Paul hadn’t got the Ring of REplacement, I think he could have gotten him out that first week. OTOH if Paul did have the ROR, Cody’s alliance would have been ticked off at Paul for keeping it secret and might have stayed loyal to Cody and they could have gotten him out later. Cody going rogue made Paul a victim, aroused very strong feelings of anger at Cody and loyalty to Paul. IMO

    • Jealousy….um NO…Hate yes….I don’t like gameplay likes his and has nothing to do with Jealousy…

  26. Just going through old footage looking at everyone’s style. Christmas is really good at doing her own hair. It always looks salon worthy. She should have taught the other girls. Josh looks as if he’s lost about 20 or 30 pounds, he looks great. Paul works out a lot but I don’t see any results. Kevin looks older, the house has aged him. Lol

  27. As much as everyone wants to hate on Paul, it cannot be denied how amazing of a player he is. You can argue this cast was filled with stupid people, but at the beginning of the season they all knew how dangerous Paul was and they knew they should probably get him out, but Paul is such an amazing player he was able to pull the wool over all their eyes, and now he is heading to finale night once again. Paul will be on the same level of Dan Ghesling in terms of Big Brother legend status, as he would have made it to final 2 twice just like he did, and you can also argue “oh he had 3 weeks of safety!”, technically Dan did too because of the coach twist. It cannot be denied Paul is a great player, no matter how against his tactics you may be. The fact is his tactics work, and if he doesn’t win this season, then it’ll truly be a shame

    • Paul should win, yep. Doesn’t mean I want him to win lol. Hoping for a last-minute shocker from Josh to kick him out with the final veto.

      • With how much the people of the jury can’t stand Josh, don’t be shocked to see Christmas get the win in that situation

      • I doubt it
        – Cody would vote for Christmas
        – Elana would
        – Mark would
        – Raven and Matt are wildcards
        – Jason would vote for Christmas
        Christmas would win against Josh

      • Agreed that Christmas would win over Josh. Paul would vote for her over Josh too in that scenario.

        Paul and Christmas are as close as most showmances (just without the kissing), and that seems to be fairly genuine…. Well, at least as genuine as it gets in the BB House.

      • Cody, Mark, and Elena hate Josh and have no respect for him…Raven thinks Josh voted her out, therefore Matt will also vote against Josh…Alex and Jason both know that Josh turned on them and had a direct hand in evicting both of them (as a vote and as HoH)…Xmas would win against Josh.

        Paul would vote for Xmas over Josh too, if Josh didn’t take him to F2

      • There’s no final 3 veto though…there’s only the final HoH, where the person who wins the 1st or 2nd comp, and then the 3rd (“final HoH”) comp gets to choose who to take.

        And don’t call me hon! I like Boo better :)

      • Alrighty then Boo, will do. (oh look I’m a poet! haha)
        I meant F3 HOH. LOL! ;) *face palm* How embaraskin. hehe

    • There’s no argument.

      Most of the HG’s are idiots. Production stacked the house with idiots to help the gnome. Production ensured his safety.

      It doesn’t take “amazing” game play to get idiots to do what you want … especially when you threaten them.

      If the gnome doesn’t win it’ll be a great day … and should be made a national holiday.

      • Every years its the same complaint that the house is full of idiots. So if that’s the case then I guess Paul is the best of the idiots and he deserves to win.

        Get over it. These complaints are just silly. Its a game. Paul played and he played well. Did he get 3 weeks of safety? Yes, he did. But Cody was brought back into the house and Jessica was given a halting hex to avoid Cody’s eviction. Yet in a house full of idiots Cody was still evicted twice and so was Jessica.

        the difference is, Paul built trusts with the house while Cody and Jessica did the opposite. Not only that, when they got their power they chose to fight the entire house rather than use their power to win the house over to their side.

        Paul played everyone. But this is a game where only one person wins. He played everyone because he wanted to win.

        And its not over yet, folks. Remember Steve kept Vanessa in the game until the end too. He used her for as long as he needed her then cut her loose so he could win. Was Steve an idiot for keeping Vanessa in the house? Obviously not.

      • I’ve been on BBN for years, and the thread this season is the same, year after year, This season is not unique. lol..at all!

      • Is this the real Cyril? I saw you ‘campaigning’ for Raven for AFP earlier. Thought maybe Mickey had taken over again.

      • ha..That’s my early morning bs. You know I love my Baby..I hope he gets it. He performed! Didn’t he?

      • Yup, luv your baby. I do worry about him if he gets to F2 and has to answer questions and make a speech. Your baby does get excited and emotional in those circumstances you know. If he has to bang those pots and pans to calm himself down, I say bang away!

      • I know! F2 is not bad either. Baby can talk and cry. He can emote on camera quick, that’s why I like him..If he wins, those mf shirt could be printed. ha!

      • Paul … is that you?





    • Paul was given an unheard of 3 weeks of safety they could not go after him and when they finally could he had already made “Friends” and they were afraid to be not one of the cool kids picking on the kid in the corner. BB created the mob mentality with how they structured this game and bringing Paul back.

      • well they weren’t in the game at that time…They were just coaches. They did eventually join the game. I am not going to debate that season because I don’t recall it very clearly….

      • They still had 3 players on their team, so at any point in time, they had 3 weeks before they were gone, and BB adding them into the game after 3 weeks of the game is what I call “unpresented f*ckery”. Paul only got 3 weeks of safety because people voted for him to have it, and that was it. The 4 coaches on BB14 didn’t get voted for anything, everything involving them was all because of production

      • Point being there were “four” vets in the house. If the likes of Boogie, Dan & Janelle were in that house this season, do you really think Paul would have been able to be the shepherd he became? Perfect example of how that would not have happened was when Derrick walked in there with a bag on his shoulder and said “I’m the new twist”. Paul looked like he wanted to sh*t a brick. If production would’ve put just one more vet in that house, Paul wouldn’t have had the entire flock to do his bidding imo. Some of the sheep would have followed the other vet.

      • And there have been other vets that have come back alone, e.g., Jessie in BB 11, he was given 1 week of HOH, that is it. No bracelets, no 3 weeks of safety, none of that. Jason Roy in BBOTT. He wasn’t even given 1 week of safety, much less safety swag when he entered the house. In fact, he was nominated the very 1st week and had to earn his safety by winning POV. That was the onl;y reason he survived week 1. No secret safety for him.
        So, you want to explain to me again how Paul has not received unprecedented perks this season?

      • They’re not playing because he keeps working around to make sure they don’t play by ensuring them they are safe and they don’t need to worry. They trust him so much that they believe him

    • That said, Cody should win AFP. He was the only houseguest to attempt to evict Paul for eviction. Enuff said.

  28. I can’t stand to listen to Paul tell one of his stories, because you can tell he is making it up as he goes along!

      • Maybe outside of the show they do get along. I have seen two pictures from his Instagram with Raven in them from the past. Very strange….

      • Thank u…people are saying that there is only one photo of Raven & Paul….but there are 2 that I have seen…and they were made at different times different places…..Not that it matters just glad that somebody confirmed it…

      • Someone on twitter said Xmas used to work for Paul’s mother too. Not sure it matters, Paul did outplay these people, so what can you do? I’m too much of a die hard BB fan to quit coz of a bad season. smh

  29. “Paul had his back to the wall and it as do or die for his game. Nicole and James were competing against Corey who was the outgoing HoH.” Journalism is dead. The first sentence doesn’t make sense and the second is factually incorrect as Corey was not eligible to compete as outgoing HoH.

  30. During the prerecorded bbad which was yesterday morning, why would Kevin run through his f2 speech with Paul? That’s so dumb! If Paul still considered taking him, he wouldn’t after that! Smh

      • He was saying like, he had a hard time fitting in because of the thirty year age gap…..and how he had to have a pristine social game because he didn’t win any comps……also how he “fought” the block 3x in a row…basically thats all. It wasn’t that it was good, Paul just seemed annoyed because he knows Kevin didn’t do anything, and this was before the comp that Paul is rumored to have won. I guess Paul was thinking, it’s possible Kevin can win this next comp and secure a place in f3 for doing nothing. Again Paul looked more annoyed than impressed and probably wouldn’t want him there out of spite.

  31. I think what could happen is that Paul will continue to have Josh do all of his dirty work, play the victim of “I wasn’t expecting this to happen” to the evictee and then when it comes time he will cut him loose and take Kevin to the final two. Then he will pull the “look what I did, and look what Kevin didn’t” but I am hoping if he does that, the jury will be so angry with him and vote Kevin to win. I can not stand Paul whatsoever and hope he doesn’t win, but he has played a good game. The guys is so fake it’s sickening. But what is more bothersome is how stupid and blind the houseguests have been besides Cody and Jessica, who despite the negativity they brought to the game, would have been more exciting to have around at this stage of the game then doe-eyed Raven and Matt. Best moment of the season was playing Josh’s goodbye message then Paul’s to Jason. PRICELESS!!!!!

  32. Josh: ‘I think I’ve just seen the Devil’, best line of the season, give Baby Josh some money.

      • Yes, 3 of my favorite moments involve Josh.
        1 His eyes when he realizes he’s just seen the devil
        2 His blink to signal Xmas to use her Ring of Replacement, actually it’s the editing of that segment that gets me
        3. TAN-DAM!

      • Don’t forget:

        Josh (to Elena): “You can’t be trusted, you’re trying to play everybody, you’re just telling lies…I have a huge crush on you and still think you’re beautiful though!”

      • And his GB message to Mark that he can now spend time with Elena in jury and then the knowing side glance Eh?, and then other side glance Eh?
        That was good too!

      • I thought Jason had said (in his exit interview) that Paul was one of the only ones he would want to hang out with after the season.

      • He flipped and flopped quite a bit in the interview like he can’t make up his mind (just like he has all season) but the way I took it is he thinks Paul & Alex were behind his eviction and he was not happy about it.

      • I know he did blame Paul when he was evicted, but then he made the comment in the ET interview I believe it was that he believed Paul. Hope he gets it straight.

      • You know it has to be hard… Playing Big Brother, that is. You come into the game knowing that people are going to lie and stab you in the back. Then you start making friendships (and I think Paul did like Jason on a personal level), and you forget about the game or maybe just let your guard down.

        Then, when the inevitable happens and someone does betray you… Suddenly it all comes crashing down around you, and it probably does hurt on an emotional level.

        Hopefully, most people are able to put the game behind them and even salvage some friendships out of it.

      • I agree, and as you build friendships and alliances, you invest a lot of yourself so it is very hard to be objective about what is happening around you. Which is why I would never want to be in that house.

      • Me neither. I would get too emotional…and, if people started treating me like Paul & his muppets have treated Kevin… Whew! I’d be expelled so quick, coz I would knock that little wanna-be gangster right on his little gnome a$$ right quick! ;) No joke. That would make me lose it. And…that is why I will never be in the BB house, sis! teehee

      • IDK, guys… He did an US Magazine interview, and the headline reads: BB’s Jason Dent: Paul is ‘Toast Now’! Jury Won’t Vote for Him!” He then goes on to say he thinks Paul has sabotaged himself & the jury won’t vote for him now… The interview is dated yesterday.

      • Hopefully as he has time to think back over the course of the season, he understands Paul’s role in everything.

      • OMG, Jolima! Good one. That one really got me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to smack him or LMAO b/c he actually said that out loud! ;)

      • I know, sis. I’m being a meanie, but it was so funny, I just had to repost it. here’s a scary thought… Could you imagine Mark, Big Meech & Josh all on a season together? :O
        No one would get a chance to play BB coz they’d all get washed out of the house on a great big flood of tears! ;)

      • Hahaha. I know. This comic is so funny. I couldn’t resist. Cy’s probably gonna downvote me for being mean to his baby! ;)

      • Nice, thought that Marks comic was more for suited to Josh
        They should just have SuperHero comics, these put downs are sad, they’re just sad :)

      • You know… You would think Josh would be more prepared for that since Paul had just been explaining about how Alex could cry on cue just a few days earlier.

        Still, it was a pretty funny comment, and I’ll give credit to production for doing a nice edit around it because the way Paul looked at the time just made the comment even better.

      • If I even think of that – like right now – I start laughing like a lunatic. Trying to hold it together at my work desk.

  33. Not that I’m a big Kevin fan, but once he goes this season is over for me, because the rest are just irritating people!

    • I doubt they had to offer him any additional money to make him come back, I think he was all too willing.

    • I read online that Paul’s net worth is $250K. Christmas, her net worth nothing to be found. She’s more famous (in the fitness world) and older than the 23-year old and yet he has all that money. Wow.

      • Just for the record, net worth doesn’t mean he has that money in the bank. That worth is probably mostly the value of his business.

  34. If Josh and Paul go to F2, and Josh really plans what to say, and makes sense, he could beat Paul. Josh did all of the dirty work, while Paul manipulated everyone. If the game of BB is respected by the jurors, Paul should win. But if they are angry and petty, Josh would win,

    • Everything someone does in the house is subject to consideration by the jury … not just “game play”.

      Everything Paul did and instigated against others should be considered. Big Brother is not a “the ends justify the means” game.

      • I don’t agree. The end does justify the means. That is Big Brother, and has always been. Real fans want to see the game played hard, and for the strongest player to win. There have been petty jurors, that have given the win to the weakest of the F2. And that is very disappointing after watching all season. If Kevin or Christmas win BB19 it will be a huge let down to everyone except Kevin’s family and friends, and Christmas’s family and friends.

  35. So there was conversation a while back when Paul had made the statement that he had won AVP last season, but since he was in the Final 2… They gave it to Victor. I think the consensus was that Paul made it up because he could have won AVP as well as the $50K for 2nd place.

    However, now on this current popularity poll page… They are talking about if Paul makes F2, his votes would be split among other HGs.

    So which is it? If you are in the F2, are you eliglble for AVP or not? By the way, I’m not asking in regards to Paul’s claims. I think we all liked Victor last year. I just really want to know which is correct.

    • Looks like the game winner can also win AFP. Have never seen a rule stating otherwise.

      . Since Big Brother 11, all houseguests have been eligible to win the prize (except those who have been expelled), and the name “Fan Favorite Award” was changed to “America’s Favorite Houseguest”.

      List of America’s Favorite Houseguest Winners

      Fan Favorite Winner

      Big Brother 1
      Award Nonexistent

      Big Brother 2

      Big Brother 3

      Big Brother 4

      Big Brother 5

      Big Brother 6

      Big Brother 7
      Janelle Pierzina
      Will Kirby

      Big Brother 8

      Big Brother 9
      James Zinkand
      Sheila Kennedy

      Big Brother 10
      Keesha Smith
      Jerry MacDonald

      Big Brother 11
      Jeff Schroeder

      Big Brother 12
      Britney Haynes
      Enzo Palumbo

      Big Brother 13
      Jeff Schroeder

      Big Brother 14
      Frank Eudy
      Ian Terry

      Big Brother 15
      Elissa Slater
      Judd Daugherty
      Howard Overby

      Big Brother 16
      Donny Thompson
      Nicole Franzel
      Zach Rance

      Big Brother 17
      James Huling
      John McGuire
      Jason Roy

      Big Brother 18
      Victor Arroyo
      James Huling
      Natalie Negrotti

      Big Brother 19

      • Thanks for the in-depth details!

        Here’s the thing on the Week 11 Popularity Poll thread here (at BBnetwork) that got me confused…

        “Now I’ve heard a lot of people are going to want to push for Kevin to be AFP, but if I had to place my bet today I’d say Cody has the best shot at winning that prize. Of course if Paul is in the F2 like we expect then splitting votes between Cody and Kevin probably won’t be enough to push anyone else up and in to that spot.”

        The splitting votes comment confused me because it made it sound like Paul’s votes would get split. I think I understand now though from what you and K have explained.


      • I find season 14 interesting. Ian was a clear fan favorite but Frank won AFP. Wonder if production fudged the numbers a bit. Can’t see Frank being more popular than Ian with the fans.

      • Frank was very popular that season, Alf. He stuck up for himself against Willie Hantz who was kind of a bully. Plus, he was playing with Boogie, who has the huge Chill Town following.

      • LOL! TY Alf. To be honest, I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed at just what a super fan I am of the show. I’ve watched it every season (even when I hated it) since 2001. Most seasons I’ve watched 2 & even 3 times! ;) Like I said, should I be proud or embarrassed?. hehe

      • Cody has a good chance at AFP. Has gotten the most mainstream publicity with jessica getting a role on a big show and her following.

      • Cody also has some serious BB alumni campaigning for him on twitter. Janelle, Evel Dick, Dan G, Rachel Reilly, Brenden, & Caleb Reynolds have all saif they’re voting for him as AFP. Add Jessica’s fans to that & you have a ton of votes heading Cody’s way.

    • I have asked the same question for 3 years and never have gotten an answer. Some people have said they can not win both but have never provided any proof of that, although I have requested it.
      I found the Big Brother Wiki site regarding the AFP rules, which I think is what Alf used, correct me if I’m wrong, Alfie. It says no where that F2 are not eligible. Beats me where people are getting the idea they aren’t. I’m like you, I’d like to know officially.

      • If you find anything official written on the subject before the season is over, would you care to let me know please? TY

      • Myself as well. Looks like we both have searched and come up with little info. A closely guard production secret?

      • I don’t understand that, either. It would have been so simple for them to say that F2 are not eligible for AFP. If people knew that for a fact, it could very well result and most probably would result in a different outcome of the vote since no one would want to waste their vote on a person who is more likely to secure a spot in F2.

      • “it could very well result and most probably would result in a different outcome of the vote”

        Just wanted to highlight that.

      • I’ll let you know if I ever find out anything. Like Alf said below… Its probably such a well kept secret so they can fudge a few outcomes from time to time.

        Isn’t it kinda sad when all start to question the “reality” of reality TV? lol

      • Preaching to the choir, but I’ll give you an Amen anyway!

        It is sad that people can come off looking a certain way on TV, and everyone thinks they must be that way in real life too. That’s not just BB though… Its pretty much all the reality TV.

      • Babe … from a soap opera a few years ago would have women confront her in the street on her behaviour, they would not listen when she said she was an actress .

      • Just a quick Reddit search. A fan commented about a year ago.

        “Well on Survivor they’ve had the same person win the game and the 100k fan favorite. So it’s not unheard of, and the prizes were significantly bigger than BB.”

      • It is that the winner of BB is not allowed I missed the part about the runner up , they do state who can not win, AFP , I am sure sometime during the announcement when the voting starts, listen carefully it is quick,

      • America’s Favorite Houseguest (previously known as America’s Favorite Juror) is an award given to the fan favorite during the finale of Big Brother seasons. The winner of the award receives $25,000. Viewers can vote online for whom they wish to win the award.

        The America’s Favorite Houseguest award was first introduced in Big Brother: All Stars. Originally, the prize was only limited to jury members in Big Brother All Stars, Big Brother: ‘Til Death Do You Part, and Big Brother 10, where it was called the America’s Choice Jury Prize. Since Big Brother 11, all houseguests have been eligible to win the prize (except those who have been expelled), and the name “Fan Favorite Award” was changed to “America’s Favorite Houseguest”.

      • That’s what is written at Big Brother Wifi under the description of AFP. Alfie posted part of it in an earlier post. Until someone finds something that officially says otherwise, that’s all I could find to go by, too. Thank you.

  36. Hope the rumors are true,, and hope josh leaves this week.. I like him. BUT he is just too emotional for this game

  37. This has been the most emotionally draining season where players chose to bully and put down others.

    Paul has forever lost the popular vote. Shame on him.

    Our only hope is for Kevin to win.

    BTW, the bs about Paul winning last year’s AFP is nothing but BS. Victor won it because he was way more popular than Paul.

    Must be a reason why Victor isn’t close to Paul anymore. Not everyone wants that evil form of “friendship” from Paul.

    • Oh metgala, hon. He’s really disappointed you this season, hasn’t he? You were such a HUGE Paul fan. I was too, so was tr8ppng…but, we have just become so disgusted with him…sorry, can’t be a fan anymore. Think of it this way, tho…when Paul leaves the house, he’s gonna see he’s lost a ton of his fans as well as his best BB bud to the girl that beat him last season! ;) haha

  38. I can’t see Paul taking josh, it seems like a stupid move if he could take Kevin instead, unless Kevin wins veto, why would he want to take josh? Am I missing something

    • Exactly. I think Paul may have one more trick up his sleeve. Maybe he’ll throw veto to Kevin if its possible.

  39. The reason why Paul will consider taking Josh over Kevin is because Kevin is more liked by Jury members over Josh. The only way Josh can win against Paul in a F2 scenario is Paul has to be more disliked than Josh. However HG aren’t privilege as us to see diary sessions.

    For Josh to win he needs to take it down questioning Paul to those in the house. Paul can win against everyone so he can switch and take Xmas (who rubs sexually on any man she think she can manipulate and to this day can’t). As important as F4 HOH is, the most important is F3 where u choose who u want to take to F2. I am surprised that Paul fought and potentially won F4 HOH. The next big power is F4 veto as the person not in the hot seat cast the sole vote.

    Re: AFP. I don’t think Paul really won in BB18. I think ppl favor Paul over Nicole because her win seemed rigged. The persons casting the vote for her to win, disliked her and her game play which was just as nonexistent like Maven with a lack of loyalty sprinkled all over. In that case Paul deserved to win as his game was real skill (like this season) but without the evil and bullying on a real personal level. It’s why ppl dislike Paul now…not that he is just villain but one who seem to cross the line severely. It sort of opened ppl eyes that awarding a win for a bullied game does not mean great game play. He should have simply out witted rather than out bullied. It’s a difference. And unlike the others who executed the bullying the core and root was Paul.

  40. It is EXTREMELY SATISFYING to see Alex being evicted while otb with Kevin! It makes me so happy! Karma! The only scenario that would hold any comparison would of been Paul being evicted, but this was the NEXT best thing!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

  41. Voted for AFP and continued to let me vote pass 20 votes. Does it not automatically cut you off?

  42. I’m reading that Jason is saying “Paul is toast” regarding winning jury votes and I’m wondering if he was ever told (because he wasn’t in his exit interview with Julie) that Paul voted to keep him. Anyways it is my opinion that Paul (like him or hate him) played the BEST game of all and he deserves to win. There, I said it.

  43. Christmas doesnt deserve to be there, and I would give the money to Paul IF WE NEVER have to see his swarmy face again! I hope that outside of the house if the public hears him utter the word friendship that they clock him. What a loser group!!!!!

  44. WOW .. I can Not Believe, that some BB Fans, are Actually, Praising, Paul’s BB19 Game .. This BB19 Season is FIXED .. & a Complete FRAUD. Question, When has BB, EVER Tempted, HG’s, with a..” $25,000.00 ” Temptation..
    That’s..TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, at the Very START, of a New BB Season .. Answer ? Never . So, Why did CBS do this, this Season?
    To GUARANTEE .. that Paul would be Brought into this BB19 Season.
    Next. BB Prod Gives Paul, the First HOH.
    This is DONE, when BB Prod Gives Paul, 8 Friendship Bracelets.. to Give Out to HG’s,
    but ONLY to Half the HG’s.& the HG’s that Paul Gives a Friendship Bracelet to.. Are SAFE, & Can Not, be Put Up For Eviction.
    The HG’s whom Did Not Receive a Friendship Bracelet.. FROM PAUL..
    Must Compete, & 1 of These HG’s, WILL Be EVICTED.
    However, to get a Friendship Bracelet, FROM PAUL,
    All BB19 HG’s,”MUST ” have a Meeting with Paul. Prior to Paul Deciding..
    Which HG’s, will Actually Receive a Friendship Bracelet, & Be Safe From Eviction&
    Which HG’s did, ” NOT ” Receive a Friendship Bracelet..Could be Evicted from the BB19 House.
    Thus, When Many of This Seasons (BB19) HG’s, Meet with Paul.
    During, a 1 on 1, Closed Door, PRIVATE Session, with Hopes, of Trying to Persuade Paul, to Give Them, One of the Eight, Friendship Bracelets.
    Many of these HG’s, Made Promises to Paul, or Implied Loyalty& Trust in Paul..
    In Exchange for a Friendship Bracelet From Paul.
    This PHONY, FAKE, BB19, Friendship Bracelet, CON JOB, aka, SCAM.
    IS Created by, FAKE BB19, For the SOLE PURPOSE, to Put PAUL..
    In a Position of POWER, & This Also Allowed Paul, to Gain Complete Control..
    Over Many of These HG`s, From, DAY ONE, of this BB19 Season…
    IE:, DURING Josh’s(PRIVATE) Friendship Bracelet Meeting with Paul..
    Paul Tells Josh,” I (Paul) Am, Not Going to Give You, (JOSH), a Friendship Bracelet, BUT, Don`t Worry, You Are Safe, Just TRUST Me, OK Josh,”
    JOSH Says, “That’s OK Paul, I Don`t Care, If I Get a Friendship Bracelet or Not, I TRUST YOU ” Paul.
    (How is this FAKE BB19, Bracelet, Ploy, Play, Tactic, ” NOT ” The FIRST HOH ???) ..
    Thru These Bracelets, PAUL, is DECIDING, which HG’s Are Safe, & which HG’s, Are NOT.
    However, FAKE BB19, Had Just PAID Out, TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, to Bring PAUL Into the Game,.
    MUST, Also, Take Steps, AKA, To RIG, FIX,or ALLOW BB19, To ” CHANGE ” or, VOID The RESULTS, of the HG`s COMPS, HOH, NOMINATIONS,& POV’s.
    in the Deciding by BB19 Producers, From Time To Time, to NOT..ENFORCE BB House Rules, when Needed, to Help Paul`s Game.
    When & or If NEEDED, Thru PHONY, America’ VOTING, (PROVE IT)Plus, Temptations. & with the ADDED, SCRIPTED, BB Production Team Continually, Helping Paul.
    And the UNUSUAL Game Play, Tactics, & Mind Set of many HG’s.
    Question, WHY Do So Many Of These HG`s, Have No Interest in Winning $500,000.00 ??? ..
    However Many Of These HG`s, Seem To Have The SAME AGENDA, That Being, Their ONLY COMMON AGENDA, Seems to Be, to Be in the BB HOUSE, ONLY To HELP Paul&To Keep Paul SAFE,& Off the Block. NO MATTER The CONSEQUENCES. ..
    This is EXTREMELY UNUSUAL, and ENDLESS Questionable Support, that has Been Received by Paul, From Several of the HG’s.. WERE, Actually RECRUITED, by BB19, and Brought Into This Seasons BB House. .. WHY ?,
    To ” PROTECT ” Their (BB19`s) $25,000.00, That’s, TWENTY, FIVE, THOUSAND, DOLLAR, INVESTMENT, in PAUL.
    So, Why Would FAKE BB19, Have a PLAN To PROTECT Paul, & Paul’s Game, inside the BB19 House ?
    Because they, (BB19) Knows, There is a Very Good Chance, That EARLY In this BB19 Season,
    One of These HG’s, Will Try, and, God Forbid, Maybe, Even ” SUCCEED “, In BACK DOORING Paul, and EVICTING Paul from the BB19 House.
    (As CODY Did) .. So FAKE BB19, PROTCTED Their $25,000.00, & Paul, By Giving PAUL, 3 WEEKS PROTECTION, where Paul COULD NOT BE NOMINATED or EVICTED, From The FAKE BB19 House, for THREE WEEKS. Again WOW. ..
    However, DURING This Same Three Week Period, Where Paul Is COMPLETLY PROTECTED, PAUL Is ” ALLOWED ” To COMPETE..In All, HOH’s, & POVs, & Paul Is Also, ALLOWED To VOTE, in Deciding Who Will Be EVICTED…
    From this FAKE, RIGGED BB19 House. .. PEOPLE .. BB FANS .. FAKE BB19,
    Because CBS & BB Producers .. Want to ” CREATE ” the ULTIMATE Big Brother BAD BOY (*VILLIAN*) PLAYER EVER .. Using PAUL ..
    To Replace Dan .. & .. BB Will Be PRESENTING Their, ULTIMATE Bad Boy Player, PAUL, to ” PROMOTE ” Future BB Seasons, & BB PROMO’s. ..
    Here are some of the HGS recruited by BB19…Elena,Jessica,Dominique,Raven,Christmas,Jason&Alex..
    Now here is something Interesting that has happened Repeatedly. Several of the women have one Particularly close relationship with certain Male Houseguests.
    Ie: Raven controls Matt, Jess controls Cody, Elena controls Mark, Alex controls Jason, Christmas controls Josh.
    With the exception of Jessica&Dom, most of these women reported to Paul.So Paul controls the Women, and the Women control the men& Most of these women are recruits..
    Well that sure worked out for Paul.& Of course Paul himself was recruited by Fake BB 19.

    • Paul WILL win FAKE BB19 because BB production&CBS planned it this way..
      But the TRUTH is.. If the game were not rigged, Paul would NOT even be in the game today. Cody had him backdoored&blindsided..

  45. All Josh had to do to potentially win the game was to take the shot at Paul. It’s the same thing that happened last year with Nicole and Paul. Nobody ever learns.

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